Israel Leads While the West Fiddles

ALeqM5i3pMBCiyJS_Jg0QhCpGo_3hOvVrwAs the West flounders on whether to take action in Syria and dillydallies about nuclear proliferation amongst pariah nations, Israel once again provides the world with a dazzling demonstration in daring, technical capability and national fortitude. This past week, Israeli fighter jets twice swooped over enemy airspace to neutralize an imminent threat to world peace and prevent chemical weapons and their delivery mechanisms from falling into the hands of Iran’s proxies. Reports indicate that a quantity of Fateh 110 and Scud D surface-to-surface missiles bound for Hezbollah were destroyed. In January of this year, Israel reportedly destroyed state-of-the-art SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, which the Islamic Republic unsuccessfully tried to smuggle to Hezbollah via Syria.

For those familiar with Israel’s notable military history, the recent operations come as no surprise. Israel has proven time and again that it means what it says and follows through when red lines are crossed. In their brief 65-year history, the Israelis have been forced to cope with an assortment of conventional and unconventional threats emanating from two-bit dictators and non-state actors.

In May 1967, President Nasser of Egypt announced the closure of the Straits of Tiran, an international waterway, to international shipping and pledged to sink any vessel daring to challenge his country’s gross violation of international maritime law. The West, paralyzed with fear took no action and asked Israel to show “restraint,” a meaningless word that’s grown threadbare over time. Israel however, took matters into its own hands and launched an air, ground and naval assault that freed the Straits from Nasser’s dictatorial grip. The free world breathed a sigh of relief and applauded Israel’s actions in upholding international law.

Another crisis of international proportions emerged in July 1976 when a group of West German Baader-Meinhof and Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Air France commercial airliner bound for Paris. The gunmen flew their hostages to Entebbe, Uganda where they found safe haven and were abetted by the international pariah and rumored cannibal, the dictator Idi Amin. At the time, the West was plagued by skyjackings – principally conducted by Arabs disgruntled over some cause or another – and they appeared to be incapable and helpless in combating the skyjacking scourge. Israel while pretending to negotiate, launched a daring rescue, flew thousands of miles into the heart of Africa, freed the hostages, destroyed Amin’s airforce and liquidated the terrorists. The mission was applauded by the West, struck a decisive blow against international terrorism and precipitated the fall of what can arguably be described as one of Africa’s most maniacal rulers.

In June 1981 and then again in September 2007, Israeli military strikes prevented nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of Saddam Hussein and Bashar Asad, respectively. Had Israel not acted on both these occasions, the first and second Gulf wars would likely have taken more ominous trajectories and chemical weapons falling into the hands of rogue elements would be the least of our problems in today’s ongoing Syrian civil war.

Israel has by word and deed provided the free world with bold leadership so sorely lacking. As indecisiveness paralyzes Western decision makers, Israel, a frontline nation and bulwark against Islamic extremism is afforded no such luxury. History has taught the Jewish people that appeasement and indecisiveness inexorably lead to misery and death. Israel has acted resolutely and it is time for the free world to demonstrate the same fortitude.

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  • AdinaK

    Oh yeah…the IAF shows the world how it's done –

    Hopefully, Israel's political leadership doesn't lose its nerve, as is too often their wont!!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Bamaguje

    We are still waiting for Israel to take out Iran's heavily bunkered nuclear facilities.
    It won't be easy given the logistic difficulties of long hazardous flight (requiring aerial refueling) over hostile Arab nations.
    But if any air-force can pull it off, it would be that of the Jewish nation.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    While much of the world fixates on its usual obsession… setting up Jews for a second Holocaust, Islam is also hard at work laying waste to major portions of the world and preparing to impose Islamic rule over everybody and extinguishing their respective non-Islamic civilizations, especially Israel.

    To think that all Islamic issues spring forth from the Arab-Israeli conflict and that only Israel is a target shows a naivety, and in Obama's instance willful compliance, – that invites disaster down the road!

    After Islam finishes off Israel, their "Little Satan," all the other larger Satans will meet up with the Sword of Islam! America has already seen the spillover of Islamic terrorism… the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut with the loss of hundreds of U.S. marines, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole naval ship off Yemen, the 9-11-01 World Trade Center bombing in New York, Boston, Fort Hood, and Benghazi.

    Yet America has received but a small taste of what Islam has in store for us.

    Pray for Israel.

    Israel is America's only protection against our pro-Muslim President from da HOOD!

  • Indus Valley

    Israel believes in values & morals….Thats why they are hated by the immoral, unethical people around the world who are brainwashed with loads & loads of conspiracy theories….Am Yisrael Chai !!!!!!


      "hated by the immoral, unethical people around the world who are brainwashed with loads & loads of conspiracy theories."

      Hence Israel is hated by socialists and the perfidious british.

    • nina

      Loads and loads of conspiracy theories… and loads and loads of cash.

  • davarino

    This is how its done. The modern era has not some how changed the rules of tyrrants. They do what they do because they are crazy with power and want to terrorize their neighbors and the world. There is no such thing as being nice to tyrrants and they will decide to be nice to you. No, you show them who is right and who is mightier buy destroying their toys and sending them home with nothing.

    Israel has figured out who's side Obama is on.

    • Dr, Thomas E. Davis

      Obama is a craven coward. I doubt he ever went one on one with a bully is his miserable life. How anyone with backbone could support this sissified idiot is beyond me. When the SEALs were taking out bin Laden fear was written all over Obama's face. Obama is most definitely on the side of Islam and the Gays. Now that is a real puzzle since Islam notes that homosexual play is a No-no unless you happen to be the mullah of DC.

      • EarlyBird

        You're a homophobe and an idiot.

      • Nanis

        Seems like someone knows him DR,T maybe he meet him in a gay bar in his chicago state.

  • Charles Wenzel

    There is much to say for desperation. Actor Anthony Quinn noted that fear was the great motivator of his successful artistic career. The West, having nothing to live for, has nothing to die for.

  • EarlyBird

    War mongering twits:

    Israel didn't take out Syria's missile for the sake of "world peace" or "the West." They took them out because a.) they saw those missiles (rightly) as a direct threat to their security and, b.) two swift airstrikes were very low-cost/low-risk ways to eliminate that threat.

    The "West," i.e., the United States, has chosen not to take out Assad's chemical weapons because a.) they do not pose a direct threat to US security, and b.) to do so requires a very high-cost/high-risk operation – read probably a full-scale war – to do so.

    Welcome to the world of adulthood where, after a full cost-benefit analysis, it is sometimes decided to live with less than perfect situations.

  • tagalog

    You know, I'm pretty much OK with Middle Eastern upheavals that endanger Middle Eastern states being taken care of (from a point of view that the U.S. approves of) by some Middle Eastern nation like Israel.

    Let somebody else lead the fight against the barbarians for a while. We can maintain our vigilance here while we take care of the many other fish we have to fry.

    • EarlyBird

      You took the words right out of my mouth. There is not a single conventional threat in the Middle East which the West should care about which doesn't involve Israel directly, and which Israel can't take care of single-handedly. Let them do some heavy lifting.

      • American Patriot

        EarlyBird, the article correctly points out that Israel is indeed doing the heavy lifting and has done so for quite some time. Second, those Qaida and Hezbollah folk are non-state actors, more willing to use chemical weapons and other non-conventional WMDs against the West. It is in the US interest that WMDs don't fall into terrorist hands and we owe the Israelis a debt of gratitude. Give credit where credit is due.

      • jerome

        obama is great at passing the buck, with him there is no limit to stupidity and blindness and along with his two fellow stooges biden and kerry they are leading the usa down the path to obscurity and talk and liaison with terror purveyors.
        Sure let Israel do the heavy lifting , whatever they do they will be blamed maligned and cast out.
        Israel walks the walk while obama and his pitiful cronies do all the talking.
        I love the USA but not the USA that is being created by obama.

  • Eduardo

    ISRAEL: The last bastion of democratic values ​​and example to the West; Who knew!

  • jerome

    Israel puts its money where its mouth is ,unlike the new united states that whimpers towards a socialist
    state with its tail firmly between its legs like an old dying slobbering junk yard mutt.

  • And So It Goes…

    Earlybird: Israel already does the heavy lifting IN SPITE of the efforts of the West (the U.S.) to derail that heavy lifting. If the U.S. has a lot of fish to fry at home, it is because their own policies made it that way.