Israel’s Renewed Warning to Rogue Regimes

syria-war-plane-elite-dailyA mysterious explosion that rocked Syria’s embattled port city of Lakatia on July 5 has generated a storm of reports pointing the finger at Israel. If true, it would mark the fourth such strike of its kind this year. In January, Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian chemical and biological weapons research facility as well as a Syrian military convoy transporting sophisticated SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles bound for Hezbollah. And in May, the Israelis launched two additional strikes that resulted in the destruction of long-range, Iranian-made surface-to-surface Fateh-110 missiles (or possibly the Syrian variant, the M-600), which were slated to be delivered to Hezbollah.

According to reports, The Israelis targeted a facility that stored some fifty advanced Russian Yakhont P-800 anti-ship cruise missiles. In addition to posing a threat to Israeli shipping lanes, the missiles could have also been deployed against Israeli offshore gas drilling platforms. The recently discovered Tamar, Leviathan and Tanin gas fields off Israel’s coastline has instantly transformed the once energy-starved Jewish State into a major energy player. Lebanon, at Hezbollah’s instigation, has challenged Israel’s superior maritime claims, and the possibility of the Yakhont falling into the hands of Hezbollah represents a nightmare scenario for regional stability. The missiles also pose a threat to Western ships seeking to resupply Syrian rebels or trying to enforce arms interdiction.

The only regional player capable of executing such a complex, precision operation is Israel and the Israelis have repeatedly stated that they would never tolerate the transfer of game-changing weaponry to Hezbollah or other terrorist groups. The Yakhont missile, with its long range, sophisticated guidance system, versatility and large warhead, clearly represents such a game-changing weapon.

RT, citing “reliable sources,” reported that the Israelis struck from a secret military base in Turkey, but such a scenario is highly unlikely and logistically unnecessary. Israel’s three previous strikes did not utilize Turkish resources and a 2007 Israeli strike against a Syrian nuclear facility near the northern Syrian provincial city of Deir el-Zor was similarly devoid of any willing Turkish participation. Moreover, despite Israeli efforts to soothe relations, Turkey’s Islamist leaders, who have accused Jews of fomenting the Gezi Park demonstrations, have shown no interest in reciprocating the goodwill, making the RT story that much more far-flung.

More likely is the claim that the attack was carried out by fighter bombers taking off from Israeli airbases or by a Dolphin Class submarine capable of approaching Syria’s shoreline undetected and firing a variety of cruise missiles. Regardless of how the attack was carried out, both Israel and Syria are keeping mum. While Israel neither confirmed nor denied involvement, Syria went out of its way to deny any Israeli involvement. Any acknowledgement by the Syrians of Israeli involvement would back Assad into a corner and would place enormous pressure on the dictator to respond and that would be the last thing his beleaguered regime needed.

Realpolitik notwithstanding, Israel, by its daring raid, has sent a clear message to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah and, to a lesser extent, Hamas, that it will not sit idly by while its interests are threatened. The four known raids that Israel has carried out this year against Syria as well as the 2007 strike near Deir el-Zor and multiple strikes executed against Sudan, the latest of which occurred in October 2012, should serve as an ominous warning to Iran that its WMD facilities are potentially on Israel’s “to do” list.

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  • BoulderFinFan

    For every shipment they hit there are many that get through. Israel should concentrate on making peace instead of making war. I guess when you have ex-KGB thugs running the country you’ll get never ending wars.

    • syeb

      Umm, the terrorists are bringing in missiles, rockets, guns, ammunition, and who knows what else and you say ISRAEL should concentrate on making peace? How about you go and live with the peace-loving people over there. See how long you last.

    • Obamarrhoids

      Asking Israel to make peace with the Arabs is like asking a bleeding tuna to make peace with a hungry great white. If it were up to Israel there would never have been war to begin with.

    • EarlyBird

      Unfortunately, Israel’s enemies are implacable. No matter what peace overtures they make, they are rebuffed. The only peace Israel can enjoy is that of the victor.

      • William James Ward

        Hush my mouth, something we both agree on, wonders
        never cease………………..William

    • IanFlowers

      Fortunately, the Jewish people have a clear minded, realistic military which comprehends the demonic genocidal intentions of you and your ilk.

    • Antikomi

      “Israel should concentrate on making peace instead of making war.”

      Maybe Commies like yourself should concentrate on fixing your own miserable lives instead of wrecking the peaceful existence of whole nations.

    • Jeremy

      Eh? Can you explain that?

    • herb benty

      Every time Israel gave up land for peace, that land was used as a base to launch attacks against her. Israel has been a willing partner for peace, the lying, occupying Arabs are the ones that don’t want peace. Ex-kgb thugs? Go back to your atheistic comrades, pinko, I don’t waste time on real losers.

    • gawxxx

      how do you make peace with ” psychopaths” who want to turn you and your nation into a parking lot ! ech genius !!!!!!!!

    • glpage

      Every time Israel has offered concessions for peace they have been rebuffed. The Muslims do not want peace with Israel, they have stated so on numerous occasions.


    Go get em bibi

  • DebRollin

    Israel’s power comes from God, there is no power greater on this earth. Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn. Wars and rumors of wars, but eventually Israel will be the last one standing.

  • Mohammed Lee

    Who, or what, is RT?

    • Antikomi

      RT = Russia TV, a Russian news outlet.

    • David Hersch

      RT = Russia Today which should be called America Today as it is a Russian propaganda chanel preoccupied with the USA with very little about Russia on any day, nevermind today. Definitely not a reliable source of news or information. Even its Israel based correspondent, Paula Slier, is inclined to report as her paymasters require.



  • John Smith

    Way to go, Israel!

  • William James Ward

    There is no plan that the enemies of Israel and that is every Nation
    on it’s borders plus all other Islamist Nations that conclude with
    Israel not dead and gone. Israeli government officials understand
    this but the Israeli leftists have a mind block and see talk and
    make believe as real and shun truth and the painfully obvious.
    Israel must become the big bad guy in the neighborhood and warn
    those who plot against them that dooms day is on the horizon, not
    just another round of false talks. Nuclear Iran is the end game
    and only Israel can save itself from these mullah monsters
    from Hell and it would benefit Israel to turn to God for guidance
    and strength……………………………William

  • jaime

    In November 2011 there were unexplained actions against the uranium concentration plant in Isfahan, the missile base near Teheran and 4 weapon storage areas in southern Lebanon. General Gantz referred to “unatural events”. No missiles, airplanes or ground forces were observed as it happened in Sudan and Syria.

  • docmusic

    The muslims have to be allowed to import weapons into their countries and surely they will somehow blow-up in their countries. No one wants to attack anyone these days …”explosions have to come from within” ….. old zen saying.

  • Serge Isaac Barou

    Everything in this article is true, but is a very old news… one wonders, what’s its purpose? An interesting angle here is the Russian one: Russia supplies Yahonts to Boy Assad knowing only too well he’ll try to pass them to Hez, and the RT (Russia Today) tries to peddle some porkies about the (alleged) Israeli attack. But FPM analyst misses an opportunity to analyze this… :-(