Big Dem Cities, Big Dem Poverty

110811-national-homeless-poverty-poorOn Sunday’s ABC This Week telecast, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich squared off with former Clinton Labor secretary Robert Reich, who tried to blame the increase in poverty over the last five years on the GOP. “Here’s the baloney,” Gingrich fired back. “Every major city which is a center of poverty is run by Democrats. Every major city. Their policies have failed, they’re not willing to admit and the fact is it’s the poor who suffer from bad government.” Unfortunately for the millions of Americans, Gingrich is right on the money. Here is a breakdown of the ten cities with populations above 250,000 that have borne the brunt of Democratic ideology.

St. Louis’s poverty rate is 26 percent overall, and four-in-ten children live in poverty. Like Detroit, the city has experienced a major population decline, from 850,000 in the mid-20th century to 318,000 in 2013. Last year’s Annual Performance Report gave the city’s public schools a rating of 24.6 percent on a scale of zero to 100 percent. The city, which is also reeling from $640 million in unfunded pension liabilities, is currently rated the third most dangerous large city in the nation. St. Louis’s current mayor is Francis G. Slay, who has served since 2001. There hasn’t been a Republican mayor in St. Louis since 1949.

Newark, New Jersey’s poverty rate is 26.1 percent. Its former mayor, Cory Booker, who was recently elected to the United States Senate, was the latest in a long, unbroken line of Democratic mayors dating back 106 years to 1907. Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James was convicted of five counts of fraud in 2008. Yet he is hardly an anomaly: with the exception of Booker, every Mayor of Newark since 1962 has been indicted for crimes committed during their tenure in office. Between 2005 and 2012, the city’s population declined from 281,063 to 278,906, while violent crime totals increased from 2,821 to 3,219.

The residents of Cincinnati, OH are afflicted by a poverty rate of 27.4 percent overall, with a staggering 53.1 percent child poverty rate as of 2012. Former Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory left recently-elected Democrat Mayor John Cranley a $60 million deficit throughout 2012, and an annual budget shortfall of 20 percent, leading many to believe that bankruptcy is imminent. Cincinnati’s last non-Democrat mayor, Charter Party member Arnold L. Bortz, served until 1984.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 28 percent of city residents overall live in poverty, a number that balloons to 40 percent in terms of child poverty. Democratic voter registration outnumbers Republican registration by a six-to-one margin in a city where the last Republican mayor to hold office, Bernard Samuel, was voted out in 1952. Current mayor Michael Nutter is presiding over a city with the lowest credit rating of the country’s five most populous cities ($8.75 billion in outstanding debt) and a pension system that is only funded at a level of 47.6 percent. Last March, city officials voted to close 9 percent of the city’s public schools due to a five-year $1.35 billion spending gap.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin sports a poverty rate of 29.9 percent overall, including 42.6 percent of children under 18. Like Camden, Milwaukee boasts a track record of non-Republican mayors going back 105 years to 1908. But they weren’t all Democrats. In 2011, the city marked the 101st anniversary of the election of Emil Seidel, the first of three Socialist Party mayors of Milwaukee. Current Mayor Tom Barrett claims the poverty experienced in his city is a “regional problem,” but 71 percent of those who live in poverty in a four-county area were concentrated in Milwaukee.

In Buffalo, New York, 29.9 percent of residents overall are living below the poverty level, with children enduring a poverty rate of 46.8 percent, third highest in the nation behind Detroit and Camden. Mayor Byron Brown presides over a city that has lost 11 percent of its population over the last dozen years, due in large part to a stagnating economy. Buffalo’s last Republican mayor served until 1965.

In El Paso, Texas, one-in-four live in poverty, rising to 35 percent for children. Oscar Leeser is the 53rd mayor of that city, whose history dates back to 1873. In all that time, the city has never elected a Republican mayor. The proposed 2014 budget asked a 4 percent tax increase, due to what City Manager Joyce Wilson characterizes as “a budget gap too extensive to overcome without significant impact to existing service levels.” El Paso’s current debt level stands at $893 million.

In Cleveland, Ohio, 36 percent of its residents live in poverty. In 1978, when current U.S. House of Representatives Democrat Dennis Kucinich was mayor, the city became the first one since the Great Depression to default on its debt. It remained in default until 1987. In 2011, the city’s credit rating was downgraded by Fitch, due to concerns about the city’s struggling economy and shrinking population. Cleveland, whose current mayor is Frank G. Jackson, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1989. During Jackson’s tenure, the police, fire and sanitation departments have been cited for excessive use of force, payroll abuse, and chronic billing problems, respectively.

And then, there is Detroit, Michigan, in a class by itself, with 36.2 percent of residents living in poverty, along with an astounding 60 percent of the city’s children in the same boat. The city itself is utterly dysfunctional with $20 billion of debt, 78,000 abandoned homes, collapsing or nonexistent municipal services, and 47 percent illiteracy rate. It is also the most dangerous city in the nation. Yesterday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes allowed his rulings declaring the city eligible for bankruptcy, and leaving public employee pensions systems vulnerable to cuts for retirees, to proceed to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Detroit is on track to becoming the largest city in the nation to go bankrupt. Democrat Dave Bing is the current mayor, representing an unbroken string of Democrats going back to 1962.

Camden, New Jersey rounds out the top ten, with a poverty rate of 42.5 percent, and child poverty rate of 56.7 percent. In one poll, Camden was rated the second most dangerous city in the nation, with gang violence cited as a chief contributing factor. Democrat Dana Redd is the current mayor of the city. Frederick Von Nieda was Camden’s last Republican Mayor — he served until 1936.

That’s the line up regarding poverty. Yet there are also eight large American cities facing bankruptcy, a reality that would undoubtedly exacerbate each city’s poverty rate. Cincinnati and Camden hold the distinction of being on both lists. The other six cities are Baltimore, Washington, D.C., San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Note that the last four are in California, the nation’s foremost Democratic stronghold. As for Baltimore, it has been run by Democratic mayors and city councils since 1967. Since Washington, D.C’s home rule began in 1975, every mayor has been a Democrat.

Democrats like to make the case that the poorest states are run by Republicans. Yet they conveniently ignore the history of those states, where two facts loom large. First, most of them were part of the Old South, where the vestiges of slavery, combined with national policies that favored highly industrialized northern states (one of the factors leading to the Civil War, produced economic stagnation by comparison. Furthermore, most of those states were staunchly Democratic for over a century following the Civil War.

Dr. Mark W. Hendricksonadjunct faculty member, economist, and fellow for economic and social policy with the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College, illuminates the glaring difference between the comparisons. “The most fundamental difference between the data that conservatives prefer–that the 10 poorest cities are longtime Democratic strongholds–and the data that liberals will be more inclined to cite–that the 10 poorest states are predominantly Republican, is that conservatives can point to actual policies that Democrats implemented that contributed to the impoverishment of the cities, while the liberals cannot point to specific GOP policies that have caused the poorer states to lag behind,” he explains.

It’s a shame Gingrich didn’t have more time to educate Robert Reich. It’s even sadder that millions of poor Americans are forced to endure their own “education” regarding poverty on a daily basis, even as Reich and his fellow Democrats refuse to recognize, much less admit, that their odious policies are responsible for it.

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  • Trapper

    In big Dem run cities the parasite class is strong and vibrant. That includes unions, welfaristas, criminals, and addicts. They would no more vote Republican than do a full day’s honest work.

    • PharmDoc61

      All national treasures of the DNC and their core voting block.

      • BS77

        The cities are the microcosm of the nation….uncontrolled illegal immigration, fifty million people on food stamps, millions unemployed, one out of every six children living in abject poverty, a nation 17 Trillion dollars in debt…….and now , the destruction of the health care system….It’s the Detroitization of the nation.

        • William_Bradford

          Roger that. While a case might be made for the electorate not knowing who he was during the 2008 election; such can’t be said for the 2012 election – they knew exactly what they were voting for in 2012. The electorate elected Robert Mugabe twice, and are now surprised that we’re looking daily more and more like Zimbabwe.

    • Nebraski

      Take me down to the parasite city
      Where the grass ain’t green
      And the girls ain’t pretty
      Oh Barry please take me down . . .

    • alericKong

      I think Buffalo’s last elections were swept by Republicans.

      • William_Bradford

        BS – the Buffalo mayor is a died-in-the-wool Dem all his life.

  • johnlac

    This article leaves out one strong fact: the constituents of these impoverished cities are strong proponents of Democrat policies. They have become dependent on gov. handouts. The reason Republicans can’t get elected in those cities is because they would try and get the citizens to stand on their own. There are plenty of Dem-run cities that prosper (Portland, Seattle) because the great majority of their constituents work for a living and expect others to work for a living. When you have a city like Detroit with half the adult population functionally illiterate, it doesn’t matter whether the mayor is Republican or Democrat…that city will fail.

    • Charles Martel

      Black people are not all stupid as you imply when you say they vote for their own poverty. They vote because they will be given things, and they don’t care not because they are stupid but because they are lazy. Sure on average they have lower IQs, but that doesn’t make them all stupid. They get it, and they like it.

      Set at home, watch 100 channels on the 50 inch TV, eat plenty of free food while talking on their free phone and living in their free house.

      Now who is the real sucker here?

    • alericKong

      Lower populations in the Northwest allow for more federal money per capita.

      A larger factor is the cities out west are new compared to the rust belt, and have yet to face the pension crisis. Give it a couple of decades.


      It’s true that two cities you mention, Portland and Seattle, are in much better shape than the ones in this article, and are probably in better shape than just about any Democrat-run cities anywhere. But logic should tell us that these cities are too far Left to prosper forever, chaining their most productive citizens with absurd regulations that sooner or later must exact their destructive toll. I think the early signs are already there, in fact.

      And yes, as you say, “most of their constituents work for a living,” which is another way of saying they don’t (yet) have the large populations of welfare recipients we see elsewhere. But that is probably more historical accident than anything else – if large numbers of minority groups had immigrated to Seattle and Portland, they would probably be no better off than Cleveland and Buffalo today.

      • johnlac

        I’m not denying that. I’m just arguing against the conservative idea (and I’m a conservative) that simply putting in a free-market-style Republican would do next to nothing to change things for the better. It’s the people who elect the pols…the pols don’t elect the people.

        • johnlac

          Let me correct that….I’m arguing against the conservative idea that putting in a Republican mayor would automatically change things for the better. The citizens have to want to change for the better. If they expect gov. to save their cities instead of themselves saving their cities, their cities will fail. Just as a country will fail if most of the citizens expect the gov. to do everything for them.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Nice article, Mr. Ahlert, but you forgot Pittsburgh; which hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1933. Pittsburgh is similarly bankrupt, though not in quite as dramatic a fashion as Detroit or St. Louis. Beginning with the mayoralty of Democrat David L. Lawrence(1945), Pittsburgh has staggered into insolvency and poverty; while the steel industry went belly-up, labor strikes crippled work opportunities, and jobs and people left, in a steady stream. In 1950, the city had a population of about 750,000; today that figure is around 300,000; and the jobs are in the suburbs. Its the fault of the city council and the Democrat mayors.

    • para_bellum

      Examples could be multiplied, of course; you can’t have the article go on forever. Chicago is another one, 10.9% unemployment, bad schools, shrinking population. People always talk about Chicago’s crime; it actually isn’t quite as bad as a number of other cities, at least on a per capita basis. The real problem is aging housing stock and lack of any real industry or jobs outside of downtown. There are a few gentrified areas that are nice, but those are about 20% of the city at most. The last Republican mayor left office in 1931.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        I’m sure aging housing stock contributes to the problem; but the biggest part of the underlying problem is the absolute refusal of those in charge–to look at and implement constructive solutions. They won’t consider what works.

        • para_bellum

          Right. I meant apart from that.

    • William_Bradford

      Were that it were that easy, to just place the blame on the mayors and city councils… the electorate seeks to absolve themselves of their choices, so they blame the Dem mayors, and city councils whom they repeatedly elected – it was the electorate who awarded them carte blanche, and held them responsible, and accountable for nothing.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        In Pittsburgh’s case, labor unions contributed to the demise of the steel industry, so it’s not entirely the fault of the Mayor and city council. But you make a good point.


        I think it goes without saying that where elected officials are corrupt, inept, or destructively socialistic, the majority that elects them is culpable. The fact is that city leaders have chosen the path of destruction that is Progressivism, and the voters have chosen the city leaders.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    Simply stated, the lesson is that if you want a dependent population, vote democrat.

    • alericKong

      They may be poor officially based on their reported income, but their corrupt earnings from the black market would easily make them some of the richest people in America.

      Considering many corporate leaders have their assets tied up in their own corporate equities, the slimebag crack dealers and prostitutes who ruin families rival their liquidity.

      I hold the opposite view of this article. It’s not the Democratic politicians who bring the crime. It’s the criminals who bring in the Democratic politicians.

      • knowshistory

        chicken, egg. the argument goes on.

      • scot sims

        You must be high.

      • Jane

        What a silly comment. If you said the top 1% of drug dealers, I would’ve agreed. But the majority of druggies of whores?
        I think not!

        • alericKong

          They make a lot of money.


        A power-seeking elite destroys each of these cities, empowered by a corrupted electorate seeking an unearned income at taxpayer expense – does that sum it up briefly enough?

    • BS77

      The liberal robots would vote for a rotten turnip if it ran as a Democrat.

  • Charles Martel

    You’re dreaming again. Wake up! Dems don’t ruin cities. Heavy black populations ruin cities. You should spend time reading factual data. There are numerous prosperous democratic even socialist societies. There are no great black societies. Read all about it at Paul Kersey’s website. He uses facts not emotional appeal. Google SBPDL for a better picture of the demise of these cities.

    Did democrats ruin Haiti or South Africa?

    If only the problem were so simple, but it’s not because of over simplification of the problem and emotion PC driven commentary.

    • derekcrane

      Blacks vote 95% Democrat and give strong support to every Democratic policy except gay marriage. Haiti and South Africa have been managed on Detroit principles for decades.

      • Omar

        I wouldn’t say every Democratic policy. There are certain issues that black Americans don’t agree with Democrats. However, the main reason why blacks happen to be a Democratic bloc is because the left has managed to convince the black communities in this country that Republicans and conservatives are out to harm them and to reimpose discriminatory policies like segregation. The left’s propaganda is obviously wrong on so many levels, yet the left gets away with such lies and propaganda because the left is a political mafia which has managed to control the political system on a large scale since the New Left movement destroyed and took over both the civil rights movement and the Democratic Party in the late 1960s and early 1970s and remade those political movements and organizations the way the New Left wanted it. As a result of the left’s takeover of political organizations, they have exploited the poor and minorities (as well as many women) into voting for the Democrats in every election in this country over the past 40 years. It is time for Republicans and conservatives to defeat the left and it’s destructive agenda and to improve the quality of life for the American people.

    • Jane

      Sorry, but that is a circular argument.


      No socialist society can prosper for long (i.e. only until they run out of other people’s money). But it is true that inner-city blacks are largely incompetent as citizens (witness their almost unanimous support for Barry Obama). Still, to impute that to some kind of racial inferiority I think is terribly mistaken. Inner-city black culture is certainly inferior; it does not follow that blacks themselves are. Remember that relatively few decades intervened in the time between the end of slavery and the beginning of the New Deal, when Democratic politicians realized the possibility of bribing their way into office by corrupting poor voters with redistributed incomes, and these poor voters were almost certainly disproportionately black. Thus Democrats short-circuited the processes which obtain in a free society and which were already beginning to lift black people up, substituting 80 years of welfare dependency and lock-step Democratic voting.

  • A Z

    Camden, New Jersey: One Of Hundreds Of U.S. Cities That Are Turning Into Rotting, Decaying HeIIholes

  • mtnhikerdude

    Charles Barkley said it best ,”The poor have been voting Democratic for 60 years and they are still poor.”
    Personally , I think that qualifies as Insanity.

  • poest

    Democratically run Black poverty machines!!!!

  • Rdlake

    How would the Corrupt Liberal Media spin this. Reich an indoctrinating Socialist whos never held a real job & rotting the minds of our youth with his garbage.

  • shawnmer

    This poor Mayor Cranley, newly elected in Detroit, is there to clean up that mess, which is NOT cleanable. This will be discovered very quickly on his watch. So his arrival will be timed just right so as to blame the whole debacle on bankers, the city’s creditors, whites generally, and (somehow, you watch!) Republicans.

    No introspection or culpability on the part of the resident black population will take place, trust me.

  • lessthantolerant

    When these cities falter and moneys run out what happens to the parasitic within the city?

    • William_Bradford

      They go elsewhere looking for their socialist Nirvana, and say: “… let us show you rubes how we did it in California, or how we did it in Michigan….” They learn nothing from their experience.

    • Drakken

      Into section 8 housing near you, and then scream racism at you because your not letting them get away with murder and the welfare queen of a mother telling the po po that their little darling didn’t do nuffin. Like they say, once you go black, you end up on welfare a baby moma.

      • Jane

        Oh dear me that is a good analogy.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        That’s already happened in my area, as Chicagoans have been moved out of the “Great Society” monuments, into Section 8 housing, increasing crime rates out here in the boondocks, decreasing property values, and giving DEMs more votes in a formerly overwhelmingly “red” county.

      • lessthantolerant

        Parasite nation is growing.


      I would guess that when the welfare money starts getting cut, as it must one way or another, we’ll see terrific social unrest with rioting, violence, looting, arson, and all the rest. Another social upheaval brought to you courtesy of the Progressive Left, which will disavow any responsibility for its actions.

      • lessthantolerant

        The politicians will hold off on cuts to socials programs as a last step.

        Look at the current budget deal, we could not cut federal employees benefits, nor could we cut benefits to illegal aliens yet we could cut military benefits.

        This shows you how much faith the socialist democrats have in Parasite Nation and how weak the Republicans are.

        • NAHALKIDES

          You’re right. The history of socialist Europe shows that they gut defense first, and only when default and collapse are looming do they cut entitlements. And we’ve seen the riots in Greece and the unrest in Spain.

          • lessthantolerant

            I would pull all American troops from Europe and Middle East, watch Europe and ME collapse.

            It is time we looked inward and told the rest of the world to fend for themselves.

          • Drakken

            I am going to disagree with you where this is concerned, we need FOB’s because it is easier to deploy from those bases than from starting from scratch. Trust me when I say we will need them in the near future.

          • lessthantolerant

            I would agree if we are to fight the battles. But I think we would be better off watching the conflicts before deciding to invest more of our wealth and young to a world who does not appreciate us or our ideals.

            You know as well as I do, if we left the world stage for 1 year, conflicts would break out everywhere.

            It is time.

          • Drakken

            Yes, you are 100 % correct. Time to let nature take its course.

          • lessthantolerant

            The world would beg us to intervene then we could negotiate new arrangements for our blood and treasure commitments.

      • Drakken

        Unfortunately for the progressive/commis they won’t be able to run from this disaster they have made. They will be held to account when the time comes.

        • NAHALKIDES

          Only if we Conservatives do the holding. The Republican Establishment is congenitally incapable of holding the Left accountable for anything.

          • Drakken

            The Rino repubs are now really pizzing off the veterans, maybe this will be what puts the fear of God into them

  • Hass

    Seems to me Democrat Voters are as stupid as Muslimes. They can’t see what the problems are, even though it has a direct effect on their lives.

  • Jane

    It’s the fault of GW Bush and let us not forget those horrible Jews.

    The stupid and brain dead Left cannot be helped.

    • Alex Live

      When economically bad you start to blame Jews. I recognize the words of little antisemite. Hitler born too late otherwise you would be nice lamp shade or little bag for Eva.

      • johnlac

        I think Jane was being sarcastic.

  • UCSPanther

    Gary, Indiana is another prime example of a Democrat dominated dying rust belt town.

    • Chico

      They like to say it was the steel industry downturn that led to the decay of Gary. No it wasn’t. It was lazy stupid liberal democrat blacks that ruin that city. No white person in their right mind would want to live around drug head thugish garbage like that. The whites that lived there and had business packed up and moved out. I’m from there. That’s where i grew up. Gary is the big joke of northwest Indiana.

  • UCSPanther
  • Wolfthatknowsall

    About a year ago, I had occasion to drive through Rockford, Illinois, which is on the border with Wisconsin. I remember the city … years ago … as a vibrant manufacturing center, with a strong work ethic and middle class. This time, however, everywhere I looked, there were miles on end of empty factories, houses for sale, empty stores, ad infinitum. I did see large numbers of old vehicles parked in front of every welfare office in town.

    Of course, Rockford has been dominated by the DEMs and the unions for decades. It’s only a matter of time before they go the way of Detroit …

    BTW, the first time I ever saw Robert Reich, they neglected to provide a platform for him behind the podium Looking at the top of his head, and his eyes, I told my wife, “Clinton’s got the dwarf vote, now.”

    • UCSPanther

      One slogan I made up for Detroit:

      Detroit: Your city is next!

  • Danny

    It’s an interesting article, and I’ve heard others talk about this very same phenomenon. What I’d like to see as a follow-up is an article naming those cities that are doing very well economically and tie those with Republican mayors.

  • Alex Livshitz

    What’ s the future will be for New York, when I saw the video of Detroit my heart sink. I saw NYC circa 1975, but NYC was better.

  • Ellman48

    So how do we explain, given the obvious relationship between poverty and decline in these cities, the fact that the voters continued to vote for Democrats for decades if not entire centuries? How have the Democrats managed to retain power with such abysmal records? The entire nation is headed in the same direction these cities have followed. If we can’t adequately answer these questions and eliminate the Democrats who are the driving force behind fiscal insanity, then how do we save the nation from the same perils these cities face?

    Is it possible that the reason for the Democrat monopoly is really the incompetence and inefficacy of the Republican Party? Even as the Republican Party seems incapable of an effective articulation of its goals and objectives at the national level today, we must ask if this was not the case with all of the cities mentioned in this article. On the national level the Republicans continually snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Did the party do the same at the local and state levels? Is the Republican Party an ineffectual relic of the party Lincoln joined before becoming President? I suspect so. The Republicans have no idea how to fight the Democrats. In fact, they may be the party of “no ideas”, the party that goes along to get along. In effect, the Democrats have no opposition and we are living in a one-party system, locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • Charles Starr

    All the empirical evidence doesn’t matter, Republicans are heartless and greedy. Only democrats are for justice and ‘fairness’. Obama’s admin has driven the last few nails into the coffin by making the US a welfare state. He is the socialist messiah, and the destruction of what was once a great country. Get more than 50% of the voters to be takers, then the democrats will be dictators.

  • Scot

    Conservatives, until you embrace free contraception for poor women on public assistance, you’re going to lose in the long run.

    • Drakken

      Well then who the bloody heck is going to pay for it after you effing commis suck everyone dry?

    • Debbie G

      Don’t they get ” free” contraceptives if they’re on Medicaid? So apparently, free contraceptives are not the issue. Remember, the more babies you produce, the more money and freebies you’ll rake in.

      • Ohbama Binlyin

        Free contraceptives are available from a number of sources. The best-known supplier of free contraceptives is of course Planned Parenthood, or should they be called planned no-parenthood? There are other places which provide contraceptives and charge on a sliding scale based on income, and of course your standard birth-control pills are dirt cheap through pharmacies throughout the nation, usually less than ten dollars a moth. What scotty boy-o really wants is unrestricted, irresponsible sexual pleasure with no consequences to him. In other words, like all of his comrades in the extreme radical fascist left-wing party of death democrat party, he expects the public at large to finance his sexual promiscuity, and if a child results from his irresponsible, self-centered behavior, he again expects the public at large to foot the bill for the raising of that child.

    • UCSPanther

      It is you who will lose in the long run because your bread-and-circus economy can only last so long with other peoples’ money.

      Eventually, you will run out, and when that happens, free contraceptives will be the least of anyone’s worries.

    • Ohbama Binlyin

      To tell you the truth scotty boy-o, I am all in favor of providing free contraception for poor women on public assistance! By preventing the spread of dependence on government handouts by limiting or canceling bursts by current welfare dependent people, we may be able to wipe out the whole voting base of your repugnant extremist radical fascist left-wing party of death so-called democratic party! Without all those people depended on government for their daily subsistence, what ever would you do? You would be left without a cause to stand on your pathetic little soapbox screaming banal and empty platitudes the top of your lungs! So yes, let’s ensure all of those poor women who depend on your party of death for their subsistence have no more children to become future dependents on your party of death for their daily bread! Imagine that, a world without welfare dependent party of death voters! What a wonderful world it would be!

  • rbprice

    Democrats suffer from selective memory loss and have acute head-in-the-anus vision. After all the failures of socialism/communism, they have in their heads that their version will work. They are all overly sensitive and devoid of conscience. They have their arrogance and fervent I-know-better-than-you attitude that resonates with the uniformed residents of their cities. Carry on, I say, actions always speak louder than words.

  • Kimo

    The problem is that Democrats and their voters are a cancer. Until we learn how to remove them, or wall they off so they can spread, they will continue to destroy America and turn it into a 3d-world country. Basically, we are already there, compared to most advanced countries in the rest of the world. Certainly we have been overtaken by such countries as South Korea.

  • nomoretraitors

    “It’s a shame Gingrich didn’t have more time to educate Robert Reich”
    Trying to educate that pipsqueak is a fool’s errand

  • nomoretraitors

    “It’s a shame Gingrich didn’t have more time to educate Robert Reich”
    Trying to educate that pipsqueak is a fool’s errand

    • Ohbama Binlyin

      Trying to educate any extreme radical fascist left-wing party of death democrat is a fools errand. One cannot educate those who wish to remain blissfully ignorant!

  • edgineer

    The Democratic Party is responsible for every major problem this country faces. The Democratic Party has inflicted more damage on our country than all foreign enemies combined.

  • Other Guest

    My burning memory of Robert Reich was of his ‘incontrovertible’ position based on his ‘supposed expertise’ all over tv pressuring for off-shoring of our industry as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Talk about being brain dead! There’s nothing he could say that I would believe.

  • Ohbama Binlyin

    This article is a marvelous description of what happens when ill-informed voters continuously place their trust in a political party which puts their own power and political agenda above everything else, including the welfare of their own voting base and America at large. The extreme radical left-wing party of death democrats care nothing for American traditions, American founding documents; anything and everything that speaks to the greatness of America is something the extremist of the left-wing party of death despises. The only goal of the extreme left wing democrats is to gather as much power and control to themselves as as possible, no matter who or what they have to trample on to gain that power and control, then install their twisted, deviant, perverted and disgusting social and political agenda by force of arms if necessary on all American citizens.

  • Me

    The poor dems are stuck, don’t you get it? They believed the lies. They believed it was someone else’s fault, and they have no skills. They didn’t put in the effort, so they have to resort in voting for a living. They like the victimhood syndrome once they get there as it teaches hem how to game the system. The dems and their embracing of all activities that are costly and destroy the American fabric is the true disaster. They burn down a village for a single vote – whatever it takes to win. power is their prize, getting there is just the means.