Detroit’s Present, America’s Future

0129-detroit_full_600Last Thursday in Detroit, 60 consecutive years of progressive Democratic governance, in collaboration with rapacious government employee unions, produced an inevitable conclusion: the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the nation. “This is a difficult step, but the only viable option to address a problem that has been six decades in the making,” said Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who approved the filing after emergency manager Kevyn D. Orr recommended the move. Orr revealed the city’s enormous debt load is somewhere between $18 billion and $20 billion. City employee Terence Tyson succinctly summed up the devastation. “It’s sad, but you could see the writing on the wall,” he said. “This has been coming for ages.”

Indeed it has. The precipitous fall of the so-called “arsenal of democracy” has been stunning in both its scope and duration. In 1960, Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the nation. Now, in 2013, it is the nation’s poorest city, besieged by the inevitable dysfunction that attends such a dubious distinction. The current unemployment rate, which has tripled since 2000, remains double the national average. The murder rate has reached a 40-year high, making it home to the three most dangerous neighborhoods in America. More than 78,000 properties have been abandoned, and there are no buyers for houses on sale literally for a single dollar. The population has declined from 1.8 million in 1950, to 700,000 today–47 percent of whom are functionally illiterate.

The impetus behind this devastation is all too familiar, namely, the unholy alliance of Democratic politicians buying the loyalty of Big Labor over the course of decades with unsustainable wage and benefit packages for their members. That alliance has left the city with $9 billion of its $11 billion in unsecured loans owed to pensions and health-benefit plans of municipal workers, and contributes mightily to the city’s current $380 million annual deficit. It has also left the city with a total number of pensioned retirees that is more than double the number of active workers.

The remaining workforce can’t cope. Two-thirds of the city’s ambulances are out of service, and police take an average of 58 minutes to respond to emergencies, five times the national average. Forty percent of the city’s streetlights don’t work, 210 of its 317 public parks are closed down, and the city’s public schools, also on the verge of bankruptcy, are some of the worst in the nation. The city’s mass-transit system is virtually non-functional.

Corruption was part of the mix as well. Corrupt city officials include former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his aide, Monica Conyers, the wife of House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI), several city council members and a police chief who, along with countless others, were indicted, arrested and/or imprisoned for criminal charges involving bribes, embezzlement and kickbacks. In 2009, corrupt Detroit Public School (DPS) officials perpetrated a scam where 257 “ghost” employees were receiving paychecks. That same year, seven more public officials were charged with multiple felonies for operating an embezzlement scheme, and 500 illegal healthcare dependents costing the city millions of dollars were discovered.

All of it and more led to the Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing in the United States Bankruptcy Court — a move immediately challenged with a lawsuit by the General Retirement System and the Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of Detroit in state court in Ingham County, Michigan.

That filing brought the full scope of the conflict — and the machinations behind it — into focus.

The machinations began Thursday. Attorneys representing both funds, as well as the interests of individual pensioners who had also filed suit, got an emergency hearing with Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, during which she telegraphed her intention to derail the filing. Yet Orr beat them to the punch, filing bankruptcy papers five minutes before the hearing began. Undaunted, Aquilina ruled on Friday that Detroit’s bankruptcy violated Article IX, Section 24 of the Michigan Constitution, and must be withdrawn. “The accrued financial benefits of each pension plan and retirement system of the state and its political subdivisions shall be a contractual obligation thereof and shall not be diminished or impaired thereby,” the law states.

That paragraph became part of the Constitution in 1963, following a state Constitutional Convention in 1961 and 1962. Yet it remains problematic, due to another clause enacted during the same Convention. “Financial benefits arising on account of service rendered in each fiscal year shall be funded during that year,” and, the “accrued financial benefits of each [government] pension plan shall be a contractual obligation thereof.”

There is little doubt that Detroit and many other Michigan municipalities have failed to meet those contractual obligations. In 1996, the Michigan Supreme Court recognized that reality, ruling that the state legislature had failed to provide adequate funds for annual pension contributions — even as it noted that it could not compel the legislature to appropriate them.

Aquilina apparently decided half a loaf was better than none. “In order to rectify his unauthorized and unconstitutional actions … the Governor must (1) direct the Emergency Manager to immediately withdraw the Chapter 9 petition filed on July 18, and (2) not authorize any further Chapter 9 filing which threatens to diminish or impair accrued pension benefits,” she said in her order. Attorney General Bill Schuette said he will appeal the rulings and seek emergency consideration by the Michigan Court of Appeals. Aquilina also let assistant Attorney General Brian Devlin know she did not appreciate Orr’s maneuver — even as she added a bizarrely political rationale to her reasoning. “It’s cheating, sir, and it’s cheating good people who work,” the judge told Devlin. “It’s also not honoring the  president, who took (GM and Chrysler) out of bankruptcy.”

Presidential honor notwithstanding, University of Michigan law professor John Pottow got the heart of why this case will likely end up in the United States Supreme Court — if Stockton, CA, whose bankruptcy earlier this year raises the same fundamental issues — doesn’t beat Detroit to the punch. “There’s nothing that precludes a federal judge from adjudicating the constitutionality of the Michigan statute,” Pottow said. “The bankruptcy judge can interpret Michigan law.”

In other words, the battle pits states’ rights, and the obligations owed to municipal workers, against those of the federal government’s bankruptcy court, and the interests of municipal bond market investors. Thousands of such investors, including those dependent on small stock portfolios for their own retirement, have long been told such bonds are a relatively safe investment with virtually no chance of default. If they are forced to take substantial losses, the ripple effect could be devastating, not only for investors, but for the countless number of municipalities who use the bond market to underwrite municipal projects. Either that funding will no longer be as readily available, or the interest rates to secure it may be unbearable.

On the other hand, if the federal bankruptcy court allows Detroit to get out from under the overly onerous contractual obligations owed to municipal workers, it is virtually certain an avalanche of other municipalities struggling with similar obligations will follow Detroit’s lead. Karol K. Denniston, a bankruptcy lawyer advising a taxpayer group in Stockton, emphasized that reality. “If you end up with precedent that allows the restructuring of retirement benefits in bankruptcy court, that will make it an attractive option for cities,” she warned. “Detroit is going to be a huge test kitchen.”

Unfortunately Detroit has already been a test kitchen, and its grim determination to embrace sixty years of progressive Democrat policies has proved to be a spectacular failure, impoverishing an entire city, with no end in sight. It also makes a complete mockery of President Obama’s 2012 campaign assertion, “We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt.” “We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.”  Nine months later, that “bet” is a bust.

Unsurprisingly, there are calls for a federal bailout. Former Obama administration Auto Czar Steven Rattner, who helped engineer the federal bailout of GM and Chrysler — and who also paid more than $16 million to New York’s Attorney General and the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle civil cases involving an alleged kickback scheme to get public pension fund investments for his private equity firm — led the charge. “No one likes bailouts or the prospect of rewarding Detroit’s historic fiscal mismanagement,” writes Rattner. “But apart from voting in elections, the 700,000 remaining residents of the Motor City are no more responsible for Detroit’s problems than were the victims of Hurricane Sandy for theirs, and eventually Congress decided to help them.”

It is little wonder Rattner would like to exclude “voting in elections” as a cause for Detroit’s problem. The last Republican Mayor the city had was ousted in 1961, and city residents gave Barack Obama 98 percent of their vote in the 2012 election.

Moreover, Hurricane Sandy was a natural disaster. Detroit’s disaster is a manmade, willfully self-inflicted exercise, and the idea that Americans who shared no part of it should still bear some measure of responsibility, is utterly absurd. Such a “solution” would be little more than an invitation for every municipality in the nation to be as fiscally reckless as they want, even as they would be assured “someone else” would pay for that recklessness.

Furthermore, as spectacular as Detroit’s failure is, the city is nothing more than the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Human Events’ John Hayward illuminates the bigger, and far more ominous, picture. “Detroit is end-stage Obamanomics,” he warns. “They’ve already tried the standard liberal snake oil of big tax increases on the Evil Rich; the result is empty buildings and catastrophic unemployment…Just wait until entire states, like Illinois, follow Detroit into the abyss.”

After that? “Like Detroit, America has unfunded liabilities, to the tune of $220 trillion, according to the economist Laurence Kotlikoff,” writes National Review’s Mark Steyn. “Like Detroit, it’s cosseting the government class and expanding the dependency class, to the point where its bipartisan ‘immigration reform’ actively recruits 50–60 million low-skilled chain migrants. Like Detroit, America’s governing institutions are increasingly the corrupt enforcers of a one-party state–the IRS and Eric Holder’s amusingly misnamed Department of Justice being only the most obvious examples. Like Detroit, America is bifurcating into the class of ‘community organizers’ and the unfortunate denizens of the communities so organized.”

That class of so-called community organizers includes Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, whose own brand of fiscal recklessness, aka Quantitative Easing, has largely obscured the reality that America’s finances are every bit as precarious as Detroit’s. Yet as Detroit indicates, the day of reckoning can only be postponed, not eliminated. If Americans don’t wake up soon to the utter destruction wrought by prime-the-pump, tax-and-spend, liberal Democratic ideology, they will no longer have to worry about Detroit. Everywhere else in the nation will be just like it.

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  • Chairman Meow

    wait a second, this city looks like zimbabwe and you want to talk about labor and governance. Sorry ,you missed what caused detroits demise. a certain set of people made Detroit unlivable and the tax base moved away. It is about race and race alone and how one particular race is too inept to care for itself and always lives off the hard work of others and commits incessant rapine.

    Move all people who cant pay rent, utilities or for their own food to
    Federal Sanctuaries. The property value increase would be exponential, no
    more unfunded liabilities. Problem Solved….. The value of the
    property is being held hostage by a race
    of vagrants and if this is corrected no more problem, capeesh. The
    property value of detroit would be raised by some 100 billion dollars if
    the indigents were removed. We all know who. It is time to do it in all
    cities or it will be a domino effect as black civil workers will try to
    find meaningless civil jobs in other black majority cities,collapsing
    every economy. There is over 75 trillion being held hostage nationally.
    Its really time consider housing all indigent citizens in Federal

    • Anamah

      I find a better idea sending all corrupt politician and union activist, all these carcinogenic progressive those thugs and leeches willing to suck wealthy from their power positions… to a municipal sanctuary to reform thugs, thieves and robbers. This is the first bankruptcy but we will see many others. So NO BAILOUTS!!!

      This is also a way for Obama to add more debt and lower the entire country level… that is what he wants.

      • Chairman Meow

        black people are the problem, they have no respect for themselves or their communities, if they were removed the financial crisis would be past tense as the rebounding real estate prices would more than fund any debts, blacks are a cancer and we must put the indigent ones and their children in Federal Sanctuaries. We white people will no longer listen to lies of the jew stream media, period.

        • Kieran

          Why does Frontpagemag tolerate this racist crap? Is it in the name of free speech?

          • ReyR

            You’re looking for racist crap, don’t go further than the MSM and the Obama gang. Zimmerman case has been regurgitated ad nauseam for over a year now, but who cares to cover black-on-white racism, however heinous the crime. And how about holding a White Pride Parade or a Caucasian Expo for once, dear? Some think a civilized man’s patience never runs out, but they are wrong. Another error was getting the entire Hispanic nation pissed off. Now they are toast. The coconut community have my sympathy, but they are smart enough to save their asses.

          • Chairman Meow

            What did I say that is racist?

          • megapotamus

            Surely you are joking. Own it. Indeed your assertions are racist. That doesn’t mean they might not also be true.

          • Chairman Meow

            I dont believe in the term. Nature fashioned races over billions of years, does anyone see the hypocrisy of calling NATURE, racist?

          • fiddler

            If you are more specific about types such Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, and while we are at it such deranged whites like Chris Matthews and those who race bait for a living, I’ll agree with you. However it was 70% of blacks to their great credit who voted for Proposition 8 in California.
            Blacks need to get off the Democratic field for good. Deep down they are conservative but have been seduced far too long by buying the victim mentality fed to them. All the president and others do is stoke the flames of envy and bitterness; a very unfortunate way of winning elections
            Please don’t implicate a race though!

          • Chairman Meow

            I believe separation into Federal Sanctuaries where they can learn the basic life skills is paramount, free from the temptation of rapine. The black homeowners, on average,would see 400,000 dollar rise on their property, and all middle class black wealth would saved in the form of pensions…win win. the black homeowners in detroit dont want this….We need decisive action now

          • Fritz

            You are externalizing blame for a problem based on a racial stereotype and then suggesting that all people of a given skin colour be relocated to internment camps. You can call them “Federal Sanctuaries” or whatever euphemism you want but the fact is that these people are U.S citizens and the sate has NO right to round people up and move them against their will. This was done with Americans of Japanese ancestry in 1941, in 1943 the Supreme Court ordered the U.S Government to release them.
            Now before you start spouting off about me being a “liberal” I’m not. But to suggest that a problem that was caused by state intervention in the economy and society can be solved with even more draconian intervention is poppy cock.

          • Chairman Meow

            why did NATURE make races, racist bitch!

          • Chairman Meow

            I think you might want to ask yourself why would you want to stop someone else’s right to thought and to speech…censorship is the most spiteful crime in human history, the one you are now committing. Hypocrite.

        • maggie williams

          Could you be anymore racist??? Can we blame an entire race for the sins of a few? If so, I would never speak to a white person, nor would I reside around them!! Please think before speak!

          • Chairman Meow

            TRUTH HURTS ,DONT IT, its just truth an inevitable truth, the jew stream media lambasted Dr James Watson when he said they (blacks) could never be civilized. HOLLYWOOD is just as to blame. the Benjamin Fecalsteins of the world need to live with them. Newsflash, blacks are inferior and they are a cancer,plague and its time to deal with them. I feel for whites who live around blacks because you are next. You know nothing about anything, you my DEAR are the worst kind of racist. Future victim.

          • victoryman

            I hope that if Mr. Meow has children he did NOT give them the Salk Vaccine to prevent polio. After all, Jonas Salk was Jewish. When Mr. Meow suffers from severe abdominal pain, sometimes a warning sign of pancreatic cancer, he does NOT take advantage of a medical breakthrough that has saved countless lives. The patient swallows a tiny object that is a camera which takes hundreds of pictures as it travels through the digestive tract to eventually be expelled in the natural course of things. The doctor examines the films to see what is going on inside. No need for exploratory surgery. The camera will tell all, the good, or the bad news. Unfortunately for Mr. Meow, this camera system was invented in Israel. Poor Mr. Meow. We can only wish him luck and send him a get well card should he develop pancreatic cancer, which most times proves fatal. But, on his tombstone, there can be a proud memorial stating, “I did NOT use the Israeli camera.” Congratulations, Mr. Meow. You are a man of convictions….even if those convictions are in keeping with having the IQ of a turnip.

          • Chairman Meow

            No I am right, that is what is sad, you are simply a braindead idiot.Victim of the JEW STREAM MEDIA; I have a high enough IQ to move myself to a place where I am merely a spectator of your idiocy, and its result,this sad demise..

            Follow me it is the only road to prosperity and the work will be hard. It is inevitable that this will be the solution I am sorry you are not smart enough to see it. Federal Sanctuaries NOW! Every black majority city will follow because they as a race are not productive, they have lost basic living skillz and must be taught them. Its called common sense something that I am sure is foreign to you. Please, by all means move your family to Detroit and tell me about other solutions.

          • Chairman Meow

            “When America suffers, Israel profits”-benjamin netanyahoo When America gets to wantin to thrive again, we might want to lose this friendship, because with friends like these, we dont need enemies.

          • victoryman

            As Goethe wisely stated, “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

          • Chairman Meow

            Hey its a real quote from the prime minister of Israel. Read about the birth right program and how Israel seditiously inserts itself into america politics by sending over Israeli Jews and then giving them dual citizenship. Then using our aid money to bribe our politicians. America is the greatest threat to Israel, without our support there is no Israel. Israel has become our greatest threat.

            SO I AGREE, BACK AT YOU “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

            Jews in this country need to become loyal to the US and not Israel. Only 37 Jews have died serving our country in this war and they were half jew. Does jew blood have no courage?

          • victoryman

            I always try to learn at least one new thing every day. Today I learned from Mr. Meow that Goethe was the Prime Minister of Israel. Color me amazed.

          • Chairman Meow

            The quote “when America suffers, Israel profits”- Benjamin Netanyahoo. prime minister,Israel, with friends like these, who needs enemies.

            Still there is a sad deficit of service to our country amongst, so called, American Jews and your lack of humor is a poor substitute for valor.

          • Chairman Meow


          • maggie williams

            The truth has nothing to do with it MEOW! If their is any race that hasn’t sinned, then throw the first stone! Why don’t you go to college and become educated, then perhaps you won’t spread all of that racist poison that you were taught as young FERAL!!! I’m not your DEAR, and I can write more on the back of a postage then you know in that little pea brain of yours. IT IS BETTER TO BE SILENT AND THOUGHT THE FOOL, THEN TO SPEAK AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!

          • Chairman Meow

            This is the solution that will be taken whether you like them or not. It is the only solution.

          • Charlie Jackson

            Are you black?

          • Chairman Meow

            I have several degrees, 2 advanced degrees. It is ridiculous to call someone a racist when Nature herself is the racist, the source of all racism. We are but subsets of the greater.

          • David Kahil

            it is a good post though, but I agree he needs to take out the extremely negative parts.

        • OfficialPro

          Blacks who are racially aggrieved, with the permanent chip on their shoulder and thus vote Democrat reflexively no matter what, who are gangsta, and celebrate the gangsta lifestyle, are the problem.



        • Fritz

          I’m sorry but it is not blacks that are to blame it’s the culture of the welfare state. If you travel to Britain you will find government owned and operated holes called “Council Housing”, there is one such complex outside of Glasgow, the difference is that it is inhabited by white people. Most of the council houses were sold to the occupants back in the 1980s but some still remain as a stark reminder of pre Thatcher Britain.
          As a matter of fact the whole of Britain itself was headed the way of Detroit in the late 1970s, all of the primary industries were state owned and the unions ran the show. The most notorious of these was the coal miner’s union, who would literally shut down the country if they didn’t get their way, often for political reasons.
          Have you wondered why you see Triumph TR7s/TR8s, and MGBs but no TR9s or MGCs or Ds, it was the state owned combine named British Leyland that was to blame. You had a company run by government appointees, economists and planners that just could not how to bring a new car into production, the TR7 was in the works before Rover Triumph was absorbed into British Leyland.

          • Chairman Meow

            I just talked with a friend of mine from London, he said London is not far behind. I agree to a point, but the blacks in Detroit are 60%-70% illiterate; (its probably higher than that)nationally, 40% (of blacks)will get a HS diploma and 95% of the ones who dont will be unemployed. Its not politics, it the people. I believe Dr. Watson was right when he said to stop pouring money down a well with these people.I have never met a black person who understood calculus,that will never change. Good reply but I disagree.

            Nothing short of housing indigents in Federal Sanctuaries will do. In detroit and elswher they have lost basic living skills. They must be taken away from the temptation of rapine(proximity to civilization) in order to receive unimpeded instruction that their parents are incapable of giving. The resulting real estate boom will salvage the economy. 75 trillion.

        • David Kahil

          interesting…Action something i have not heard or seen from our leaders…good luck.


          How true.

      • tatave

        Off clourse that is what he wants.It is quite clear but not to the low livesthat elected him.

    • tatave

      Zimbabwe looks better even Grozny or Somalia.Now,I understand what the Dems mean by “the nuclear option”.The country will have the same fate.

      • Chairman Meow

        because they moved the somalians here

    • Charlie Jackson

      As a black man, I am ashamed to say it, but you are right. I have all white neighbors. Am I racist because I want to feel safe? Am I racist becasue I want my children to go to good schools? Am I racist because I married a white woman? I dont think so. Meow , you are right on!

      • Bogdan51

        Charlie Jackson, I want to shake your hand because in my eyes you are a hero. I have almost equally critical opinion of my countrymen of origin – the Poles and yet it doesn’t make me an anti Polish as I regard myself a great patriot.
        Also, I feel lots of contempt for my present countrymen – the Australians whom I call footy-apes, while being fiercely patriotic albeit new Australian.
        I share your pain because I understand that you would love the black Americans to be proud, independent, successful people living up to their potential and not on the fringe of a modern human family.
        The tragedy of the local Australian Aborigines is similar to that of American blacks; They also have been destroyed by the local WHITE Australian communists who have condemned those people to the as degenerate as eternal existence in the gigantic, concentration like skansen while burdening with the eternal guilt the white conservatives.
        In order to maintain Aborigines in the perpetual state of a moral and physical decay and use them as a pawn in their degenerate “social” policy, they (the Australian Left) tolerates the most horrible and barbaric acts taking place in the local and closed for the outsiders Aboriginal communities like murder, rape, incest, alcoholism and drug abuse.
        There is almost no young Aboriginal woman who hasn’t been raped by a drunken Aboriginal man and yet it is the white man who is obviously responsible for the horror that is taking place there.
        Please, vote Sarah Palin in the 2016 if she decides to run as she is the only American courageous enough to help America to recover and help the suffering black Americans.
        Greetings from Aussie – Bogdan


      Zimbabwe would be an improvement.

  • EmmaDora

    Judging by those “Ruins of Detroit”-type photos, the city is a treasure trove of architectural salvage…there’s a small but real business opportunity for someone with initiative.

    • CowboyUp

      Not until the corrupt city government is fixed. Otherwise such restoration will just be taxed into oblivion.

      • Chairman Meow

        not until the blacks are moved to federal sanctuaries

  • Chez

    As relevant and poignant as any article ever published at FPM.

  • SDJammer

    It is very clear – Liberal principles simply don’t work. Oh they sound so wonderful, but they just never work. When will Americans wake up to the false promises of liberals?

    • dailyincredulity

      It really doesn’t matter how bad it gets, the very ones that have enabled this situation, (read; all the libs that voted for the policies that brought all of this on) will always blame it on others. There will never be an “awakening” that they were wrong all this time and change their ways. They are genetically unable to process information any other way. They will continue to wreck the world around them, and like petulant children will whine and complain and continue the very behavior that got them there in the first place.

      • megapotamus

        Hunger is the cleanser. Collapse delivers hunger. Therefor collapse while not our friend is our partner.


          People will starve before they change their ways.


        Its national suicide.


      Liberalism will never work -no matter how much you try. This emerging, young, Third World majority will never learn this lesson.


      Not for a long time, maybe 50 years, maybe never. As we get further from the Constitution (and we are), Americans will just accept whatever DC does. Are they even teaching the Constitution in school anymore? Apparently not. Obama has turned his campaign arm into a 501c4 (I know he railed at the Supreme Court justice for the Citizens United decision) but it won’t stop him from doing what he wants. He’s just upset that the R’s get to take advantage of this, too. Obama schooled the D’s about how to win elections.

  • WillyWallace

    They’ll cry on Obama’s shoulder and he will bail them out and it will be repeated in thousands of cities and he’ll use the police, EMT’s, and firemen as props.

  • Charles Martel

    Again a leading conservative Inc. website refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Liberal policies didn’t doom Detroit anymore than they have Seattle, Portland, Denver. What has doomed Detroit is demographics.

    To gain real insight into the causes of failure along with all the statistics se the Vdare article this morning by Paul Kersey. His analytical work covers the full story not just the story conservative Inc. would have you swallow.

    Truth is sometimes very painful, but it is the on,y way you will see the light.

    • Boots

      Of course it’s the demographics but its liberal policy that caused the change in demographics. Detroit never figured out you can’t make emigration illegal after you’ve raised taxes to oppressive levels. Same thing is happening in California. We left six years ago and took a small business with us. We are living much better in the south on essentially the same money and California isn’t getting a dime of our money. Detroit is California on steroids and the remaining blacks can’t afford to move out of Detroit or they’d be out of there too.

    • megapotamus

      Isn’t that the Death Wish guy?

    • OfficialPro

      Seattle, Portland, and Denver were not run by Leftists for NEARLY as long as Detroit. Heck, Seattle, Portland and Denver weren’t around as LONG as Detroit! Give them time, they’re behind by a few years.

      The reason the demographics matter is because the voting bloc of the Ghetto is too scared to vote anything BUT democrat due to racial aggreivedness to the point of supporting corrupt politicians because they are black, whereas most white people will smarten the eff up and vote out corrupt politicians.

      • Fritz

        Part of the problem is that only a minority of American voters who are eligible to vote actually do so, and in the case of the black population this is even more so. Detroit is also like Chicago, it’s run by a corrupt political machine that rigs elections through electoral fraud on a regular basis, as Stalin once said it doesn’t matter how they vote it’s who does the counting.

        Combine that with the fact that you basically have a one party state and the outcome of most elections is as obvious as it was in the former USSR, goodbye old boss hello new boss. Detroit, and eventually Chicago, will end up this way because there is no competition and nobody is held to account at the ballot box no matter what they do. Notice all of the scams pulled by the Chief of Police and the school board, while they did get caught they only reason they did these things is because they though they could get away with it.

  • Clare Spark I have been debating with one young man whether or not we even have a capitalist system. I argue that social democracy is anticapitalist in its populist and progressive roots, while he thinks that we have capitalism. My short blog was written the day after the election of 2012. As we go forward, will there be inevitable Detroit-style decay brought on by the welfare state and hyperregulation or will we revert to the capitalism that preceded Roosevelt and Wilson? “Capitalism is on the line.”

  • mtnhikerdude

    Keep voting for Black Demoncrats to run our cities ,states and Nation.

  • mtnhikerdude

    The aftermath of the Zimmerman trial is positive proof we are doomed to become a third world Nation. There is no cure for the “Political Correct Cancer ” imposed on our taxpaying citizens. The Barack Insane Obama administration will live in infamy as the administration that destroyed America,

    • megapotamus

      What aftermath was that? Other than a few bullhorn speeches there has been NO reaction. Did I miss a riot? Was the charcoal of Detroit set fire again? No. By Labor Day Trayvon will be a rather misty memory.

      • sweetie23

        I take it you’ve missed all the rallies and sit-in protests. How about all the appearances on TV news outlets by various people (celebrity and regular), plus all the tweets about it, facebook postings…you’re kidding, right? No reaction? How about you get out of your cave and wake up and smell the racism.


          The only racism comes from the Klan with a Tan.


          And of course Stevie Wonder (who?) won’t play in FL until Stand Your Ground is repealed. Of course, doesn’t matter to Wonder that it wasn’t a factor in the Zimmerman acquittal.

        • Chairman Meow

          I haven’t seen anything but a couple of carted in college kids who will be unemployed because they got into school not knowing how to spell; leaving the same. La Fa ne Jeantem’el or whatever that things name was, for the prosecution in the GZ trial. She is the poster child of black America. We know cursive is not the only thing you cant read.


        We will never learn-life will go on-and we will continue to slip toward Third World status.


      Our changing population will make us a Third World nation-I guarantee it.


        Absolutely right, look what has happened to Mexico and California and Arizona and Texas.

  • 1proactive2

    My original posting about Detroit had to do with its decline beginning with the first black mayor, Coleman Young. It was apparently deleted by the censors. Not one cuss word in the message, but only observations about what happens when the black toxic tribe takes over a city. Oh well. I suppose some thoughts are just too dangerous.

  • Chris Shugart

    Like the Soviet communists before them, liberals may learn the lessons too little too late. And just like the hard-core Marxists that continue to extol the pseudo benefits of socialism today, liberals will continue to praise their destructive policies as their cities crumble before their eyes.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    What a slalom of an article around the obvious main reason for Detroit’s demise…but to each his blind spot.

  • tagalog

    The taxpayer will bail out Detroit. The entire nation will put the money that was stolen from those pension funds by politicians back into them. In some cases, the banks will foreclose on whatever collateral the city used for the loans they got. Eventually the city of Detroit will be owned by CityBank, Chase, and Morgan Guaranty Trust. Maybe that will be a good thing. Then Blade Runner and Rollerball will no longer be entirely a fantasy.

    Part of me is receptive to the idea of a city being run by private business. A chance to see how the liberal nightmare sci-fi fantasy works itself out in reality.

    • ebonystone

      The money wasn’t stolen from the pension funds by corrupt politicians. The corrupt politicians never funded the pension funds properly in the first place.. They simply voted to approve the benefits, and left the problem of funding for the politicians of 10 or 20 or 30 years later to deal with. Why? Because funding the pension funds properly would have meant massive tax increases at the time, and the pols would have been booted out at the next election.

      Then a bunch of corrupt federal politicians manipulated interest rates so that the rate of return on many pension fund investments fell drastically. Even the funds that were actually in the pension funds were not longer bringing much of a return. Twenty years ago a CD of one million dollars paid interest of ca. $60,000/yr. Now it probably pays 1/10 that.

      • tagalog

        I stand corrected.

  • DeShawn

    Man, another racist Jew author on here being a HYPOCRITE. Detroit is the way it is because of the JEWISH Wall Street people who shipped manufacturing jobs overseas. Detroit is the way it is because of all the bailouts to JEWISH banks. Detroit is the way it is because of all the JEWISH media scumbugs who encourage materialism, decadence, and gansta living through the filth they pump into our black communities. We KNOW who our enemy is.

    • edgineer

      China and Russia ahole.

    • Aizino Smith

      You are easily led, because you conflate things due to a poor memory (or a lack of historical reading) or you want to be led by haters.

      Outsourcing overseas is a 1990s and 2000 thing. the Big 3 car companies were on the ropes because of the 1973 oil shock and subsequent ones (remember Jimmy Cater and his sweaters?) and lack of quality. Toyota’s claim to fame in the 1970s and the 1980s was quality, quality, quality and gas mileage.

      Now how does that have anything to do with outsourcing? Are the Japanese Jewish?

      Did Chrysler need a bailout because of outsourcing? When did overseas outsourcing start? Not in 1979!

      “Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979. From Time Magazine: 20 August 1979″

      Deshawn learn this quote. “With all your getting, get wisdom”. You need some. Right now you a being led by nose as if you had a ring thought and were led by a rancher. Just because that rancher may be a white liberal or a black Democrat, they are still herding you and you know what they do to herds.

      1. When did Big 3 Car companies start losing market share?
      2.When did outsourcing begin?

      #1 started happening well before #2. Look it up.

    • megapotamus

      Man, those Jews get a lot out of their 3% of the population, don’t they? Relax DeShawn. Your ‘enemy’, if you have one is on your block and probably shares your demographics down to a percentage point. Look out for him, he is a bastidge.

    • OfficialPro

      Bull. Seattle is doing way better than Detroit, because as of yet, Seattle hasn’t taxed its businesses way over the maximum tolerance level.

      What Jewish Rappers encourage gangsta living? Jew-Z? LL Cool Jew? Dr. Dreck?

      Manufacturing is NOT the end all and be all of an economy. Canada has HARDLY ANY manufacturing, compared to USA even, and we’re doing better than you. You know why? Canada doesn’t make Government Owned Banks like Freddy Mack and Fanny Mae to loan to people who have NO JOB, NO COLLATERAL, NO WAY TO PAY MONEY BACK.

      Y’all need to get you some religion, and NOT the “Liberation Theology” kind, nor Islam.

      If Dee Troit is the way it is because of DA JOOOOOS, why isn’t EVERY city in America like that?!

      • Andy

        Thanks for some rationality, OfficialPro. I can’t belive De Shawn and Meow get let out of their holes to comment on this site. Yes, if “the Jews” are responsible for Detroit, then why indeed isn’t every other city and state that way? Yes, Jews comprise a couple % of the population, but somehow, magically control all the banks, the media and everything else of relevance. Yeah, Chris Matthewsberg, Chris Hayesstein and so many others, really are so Jewish.
        For God’s sake, if you want to be taken one iota seriously, except by each other, blame the policies that have caused all of this. Oh, and don’t forget to blame all the Jewish public employee unions, too. We all know James Hoffaberg is one of those awful Jewish Union leaders.
        Don’t forget to mention all the Jewish Presidents we’ve had who have caused all these problems, too.

        • Charlie Jackson

          No its their constant pushing for hate crimes, affirmative action, GZ etc… That is what Meow is talking about, policies that turn people into property is alway what the Jew is about. Policies that value people on the color of their skin. I cant believe they let your ignorant @$$ post

          • Chairman Meow

            “when America suffers, Israel profits” -Benjamin Netanyahoo, that is pretty much all you need to say about the subject..

    • Aizino Smith

      “Former Obama administration Auto Czar Steven Rattner, who helped engineer the federal bailout of GM and Chrysler — and who also paid more than $16 million to New York’s Attorney General and the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle civil cases involving an alleged kickback scheme to get public pension fund investments for his private equity firm — led the charge”

      DeShawn will vote for Obama who hired Rattner. Go figure.

      Plus DeShawn why are you upset? Obama said he took care of Detroit 9 months ago.

      • UCSPanther

        This pinhead is a denizen of the white supremicist forum VNN who likes to come here and troll while playing a bad caricature of a black man, which appears to be a common trick those losers use.

        The only way to deal with idiots like him is not respond, just flag their comments as inappropriate, since they offer no redeeming or intelligent commentary.

    • UCSPanther
      • Chairman Meow

        funny, very funny

  • 1proactive2

    I lived in DIEtroit while attending Wayne State University, and have lived around it all of my life up until a few years ago. When brutha Coleman Young got in office (as mayor), it was downhill from there. The first major Michigan chocolate city never stopped falling as hizzoner made raging speeches constantly blaming whites for DIEtroit’s problems while the state and federal cash disappeared into some black void, never manifesting in improvements. Today it’s a third world shooting gallery. Still, years after Young’s death, blacks revere that clown as a god.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    Forty years ago Zero looked (and tripped out) like the dead doper/thief/thug: Martin.

    Today he looks like Detroit.

    And wants America should, too!

  • megapotamus

    $20b? What’s that, really? The Fed is buying $45b in mortgage backed securities and $40b of Treasuries every month. Why not take a fraction of that for a few months and buy Detroit’s bond at par? Several reasons. One, the money-printing enterprise rests on the fiction that all the Fed’s balance sheet expansion will be redeemed, in the end, at least at their initial cost or even with some ‘profit’. No such fiction could adhere to Detroit munis. Whoever winds up with those gilts will NOT be getting them cashed out from the city’s income stream so that would draw into question some $10t in expansion. But even if that were not so, does anyone think that a Detroit bailed out of these obligations will not wrack up a new tab in short order? If these bonds are paid, new ones will be sold (at much worse terms). The big poison pill though is that all the municipalities in similar straights, with effectively infinite pension and bond liability will get in line right behind Detroit. The claims can only be distinguished on political grounds; all the claims to a local bailout are equally specious. The socialist impulse has reached its endstate, having run out of ALL monies of any rational description.

  • Iris hicks

    A big factor in Detroit’s demise is the unions, both the automotive unions and the public service unions. For years the Big 3 auto companies had a virtual monopoly on cars. They could bargain with the unions for larger and larger benefits which were quite frankly beyond what most union members could earn any where else based on their usually low levels of education. Same was true for the civil service unions which worked for a monopoly called the City of Detroit. Civil service unions wanted to match the same pay scale and benefits as the auto unions. When the auto monopoly collapsed most of the unemployed workers did not have the education or skill sets to resiliently transition to other types of employment. Those who could make the transition moved to the suburbs. That left less and less of a tax base to support the benefits of city workers. Politicians continued to promise they would maintain the same civil benefits as in the past and the whole downward spiral came to a crashing end last week.

  • surfcitysocal

    Yep. Just substitute the word “Detroit” with the word “California”, and there ya have the next big bankruptcy to come.

  • Nga

    Máy ảnh Canon. They will continue to wreck the world around them, and like petulant children will whine and complain and continue the very behavior that got them there in the first place.

  • Ellman48

    The tragedy of Detroit and the similar tragedy which will afflict this nation goes back to the administration of FDR. He started this nation’s demise with his New Deal programs and every Democratic administration since has made its own homicidal contribution. The Federal Government can still bail Detroit out with taxpayer money but taxpayers cannot pay enough taxes to bail out the Federal Government. Eventually you do run out of other people’s money.

  • toryu88

    The article ignored the obvious in that most of the Detroit corruption was at the hands of white-blacks. The Conyers and their ilk were exploiting their own people. It has become obvious to me that when white-blacks or white-hispanics reach positions of power from which they can dip their hands in the public till, or extort monies from favor seekers, they do so with such abandon that they get caught. It is not limited to places like Detroit, but also in places like San Antonio and Houston, Tx. Both cities have seen their share of White-Blacks and White-Hispanics commiting embezzlement, or extorting bribes from positions ofpower be it as mayor, councilman, congressman or police chief. One can say that even white politicians do it, and if that is true, then it leads to one inescapable conclusion, that the White Blacks and White Hispanics are not as intelligent in their criminal activities as their White counterparts and get caught more often. When people of color get into office it is a feeding frenzy of corruption and nepotism never before seen, and offices are handed down like hereditary titles from husband, to wife, to children by ignorant and uneducated consituents. It makes anything seen in the failed states of Africa look like the norm.


    Third World demographics and a Third World city. The product of the Left. Soon entire states and then the nation will follow. It’d what happens when you have a Third World population-you get Third World politics, an economy, and society. The Left and liberalism DOES NOT WORK. Detroit will never be its former self-and neither will the nation.