Framing Trayvon

FwReFwdRFrom the moment the Trayvon Martin shooting rose to the national spotlight, the story became entangled in the nation’s diseased dialogue on race. Racial arsonists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson descended on the scene at the head of the left-wing lynch mob to force a verdict of guilty on Zimmerman because he was allegedly white. Without the benefit of evidence, George Zimmerman became a caricature of everything lynchers like Sharpton and Jackson claim America to be — hateful, bigoted and indifferent to the loss of African-American life.

Thus, provoked by years of race-baiting from the left, many conservatives have responded in kind, indulging in a parallel demonization campaign of Trayvon Martin designed as a protest against past injustices by civil rights racists against whites (think no further than the destruction of Paula Deen and the acquittal of O.J. Simpson). In an effort to right decades of racial wrongs, many conservatives have hastily embraced caricatures of Trayvon Martin, painting him as a vicious street thug who deserved his fate. Quite apart from the merits of the legal case, this unseemly effort shows the power of the racist left over the mind of the nation. A look at how this works will hopefully serve as a corrective.

One prominent example of anti-Martin slander is a chain email currently being circulated on the Internet. The photo that corresponds to the text is visible above:

Do you know who this is?

It is Little Trayvon Martin…!  At 17 yrs of age.

For those of us who thought we were well informed and weren’t…..quite the reality check. That old adage applies here: “there are two sides to every story.” 

We don’t always get the truth from the media. One of my favorite rants – the liberal controlled media, television news, newspapers, magazines, radio; all continue to show 12 year old Trayvon; NOT 17 year old Trayvon.

In fact, there are plenty of 17-year-old pictures of Trayvon available but this one (above) is not one of them. It is a photo of Jayceon Terrell Taylor, also known as “The Game,” a 32-year-old rapper from Compton, CA. Yes, Trayvon had tattoos but they didn’t look anything like this. There were two of them. One was a tattoo on his chest of two praying hands with pearls and the names of his grandmother and great-grandmother. The other was a tattoo on his wrist of his mother’s name.

Family photos of the teen shown here give a much different impression of Martin, who is seen on horseback, wearing a jacket, tie and glasses, and posing with other members of his family. Friends and family remember him as warm and funny, as well as a standout athlete with an enormous appetite. Far from being a gangbanger, Trayvon grew up in a close knit middle class family despite a divorce. His mother is a college graduate who has worked for the Miami-Dade housing authority for twenty-four years. His older brother is a well-spoken, mild-mannered senior at Florida International University. His father, a truck driver, maintained a close relationship with his son, even after the divorce. The boys regularly spent weekends at their father’s house and often were there during the week. The night he was killed, Trayvon asked his father’s permission to go to the store for the Skittles and an Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail.

According to the many texts about Trayvon, he towered over Zimmerman. Thus the chain email alleged: “In reality ‘little Trayvon’ at the time of his death stood almost 6’2′ tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds.” But according to the autopsy report Martin was actually  5’11” tall and weighed 158 pounds, while Zimmerman was only three inches shorter and weighed 200 pounds.

Trayvon’s football coach, Jerome Horton, characterized him as a fine young man, noting that his father attempted to keep him in line when he acted up. “I’ve watched his dad take him off the field because he messed up in school. We’d beg and plead, but he would just say, ‘No, he isn’t going to play.’” On a recent “Nancy Grace Show,” Martin’s coach said he had seen Trayvon the week before the shooting. Trayvon told him he was quitting football because he wanted to go to aviation school and become a pilot. The coach said black people don’t become pilots. Martin replied, “Then I’m going to be the first.”

Trayvon had incidents of misbehavior, but none as serious as Zimmerman, who was jailed for attacking a police officer. On the other hand, the anti-Trayvon literature, of which “The Game” email is representative, portray him as an of out-of-control gangster with a criminal record, who sold drugs and “had numerous run-ins with authorities (both at school and local police).” He is described as a “drug dealing … tattooed thug whose name on one of his Facebook profiles was ‘Wild Nigga’ [and] who ‘finds’ jewelry and burglary tools on the way to school.”

But Martin’s documented “numerous run-ins with authorities” show him to be little more than a rambunctious teenager. They consist of three suspensions from school. The first one, according to his parents, was for tardiness and truancy. His second was for graffiti, when he and some of his friends wrote “W.T.F.” on a school locker. The day after that incident, a school police investigator, who had seen Martin on a surveillance camera, went through his book bag in search of the graffiti marker. He discovered 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver he described as a “burglary tool,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by the Miami Herald. Martin said the jewelry belonged to a friend. The jewelry was impounded and Martin’s official suspension was for the graffiti.

The third suspension was for possession of a bag with marijuana residue and a “marijuana pipe,” as reported by Miami-Dade police. Martin was not criminally charged, but the school suspended him for ten days due to its zero-tolerance drug policy. Half the populations of private schools in Beverly Hills have probably seen more serious drug use than this.

Martin has also been accused of slapping a bus driver in the face and being “almost arrested.” The basis for the claim is his Twitter account, since taken down. Martin tweeted under the handle “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.” According to, a message was sent to Martin on February 21st that read, “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.” The message was tweeted five days before Martin was killed. No evidence has ever emerged that Martin assaulted a bus driver, yet the story continues through rumor and misinformation.

That’s the extent of Martin’s “record.” Unlike Zimmerman, Martin had no police record.

The Game photo is far from the only fake image of Martin to have surfaced. One of those fakes was allegedly of Martin wearing “county orange” flipping off the camera with both hands, with his pants sagging down around his waist. The photo was posted on Michelle Malkin’s, a conservative website. The young man in the picture was indeed of a Trayvon Martin, but it was another Trayvon Martin who is alive and well and whose relatives live in Savannah, GA. issued an apology.

Perhaps Trayvon Martin isn’t a candidate for sainthood. The 17-year-old used foul language, made obscene gestures on camera, probably smoked marijuana, and engaged in other troublesome teenage behavior. But he was no gangster. Perhaps he was too volatile that night when Zimmerman followed him. Perhaps Zimmerman did fear for his life in the scuffle that ensued. Perhaps the failure of the prosecution to establish that it wasn’t a case of self-defense means that Zimmerman should be acquitted. Nonetheless, what happened should be seen as a tragedy involving two well-meaning individuals who acted without fully appreciating the possible consequences of their actions. It should not be seen as an acting out of the nation’s melodrama on race. That is reserved for the crowds of spectators who have clamored for a verdict before the trial and distorted the facts but who, in a more healthy time, would have left the wheels of justice to turn on their own.

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  • 8ball

    Martin is dead because he attacked a cracker who was following him who happened to be armed. Everything else about this case is bs.

    • Paul of Alexandria

      Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle when Martin jumped him.

  • 8ball

    “Nonetheless, what happened should be seen as a tragedy involving two well-meaning individuals who acted without fully appreciating the possible consequences of their actions.”

    Nonsense. What is well-meaning about jumping a Community Watch Captain – or anyone who merely happens to be observing your movements. Martin over-reacted because he didn’t like being followed by a cracker and thought he would teach him a lesson. Tell the truth.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Tell the truth.”

      And nothing but the truth. I think that’s the point of the article.

      • ziggy zoggy

        “And nothing but the truth. I think that’s the point of the article.”
        True, but Martin was not well-meaning and Zimmerman was.

      • m4253y

        No it was not in the least. It was an over simplification to a severe problem within the black community from violence, guns, drugs, parenting, you name it. Those are the issues of the TM’s of the USA.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Anything can be characterized as an over-simplification. His main point was that we should not exaggerate and lie about a specific case in order to make it fit better as an example about our larger concerns.

          I don’t agree with everything he said, but I understood the key point and he’s right. You’re speaking like a collectivist. Collectivism is not conservative.

          • m4253y

            i do not speak to any titles but the facts. Let’s assume your interpretation of his intent is correct.

            Now, if that was the case, why were numerous references to TM in his article of a ‘cleansing/clarifying’ manner such that we the readers could ‘understand’? why not focus specifically to what you state is his intent? That is, speak to the truth, not conjecture.

            How is it that he leaves out the main protagonists in the race card issues such as the PR individual hired by the TM family to frame it in that manner?

            The exaggeration begins with a trial of a dead 17 year old that the law has ordered must be portrayed as a 14 year old cherub.

            “we should not exaggerate and lie about a specific case in order to make it fit better as an example about our larger concerns.” How is it that this situation shouldn’t be used as TM’s family wants it to be, a race issue? That is what they want and that is what needs to be spoken to because no matter what ever flowery prose are written, that is the issue.

        • robin Grace

          Be a good idea for those who are still held in slavery in large cities by their Politicians, to wake up.

          • m4253y

            spot on!

    • southwood

      Exactly. What on earth was “well-meaning” about violently attacking someone on neighborhood watch duty ? Oh. yes, of course, I forgot, Zimmerman was a “creepy ass cracker”, so it was perfectly understandable that Trayvon would have to attack him. I suppose hitting a bus driver was well-meaning as well ? Actually the whole article is naive. The jewellery in his locker possibly wasn’t stolen ? So why did the police impound it ? If they believed it belonged to “a friend” then they should have returned it to Martin for safe keeping. But, eh, they saw jewellery and burglary tools and a troublesome school punk and suspected that the jewellery might be stolen. There is no word of it ever being returned to its rightful owner who you’d think would have claimed it when Martin, one would have thought, informed him or her that it could be collected from the local cop shop. Perhaps they will find out about it during the trial and go and claim it. LOL. Or, more likely, if it is (unlikely) brought in as evidence some old lady will find it’s identical to jewellery she found stolen from her bathroom when her house was broken into.

      The kid Martin was a violent drug taking punk from what the evidence shows. He was doped up on the night he attacked Zimmerman. He was also very fit. Zimmerman doesn’t look like a very fit guy from the footage and pictures he’s appeared in.

      Nice try at the whitewashing (a racist term don’t you think?) of Trayvon Martin, Mr. Ahlert but a fail nonetheless.

    • $22691968

      Exactly! To even write that Trayvon was “well meaning” is naive at best. There was nothing well-meaning about Mr. Skittles, just another “No Limit Nigga” (as he referred to himself) with a bad attitude and a hatred for the white man.

  • T.A.

    Actually, the trial is a part of the nation’s melodrama about race because the race hustlers have made it about race. If despite the race hustlers’ best efforts Zimmerman gets a fair trial with the normal rules applying to him (e.g. presumption of innocence, proof of wrongdoing required beyond a reasonable doubt) this is a win for the nation’s sense of fairness. That is what I am rooting for.

    • WLBCO

      Yes it is about race but just as infamously it is about the 2nd Amendment which the liberals are trying their best to destroy!

  • AmericaFirst

    Let’s be honest, the world is a bleaker place without Trayvon Martin. Why I’m sure he would have gone on to find the cure for cancer, write the next great American novel, or become a Supreme Court justice. And think of the poor people at the Skittles and Lipton factories who have one less mouth to feed. Oy, the humanity!

    If there’s one thing we don’t have enough of in America these days, it’s young black hoodies roaming the streets at night. When the *-controlled media gives as much attention to the THOUSANDS of White people who are maliciously and racially victimized at random by savage, feral negroes every year, maybe I’ll give a hoot about one black teen who “chimped out” and got what was coming to him.

    *I don’t want to specify who controls the media, lest I be accused of being an evil N%zi who wants to kill 6 million *s. Gevalt, I don’t think I could take another accusation; I have VERY sensitive bowels!

    • DisqusIsTerrible

      What weird racist caricature are you going for here? I’ve read your other comments and they’re just ignorantly bizarre. I assume you’re some kind of left wing troll trying to sound like what you imagine those “weird” right-wingers sound like but mostly you’re just making as ass of yourself.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      You put it in context. Has anyone heard about the 11 year old little Hispanic girl in Cleveland, Texas who was repeatedly raped by gangs of negroes, teens and adults, a few weeks ago? Suspiciously there is no coverage of this crime. Lots of Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal are forced by economic circumstances to live among blacks to their detriment.

      • ziggy zoggy

        You know, when the media bury stories like that it causes some people to become resentful of ordinary Blacks who don’t gang rape little girls, And it feeds the sense of entitlement of some Blacks. Hell, just about everything the media do concerning race is destructive.

  • Disturbed12

    If Obama, Sharpton & Jackson hadn’t got involved would Zimmerman have ever been arrested?

    • sammyedgee

      Yeah, I love how it was literally five minutes after the clumsy, irresponsible media found out about this that every African-American celebrity and vote-hungry politicians (of varying race, including white) were wearing hoodies and holding skittles and pretending that they were standing up for something, though they had absolutely no clue what had happened. And most of the television media (liberal and conservative) love to say things like ‘If Trayvon Martin was white, he would still be alive’. It’s possible. But George Zimmerman is not white. He is White-Hispanic. His relatives are very much Hispanic. Do Hispanics have some greater respect for white people than for African-American people? What if Martin was Hispanic? Would he still be alive? Is it possible that Zimmerman followed Martin simply because he is black? Absolutely. But isn’t it also possible that Martin was doing something that could be perceived as suspicious? Definitely. He may not have intended to do anything but walk home, but sometimes we do things that can be perceived other ways. And though the Rainbow Coalition and NAACP really don’t acknowledge it, there are ways of discriminating against people that don’t involve race. I am a white man, and I have seen white kids and Hispanic kids and Asian kids and all sorts of other kids who were dressed a certain way or walking a certain way or acting a certain way as to appear suspicious. By the way, when I say ‘kids’ I mean teenagers for the most part, though younger and older people can do the same things. Could Martin have been followed and harassed for simply wearing a hoodie and completely ignorant of the fact that he was black? Yes. These are the uncertainties that we never get from the media. If a black person is killed by someone other than another black person, then he or she was killed because of their race. But I know black people who grew up in very stable families, with highly-educated, well-mannered parents and some of them are very suspicious of some of the more ‘urban’ inter-city black people. Sorry for the ‘urban’ reference. I just didn’t know how to word it in a way that wouldn’t sound racist. What I mean is children that grew up in bad neighborhoods and broken homes, which you obviously would not know from seeing a person for the first time, and which obviously could be races other than just black.

  • $289547

    GZ claims Martin told him he was going to die that night… and that makes Martin “not a gangster?” Quit blaming conservatives for sending some email around. You don’t know who these people are. They might be white suprematists or something.

    You make no mention at all of the BIG scandal this case blew open… Apparently Trayvon’s school has it’s own seperate police force, which deliberately covered up crimes committed within its jurisdiction to fudge it’s numbers and make themselves look good. In fact, Trayvon SHOULD have at least 2 arrest on his record. One for theft and possession of burglary tools and one for marijuana. His death exposed this scandal.

    The story about the coach telling Trayvon that black men don’t become airline pilots is bogus. No coach in 2013 would tell a black kid that, unless he/she wanted to become unemployed and marked for life. The way the article here tells the account makes no sense anyway. You’re telling me the coach went on Nancy “The Race Hustler” Grace and ADMITTED he said this to Trayon? Baloney.

    Your assertion there is something comprable going on against Trayvon that mirrors the slander directed at GZ is ridiculous too. There is NO counterpart to the organized media hate smear campaign going on against GZ, and I can tell you that the case is NOT being retried every night on Nancy Grace and HLN with an eye to promote bias against Martin.

    I even see bias in the courtroom going on. GZ is constantly disparaged for being “angry” because he uses foul language in the 9/11 call. But nobody intimates anything about TM when he uses racist terms to describe GZ. Why? And I can GUARANTEE you, that marijuana would made a big difference if GZ had it in his blood stream.

  • brigin

    FP as I recall was also very deferential to the Duke Lacrosse “victim” in “A tale of two rapes”. At least FP granted that “one of the players might be innocent”

    • dhorowitz10

      You recall wrong.

      • MLCBLOG

        I am relieved and encouraged at your apparent review of comments.

  • Alvaro

    “Trayvon had incidents of misbehavior, but none as serious as Zimmerman, who was jailed for attacking a police officer.”

    Zimmerman (or should I say George?) was arrested in a scenario where the cops wore plain clothes and had aggressively pushed one of Zimmerman’s friends into a wall. Zimmerman did not know they were cops. The most serious charge of “resisting officer with violence was later plead down to “resisting officer without violence”. One charge was dismissed, and then the only remaining charge was also completely waived off when he entered an alcohol education program.

    Anyway, in the case with Martin, Zimmerman was questioned and subsequently released without charges because there was no evidence to convict him. It was not until the two firebrands Sharpton and Jackson got involved that this case (that should not even be in national media) blew up like a balloon and got world-wide publicity.

    I have no idea why blacks in the US can’t see that these two are race baiting leeches feeding on other people’s tragedies to fill their own pockets.

    • montbrun

      We must thank the author for informing us that Tryvvon was just a
      choir boy and the zealot Zimmermann picked on him….
      I wonder whether the dead one would have been Zimmerman, so
      much hell would have been raised…..
      Lets get ready for Muslim takeover…
      They have been watching the stupidity pervaiding this country and
      will hang us LEGALLY with our own rope…..

    • ziggy zoggy

      “I have no idea why blacks in the US can’t see that these two are race baiting leeches feeding on other people’s tragedies to fill their own pockets.” Because many of them approve of race baiting.

      • Melinda Craig

        It should tell you every thing you want to know about many blacks that have been played by the media. The media realizes this is about popularity for them and money. So the media also realizes what to write to appease the majority of blacks. blacks have been condition for hears to hate white men, and this case shows how far blacks and the media will go to paint zimmerman a hispanic as a white so they can put all whites on trial. the panthers and the so called black preachers keep the black hate alive. and you can see the results in every city in America where whites are targeted by blacks and of course whites can not really speak up because most of them know if they tried to do anything about black racism which the media does not acknowledge (the whites would be called racist) the bottom line is whites are being shown by blacks that it is not and never will be safe for withes to live in a black controlled neighborhood or send their children to school in any school with more than 40 % blacks

        • ziggy zoggy

          Yep. Every black who avoided the temptation and indoctrination and became normal and decent fought an uphill battle.

        • Winghunter

          Highlights from 20 Years (1973 to 1992) of Surveying Crime Victims
          ”…Blacks thus committed 7.5 TIMES more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: Blacks are committing more than 50 TIMES the number of violent racial crimes of whites.”

          FBI’s crime figures for 2007
          “Blacks committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, EIGHT TIMES as many as the 55,685 that whites committed against blacks.”

        • Major

          40% is way too much…that’s a virtual takeover and completely out of line with their percentage of the population. 10% might help whites fare better…but we all know that it doesn’t take too many to get a good flash mob going.

    • shavager

      People, there were more blacks SHOT in Chicago last weekend than injuries or wounded U.S. soldiers in the Afghanistan war front this last month. There have also been 406+ ACTS of black MOB violence across across 85+ cities in the last 4.7 years under OWEbama. The black community has a far worse problem than what the news media or race baiters even will talk about and it’s spreading to become black on white violence from coast to coast. Trayvon Martin had a video on the ‘net with his gold bling and holding a pistol like a gangsta’–he was headed in that direction and the Miami-Dade School District Police Dept Chief Charles Hurley was DEMOTED and later RESIGNED for covering up the real truth about Martin’s problems, ordering his officers to “FUDGE” the truth on reports. That doesn’t sound like just a “normal” kid you should allow your own kids to associate with.

  • DisqusIsTerrible

    Martin’s death is a tragedy. But after hearing the state’s case it’s pretty clear that prosecutor’s office allowed themselves to be pressured into pursuing this case by the usual race hustlers and that is outrageous.The law shouldn’t be used as a club to score cheap political points. Martin and Zimmerman have both had their reputations destroyed during this sham of a trial.

    • JeffWRidge

      Exactly right. The media, the politicians and the race hustlers have made a mockery of our justice system.

      BTW, your handle is extremely accurate as well.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Yeah, disqus does suck. So do Google Chrome and Windows 8, if you ask me. I absolutely refuse to sync my phone with Google.

    • hippiepooter

      Maybe they knew if it went to Justice as a civil rights case the racist Holder would arrange the mother of fit ups for Zimmerman?

  • castingstones2

    This is about race. Just because a black man, for either his own self interest or self-hatred doesn’t want to acknowledge the truth, there are plenty of people of all races that see this as a matter of race. That’s exactly why it will not go away.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Martin came from a solid middle class background yet he still battered Zimmerman for no good reason. He attended fight clubs – the films are still up on the web – and according to his well spoken brother (who is also a good writer) he attacked a bus driver. “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.” He wasn’t arrested for having women’s jewelry and a screwdriver in his locker but few people are stupid enough to believe he was holding them for a friend – friend they were not “returned” to. And Skittles and watermelon iced tea absolutely are used with cough medicine to make street drugs, which is why he didn’t consume them after he bought them.

    Zimmerman was arrested for assaulting a cop but the charges were dropped and his domestic assault charges were bogus as well.

    The wheels of justice came off the wagon when the special state prosecutor broke FL law to arrest and charge Zimmerman. Then a crooked judge deliberately set excessive bail and had him rearrested when he found out he had enough money to pay it. Now a judge has refused to throw out the case even though the state has no case.

    Trayvon Martin was not Macbeth. He was a criminal who attacked a victim in a state where victims have the right to shoot their assailants.

    • southwood

      ziggy, I made similar points to the ones you made but I was blocked. Nice one, FP, standing up for 1sr amdmt. right ? Also, notice no one came forward to claim the jewellery, too ? BTW he was high on pot when he attacked Zimmerman.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I think most stuff gets blocked automatically when it goes through a filter. Don’t ask me what they filter out, though. I’ve written cuss words and seen all kinds of racist and crazy rants here.

        • southwood

          I see my comment is finally up. See reply to 8ball below. It seems to have been with the moderator a loong time today. Oh, well, it’s good that they put it up at last. Nevertheless, I did lose time when others could have read it.

  • Jason P

    Odd, I’ve heard none of the anti-Trayvon rumors mentioned by the author. But I did hear the falsified reports by the news media during the initial days after the racial hucksters got the state to re-examine the case. Ahlert is right that we should condemn the rumor-mill attacking Martin’s character. However, the rumors and bigotry against Zimmerman is being done in the mainstream media, not obscure e-mails.

    As it appears, the evidence just isn’t there for a conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Indeed, the evidence suggests that Trayvon instigated the fight but that too is not “beyond a reasonable doubt” and had Trayvon lived he also should be acquitted had he been charged. Too bad the racial hucksters got involved.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Good points. No reasonably intelligent person will be swayed one way or the other by dumb rapper photos and happy childhood photos but the media have been doing a very thorough job of railroading Zimmerman in public opinion.

      I don’t believe Martin should have been acquitted for attacking Zimmerman out of anger, though.

  • cedarhill

    All the background, stories, facts, unfacts, et al, is simply not legally relevant. Pick you worst person that ever walked the planet – Hitler, W, Obama, Kerry’s Ghengis – and, if that person shot and killed another person that attacked them in self defense, then they walk. Pretty much regardless of who the attacker was – Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Obama, W — makes no difference.

    Point of all this is Martin is not “being framed”. And, for sure, Judge Nelson rules mostly for the prosecution. Watch the trial. Be informed. Ignore folks that write puff bias pieces for headlines.

    Anyone that has watched the trial or followed it closely will know the media grossly, and likely libeled, Zimmerman. And continues to slant even the trial coverage.

    For the most part, folks like Ahlert will be ones with blood on their hands when the riots are genned up. Then, it will be readers of this site that will be “blamed” for their inaccurate and biased “reporting”.

    How sad.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Good point. After the lashing (rightly so) that DH got for his last article, you would think things wouldn’t get anymore slanted around here at FPM. But Arnold Ahlert has shown us otherwise. Granted, he’s entitled to his opinion, and there’s a place for diversity of opinion in our camp. It’s just strange that when there’s so much out there that can be fact-checked, and when the trial itself can be closely followed, that these last 3 articles on the GZ case are so misguided.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I think these articles were written in good faith and we’re all wrong more than we’d like to be but…..damn! My jaw dropped when I read the first one.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    So know we have two well meaning individuals who tragically collided and one is dead and the other one is fighting for his life. In this instance, were there was no “malice” according to Mr. Ahlert, then we have to save George from a lynching he doesn’t deserve.

  • davarino

    This is balogna, I have never seen these emails but have seen plenty of the doctored and questionable crap from the main streem media.

  • Jeff Roth
  • Ric the Magnificent

    Mr. Ahert, I suggest you check in with the Pat Dollard blog. He has an outline of events at the Miami-Dade PD that evidence precisely why Trayvon Martin has no police record. It wasn’t due to his lack of criminal activity, and it was due to a quota intended to serve a political agenda. Martin fit the template for record scrubbing

  • Boots

    That is all irrelevant to the incident. All I care is… Is Zimmerman guilty or innocent under the law as written in Florida? That’s up to the jurors to decide based on the evidence of the incident. All of this other stuff is just a distraction by both sides. We will see if the prosecution can make a case beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman didn’t fear for his life and if the jury agrees.

  • tagalog

    The tenor of this commentary is, under the circumstances, remarkably tolerant. But then of course we righties (and the lefties too) ought to be tolerant. Besides, it’s not necessary to paint Martin as a thug.

    Whatever motivated him, whether anger, offense, marijuana, racism, or gangsterism, he attacked another person who was guilty only of following him, using force that could have been deadly, and he got deadly force used against him. So it goes.

  • flyovercindy

    Regardless of prior acts, backgrounds or motives, I hope the judge and jurors in this trial are able to find the truth in this case. It is a horrendous time in the lives of ALL involved, and we should all remember this and pray for them.
    I would like to thank Mr. Ahlert for pointing out that we can’t be the better person if we use our opponents’ hateful tactics against them.

  • Charles Martel

    Finally Frontpagemag has decided to take a more balanced role and bring in a liberal columnist. However there are plenty of these on the Huffingtonpost. After David’s latest article on this trail, I see this site turning more and more towards the liberal causes.

    This whole trail is about race. That is what the media made it out to be. If this had of been between two whites, two Mexicans, or two whites this would not be a story.

    To exaggerate and say painting Trayvon as a criminal is the same as the liberals is to display an extreme lack of our current court system. These actions are done constantly to illicit the sympathies of the jurors for either the victim or perpetrator. It is not the same as the slander liberals constantly use.

    • Rostis

      Exactly so! With this “more balanced role” I’m beginning to feel myself in the FPM, like amidst the most balanced world of old Pravda articles (to tell nothing about the ever-growing amount of the FPM comments’ arbitrary censorship in the best Soviet style). So, being bored rather long ago with our own progressively balanced ideas and their watchful defenders, I’m going to do the same thing, which I often had to do back in the USSR years: to unsubscribe. Thanks God, the free world is still full of no-censorship conservative cites, whose editors never worry about their “balanced” role! With deep respect and all the best wishes to the wonderfully unbalanced team of the FPM commentators (sorry for my home-brew English too!) – Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Not all the FPM censorship is arbitrary. Much of it is damage control. Not damage control for the truth but for some bad articles and bad ideas. Pravda Is now a much more conservative journal than FPM, just like Putin is much more conservative than the Obamaburo.

        I too am also very disappointed.

        • Rostis

          I agree, Sir, but when you say that “Pravda is now a much more conservative journal than FPM, just like Putin is much more conservative than the Obamburo”, I’m beginning to wonder about meaning of the very word “Conservatism” – it’s such a fine word, which somehow doesn’t mix in my imagination with Putin, Pravda or Obamburo. The good old term “Evil” certainly does, – just as too frequent across-the-aisle efforts (both here and in your country) to find some strange balance with Evil. Well, in any case I am a happy unsubsriber now, free from the urge to comment these efforts. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

          • ziggy zoggy

            I’m not a regular reader of Pravda but I was under the impression that it is conservative. Am I wrong? And doesn’t Putin work to strengthen Russia even though he is a criminal?
            Let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

          • Rostis

            I must confess that I’m no more regular reader of Pravda than you, Sir (thanks God, now it’s a rebellious deed no more!), but, to judge from citations I sometimes see, it has no changes at all since the USSR fall: it’s the same fighter for the “ideals of Communism” as always, whatever happens behind the editorial board’ windows. Yes, in this sense it is quite conservative: it has conserved itself forever in a tin can of Stalin’s methods and ideas, but it’s surely not my type of conservatism. I prefer being true to my dear grandmother’s words that the best way to check any methods and any ideas would be to compare them with the eternal Bible’s values. You know, while living in Arctic Siberia, I had a rare chance to taste old rusty can of meat preserves made for the Brusilov Polar expedition in 1914. Of course, it was a really exotic feeling of being in the past, but, believe me, the taste was horrible (lots of vodka was needed to wash it away)! The same is true about the taste of Pravda today (or of any liberal followers of its “conservatism” abroad). As for Putin’s conservatism – well, you’ve said it yourself, rightly calling him a criminal: he does work to strengthen Russia, indeed, but to strengthen HIS criminal type of Russia, just as Hitler was strengthening his type of Germany. It’s absolutely not my type of Russia, so I’m doing all my small tiny best to be true not only to my grandmother’s advice, but – again and again – to the wise words of your Walt Whitman

            TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,

            Resist much, obey little;

            Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

            Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever

            afterward resumes its liberty

            I’m a Russian, but I certainly prefer Walt’s wisdom to Vladimir’s one! Respectfully – Rostislav.

          • ziggy zoggy

            I wrote a reply to your comment but it was deleted by the administrators. I think FPM has a lot in common with the old Soviet Pravda.

          • Rostis

            Nevertheless, I received your comment (via Disqus service) and have answered it! Just for any case I’m copying it:

            I must confess that I’m no more regular reader of Pravda than you, Sir (thanks God, now it’s a rebellious deed no more!), but, to judge from citations I sometimes see, it has no changes at all since the USSR fall: it’s the same fighter for the “ideals of Communism” as always, whatever happens behind the editorial board’ windows. Yes, in this sense it is quite conservative: it has conserved itself forever in a tin can of Stalin’s methods and ideas, but it’s surely not my type of conservatism. I prefer being true to my dear grandmother’s words that the best way to check any methods and any ideas would be to compare them with the eternal Bible’s values. You know, while living in Arctic Siberia, I had a rare chance to taste old rusty can of meat preserves made for the Brusilov Polar expedition in 1914. Of course, it was a really exotic feeling of being in the past, but, believe me, the taste was horrible (lots of vodka was needed to wash it away)! The same is true about the taste of Pravda today (or of any liberal followers of its “conservatism” abroad). As for Putin’s conservatism – well, you’ve said it yourself, rightly calling him a criminal: he does work to strengthen Russia, indeed, but to strengthen HIS criminal type of Russia, just as Hitler was strengthening his type of Germany. It’s absolutely not my type of Russia, so I’m doing all my small tiny best to be true not only to my grandmother’s advice, but – again and again – to the wise words of your Walt Whitman

            TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,

            Resist much, obey little;

            Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

            Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever

            afterward resumes its liberty

            I’m a Russian, but I certainly prefer Walt’s wisdom to Vladimir’s one! Respectfully – Rostislav.

          • ziggy zoggy

            You’re a cool dude! I like you. Lots of vodka! cheers!

  • newsel

    This article is puzzling but then maybe not after reading the DH (FPM) / West posts. It would be appreciated if this author would show where, within the MSM, the Martin anti-propaganda is written? Unfortunately the goal of the MSM appears to be hammering GZ. It was the alternative media that has questioned the politically driven case against GZ. In hindsight, the comments / conclusions drawn by DH and Col. West as reported in 2012 within the FPM have proven to be incorrect. An apology is due but no they double down with this article.



      I guess no one is perfect, not even West, FP, DH.

      • newsel

        Agreed: Every time I look in the mirror etc.. :-)

  • Trappedincalifornia

    Word on the street in CA is that Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin was a member of the Crips & that a few days after the shooting he had a gang tat on his neck changed from a gang symbol to praying hands. Pictures on the net seem to corroborate this.

  • Tina Trent

    The fact that Martin was not investigated for having a burglary tool and jewlery in a knapsack speaks to something very different than internet exaggerations — or side-issues like pot smoking and vandalism. Burglary is a crime of a very different scale.

    It is an injustice that the people whose homes may have been invaded by him or his friends were denied a day in court and a sense of safety in their own homes. It is repulsive that he was likely granted lenience because of the pernicious influence of leftist anti-incarceration activism and their campaign against school safety. And it is a tragedy that Martin was not investigated for the serious crime of burglary, because he would be alive today if burglary was taken seriously — by the officials who caught him, and by the courts in the town where he was killed.

    Anyone who pays attention to court outcomes knows that burglary has been downgraded in our justice system. I have tracked serial offenders in the Atlanta courts who were nolo prosed — excused — for more than ten home burglaries in a row. It is not uncommon. This obscene abandonment of enforcement of our laws is why there are community watch programs in the first place. Judicial lenience is the real cause of Trayvon Martin’s death.

    • Rocky Road

      Did you not read the article? It was investigated and they could not link the jewelry to any reported stolen and couldn’t link Martin to any burglaries.

      • Tina Trent

        You’re wrong.

        The point is that there was no legal action when they found the items and tool. There was no police investigation. The police came out later — under pressure, and police departments are under intense political pressure from leftists and race activists at every turn — and said they had not found any reports of theft that matched the items. That is not proof that he wasn’t a burglar or involved with burglars. The only thing we have proof of is the school’s undoubtedly politicized unwillingness to pursue the evidence.

        Have you ever lived in a city where crime is ubiquitous and the police are under pressure to not deal with what they now call minor incidents — including burglary? Burglaries just don’t get reported. You have to go to the police station to even file a report. Many people don’t bother.

        It was decided to do nothing when presented with strong evidence that he was committing crimes or holding stolen property (his excuse, and the first words out of everyone’s mouth).

        Having worked in the projects and with troubled kids, let me tell you that the very worst thing we do for these kids is let them get away with crimes.

        That’s how they end up dying in a hail of gunfire — serial, blanket leniency. That teaches them contempt for laws and law enforcement. And the courts and schools coddle them every step of the way.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Dead wrong. A report came out of a robbery that matched up but the cop who found Martin’s loot worked directly for the school district and he didn’t share the info with the local police who took the robbery report. He has since been fired for gross corruption but his school board boss is still covering up crimes and refusing to prosecute teen criminals so the district can manipulate student crime figures to seem much lower than they are. Martin is now dead aand the trial will be over before anything is done about this so it doesn’t matter much anyway.

        Martin was a punk. either he was a burglar or he aided and abetted one.

    • southwood

      “Anyone who pays attention to court outcomes knows that burglary has been
      downgraded in our justice system. I have tracked serial offenders in
      the Atlanta courts who were nolo prosed — excused — for more than ten
      home burglaries in a row. It is not uncommon. This obscene abandonment
      of enforcement of our laws is why there are community watch programs in
      the first place. Judicial lenience is the real cause of Trayvon
      Martin’s death.”

      It’s downgraded here in the UK too :

  • Mo86

    “Nonetheless, what happened should be seen as a tragedy involving two
    well-meaning individuals who acted without fully appreciating the
    possible consequences of their actions.”

    Nonsense. Well meaning? Martin attacking Zimmerman for no reason is “well meaning”? Zimmerman had every right to defend himself.

    I am shocked to see this on FP.

  • Giles Blyzzard

    No one has to portray Martin as a thug. He did a very good job of that himself by bashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. Most people are not defending Zimmerman because of a knee jerk reaction to the tactics of the left. They are defending him because there is not enough evidence to refute his story.

    None of us was there. None of us knows what happened for sure. There is a thing called reasonable doubt. There is no way that anyone can show that Zimmerman is guilty of first or second degree murder beyond reasonable doubt.

    • ziggy zoggy

      There absolutely is not, which is why he should never have been charged in the first place. In fact, all the evidence and the only eyewitness tend to corroborate Zimmerman’s testimony.

    • The March Hare

      And for those who claim banging his head onto the concrete isn’t much, remember, Reginald Denny who sustained serious and permanent brain injury during the LA riots when he was dragged from his truck and beaten in the head with a brick. A head weighs more than a brick and whether you beat a head with a brick or beat the concrete with a head, the impact force in foot pounds of force is the same. Impact is impact no matter which way it is happening. Think Reginald Denny should have feared for his life?



  • handsomedan


  • anolesboy

    The NAACP and 95 per cent of blacks are hoping that this trial will be another O J Simson fiasco . Regardless of the evidence.

  • Kathleen3

    This is a tragedy. One young man’s life (Martin) was taken from him and the other (Zimmerman) will spend the remainder of his life as a walking dead man, the result of racists and a complicit, biased and corrupt media.

  • dizzyizzy

    This seems to be a moderating follow up to David Horowitz’s controversial piece on the noxious effect of the culture wars on conceptions of “race” last week. In response I asked my FB friends who was responsible for the pervasive belief in “race” as the way to sort people out, and wrote this piece to clarify the matter. See “Groupiness, group-think and ‘race’.” Or see “The origins of political correctness.” (in two parts)

  • 12banjo

    I find this a rational, reasonable examination of facts. Seen the way of the writer, I understand now Horowitz’s essay, which startled the heck out of me when I first read it. However, Zimmerman gets the same “beyond a reasonable doubt” trial that we all are entitled to (or should be) in the U S. Zimmerman is not being charged with manslaughter, which is what I would have done if I were the prosecutor. He is charged with malice and intent and viciousness–just one notch below capital murder.

    All evidence that I have read or seen suggests to me that this may be a case of over reaction, but still self defense, not intentional homicide. I object strongly to any implication that Zimmerman’s injuries were “not enough” to justify defending himself. This is foolish– how can you defend yourself if you’re knocked unconscious? The reasoning there is similar to insisting that Israel die rather than defend itself with violence.

    And Horowitz jumping to the conclusion that we should not be allowed concealed carry is just plain wrong, and actually irrelevant to this case. That’s a policy matter, hence irrelevant.

    And explain, please, why the shooting was at such short range, if Trayvon was not the aggressor and did not seek a close confrontation with Zimmerman?

    • ziggy zoggy

      I agree but I don’t like conceal and carry laws – not for cops and not for private citizens. They should be worn in plain sight, like in AZ. it’s safer for all concerned, that way.

      • The March Hare

        Open carry protects the person who carries. Concealed carry protects everyone since the bad guys can’t be certain who is and who isn’t carrying.

        • ziggy zoggy

          You have it backwards. AZ has a low shooting rate precisely because the bad guys can see all the armed citizens and they know they are in for a fight. Not seeing guns makes them feel brave and confident because they are classic predators and bullies. Not only that, but whether they intend to or not, cops with concealed weapons can provoke attacks they have to shoot their ways out of if bad guys don’t know they’re off duty or plain clothes. And no uniformed cop should be allowed to carry a concealed gun that can be used to plant on people they shoot.
          Neither of us would pick a fight with an obviously armed man and neither would a criminal.

          • The March Hare

            “Neither of us would pick a fight with an obviously armed man and neither would a criminal.”

            That’s what I said, open carry protects the person who carries. And, statistics show states that have concealed carry have lower crime rates. There are many articles and books on the subject. Go read the NRAs web site.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Your comment was ambiguous. “Open carry protects the person who carries. Concealed carry protects everyone.” No offense meant but that is a contradictory statement. States with concealed carry laws may have lower crime rates than restrictive states but they do not have lower rates than states with open carry laws. Not only that, but crime rates are not the same as shooting death rates. =D

          • The March Hare

            Ambiguous?? You said: “Neither of us would pick a fight with an obviously armed man and neither would a criminal.”
            That protects the one who carries. When there are concealed carry laws, criminals are more hesitant to attack anyone since they don’t know who carries and who doesn’t and that ends up protecting everyone. That is why crime rates have gone down in states with concealed carry. The vast majority of states are concealed carry. They are not divided up by concealed and open carry. Go to the NRA site and read. That is one source for info on it as well as many others.

          • ziggy zoggy

            “The vast majority of states are concealed carry.”
            And the open carry states have lower gun crime rates.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Open carry states have the lowest shooting crime rates.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Open carry states (Arizona and Vermont) Have the lowest gun crime rates. Not that petty crime and violent crime are the same thing. =D

    • The March Hare

      As I just posted above:
      “And for those who claim banging his head onto the concrete isn’t much, remember, Reginald Denny who sustained serious and permanent brain injury during the LA riots when he was dragged from his truck and beaten in the head with a brick. A head weighs more than a brick and whether you beat a head with a brick or beat the concrete with a head, the impact force in foot pounds of force is the same. Impact is impact no matter which way it is happening. Think Reginald Denny should have feared for his life?”

      • MLCBLOG

        It is in fact a deadly weapon.

  • LordJiggy

    This non-case was made about race by Career Racists Al and Jesse (with help from their equally race-obsessed friends in the media, starting with the New York Times). It’s about money and control. Al and Jesse don’t march and agitate over the fact that 94% of blacks are murdered by other blacks (per 2010 FBI crime stats). They won’t address the genocide committed against African-Americans by other Africa-Americans because there is no money in it for Al and Jesse. Now, in the much more rare case of a black killed by a white, there is money to be made, from both white guilt and from the shakedowns that will occur as the two race-baiters suddenly become concerned about “peace.” They are shysters and any racial violence that results should be laid at their scummy feet.

  • Kate Curry

    I’m a big fan of objectivity, but it looks to me like fair-minded people are no longer willing to knuckle under when exhorted to be objective about being treated with bias, over and over again. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not irrational and the consequences will be unpleasant. I love it that mere Citizens are refusing to accept opinions against Zimmerman and against Snowden, whatever the source, even though I feel sick about where it may lead in the future.

  • RickG

    Riddle me this, Batman: Why was Trayvon Martin sent to Sanford to be with his father in the first place? Because he was trying out for the Sanford Choir?

    Please…maybe “thug” is too strong (though I’m on the fence about that), he was a street fighting punk with a lot of aggression, anger and drug problems. He was not heading in the right direction – 17 years old with tats?

    Where was his parental guidance? Kids can change in a week – especially in a city like Miami. I lived there for 20+ years starting from my teens and saw my youngest brother & many buddies take the wrong path overnight – steal cars, robbery, fist fights & assaults – cause it was cool in the moment until the police arrived. Then BAM! an arrest and a juvi record.

    It happens and it’s the real world – not some utopia that this author would like us to believe that poor pitiful TM grew up in!

    Everyone wants to paint GZ as some rough & tough monster – the guy was flabby and out of shape. If he did not have that pistol this would be a non story because GZ would be another statistic and the hunt would be on for some unidentified black “youth” with a hoodie.

  • EarlyBird

    Wow. I am in shock. I think I just read an honest, balanced, self-critical article in Front Page Magazine. What next, an expose’ showing that Obama is just a well-meaning liberal, not a Islamofascistmarxisthomosexual?!
    Thank you Ahlert. I’m surprised Horowitz let you run this on his page.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Why not? He lets you run your stupid mouth off all the time.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Nope. Anyone who writes that Trayvon Martin was “well meaning” is definitely not being honest of balanced.

    • Rocky Road


      • ziggy zoggy

        AhmedDoubly agreed. You are both trolls, which just goes to show how asinine this string of articles is.

    • Well Done

      If you think 0bama is a well-meaning liberal you’re not at all balanced.

  • RickG

    Interesting title for an article! Funny, the Left doesn’t like it when it flies back at them! The ones who should learn the lesson are those progressive meat heads who twitter people’s addresses and want to rape senator’s and congressmen’s daughters! When they quit, I’ll quit…

  • T.A.

    The fact is that, like many cases of death at the hands of another, we don’t really know what happened. We usually don’t have evidence that takes away all doubt.

    Whether or not Trayvon or Zimmerman are nice people, one of them initiated the physical altercation. We don’t know for a fact which one it was and we probably never will.

    So the best we can do is apply the same rules that would be applied in any other case of one person killing another: either Zimmerman’s guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt or it can’t. Period.

    • ziggy zoggy

      You’re assuming he is getting a fair and honest trial. He is not.

  • orbicularioculi

    Hey, Arnie…where are you getting this BS about Trayvon being “framed”? I read voluminously and have not seen any of the nonsense you are posting.
    Did you ever read Trayvon’s Facebook page before they took it down? This “kid” was a jerk and he attacke George Zimmerman, not the other way around. If someone was on top of me pounding me and banging my head into the ground … I’d kill him if I had to protect my life.
    George Zimmerman was profiled by the black racialists, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Barack Obama… Blacks thought he was Jewish because of his name. White and Jewish – fodder for Black Racists, and there are too many of them. So, Arnie.. find another angle on your misguided story.

  • glennd1

    BS. Top to bottom. I didn’t jump to conclusions, I only wanted a fair trial. The facts didn’t warrant charging Zimmerman from the outset – which is why he wasn’t charged. The charges were brought by the insane racial poltics of the left, forced by the DOJ, ACLU and Al Sharpton. A little advice for Ahlert here – when you are Sharpton’s side you are probably wrong.

    I think the character of both Zimmerman and Martin are very relevant. Martin was found with a screwdriver and jewelry he was unable to account for in the school incident you mention but leave these key facts out of. Martin talked of fighting MMA style frequently and was known to see himself as a fighter. He adorned himself with the “grill” of a gangsta and often spoke in ways that projected this image on social media.

    He was failing out of school and was a disaster academically. He was a regular pot smoker, before he was 17, and had been suspended from school multiple times already. I can’t find his actual grades, but it’s been said they were terrible. The notion that he’s just some average, nice, non-violent kid is just not supported by the facts.

    Now, where morons like you seem to get confused is when you accuse folks like me of using that info to conclude Martin is guilty or deserved to die. I don’t. I also look at Zimmerman’s untrue statements and other history and see a guy who is far from perfect. But nothing indicates he would draw down on someone for no reason, no less kill them. But I see every indication that Martin would readily start swinging on Zimmerman.

    It seems by using facts that I’m racist in this jerk’s world. I wonder, if wasn’t white, could I use facts then?


      Thank you for stating the facts of the case and challenging the author of this questionable article. So much is left out or ignored or discounted.

  • billmorgenstein

    Well done. Hopefully the jury will decide correctly based on the facts of the case. This can be a wake up call to the right. Don’t fall into the Lefties trap by distorting the truth and altering the facts to suit their purposes.

  • whadayakiddinme

    Here’s the ugly truth…..if you’re black you believe Trayvon Martin was murdered. If you’re white, you believe George Zimmerman acted in self defense. The jury has a difficult verdict to deliver.

    • 8ball

      It’s open and shut. Martin attacked Z because he resented being watched by, in his words, ” a creepy as$ cracker” and was on top of Z when shot.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Actually racists believe Zimmerman was guilty and non racists believe the facts.

    • ziggy zoggy

      “Here’s the ugly truth…..if you’re black you believe Trayvon Martin was murdered. If you’re white, you believe George Zimmerman acted in self defense.”
      Tell that to the Blacks who believe Zimmerman was innocent and the hordes of stupid left-wing Whites who think he is guilty.

  • Rocky Road

    Well written article.

  • Paul of Alexandria

      Once again, Pajamas brings it.

  • Dennis X

    According to the right , if your young, Black , wear a hoodie and have smoked pot you deserve to die! In fact there is a company that manufactured targets with Martin’s image. Zimmerman has been the darling of the right, appeared on hannity etc. All the money you sent him that he in turn attempted to hide from the court, that’s your boy!

    • JDS

      No, but if you jump a “creepy a** cracker” because you don’t like his race, be prepared to bring more to the fight than a bag of Skittles. Thugs die like thugs.

      • Dennis X

        When that creepy cracker is following you you should confront that creepy cracker has to why. Martin problem was 1. he wasn’t armed ( he should have been) 2. he should shot first then asked questions!

        • JDS

          Dude, your use of a racist epithet only shows the amount of hate you’re filled with, and does harm to Martin’s case. Had Martin simply gone back to his father’s home instead of following someone whose job was to watch the neighborhood, he’d still be alive today.

          • Dennis X

            First of all my hate of you has no impact on this trial 2. if Martin had been armed there would be no discussion. Your right in that Martin only had a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea. On the other hand the creepy cracker had a gun.

          • AmPlatt

            Is it OK to say Nasty Negro ?

          • ziggy zoggy

            Do you know who your daddy is?

        • Well Done

          well, Dennis, either you’re a troll or a moron.

          • whbacon

            Could be both….

  • Jerry G

    Trying to decide a murder case on the basis of which of the participants is the nicer one is ridiculous. Look at the cold facts. Witnesses have corroborated the fact that Martin was on top of Zimmerman banging his head against the concrete while Zimmerman called for help Furthermore, Zimmerman claims Martin was going for his gun, so he did what he had to do to protect himself. Case closed. Zimmerman was innocent as first decided by the local sheriff and if it weren’t for the race mongers like Sharpton and Jackson we wouldn’t waste time arguing which one of the two was nicer.

  • The Dead Critic

    Just a curious question. Why haven’t the other HUNDREDS of similar shootings been making the headlines? The liberals pick and choose their targets…per usual.

    • Melinda Craig

      the media picks the ones that appease the black community, there are thousands of black on white crimes but the media is terrified to put them on the limelight but since Zimmerman is light enough skin they could make the blacks happy by publicizing a white Hispanic case

  • Federale

    I have not seen this photo until this allegation was brought up. The real thug photos of Trayvon with guns, drugs, and a hoodie are enough. As are his tweets about smoking marijuana and drinking “lean,” a concoction of codeine cough syrup, Arizona Watermelon Juice Coctail, and Skittles.
    His racist description of Zimmerman as a “cracker” was the nail in his coffin, quite literally, as his thugish attitude and racism caused him to attack George Zimmerman.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Exactly. How do you “frame” a punk like that, especially considering he isn’t accused of a crime and oh yeah…….HE’S DEAD!

      • Federale

        He made his lifestyle choices and it killed him. So sad, too bad. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Stop framing it as race issue. It has to do with what people are now saying, “Zimmerman had no right to follow him.” Of course he did. Suspicious person in a neighborhood that had recently been burgled. You follow the person and maybe try and find out why they’re there. If they know they’re being watched, hopefully they leave and not punch you in the face, tussle you to the ground where you’re forced to pull out your gun to defend yourself. That’s the issue. Where’s hillary in our it takes a village? ZImmerman was a part of keeping his village safe, and had he not done so, Martin would or would not have broken into a home. I can only speculate as to that.

    • m4253y

      funny, no one brings up the big blue sign to the entrance of the gated community that states it is under Neighborhood watch and that the police would be called if necessary. I guess TM trespassing to begin with is irrelevant. He got what he deserved because if he didn’t, GZ would be the dead one here and no lame stream media would care less. Just another dead hispanic, oh, white-hispanic.

  • AmericaFirst

    Hey now, don’t lose your yarmulke over this, Shlomo. I know you hail from a deeply paranoid people, but as your landsman Freud would say, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I’m just your garden-variety White man who’s sick and tired of rampaging blacks and the jews who sic them on us. I’m deeply, deeply sorry if my musings have set off a mental holocaust for you. L’hitraot!

  • hippiepooter

    Great article. I might not agree with all of it but it certainly is a great antidote to the ‘right wing herd mentality’ that has developed over this as an abreaction to the endemic left race hustlers. Judging by comments here and elsewhere on FPM, a it’s also trapped in the headlights the truly evil, racist far right elements who try to hitch a ride. Hey! We see you! Learn some self-respect or get back to the swampy with the lefty race hustlers.

  • Roy_Cam

    Somebody somewhere on the right pained the wrong picture of Martin? YES. Point well made. But the comments are a lot better and more truthful and objective than the article.

    • ziggy zoggy

      How do we know that a conservative originated this stupid photo or that it was meant to deceive? It was more likely a prank or hoax that got passed on by people who didn’t know any better.

  • AmericaFirst

    Blacks effectively function as their own early warning system: they look bad, they sound bad, and they frequently smell bad. This is nature’s way of alerting White people to keep their distance.


    I think Ahlert goes a little too far here. It wouldn’t be a problem if he had just said “There are a lot of facts we don’t know,” but he proceeded as if he did know all the facts. If Martin broke Zimmerman’s nose and slammed his head into the concrete without Zimmerman having attacked him first, then his behavior was indeed that of a thug. If as Zimmerman claims Martin told Zimmerman that he was going to die, and if he was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun, then he himself had the intent to commit murder. We don’t know if Zimmerman’s story is true, but Ahlert doesn’t know that it’s false and shouldn’t have proceeded as though he knew it was.

  • JDS

    I actually believe more false damning evidence has been released about Zimmerman than Martin. Martin did have a history of drug abuse, possession of stolen goods, and his father has been photographed throwing down gang symbols. Do I believe Zimmerman should have been following him by foot? No. But I also no longer believe Martin was an innocent bystander. Evidence shows he attacked the shorter man he deemed a creepy-a** cracker”. Martin tried to play tough and got caught at his own game. If he truly felt threatened, he could have called 911 instead of talking to that unfortunate girl/woman while uttering racial epithets.

    • 8ball

      “Do I believe Zimmerman should have been following him by foot?”

      There were break-ins in the community committed by black youths. Z had every right to follow Martin. Your wimpy thumb sucking is despicable. Grow one.

      • JDS

        You obviously failed to understand my post. I did not say Zimmerman should not have done his job as a neighborhood watchman. I said he should not have been following Martin on foot because a.) he was told he didn’t need to follow him, and b.) following Martin on foot put Zimmerman at risk. He had no way of knowing if Martin had a weapon or how volatile he was.

        • The March Hare

          When the police NEN operator asked him if he was following him and he replied in the affirmative, it was then he was told he didn’t need to do that., Zimmerman’s reply was “OK”. He then later said he was returning to his truck after being told that.

          • Winghunter

            A dispatcher has NO authority to give any orders and saying, “We don’t need you to do that.” is a bunch of crap. Zimmerman knew well that if he couldn’t keep the suspect in sight then the cops who would arrive have no idea where to look.

          • The March Hare

            Are you aware that they played the recordings of the call and listening to that is where I got that.

        • Federale

          He wasn’t told not to, he was told he did not need to do that, but, in the end, he never did follow Martin. When he was attacked, he was walking back to his truck. Martin was the aggressor.

  • Dennis Opihory

    just a rambunctious teenager? wow.

  • Nancy Albert

    When Sharpton dropped this case after one march, it was obvious this was another failed attempt to locate a legitimate white on black crime to illustrate the narrative. Sharpton hasn’t found a case in his entire career.

  • Dale B. Kemp

    as Emily answered I didn’t even know that any one can earn $9124 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this webpage …..

    • ziggy zoggy

      I saw it but I have no interest in working as a cabana boy for Barney Frank.

  • m4253y

    Listen Arnold, your middle of the road ‘why can’t we all just get along’ misses the glaring statistics of blacks within the USA.

    Face it, blacks despise whites and to this day, this minute, they hold all non blacks the fault of something they dream up about issues past from a bygone time.

    What about the friend of TM who was the first witness on the stand? Her description of white people as relayed by TM was in her words, no where near racist.

    What about the facts that TM was going down the road of the all too often destination most young black males end up? Uneducated, and in jail. Over 70% of the prisons and jails within the USA are blacks. 10% of the USA dominates in prison attendance. Why is that?

    Why is it that well over the majority of gun offences and crimes are from blacks.

    Where I live, 9 out of 10 gun related crimes involve blacks? Why is that? Why is it that the majority of blacks in the USA are single parent homes? Why is that?

    Over 50% of abortions in the USA are by blacks. Why is that?

    Shall I go on?

    There exists a cultural breakdown among the black population in the USA that is getting worse, especially since the muslim in chief came to the throne. Higher unemployment and greater government benefit dependency are two of many to name.

    You Arnold know very well that TM was going down the same road that most black youth unfortunately end up. Face it, he hated whites, especially the “creepy-ass cracker” and intended to smash his head open, case closed.

    Save your “why can’t we all just get along” speech for the blacks who need to fix their numerous issues within their culture, upbringing, you name it. Bring that discussion to the surface and force the black community to address their issues and then the healing will begin Until then, it will get much worse, much!

    • 8ball

      Courageously and well said.

      • m4253y

        thank you 8ball…this article is a disgrace and disingenuous at best to any and all fair and reasonable minded individuals. Keep the faith.

  • Anamah

    Arnold I thing you have lost perspective of the soap the novel that was being built to create friction and no doubt generating more tragedies…

    Maybe your remarks could be self explained by the lynching mobs organized at the beginning. Do you remember that?…the corrupt media and democratic party… specially when the president, imprudent as he use to be called Trayvon Martin his hypothetical son…even before the trial was set…Zimmerman lynching was over.

    You know that kind of cheap resource leftist like. Anyone of them felt compassion for the kid and his parents … no, they made necessary to dissect the event exposing them without safety belts.

    They took this case as a tool to agitate American society, as provocateurs in the search of collusions as effective community organizers do. Injecting race was their way to inflict racial hate to explain a crime where that is a non-existent cause.

  • k9base2012

    Trayvon toes up -yea he looks like a baby-baloney

    • ziggy zoggy

      I notice that the front of Martin’s pants are wet from the knees down, which is consistent with both eyewitnesses (Zimmerman and a neighbor) who described him as having been straddling Zimmerman in the wet grass and pummeling him.

      Anybody care to dispute this????

      • ziggy zoggy

        And why are the only signs of blood (which I have verified from multiple sources) from “WARM AND FUNNY” Twayvon well to the right of his body? Why is the huge pool of blood caused by a human being bled out, hidden even farther to his right? is it because Twayvon was OBVIOIUSLY rolled over onto his back after he died?

        Anybody care to dispute this?

  • mcbee555

    It’s nauseating to see a Trayvon Martin photo because all the media ever presents is a facial photo of 13 year-old Trayvon. Seeing the photo carried today, in this article, is the first time I’ve seen it. There must be photos available of George Zimmerman. It would be only fair for the media to request from Mrs. Zimmerman, George’s mother, a photo of a 13 year-old Geprge Zimmerman. (or that approximate age)
    Then we’d know that the media is not trying to influence the outcome of the trial.
    Frankly, I doubt the media is interested in being fair, it’s more interested in sponsoring another tragedy.

  • ziggy zoggy

    The jewelry include several women’s wedding rings. I’m sure plenty of Trayvon’s schoolmates have had babies already but I seriously doubt that he has a married friend who owns multiple wedding rings. Please. The cops did match up a burglary report that matched Trayvon’s loot, but it was only due to police corruption and a cover up. The cop responsible worked for the school police force and his boss is a school administrator who enforced a corrupt policy of not arresting students so that the school district could artificially lowball its crime statistics, The top cop was fired when he tried to use IA to find and punish whichever cop leaked the scandal. Last I knew, the loot was still in an evidence room. The story can be found at

    Martin was a punk.

  • solos42

    Trayvon sucker punched Zimmerman- ? No one has a right to lay a hand on another. After being pounded into the pavement Zimmerman defended himself. BTW Zimmerman has a right of freedom of movement, and that means getting out of his vehicle to spot Martin, as he was asked ‘where is the subject?’ Martin initiated the mix up with the sucker punch. Martin wasn’t wearing his Arnold Ahlert halo at the time of the encounter. Who is Arnold Ahlert?

  • Winghunter

    THIS is why Martin had no record:

    Trayvon Martin’s Involvement In Local Burglaries Covered Up By Media, School, Police, Prosecutors

    Now lets talk about what he was bringing home from the store:

    Arizona Watermelon juice, cough syrup, Skittles & Trayvon Martin

    • ziggy zoggy

      Ahlert, Horowitz and others pay heed. Do the right thing.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Winghunter, that was a great example of research over emotion.
      Did you FPM wagon circlers see it? You need to. Just because I like you doesn’t mean I agree with you when you are dead wrong.

    • AmPlatt

      You have done your DD my man, kudos !

  • harkin

    What a strange article. It starts out by complaining about one-sided prejudice and then lays out a case of one-sided prejudice.

  • BillBissenas

    You mean the kids who was suspended from school, was smoking marijuana, took pictures with guns, his middle finger up, and who beat a guy mma style who he thought was unarmed? You mean that innocent kid?

  • robin Grace

    Looks like Front Page forgot who is the real victim here. Justice. And so you add to the dis information and twist it to fit a view of… Martin being a young pup not knowing what he is doing,. That is just a sad piece of journalism.


    1. Testimony of eyewitnesses confirms George Zimmerman’s statements.
    2. Testimony of police officers confirms George Zimmerman’s statements.
    3. Testimony of Gun Shot Wound expert “Trayvon was on top of George.”
    4. “Trayvon’s shirt was hanging down GSR proves that GZ is telling the truth.”
    5. Testimony of TM’s drug use, that he had been smoking pot that night.
    6. Testimony of TM’s cell phone, TM was a fighter and enjoyed it.
    7. Testimony of TM’s Dad saying that the voice calling for help was not TM.
    8. Testimony of GSW expert, “His injuries were serious, needed Doctor.”
    9. Testimony of police officers that GZ was telling the truth.
    10. Testimony of GZ has never changed.
    11. Testimony that TM was a troubled, out of control teen.
    12. Testimony that Sanford DA was in a hurry to file charges.
    13. Testimony of the immense political pressure on Sanford DA.
    14. Testimony of TM’s Facebook – He used drugs
    15. Testimony from girl who wrote a letter she then couldn’t read.
    16. Testimony that TM had time to get to his father’s house but didn’t go.
    17. Testimony that non-emergency operator told GZ to keep an eye on TM and when he lost sight of TM and tried to locate him, operator told him to get back in his car.
    18. Testimony that GZ did as told and was jumped before he got to his car.
    19. Testimony that his injuries were consistent with his story from day one.


    1. Trayvon Martin was black.

    • AmPlatt

      Kid was “robo trippin to boot! ” Watch the video. Kid is obviously messed up.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yep. Whitey must die, even “white Hispanics,” whatever they are.

      • winston

        “whatever they are” They’re your close cousins, fool.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Yeah, we’re all related. That doesn’t change the fact that different races exist. The BBC? Really? could there possibly be a less reliable source of propaganda?

          And I notice that
          mitrorochondrial DNA proves that Whites came out of Africa and populated Europe and Australia first. All the other races came later.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Except Negritos. They are probably the oldest group.

          • ARETHEYNUTS

            There is only one race…The Human Race.

  • robin Grace

    H//t from another journalist: Front page left out recent info that the jewelry found in Martin’s backpack were tied to a burglary not far from his school. The school his the info so as to “reduce crime” in schools. The jewelry was turned over to police as “found items” and sat unnoticed at the police station until recent

  • robin Grace

    So you didn’t watch the trial south wood. Fine. but remember this one huge fact. Zimmerman was told by 911 to go back to his car, and as he was going back, Martin jumped him. That tells it all.

    • southwood

      How did you know I didn’t watch the trial ? You are correct. I only saw a clip where some really stupid black girl (IQ less than 100 I’d say with confidence ) was on the stand as a prosecution witness. I am in the UK. I have read a good deal over the last year or so on the trial. So what’s the point you are trying to make other than telling me what I already know ?

      • Abort Leftists

        Dude, you get a point from me just for “keeping it real”,as our dear angelic yoof say here, in the U.K.

        You guys are sterling.

      • MLCBLOG

        My own observation is that people in the UK have a tough time grasping the American experience.

        • southwood

          Well, then, what is it I am not grasping in this case ? I don’t see anything particularly American in the circumstances of the case. Only the racial overtones are somewhat different due to the racial situation in the US. However as one who has been watching the American scene for years (admittedly mostly through the lens of conservative websites like FPM) I reckon I have a better grasp than most Brits of the situation across the pond. People comment about affairs in other countries all the time. Lots of Americans comment on articles about the UK on British newspaper sites. I know there are nuances in different places but how is that relevant in this trial ?

          • MLCBLOG

            Nothing. I apologize. I have a raw nerve on this and was taking it out on you. I was just letting off steam and not appropriately.

            I do have a pet peeve about people coming over here because they want what we have and then when they get here they want us to do things the way they did back home (which they left!)

            Anyhow, here’s another web site on this, just for fun.


  • Tina Trenner

    All I know is that if I was having my head smashed on the cement, I would not wait to see if the next hit would be the one that split my head open. I would have shot him too…and I feel just awful for his family…but self defense is a natural instinct.

  • winston

    Let’s hope the jury does the right thing and convicts this fool. Both were foolish that night, but only one caused the other man’s death and got to go home, that night. Under FL’s stand your ground law,, you dont even have to make contact
    with the other person.You only have to believe your life is in danger. Something Trayvon Martin could argue, were he still alive. Once he saw ‘this spooky cracker following me” he was already fearful of George and did what he could to avoid him.That probably made him look guiltier to George.Basically, two idiots met in the night. but there was nothing done to George Zimmerman by Trayvon Martin that merited the use of deadly force.
    They showed a clip from an interview with Sean Hannity where Zim is asked, if you could go back and do anything different would you? And he answers no! You gotta be pretty heartless. He’s in denial, or to stupid (I really believe he has a room temp IQ this guy, I mean clearly. Look what he did) to know how negligent and responsible for what happened, he is, I dont know. Either way, let’s hope we dont get a case of jury nullification, -as we saw in OJ’s murder trial. What is today, a textbook example of how not to process a crime scene and how not to prosecute a murder case.


    FP is really letting me down on this one. No ability to recognize the jewelry or the impact on GZ of getting one’s head cracked against the concrete over and over. How many bonks does it take? to do what? Scary. I know because it happened to me.

    FP is very intellectual about it, and further it seems they are racially prejudiced in favor of dear little TM and are in denial about his being a thug in the hood, a petty theft, and an all-around bad apple, about whom GZ may rightfully have been vigilant, since it apparently appeared that TM was possibly up to same, i.e., more burglary.


    I think it was meant as sarcasm.

  • Sandy
  • JenniferGranholm

    Article started out very strong and reasonable only to degrade into apologies for another black youth gone awry. If these are the standards for a black youth, is it any wonder they behave as they do?

  • suzyshopper

    U know doggone well, if Trayvon who is black,killed a white George Zimmerman,we wouldn’t even be hearing about the case, there would be no rioting in the streets, or beating up of blacks, by white ppl.What gives blacks the idea,that because something doesn’t go their way, u have a right, too destroy property, and kill ppl, who u don’t even know?If whites thought the same way, we would’ve been in the streets rioting about the not guilty verdict for the oj Simpson trial, there was some evidence, pointing that he killed them.You remember the LA riots over the Rodney King beating , where were those same ppl when Reginald Denny , got pulled from his truck on news video, and they caved in the side of his face with a brick, how much news coverage did it get, not much, because the liberal news media, didnt want it to look like a racial crime. No we can’t have that , it would actually make ppl who use the race card , look just as racists as white ppl!!!