GOP Ready to Cave on Amnesty

GOP-620x412The Republican Party is seemingly on the verge of embracing so-called comprehensive immigration reform. Using a tactic best described as “calculated incrementalism,” House Republicans plan to pass a series of individual bills addressing various aspects of immigration reform, which will then be combined in conference with the Senate bill. Former House Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) cut right to the heart of the subterfuge, saying that the Republicans’ promise “to act tough on border security while looking to secure amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants has become infuriatingly all-too-familiar.”

Indications that House Republicans plan to acquiesce to amnesty were revealed by House Majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) last Sunday. Cantor was repeatedly asked if the House would put 11 million illegal aliens on the so-called “pathway to citizenship.” Cantor responded that, while his chamber would not be taking up the Senate version of the bill, they would be taking the position that the system is “broken” and “we want to fix it.” He also expressed support for the House version of the DREAM Act, because children should not he held “liable for illegal acts of their parents.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) appears equally on board. In an interview with the National Journal, he made the economic case for immigration reform, arguing that even low-skill immigrants “bring labor to our economy so jobs can get done.” He insisted that Wisconsin dairy farmers are having a hard time finding workers, and that if they can’t — or if they raise wages as an alternative to attract those workers — both scenarios will lead to the importation of those products.

Ryan’s reasoning sparked the ire of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Next Monday, they’ll begin running an ad campaign ridiculing Ryan’s contention that Wisconsin suffers from a labor shortage. “Tell that to the 12 percent unemployed in Racine, the 10 percent unemployment in Milwaukee, the 9 percent unemployment in Janesville,” the ad states. “Thousands are looking for work, yet Ryan supports a plan that could double immigration, grant amnesty to illegal aliens, and bring in millions more foreign workers to take jobs.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has his own take regarding the pathway to citizenship. He envisions granting illegals the provisional status that was passed by the Senate. After that, Goodlatte believes illegals with provisional status will take advantage of existing U.S. law, allowing foreigners to pursue green cards or permanent legal residency. After that, Goodlatte claims, they will pursue citizenship by already available methods, including marriage to a U.S. citizen, or having an American employer sponsor them. “All of those are ways they could then eventually find themselves permanent residents and, ultimately, citizens, but none of those would be special ways that have been made available only to people who have come here illegally,” he told C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program last month.

Two other House Republicans, Daniel Webster (R-FL) and Aaron Schock (R-IL), also support a path to full citizenship, succumbing to what ABC News described as “an intense campaign by pro-immigration advocates targeting key House members at town-hall events.” It is part of a “larger five-week plan for hundreds of rallies, petition drives and other events across the country timed for the Congressional recess.”

That campaign will be part of an effort led by the progressive group Americans United for Change, which will coordinate with liberal activists to confront Republicans at every opportunity, demanding that they embrace comprehensive reform. “This is a new approach. The theory in the past has been to be stealth about the effort to confront members at town halls–but sometimes it’s been too stealth, and we haven’t generated enough activity,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of the organization.

Other pro-immigration groups will be doing their part as well. Organizing for Action (OFA) the progressive spinoff from Obama’s reelection campaign apparatus, will hold a national day of action next Monday, aimed at getting Americans to support comprehensive reform. Mi Familia Vota, coordinating with Alliance for Citizenship, will initiate community campaigns aiming to achieve the same goal. Clarissa Martinez of the National Council of La Raza, an organization that has long demanded an end to the deportation of all illegal aliens, promised that a collation of groups will host 360 different events in 52 congressional districts, while Congress remains in recess. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will also bring pressure to bear. “This is the beginning of a long, hot summer for the House of Representatives,” said SEIU member Eliseo Medina.

The above organizations will be countered by organizations such as the aforementioned FAIR, as well as NumbersUSA, which advocates lower levels of legal and illegal immigration, and Tea Party affiliates.

As a result of the latter groups’ efforts, Republicans have been careful to frame their support for reform as one that enhances border security, and promotes the ability of state and local law enforcement officials to enforce immigration laws. Yet as Gang of Eight Senator Chuck Schumer has indicated, it may be nothing more than talk. “We would much prefer a big comprehensive bill, but any way that the House can get there is OK by us,” he told CNN. “I actually am optimistic that we will get this done.” Getting there, according to Schumer includes “certain bottom lines for us: We do need some kind of path to citizenship.”

Why is Schumer optimistic? Hayworth explains that Republicans are embracing a classic “bait and switch” technique that is likely to succeed this time because, as opposed to the 2006-2007 effort, “the GOP leadership has become smarter, and more devious with their messaging.” He contends that a tough law enforcement bill sponsored by Rep. Mike McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, will receive a vote of approval, but will be subsequently abandoned during the House-Senate reconciliation process. McCaul has reportedly been apprised of this reality — behind closed doors — by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

Instead, a bill sponsored by Cantor and Goodlatte, tentatively named the KIDS Act, legalizing illegal aliens who came to the country as children, will also be approved, and then become the actual bill that is sent to conference. Once it gets to conference, House Republicans will no longer be able to stop it: only a simple majority of conferees from each chamber will be needed to get the reconciled “Conference Report” floor votes in both the House and the Senate. This will allow House GOP members to claim they are tough on enforcement, even as Boehner will appoint conferees who can be counted on to embrace the Senate’s position on amnesty.

As Hayworth explains, when the resulting Conference Report is brought to the House floor, only a handful of Republican votes, coupled with overwhelming Democrat support, will be required to make amnesty a reality.

Hayworth is correct when he says that only a handful of Republicans would have to vote for reform. As it stands currently, the House is comprised of 234 Republicans and 200 Democrats, with one vacancy. Assuming Democrats vote as a monolith, as is often the case when ideological principles are involved, (and would undoubtedly be the case here, since amnesty could conceivably make them a permanent majority for the foreseeable future), only 18 Republicans would have to be swayed to support the bill. As it stands now, 21 House Republicans support immigration reform.

Such a reality underscores the true nature of Republican deviousness. Comprehensive immigration reform went down in flames in 2006-2007, because the millions of Americans who opposed it had a quantifiable bill to oppose. By breaking immigration reform into separate pieces, Republicans are hoping opposition to the bill will be similarly splintered–and muted. Even worse, House members will spend their August recess canvassing their constituents’ sentiment before a bill is even written. Thus, their thinking may be influenced by nothing more than who shows up at a town hall meeting and shouts the loudest.

Given the aforementioned promises of the above activist groups, a quiet recess is unlikely. Yet one gets the uncomfortable feeling that the best Americans opposed to the massive legalization of millions of lawbreakers can hope for is that the pro-immigration activists, as has often been the case, overplay their hands. Loud and noisy demonstrations by progressive activists demanding a pathway to citizenship might sway Republicans to abandon this effort or prompt a backlash.

Unfortunately, House Speaker Boehner offers little comfort in that regard. “Nobody has spent more time trying to fix a broken immigration system than I have,” he said last month. “I talked about it the day after the election. I’ve talked about it a hundred times since. And while some may disagree about how we’re going about fixing a broken immigration system, it’s been a big goal of mine.”

Like other Republicans, Boehner needs to be reminded that the system is “broken,” primarily because the refusal to enforce the crackdown on businesses who hire illegal aliens, and the steadfast refusal to secure the border (mandated by the 1986 immigration reform bill) has brought us to where we are now. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing stopping those provisions from being enforced right now – other than the ongoing refusal by the Obama administration, supported by compliant Republicans, to enforce that law. Is there any end in sight to this racket?

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  • cynthia curran

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) appears equally on board. In an interview with the National Journal, he made the economic case for immigration reform, arguing that even low-skill immigrants “bring labor to our economy so jobs can get done.” He insisted that Wisconsin dairy farmers are having a hard time finding workers, and that if they can’t — or if they raise wages as an alternative to attract those workers — both scenarios will lead to the importation of those products

    We shipped manufacturing jobs to Mexico, why not have them shipped in food. I’m tired of the Ayd Rand philosophy that leads to this thinking of Paul Ryan.

    • maisy

      Paul Ryan is TREASONOUS SCUM. Fiscally responsible? For his own pockets only.

      • diane

        hahaha….but i bet you think obama is fine, talk about lining his own pockets. think you need to get some facts straight.

        • maisy

          Think you need to reread my post. Obama is also Scum. But there are many Republicans SELLING US ALL OUT.So you get your facts straight!

          • bluffcreek1967

            You’re absolutely correct! Many Republicans are selling us out, including Paul Ryan. The entire GOP has turned on its own white base in support of the peasant squat-monsters south of the border!


      Ryan is no adherent of Rand; I doubt he ever understood her. Some of her Objectivist disciples have indeed taken up the misguided Libertarian view that this country should have open borders, but I’m not aware that Rand herself ever wrote about immigration.

      Ryan is also now in the doghouse with Conservatives, which may cost him dearly, just as it will cost the entire Party dearly if they cave on amnesty.

  • stephencarter

    The GOP will never stand on principle b/c America’s new default leftist position always make the GOP the problem. And they simply won’t fight this. Enough people believe that conservatives are always the problem. This is also why none of Obama’s corruption scandals stick, they just slide off b/c the Democrats are automatically the clean party of social justice, which is categorically not the case. It’s like the GOP can only slide relentlessly into the Democratic swamp. If they don’t fight, this can only accelerate. The day-to-day and bill-to-bill details make no difference if the GOP won’t stand for conservative principles. It’s a war of attrttion against a party that no longer believes in its vision for America.

    • 1crappie2

      They’re acting always as bought cops-noticing the crime and turning the other way so that protection to the wrongdoer is afforded.

    • victoryman

      “Walk softly and carry a twig,” is the motto of the “Republicans.” Their specialty is caving in to democratic demands. And do not forget, the repubs think that if they are nice and cozy up to the state run media, they will be loved and respected. Never happen. Witness the “Moderators” at the last presidential and Vice Presidential debates. We had Candybar Crawley aiding and abetting Obama while Romney just stood there with that plastic smile of his on his face…….too much the gentleman to respond in kind to the enabling escapee from weight watchers. We won’t even comment on Martha (Ratface) Raddatz and her “Performance.” Who is to blame here? The Republicans. They agree to accept these professional democrat lackeys as moderators…..what did they expect? Priebus should have been fired immediately after the election. Instead he was rehired to give him another chance at incompetence and failure. The repubs are already rehearsing a plan on how to lose in ’16. Here are the players…..Priebus, McTraitor and his sock puppet Graham, Cantor, Alexander, Collins, Murkowski and many others….including Rubio and Christie. Both Rubio and Christie are turning out to be your standard cheap politician. The only difference is the size suits they wear. Crristie’s phony “Tough guy/loudmouth” routine is wearing thin. Better change script writers…….Unfortunately, if CrispyCreme is the nominee and Hillary is the Dem candidate, by the time she finishes sweeping the floor with him he’ll be down to 150 pounds.

  • truebearing

    Most of the Democrat leadership is evil. Most of the Republican leaders are fools. Amnesty will be a massive mistake and will usher in, among other things, greater influence from Mexican drug cartels and the violent intimidation of anyone who opposes them. It will also give the Sorosists a permanent majority of uneducated and easily manipulated voters who will fall for every ruse.
    Republicans who vote for this are committing a type of treason against this nation and are no better than Obama, just dumber.

    • 1crappie2

      They know that—and will to do what they do anyway.
      Don’t confuse cunning and deceitful betrayal with being dumb–they’re not.

      • truebearing

        Some are deceitful, but some are just plain stupid. A very high percentage of politicians in the Republican Party, and virtually all of the Democrats, are narcissists. They care only about themselves, with Democrats conniving to get a slice of the totalitarian power, while the pathetic Republicans seem to care only about continuing their perennial loser role in the ongoing political theater of a phony two party system. If this keeps up, “republican” will someday be a synonym for chronic loser.

    • Heinrich Myersen

      America is losing all sense of moral punishing for people who break the law. As an immigrant from Denmark, I payed well over 10,000 dollars to be able to come here and bring my degree and skills to this country. In Denmark, all 11 mill. immigrants would have easily been deported and expelled from the country without question.

      It’s time to RE-grow a backbone America. If you accept these people, you will accept anyone illegally or who breaks the law. Washington DC is becoming the laughing stock of the international community, where’s the leadership?

      • Mr Archie Bunker

        Try to come here from INDIA.YOU HAVE NO CHANCE.


        • The Mad Jewess

          Stop drinking and blogging

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree with you my friend, but guess what? There is NO leadership – and this includes from both parties! America had died. We just haven’t realized it yet.

        “Why Hasn’t There Been A Revolution?”

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, it will do all of that and even more. It will forever radically alter the demographics of our nation from its founding stock. Our culture will also be transformed in ways never imagined.

      We will look more like Mexico (and other third-world nations) than America.

      “What Mexicans Bring,”

    • erma652

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      • BenJabo1Machal

        She wasn’t a student or a housewife, she’s a hooker, who earns her wages, either on her back of kneeling, nibbling what looks like a hotdog

  • cedars rebellion

    The Golden Rule of the Elites. Any thinking person knew some months ago that this was a rigged political move. The big donors (business) want it. Money does rule the system. It’s clear there is absolutely nothing short of demoting the “leadership” in the House.

    I had been predicting amnesty would pass around Christmas Eve but I really do think it’s better to just pass as soon as possible. That will give us time to dump the GOP into the dustbin and form a true opposition party. After engineering this one through Congress, and the “deal” on the appointments and all the rest, just quit voting for them. Period.

    A slow death is the worst kind of outcome.

  • tatave

    Well your leaders really love you.They spy on you and because they cannot trust you to vote correctly,they will replace you.

  • Mountain Man

    What a brilliant plan by the republicans to lose their house majority AND keep the senate under democrat control in 2014 … well, folks, good luck with that. A transformation in U.S. politics to a one party system … absolutely brilliant.

    • 1crappie2

      It has been a one party system for a long time now.
      Just like in Russia; who runs, who wins, while the rubes think their vote matters a whit, is all just a giant charade put on by the ruling class.

      • The Mad Jewess

        At least they execute traitors in Russia

    • flyingfox88

      I agree. It’s amazing that the GOP elites still believe that the great mass of Americans opposed to this amnesty won’t see through this in a nanosecond. What happened to Boehner’s promise about the Hastert Rule? Just like all his other promises–meaningless. It never ceases to amaze me that the GOP is going to become extinct on an issue that most Americans (including Latinos) could care less about. If they are so intent on political suicide, so be it.

    • Zski1953

      so true……….all of the government/politicians have gone fkg nuts. We have an illegal Muslim in the WH and for whatever reason no one has a backbone to fight this dictator…………..I am sooooooooooo getting tired of this crap

  • DH

    To bad the “gang of 8″ won’t talk to Dennis Michael Lynch. He makes more sense than all branches of government regarding the amnesty issue. The main media blocks him out and most would brand him a racist.

    Dennis Michael lynch, in my view is “Brietbart in a Jeep”.

    • maisy

      He’s lucky to be alive. They ignore sensible people who speak the truth. Senator Jeff Sessions is relentless in pointing out the folly of caving….they ignore him and others that don’t play their treasonous game.

  • William James Ward

    It should be very easy for the Republicans to do the will of the people,
    deport illegals and secure the border, that would be obeying and enforcing
    the laws we have, laws that protect the nation. If there has to be a
    compromise how about deporting one Muslim and keeping one
    Hispanic, that seems like a good trade………………William

  • 1crappie2

    Bad headline. (They are about to “cave”)
    They are about to continue the betrayal of America that they’ve been doing right along under the guise of ineptness and weakness. they know what they’re doing. We saw them take down Palin, try to take down Cruz, and attack their own base in the tea party with full gusto, even sending out hit–man Rove to raise money to fight–not the left–but their own right for the next round. They are the co-ruling party-playing good cop, bad cop, and feigning helplessness as they always seem to murmur a bit, investigate a bit, and in the end , always capitulate. it’s just part of the grand plan.

  • adumbrate

    Goodbye Texas – RIP GOP


  • Cliff Cabbage

    The amnesty bill is political suicide for the GOP. In 1986 the amnesty bill was supposed to fix immigration forever. Now everyone claims its broke. In 2006 they passed a bill to build a fence 700 miles long. They built 38 miles and stopped. We don’t need new laws. Just enforce the laws we already have.

  • ChangeHopeInAZ

    If they throw amnesty into the bill, I will be hard pressed to vote Republican again. If there goal is to generate so much apathy that less and less people vote, it’s working.

    • plebis

      I’ve not given a dime to the gop this past two years because of this gutless and elitist stupidity. Heck, it might be better to invest in something that can be used in the apparently upcoming revolt.

      • WhiteHunter

        Neither have I, plebis; and I won’t. I called the RNC office when GHW Bush made fools of us by ignoring his famous “no new taxes” pledge to appease George Mitchell, and spoke with a staff aide for 20 serious but polite minutes. Made sure he took down my name, address, and the fact that I’d been a donor to Bush/Quayle ’88, too.
        Never got a call back, a note; nothing. Nothing at all.
        Giving unrestricted donations to a party — at least the GOP — will guarantee nothing except that your money will be shared with RINOs like Arlen Spectre and Lincoln Chaffee (both of whom were, of course, defeated). And, of course, the tab at Le Cirque.
        Pick out the individual Good Guys, and donate directly to their campaigns (as I subsequently did, with great satisfaction, to the great Jesse Helms), not to the smug, complacent party apparatchiks whose only loyalty is to their own sinecures.

        • plebis

          This is my course as well. Individuals should be funded, the party rino’s starved. The ruling elite of both parties are far too close with each other and far to far from the taxpaying populace. At some point, a rubicon will be crossed and only one of two things will happen: Americans will live free again, or a new dark age will settle. It’s getting dark now.

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      • maisy

        The corporate traitors have far more money than regular Americans….that’s why they cow tow to them.

        • plebis

          Not a dimes worth of difference between them.

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          —– Reply message —–

  • rbla

    Farewell to the ‘last best hope for mankind’. The only way
    to preserve any remnant of western civilization on this continent is through
    partition. What is needed immediately is a third party with the focus of preserving
    the jobs and culture of the white working and middle class. This would form a
    wedge between the leftwing plutocrats of the Democrat Party who hate traditional
    America and the rightwing plutocrats of the Republican Party whose only
    interest is short term greed. However, the latter could probably be worked with
    in a coalition to devolve power back to the states as a prelude to separation.

    • WhiteHunter

      While I fully emphathize with your disgust at the GOP and its so-called “leadership” and “advisors” like Carl Rove (the political reincarnation of Dr. Jack Kevorkian), the third-party talk must have Schumer and his ilk drooling in anticipation at such an act of voluntary political hari kiri.
      NO THIRD PARTY HAS EVER WON THE PRESIDENCY–just ask Teddy Roosevelt’s ghost, which handed the White House to Woodrow Wilson. Or think back not quite so far to the 1992 election and Ross Perot’s successful campaign to punish the admittedly unsatisfactory GHW Bush, which gave us 8 years of the Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate.
      Nobody will care about disgruntled Republicans’ “protest” votes for a third-party candidate–except the damnocrats, who are licking their chops at the prospect of such an act of political fratricide.
      Republicans have developed a masochistic taste for stabbing fellow Republicans in the back (see the treatment of Michelle Bachmann, and Katherine Harris when she ran for Senate). It’s a weakness that, unfortunately for the country, no one can accuse the damnocrats of suffering from.

      • rbla

        My hypothesis is that a third party advocating fair trade (not
        free trade), immigration restriction and ending affirmative action could end up with a plurality of the vote say e.g. 40% with 30% Democrat, 30% Republican. They would do so by gathering in the white working class which reluctantly votes Democrat or not at all. That would not be sufficient to form a government by itself but would smooth the way for the inevitable partition. If the Republicans do in fact enable this nation killing amnesty then why should we
        care whether the next President is Democrat or Republican? To quote one high ranking former official “What difference does it make?”

        • WhiteHunter

          I wish I could find your analysis persuasive, rbla, because it’s very appealing; but I just don’t see things unfolding that way.
          The “Reagan Democrats” were an astonishing historical anomaly — the middle-aged “Archie Bunker” (and I use the term without the slightest disparagement) blue-collar voter so fed up with the damage done to our country (and to his own values and standard of living) by the idiotically incompetent Jimmy Carter that, for the first time in 3 generations of his family, he votes other than the straight damnocrat ticket.
          I’m not a demographer or a political scientist, but the composition of the damnocrat “base” of today seems much different from what it was in 1980.
          Obama got 92%+ of the black vote both times (including, incredibly, even Condi Rice and the otherwise intelligent and rational Charles Payne); more than 2/3 of the “Hispanic” vote (despite the Hispanics’ supposed “social and moral conservatism”); and, of course, nearly all of the professoriate, the media, and the millions of brainwashed young fools who still adore and worship Him. Both of my aunts — pious, church-going Roman Catholics who are uncompromisingly pro-life, would never vote for a Republican, no matter what. How so? Because my grandmother — their mother — voted for FDR in 1932.
          I don’t see any change in those numbers or attitude.
          Add to that massive, rock-solid advantage of blind, unthinking, fanatical party loyalty the further advantage of election fraud — something the damnocrats are experts at getting away with — plus shameless lying and their unchallenged slanders of Republicans as cold-blooded racists who want to take food from the mouths of starving children and “throw granny off the cliff,” and you have a corrupt, dishonest — but well-tested — formula for winning elections, given the composition of today’s delusional, semiliterate electorate.
          MacArthur fought a desperate, hopeless battle as he withdrew his starving, diseased troops down the Bataan peninsula, drawing enemy blood for every inch of ground stubbornly yielded. But at least he made the enemy pay for every inch; and, in the end, he kept his promise to return in victorious triumph over the enemy.
          I see no such grim determination in the leadership of my own Party today, much less any effective plan for a strategic withdrawal and then a triumphant return to crush the enemy. That’s what worries me most.

          • rbla

            I certainly agree with and sympathize with your point of view. Which is why it may be time to roll the dice and consider more drastic experiments. One thing though – history is not linear; therein lies our only hope.
            I didn’t know that about Charles Payne – most disappointing.

    • Avi Marranazo

      I’m with you. Nullification of federal laws and subsequent secession from the federal government and the union are our only options at this point. Washington can’t solve the American nation’s problems–Washington is the root of our problems and it CAN’T be fixed.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    The Dems and the GOP have been bought off by the Drug Cartels so American citizens will have to give their jobs to these illegals.

  • knowshistory

    we expect evil from democrats. we have come to expect stupidity from republicans. we have never been disappointed.

  • MZAZ86442i

    The following are 10 things that will happen if Barack Obama continues to systematically legalize illegal immigration….

    #1 There Will Be Fewer Jobs For American Workers

    #2 Wages For American Workers Will Continue To Decline

    #3 Illegal Immigrants Will Overwhelm Our Welfare System

    #4 Mexican Drug Cartels Will Establish A Presence In Nearly Every City In The United States

    #5 There Will Be Increasing “Anti-American Violence” Inside The United States

    #6 Massive Bribes Will Corrupt Our Judicial System

    #7 Gang Activity Will Continue To Grow In The United States By Leaps And Bounds

    #8 The Decline Of Our Health Care System Will Continue To Accelerate

    #9 Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Will Cause A Huge Shift In Voting Patterns

    #10 There Will Be A Flood Of New Illegal Immigrants

    • maisy

      The cartels already are in every major city…..

  • Papo

    It looks like it may take decades to purge our spineless class from positions of entrenchment

    • Kathleen3

      We’re closer than you think, as evidenced by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

      • Seek

        Sen. Mike Lee, unfortunately, is NOT an immigration patriot. In October 2011 he co-sponsored a bill (S.1746) with Sen. Charles Schumer to issue renewable three-year visas to foreign investors who buy at least $500,000 in residential property. This legislation, which thankfully went nowhere, would have been unnecessary, costly and risky from a national security point of view. Lee is decent on most issues, but he’s not one to be trusted on immigration.

  • kevinstroup

    Of course they will cave in. They always cave in. That is what Republicans are good at doing. That is why I do not vote Republican anymore. I will vote for a Tea Party type, but not just a Republican. The Republican Party is socialist too. Look at how they vote. Can you name me useless programs of any medium to large size the Republicans have cut? Of course you cannot because they haven’t.

  • mike2000917

    This is a defeatist article. I am not there yet. The stakes are too high to concede defeat.
    If defeat happens then Katy bar the door. The guns will be gone. The taxes will go through the roof. Wealth redistribution will accelerate because in 10 years it wont be fair that 35 million new Hispanic citizens live in property. It’s not hard to see.
    People in their 40s should have an evacuation plan.

  • cantpleaseall

    Maybe this is a result of NSA spying and being the party out of power?

    • sashamanda

      Nope. It’s the corporate money pouring into campaign coffers.

  • Kathleen3

    It is futile and hypocritical to beg representatives to vote against amnesty. It is these very elected officials who violated their oath of office and federal law by allowing 33 million illegal aliens to enter this country. After illegal entry these same officials aided and abetted them while simultaneously forcing law-abiding citizens to pay trillions of dollars a year for services provided to them.

    Why waste time pleading for these bought and paid for corrupted politicians to uphold their sworn oath of office, existing law, and the Constitution? It is time to start charging them with dereliction of duty that is now teetering the line bordering on treason.

    The 25,000+ Americans killed/murdered and the over one million victims of sexual assaults committed by illegal aliens are nothing more than human collateral to these amoral, power-hungry politicians.

    • sashamanda

      The only thing that is futile is doing nothing.
      Keep the pressure on the GOP, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Goodlatte, McCarthy, Gowdy, etc through emails, phone calls, faxes, visits and tell them No Bill. It may not work, but it will make them nervous. and America is worth the small effort.

      • cantpleaseall

        Seen any town halls scheduled? Visit the websites of the congressmen you mentioned. Goodlatte, Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy, Gowdy, and Boehner don’t have any. My congressman doesn’t. How about yours? They’re sending their staff out. It’s taxation without representation.

        Townhalls make them nervous and afraid. That’s why there are none scheduled, except with staff, who’ll say “I don’t know.”

        • sashamanda

          My congresman does not have town halls, but many have them.

          • cantpleaseall

            That’s taxation without representation. They represent Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, the RNC, and PACs. They no longer represent their constituents.

      • cantpleaseall

        Oh, and I have a request in with my congressman’s scheduler. No reply. The electorate has lost control of the country.

        • sashamanda

          Congressmen count the total number of contacts (phone calls, emails, etc) that come in on any issue. They also count the number of contacts for and against. Boehner knows how many emails he has gotten on immigration and what percent are against the legislation. So do all of them. Contact today, and keep contacting, and get your friends and family to do the same.

    • Carol Lightfoot

      Not to count the illegals who are gumming up our prison systems. We are looking into moving out of the country. Can’t take it anymore!!!

      • The Mad Jewess

        We are too.
        Who wants to stay in a place that HATES its own citizens and caters to ILLEGALS

  • Brian Cunningham

    I have voted Republican all my life but I will be donating to Paul Ryan’s Democratic opponent next year.

    • Carol Lightfoot

      What are these Republicans afraid of, they need to grow some balls and uphold the constitution DAMN IT!!!

  • Ed

    Ready to cave?
    Could be the end result was known before the debate even started.
    But let’s put on a nice dog & pony show so it looks good.

    • Carol Lightfoot

      Put on a show, so it looks like they are working sooooo hard to their constituents. They are all worthless, they all need to GO!!! So afraid of the consequences for standing for the constitution.

  • bigboy1942

    Any GOP person that votes for any amnesty before the borders are fully secure, have your bags packed you will be through when you cum up for relection.. WE WILL NOT FORGET, YOU HAVE SCREWED THE AMERICAN VOTER FAR TOO OFTEN.

  • Seek

    Since President George W. Bush’s tenure in office, GOP leadership has embraced all the standard-issue memes of mass immigration enthusiasts. Cantor, Boehner, McCain and Republican leaders insist, predictably, that the system is “broken” (actually, it isn’t — it works well when allowed to) and thus needs “fixing.” We further need to give “undocumented” (i.e., illegal) immigrants a “path” to citizenship.
    These empty cliches, all of which collapse upon any scrutiny, are essential to “selling” a program most Americans aren’t buying. We need to get organized and fight back against activists in the tank for cheap labor for business, new members for unions, evangelical Third World “rescues,” and most of all, ethnic politicians and their foot soldiers (e.g., National Council of La Raza). Bypass the standard “conservative” activists (The Heritage Foundation, for one, is useless, as is Newt Gingrich), and defend our country.

  • onecornpone

    WHY does no one ever ask HOW the provisional status illegals will legally support themselves while they wait for their green cards?

    • William James Ward

      We have people here supported by our tax dollars and the
      number of them grow daily while Americans continue to
      loose jobs, go into greater debt and fall victim to Obama
      Socialistic traps. We have been sold out by the Republican
      leadership and that house had better reinvigorate under
      Conservatives or loose the Conservatives forever……….William

  • Carol Lightfoot

    These farmers are now used to getting labor for peanuts a day. Now they don’t want to pay a decent wage to their laborers. Disgusting. Build the F^^^in fence!!!

    • WhiteHunter

      I attended a friend’s party at her place for last year’s Kentucky Derby. One of the other guests was a Harvard-“educated” Commun…I mean Democrat.
      As I was fixing the traditional mint juleps for all of us and the conversation turned (as it always, inevitably, does) to politics, and he and I (as we always do) disagreed, he pointed to the generous package of crisp, fresh mint I’d brought, for which I’d paid $1.49 (the fifth of bourbon cost much more, of course).
      “If you Republicans had your way and there weren’t any migrant farm workers — your so-called ‘illegal aliens’ — that would have cost five dollars!” he exclaimed (as he enjoyed his julep).
      “It takes about one minute to pick this much mint,” I replied, smiling. “And it actually grows wild, at the edge of the woods behind my house. If I could make five dollars a minute, I’d be picking like crazy, and in a week I’d earn enough to live on for the rest of the year.
      “Besides,” I continued, rubbing it in with unappreciated common sense, “of the $1.49 I paid for this package of mint, how much do you think went to the poor Mexican migrant who probably picked it? Do you think he got a dollar? Or even fifty cents? Maybe a nickel for this bunch, if that. The rest of it is ‘overhead,’ transportation, and other ‘middleman’ costs.
      “So go ahead: Pay the poor Mexican farmhand more; I have no problem with that. If he gets fifty cents a bunch (instead of a nickel) for himself and that costs me $2 instead of $1.49, and he picks one bunch a minute, he’ll be making $30 an hour, times 40 hours a week, equals $1,200 a week for the season. ANY QUESTIONS?”
      “Yes, just one,” he replied. “This mint julep was delicious. Would you mind fixing me another?”

  • AmericaFirst

    Obviously no one but beaners and anti-White liberals care to see America continue to be flooded by little brown squat monsters from Mexico. Before you point fingers, however, take some time to understand why America is in the demographic mess it’s in; it’s called “tikkun olam”:

  • Bob Parkman

    The flaw in the “economic” argument ignores the fact that those people are already here and participating in the economy. Recognizing their residency dramatically increases the costs they will impose on the entitlement state.

  • sashamanda

    Contact Boehner (, Cantor (, your rep (, and the GOP ( and tell them you will work to defeat anyone who votes for immigration, and if they win the primary, you will sit at home rather than vote. Get up tomorrow and do the same. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Stand up and fight.

  • Erudite Mavin

    You mean, if it wasn’t for the big bad Republicans, the over 11 million illegals were going to be rounded up and shipped back to Mexico even though it would take years and billions of dollars and not going to happen regardless who would be president or majority in congress.

    I am against Amnesty, am sitting 15 miles north from the largest and busiest border crossing in the world. San Diego shares a 60 mile border with Mexico.

    I know only too well the problems going on.

    I also face reality and if all republicans voted against the bill, there will still be over 11 million illegals in the U.S. as more arrive.

    Where is the outrage with the sainted Rand Paul who is the worst on the issue, against E Verify, Employers being able to check if their hires are legal, Rand is against.

    Rand Paul Calls for Immigration Reform

    19 March 2013

    Conservative senator backs path to legal status, but is wary of ‘amnesty’ label

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., backed work visas for illegal immigrants in his immigration reform speech Tuesday.

    Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky added his voice to other leading conservatives calling for comprehensive immigration reform during a speech Tuesday to Hispanic business leaders, using a hodge-podge of Spanish and issues like education to entreat the audience.

    Sen. Rand Paul: Illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain legal status

    By Rosalind S. Helderman, Published: March 19

    The dramatic shift in the Republican Party on
    immigration continued Tuesday, as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a conservative tea
    party icon and possible 2016 presidential contender, endorsed an overhaul of
    the nation’s immigration laws that would allow the nation’s estimated 11
    million illegal immigrants to obtain legalized status

    “I’ve never met a new immigrant looking for a free lunch,” Rand Paul says.

    Lets get real. AS one who is against amnesty, this issue is used as a straw man against Republicans, giving rand a free pass not to mention
    Ron Paul who voted every time against building a fence at the border

  • Rdlake

    !!!!! NO WAY !!!! ;*)

  • Old Fan

    The Punditry was completely wrong about the Sequester. The foolishly underestimated the Republican Party. In the end McConnell and Boehner had run circles around Reid and Obama. They effectively fooled Obama and the Democrats, separating the tax issue from spending, getting cuts via the Sequester along with 98% of the Bush Tax cuts to become permanent. Today, some may be jumping foolishly wrong yet again, stuck on fashion, misjudging the Republican’s polite political image presented, vs. what it is they actually will pass. The EIB leads the way in getting it wrong all too often. So has others like Hannity. Levin is about as rationale as a screaming temper tantrum.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    They don’t want to endanger their campaign contributions from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • maisy

    TREASON comes easy to the cockroaches and vermin rats in congress. Their greed and selfishness is only exceeded by their stupidity. The cartels will shortly push these morons from office and turn this country into a third world cesspool. Their own grandchildren will come to curse them with deep revulsion.

  • maisy

    I never liked or trusted either Boehner or Cantor……they are about as trustworthy as your local gangster thug. They live in the Washington bubble- and very nicely too. They really don’t care whether Americans suffer. I say build a wall around the Washington scene and keep these people away from regular folk. That’s what we really need. SCUM Sucking Blackards is too good a description of these thieving Vultures.
    If they do this the only recourse is for all Americans en masse to STOP paying Taxes to this Foreign government!!!!

  • maisy

    I switched to independent when Bush made it clear his intention to open the borders-and imprison border guards who did their jobs (Ramos and Compean).
    Why wait for this treasonous betrayal….switch now and abandon those who abandoned you and the country long ago……

  • maisy

    There is one small glitch in their plan…they meant to disarm Americans BEFORE they UNLEASHED the third world on us.

  • maisy

    Stop playing their created semantics game. Call this what it is…they are capitulating to an INVASION of our country and theft from our treasury.
    We are being made to Finance our own Demise!

  • Marvin E. Fox

    The Republicans greatest gift to the Democratic party will be amnesty for the illegal aliens. If they do that, they will lose the coming election. Our borders will be flooded with illegals. Our borders will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the rest of the world. The Republican party will be closeted by its supporters for its political insanity.

    The tea party does not have enough time to become a party to oppose the Democrats for the 2014 election. The Democrats will use every device it has in place to keep the Tea Party from becoming a competent opponent. I hope the Republicans will respond to the needs of our nation instead of what they may consider the needs of the party. They must oppose amnesty.

    Marvin Fox

  • SoCalMike

    Horsewhip Boehner and Cantor.

    That would be too good for these sell outs.

  • michaelhayes

    This will end the GOP. This will eliminate any trust, and belief in the voters for 2014. It is hard to understand why they would do this, but this will guarantee the Democrats the 2014 elections and beyond. I will never vote for a GOP candidate as long as I live even if it means not voting. I’m already an independent as I left the GOP over their liberal policies. Get the tombstone ready.

    • The Mad Jewess

      Me too

  • cyberdove

    It’s important to understand that the GOP has become a branch of the DNC. Once the Tea Party is purged as is the wont of the establishment GOP, the republicans will be left with the likes of John McCain and his daughter.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    If the GOP caves in and helps to pass this into law, I believe many of the law abiding citizens will just say, “I give up, why follow the laws if you are punished. Better to disobey the laws and be rewarded, just plead ignorance.” I myself wonder why I continue to vote for the one party system or bother to follow the laws of this land when those that break them laugh at us as if we are rubes.

  • D

    we need a GOP with a back bone! i am discussed with the Dems and getting more discussed with the Reps by the day. throw them all out and lets start over with a house, senate and wh that does what they are told and paid for by the american people. these ones making decisions against our will have been in office way too long. our system wasn’t designed for lifers. they were to serve there short term and go home.

  • David

    listen, would you rather leave a de facto amnesty where the borders is not still secure and the population of immigrants grow, now its 11 million tomorrow will be 20 million. So the’ll have to eventually pass some sort of legalization i would prefer to legalize the people who are here now than the other millions over the next decade. Plus not everyone will be eligible they will need to get background checks, wait 13 years come on just legalize them all ready and put some strict laws for newcomers.

    • PDQuig

      Dumb@ss: there will be no strict laws for newcomers later if such laws are not a precondition of legalization. Are you really so incredibly stupid?

      • David

        what do you mean by precondition of legalization lol

      • David

        watch your mouth you filth

    • cheechakos

      Those 11 million will gain the right to bring in family members . Then you’ll have 30 million who will gain the right to bring in family members.
      That includes the 2 million known drug cartel members in this country and illegals on entitlements and in prison.

      NOTHING in these bills closes the borders. It demands a 6 month study of the border to be completed within 5 years.

  • Just a thought

    Don’t pass amnesty, make the illegals pay fines, taxes and go back of the line. But legalize them, since they are already here and make them pay taxes. Immigration reform will also help put in Everify, Entry exit visa, and more border security. Gotta compromise thats the reality, but compromise in a smart way. The devil is in details.

    • Barb3000

      @disqus_mT9ysLKw3N:disqus , What you are describing is the very words the politicians were spouting when trying to pass the 86 bill. Nothing was changed except we got a hell of a lot more illegal aliens in the 27 years since 86. This amnesty is much worse than 86 it will bring the country to its knees with no turning back.

  • Jeffrey Orr

    Stupid repubics.

  • Dan

    If John Boehner allows the Senate amnesty bill to go to the floor of the House for a vote, he will lose his speakership.

  • PDQuig

    Time to destroy the GOP. Who cares if the Dems win for another 30 years? It is worse voting for liars and back-stabbers.