Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus

mumbai_india_01071A thought-provoking essay written by Narain Kataria, president of the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, sounds a familiar alarm. “Hinduism Faces Eclipse” reveals that “the anti-Hindu forces within and without India are working in tandem on an insidious mission to destroy our civilization and culture, and obliterate Hinduism from the Indian soil.” Kataria further contends that Indians are not facing terrorism, but worldwide jihad, which he calls a “fully globalized franchise…working overtime to destroy all non-Muslim nations.”

Muslims currently comprise 20 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population, the rest of which is overwhelmingly Hindu. But as Narain points out, Indian Muslims have engaged in a series of attacks on Hindu citizens, temples, religious festivals and unarmed pilgrims. He reminds us that a month after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, a proclamation was issued on Al Jazeera television promising that “Hindu India” would also be targeted for jihad. Two months after that, a suicide squad assaulted India’s Parliament House in New Delhi on December 13, 2001, killing 9 and wounding 18.

Since then thousands of terror attacks have besieged India. The city of Mumbai alone has been terrorized on four separate occasions. On March 12, 1993, 13 separate explosions in various parts of the city killed 257 and wounded more than 700. Most of the terrorists involved received arms and training in Pakistan, and Indian authorities contend the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was actively involved as well. On July 11, 2006, a series of pressure-cooker bombs exploded on commuter trains, killing 209 and wounding over 700. Once again, the ISI was involved, along with the Pakistani Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, according to Mumbai police. On November 26, 2008, another wave of terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims targeted two luxury hotels, a Jewish center, a tourist restaurant and a crowded train station. Another 166 people were killed and more than 300 were wounded. And on July 13, 2011 three separate bomb blasts killed 26 and injured 130.

As recently as July 2012, riots in the state of Assam initiated by Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh resulted in at least 74 deaths. Several Hindu women were raped and then chopped into pieces during the attacks.

Kataria blames these and other atrocities on “India’s decadent culture of political correctness and pock-marked ‘taqaiyah’ of ‘paid news,’ when no national leader dare muster the courage to speak truth.” The New York Times echoed that assertion when they covered India’s 2008 election campaign, noting that the nation’s fight against terror is “complicated by a political landscape in which parties vie for Hindu and Muslim voters’ loyalty.” Kataria told FrontPage that the Indian government “doesn’t understand Sharia,” and that the “politicians are afraid of Muslims” because they have organized highly effective political blocs, capable of removing anyone who would even suggest India is under Islamic siege.

The blocs’ ultimate purpose? “Muslims want to finish India as soon as possible,” contends Kataria.

Incrementalism is one of the key strategies employed by the Islamists. Thus it is no surprise Sharia courts have been successfully established in various parts of the country, including Hyderabad, Patna and Malegaon. As recently as two weeks ago, a Sharia court was set up in terror-scarred Mumbai by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Sounding familiar rhetoric, AIMPLB secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani contended that Sharia courts do not complete with India’s civil courts. “On the contrary, Shariah courts will lower the burden of the civil courts where thousands of cases are pending and the judges are overworked,” he said.

Incrementalism is further explained by Times of India senior journalist Ramesh Khazanchi, who cites a series of events, including the banning of “Vishwaroopam,” a film critical of Islam, in Tamil Nadu theaters; the blacklisting of author Salman Rushdie at various literary festivals; and the war-mongering of the Owaisi brothers, leaders of  the Muslim group Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), who have threatened Hindus with annihilation, as more evidence that the “aggressive Indian Muslim has thus been emboldened by the state.”

Kataria notes that Hindus have ignored previous warning signs of such aggression, citing a 1986 court case involving the arrest and prosecution of two Hindus, who published and circulated a poster containing 24 Quranic “ayats” under the heading, “Why Riots Take Place in the Country.” The 24 ayats commanded Muslims to fight against the followers of other religions. The prosecutors submitted that they were distorted versions of what was said in the Quran. Yet the judge ruled in favor of the two men, noting that the ayats were accurate. Kataria explained that neither the Muslim community nor the Delhi government ever filed an appeal against the ruling. “It is high time that the partisan members of the NAC (National Advisory Council) read the aforesaid historical judgment and the relevant ayats of the Quran to understand the growing cult of communal violence, even after partition of the country,” Kataria contends.

The partition to which Kataria refers is the division of India in 1947 into Pakistan and India, after the nation gained independence from Britain. The division was along sectarian lines and, as the official break-up grew closer, a religious civil war ensued. The “Great Calcutta Killing,” during which 5,000-10,000 people were killed and some 15,000 wounded, was precipitated by the Muslim League, which sponsored a “Direct Action” program containing 23 points promoting jihad against Hindus.

In 2011, Kataria addressed that part of his nation’s history. “India was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of two-nation theory as propounded by the Muslim League Party,” he explained. “Pakistan was immediately declared as an Islamic state. The corollary of that action was that India should have been declared a Hindu state. But that did not happen. It was a monumental blunder committed by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his Congress Party.” He then explained why such a solution was necessary. “Secularism, as practiced in India, has become synonymous with the Hindu-bashing, while Hinduism has become a dirty word in the lexicon of country’s ‘secular’ fundamentalists.”

Speaking with FrontPage, Kataria reveals that his feelings about Islam remain unchanged. He spoke of being born in Pakistan, “where I was threatened with death if I did not leave.” He claims he has seen “Muslims rape and kill with my own eyes,” even as he “watches Islam capturing countries one by one.” Although he has made America his home for the last 45 years, he remains highly concerned about his country, which he fears is heading towards a religious-based civil war. In his essay, he explains that such a war is “likely to be powered by the twin factors of fast growing jihadi attacks and galloping increase in the proportion of the Muslim population.” Regarding the latter reality, he believes that the combined Muslim population of the Indian sub-continent will be greater than that of Hindus within the next thirty to forty years.

Kataria is highly critical of those in positions of power. “Unfortunately despite centuries-old violent encounters with jihadi Islam neither the Indian government, nor the comatose Hindu leadership, have learnt any strategic lesson,” he writes. “Time has come for Hindu leaders and masses to remember Arnold Toynbee’s famous quote: ‘Civilizations die from suicide, not murder.’ Time has come to face the jihad courageously and stop sleep walking towards [the] suicide cliff.”

Kataria worries that the United States is walking towards the same cliff, for the same politically correct reasons. “I do not want the US to be destroyed by Islam,” he told FrontPage. When asked if so-called moderate Muslims were equally worrisome, he scoffed at the notion. “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim,” he contended. “That means you don’t follow the Koran.” He believes all true Muslims are “soldiers,” and that the Koran “teaches violence.”

There is no question that Kataria’s views conflict with the prevailing ethos promoted by the Obama administration. One is left to wonder how long Americans will countenance Obama and company’s polar opposite approach, one that consists of such realities as labeling the slaughter of American GIs by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood as “workplace violence,” the grim determination to keep the word “Islamic” from being attached to the terror perpetrated at the Boston Marathon, or the scrubbing of law-enforcement training manuals of language that accurately depicts the threat we face from global jihadism.

Those who might find some of Kataria’s views offensive might consider how they would feel if terrorist attacks were being perpetrated in America at the same rate they are being perpetrated in India. Kataria worries that someday America will also be subjected to semi-regular terrorist attacks perpetrated by an increasing population of home-grown Islamic terrorists. We ignore his warnings at our own peril.

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  • truebearing

    The answer is ugly, but simple: Hindus need to arm themselves to the teeth and destroy the minority Muslims, or end up destroyed themselves. This prescription is right in the Quran…if you read it as an infidel.

    • Defcon 4

      The veracity of your theory is borne out by the ethnic cleansing and genocide that have been and are being practiced in Pakistain and Bangladesh.

    • sd42jnq

      Unfortunately true.

      The 1947 Partition did some pretty awful things, but the idea of separating Hindus and Muslims was the correct idea. India must expel their remaining Muslims to Bengladesh and Pakistan, or end up killing them to survive.

      The history of Islam is one of blood. They do not "leave others alone".

    • Richard H. Shulman

      Muslims have been driving Hindus and Sikhs out of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir, ever since partition.

    • arishsahani

      These muslims are not real muslims as per saudi they are all converts and are hated and rated third class. They can never marry a saudi girl or live in saudi arebia. Their job is kill and get killed destroy own nation . .We should educate them to go back to root culture, leave islam.

    • Christian

      The muslims got the country they wanted,now, they want everything else. When are all the sob-sisters learn the TRUTH about about the " religion of peace." When they learn to clean their houses. We don't want them here.

      I believe in letting others do what the will…just LEAVE ALL OTHERS ALONE!!!

    • VCM

      Very very true!
      Hindus have to unite & nip the mischief in the bud fearlessly!
      The nation's vivisection six and a half decades ago has still not brought Hindus to their senses.
      This is due to the Indian Government's own biased treatment of the so-called minority communities.They are not any more minority.
      The citizen of India does unequivocally enjoy not the same rights,duties nor punishments.
      It depends on which community he belongs to.This is the first & foremost demoralizing factor.
      All citizens must have equal rights & duties irrespective of community & religion.
      In India it is tragic that the Hindu is a victim today of his very being a Hindu.He is targeted from all sides.
      Muslims from within India, foreign Pakistani Muslim terrorists & Bangladeshi illegal immigrants easily crossing over into Indian soil all add to the dangers of India's unity & integrity.
      Attack on Hindus is also from other 'institutionalized' rich foreign agencies that target Hindus with 'kindness from certain sections of society.They offer them financial & other types of help & so this battle is a complex one.
      Hindu civilization is in great danger of extinction and the Hindu is being 'forced' to walk towards the cliff to commit suicide' & self-annihilation.
      If only the powers that be & all right-thinking people realize ground truths is there any hope for India & her civilization to live on!
      At this rate such a situation may lead to wars on the very soil of India which has never fought religious wars for over centuries.

      Yes Hindus have to 'help themselves' but this can be achieved only when the 'conversion of pagan HIndus by the 'saviors & harvestors of souls & doing good' missionary agencies realize this & put an end to their 'charity works'.
      The writing on the wall is clear & bold- The oldest Hindu civilization is under attack from all sides.
      We as world citizens have a great responsibility to protect one of the oldest surviving civilizations that has given Light to the world.
      Siddharth Gautam Buddha the propounder of Buddhism was a Hindu.India is the land where Jainism & Sikhism took birth.
      All these Dharmic faiths lived & flourished side by side.
      India welcomed & gave shelter to the Zoroastrian & Jewish refugees who thrived & are still living in harmony in India.
      India gave birth to great sages & savants whose philosophies have influenced great writers & thinkers of the West.
      During Islamic invasions & Muslim rule millions were killed or forced to convert.
      History has been deliberately distorted glorifying the Muslims.
      The West has to comprehend the complexity of the situation in India for survival of the Indic civilization & restrain missionary agencies that are weakening roots of Hindus along with 'jihadic' forces.
      This ruthless on slaught on Hindus is a crime against the oldest living civilization!
      Is the world at large comprehending the travails,turmoil & suffering of the so-called majority Hindu community of India?

  • AdinaK

    Their war IS a war of annihilation against infidels, and this is the part that most refuse to internalize. It is just too onerous a mental burden, therefore, many become blinded to reality.

    In essence, wherever Islam gains inroads there are rivers of blood in its wake . There is NO moderate Islam –

    EVERY non-Muslim is in peril. And inter-tribal warfare will decide which sect comes out on top and rules overall.Simple as that.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Snow White

      The Muslims have been slowly taking parts of India by stealth since the British pulled out of the area. First they overrun an area and outbreed the natives. Then they demand a separate country with a UN Vote. If Rudyard Kipling is to be believed, the Brits were always fighting at the Khyber Pass. when their army occupied India. The Khyber Pass is in Afghanistan. So the Muslims have taken Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh' and are now claiming Kashmir. which is always referred to as "disputed territory.". India has reason to be afraid. The UN, as representative of the world's governments, is aiding and abetting in the destruction of that country which is being broken up into many little individual nation states with a vote at the UN. The same thing is happening to the former Yugoslavia. It's no wonder the UN caters to these Barbarians. They have more votes than any other ethnic group.

    • arishsahani

      All 1.3 billions muslims are converts in 57 nations Real muslims are saudis.They use local poor and uneducated to destroy own country and people.( many don't know or care ) They need to learn in this era give up islam and love life not death .God don't need these foolish converts help to spread his name .Saudis are fooling them.

  • Anamah

    India save yourself from these Nazi supremacist, unable to be normal people. You must protect your people and your country, we from the USA hope you will . We are in the same war than you. Islamic culture is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jewish, Christianity are attacked too.Do what you must do to stop the disease before is too late. You are a precious part of civilization, we love and respect you for many reasons you deserve to prevail. And do not trust them they want to conquer and kill all out of their totalitarian and intolerant ideology.
    We should be helpful and stand with you fiends. Here, blocking the sun with a finger will end in the near future. Americans will react being Americans again!

    • sandrocottus

      Europe's violent experience with Islamic Jihad in Spain, Austria, and during the crusades – cannot be discounted. The worst Muslim genocides of Hindus (Kerala 1921, Naokhali 1946, West Punjab 1947) occurred in Gandhi's lifetime but he chose to ignore them. At the same time Gandhi has gone on record saying that Muslims are "bullies" (Young India, 1927).

      Hindu rulers had been in perpetual warfare with Muslim invaders until British usurped control.
      For example Rajputana, Vijayanagar, Maratha, Ranjit Singh, and so on.

      The fact that Islam was forcefully imposed on kafir populations through war and slavery is described in proud detail by muslim historians themselves. Alberuni, biographers of Babur, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, to name a few.

      There is historical evidence to show Jihad was unleashed on innocent civilians. Islam in Kerala, Karnataka, much of the Deccan is a legacy of Aurangzeb and Tipu sponsored Jihad. In fact the Mughals themselves partly descended from Chinese Turkestan (Mughal being a corrupt pronunciation of "Mongol").

      Muslims did not rule India, they ruled parts of India and never in continuity – and definitely not multiple centuries.

      The Vijayanagar dynasty ruled longer than the Mughals and controlled a greater territorial area as well; the empires of Ranjit Singh and the Maratha Confederacy were easily much larger than any land occupied by Mughal/Turk/Persian rulers in Hindustan.

      Muslims are not just a minority in modern India, in fact even in British India (1946) they were only a quarter of the total population. This is not because of any tolerance on Islam's part, but its inability to militarily defeat a large land mass, resilient population, and ancient tradition of Hindus even after centuries of brutal Jihad. If not for these factors – medieval India would have long gone the way of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Syria, Turkey… all of which succumbed to Islamic warfare within decades of Mohammad's death.

    • arishsahani

      If Hindus starts voting 100% and for good leaders and never, never for congress things will change in next 10-20 yrs.

  • Indian

    As an Indian reading this, I lament that someone like Kataria wouldn't be allowed a voice by any of our "paid news" channels whose Dhimmitude is so disgusting it's vomit worthy.

    America stands alone (to paraphrase Mark Steyn). Europe is well on it's way to being a vassal state of Islamic interest groups.

    Americans must continue to be more vocal and refuse to sit silent against Islamic aggression and arrogance.

    If enough Americans stand up boldly and say and act through various channels (TV, blogs, radio) and gatherings, it stands as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world including us here in India.

    • kaz

      thanks for the compliment, but it is not deserved. america would be standing alone if it were standing. it is not. america, like europe, has surrendered to islam. we are only awaiting the convenience of our islamic executioners. our population is so depraved that we elected a muslim to misrule us. every stupidity and cowardly motive that causes free infidels to submit to the evil of islam is present in america. some country must take the initiative in expelling the evil from its country. it will not be america.

      • Defcon 4

        I don't think our current "president" was elected at all. I think the election was rigged, in the same way the 2016 election will be.

  • devdeep

    india is seeing great demographic switch but the centre is not bothered, muslims are a great vote bank for pseudo-secularist parties….a revolution is brewing and india might have to brace for bloodbath soon…the assam riots of last year is a case in point

    • Indus Valley

      It all started with Gandhi who was madly in love with the Muslims….At the peak of Muslim slaughtering the Hindus during partition, he shamelessly asked the Hindus not to retaliate but never said anything to the Muslims so much for his secularism……Gandhi declared Moplahs(Muslims of Kerala), who fought with the British army, as freedom fighters and said, “The Moplahs are among the bravest in the land. They are god-fearing. Their bravery must be transformed into purest gold.”…Thus He represented the perpetrators of vile deeds as god-fearing people! Was it not a travesty of religion to described men who murder and rape in the name of religion as god-fearing?……The 'father' of the nation abused the Hindus siding with the Muslims….It all started there….

      • Defcon 4

        Maybe that's why Gandhi was ultimately murdered, not by a muslime, but by a Hindu.

        • Indus Valley


  • ziontruth

    India is so like Israel in relation to the Islamic threat:

    1) Like Israel, India suffers from an incomplete job of booting the Muslims out of her territories. Partition plans meant to separate between Muslims and non-Muslims in states of their own have come to naught, because there are Muslims in India proper as well as Pakistan (Muslim-Occupied Western India actually), just as there are in pre-1967 Israel; this means the war is never kept out of the infidel states' borders.

    2) The only prospect of a just and viable peace for India is the same as for Israel, one that involves emptying her territories of the entire population from which 100% of terrorist attacks originate. But in India, just like in Israel, the lack of political will, fostered by a largely ProgLeft-leaning press, stymies all public discussion of such a step, even though the non-Muslim populace in both countries is quite OK with it today (so much have the Muslims made themselves hated).

    The outrage of this situation is even greater for India than it is for Israel: Israel is faced with the Islamic promise of a genocide future—which is justification enough to act—but with India this isn't even a hypothetical; the Hindus have already been at the receiving end of Islamic genocide, the Muslims are their Nazis as far as they're concerned.

    Treasonous leadership led by a treasonous press brings the nations to the ditch. Same story everywhere in the non-Muslim world.

    • Defcon 4

      India and Israel should be allies. Allies against islamonazism. After all both countries have experienced 70 years of unending islamonazi terrorism…

      • Parenthetical Phrase

        Israel and India should be allies but they are just trading partners. India has consistently taken the side against Israel in international forums and in the conference of non-aligned nations in Iran, India sat through Ahmadinejad's speech whereby he called Israel a cancer on the world without muttering so much as a peep of protest. India accepts aid from Israel when earthquakes or other natural disasters strike but would never offer help to Israel in return.

        • kaz

          think of two women, indira and sabrina, forcibly married to the same man, mahmet. mahmet beats and rapes them both regularly, but indira submits and loathes mahmet, but she hates sabrina more. sabrina fights back tooth and nail, causing mahmet to continually have black eyes, broken nose, and lacerations. sabrina is repeatedly hauled into court and convicted of spousal abuse, and is punished in the court of public opinion as well. sabrina disrespects indira for her cowardice, and indira despises sabrina for her resistance to evil. they can never be allies. sabrina would poison mehmet, but knows she would be executed for it by a pubic that has accommodated to mehmet's evil, as long as mehmet concentrates on beating sabrina and indira, and not them. indira could get away with poisoning mehmet, but instead she tries to poison sabrina, whom she hates more than the monster that beats and rapes her.

          • Indus Valley

            Very good analogy. Indian leaders & Media are Muslim appeasers & they will stoop down to any level to satisfy the Muslims. They will even destroy the Hindus to keep the Muslims happy..If that's the case, how will they care for Israel?

        • Defcon 4

          How sad. Maybe it's time for the kufrs/infidels in India to violently overthrow their corrupt government.

  • Dr.Music

    islamists !!!….stupid………wasted educations in the west…no one really cares….mentally totally cracked by islam anyway….our crocodile tears are an art-form too….our crocodile tears are an art form too….our crocodile tears are an art form too….Stupid to the core and a coward too…scared into pajamas by the murdering rest in pajamas…all started by an absolute thug and fiend in pajamas in the desert only 1400 years back and long since dead. Any man following islam today is a coward and a mentally disturbed life form. A muslim cannot be mentally classified as a human…..from birth to death.muslims only occupy space on this planet. What will happen to our planet when they become 51 percent. We’re done for. We are blind to history because we are for some some strange reason not allowed to see and feel by reading the pure vileness in every word of the horrible koran. We see but deny people can be so evil…but we are wrong. Our paramount mistake is seeing muslims as long term similar brothers …if we are dead we cannot regret. Our children will 150 years from now. Even the pyramids will be gone …islam is the duster on the black board that is our civilization and heritage of our planet. We are letting this happen. Humans are contracting arabic small-pox. There is no cure except……you know what.

    It seems….if you really really really looked hard enough through a very very high powered electron microscope the tiny smallpox viruses also had tiny faces and wore tiny clothes and spoke and thought like muslims in smallpoxese….SO WHAT !!???? We wiped them out !! because they were dangerous for our kids and us . Getting it slowly slowly ?

    It seems…..islam is very bad
    for humans….like small pox was…. islam is actually mohammad’s madness being
    parroted and aped and being inserted into humans so they can not
    progress beyond mohammad’s madness…..a sane and logical human will not be allowed to emerge out of islam by islam….to acknowledge that mohammad was truly mad is considered blasphemy nowadays spelt as blastphemy….. Firstmadmuslim mohammad did not even know the meanings of the
    words he used…like humanity and honor and compassion and such….a classic
    case of an absolute idiot. 2 billion…and coming….upside down.

    a mad man is actually an
    ape….if you aren’t a normal human mentally you have to be an ape. Therefore
    since mohammad was mad and apeish all normal humans born into this mad man’s
    cult just have to ape the first muslim ape a.k.a. mohammad the violent
    hallucinator and mental screw-up. islam is very bad for normal humans. period.
    understood ???

    It seems…..even after living
    through the past couple of decades, to still believe Islam is the religion of
    peace is to be as credulous as believing North Korea is a democracy run by the
    The modern day Thugee is
    islam……look up Thugee on the net…Thugee was a type of islam type of
    cult practised by some hindus…which
    the sensible British wiped out and off the face of this earth….super good for
    Great Britain….. Idiotic islam has to be dealt with the same way that idiotic
    thugee was dealt with. Till the last person practicing dirty dirty islam is
    wiped off the face of this earth we will have no peace. Dirty islam was started
    by a perverted thug and pedophilic mass murderer and slave owner and mentally
    sick man who was so sick he scared the stupid arabs that lived in the desert
    and this unfortunate coward legacy is still the paramount problem on planet
    EARTH. We have to deal with islam the same way we have dealt with dirty thugee
    and small pox.

    The dirty cult of islam has
    been naively misclassified as a religion by educated people ( this time the
    British screwed up) who could not justifiably read the gutter language that is
    arabic. Dirty arabic has no word for a pedophile or a child-molester. Dirty
    islam and dirty filthy arabic are the two number one enemies of peace and human and human-scientific progress on this planet. We have to get rid of dirty islam just as we got rid of Thugee…with guts to say the right things and with heavy modern day weaponry….it seems with FINALITY !!

    The cult of islam is a drag on the planet.
    The carbon footprint of obviously stupid and idiotic islam is too big and bloody to be ignored. Soon everybody on the planet will have lost someone to islam’s murderous mayhem. islam should not be tolerated anywhere on the planet. Period.
    2 billion less will be a good
    thing for the planet and science and the fine arts.
    life will thrive post islam.
    no one’ll miss muslims and
    their funny only 1400 year old terrifying constant freak-show cult called islam
    any answers ?
    It seems…..Crocodile tears are an art form
    too…..Crocodile tears are an art-form
    too…..Crocodile tears are an art-form
    It seems….Earth does not need an idiotic
    and chaotic and pedophilic and totally retrograde cult that is totally
    mislabeled as a religion by people who could not read stupid filthy uncouth
    arabic. A true gutter-language . Stupid dirty gutter-language arabic and islam have no words for a
    pedophile or a child-molester. The arabs are not fit enough to be called human.
    islam is as cruel and useless as smallpox…..The time is right to do what has to be
    done. NOW!!
    Things have to start moving in
    this direction. It seems ….

  • davarino

    Its funny how muslims have to resort to violence in order to convert people to its "religion". If it had a logical leg to stand on then they wouldnt have to resort to such barbaric means, but the "religion" of peace has none. The koran reads like a disjointed invention that was made up by some crazy man out in the desert doing mushrooms. Oh well, keep pushing it you backwoods ret@rds and we'll give you mushrooms.

  • Chanameel

    The Sikhs protect the Hindus.
    They are allowed to "defend" themselves.

    • Defcon 4

      There was a huge gun battle at Sikh temple in India. Indian Sikh separatists have been armed by Pakistaini islamofascists.

    • Xxx

      I not sure why the Sikh who protect Hindus, could not protect themselves in 1984

    • D.Bose

      Sikhs protected Hindus only in the Western India and to some extent. They could not do anything in the Eastern, Central or Southern India.
      Hindus and Buddhists must help themselves. Buddhists in Burma are doing just that.

  • oldtimer

    nations of the world must unite, but with attitudes like Obama that the war must end, this will never happen. the war has always been and the Muslims are excelerating it.

    • Drakken

      I say let Obummer excelerate it, then we can get down to what needs to be done.

  • Marty

    I've read that 80 million Hindus have been slaughtered by muslims over the last millenium. This number doesn't include forcible conversions and rapes. These must easily number in the tens of millions as well. With this record it's difficult to believe that nearly one billion Hindus will quietly submit to a dark age of islamic totalitarianism.

    • s.kurup

      Inda has been a "conquest state for a millinneum though the British while treating all Indians with indifference were not cruel.Hindus never united and the last attempt by the Marathas were not supported by others. If Western liberal civilisation( doubtful with its political correctness and willing submission to their culture being disfigured by fanatical alien populations) , then they might be check on the return of very dark ages.

    • PamM

      Islam has been engaged in a war of annihilation against Hindus ever since Mahmud of Ghazni first invaded India in 1001. Over the next quarter of a century Mahmud launched 17 invasions of India, attacking for plunder rather than conquest, during which numerous temples were ransacked and countless Hindus slaughtered. The Ghurids went even further, eventually conquering most of India and being responsible for appalling levels of destruction including that of the great centre of learning at Nalanda in 1193.

      Timur, who invaded India in 1398, regarded himself as a champion of jihad and acted accordingly. Speaking from a European perspective I quite like Timur as he did us an enormous favour by wiping out the Ottoman army at Ankara in 1402, but I suspect they take a dim view of him in India. Of the Mughals Aurangzeb was an Islamic fanatic who adopted a policy of destroying Hindu temples and building mosques in their place. By the time the British took over most of India had been ruled by Muslims for six centuries.

      • Defcon 4

        Timur was quite the genocidal muslime psychopath in India. He was fond of beheading infidels/kufrs in the the tens to hundreds of thousands and making hills of their skulls. Hills so tall a man on horseback could not see over the top.

      • Indus Valley

        Muhammad bin Qasim was an Umayyad general who conquered the Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus River (now a part of Pakistan) for the Umayyad Caliphate….This happened around 8th century….

  • Jim

    Soft on Islamic Terror

  • arishsahani

    Real muslims are living in Saudi Arabia all others 99.999 ( 1.3 billions )are Converts from hindus and christians or jews.
    Converts are foot soldiers of saudis . They are tools of saudi to destroy nations with in, like cancer. Host country leaders are fools who let these converts have more rights then locals to destroy their own nation.
    Saudi don't send now arms and soldiers they use our locals to destroy you. ( a convert brother a believer will kill soon non convert nonbeliever )
    One muslim writer quoted in New York times after 1993 attack on WTC ' where USA govt will put its bomb when from every street corners we will hear a Call by local muslims "ALLAH O AKBAR." And day is coming soon. When you see thousands of HALAL shop and food venders all street corners , fruit vendors and muslim taxi divers). Question.. Can you trust a muslim friend ( as they are converts) Think again , during pakistan partition who killed hindus, their own muslims friends came out in street to kill them.. Who are these muslims , they were once hindus. Question why these converts kills , answer they all, read one Book ( many many times )given by saudis, question .. what is in the book ,all nations should be worried and concerned about that. Or , now get ready to die and perished.
    India lost 1/3 land 500 millions hindus convert to islam. All ready to die and kill . We are just fooling our self as they they are ready to die and know how to lie and fool good people.

  • PamM

    The polytheistic religion of Hinduism is, in Islamic eyes, far worse than Christianity or Judaism. Polytheists were not to be given the chance to submit to Islam, but according to strict Islamic doctrine should have to convert or be killed. In practice there were far too many Hindus and Buddhists for this to be practicable. Nevertheless the goal to make India Islamic remains to this day. At the time of partition India was about 8% Muslim and Pakistan was about 8% Hindu. Today the figure for India is about 15% and for Pakistan less than 2%. The discrepancy is entirely due to the vicious persecution that Hindus, and other religious minorities, have suffered and continue to suffer in Pakistan. …..cont'd

    • Defcon 4

      Um, Jew hatred is part and parcel of the islamofascist faith. Jews are the only group specifically singled out for extermination in the hadith.

  • PamM

    In India the consequence has been increased levels of violence and an increasing frequency of terrorist attacks. This is exactly what one expects as the Muslim population increases beyond 10% towards the 20% mark. Rioting at the slightest pretext, jihadist militia formation and murderous terrorist attacks are typical such Muslim populations and the level of violence will only continue to increase if the Muslim population is permitted to grow further. We are seeing similar events in Europe due to the rising number of Muslims, although the numbers there have not yet reached Indian proportions. The solution is the same though; the Muslims have to be removed in order to preserve the people and culture of the host nation.

  • PamM

    Sorry I had to split my post but the site was playing silly buggers saying the comment was too long.

  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, this is how India ended up with the Taj Mahal. I mean sure, beautiful palace and all, but at what cost? And what's India going to look like if the Islamists have their way?

    • Defcon 4

      There is a theory that the Taj Mahal was never built by islamofascists at all, but was, originally, a Hindu temple and not a muslo-fascist mausoleum.

      • Indus Valley

        That's very much possible cos you'll find big Hindu temples in southern India intact, but there are only a few Hindu temples in northern India intact & most of the 'Islamic' architecture popped up within a short span of time. Those buildingss may be a slight modification of Hindu Temples according to Islamic style. After all how can you expect the barbaric Muslims to build such buildings. Muslims are know world wide to steal other religious places including the Kabaa in Mecca. Kabaa itself is a very primitive structure.

    • D.Bose

      Taj Mahal, like countless other palaces and temples converted to mosques in India, is not Islamic. It is pre-Islamic, but renovated and reconstructed as a mosque in 17th century.

  • Drakken

    PSSST hey Hindus of India, your neighbors in Burma are showing exactly how to deal with your muslim problem. One village at a time.

    • venuji2005

      And without surprise, most Indian MSM have been characteristically silent on the futuristic treatment meted out by Burma in dealing with their mushrooming Muslim population from neighboring Bangladesh. Indians are intoxicating themselves in massive doses of cricket, bollywood cinema, and page three style glitzy news trotted out by mainstream media most specially Times of India. However, hope is still not lost as there is one man who can still reverse all this if he is allowed to contest the coming parliamentary elections in 2014. He is Narendra Modi who is now India's most favored politician from Gujarat to win the next election. The MSM fears him to on obsessive level (they know he will make it to the top slot) that they blot out anything positive about him. And, here in the US, the Obama government has consistently denied him visa to come to America for attending conferences. If India and Burma join hands, they can contain clandestine Muslim immigration from Bangladesh into both countries. Though a tiny nation, Burma still offers a ray of hope for everyone suffering from a potential Islamic takeover in the near future.

      • Defcon 4

        Violence is the only answer to islamo-nazism. It always has been and always will be. There's no middle ground w/a mendacious, totalitarian, violent, supremacist ideology. It's us or them.

  • LindaRivera

    In addition to India, Western ruling elites are GUILTY of selling out our nations to totalitarian Islam. Ruling elites bow low to the Muslim god and Saudi Arabia paymasters.

    The Telegraph: Police ‘covered up’ violent campaign to turn London area ‘Islamic’.
    Police have been accused of “covering up” a campaign of abuse, threats and violence aimed at “Islamicising” an area of London…

    What is the going price to sell out Britain? UK leader TRAITORS have sold their souls and sold out Britain to global Islam. Our nation has been given away and massively colonized with millions of Muslims. Brits are FORCED in a form of slavery to financially provide for Muslims via their taxes. FORCED to finance Muslim conquest. Ruling elites ALLOW Muslims to control Britain by threats, fear and violence, whilst at the same time informing us that the threats and violence are NOT Islam.

    The barbarically slaughtered soldier in London would be alive today if UK ruling elites had not colonized TINY Britain with millions of Muslims from HUGE Muslim countries.

    UK ruling elites are one hundred percent responsible for EVERY no-go zone; EVERY violent attack; EVERY murder; EVERY violent gang rape by infidel-hater Muslims.

    The Telegraph: More than 2,400 children and young people were confirmed to have been victims of sex abuse gangs in just 14 months, a Home Office minister has revealed…at least 27 police forces are investigating 54 alleged child grooming gangs…

    The minister said police forces must “lend a positive ear” to complaints from children in the future, in a bid to avoid a repeat of sexual abuse which has been exposed in a series of recent criminal trials.

    “This has been perhaps the point of failure in the system that these allegations have not been listened to or taken seriously by the authorities in the past,” he told peers.

    Police found 2,409 children and young people had been confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation in gangs or groups between August 2010 and October 2011, said Lord Taylor.

    Lord Morris of Aberavon, the Labour former attorney general, told the House of Lords that more than 50 alleged child grooming gangs were being investigated.

    Some had also been beaten, burnt and threatened by an Oxford-based paedophile ring.

    Covering up for, and PROTECTING cruel Muslim, BARBARIC gang-raping MONSTERS who inflict terrible physical and emotional agony on Britain’s children and force Britain’s innocent children into prostitution is considered far more important than protecting Britain’s most vulnerable and precious possession – her children.

    UK/European leaders, you are GUILTY before God.

    • kaz

      this will not change until the western "elites" responsible for the genocidal crimes of their pet muslims are hauled into court, convicted, then taken out and executed. or just executed, since it is unlikely that a "justice" gang thoroughly submissive to islam would ever do the right thing. when our cowardly elites are more afraid of those they are betraying than they are of muslims, the situation will start to improve.

  • 11bravo

    Muslims killed 70 million Hindu's. It is time for payback.

    Half of India's nukes need to hit Paki nukes…The other half should hit the major population centers without any warning.

    Then a conventional war should be fought to kill or capture the Paki Imams, and their henchmen.

    Go India!!!

    • Defcon 4


  • Vishvaksenah

    Mr.Arnold Ahlert's essay is an eye opener..
    The views expressed by Mr.Narain Kataria are very true.
    IKudos to 'The frontpage mag' for publishing this thought provoking column

  • balayogi

    See the firmness and immediate concrete response the latest development:

    (Wherever Jehaadis are they will always invoke these kinds of reactions in the majority)

    Compare this with the indifferent attitude of our public towards our soldiers and innocent civilians who get killed by these Jihadi fanatics and in addition see the insults heaped on the soldiers and police force by our minority appeasing pseudo secular Congress, Leftists and other anti- national looters, the ilk of Shabna Ahzmis and Arundathi Roys [ the one book wonder ( wherein too she has done a research only on the scrotum of Malayalis], the tribe of Amartya Sens [the dubious leftist Nobel laureate], Omar Abdullah [ who looks like the step brother of Rajiv] the CM of JK, the UK sponsored human rights society and to cap it all our stupid media which suffers from selective amnesia and talks of only army excesses.

    We as a nation is a pendulum swinging between collective indifference in our reactions and selective amnesia in our opinions and judgments a very unpatriotic attitude wafting in vacuous inanity unaware of its excellent identity as a great nation which has pride of ancestry and hope for the future. Ordinary mortals are mere silent spectators just moving their handkerchiefs from their pockets to their eyes.

  • balayogi

    as long as sane muslims fail to stop the atrocities committed by their insane brethren and as long as muslim women tolerate the idiotic and cruel treatment that they receive at the hands of their male counter parts Islam will have to be dealt a blow by the rest for restoring civilization and saving muslim women and sane muslims from the clutches of these jihadis

    • Defcon 4

      There are no "sane" muslimes, just like there were no "sane" nazis. There is no such thing as a good muslime.

  • jai somanath

    I whole heartedly suppot Mr. Kataria. India is facing crisis with regards to internal threats from Moslem terrorists and Maoist communists and both are supported by Pakistan and China from outside. In many instances these violent outfits derive support from ruling parties in various states. The political parties running the governments in states like Kashmir or Uttar Pradesh give compensation and huge grants to families of arrested Islamic terrorists and to leaders of anti-Hindu , anti-India forces. But they do not bother about victims since they are Hindus. They hope to win elections thereby with Moslem votes who tend to vote in blocks.

    So for those who are patriotic it is an uphill struggle but nevertheless they must win. Otherwise with increasing areas of Islamic terrorist inluence, there will be large pool of Islamists to draw from who in turn will bring down tall buildings in US or mow down more soldiers in UK or hold entire cities like Mumbai hostage in India.
    Whether acknowledged or not, there is war being waged againt humanity by Islamists. It is just not India' fight but of entire civilizaton of the globe.

  • bradleigh69

    I know only too well what the Muslims are capable of doing to Hindus and Sikhs. I've seen the gruesome butchery that took place at the time of division of India in 1947.

    Muslims, having got Pakistan immediately attacked Kashmir and annexed half of it, thanks to Jawahar Lal Nehru's soft corner for Kashmir (being a Kashmiri himself) and have been trying ever since to take Kashmir by force.

    Muslims are not tuned to peaceful co-existence. if they are not blowing up Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians they would engage in killing each other as can be seen and learned from what is going on in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen etc. They can never be at peace as long as the Dons (imams in the mosques continue to preach).

    It is a mafia organisation that is controlled by few and no Muslim is allowed to escape the organisation. This mafia is spreading like cancer in the society. Its workers (mainly male) will do what the Dons tell them to do. The Dons keep on reminding them that they should beat their women at least once a week. They should also beat their school going children if they do not go to the mosque for the Friday 'prayers' (indoctrination).

    Narain Kataria is right that we should wake up and not be engulfed by this cancer.

    • Defcon 4

      Anwar Sheikh, a muslim apostate and author of Islam, the Arab Imperialism, discussed how he and his fellow muslims murdered Sikhs and Hindus en mass and without hindrance in Pakistain. He later renounced islam and embraced Hinduism (for which he received islamofascist death threats).

    • Sunil

      Lets all come together,to fight against muslims.Irrespective of countries u are living.Todays goverment in INDIA needed to be replaced,as they have butchered hindus for vote bank.

    • Whitefield

      seriously? you need help…call before its too late.

  • Rajiv

    There is a bigger conspiracy of destroying the soul of India by destroying hindus and their ethos . India exists only for unproductive , non competitive minority . Such bold thoughts will never receive publicity they deserve . There is need for another Dayanand Saraswati or Shankara

  • Elsa

    So important to recognize. In the West, even Muslim persecution of Christians is barely recognized!

  • Vishwa tiwari

    It is not India nor USA etc which are facing the Jihad, It is the rest of the humanity, i.e. other than Muslims who are now endangered specoies.

  • M.Rajagopalan

    The real problem about why hindus suffer merciless and daring attacks from muslims is the attitude of hindu religious leaders like Satya Sai baba, Ravishankar , Isha guru etcetc.

    These leaders of Hindu religion never say a word against the atrocities comited by muslims and christians aginst hindus . Instead of telling hindus that they should defend themselves against muslim and christian attacks they just keep quiet to safe guard their own interests in their religious field. That results in the majority of hindus becoming selfish and complacent and not feeling like that they should do something to safeguard their interests.



    • Defcon 4

      Christian "attacks" against Hindus? Where? When? Do you have any proof of this allegation?

    • Indus Valley

      Could you please enlighten me about the Christian attacks on Hindus????

  • Dr S Srinivasan

    The main problem in India is the group of Himdus(by birth)calling themselves secular. These secular udders and secularunnissas attack anyone who tries to criticize the atrocities of jihadi groups as an attack on minorities. They now dominate the mainstream English language media, print and video. The articles written by such people and views expressed by them on channels are editorially supported and responses questioning such views are suppressed. Mudslinging on mild mannered and respectable scholars with contrary views go on in the media.
    It is suspected but not proven that this propaganda is part of what is called as paid 'news'.
    The right way to fight this is to strengthen the hands of savants like Dr Kataria.

    • Indus Valley

      The Indian English newspaper, "The Hindu" is a strong supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and all the Islamic scumbags on this planet….

      • Defcon 4

        How disappointing. Is it run by Indians of the muslime persuasion? Or have they been bought off?

        • Indus Valley

          The newspaper is owned by Hindu Brahmins but they are hard core leftists & Islamophiles. The newspaper spews anti-Israel venom continuously & it carries many articles directly from The Guardian. I still don't know how many Indians realize that. This newspaper is very famous among the educated urban Indian elites. Indians are brainwashed through their schooling education that the Britishers are evil, but the barbaric Muslim scumbags who invaded, raped, pillaged India, contributed so much to India. Otherwise how is it possible for a scumbag like Tipu Sultan(who forcefully circumcised the Hindus & Christians in the state of Kerala & Karnataka) to be considered a hero in India?

  • Rajeev

    With all due respect to the author, I do agree with the assertion that Hinduism is being attacked from all sides. I donot agree though that Islam is the biggest enemy of Hinduism. Hindus are the biggest enemies of Hinduism as they do nothing to protect their Hindu brothers and sisters. Sadly, hindus do not realize that if you do not protect your brothers, you would be annihilated too, in due course of time. Islam is out there to destroy not only Hinduism but to everybody else as well and that includes all non-muslims.

  • arjun soorya

    I always wondered weather we are a born blind and deaf nation that in-spite of every thing in front of our eyes still we don.t realize? Why we don,t see and feel the demonic nature of Muslim mind. Jinah,s fore fathers were Hindus and once his grand father became Muslim he gave us blood bath with our blood and also amputated our mother land with pencil with the help of British and we are still blind !!!

  • Uma

    Very few in the society dare to speak the truth. I salute Kataria ji who is courageous to write this article. We Hindus and non-Muslims should wake up before large chunk of people disappear from this planet because of these Jihadis.

    Thanks for publishing this article, it brings awareness to people. Many are not aware of the danger of Islam. As Katariaji mentioned, there is no 'Moderate Muslim' unless he is not following Quran.

  • Das

    A well researched analysis of threat to Hinduism and other peaceful religions. The present corrupt Indian government encourages Islam terrorism against Hindus. Unless this government is removed there is no safety for Hindus or world peace.

  • Nagendra

    Narain Kataria makes a brilliant summarization of the Islamic problem in India and around the world. Today, it has become extremely politically incorrect to point out the ayats from the Koran and the sayings from the Sunnah and the Hadith which speak approvingly of violence against non-Muslims, and the numerous instances of violence and murder which had the explicit or implicit sanction of the Prophet.

    Muslims have a tacit universal policy of denying that there are any such sayings in their scriptures – Koran / Hadith / Sunnah. It is just like they consistently deny that jihad also means making war against anyone who is non-Muslim and that jannat (heaven) is assured for a ghazi (warrior) who becomes a martyr (shahid) in the fight against non-Muslims, and that this is the highest jihad. Jihad does mean this and an internal war against negative qualities, but all orthodox Muslims for PR reasons constantly do backflips to deny that the highest jihad means war against non-Muslims.

    Obviously not all Muslims are this way, but a sizable minority are intolerant, violent, bigoted and murderous towards non-Muslims.

  • N Acharya

    Mr.kataria is very forthright and accurate in evaluating the menace of Islam especially radicals among them on the rest of the humanity. He has been the pied piper for quite a while but unfortunately the modern man in the name of political correctness looks the other way lest his selfish interests are challenged. unless the United Nations appreciate and takes action against those who fail to respect the religious rights of others,be they Christian Missionaries or Islamic radicals, people individually may have to suffer. In India the Muslims by overwhelming majority voted in favor of the partition of the country and secured 25% of the land mass as Pakistan. But the vast majority of them stayed behind, thanks to Gandhi and Nehru, and strange enough that community by multiplying their numbers is now the deciding factor of who would be the ruling party in the state or the center. Why they were not disenfranchised but allowed to stay as guests only by provisions in the constitution. As long as Hindus do not learn the Abrahamic doctrine of eye for an eye. sufferings will continue. In India for Hindus both both Christian Missionaries and militant Islam are equally dangerous.Thanks to young people of today and visionaries like Mr. Kataria Hindus are waking up.

    • Defcon 4

      "Christian missionaries" are "dangerous"? I don't think I've ever heard, read, or seen any Christian missionaries anywhere threaten anyone w/anything (except, perhaps, eternal damnation).

    • Indus Valley

      "both Christian Missionaries and militant Islam are equally dangerous" – Yeah Christian missionaries are blowing up places in Indian cities (sarcasm).

  • Rishi Dwivedi

    It seems Hindus are begging for the destruction of their civilization and Religion. Thats why Congress won in Karnataka. That the Indian voter can still vote for the most corrupt government is beyond anyone’s belief. We have what we deserve and will continue to receive what we deserve. Shame on Hindus.

    • Defcon 4

      India's government, as with too many other governments (incl. the US), is probably corrupted by islamo-nazi petrodollars.

  • bhgavaan daas

    muslim savages have to be eliminated otherwise muslims will eliminate you forever —-

  • Suresh Vyas

    Islam is not tolerant of any other faith. There cannot be peace where there is Islam. The 1400 years of Islam history proves this. Islam also is ant-democratic. Islam does not give freedom of thought, speech, movement and action as the Vedic religion does.

    Islam has invaded in India (Bhaarat) by force, and has no right to be there in the land of the Vedics.
    Islam needs to be purged out of Bhaarat by declaring it illegal. This is possible by the majority Hindus' grass root actions to amend the constitution and make it pro-Hindu. Currently the constitution is anti-Hindu and so anti-majority.

    In 2014 election elect persons like Narendra Modi or Subramanyan Swami; support Swami Ramdev's movement and make Bhaarat a Vedic state, not a secular one. This is because Vedic dharma and culture are inherently tolerant of all the tolerant faiths, and secularism is a European medicine against Christianity. It is not for the Vedics.

    – Suresh Vyas

  • Balraj Sagar

    Dr. Kataria has narrated the problem with facts and there is no denying the truth contained therein. Islam does not preach tolerance. It is exclusively for conversion by hook or by crook. Wherever Muslims went they resorted to forcible conversion. They can’t live peacefully with any other community as borne out by history. As regards Hindus, they are suffering due to their own leaders and for accepting wrong principles, mainly of non-violence. It is good in principle at certain stage but not all the time. We lost Sind due to Arabs due to this principle and in 1947 Pakistan due to wrong adherence to the teachings of Gandhi. Muslims went on killing Hindus and he went on preaching non-violence to Hindus, a suicidal act. Even present day leaders are mostly unworthy. Unless they are removed India can’t revive its lost glory. Hindus must unite and face the problem. We may not be aggressive but should be ready to root out nonsense. The Great Chenghis Khan was a man of peace. But when wronged and provoked retaliated so hard as to finish the adversary. Adopt that principle if you are to survive. No body bothers about the weak.

  • D.Bose

    A peaceful, systematic, gradual Exchange of Population between India and Pakistan ( including Bangladesh) will solve the problem.
    It should have happened in 1947, but it is not too late.

  • vijay

    islam is cancer in world. if you eradicate it as soon as possiple then you safe otherwise you know

  • tkej

    Wake up folks, the threat is there. It must be removed, so we can live peacefully.

  • Rajesh Patil

    Every word is Truth put by Shri Narain Kataria Ji. Hindus have been most persecuted, most murdered and most converted to Islam by sword. Forefathers of Hindus had put successful resistance against the Islamic invadors and resisted Islamization of HinduSthan (India), what remains today as land of HinduSthan (India) is the result of fight of ChhatraPati Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Guru Govind Singh, Guru Teg Bahadur, Peshwas – Marathas, Kings of Ahoms, Queens like Durgavati, Rani of Jhansi, Naga Sadhus etc ….Hindus must fight back to save themselves in coherence with their forefathers !!

    • Whitefield

      these is no truth at all in this article, this is a diatribe and pure hate…its your ignorance thats making it fel that every word is truth…this is nothing but a bunch of lies lies and more lies….

    • Whitefield

      sorry mate you got to go back and read history again, if Mughals wanted they could have converted India into an Islamic nation when they ruled for 800 years, they did not do that as they believed in co-existence, things that you and Kataria cant understand. Every word is truth – seriously? I can debate for 2 mins and prove everything is full of holes..

  • Whitefield

    Narain Kataria is a big time hate monger and what does he know about Muslims and Islam? His essay is full of errors, biased and doesn't take into account all treatment of Muslims and Christians in India by Hindu fundamentalist. There is no mention in this essay of the Gujarat riots where Hindus killed thousands of innocent Muslims, no mention of Christian churches being destroyed in Orrisa, no mention of bomb blasts carries out by the Hindu fundamentalist RSS in Hyderabad, Ajmer, Malegon, Samjukta express etc. This essay is nothing but a verbal diatribe by an old man who is actually lost…

    Mr. Kataria next time you write please don't call your hatred and biased and misguided opinions and call it a thought provoking…there is nothing thought provoking about this except that you might need to go back and take your meds.

    • Guest

      Whitefield, use your real islamic name dude. why moslems are rioting in sweeden (holland, uk and france past)?
      Why there are always problems with the moslems everywhere, because mohammed the insane taught'em nothing but terrorism.

  • fredalanmedforth

    "… a 1986 court case involving the arrest and prosecution of two Hindus, who published and circulated a poster containing 24 Quranic “ayats” under the heading, “Why Riots Take Place in the Country.”

    Sounds like the Calcutta Koran petition. Can anyone verify that?

  • angel nova

    In any site you visit, do not talk nicey nicey to any Muslims . If they read and follow the Koran, they become hopeless human beings or they turn into animals. So treat them alike… Never trust a Muslim. for they are beasts at heart. Hindus should start NOW in planning how to annihilate and kick them all out of India or they will overtake the whole country.

  • angel nova

    Just remember that the supposedly founder of Islam, Mohammad was a raping murdering pedophile and they all want to clone themselves to his image and likeness. Islam is total submission to a murderer !

  • swamijyoti

    Muslim savagery, treachery, betrayal, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, duplicity… on the naïve Hindu psyche: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?

    The painful wounds of Muslim savagery, treachery, betrayal, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, duplicity… on the naïve Hindu psyche… are too numerous to count and too deep to heal. These painful sores of history – the distant past and still ongoing – have traumatized the Hindus so much and for so long that they just cannot be healed, nor can their memory be completely erased from the Hindu subconscious mind. Hindu mind will continue to be haunted and tortured at the slightest glimpse of the classic pattern of Muslim dishonesty and betrayal. Does anyone need any more reasons, any more examples, to explain why Hindus don't trust Muslims and why they appear to be angry at Muslims?
    READ MORE>>&gt ;
    * * *
    Actually US and all writers owing allegiance to US must have the maximum grouse against Muslims. They are themselves fighting the Iraq and Afghanistan war. They have been victims of Muslim extremism. But Americans are stupid too. Instead of ensuring that there is a united global front against such Muslims, they go ahead and pamper Mushraff and give billions to him which was obviously misused. They go ahead and ban Modiji from entering USA without knowing the real facts. They think Hindus are their enemies when actually it is the Muslims. Americans just dont understand the long term consequences of their actions. They should befriend Hindus, Hindustan – the biggest democracy and al forces should fight jointly against the Muslim extremist world.

  • swamijyoti

    "Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus" is not unknown to us Hindus in India. In fact it is going on for ages and the country is slowly but steadily bleeding due to the alarming demographic changes that are taking place due to unchecked conversion, 'proliferation', infiltration and so on. Endless Muslim appeasement by the rabidly anti-Hindu, Islam-embracing 'Italian Congress' Party of India, backed by its Christian leaders as also by those crypto-Christian leaders bearing Hindu-sounding names to hoodwink the gullible Hindu masses, has only aggravated and hastened the "Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus" [vide front page GOI advt with pics of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh only in The Pioneer, 29/5/13: "30 FOLD INCREASE IN THE EXPENDITURE ON MINORITIES' (read Muslims) EMPOWERMENT" — 2003-04: Rs. 48 crore; 2012-13 Rs. 1593.23 crore ( And our pm loony-ludicrous-sing declares, 'Muslims have the first right over our national resources'. Added to this is the danger posed by the huge inflow of foreign funds flooding the country for all anti-national and jihadi purposes under the patronage of the rabidly anti-Hindu dispensation at Delhi.

    But one strange nu-understandable phenomenon is that while the Christians abroad who have realized the grave danger posed by the Islamists/jihadis, are joining hands with the Hindu forces, particularly in the US, against the militant Islam, only in India the Christians are strangely joining hands with the Islamist/jihadis, in "Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus". Why this double acting by the Christians? Is Mr Kataria aware of this strange phenomenon?

  • swamijyoti

    Conversion Mafia, Jihadi terrorists, Italian Mafia and dynasty, and phony secular Hindus in India….

    From: Gulati
    Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 7:03 PM

    Slavery was officially abolished from the world. It still exists in different forms and different disguises every where. One such form is highlighted herebelow.

    Can the Hindu Masters, who preach unthinkingly and unaware of the political reality, go to any Mohammedan country, any where in the world, and state: “Hinduism is eternal and it will survive” and “It has survived”.

    Of course the majority of India are still Hindus. But can we, Hindus, at least go without any let or hindrance to Kashmir, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Missoram and Kerala, the land of Snakaracharya?

    Abstract ideas can still float in air. But we have to live in dignity, freedom, and should be able to practice our Dharma, promote our culture and protect our women and children.

    We lost Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Nagaland and northern Kerala (Malappuram).

    Conversion Mafia is very active in Ranchi, Kanyakumari, Rameswarm, Mehalaya, Missoram, and Assam.

    Jihadi terrorists and Maoists are speeding their mayhem at will.

    Italian Mafia and the dynasty are seeking phony secular Hindus and turning them into human zombies and slaves. They work for long hours as slaves to keep the dynasty rule. Our foreign ministers are Muslims, defense Minister is a Catholic, and India a Hindu country is ruled by Mohammedans and Christians. Unless Hindus wake up, come out and participate in politics and democracy such whimsical and wanton and meaningless utterance will continue in India and India will continue to be under the slave masters.

  • arishsahani

    No one understand the game plan of saudis .They use local uneducated and poor converts to destroy a nation with in.USA in next few years will face like INdia faced.

  • Rodrigo

    As an Indian Christian, I’m not exactly sympathetic to the Hindus who persecute Christians in India over allegations of ‘forced’ conversion.

    I recommend everyone do more research before painting Hindus as victims. Very often, they are the aggressors. Please research anti-minority violence in India.

    Why do the Hindus have a problem with every minority ? They’ve killed and engineered genocides against Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. Please educate yourselves. Hindus aren’t as peaceful as they’re making themselves out to be.

    • OfficialPro

      Oh I have no illusions about Hindu aggression, but when it comes to Muslims, I can’t really blame them. Perhaps they learned the aggression from the Islamic Oppressors.

    • Nationalist

      who needs your sympathy…India without Hinduism is like a skeleton stripped of its flesh skin and blood. just because Indira Gandhi inserted the word secular during the emergency does not change this fact. So learn to live with it…
      in lieu of your recommendations i too recommend you do more research on the cheap conversion activities of your brethren..and as far as aggression is concerned the colonialist christains destroyers of whole civilizations have no right to point fingers at the about the geat bengal famine which drove people to cannibalism and numerous others man made famines created by your christian brothers in india and the number of people killed in them…and to think these peace time deaths were just a small fraction of the people Christians killed world wide…

    • RajaRam

      It was hindu country which has been invaded my you semitic religions.Tell How many Hindu Army has launched attacked on Islamic nations in past.Did you find Hindu priest in Europe preaching voilence against the native people of that land ?? Did they ever launched religious war by telling them as heathen.Hindus are fighting in there own Land against the invaders….

  • Messiyamar

    As a Hindu, I know how you Christians operate with reference to your evangelical activities and proseltyzing. Heard of the Goa Inquisition? The Hindus are now in the re-active mode. “Forced” conversions by way of deception, voluptuous Christian women offering themselves as bait and evangelists offering bribes and gifts will not carry much currency in this day and age. The proverbial docile Hindu will soon be a thing of the past – you will feel the full force of his backlash if you persist with your mission of trying to bring more Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs into your fold.

    Respect others and you too will be respected….provoke someone, then be prepared to be taken to task!

  • ansh

    Religion always divide:

    Na mei moman vich masetan Neither I am a believer (who stays) in a mosque
    Na main vich kufar dian reetan Nor do I indulge in actions of disbelief
    Na main pakan vich paleetan Nor am I the pure one amongst the impure

    Na main andar bed kitaban Neither I exist in books of Vedh
    Na main rehnda phaang sharaban Nor do I stay drunk
    Na main rehnda mast kharaban Nor do I remain stoned, rotting

    Na main shadi na ghamnaki Neither I am happy nor sad
    Na mei vich paletan pakeen Nor am I in the (argument of) Purity and Impurity
    Na main aaabi na main khaki Neither I am (made) of water nor of earth

    Na main aatish na main paun Nor am I fire nor air
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?

    Na main arabi na lahori Neither I am Arabic nor Lahori
    Na main hindi shehar Nagaori Nor am I (resident of) the Indian City Nagaori
    Na hindu na turk pashauri Nor Hindu nor Turk Peshaweri

    Na main bhet mazhab de paya Neither I found the secret of religion
    Na main aadam hawwa jaya Nor did understand Adam and Eve
    Na koi apna naam dharaya Nor did I create a name for myself

    Avval aakhar aap nu jana From beginning to end, I tried to understand myself
    Na koi dooja hor pacchana I did not come to know of anyone else
    Mai ton na koi hor syana I am not just another wise one

    Bulle shah kharha hai kaun Bulla Shah, who is this standing?
    Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?

    Na main moosa na pharon Neither I am Moses nor Pharoah
    Na main jagan na vich saun Neither I am awake nor asleep
    Na main aatish na main paun Neither I am fire nor Air
    Na main rahnda vich Nadaun Nor do I live among fools
    Na main baitthan na vich bhaun Neither I am sitting nor am I in a tornado

    Bulle shah kharha hai kaun Bulla Shah, who is this standing?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?
    Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am?

  • Lord Vikrant

    You have to shed blood to establish “Dharma” even if that blood is of your own brothers. Lord Krishna said this to Yudhistir immediately after Draupadi Vastra haran. Dushasana instructed by Duryodhana carried out this shamelful act. Tough they claim they won Draupadi legally but her vastraharan led to Mahabharat. Now whether mahabharat is real or mythology is debatable but what we can learn from it is certainly not debatable.

    In modern era Draupadi represents “Hindu or Arya Dharma” which is disrobed everyday by “Secularism” (Dushasana) supported by “Constitution” ( Duryodhana).

    1947,Britishers left India,Hindus never got their independence,Hindus will get Independence only if they wipe out secularism from India.

    Now is the time to react and Hindus dont have to do much,just vote for Modi and give him confidence that entire Hindu population is behind him.

    I dont understand why Hindus vote for seculars even after knowing how Hindus are treated in Muslim dominated countries like Pakistan,Bangladesh,Malaysia,Indonesia and even in our country in states of Kashmir,Kerela,West Bengal,Assam,Hyderabad.

    We dont even have to shed blood of our brothers,we just have to ensure a Hindu Nationalist becomes PM. If Modi becomes PM then surely most issues related to Hindu security can be addressed.

    But to ensure complete Hindu rule,I am afraid even Modi lacks guts.