ObamaCare Chaos Continues

obama-health-careIf you like unintended comedy, blatant stereotyping, and an undeniable air of desperation eliciting yet another spasm of lawlessness, the moments leading up to today’s sign-up deadline for ObamaCare are sure to please.

We begin with the unintended comedy known as Pajama Boy. The Obama administration’s former campaign apparatus, Organizing for America (OFA), apparently believes the way to get the so-called “young invincibles,” necessary to subsidize older and sicker Americans to sign up for healthcare, is to appeal to their inner metrosexual. “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance. #GetTalking,” reads the ad, accompanied by a picture of a slightly built man-boy wearing plaid, zip-up “onesie” pajamas, and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses that evoke memories — depending on your age — of Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, or Johnny Galeki, aka Leonard Hofstadter, from the popular CBS sitcom “Big Bang Theory.” And lest anyone doubt how the story ends, OFA has followed up the original ad with our young man lounging in contentment, sporting a Christmas sweater and coordinated socks, accompanied by the caption, “And a happy New Year with health insurance.”

One suspects as many six million Americans, who have had their individual policies cancelled because they didn’t comply with the ObamaCare requirements, will be far less contented.

Administration officials tried to put a happy face on that reality, contending that “fewer that 500,000 thousand Americans” will have no insurance at all when the healthcare plan kicks in January 1. Four officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, further contended the number may be even lower because the insurance industry had accommodated President Obama’s first dalliance with selective law enforcement in November. That was when the president first contradicted his oft-stated declaration that the healthcare bill is the “law of the land” and announced that those Americans who had their policies cancelled could retain them through 2014. That many of those policies were no longer available, and that such a move could help precipitate a “death spiral” for insurance companies, was apparently of little consequence.

So too is the reality that the number of Americans left uninsured on New Year’s Day is unverified. Considering the Obama administration’s track record with regard to telling the truth, only time will tell how many individual American “eggs” will have been broken to make the ObamaCare “omelet.”

Moving on to stereotyping, one is hard-pressed to imagine anything more offensively cliched than a YouTube video created by Out2Enroll, a coalition of organizations who want to make sure that LBGT communities are aware of ObamaCare. “Get Enrolled” parodies “Let It Snow,” sung by an earnest young woman. “Hope you’re stuffed from your Thanksgiving. Now it is the season of giving. Before the doctor brings a lump of coal, get enrolled, get enrolled get enrolled,” goes the first verse. As the song progresses, the accompanying video shows a quartet of gay young men wearing nothing but red and green briefs and Christmasy headgear, engaging in a series of sexually provocative poses.

Some members of the gay community were not amused. “This cynical ad betrays the depths Obamacare advocates will sink to in order to pad their pathetic enrollment numbers,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement released Sunday. “As a self-proclaimed ‘fierce advocate’ of gay equality, President Obama would do well to distance himself from this nonsense and denounce it immediately.”

Angelo further noted the hypocrisy of promoting such stereotypes. “Out2Enroll and others should take a look in the mirror and ask if the truth is that they are the ones responsible for promoting … harmful stereotypes,” he said.

Angelo may be well-intentioned, but he is naive. When the only commandment for implementing the progressive agenda is “by any means necessary,” there are no such things as stereotypes, cliches, unseemly titillation — or the rule of law.

Thus, it was completely unsurprising that a desperate Obama administration was more than willing to “improvise” yet another last-minute change to ObamaCare. On Thursday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to Democratic senators, notifying them that the individual mandate will be now suspended in 2014 for those Americans who had their insurance policies cancelled by the new law. In addition, those Americans are eligible for a “hardship exemption,” meaning that if they don’t, or can’t, sign up for a new plan, they don’t have to pay the tax penalty embodied in the original legislation. Moreover, they will qualify for a category of ObamaCare created for people under 30.

Section 1411(c)(5)(A) of the Affordable Care Act grants Sebelius the power to grant a “hardship exemption,” but as Forbes Magazine’s Avik Roy explains, the Obama administration “has, in effect, declared that Obamacare’s regulations are themselves a ‘hardship’ worthy of mass exemption.” He further notes that this latest change has “thrown the individual insurance market into chaos.”

That chaos is engendered by the reality that consequences for failing to enroll have been removed, and premium calculations for catastrophic insurance that were based on the idea that enrollees would be under 30, need to be reconfigured virtually overnight. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping Americans who have already enrolled in Obama from changing their minds. All that is necessary is filling out a form declaring the insurance options they face are unaffordable, even as the administration would have no basis for denying them an exemption.

The administration itself added fuel to that particular fire on Friday, when they suddenly admitted that many consumers will be exempt because they “were finding other coverage options to be more expensive than their cancelled plans or policies.” Couple that with the anger that many Americans undoubtedly feel for having been betrayed by an administration that had previously said there would be no waiver of the penalties, to the point where they had promised a veto of any such legislation enacted by Congress, and the trickle of cancellations could rapidly become a flood — courtesy of an administration that has never shied away from its unwavering commitment to “fairness.”

All of it will wreak havoc on the insurance companies, many of whom richly deserve such chaos for climbing into bed with Democrats and the Obama administration in the first place. And it happened only a week after Sebelius “urged” insurance companies to adopt additional measures.  She “suggested” that they give consumers additional time to pay their premiums past today’s deadline for coverage beginning January 1, that they treat out-of-network providers as in-network, and refill prescriptions from previous plans.

If they don’t adhere to such urges and suggestions? “The regulatory fine print reveals that HHS intends to kick insurers off the exchanges if they don’t obey,” the Wall Street Journareveals. “Having destroyed the old individual market, HHS will only certify the new ‘qualified health plans’ if insurers ‘adopt policies to prevent disruptions in treatment of episodes of care.'”

Tony Soprano would undoubtedly applaud such a “reasonable” effort to, as Sebelius put it, “smooth this transition” to ObamaCare.

Thus, as the administration’s chief water-carrier, aka the New York Times, puts it, “deadlines, which once seemed firm, are now somewhat flexible. Some state exchanges have enrollment and payment deadlines that differ by a few days from those of the federal exchange. Some insurers will provide retroactive coverage; others will not.”

All of it spells disaster for millions of Americans. And that’s before the chaos that erupts next year. That’s when the unilaterally delayed business mandate threatens another 50-100 million Americans who get their insurance through their employers with policy cancellations and premium hikes, right before the mid-term elections. Assuming there are no further “improvisations” on the “law of the land.”

Keep your onesie handy, Pajama Boy. Your work is just beginning.

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  • 11bravo

    Obama will extend the business and employer mandates again. Just like he lied about Benghazi, and held back the fact/info/ACA regulations that were written, until after the election. He is a nasty piece of work like all progressives.
    His credibility is shot, it ain’t coming back. He is a liar. Soon, 50-75 million will feel the lie too.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    If your health care plan was cancelled by Obamacare, what have you got? Nothing. If you opt out, because your choices are unaffordable, what have you got? Nothing.
    If you remain in the plan, paying a king’s ransom for health insurance, you might get to see a doctor, but you might not. So you might well wind up paying that king’s ransom for nothing. Any way the pie is cut, Americans have been screwed. But with so many without health insurance, how can they claim that fewer than 1 million Americans will be without health insurance? Even if you have their plan, you may wind up with nothing. This was Obama’s goal from the beginning–destroy the health care industry, leaving people with nothing.

    • knockoutajournalist

      That is the plan. That was the plan from the very beginning.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        Impeach Obama…impeach Obama…impeach Obama…

    • Realist

      “But with so many without health insurance, how can they claim that fewer than 1 million Americans will be without health insurance?”

      Any assertions made by Obamesiah, Obamites or libs in general will be treated as inviolable truths – Truths that obviously need no serious examination – By their fellow travlers in the lib Lie Stream Media, so thats how they ” get away with it”. Its just the same as always.

    • Ellman48

      Leaving people with the ‘Single Payer’ system – eventually. This is not about what’s best for us but about what’s best for government and for personal power and control over us.

      And where is Obama while this goes on? On vacation with his teleprompter!

      • Just the Truth

        Spending a reported $4 Million. Probably a lot more.

    • Just the Truth

      Absolutely. Cruelly, viciously diabolical.

  • blert

    0-care was designed by a committee that never met: K Street ran over the Speaker’s office….
    Even the Speaker didn’t comprehend what was in the legislation.
    She figured that she could patch it later — never counting on fate — the loss of Kennedy’s vote.
    It’s is incorrect to think that these brainiacs ever thought this far ahead.

    Their focus was, and still remains, on the political organizing/ control of the proles aspect of 0-care. Stuff like the voter registration rider, etc.
    Even now the maladministration can’t get out ahead of events. It’s down right Nixonian. Remember how that broke down?

    That’s what you’re seeing right now.

    This latest escapade is a “modified, limited hang-out” of failure.

    Google: “Limited hang out” and you’ll begin to understand were they’re coming from and where we’re all going to.

    • Webb

      Thanks for the heads-up about this new (to me) term.

  • susan

    What obamacare amounts to in reality is a HUGE Tax on us.

  • glpage

    Obamacare, socialism at its finest, a complete cluster f—.

  • Kwan

    “Socialized Medicine is the cornerstone of Communism…Stalin. Converting a Constitutional Republic into a Totalitarian Socialist State is hard work but Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and the leftwing radicals that make-up the Obama Administration will give it their best effort.

  • kasandra

    You’ve to admit one thing. The entertainment value of this spectacle. can’t be beat. Just a “for instance,” just less than three months ago, I was being lectured by my progressive acquaintances that the Repulicans were terrorists for proposing to extend the individual mandate deadline with legislation because it was contained in, as they put it, ESTABLISHED LAW. Now, when The Great Helmsman extends something like 14 deadlines contained in that ESTABLISHED LAW by his decree, nothing but crickets chirping. This is all such a joke (except that it is tragic rather than funny).

  • keyster

    There was never a hidden agenda to socialize health care.
    This is giving them WAY too much credit.
    They actually believed this would work as originally intended.

    • Mike

      For socialists the objective is power, not a smoothly functioning agenda-item (e.g. healthcare). They want crises from which to derive more power. So I think there has been an agenda for which you can credit (or punish) them, and the agenda is chaos. But America is just getting good and hard the results of having voted – twice – for this unknown quantity. Conservatives need to take the gloves off, and that might start with taking a good hard look at the ‘conservatives’ you put in place to serve your interests. Put people in power who have the ability to get down and dirty, because you’re going to need it. Love to the Tea Party, from South Africa.

    • tickletik

      Prove it. Because we can actually prove the reverse.

  • gawxxx

    there is no such thing as “law” anymore is this nation , it’s sad to watch mankind implode by it’s own devises ,what fools we are.

  • Ellman48

    Apparently the Obama regime has decided that the way to sell people something they don’t need is to market it like an iPhone, diet programs, cosmetics, etc. Except that companies marketing products or services don’t add the message “and if you don’t spend money on our product (service) then you are not a good citizen”. You are selfish and will be punished at some point in your life for your selfishness.

    Selling socialism is not easy in a democratic republic. It’s much easier to sell it with the threat of death, torture and imprisonment. That’s what Stalin did and it worked! It’s the only way it will work here also!

    For once I have to credit our young people. Obamacare has gotten them off the Kool Aid – finally!

    • justquitnow

      So we don’t get single payer and you still get to call it socialism and bring up Stalin? Er…

  • Ellman48

    “…the insurance industry had accommodated President Obama’s first dalliance with selective law enforcement in November.”

    No surprise here. The insurance industry and the banking industry are not yet nationalized but are in reality connected to the government by an umbilical chord which they created willingly years ago. Obama knows that he can dictate to them and they will obey. In the end, he will blame every problem on them but they are both too stupid to realize it and too fearful to do anything about it.

    Not all CEOs possess the character to be heroes and to sacrifice themselves for an honorable cause.

  • Ellman48

    “She “suggested” that they give consumers additional time to pay their
    premiums past today’s deadline for coverage beginning January 1, that
    they treat out-of-network providers as in-network, and refill
    prescriptions from previous plans.”

    How marvelous and interesting. Obama is doing what the Republicans in the House could not do – REPEALING OBAMACARE until after the 2014 elections!

  • Ellman48

    That the Republican Party will fail to take strategic advantage of this chaotic mess is beyond comprehension, but that is exactly what will happen. Yet again, the party will save Obama’s legacy, allow taxpayers to bail out this mess, and get more Democrats elected in 2014.

    Absolutely incredible! Just like the Stock Market setting records even while the economy is on life support!

  • veritaseequitas

    Not laughing at the people who have lost their insurance through the machinations of Commie Obama and his Minions.
    Laughing long and loud at the Left as they show their unbelievable ignorance and arrogance about free markets and what the majority of Americans want.
    Government is NOT free market, they are not able or willing to operate that way. Thus they will screw up anything they touch with regulations and “fairness” policies.
    The majority of Americans DO NOT want to pay more for something they feel they need just so “everyone” can have the what they have.
    The majority of Americans DO NOT want the government to decide what is “right” for them to have.
    Obama was elected and then re-elected under false pretenses. He flat out lied to the American people and he continues to lie every time he gets in front of a microphone.
    The insurance companies now have their proverbial stocking full of coal. Just in time for Christmas.
    Tough sh!t. You should have never made a deal with the Devil. Unfortunately, taxpayer dollars will probably be comandeered to bail you out.
    Obama needs to be removed from office before he does any more damage to this country. His proven designs to weaken and destroy America are enough to get him gone.
    Congress do your job and get rid of this disaster. REPEAL IMPEACH REPEAL IMPEACH REPEAL IMPEACH and don’t forget to prosecute.

    • justquitnow

      Yeah those poor insurance companies…left to continue to make profits while contributing nothing. You think there was a “free market” in insurance previously? Anyway,..don’t shed a tear for the insurance companies that escaped being dissolved by single payer healthcare. Commie Obama doesn’t know how to be a proper commie apparently.

  • justquitnow

    The “deadline” was to have your insurance active on Jan 1st. You just sign up now and you’re insurance will kick in sometime later than the 1st. The penalty i don’t think kicks in until after 3 months or something, so you can sign up in the next couple of months. I hope for the sake of FPM, that the sky is falling predictions all come true…good luck.

  • Just the Truth

    There seems to be no end to the evil of this man.

  • 322 Skull

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    Present just for you ……..


    & NEW Years too……………

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