Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez

It is no accident that the death of Hugo Chavez, while mourned by the usual suspects on the left, was celebrated by thousands of his fellow countrymen. In the Doral section of Miami, FL, home to the largest enclave of Venezuelans living in America, the strongman’s demise was met with unrestrained joy. Daniela Calzadilla, who moved from Caracas five years ago, due to the skyrocketing crime rate and dwindling career opportunities, expressed a common refrain. “We hope this is the path to return our democracy and that hopefully we can have the same country we once had,” she said. Mary LaBarca put it even simpler. “We are not celebrating someone’s death,” she said. “We are celebrating freedom.”

Hugo Chavez was born July 28, 1954. Raised largely by his grandmother in the western state of Barinas, Chavez began nurturing his fascination with Marxism at an early age, boosted by Castro’s revolution in Cuba in 1959. His education led him to despise “imperialist” America, even as he idolized Castro and 19th century South American liberator Simon Bolivar. He eventually joined the army, after failing to fulfill his dream of becoming a major league baseball player.

In 1992, after rising to the rank of lieutenant-colonel, Chavez led an unsuccessful coup against then President Carlos Andrés Pérez. Scores of civilians and soldiers were killed, but Chavez won a large populist following as a result. He was jailed, but then released two years later by then President Rafael Caldera. Four years later, Chavez was elected president with 57 percent of the vote. Chavez changed the nation’s name to the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” and often appeared in front of huge paintings of Bolivar. The message was clear: Venezuelans were invited to think of him as the second coming of a historical hero.

Yet shortly after he won the vote, a lawyer from Barinas told Newsweek Magazine what had really occurred. “Venezuelans are dreaming of a savior, but Chávez is a dictator. People don’t know what they are getting.” After his inauguration in 1999, Chavez rewrote the nation’s constitution, precipitating a special presidential election in 2000, giving him a six year term.

1999 was the year he also began traveling around the world, ingratiating himself to a number of America’s enemies. While in Communist China, Chavez put his cards on the table. “I have been very Maoist all of my life,” he declared at the time. He was also successful in getting OPEC to pump up oil prices.

Steadily, Chavez’s “democratic” revolution began to resemble the dictatorship his regime inevitably became. The legislative and judicial branches of the Venezuelan government were subordinated to his authoritarian rule. He stacked his government with military officers, emulating the juntas that ruled Peru and Panama in the 1970s. The constitution became increasingly irrelevant, a reality most recently emphasized when Chavez’s absence still allowed him to win inauguration last January. That absence should have triggered certain procedures, but they were completely ignored. Chavez also politicized Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the state-owned oil company, whose output has declined by almost half from 2000 to 2011.

This combination of factors, as well as Chavez’s interminable rants (one went on for almost ten hours), polarized the nation to the point where Chavez was himself ousted in a short-lived coup in 2002. Yet his populist supporters, angered by TV images of the nation’s former elite reveling in victory, restored him to power two days later.

Chavez was hardened by the coup attempt, which he blamed on George W. Bush. His hatred of America and capitalism drove him into alliances with other Latin American leftists, with whom he formed the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), an effort to counterbalance American “hegemony.” That counterbalance also included tactical support for the communist Columbian terror group, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He formed alliances with Libya, Iraq, and Iran and Syria, and former members of his military alleged he supported Al Qaeda as well.

Chavez forged more dubious alliances during a 2006 trip. They included Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin, who sold Chavez $3 billion worth of military hardware, and Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who awarded him Iran’s highest state honor, the Islamic Republic Medal, for supporting Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. In the same year, he referred to Israel as one of America’s “imperialistic instruments,” and President Bush as “the Devil,” an “extremist,” an aspiring “world dictator,” and the “spokesman of imperialism.” This year it was revealed that Chavez was keeping Venezuelan Jews under surveillance because he considered them a “fifth column.”

Chavez’s ongoing relationship with Iran was despicable. He acted as their banker in order to help them avoid sanctions, and allowed them to open factories in remote locations, likely to pursue weapons production. According to the Israelis, he was also supplying them with uranium.

Unsurprisingly, Venezuela increasingly began to resemble some of the authoritarian states Chavez admired. The Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ranked the nation as one of the most repressed in the world. Only Zimbabwe, North Korea and Cuba ranked lower. Chavez’s government also seized TV stations, numerous banks, the assets of 60 oil service companies, 32 sugar plantations, and foreign-owned cement plants, that refused to be nationalized. All privately held oil production was effectively nationalized in 2007 as well.

Crime soared. Caracas became one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and Venezuela’s 2009 murder rate topped that of war-torn Iraq, and Mexico’s cartel-inspired carnage. By 2012, Venezuela’s national murder rate was one of the highest in the world. Chronic food shortages and power outages as well mounting debt — leading to a 33 percent currency devaluation last month, Venezuela’s fifth in a decade — has turned the nation into one of the Western Hemisphere’s worst economic basket cases.

None of this should surprise. A year after he won reelection in 2006, Chavez held a constitutional referendum whose chief purpose was the elimination of presidential term-limits. When voters defeated it, he repeated the process a year later and succeeded in eliminating them. He won another term in 2012, after lying and declaring himself cancer free. Two months later, he went back to Cuba. He was never heard from again.

Chavez characterized his repressive regime as “21st-century socialism.” In reality, in bore a striking resemblance to the repressive regime of Fidel Castro, a man he idolized, and whose nation he kept propped up with cheap oil in return for the training of his private army of enforcers, known as the Bolivarian Circles. Chavez’s regime, in turn, has been largely propped up by China, which has subsidized Venezuela with $36 billion in loans that are being repaid in oil, not cash. And as of last September, the state-run oil company in a nation sitting on some of the largest oil reserves in the world is now paying its debt by issuing bonds–aka IOUs.

Thus, despite his bravado, his charisma, and a host of other dubious qualities that endeared him to leftists, Hugo Chavez was little more than a self-aggrandizing authoritarian thug. His grandiose schemes did little to alleviate the country’s economic woes. Yet he leaves behind a hand-picked  successor in Vice President Nicolas Maduro, and enough of a political apparatus that the constitutionally mandated election required to take place in 30 days will likely be nothing more than a formality, officially instating Maduro as president.

Henrique Capriles, a charismatic opposition candidate who lost the October election to Chavez, may mount a challenge, but it is unrealistic to expect him to coordinate a viable election campaign in the space of a month in a nation where “Chavistas” have all but eliminated opposition media.

Chavez is dead. Sadly, the authoritarianism he nurtured will likely live on.

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  • Ibrahim SABIRLI

    Hugo; Vive en nuestros corazones !!!

    • thomas_h

      No hay problema, siempre y cuando no lo dejes salir

      • Lan Astaslem

        bravo thomas

        • thomas_h

          Gracias Lan Astalem,
          Nos veremos en "jihad Watch"!

    • Lan Astaslem

      chavez era mierde como todos los muselmans y el cerdo mohamed

      • thomas_h

        No eres muy agradable a los cerdos… ;-)

  • sema ankaralı

    Hastra Siempre Comandante Chavez !

    • Mary Sue

      my spanish is a little rusty. Is that glorifying Chavez, or vilifying him?

      • esperanto

        Ibrahim said:"Hugo lives in our hearts" and Thomas said "No problem,as long as you dont let him out"

        • Mary Sue

          oh. What did sema ankarali say?

          • Fuquan Black

            "Farewell, Commander Chavez!" It reminds me of the North Koreans glorifying Dear Leader Kim Jong Un.

    • F.K. Juliano

      He’s joined Atatürk in cehennem.

      • Ibrahim SABIRLI

        Only God knows who will go to hell & i will be watching you :)
        VIVA CHAVEZ !

        • UCSPanther

          I spit on your Fuhrer.

        • Mary Sue

          By your fruits ye shall know them. Hugo was fruit of the poisonous tree.

        • Ghostwriter

          Well Ibrahim,Chavez is probably in Hades right now,after all he did.

    • Atikva

      "Hasta siempre"… pero adonde?

  • Mary Sue

    what is it with communism and south america, seriously?

    • Cassandra

      Do not call her cow. I can see who you are now Whatever man. You are a communist Islamist. Do not read this site it is not for people like you. Down with Chavez.

      • Lan Astaslem

        leave your girlfriend out of this – btw, I saw some guy petting her – ya better keep an eye on your lil lady

      • Mary Sue

        aw man I missed it, what did he say?

        • Western Candian

          Wouldn't that be sort of like missing being a vicitim of jihad??? The mental variety??

          • Mary Sue

            it's like a train wreck. Horrible, but can't look away…

    • Jake Tobias

      I know what an Objectivist would say. Religion. Especially Catholicism. That is, the religious morality of altruism. The creed of sacrifice.

      I know there is more involved, but that's one of the big reasons. That's why Any Rand feared the conservatives would be more responsible for the end of America than liberals. The conservatives are unable to out-argue liberals, because altruism is the morality of religion, and socialism. Needless to say, conservatives find Rand's claims very antagonizing. And then respond by calling for more religion. And sacrifice. Like liberals do. So because of religion, and the culture, voters find appeals to sacrifice very inspiring. Except conservatives want individuals to sacrifice, and liberals want somebody else to.

      Me, at this point, I think it's time to pray, and fight. But am unsure how do engage the fight now that Obama has won again.

      • beez

        Ayn Rand was a brilliant woman, but not a whole lot different in the ego department from Chavez. While I am aware that much Catholic doctrine and / or theology, seems extreme in the self-denial feature, individual Catholics, especially here in the U.S. find that notion inapplicable in the realm of their worldly affairs, even though it has value in a spiritual context, IMO. In any case, as a non-Catholic conservative, I read your views here and shake my head. Why do you creepy libertarians and Ayn Rand cultists insist on alienating religious people? You've only shown your ignorance here, and the reason conservatives and reasonable libertarians can't seem to put together a winning coalition that will restore this country to sanity and the true American way of smallest-as-possible government. As a non-Catholic and non-religious person I don't find Rand's claims antagonizing, I find them ignorant, pointless, and needlessly abusive of people who hold one single idea different from Rand's. Evidently, not only was it Ayn Rand who couldn't tolerate the least bit of dissent from her doctrines and the Rand manifesto, but her sheep-like cultists are equally "antagonized" by our puny disagreements.

      • Western Candian

        Your assessment of objectivism and the RC church is quite weak. It would be more to the point as well as more accurate, to examine how the church has been co-opted at various times and places, and by whom. Just as there were 'pink' seminaries where homosexuality ruled, there have also been red seminaries, where the bastard offspring of marx were free to run amuck.

        "The conservatives are unable to out-argue liberals, because altruism is the morality of religion, and socialism."

        Anyone can out-argue a liberal, but don't expect RINO's to even try. There is a difference between altruism, and suicide. And if you think socialism is in anyway at all altruistic, you have never even briefly examined the cult.

  • WhateverMan

    Chavez was democratically elected. Venezuela was a democracy. But the US still supported a failed military coup against Chavez.
    According to the jewish zionist lobby, the US should only support a democracy if its name is israel, eventhough that democracy is a flawed, bastardized image of apartheid South Africa that occupies and steals land.
    Chavez was kind to those who tried to overthrow. He neither had them executed nor jailed. In any other country they would have been in front of a firing squad.
    His only crime is that he stood up to the powerful and spat in their face.
    Whatever you say, on STORMFRONTPAGEMAG, you can see the love that his people bore for me. You can never take that away

    • thomas_h

      "… you can see the love that his people bore for me."

      His people bore love for YOU???
      Hm… an interesting and revealing slip indicating you engage in fantasies about being a beloved leader of people. Typical for someone who is both unloved and a megalomaniac and tries compensate for lack of personal love with fantasies of "People's Love".

      OK, so for whatever reason nobody loves you, WhateverMan…Well, I don't now if you can do something about it, but blaming the Jews for it doesn't seem to be the right way to start. How about getting a little turtle.They can be quite affectionate, you know…whatever..

      You say: "chavez was democratically elected. Venezuela was a democracy." These two things have little to do with each other. Hitler was democratically elected, so was Robert Mugabe while Fidel Castro had a wide support of Cuban people before he had shown his true commie colours.
      BTW, your own "president" O'Bimbo was democratically elected TWICE yet no other American president had succeeded inflicting such massive damage on the American democracy.

      you also say: "Chavez was kind to those who tried to overthrow. He neither had them executed nor jailed. In any other country they would have been in front of a firing squad."
      Yes, in any other COMMUNIST country.

      Well, WhateverMan, until now whatever you have said is just …well, whatever…

      • WhateverMan

        other democratically elected people: sharon and netanyahu. But they get a pass, eventhough israel is creating an apartheid state…ahhh, you zionists…to be able to support an idea and it's opposite is a talent that no one has except you.

        • Lan Astaslem

          whateverthing, get your lazy butt out of mom's basement and go live in a communist country

          • Roger

            Would they have enough cheetos for him?

          • Hawk

            Maybe whatever is living in a communist country.

        • pagegl

          You wouldn't know apartheid if it ran over your sorry derriere. The countries surrounding Israel are much closer to being apartheid states.

        • Pontotoc Bill

          You have no grasp on reality. Israel creating an apartheid state? How dumb do you think we are?

          Chavez was a murderous thug, nothing more.

          You really need to get a real education, and forget the liberal kool-aid brainwashing you have received.

        • Western Canadian

          Every teacher, day care staff member, parent, grand-parent, and anyone else responsible for raising such a sick and ignorant lout, should be ashamed of themselves. Muslim, or not.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "other democratically elected people"

          Democratic elections are a minimum requirement. You're arguments are so simplistic it is very difficult to take you seriously. All of your arguments contain absurd simplifications that lead to moral equivalence, and lies that you must use to try to show equivalence working from the other end. It's all based on your delusions, as opposed to you learning how to find out what is really going on in the world and what really matters.

          You're a simpleton liar.

        • Mary Sue

          says the person who doesn't even know what apartheid IS.

      • Glennd1

        Tell me this, what was Chavez without oil? He was no better than any other oil tyrant in many real ways. The only way his ideas could work at all is by nationalizing Venezuela's oil industry. But what did that prove? Yes, you can just seize the assets of private industry and give that wealth to others, but what it ignores is that he also destroyed the engine of growth along the way. Russia does the same – instead allowing it's oligarchs to become billionaires, rather than giving 100,000 barrels of oil a day to Cuba, as Venezuela does, but it's still anti-free market. The entire productive heart of the Venezuelan economy was scraped out by Chavez. Even the oil industry has suffered producivity setbacks, instead of advances. They spend more to pump less oil – 21st Century Socialism – all on display if you care to look.

        Yes, he did give a short term benefit to the poor – and this could be done without many of the policies he's pursued. He also dismantled the constitutional democracy Venezuelans had enjoyed since the '50s, and installed himself as President for Life. Do you really think these are attributes that deserved to be commended? The poor are utterly screwed in Venezuela as a result of what Chavez has done. Compare them to the what Peru and Chile are achieving in terms of real economic growth and wealth creation, and you can see what is possible.

        You really should be ashamed of yourself, flacking for Chavez. He was a thug and I bet that once again "he can smell sulfur"…

    • thomas_h

      "VIVA CHAVEZ! "

      On the condition that he stays dead.

    • Glennd1

      Of course being a "democracy" is a very loose term. The way we use the term in the west would mean that Venezuela isn't a democracy at all. Besides an occasional vote, things like the rule of law, freedom of the press, property rights – these are part of the package. They vote in Cuba and China too – that doesn't make them western democracies.

      You claim the U.S. supported the failed coup – what do you mean by that? Did we arm or supply the coup leaders with other help? Or did we just say we would be happy to see Chavez go? Sure, we did provide some NGO kind of training support for democracy advocates in Venezuela, just as Obama did for Egyptian and other Arab Spring liberals. The U.S. provides non-lethal, generalized support for advocates against tyranny in many countries. The issue of U.S. involvement was extensively investigated and the outcome was this. We didn't arm them. We didn't provide any meaningful material support. We simply told them we'd like to see Chavez go.

      In 2012 Venezuela was rated as having one of the lowest levels of economic liberty in the world, in the company of Zimbabwe. You speak about it as though liberal democracy is operating in Venezuela when in fact Chaves was just another Caudillo misusing the mantle of "justice" to create his own dictatorship. Do you actually have any idea of the reality in Venzuela? The murder rate in Caracas? The breakdown in basic services that happens regularly? That inflation is rampant? That economic growth has been eliminated? That unemployment is exploding?

      Or do you just fluff for socialist thugs cuz it gives you some sense of being a 'revolutionary' in your own mind? You sad, pathetic rube – you are a 'useful idiot', and you don't even know it.

      • Roger

        Perhaps he thinks the democratic process of Chicago is great too. I wonder if the dead have to vote in Venezuela or they just have the florida chad recounts until they end up with the tally they want?

    • richie

      Isn't that great. You really should move down there to the Worker's Paradise…I for one wish you all the best and hope you really can get away from the horrible curse of living in a country where people love Divinity, and enjoy benefiting others while making money at the same time.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Chavez was democratically elected."

      Our standards for "democracy" are a little higher than that.

      "According to the jewish zionist lobby, the US should only support a democracy if its name is israel, eventhough that democracy is a flawed, *******ized image of apartheid South Africa that occupies and steals land. "

      Sure. Don't forget the UK, Canada and Australia. All thieves. And the French, Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Danish, Norwegians, Italians and a few others I left out. All thieves who exploit…etc.

      If your nation is developed, you are a thief. End of discussion. Just ask "Whatever man" because that is the bottom line and it will save everyone a lot of time. He needs to get to the beach to do more drugs.

      Thank you.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, democratically elected, just like Hitler. Or Saddam Hussein the last time around.

      There is no apartheid in Israel. Arabs are not treated like second class citizens. ONLY TERRORISTS ARE.

      And yes, yes he did jail those who were against him.

      And he stole his country blind. He amassed a fortune in STOLEN money while his people lost half their income overnight due to his douchery.

    • Ghostwriter

      This may make WhateverMan angry but my opinion of Chavez was that he was a egotistical blowhard with a touch of paranoia in him. I listened to a couple of his speeches to reach that conclusion. The man was a creep. There were MANY who hated him. It's a shame Chavez didn't end up before a firing squad. He,at least,deserved to go out like that.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Communists hit thier zenith is places like the slave state of Norh Korea, which is the end of
    the road, a road that is all down hill except for those who hold the weapons, elites who must
    be worshiped and become demigods. How far has America fallen from our Constitution is
    just how far we are down this fetid road, Obama is here to carry us into slavery, Islamist,
    Communist or Dictatorship, no matter to him as long as he has total control and that can
    only happen to a morally defeated populace without any Constitution……..It is the
    so called Republican party that is not stopping this takeover by Socialists, kind of telling.

  • F.K. Juliano

    The people who briefly overthrew Chavez made a mistake: they were too nice. Huguito (and his key supporters) should not have survived that first night, let alone been allowed to rally. And, yes, killing is justified to prevent someone like Chavez from inflicting his misrule on a whole country. Call it a form of just war.

    • Larry

      They should have taken him out and shot him the first time he was involved in a coup.

      History teaches us quite well that extremists who try and fail at overthrowing governments should never be allowed to live long enough for another try.

      • UCSPanther

        Chavez should have been executed after his Museum Putsch back in the day.

  • Asher

    Make note of the fact that dictators are being removed, how many more will fall?????

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "Article I on the Conclusions of Stanley Paine,Specialist on Spanish History, about Spain and Islam"


    "800 Italian Men Beheaded in Otranto in 1480 for Refusing Islam,by the Turks, with the Approval of Sultan Mehmet II"

  • antisharia

    Chavez was democratically elected, so was Mussolini, hell so was Hitler. Winning a vote doesn't sanctify a reign as free and democratic.

    • Cassandra

      And so was Obama.

    • Gee

      And you equal moron

    • thomas_h


      You got it wrong, again. The fact that Israel is democracy is of little importance here.

      "The US should assist and support Israel" because Israel, whatever her imperfections, is fundamentally moral, or a force for good, who is fighting an existential battle against the forces of evil that wish to annihilate it.
      It is exactly for the same reason that Israel should assist and support the US – because America is, still, force for good and that represents the fundamental bond between the two. Not because they both are democratic.

      And what exactly is the people whose country is occupied and oppressed by Israel? Is it Syrians?, Jordanians? Egyptians…?

    • pagegl

      Muslims in Israel enjoy way more freedom that Jews in any Muslim state. Members of some Muslim sects don't enjoy as much freedom in their countries as do Muslims in Israel.

      WhateverMan = serious lack of functioning synapses.

    • Mary Sue

      Whatever, man.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "So if elections don't "sanctify a reign as free and democratic", why are we told that the US should assist and support israel, a country that oppresses and occupy an entire people"

      Because you believe in lies. We follow the world as it exists in reality. I wonder if you could even pass the USA citizenship test for immigrants? We should make this a requirement for voter registration.

      Look how far our schools have fallen. Poor whatever man lives in a hateful world of delusion, torturing himself with lies.

  • Trevor

    This is funny 2 fold.

    1. lol @ Americans criticising Chavez as a "despot" and "dictator" when the USA funded and held up tin pot dictators all over Latin America. Maybe you should check up on what the Reagan Administration was doing, especially in Nicaragua, before you go shooting off your ignorant, extremist right wing mouths.

    2. lol ' the "Christians" condemning him to hell when he helped the poorest people in Venezuala….All of whom loved him.

    Chavez might not have been perfect but just because he didn't bow to the USA is no reason to demonize him.

    WASPS will be WASPS i guess!

    • Lan Astaslem

      this from a piece of garbage who vilifies Jews – you're not only a hateful ignoramus, but a hypocrite as well – get lost

    • Dennis X

      I can still smell the sulfur.

    • UCSPanther

      Yep, and this "WASP" spits on your beloved dead Fuhrer…

    • Western Candian

      Trevor, you are an ignorant and disgusting moron. Your false history of Reagan, is a perfect example of someone having been told WHAT to think to such a degree that you have no knowledge of HOW to think or ability in doing so. The claim that the Venezuelan jack boot was loved by ALL….. demonstrates again a level of stupidity that has been practiced for years on end.

      Quit listening to morons out of hollywood, and try to actually educate yourself. Begin by ignoring whatevermoron, who is one of the few even more pathetic than you are. His every comment and smear of the non-left, is an example of projection…..

    • h2Ameriway

      Just as Obama "loves" the poor in the USA! What a joke!!! It is Communism to tax the rich to spread the wealth to the poor & I might add to line the pockets of the despot leader who is doing it to a society.
      Wake up and educate yourself in the tactics of Marxist/Lenin ideology. Read the Communist Manifesto, go to the CPUSA website and learn how these freedom hating tyrannical nuts are destroying liberty throughout the world. Ugh! I'd rather be Dead than Red.

    • Mary Sue

      When your choice is between a Communist Dictator and a Not-Communist Dictator, what are you going to do?

      He didn't help the poor. He created MORE poor people and made them BELIEVE that he was helping them while he robbed that country BLIND like he was some "capitalist" Robber Baron!

      He said GWB was the devil "El Diablo", so it's natural for people to comment on the irony that someone that called GWB the devil is probably burning in Hell right this minute.

      Chavez wasn't even not-perfect. He was a crook, pure and simple. He aided and abetted TERRORISTS. Such as Iran. You know, that place where women were just told to stfu and go back to the kitchen and make the ayatollahs a sammich?

    • Mary Sue

      All of which are displayed BY YOU and people who think like you.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "1. lol @ Americans criticising Chavez as a "despot" and "dictator" when the USA funded and held up tin pot dictators all over Latin America. Maybe you should check up on what the Reagan Administration was doing, especially in Nicaragua…"

      Dummass, we take the world as it exists and draw nations towards liberal democracy. No apologies needed. We didn't create the chaos. We lead people away from it.

      "2. lol ' the "Christians" condemning him to hell when he helped the poorest people in Venezuala….All of whom loved him."

      It's commentary, not condemnation. You may not know the difference, but Christians do.

      "Chavez might not have been perfect but just because he didn't bow to the USA is no reason to demonize him. "

      Here is a man of integrity who knows how to analyze any political situation with nuanced clarity.

      Chavez was not perfect. Boo!
      He didn't worship the US and kiss the ring of the POTUS! Boo!

      Yeah, that's it. You got it.

      "WASPS will be WASPS i guess!"

      Zebras will be zebras, fools will be fools and liars will be liars. Any other words of wisdom?

      Just because Chavez literally demonized the USA constantly and aligned himself with our mortal enemies, that's no reason to call him on his behavior. Mr. trevor said so.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Agreed! This website and the commentators display daily all of the following traits on a daily basis to every article: Ignorance, bigotry, racism, cowardice, hypocrisy and stupidity.
      They feed on each other and confirm their imbecilic point of view. They find out that they are not the only ones hold these views. It makes them feel good about themselves."

      And how do you know this? Trevor said so. And how does he know this? Because you said so.

      Keep it simple and you will remain living the life of a simpleton.

  • espersemper

    Another one bites the dust. 200,000 dead Venezuelans later, the useful idiots still in the personality cult.
    Ugly has no limits. He was one of the ugliest. It hurts the ugly inside to realize they are forever losers.
    Feos por fuera y por dentro para siempre pa lante ignorante!

  • Steeloak

    Puff Ho or Daily Kooks must have posted a link here, the Communists & Jew haters are thick as flies today.

    • espersemper

      Flyswatters are multiplying and you are right to point out the followers of the populous trend that gets these prophets of evil all excited. Obviously this is a great article! It worked. Smoking them out.
      In the end they lose. Steeloak prevails.

  • beez

    WhateverMan's an America hating neo-Nasty.

  • Bob Stern

    He was a tinpot dictator, ant-semite. He's dead live with it.

  • tagalog

    Since Hugo Chavez died, there's been quite a lot of play given to his love for the poor. I don't remember any attention having been paid to his compassion for the poor while he was alive.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Since Hugo Chavez died, there's been quite a lot of play given to his love for the poor. I don't remember any attention having been paid to his compassion for the poor while he was alive."

      There is no way that it was a mere political tactic. He really cared!!

      He was actually so narcissistic that he was always talking about himself when crying about the abused victims. That's why he horded money while ruining the economy with his naive schemes.

  • Richard

    In U.S A. Obama and his cronies have done there best to eliminate opposition media (news casters) in television with the exception of Fox news. In Obama's heart, he probably as the spirit of Hugo Chavez.

  • thomas_h

    To site's administrator.

    I can see you have removed my replies to Whateverman. What was the reason for it? As far as I can remember none of them violated the below specified guidelines.

    Thomas H.

    • Mary Sue

      It's random. I have that happen to me a few times. Totally automated.

      • thomas_h

        Thank you

  • SaguaroJack

    Chavez' economic crimes were predictable and are well known, but what about the way his regime treated the populace and political opponents? Were there political prisoners? Concentration camps? Thugs calling at midnight? Disappearances? Did the population live in fear, or just despair?

    The history of Leftism shouts, SCREAMS, that all the above should have occurred in chavista Venezuela. The title says "vicious," and I'd like specifics about chavista viciousness.

    • Mary Sue

      he threatened to jail and he shut DOWN any media that didn't follow the party line. He was the king of censorship.

      He STOLE, that's right, outright STOLE, money from the Venezuelan people. He didn't "nationalize" the country's oil. He Chavezized it and amassed himself a mighty fortune from the proceeds.

  • Sonnys Mom

    "Steadily, Chavez’s 'democratic' revolution began to resemble the dictatorship his regime inevitably became. The legislative and judicial branches of the Venezuelan government were subordinated to his authoritarian rule."

    Now doesn't that sound a lot like someone else we know, a little closer to home?

  • patriothere

    We hope this is the path to return our democracy and that hopefully we can have the same country we once had,”

    Please, now that chavez is gone the vultures will swarm in and pick at what's left. Venezuela is in for a world of hurt now. Chavez kept those vulturres at bay. Expect a huge privatization campaign like you had after the fall of the soviet union.

    • Mary Sue

      you make it sound like privatization is a bad thing.

      No seriously, Chavez was WORSE for his country than privatization ever would be. He didn't "nationalize", he outright appropriated for his own personal wealth. How do you think he became worth BILLIONS? Roller derby?

  • patriothere

    This year it was revealed that Chavez was keeping Venezuelan Jews under surveillance because he considered them a “fifth column.

    Damn, I'm gonna miss Chavez. He was a good man. If only Obama had the cajones Chavez had. I bet you venezuela doesn't have debates about an israel lobby. Venezuela doesn't have to go through the gauntlet of being pro-israel. Venezuela doesn't have to debate about nuking an innocent country for having a peaceful energy program.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Still patriotic to the land of delusion I see.

    • Mary Sue

      Why do you hate Jews so much?

  • patriothere

    "He acted as their banker in order to help them avoid sanctions, and allowed them to open factories in remote locations, likely to pursue weapons production."

    Likely? LOL! Based on what? Being signatories to the NPT? Inspected by the IAEA? LOL!

    • Mary Sue

      Well it sure wasn't to build Keebler Cookie factories, now, was it?

  • Ghostwriter

    What world are you living in,patriothere because it sure isn't ours. The reason that Venezuela no longer has a large Jewish community is that many of them left BECAUSE of Chavez and his demonization of them! And also,that crack of nuking an innocent country for having a peaceful energy program. Are you referring to Iran,the nation that wants to wipe any country that ISN'T Islamic? You're a jerk,patriothere. Go back to the hole from which you crawled out from.

  • dear leader lover

    Of course Chavez wasn't vicious. Chavez loved the poor. Obama loves the poor. Castro loves the poor. All dear leaders love the poor. That's way when their in power, their policies create so many poor people. Of course the dear leaders themselves are always blessed to become rich. Now I am not putting Obama is the same league as a Chavez or Castro. He doesn't have that pot belly, out of shape, scruffy military lifestyle fashion statement going on of a true revolutionary socialist leader.

  • Robin Cox

    Capitalism in all its forms is reprehensible, including the state capitalism of Hugo Chavez. One takes with a pinch of the salt, the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom cited in this article which ranks Venzuela “as one of the most repressed in the world”. What, pray, constitutes “repression” in its eyes? Whether the dictatorship of capital takes the form of corporate capitalism under a so called “free market” economy (what a joke!) or the rule of the privileged and all powerful apparatchik class under old fashioned soviet state capitalism , the working class or wage-slave class, remains unfree and repressed

    Certainly there is much to be critical of about Chavez’ particular form of capitalism, even allowing for the fact that his critics on the right will exaggerate and distort and can hardly claim to take up an unbiased position on the matter. But let no one draw from this the conclusion that this makes the state of affairs that prevails elsewhere in the world – like the United States – somehow basically acceptable and that citizens of the latter live in the best of all possible worlds. They do not and it galling to think that, all too often ,genuine criticism of one authoritarian polity should thus be prostituted in this backhanded manner in the service of another like the United States which preposterously presumes to call itself a “democracy” when in fact it is an oligarchy. Giving the slaves the right to right to choose their own master once every few years, hardly signifies the abolition of slavery

    Until we move beyond capitalism in all its hydra-headed forms and reject both the market and the state, completely, the vast majority will remain repressed, economically and politically.

    • Softly Bob

      You're seriously deluded my friend. I hope the unicorns and fairies keep you comfortable in bed tonight.

    • Atikva

      I wanted to cancel my previous post, which was meant for Ibrahim Sabirli's comment, but I think it can stay after all, it also applies to Mr. Cox's comment.

  • Atikva


  • theebl… Is Hugo Chavez a saint? I think the evidence is pretty strong he is NOT.

  • Dmon


  • giacomo

    Articolo interessante e colgo l’occasione per complimentarmi per questo sito! veramente ben fatto e con tanti articoli utili!