The ObamaCare Propaganda Campaign

11212013_obamaIn an effort that exemplifies both desperation and contempt for the public, the Obama administration, in coordination with its media cheerleading squad, is determined to rebrand ObamaCare. Toward that end, Families USA (FUSA) a self-described “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans” was given a $1.1 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Their mission is to gather ObamaCare success stories and feed them to the media. Thus the American left embarks on yet another mission to “change the narrative” of a disaster entirely of their own making.

And make no mistake: despite the non-partisan claims, FUSA is an organization with roots firmly planted on the left side of the ideological ledger. As far back as 2008, when the leftist Palm Beach Post featured two articles promoting universal, government-run healthcare–because Floridians were dying daily due to a lack of insurance–they were citing research compiled by FUSA.

The present is no different. FUSA president Philippe Villers currently serves as the “Secretary and Treasurer of Board” for the Herndon Alliance, which also touts itself as a “non-partisan” organization, but one that is “working and speaking out for the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.” In 2009, Politico described the group as “the messaging arm of a vast center-left infrastructure pushing health care reform,” further noting that “nearly every major health care player, from the Service Employees International Union to Families USA and the American Cancer Society, calls itself a Herndon partner.” Yet the key takeaway from the article is this: “When President Barack Obama says Americans can maintain their ‘choice’ of doctors and insurance plans, he is using a Herndon strategy for wringing fear out of a system overhaul.”

Thus, this “non-partisan” organization wrung fear out of the system by helping the president perpetrate one of the more egregious lies ever told by a Chief Executive. And they did so with funding provided by left-wing organizations such as the Tides Foundation and George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

In an interview with Time magazine, FUSA Executive Director Ron Pollack reveals that his organization, which already has a “story bank” containing 950 stories available for media consumption, will use the grant to conduct a spin campaign on behalf of ObamaCare. This is consistent with Pollack’s efforts in 2010, when he told Washington Post columnist and Obama toady Ezra Klein that he was helping to found Enroll America to “raise tens of millions of dollars for state groups to work with the state to try to create the most effective systems to apply and enroll (in ObamaCare).”

Enroll America is the group who recently saw Christopher Tarango, one of their communication directors, caught on videotape making a complete mockery of the notion that they are non-partisan organization. “There’s a lot of talent that got sucked into Organizing for Action. I mean, there’s a lot of talent that got sucked into Enroll America, but we are all Obama people,” he told an undercover reporter from Project Veritas.

That was only the organization’s latest black eye. In testimony before a House ethics panel last June, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that she asked the aforementioned Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to contribute to Enroll America. Furthermore this “non-partisan” organization’s president is Ann Filipic, who was deputy director for the White House Office of Public Engagement, and its managing director is Chris Wyant, a former White House economics official.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the largest “non-partisan” philanthropy focused exclusively on health care, is also deeply rooted in leftist ideology. They too have long championed universal healthcare, spending millions of dollars in the 1990s in an effort to get state legislatures to write laws to that effect. The Foundation also promoted HillaryCare by sponsoring forums during which the former First Lady touted her proposals.

The first step in re-marketing ObamaCare has been fairly straight-forward: eliminate the term completely. Thus, the same president who as recently as Nov. 8 told a group of supporters that his opponents would stop using the term ObamaCare once his “signature achievement” gained popularity, beat them to the punch. Despite his former embrace of the term, it was never used during a Nov. 14 news conference. Instead the president referred to the “Affordable Care Act” a dozen times.

Politico further revealed that this was no accident, noting that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi corrected David Gregory on “Meet the Press” the following Sunday, and that they had obtained White House talking points distributed to Democrats that “repeatedly refer to the Affordable Care Act in suggested sound bites, not Obamacare.”

This change typifies progressive contempt for the public. The Obama administration and it supporters have undoubtedly seen a poll taken in September that shows Americans respond more favorably to the term Affordable Care Act than ObamaCare. Thus, rather than clear up the confusion in the minds of the public, they prefer to exploit it.

As so it begins. The Christian Science Monitor insists that after “weeks of stories about website crashes and canceled health plans–and an extraordinary mea culpa from President Obama–a competing story line is starting to emerge.” They further note that both the left-leaning New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have touted a “surge” in enrollment figures. Laughably, they attribute this change in coverage to a “media effect,” one in which reporters and the public “get tired of all the wall-to-wall negativity, and to keep interest up, seek out happy stories for a change of pace.”

Yet even the Monitor is forced to admit that Democratic senators have been sent off for Thanksgiving with “marching orders” to find and publicize positive stories about the healthcare bill.

Furthermore, the day before Thanksgiving, reality intruded once again: the Obama administration unilaterally postponed the signup portal for small businesses until after the 2014 mid-term election. This followed a decision earlier the same week to postpone the 2014 open enrollment period for ObamaCare past the election as well.

The reason is painfully transparent. As bad as the insurance policy cancellations on the individual market that have afflicted 5 million Americans — and counting — have been for Democrats, they are nothing compared to the political armageddon that awaits. Anywhere from 80-100 million Americans could also see their employer-based policies cancelled because they don’t comply with ObamaCare. Cancellations that were projected by the Obama administration itself back in 2010.

That’s the reality that FUSA, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Democrats, the Obama administration and countless media organizations will be attempting to diminish with a series of “feel good” stories. One seriously doubts they can come up with 80-100 million of them.

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  • JAFO

    Yawn … He can brand and polish that turd any which way he wants … At the end of the day it’s still just a turd …

    • Duey Miller

      This is worst than a turd. I can flush a turd down the toilet. It more like a royal flush where I have a gun to my head.

  • sha457


  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It doesn’t matter how many ‘good’ stories they can tell if people are losing insurance they like and forced to buy more expensive plans or can’t enroll at all.
    Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!

    • Bookhunter


  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    It’s not his propaganda that is dangerous; it is he.

    Obama’s goal is to destroy the United States — and Congress is allowing it.

    • victoryman

      Right on target. Destroy the United States. Destroy the Military. Destroy Israel. The demander-in-chief’s three resolutions from last New Years.

  • Chris Behme

    As the unbelievable crappiness of the law becomes obvious to everyone, expect the name to change further:

    The affordable care act
    The bipartisan healthcare law
    The hey republicans support it too law
    McCain care.
    Anyone who opposes the healthcare law is racist care

    At this point nothing would surprise me with these crooks.

    • Biff Henderson


  • m4253y

    Arnold, libs and their left will never understand math, no matter how hard they try (the trying is debatable).

    A few key points to understand that NO MATTER WHAT, caliphate care or their Utopian dream of single payer will NEVER WORK. Why? Math says so.

    For caliphate care to work, you need to have a sharing of the costs spread across the entire group of insured throughout the USA. Now, for a country whose tax paying base consists of of roughly one third of the country paying better than 95% of ALL OF THE TAXES, the revenue necessary to drive caliphate care on a national basis just isn’t there in the PRESENT form.

    SO, the only way one third of the country can pay for 2/3 rds that is that taxes have to go up considerably (middle class).

    Let us assume that the 33% have their taxes tripled, IT WONT MATTER. The ongoing RISING COSTS of healthcare will become such a massive share of GDP that the already lost 1/6th of the economy will inevitably end up being 1/3 to one half of the economy lost. Then services will need to cut and/or taxes will have to go up (Canada at present).

    Have a read on an article from a former bank of Canada governor as it relates to Canada’s single payer system…Canada is on the road to healthcare eating up 18% of GDP which is unsustainable in its present form. So, what is happening? Canadians are now in a situation whereby 70% of healthcare is via the gov plan (subsidized by taxpayers whereby better than two thirds of the country pays taxes) from what was 100% just less than 10 years ago.

    Currently, 12% of GDP goes to healthcare. Care to guess what happens at 18% of GDP which is within another 10 years? 50/50 if not worse. Bottom line, Canada is adopting the free market approach by means of natural evolution (the current and normal state in the USA) and the USA is attempting a failing model as evidenced by Canada.

    Now, for a couple of laughs; while the libs push for a similar failing CDN healthcare model, they also want to attempt the failed CDN gun registry model (2nd amendment attack)…care to guess what technology company was responsible for the fiasco of the multi-billion dollar failed gun registry program in Canada? You guessed it, the same one who was hired to do caliphate care’s technology set up, CGI.

  • Bookhunter

    Did you notice all the OBAMACARE stories have been scrubbed to protect the usurper?

  • Lanna

    The proof is in the pudding which is a disaster, and people are now opting out of the continuous propaganda machine…

    • IzzyKiddnya

      OMG! You mean FOX viewership is falling?

      • Lanna

        Hi Izz, Hope you’re having a good day….Fox’s viewership has increased two fold..they have the highest ratings and best rated news programs in the business along with very popular hosts…..isn’t that too bad for the Progressive Liberal Propaganda machine!!!!!!

  • lokiswife

    It’s going to be really hard to sell the BS to people who have lost their good insurance and must now go through the process of finding replacement coverage. Since Obamacare was voted in 2009, they have been adding more and more pages of rules and regulations which we will know about when we are informed that they are the law now. In 2014, about 70% of companies who were providing insurance for their employees and their families, will insure the employee only and the employee must pick up the insurance for his or her family. Another financial blow to working Americans who are struggling already.
    Go to YouTube and look for a speech that Obama made to the AFL-CIO in 2007 before he began his presidential campaigning. He says that his ideal is a one-payer government healthcare system but he knows that he cannot change it over without an intermediate step like Canada did. The intermediate step he talks about is Obamacare, not designed as healthcare, but to demolish the private insurance and make such a mess that we will be lining up and begging to get on a one-payer government program. From that standpoint, Obamacare is succeeding beyond his dreams…

    • Fritz

      Except, because he and his staffers are a bunch of bungling ideologue idiots, with no real world experience, that can’t see it as how the general public sees it. Many see it this way, if the U.S Federal Government can’t even set up a simple website, on time, and on budget, that actually functions, how are they going to run an insurance system and manage hospitals? One thing that a lot of Americans, especially the left wing, gets wrong about Canada is that health insurance, and delivery, is managed by the provinces, not by the federal government. So every province has it’s own healthcare system, the Feds just contribute to it.

  • Fritz

    After having the ACA branded as Obamacare for the last three years no amount of relabeling is going to work. They can also put out as many feel good stories about Obamacare/ACA as they want to, but people are going to believe what that cancellation letter in their mailbox says, that is THEIR reality, not what supposedly happened to the other guy on TV.

    • Dallas25305

      Obozo-care or the Unafordable care Act is about the redistribution of money nothing more. It’s about the racist , liar in chief hammering middle class white people to get money to pay the health care for Black’s in the hood. It’s for your money to support those gangs of black hood rats who are sucker punching innocent white and asian people. You can never take race out of the equation of when it comes to the supreme ruler Barack Hussein Obama. He didn’t spend 20 years listening to the racist Rev Wright demonizing and promoting hate against white people for nothing. Obozo didn’t leave the church of Black Power Hate did he? No he loved it and now he is doing his best to punish those who work and to push the U.S. to 3rd world status as quickly as possible. Obama may be stupid, but not so stupid that he doesn’t know what he and his leftist henchmen are doing.

  • willhen50

    I bet if they can’t find real stories they will make them up.

  • Lynn Rivera

    All smoke and mirrors and no substance. But, lots of collateral damage.

  • tanstaafl

    “If you like your plan and you like your Docter, you can keep them. Period”. Spin that.

  • veeper

    obama is a coward…..

    a sleaze ball coward…..