• fanlad

    So who are America’s enemies now, veterans, returning veterans, Christians, God loving flag waving constitution and bill of rights loving citizens with patriot and tea party in their name? Who is to say that the same IRS minded people are not working at the NSA, FBI and CIA. Do we really trust this brave new world total surveillance system, in the hands of radicals, or in the hands of any man for that matter? Total security requires total surveillance, right? Are all rights and freedoms given by a our government? No.
    My rights, liberties, and freedoms come from God in heaven, not the government. No matter who is in power.

  • liz dickman

    Seems to me all we need to do in order to prevent terrorist attacks is keep the Muslims out of our country, close their mosques and deport those that are here. Instead Obama brings them in by the thousands.

    They are in our schools, our government, driving our taxi cabs, serving our food, serving in our military, teaching our children, flying our airplanes and all the time making their intentions very clear. They want to destroy us.

    Why do we have these enemies of the country in our midst? You can take your tolerance and shove it. Islam is no religion, it is a murderous regime intent on destroying the western world and Israel.

  • The March Hare

    “It becomes almost impossible to countenance when the Commander-in-Chief makes it plain that a considerable number of his fellow Americans are untrustworthy, based on nothing more than their political ideology.”

    And the liberals-in-charge along with their minions are doing everything in their power to block the conservative opposition from even having a vote against their agenda. That is what the IRS scandal is about. Keeping the conservative Tea Party from functioning and producing more conservative votes and that is just one of their methods. Suppressing Republican (conservative) votes and getting Democrat votes using the homeless, the welfare recipients, the poor, the blacks as a group, propaganda through the main stream media and many other schemes to garner a majority of votes is how they got in power and they are using that power to expand all of those methods in order to stay in power.

  • davarino

    Its funny how under this pres there have been these huge intelligence leaks. There is the one previous to Snowden and the current one. How were these guys able to get such info and reveal it, hmmmm, real strange. I’m not saying spying on US citizens is good, its the other stuff these guys revealed that I’m against. Its the spy craft stuff that is very troubling and curious how it saw the light of day. Its almost like they had help in order to get that info because it was meant to be.

  • The Dead Critic

    The U.S. is quickly becoming the land of the paranoid. The NSA hasn’t the time to waste looking into every phone call or email in this country every second of every day. Get over it freaks. Let them do their job. It isn’t “1984”……YET.

    What this country SHOULD BE WORRIED about is the 2 PARTY SYSTEM. Want REAL CHANGE?! Vote the 2 party system out of office next election. Vote INDEPENDENT candidates.

    • sprinklerman

      When our top law enforcement official in the Federal Government lies to a Congressional hearing under oath, and enforces the law in an uneven manner that doesn’t bother you, but the two party system does?
      When the top law enforcement official signs the warrant to tap the personnal and business phone lines and monitors the e-mail of a reporter that doesn’t bother you, but the two party system does?
      When high level White House officials provide detailed information on a secret military operation and the personnel who conducted it to the press and Hollywood movie producers, the AG doesn’t do any investigation or prosecutes the offenders who leaked highly classified information, that doesn’t bother you, but the two party system does?
      When the AG’s office sends a blatently false written document to a Congressional hearing and when confronted with the false information then is forced to change it afterwards basically admitting to the lie, that doesn’t concern you, but the two party system does?
      When the IRS targets citizens and political groups because of their beliefs and ideas that doesnt’ bother you, but the two party system does?
      If you want to call me paranoid, so be it, but isn’t that just like the Department of Homeland Security identifing me as a domestic terrorist because I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution as described by our Founders?

      • The Dead Critic

        I worked for the Feds for 24 yrs….enough said.

        • Feisty Hayseed

          @The Dead Critic: As a former Guvmint employee then you know as well as I do that there are ONLY two Prime Bureaucratic Directives: 1) Increase your budget and get more employees for next FY, and 2) CYA (Plausible Deniability) and its corollary: Take credit for everything that succeeds / works and blame someone / anyone else for anything that is a failure or a cluster … President Obama is a Model Master Bureaucrat!

        • sprinklerman

          “I worked for the Feds for 24 yrs….enough said.”… then you go on and say more? Typical bureaucrat.

          You didn’t dispute anything that I said with any logical argument. I posted facts that are already known and part of the public domain. You simply cast the dispersion that I assumed, when I did nothing of the sort.

          Keep drinking the coolaid.

  • sprinklerman

    The number and type of potential terror attacks that have been thwarted by law enforcement is immaterial to whether or not it is Constitutional to monitor a citizens phone or internet activity. The idea that the federal government is doing so without a duly authorized warrant, makes me very uncomfortable. Past experience and success doesn’t make a law enforcement activity constitutional.
    In the past it wasn’t illegal to continue to interrogate a suspect without notification of their constitutional right to a lawyer. Law enforcement is still successful in the prosecution of criminal activity and criminals despite the clear Miranda warnings that are given every suspect prior to an interrogation.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Citizens are NOT read their Miranda rights before being interrogated by police and the police are not required to do so.

      • sprinklerman

        Under normal circumstances you are saying that citizens aren’t read their Miranda rights before being interrogated? Really?

  • pupsncats

    The truth is the federal government exists to increase its power over us, not limit itself to any Constitutional constraints. The political class has become a class of corrupt, greedy, criminals who through their lust for power and control have given themselves the rule of aristocracy which is the rule that they are above the law and have the right to demand complete surrender of the non-political classes to their whims and wishes.

    Of course NSA and the political class will tell us that the usurping of our Constitutional rights is a necessity of our modern world awash in criminal elements, including in our own federal government. Protecting us from “terrorism” is simply the excuse today the government uses to increase its power and control over the masses.

  • Seek

    The estates general for Ron Paul, also known as http://www.lewrockewell.com, denies that NSA has foiled this many plots. An author of a recent article there claimed NSA provided evidence of only two cases. Does this guy actually think we’re that naive? Does he think that NSA is going to reveal how it foiled terror plots and thus give would-be perpetrators lessons on how to avoid detection? Space considerations alone prohibited full revelations.
    Do NOT trust hardcore libertarians of the Right on this issue. They’re as bad as the hard Left.

  • rusyn

    i don’t believe anything these liars say.

  • ziggy zoggy

    General Alexander is a career bureaucrat and sleazy liar. Not a single terrorist plot has been foiled because the NSA is illegally tracking and recording the phone and web activity of every single innocent American. The Obama Administration absolutely IS using the purloined data to punish dissidents. All federal agencies have been turned into weapons by these criminals, and the NSA is no different.

  • John_Frank

    Setting aside the gathering of intelligence against foreign citizens by the NSA, every American should be aghast at the recent revelations of large scale intelligence gathering operations being conducted against American citizens.

    Those who defend these operations are saying that we need to violate and trample upon the very freedoms that we hold sacred to protect us.