The Thug Culture That Killed Chris Lane

christopher_lane_and_gfIn a testament to the depravity of thug culture, an Australian collegiate baseball player attending school in America was killed by three teenagers looking for fun, police reported. Christopher Lane, who was out for a jog in the town of Duncan, Oklahoma where his girlfriend and her family live, was targeted at random after he passed a home where the boys were staying. “They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: ‘There’s our target,'” said Police Chief Danny Ford. “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.'”

James Edwards, 15, Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17, have all been charged as adults in Lane’s death. Edwards and Luna, both black Americans, have been charged with first degree murder, and will be tried as adults per Oklahoma law. Jones, who is white, was charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder after the fact. He will also be tried in adult court, but is still considered a youthful offender. If convicted, Edwards and Luna face life in prison without parole. Jones, who wept in court as he tried to talk about the crime before being cut off by the judge, faces anywhere from two years to life in prison. Edwards and Luna are being held without bond. Jones’s bond is set at $1 million.

Police noted that Lane was jogging through an affluent section of Duncan around 3 p.m. local time when a car carrying the three teenagers pulled up behind him. In court, prosecutor Jason Hicks alleged that Luna was in the back seat, Edwards was in the passenger seat and Jones was driving the vehicle. Luna allegedly shot Lane in the back with a .22 caliber revolver that has yet to be recovered. “We were bored,” Luna reportedly admitted to authorities.

Hicks, who called the boys “thugs,” noted that Edwards found the slaying amusing. “I believe this man is a threat to the community and should not be let out,” Hicks said during the bail hearing. “He thinks it’s all a joke.” Edwards, who has had earlier run-ins with the law, had also been in court on Friday, apparently after the crime had been committed, to sign papers related to his juvenile probation.

James Johnson, who called police to tell them the trio was hiding in the carpark of the Immanuel Baptist Church about 5pm on Friday, described them in all-too-familiar terms. He called them “troublemakers” and “bullies” with no parental supervision, and said that Edwards had threatened to kill his own son using Facebook. “They threatened to kill my son because they are in a gang, the Crips, and were trying to get my son in it and I wouldn’t let him do it.,” Johnson explained. “I told him he couldn’t run with those boys. He’s a little terrified.” Police Chief Ford believes that the teens’ wanted “to make a name for themselves” on the streets.

Indeed, a dark picture emerges as one peruses the social media sites teens like these invariably use to brag about themselves and their exploits. Before it was removed, Chauncy Luna’s Facebook page revealed he goes by the alias Baby Drake. It showed photos of him posing with friends, including Edwards, and flashing gang signs. Two pictures on James “Lilbuggy” Edwards’ Facebook page are also quite revealing. One shows a handgun, and several others show staggeringly large sums of cash. Both may be explained by another photo containing hashtags suggesting he was a member of the Crips. There is also a photo of him posing with a shotgun. “Bitch we up them poles,” Edwards says in the clip, “F— ‘em.” (A dismantled shotgun with the serial numbers ground off was found in the car, but it is not currently known if it is the same weapon).

Tweets on Edwards’ Twitter account suggest he is racist. On April 29, he tweeted “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” On July 15, shortly after George Zimmerman was acquitted, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.” “Woods” is a term used to denigrate white people. Yet Chief Ford, who has yet to see Edwards’ social media, told the Daily Caller a hate crime charge is not likely. “I’m not discounting the stuff that’s on there, but they do that for shock and effect,” he contended.

The real shock and effect evidenced by this case so far is the deafening silence of the racial grievance industry along with their media and celebrity enablers who apparently see no way to exploit this tragedy. Jesse Jackson is the lone exception, if one considers a single tweet much of an effort. “Praying for the family of Chris Lane,” Jackson said Wednesday on Twitter. “This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.” Not a word, however from people like Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder, or President Obama, all of whom were willing to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin case on numerous occasions.

Former Congressman Allen West directly addressed the reticence of what he characterized as the “race industry crew.” On Twitter, he castigated Obama. “‘We were bored & decided to kill somebody.’ 3 black teens shoot white jogger.Who will POTUS identify w/this time?” West tweeted Tuesday afternoon. West’s Facebook posting was equally caustic. “[S]hall we hear anything from the race industry crew, Hollywood elites, or maybe Oprah Winfrey? The issue is not about proliferation of guns in America. This is about a failing black community and the fact that its young men are desensitized to violence because a gangsta culture promotes it,” West wrote.

The apologists for the status quo invariably point to America’s long and tattered track record of racism, going all the way back to the days of slavery, to explain the cultural dysfunction behind such heinous crimes. Yet as black conservatives such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have pointed out on numerous occasions, black Americans were making steady progress in times that were far more racist (and poorer) than today. Yet today, in a time of vastly more racial equality and wealth redistribution, black men between the ages of 14 and 24 commit homicides at a rate 10 times that of young white and Hispanic males combined, according to a study by Northeastern University.

The key factors observers like Sowell and Williams frequently point to are the destruction of the nuclear family and the widespread glorification of social dysfunction. Though they affect all racial groups to varying degrees (after all, one conspirator in the Lane killing was white) no one can dispute their devastating effects on the black community. Rather than address this, many politicians, businessmen and entertainers hypocritically glamorize, enrich themselves and further their careers by promoting this culture of destruction. Thus, as Barack Obama wonders aloud how America “can bolster and reinforce our African-American boys,” he pals around with rapper Jay-Z, who has become a multi-millionaire rapping about guns, dope, misogyny and gratuitous violence. is selling a line of Trayvon Martin hoodies, while Ebony magazine has published several covers with celebrities dressed in the same thug-symbolizing attire. A director at the Smithsonian Institute expressed an interest in displaying Martin’s hoodie there, before the idea was ultimately rejected.

Yet when violence occurs, “civil rights” leaders like Jesse Jackson call it “senseless” and carefully avoid drawing attention to the real problem. The same goes for all the celebrities who have lined up to turn Trayvon Martin into a cause célèbre, but are currently nowhere to be found or heard on the Lane case. And despite wall-to-wall media coverage of this atrocity, principal deputy White House press secretary Josh Earnest professed ignorance about the case, before claiming he “wouldn’t want to get ahead of the legal process here.” When Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry noted President Obama was more than willing to get ahead of the legal process with regard to Trayvon Martin, Earnest offered up a generic response about the president’s “concerns” regarding the “impact of violence and whether there is more we can do to try to protect our children.”

We can’t protect our children from a thug culture when those who know better can’t be bothered to acknowledge its existence because it doesn’t accrue to their political advantage. And while the social dysfunction proliferates, blessed by the liberal and cultural elite, the racial divide widens. That is the real reason why the usual suspects have nothing to say about the killing of Christopher Lane. They know they, too, are part of the problem.

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  • JDsHandsomeSon

    This is why Americans are arming up. They know they are targets of Obama’s tribe. Obama’s tribe, fearing resistance from capable, armed citizens, are going after unsuspecting, defenseless, elderly and sick targets because Obama’s sons are cowardly simian animals, irregardless of their crotch grabbing, knuckle dragging, ape posturing and good teeth. We see from their victims what they are: gutless, despicable, moronic, mouth-breathing scum.

  • Gunluvr

    Too bad they’re still not on the loose. The shooting public could have saved the state the cost of a trial. Oklahoma has the Castle Doctrine, Stand your ground and open carry, so there is no excuse not to use them. Missed opportunity.

  • Name The Name

    Just a question: What ethnic group dominates the media that has for years swept black violence against whites under the carpet? (Few even know about Knoxville yet, much less the Wichita Massacre.) And what ethnic group largely owns the media that hyped both the “Duke LaCrosse” non-rape as prime-time news for 6 months, and “white murder” of Trayvon Martin by a brown Peruvian — into massive coverage for as many months?

  • cspx

    I hate thug culture, it’s ugly and toxic. But the sheer naked racism on tap in these comments in nothing to proud of.

    • John Gilbani

      DNA is part of who we are.
      Go to a black neighbor hood and experience it for yourself.

  • ltc444

    Thug culture is not responsible.

    Three punks failed to develop any responsibility or social skills decided it would be fun to kill someone.

  • Phyllis

    There are three 14 year old black girls in a high .
    school in Sarasota who are pregant, They are reproducing like rabbits.
    Whites watch out!

    • Skip Wellington

      Sadly, many African-American teens don’t have access to condoms.

      • 1unit_31

        Give me a break!, it would be the only thing not handed to them for nothing. Problem is zero self control. Sadly you are a jerk.

  • gooojooo1

    Chris Lane because he was white

  • grannycares

    It is apparent that the judicial system is not providing the desired results for the ‘gangsta culture’ growing in our communities. In fact, a growing number see
    incarceration as a badge of honor once they have served ‘some time’, and seem to delight in wearing their pants around their knees!

    Eric Holder should pursue a federal investigation into recent senseless
    violence immediately, especially since one of the victims this week was a
    citizen of Australia, and that country is now calling for a boycott of the
    US. He did not hesitate in speaking to the NAACP of his intention of conducting an investigation of the Zimmerman case — EVEN AFTER ZIMMERMAN HAD BEEN FOUND NOT GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW!

    Another senseless murder trial was started in Georgia this past week from two teenagers (NOT OF IRISH DESCENT) murdered a ONE YEAR OLD BABY by shooting it between the eyes in a failed robbery attempt. (TOTALLY INHUMAN!)

    The other of course was an 88 year old WWII veteran beaten to death with a
    FLASHLIGHT, so there had to be a reason other than robbery.

    As a leader, President Obama SHOULD be making a speech in the Rose Garden during the Anniversary of Dr King’s ‘I Have A Dram Speech’, calling on the DOJ, NAACP, and Black leaders throughout America to take action to turn this cultural tide of violence, including:

    *Getting fathers back in homes

    *Stopping young teenage pregnancies

    *Keeping kids in school and reversing the high dropout rate from high school (with penalties for parents if the kids drop out)

    *Start a dialogue with entertainers, especially rappers, to cease the
    glorification of a ‘gangsta’ lifestyle, drugs, degrading women, and vile
    language (It is not as if Obama does not know Jay – Z and Beyounce, and CEE LO Green. He could make this happen if he wanted to do so!)

    *Provide tough love and discipline in the homes, and know what kids are doing
    (not easy)

    *REVERSE the dependency on government, and return to a work ethic based on self reliance

    *Start school systems in urban areas as Mayor Daley did in Chicago with many
    staff members having had extensive military experience (IT WORKED)


    The problem can be fixed, but it will require a new direction without throwing more money at the problem — in fact, the latter is PART OF THE PROBLEM!

    Tens of thousands of young minds and bodies (especially young Black males) are being WASTED EACH YEAR, and the numbers are increasing!

    Are Holder and President Obama satisfied to have these deaths on their hands?

    Bet President Obama’ s speech on this subject will be one of his best — DON’T YOU?

  • 1unit_31

    Thug culture? Lets try N1gger culture

    • Barack Obozo

      The perverted BLACK subculture with its disgusting, insidious lifestyle is like an intrusion of cockroaches infesting one neighborhood after another!

      • 1unit_31

        Well said!

    • Bobbie

      Your picture looks like he could be Obama’s son.LOL…

      • 1unit_31

        If you look closer this fellow is much more intelligent. But I do see the family resemblance.

  • grannycares

    How could this type of racism be condoned in our own Homeland Security Department?

    This guy’s department is responsible for buying ammunition!!

    OH – he has been placed on administrative leave – WITH PAY OF COURSE! (What the heck – it is your money!)

  • Barack Obozo

    Segregate now ……. give the groids DE-troit, Chicongo and Martha’s Vineyards! Then allow social Darwinism to evolve …… black-on-black crime is form of social attrition …… and give the BLACK hoes some-thang in their BBQ sauce so they can’t crap out any more niglets!

  • thepoisonousmushroom

    democrats are Anti White communists

    An amalgam of jews, blacks, h0m0s, illegals, communists, moslems, felons, and baby killers who declared very real cultural and violent wars on America on the 60s.

    They are bound together by nothing more than malevolent envy and hatred of Natural Law.

    They are much more of a threat to my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness than al queda or any external enemy.

    People talk about the possibility of civil war.

    Civil War is upon you in your cities, White Man.

    • Barack Obozo

      With a government like this who needs foreign enemies? White people are soooooooo hopelessly naïve and utterly street stupid. They allow themselves to be duped and intimidated by the BIG BLACK BOOGEYMAN …… BOO!

    • Bobbie

      Not in mine have you ever heard Of whiteaho, We have maybe 30 blacks that live in our state with all the hunters and NRA people here and Aryan nation we have them gone in five minutes.LOL…

    • Jeff Martin

      You are a dead end loser

      • thepoisonousmushroom

        That’s not much of an answer.

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    It’s one thing when the disciples of cRAP music kill each other… It’s something different when they drag others into their cesspool of violence. Never surrender your guns, America. You will be defenseless.

  • Dave VonSmith

    God I wished OBAMA would come out and say it, if my mother had a son He would look like Chris Lane, and If my Grand Daddy was alive he would look like Shorty!!! Please Obama just say it!!!

    • Dave VonSmith

      For real he should never let a crisis go to waste yet another reason you know he is just a regular guy not some master mind.


    Thug culture and modern day black culture are one in the same. Rather than so-called black leaders crying from the mountaintop to not get pregnant before being married, do not drop out of high school, get a college education or skills that will allow you to get a job and stay off of welfare or out of prison, learn how to speak and write English properly, all they do is constantly scream racism, and brainwash every black child from birth that they are hapless victims preyed upon by white people. Those brave blacks like Bill Cosby that try to stand up to the race hustlers and victimization industry like Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, Rangel, Black Cuacus and NAACP, are demeaned, marginalized and called Uncle Toms by those who make 7 figure incomes off the continuing misery of their own people!

  • Bo Fletcher

    Wrong, Human garbage that I am forced to share this planet with killed Chris.

  • John C

    No, not the thug culture, racist punk hoods murdered Chris Lane. Being bored is the racial code word for murdered because they were white.

  • BO

    If I had sons, they would be just like James and Chancey

  • Bryan Schmick

    If president Obama had any intention of reducing race hostility, he would jump on this like a Politician on a campaign donation and do the honorable thing by joining the ‘Uncle Toms’ in decrying black violence and unsocial behavior.

    The fact is that gang warfare is destroying any progress MLK made and the Democrats appear content to let this continue. The Democrat party (inclusive of their race baiters) want to ignore black people killing anybody as long as they can focus on one non black person killing a black person.

    Granted, the Democrat party benefits when there is racism because they get more votes, but you would think there was a little humanity in a party that claims to be for all people (except people that are rich, white, old, young, pre-born, middle class, males, straight, Christians, or people that believe in our constitution (unless any of the above donate to the DNC)). Not much of a party of the big tent after all.

  • Robert Ta

    Feral blacks….

  • Lanna

    In order to mend a culture and stop the deterioration, they must first admit there is a problem. The death of Chris Lane and the Vietnam vet is just as signifigant in the world as the death of Trayvon Martin. The disgust lies in any person and party that promotes violence and division like the President has and of course pits races against one another!

    • Barack Obozo

      Obozo needs some serious social chaos to further his agenda ……. and he may just get it!

  • Korteztk

    Try to recall that Trayvon Martin did nothing wrong, except get profiled for being black and wearing a hoodie. He was then stalked by a nutcase, who you are all glorifying, who was anything but a saint or decent human himself. It’s so convenient that the only creditable witness for the encounter just happened to be killed by George Zimmerman,.

    If people here were anything but inculcated themselves–just look at the masthead of this publication–you would realize the media is vastly conservative and/or ineffective. People need to think for themselves rather than be programmed by others with an agenda.

    Would you remove the First Amendment from all African-Americans? What do you propose to do, other than trying to keep them from voting (and no, I did not vote for our current president, so stuff that in your cigar and smoke it). So-called conservatives are excellent at criticizing and giving away our money to the very richest (each side wants to give or money to some cause), but you have no true solutions to any problem. What you do is criticize and claim to have solutions without having any or any clues. You hate every liberal and despise minorities, wanting them to somehow go away. There is nothing to support on your side as you are. You’re like a witch hunt, clamoring with hate and expressing dislike for hate and violence. There is a paradox here.

    • Barack Obozo

      The sweet, darling, lovable, cuddly BLACK gangsta punk Tray-VON got more than he expected from “some creepy-ass cracka” …… BLACK karma can be a real b*tch!

    • Rene Thompson

      I stopped reading at “giving away our money to the very richest.” That tired old (and false) argument is fit only for those who haven’t earned their own way, OR, those who can’t think for themselves…..therefore there is nothing more to add to your ridiculous post.

    • Elana_Rachel

      Trayvon Martin made a very serious mistake to pin a stranger down on the ground and slam his head into cement without knowing if the stranger was armed.

      Martin was bothered by a guy noticing him enough to call the cops over a stranger who seemed to be wandering aimlessly around a neighborhood that had been robbed a lot.

      Martin was foolish to put himself into the position of an attacker without knowing who he was attacking.

      Self defense is legal.

    • johnrhett

      Try to recall that Martin didn’t belong in that neighborhood; he wasn’t staying inside that gated community, so he had NO business wandering around people’s yards in the dark and the rain, peering into people’s windows with his hands down his pants (but I suppose that doesn’t seem at all odd to you). Martin had no business assaulting a stranger who was on the phone at the time (Zimmerman was the man who wasn’t doing anything wrong in this scenario). Do you go around beating people up that you see talking on their cell phones?

  • Ken Kelso

    1,786 Comments thats got to be a record on Frontpagemag

  • Ken Kelso

    The bigger problem is guns in the U.S.

    There needs to be gun control in the U.S.
    Chris Lane Shooting Sparks Aussie Tourist Boycott And Gun Control Comparisons
    Mark Johansonon
    August 20 2013

    The seemingly random shooting death of a young Australian man on a baseball scholarship in the United States Friday has sparked a heated debate on gun control on the far side of the Pacific Ocean, where one Australian politician has urged his fellow citizens to “think twice” before visiting the U.S.

    Though the case of 22-year-old Melbourne native Chris Lane only made headlines in the U.S. on Tuesday, it has dominated the nightly news and graced the cover of nearly every paper in Australia for days — despite a major election just weeks away. On Monday, Australia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fisher, a noted advocate of gun control in his homeland, urged Aussies to boycott the U.S. until it changed its attitude on guns.

    “Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” he told Australia’s Herald Sun. “This is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the NRA that even blocked background checks for people buying guns at gun shows. People should take this into account before going to the United States.”

    One of the three teenage boys who were charged with murdering Lane while he jogged Friday night near his girlfriend’s home in Duncan, Okla., said the group did it because they “were board and decided to kill somebody.” The same boy later admitted to Duncan police officers that the teens decided to kill someone “for the fun of it.”

    “I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers, (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA,” Fischer lamented. “There is a gun for almost ever American.”

    Sarah Harper, Lane’s American girlfriend, told Australian talk radio station 3AW Tuesday that the couple had joked about America’s gun laws in the past. “The difference in our gun laws and your gun laws, that sort of thing, it was always just a joke,” she said. “He didn’t (like guns), he wasn’t a fan.”

    Though any proposed boycott of Australian tourists would have a negligible impact on the U.S. economy (Australia is the United States’ 10th largest market for inbound tourism), Fisher’s call to action serves to highlight a stark difference in the two nation’s approaches to gun control.

    Fischer was the leading force behind former Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s sweeping gun reforms in 1996, which included a gun buy-back program, imposed strict licensing rules and banned semiautomatic rifles, automatic rifles and shotguns. The changes were a direct response to the gruesome Port Arthur massacre, where a 28-year-old Aussie armed with a semiautomatic rifle killed 35 people and wounded 23 others at a popular tourist site in southeastern Tasmania.

    The swift changes pushed through by the conservative prime minister, who would go on to become one of George W. Bush’s closest allies, have long been held up as an international gold standard. According to Fischer, they sent Australia down a different path than the U.S. He believes that because of the gun reform law, you are now 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the U.S. per thousand people than in Australia.

    Australia suffered 13 shooting massacres in the 18 years before the gun reforms and has not had a single massacre since. Moreover, random gun violence, such as the incident in Oklahoma last week, is way down (though by no means gone), according to a study by Andrew Leigh of Australian National University and Christine Neill of Wilfrid Laurier University. The researchers found that firearm homicide fell by 59 percent in Australia in the decade after it passed new laws.

    These are the sorts of comparisons many Aussies have pointed to this week when trying to make sense of Lane’s “for fun” murder in Oklahoma. Was it a senseless killing that could have just as easily happened in the Land Down Under, or was it a sign of needed changes in American gun culture worthy of a boycott?

    • Spyderman

      We already have gun “control,” Ken, but it has had no effect, other than to strip firearms from those who need them for self-defense. The answer is not in more “gun control,” (the next step would be gun confiscation) but changing the culture of violence, often associated with drug use, and putting the economy back on track to entice more people to work, rather than just exist on government handouts which do nothing for their feelings of self-worth.

  • Bobbie

    I would boycott America to because of all the crime especially black crime. i live in a state where we have zero black crime because we maybe have 30 to 50 black people that live in our entire state. It’s not gun-control we need It’s parental control. These were teenagers they legally could not buy a gun they got the guns from someone. The person who gave these Animals guns should be held accountable in the murder also. And also I have three of my five children that are police officers. And the black crime that they deal with is horrific…

    • Barack Obozo

      With so few BLACKS you haven’t reach any critical mass …… it doesn’t take many for their perverted BLACK subculture with its disgusting, insidious lifestyle to infest a neighborhood like an intrusion of cockroaches! It’s too late for my neighborhood. The infestation has spread as you might expect from cockroaches. It’s like Planet of the Apes now ….. it used to be a decent neighborhood before the BLACK infestation ….. isn’t diversity just wonderful ……. more jungle-junk music …. louder, please!

      • Bobbie

        No diversity for me I’ve been there. Every generation in family from my dad to my generation to my children generation have been killed by black people. My 17-year-old sister was killed by a famous serial killer Gerald Parker the bedroom basher they made a movie out of him. Look it up He’s in San Quentin prison He got the death penalty but bleeding heart California said it was to inhumane to put the animal to death after killing six white women. Oh but he wasn’t a racist… I was so sick and tired of the black on black crime and black crime. So my husband and I moved five years ago to Idaho hallelujah Lord It’s like heaven on earth. I have never lived in the state where you didn’t have black crime. The first election Obama came to Idaho and said we were two white He never came back for the second election. We are 85% Republican And it doesn’t hurt that a certain part of Idaho has heavy amount of Aryan nation people If you know what I mean. I would never join them I am a Christian but blacks have their Black Panthers so we can have our white supremacist.

      • johnrhett

        “Law enforcement” has proved useless; most of the time they cover up black crime instead of prosecuting it. My state fair was one of the fairs a couple of years ago when black mobs roamed through shouting “Kill Whitey” and “Beat Whitey” as they attacked white fair-goers. The police sergeant on duty was black, and she let a bunch of them go because they were her relatives! Then the police department spokesman came out and said there was no racial factor in the crimes!

        Snipers. Just sayin’. I don’t see any other solution. All other races are being held hostage by the black 11%.

        • Bobbie

          Did anyone even have a cell phone on them catching the comments kill Whitey and beat Whitey?That sure would’ve been helpful. From here on out people start recording every thing Because you might have to use it in court to defend yourself after you plug them one in the head…

        • Bobbie

          Also remember one thing the Rodney King beating Blacks recorded it. Rodney King sued the LAPD and won a chunk of money. If someone had recorded that incident and the black police officer said it wasn’t racially motivated And someone had recorded the comments that were made you probably could have sued the police dept. And if anyone got hurt boy they could’ve made out financially…

        • Spyderman

          (Its up to 13%). …and have you noticed that far too many local newspapers often refuse to mention names of perpetrators if they are black or Hispanic, thinking that they (the news media) will be considered “racist” for having mentioned names associated with black and Hispanic people.

    • Spyderman

      If there WERE parental control, gun control would be a moot issue. Sadly, the lack of parental control in many areas of the black community has caused our prisons to be at the bursting point. There are many, many good black families who have taught their children good values, but sadly, there are far too many black single-parent multi-child mothers who have birthed children by different absentee fathers, thanks to the financial encouragement of our dear old federal government.

      Race-baiters such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton continue to blame the white population for the lack of responsibility shown by far too many in the black segment of society.


    Truly a doomed city if kids do it for fun there!

  • ziggy zoggy

    Everything you claimed Hitler did was full on socialism, though you lied when you claimed he was friendly to Churches. You also lied about worker’s rights.

    Regardless of all your stupidity, everything you described is left-wing through and through. You claim Hitler was a right-winger because you are clinically insane. He was an anti-Semitic totalitarian monster – just like you are in your heart. Fuck off.

  • so disgusting

    The race to the bottom of the societal barrier continues at full speed. Here are some other interesting observations about this disgusting tragedy.

  • rangerrebew

    I think there is an error in the reporting. If Edwards is 17 and still considered an adolescent, something is wrong. I think Luna, the 15 year old is the juvenile. Be that as it may. I worked with kids like this in a youth home for over 20 years and when they are that far gone the chances of rehabilitating them is almost nil. Just hearing the little I have about the perps I would say lock all three up and throw away the key. If they are released, they WILL kill again as they have no empathy in their character.

  • Mortimer Post

    Once again, we see the urgent need for more abortion, capital punishment, contraception, eugenics, euthanasia and sterilization. The vermin who murdered Lane should never have been allowed to hatch, but failing that–must be eliminated posthaste. It’s time to clean up the gene pool!

    • Spyderman

      Sure glad you had the guts to say what has been on the minds of many people.

  • joesph

    white people…judges, law enforcement …are afraid that there might be a ‘race war’ if they go and say this was a ‘race/hate crime’….when the ‘race war’ does start then there will be a flurry of killings…and it may go on for months…but it will subside…the cops ought to just let it happen..I know it sounds terrible but this is the only way that people will respect one another..if we just get it over with….but the cops will try and stop it and they too will be shot and killed and it will just escalate until there will be shootings and just mass meanness everywhere…like in Portland where ‘thugs’ ( all black right now) are attacking all whites…men and women…a group is targeting individuals…but this won’t last long because bullets reach farther than rocks and fists and knives… when the cops finally decide to do something they may have a lot more than they first thought it would be…where I live I can see most everybody is locked and loaded…..

  • Spyderman

    ,,,and, as usual, unlike the Trayvon case, the national liberal news media stands idly by.

  • scots soldier

    i hope the three of them are made to toss the salad every night before bedtime

  • Kay

    I plan that stupid hip hop/thug culture NI-GG- mentality! Hip Hop at one one point used to be so positive and uplifting and then it turned into negative, stupid crap. Do blacks have to go back to being segregated against for them to change? Back then, they used to push forward and strive for achievement and excellence b/c white people told them no so they proved them wrong. It’s as if they got too complacent now that they have equal rights. And I’m sorry but Allen West is right, eventhough I am a Dem, sometimes I begin to wonder about them… Everyone was up in arms about Travon Martin yet no once cares when black kids kill other black kids or stories like this one. I get so sick and tired of this. Black kids are smart but they’ve been brainwashed into the NIG… mentality and think it’s cool. It wasn’t like this before. Is it me or do black Republicans seem to prosper more than black Dems… most black Republicans tend to have money and are achievers, while Black dems… I dunnooo

  • laura rubin

    same as secret death camps. the media lied in europe, & the beat went on. even w/youtube, the beat goes on. no one seems to care about white people, even whites.

  • laura rubin

    even when they own networks, make billions, its not enough. oprah has big racist problems buying a $40,000 handbag. this was reported more than any white murder was. i wish i had her problems. many times sales clerks are a bit standoffish to me. im white, cant play the race card. who care anyway? i dont need to be validated @ every turn. why would she even mention this? this is big news because obama focuses on the nonsence.

  • Sabido Robles

    The feral ni99er is a threat to everyone. Combine low IQ, low impulse control and high testosterone and that’s what you get. In effect, most ni99ers are big, retarded children that are only fit for hard, manual labor. Our ancestors knew they had to be constantly corrected and the only thing they understood is the lash and the noose.

    Unfortunately, the Jews have used ni99ers to destroy the USA for the last 100 years. Guess who controls the media? RAP, Hip Hop,etc….. There is a race war coming, and the 87% that are tired of the 13% that are ni99ers and their Jew puppet masters will go after them. Hopefully, once and for all!