Alec Baldwin Goes Racist

Being on 30 Rock means never having to say you’re sorry. That’s the theme of Alec Baldwin’s life over the past several years, and this week was no exception. Confronted by a reporter from the New York Post over a lawsuit against his wife, Hilaria, Baldwin first grabbed the reporter by the arm, then said, “I want you to choke to death.” So far, so good – a normal conversation with Alec.

Then things took a turn for the worse.

Spotting a black staff photographer for the Post, Baldwin turned on the charm, calling him a “coon,” a “drug dealer,” and a “crackhead.” The big surprise in all of this is that Baldwin uses racial slurs that went out of style decades ago – he’s not just a racist, he’s a retro racist.

But the media silence has been somewhat deafening. Now imagine that Patricia Heaton, a well-known pro-life actress, had dropped the c-bomb. Her career would be over, shattered, done. But Baldwin can drop that bomb, then still talk plausibly about being elected governor in a state that elects prostitute-visiting scuzzbuckets and carpetbagging bullies to high office.

Welcome to liberal Hollywood, where you can slur black people so long as you vote Democratic.

Baldwin denies the charge, of course. He says, “The claim of racist remarks is one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in my life.” It remains to be seen whether the Post has proof of the encounter – it appears that the reporter was carrying a recording device. In any case, the charge alone would destroy the career of a lesser known actor, or a right-wing one. But in Tinseltown, anything goes. After all, Baldwin voted for Obama. So he can’t be a racist, right?

The media’s hypocrisy on this story is stunning. When George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, the press rushed to report that his 911 call had him calling Martin a “coon.” Jeffrey Toobin of CNN said that the tape could force authorities to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime; the slur was “extremely significant,” said Toobin. Only one problem: it wasn’t true. Zimmerman said that it was “cold” outside. Toobin backtracked: “[T]his certainly sounds like cold …. Again, everybody wants this case to be wrapped up tomorrow. This just shows why it’s important to say, let’s get all the best evidence we can.”

No such rushes to judgment here, even when a major newspaper reports the slur.

So, how common is racism such as Baldwin’s in Hollywood? The answer is unclear. Leonard Rowe, a famed black concert promoter, has said that Hollywood execs often use racial slurs. Rowe actually sued The William Morris Agency and Creative Artists Agency based on such slurs. There are those like Patrick Goldstein who argue that racism in Hollywood is endemic:

The problem actually starts at the top. You have to remember that dramas, not comedies, earn Oscar nominations. And if there were more black executives running the studios, the studios would be far more likely to not only make low-budget, low-brow African American comedies, but make an occasional black-themed drama. But because the studio executive ranks are lily-white, there’s no one on the inside lobbying for that kind of material. And there are also shockingly few African American filmmakers in the indie film community, which is the breeding ground for most of the indie dramas that end up as awards hopefuls.

This seems exaggerated. There are occasional cases of obvious racism – for example, the decision to remove a black couple from the movie poster for Couples Retreat in Great Britain – but most cases of racism are described without particularity. That doesn’t mean they’re not real. It just means that they’re tough to document.

What is not tough to document is the treatment of those like Alec Baldwin who allegedly drop racial slurs. Some, like Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame, ruin their careers on the shoals of racist rants. But would Richards in his heyday have been fired for using the n-word? That’s an open question. And even if you drop an n-word profusely, as Richards did, you can rehabilitate yourself if you’re willing to do the liberal apology tour (Richards hit Letterman, and called Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson).  In any case, he was not a liberal icon like Baldwin.

Nobody should be allowed to use racial slurs and get away with it. Unfortunately, the perspective of the media seems to be that if your leftist bona fides are in order and you have a hit show, you can.

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  • Mary Sue

    Michael Richards is the obvious exception to the Baldwin Rule. I guess he wasn't left wing enough?

    • EarlyBird

      The Michael Richards thing was very weird. I think he was in trouble on stage trying out his stand up routine, and so he thought he'd be funny by being shocking and using the N word.

  • UCSPanther

    The more things like this happen to left wing celebrities, the more our cause is helped.

    Just sayin'…

    • Ben Jabo

      Actors are parrets, they only repeat what someone has said, never having an original thought of their very own

      • JacksonPearson

        Robots. They only know how to read, and follow someone else's script.

      • Questions

        Try taking some acting classes and you'll see how easy it is. Fact: It isn't easy. The demands of spoken and body language upon actors are far greater than you'll ever realize. Today's actors, I might add, are far more intelligent and versatile than those of some "golden" past.

  • DanG

    You admit yourself that proof should be available and it hasn't appeared. What a joke this story is.

    • David

      Actually I think you failed to understand the whole point of the story. The point is that the media do attack some without proof and leave others alone.

      • EarlyBird

        He lost me forever when he was on some talk show years ago during the Lewinksky Affair, and he said, "we should all get up right now and go to Henry Hyde's house and stone him to death!" Of course he was cheered loudly.

  • Chezwick

    I despise Alex Baldwin….not just his politics, but even more for his treatment of his then-11 year old daughter (remember the phone-message to her): "PIG! YOU'RE A PIG!"

    But still, if he were a conservative making a racial slur, we'd all here at FPM rightly insist on the evidence. Let's not practice the same hypocrisy that so defines our liberal "friends".

    • Questions

      Baldwin apologized publicly 100 times for that. He realized that he was saying to her was what he wished he could have said to his estranged wife, Kim Basinger. And I might add his ex was making it impossible for him to see his daughter. Conservative policy analyst Kay Hymowitz wrote a long piece on this case a while back. And it was very sympathetic toward Baldwin.

      • Chezwick

        Sorry friend, there is no circumstance on earth that would compel me to talk to my own daughter the way he did….and Lord knows, I'm no saint. Furthermore, Baldwin's frequent angry outbursts against the paparazzi clearly indicates he has no control over his emotions.

  • John

    "Let's go and killll Republicans!!!" – screamed Baldwin.
    If a Republican said the same about DemocRATS, the furor would have been unimaginable.
    Pushed through the schools on his looks, his brain developement has stopped at 7-yr old level.
    Then, due to his using of mind altering substances, it did regress to 1-yr old level.
    A poor imitation of a homo sapiens.
    Żeby cię osrało, kretynie.

    • Rostislav

      Juz! – as my dear Polish grandma would answer to your rightful final wish: Alec is ALREADY in feces up to his ears! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • jim walter

    Off script, Baldwin is a garbage scow in a hurricane without a rudder or a compass. On script he's still a garbage scow, but with a purpose. In either case, where's the EPA when we need them?

  • cxt

    That is one of the reasons being a "good leftist" is so appealing—being a "member in good standing" of the Left is a GREAT "get-out-of-jail-free-card" it allows you so say/do things that would the ordinary person or conservitive person fired and villified.

  • clarespark

    The white liberal foundations sponsored multiculturalism, which is more subtly racist and perhaps more damaging. I documented that claim here:…. It has a link to all the black power blogs and is scary in its own right. I would guess that most Hollywood liberals hold to the strategy I laid out here, which was institutionalized in the mid-1960s by white people with enormous cultural influence, and not in Hollywood either.

    • Questions

      And you think the loony Left has conspiracy theories? How about the loony Right? "Hollywood liberals," who are but a small part of how films get made (for the record, the Left is currently frothing with rage over "Argo" and Zero Dark Thirty"), aren't the main problem.

      • clarespark

        My blog, which was not about conspiracy theories, but about liberal interventions in education policy, was obviously not consulted by “Questions”.

      • Chezwick

        My God….practically everything that comes out of Hollywood – even ostensibly non-political movies – features one liberal trope or another!

        • trickyblain

          Only if you define 'liberal' as, "things that I disagree with or make me uncomfortable."

  • trickyblain

    One day, just one edition, it would be nice to see FPM not whine and snivel about how unfair the life of a poor conservative victim is.

    • JacksonPearson

      Now why would you want to read a dumb thing like that?

  • BLJ

    Baldwin is a tool. Always has been….always will be.

  • EarlyBird

    How many times has Baldwin gone off in general, and attacked paparazzi? I'd love him to assault a paparazzi who happens to be an ex-Delta Force commando, who whoops his a$$.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    I eschew the term "racist ".
    …….only because it denies ACTORS THEIR Right to be STOOPID!

    Actors often sound brilliant because they are spouting memorized words from the mind of another.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    . ….You ain't no Alec Guinness, "Sir",……..

    In fact, Without a script, – YOU!…….Not your daughter, are a "thoughtless little leftist pig."

  • Richard

    I remember when the movie "Blazing Saddles" came out. I found it hilarious. They used the "n" word a lot, but in reality, they were making fun of dumb white ppl. Today with the politically correct world we live itn, this movie could never be produced. Sad, the nature of censorship.

    • Questions

      Nonsense. And why should white people be the target of racial barbs? Show some pride in yourself.

    • trickyblain

      Django Unchained???

  • MoreHamEd

    Seems honesty is only attacked when it comes from the right.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone got it right when they mocked the crap out of him and the rest of the Holywood sheep, in "Team America". He is a clueless moron.

    • trickyblain

      Awec…..Bawwwalllwwin. Hilarious.

      Of course, they mocked "conservative" sheep as well. Sort of the premise of the movie.

      • Toni_Pereira

        Maaaatt Daaamon!!

        They mocked everybody's intellectual dishonesty. It was so funny!!

  • Guest

    Baldwin says and does what he wants then he goes on Charlie Rose and Letterman to do the messy cleanup. Disgusting privileged creepy old men. They deserve the public shame and embarrassment they create for themselves on behalf of the loathsome second rate Baldwin.

  • Maury

    Since that whole daughter phone call I can't get past that Baldwin behaved so vile and repulsive to his own daughter. Cant even look at his disgusting smug face anymore.

  • R RS

    Mr Baldwin was clear of all racist charges by audio tape evidence:

    Did this website publish a retraction?

    • Antiliar

      Not quite. If you go to the TMZ site, they report that a “source” said there was no racist remark heard on the tape. The source is never named, and there’s no transcript. Also consider that the person who said Baldwin called him racist names was not just a newspaper photographer, but a retired NYPD detective. Considering Baldwin’s history of verbal child abuse and now homophobic remarks he’s pretty low in terms of credibility. There’s no reason to take TMZ’s unnamed source as gospel when it provides no corroborating evidence. TMZ is a gossip site and not known for its high standards. I’ll go with the former detective turned photog on this one.

      • R RS

        TMZ may be a gossip page but the NY Post is a right wing rag owned by Rupert Murdoch who has no credibility at all. Further, NYC police often lack credibility as in the Wilding incident and its repeated profiling of black men. If the Post wishes to be believed, all it needs to do is to present actual evidence, not just testimony.

        • Antiliar

          The NY Post has a lot more credibility than sleazy rag TMZ, owned by the big left wing corporation Time Warner, which has no credibility at all. Time Warner is chaired by Jeffrey Bewkes, who is a big left wing Democrat donor, who gave money to Chris Dodd (who praised former Klansman Robert Byrd), Barak Obama, Ted Kennedy (who left a woman to drown), John Kerrey (who claimed he participated in atrocities), and even racist Senator Fritz Hollings.

          So because of the so-called wilding (actually “Wild Thing,” after the Tone Loc song) incident involving the Central Park jogger years ago, you’re going to commit a fallacy of guilt by association to all 35,000 or so NYPD officers, including this photographer who you have no evidence to connect to either the incident or profiling. It seems you are guilty of what you are bashing the Post for. That’s known as hypocrisy. BTW, TMZ didn’t present evidence either, yet you choose to believe its story. At least the Post has direct testimony and not some unnamed “source” who could just be spreading gossip. So you don’t just have a weak case, you have no case.

          • R RS

            Those who accuse Mr Baldwin will have to make their case in Court and it is not likely to happen. By contrast, the Wilding victims won their case in court.

            Therefore, believe what you will

          • Antiliar

            Again, one thing has nothing to do with the other, but in left-wing logic it’s okay to use fallacious appeals to irrelevancy. You originally claimed that TMZ cleared Baldwin. It didn’t. Case closed.

          • rufust

            please do not mention left wing logic your pea brain could never reach nor interpret that level your ears would start bleeding

          • R RS

            Right wing delusional antiliar [sic] is too feeble minded to understand that in a rational society like ours issues of this kind are settled in court. Not by fists and certainly not in the very limited sphere of right wing media. If Mr Baldwin engaged in any scandalous racist attack he would have been sued by now for many thousands of dollars. No such suit has been conducted for the obvious reason that he was cleared of these senseless and unfounded charges. Hopefully, his right wing critics will stop projecting their racism and hate unto him and pick better subjects for this type of childish emotionalism by pointing to Ann Coulter who said all Jews should be perfected or Michael Savage who said the world should kill 100 million Muslims.

          • tickletik


          • rufust

            Seriously buffoon one comment earlier you use TMZ as a source now you are comparing it to the paper version of the dumb channel… this is part of the murdock empire, the lowest level of human life…the empire that actually stated in a Florida courtroom that their news media are not required by law to tell the truth when they report something…this is on record….the same media group caught hacking dead children’s cell phones, etc. even the National Enquirer looks good next to them…

          • Antiliar

            Your childish name-calling just reinforces the notion that you lack the ability to effectively reason. Who is “murdock”? Do you mean Deroy Murdock? If you mean Rupert MURDOCH then you clearly have some form of Murdoch Derangement Syndrome that helps to explain your lack of reasoning skills. Are you going to complain about the left-wing media empires of the CEOs of the New York Times and Time-Warner? The New York Times has a long history of biased reporting (read about Walter Duranty as an egregious example). How about left-wingers Ted Turner and George Soros? Pinch Sulzberger? Your interest in bias only covers one side while ignore the many examples on the Left. The fact that you engage in special pleading shows that you are not to be taken seriously.

          • rufust

            Listen you pea brain, my maturity and character are not in question while your sub-human positions on the issues surely are.. Yes I admit to a Murdoch typo at 1 a.m.but to sit here and watch you slam thru the faux news daily BS list of publishers/owners who are not only fair minded but far more ethical than any of your lying and scheming Ilk, shows your total lack of ethics, class and taste…I bring out front a factually correct point about a publisher and his group of cohorts that have been actually CAUGHT faking a publicly broadcast gun control video in Australia(and soon to pay a massive fine for it), tapped and hacked the phones of over 1000 people in the USA, Britain and the UK resulting in massive fines and jail time for some employees, caught bribing the police departments of 4 countries and actually admitting to lying to the public on their news broadcasts in court (Florida) and you want to get all high and mighty producing names of people without a single wrong doing on record other than they support causes and a mindset your sub intellect party have neither the ethics or character to side with. I place your opinion below that of moth who thinks they have something going on there with that light in front of them only do find it goes off at someone’s whim.. Why don’t you get serious with some actual facts to back up your ridiculous stances while your right wing media of choice (Fox, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, etc. ) are currently paying out a court ordered 100 grand fine to former Acorn employees for wrongdoing (fox and breitbart), caught bribing hookers in an attempt to indict a NJ Senator(the D. Caller) and have their own staff admit to reading GOP press releases to the public as actual news(fox), continues to bring to light how to lie to the public on every issue daily

          • Antiliar

            Yes, you are truly suffering from Murdoch Derangement Syndrome. You should check in to a clinic and see a mental health professional. There is no point in trying to reason with you as you commit one fallacy after another with no learning.

          • rufust

            Learning? speak for a party that denies science, claims fetuses masturbate, have congressmen who believe Noah existed and his story actually happened as well as us living among dinosaurs 5000 years ago…when you have no intellect to speak of…everyone who does is too confusing to you or has a conspiracy in mind…so go and talk to some equal level feeble brain fox watcher … every fact I pointed out to you has zipped by you as does the wind between your ears go away now…we have points to make with intelligent people

          • tickletik

            You write like a child.

            Most of what you just wrote is garbage and emotional preening. Its the equiv of some spoiled brat in a playground calling someone names.

            “WE have points to make with intelligent people”? What the hell does that even mean?

            “Claims fetuses masturbate”. I have no idea if they do or dont, but this is a party platform now? What if they do masturbate, so what?

            “Something somethingabout Noah” this just proves that you are a troll. Probably the stupidest comment Ive wasted my life reading.

            Seriously, you are a sickening individual, the only thing you are accomplishing here is to cause those of us with views on the right to begin to outright despise those with views on the left. If you care about convincing us, you ought to stop.

          • Citogal

            Regarding political party platforms:

            1. Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas) DOES stand on a political issue that fetuses masturbate.

            2. Joe Barton (R-Texas) claims Climate Change is invalid because of the Great Flood where Noah had the ark.
            Rufust has deteriorated into relative incoherence, but his points can be verified with simple Google searches.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How old are you?

  • dtallkrakkas

    Not surprising the author uses the reason for baldwin getting a racial white card pass is because of him being a white liberal, instead of telling the truth that baldwin at the end of the day is a white male in a white supremacist society that rewards and encourages white people to kill and or denigrate victims of racism/white supremacy.

  • Dave Easterwood

    What a bunch of right wing BS.

  • Sophia Anne Wise

    Alec Baldwin is not racist. I believe the evidence, not the disgruntled reporter.