Bill Maher Goes Full-Bore Anti-Semitic

“Based on every statement out of any Republican in the last two years,” Bill Maher said on HBO’s Real Time on Friday night, “the Israelis are controlling our government.” It’s not the first time the formerly-funny-jester-dwarf-turned-partisan-hack has gone off the deep end on Israel. It’s just the most obvious anti-Semitic canard to emerge from his potty-mouth.

Maher was referring, of course, to the political story that has brought all the leftist anti-Semites rushing from the woodwork: the hold-up of Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, he of the “Jewish lobby” hatred and the anti-Israel isolationism. Said Maher:

What is it about him that’s suspicious? He voted for the Iraq war, he voted for the Afghanistan war, he voted for the Patriot Act, he voted for Homeland Security, Star Wars, he’s a right-wing Republican and that’s not good enough?

Sitting by and watching this ridiculous charade was Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Brazile interjected: “Bill, what they’re doing is going after every speech.” When Jamie Weinstein of The Daily Caller explained that one of those speeches may have contained Hagel ripping the State Department as a wing of the Israeli Foreign ministry, Maher dropped the “Israel-controls-our-government” bombshell. Brazile sat there and said nothing. In fact, her next remarks were in defense of Hagel: “They keep changing the goalposts, Bill.”

To oppose certain policies of the State of Israel is not anti-Semitic. Everyone has done it based on the administration in Israel, which changes, as it does in every democracy. But to suggest moral equivalence between the democratic, casualty-minimizing Israelis, and the fascistic, terrorizing Palestinians is anti-Semitic. To suggest that Israel controls American foreign policy is conspiratorial anti-Semitic nonsense. And it’s dangerous nonsense at that.

Maher doesn’t have a consistent pattern of this kind of messaging. His message varies with his audience – in an interview with the Los Angeles Jewish Journal in November, he defended Israel’s rights to defend itself against Hamas rockets … although one suspects that that defense has more to do with Barack Obama’s tepid support for Israel’s Gaza action than Maher’s own inherent sympathy for Israel.

And that’s the danger.

The left now follows President Obama’s lead with the devotion of a pack of well-trained hound dogs. If he is anti-Israel, they are anti-Israel. If he is not, they are not. (He is never pro-Israel, so that point of view is obviated.)

Thus Brazile’s tolerance for Maher’s anti-Semitic diatribe. President Obama has nominated a Secretary of Defense who clearly is an anti-Semite, and Brazile defends that pick because it’s Obama’s pick. And Hollywood, which has a higher-than-average representation of Jews, remains silent. Imagine if Maher had made this comment about the gay lobby in Washington – the Hollywood crowd would have gone berserk. But when he suggests that the Elders of Zion run the American government, it’s treated as normal not just by Brazile, but by the Hollywood Jewish left, which values its leftism over its Judaism.

Because leftism is the true Hollywood religion, the number of self-hating Jews or atheists of Jewish origin here is skyrocketing. Jewishness is now seen as a charming rite of passage or a way to identify as non-white, a moral shield against charges of being part of the dominant demographic strain in America. But Judaism as a coherent religion and philosophy is seen as a mockery, a joke, the basis for intolerance and inhumanity. Which is why, at root, leftism must reject Judaism, and thus the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

With his re-election won, Barack Obama is doing just that. He’s being followed by the typical left, and the Hollywood left. And the Hollywood Jewish left is saying nothing. As usual.

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  • Mary Sue

    Uh, is that Donna Brazile that got mentioned there?

  • Rocco

    The first time I saw Donna Brazile I was channel surfing and came across ABC news. I heard her speaking and I honestly thought she was retarded. The Democrats are a real freak show.

  • UraFecalLiberal

    Ben Shapiro's Judaism is commensurate and compatible with the Judaism of the Jews that participated in the founding of the Republic. Those Jews are as the Conservative Jews of today: a national asset and a light among peoples.

    • Questions

      There were some Jews who were Founders — mainly Sephardic Jews who arrived and settled in Charleston, S.C. and Newport, R.I. — but they were a minor force. The main Jewish influence on our country was transmitted via allies such as George Washington and John Adams.

      In the end, the Jewish homeland is Israel, not America.

      • UraFecalLiberal

        <<In the end, the Jewish homeland is Israel, not America. >>

        No dispute of the above. However, in no other country save American have Jews done so well for so long, and been unprosecuted. And without America, there will be no Israel in the future.

      • CHOI

        Israel, is an ANCIENT Nation and is to the Jewish-American People what Italy is to Italian-Americans,Ireland to Irish-Americans,Germany to German-Americans,China to Chinese-Americans,etc.
        So "Questions",unless you're a Native-American,WHATEVER your ethnicity is,IT'S NO DIFFERENT ,vis-a-vie,for Jewish-Americans than for YOU!!!!!!

  • fork

    Being critical of the right wing of the Jewish government and the machinations of AIPAC does not make one anti semitic. We in fact do not have completely parallel interests and in fact Israel has chumped us several times and we aren’t allowed to bat an eyelash. USS Liberty. Johnathan Pollard. Rachel Corrie. Larry Franklin. And why do we send them billion dollars of aid again? So they can reign terror on brown people with ‘Made in the USA’ stamped right on the weapons and munitions? Bill actually took it easy. It is a much more worthy discussion than that micro segment. But i’m in the realm of the anti intellectual anti empirical dilldough population of my beloved nation. Enjoy your right wing victim syndrome while it may still hold water.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "We in fact do not have completely parallel interests and in fact Israel has chumped us several times and we aren't allowed to bat an eyelash. USS Liberty. Johnathan Pollard. Rachel Corrie. Larry Franklin. And why do we send them billion dollars of aid again? So they can reign terror on brown people with 'Made in the USA' stamped right on the weapons and munitions? "

      Leftist Kook Aid drinker.

      "But i'm in the realm of the anti intellectual anti empirical dilldough population of my beloved nation."

      Try starting your education over from the beginning. Maybe you can overcome these problems. And please, above all else, stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol. You'll never overcome your emotional problems without getting serious about discovering the world as it really exists. Hiding with the aid of chemicals just makes your challenges even more difficult.

      Good luck.



      Israel or Jews did not commit:

      – 9/11 – 19 Islamofascists – 15 whom were saudis
      – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
      – Fort Hood massacre
      – bombing of Oklahoma City Murrah Federal building – white socialists did
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy
      – bombing of Pan Am 103
      – Beltway sniper – john muhammed
      – Times Square SUV bombing
      – sneaker bomber richard reid
      – underwear bomber
      – execution of malcom x
      – 2005 bombing of London transport
      – 8 year iraq/iran war – 1,000,000 dead
      – 60,000+ dead in Syria – Arabs killing Arabs
      – plots to bomb NYC bridges and tunnels
      – bombing churches in Nigeria
      – bombing churches in Pakistan
      – Muslim Only cities in Saudi Arabia
      – $4 AFTER TAX dollar per gallon gas from $100 per barrel OPEC oil
      – Arab rape gangs in Eurabia
      – honor killing of girls over "family honor"
      – kidnapping people and beheading them and posting the video on the Internet
      – threatening writers with death – like writer Salman Rushdie
      – threatening cartoonists with death for drawing a cartoon of a false prophet mohammed
      – cursing and spitting on British soldiers IN the "UK"

      Just read the news for the latest from "the religion of peace".

      Go fork yourself


      What is more anti-intellectual than supporting Islamofascism?

      What is "progressive" about supporting REGRESSIVE savages who stone women to death over "family honor"?

      Call me anti-pseudo-intellectual.

    • Ezra Mordecai

      Somebody should put a fork in you. you seem to be overdone!!!

    • @paulvmarks

      AIPAC has not campaigned against Hagel – so you might try checking your facts before hitting the keyboard.

      As for U.S. government aid to Israel – weapons are PAID FOR. The real taxpaying funded aid goes to anti Israeli organisations (as it does with European Union money) operating in Israel.

      Fork – if there was actually an end to U.S. government AID (as opposed to arms sales) to Israel, I think you would find that "right wing Israelis" would be overjoyed (as it is the internal enemies of Israel who get the taxpayer money).

      By the way by "anti intellectual" you, of course, mean "anti Progressive" – as collecticvism (the whole "social justice" agenda) has been so successful (all round the world) that only a true "intellectual" (one of the children of Plato) could still believe in it.

    • stern

      "reign terror on brown people" ???

      And there you have it, the roots of your idiocy. The Arabs might not like being referred to as "brown". In fact, you might also be surprised to discover that there are many "non-White" Jewish people in Israel. So by trying to paint this as a purely racist conflict driven by some kind of white ubermensch mentality, all you succeed in doing is displaying your own ignorance as completely as possible.

      Perhaps it might be advisable to educate yourself before posting on this site again.

    • WhateverMan

      Great post. Despite the assurance of the Amen Corner, the relationship with israel has not real advantage to the US. When it really matters, they did not deliver vital intelligence that could have saved American live:USS Cole, 911, WMD's in Iraq. They want to siphon money from the US and brand anyone that criticize them as antisemitic. Now, they even besmirched people who have shed blood for their country. No shame.

      • Phil

        There are some responders who are hopelesslyconfused by Islamic and leftist propaganda. A few actually know the real facts but are so viciously antisemitic that they feel no guilt in lying. WhateverMan is different in that he feelsno guiltabout writing lies about Israel. The sociopath accuses Israel of witholding information about 9-11, WMD's in Iraq, and the USS Cole—- all despicable lies. Any human being with a normal intelligence can easily discover that Israel warned the US against going to war against Iraq. Funny that the intelligence service of the UK also agreed that there were WMD's in Iraq and yet whateverMan doesn't seem concerned. His citing of 9-11 and the Cole just shows what a pathetic, paranoid, and stupid liar he and his ilk are.

        • WhateverMan

          i didn't say withholding. that would give the too much credit. i don't think they had it in the first place. For all the hyped special relationship that justifies the money the US gives to israel, I would say it is a bad investment and a liability.
          and the UK doesn't get billions in aid from the US.
          And Israel did not warn the US, you liar. Bibi was in front of a US committee encouraging Bush to finish Irak and than move on to Iran and Syria.

          • stern

            Huh? You said Israel "did not deliver" vital intelligence that could have prevented 9/11 and USS Cole. Wow. Talk about finding any excuse – and I do mean ANY – to blame the Jews for everything.

          • Zionista

            I guess you're ok with the billions sent to egypt and $ that goes to other muslim cesspools and countries that hate us. Go take a bath – from your name you sound like an unwashed hippie living in mom's basement.

          • pagegl

            This post taken with your original is tremendously incoherent. You imply Israel didn't give the US info about several terrorist acts and then you say they probably didn't have the info and then you say that Israel didn't warn the US. Twain said to tell the truth because you don't have to remember anything; you might want to give that a try because you can't keep your story straight over the span of an hour.

          • Drakken

            Well please by all means, go to sand land and support your favorite jihadist, I am sure they would enjoy your naive company, May Darwin be with you, hopefully the islamic savages mave a short video.

          • Mary Sue

            he needs to be another saint pancake!

          • Drakken

            Amen sister!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "WhateverMan is different …"

          Whatever silly string of words that can be used to superficially attack Israel will be used by this person.

      • DRoth

        Israel saved America’s ass by bombing an Iraqi nuclear facility before the Gulf War. You don’t have to thank us. We didn’t do it for you.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "When it really matters, they did not deliver vital intelligence that could have saved American live:USS Cole"

        Just go ahead and call it a false flag operation. You don't even need to mention Israel by name. Everyone knows that the International Jewish Cabal (AKA Elders of Zion) is behind all the false flag operations that make the "religion of peace" look questionable. Muslims don't even use weapons. It's against their religion.

        Jews invented gunpowder and attacked the Romans. Then they invented Marxism and every deadly virus known to man. Ever notice how Jews never get sick?

        Hmmm? Well did you notice or not?

        No shame.

      • CHOI

        You're language identifies you as another Buchanan and Hagel.
        Do you even realize that you're as much a JEW-HATING POS as they are?
        Congratulations you GUTTERSNIPE!

    • Ar'nun

      fork- First off, there is a huge difference between being critical of Israel on a political level, and claiming that there is some vast Jewish conspiracy running a shadow US government. This accusation has been used to stir up hatred of Jews throughout history, the most famous of it of course being the Shoah. ____"And why do we send them billion dollars of aid again?" Has it ever crossed your mind that if Israel really secretly ran the US, we wouldn't be sending BILLIONS of dollars to Palestine, or any other Islamist Nation for that matter? ____Rachel Corrie- Committed suicide by laying down in front of a Bull Dozer. ____Johnathan Pollard – Was sentenced to 10 years for his crimes, almost 25 years ago and is still in prison. ____USS Liberty – Israel apologized for the attack, saying that the USS Liberty had been attacked in error after being mistaken for an Egyptian ship. Both the Israeli and U.S. governments conducted inquiries and issued reports that concluded the attack was a mistake due to Israeli confusion about the ship's identity, though others, including survivors of the attack, have rejected these conclusions and maintain that the attack was deliberate.____

    • Drakken

      Well fork, what I am about to say should really send you on a libidiot tangent, Rachel(st. pancake) Corrie and Larry (dumb-azz) Franklin got exactly what those muslim terrorist supporting, American hating leftards deserve.

    • Howard

      It's spelled "dildo", dildo.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…we aren't allowed to bat an eyelash."

      With all your lunatic rants, what does it mean that you "aren't allowed to bat an eyelash?"

      "Enjoy your right wing victim syndrome while it may still hold water."

      Because you're the "real victim?" Maybe true. But you've got nobody to blame but yourself.

    • CHOI


    • HoR_Emperor

      Ah yes, the usual "we're just critics, not anti-Semites" white-wash that the Jew-haters always try to cover themselves with.
      You're a Jew-hater, and so is Hagel.

  • Omar

    Bill Maher is popular and exceptionally comfortable financially. That's what matters to him. His blinding Leftism and Obama worship merely further bolster his shallow self-esteem and cocksure loudmouth confidence.

    Maher is fond of criticizing Judaism and Christianity but is notably tight-lipped when it comes to criticizing Islam. The true mark of cowardice and hollow integrity. Typical.

    • WildJew

      Maher can be fairly confident no Jew or Christian will behead him for criticizing Judaism or Christianity.

    • Questions

      That's simply false. I saw "Religulous" when it came out in 2008 and Maher most certainly did skewer Islam. On two occasions as a matter of fact. You obviously didn't see the movie or any of his TV shows where he denounces Islam.

      • traeh

        Yes, sometimes Maher almost sounds like a hard-line Islam-critic, though he's not quite there.

      • CHOI

        post some links to back your claim or STFU,Qustions

      • davbeau

        He also completely fails to skewer Judaism in whatever way he might find to do that, which if he was actually following his touted thesis that ALL religions are, in his words, "cuckoo", he would most certainly do. In fact Maher is much more protective of Judaism than the other religions and he certainly does not hold back when it comes to Islam. You only need to watch his show to see that. The most lame bit of his movie Religulous is in fact when he protects the orthodox (small 'o') political view on Israel by failing to give an Orthodox Jew the time of day for arguing that having a Jewish state is in fact anti-Judaic, just talking over the guy witlessly and ending the conversation abruptly. This was completely unlike the rest of the movie where his skewering of the other religions is delivered with flourish and wit. So how Omar can say he is fond of criticizing Judaism is beyond me. Yes, if you happen to be an an anti Israel Orthodox Jew – that's about it.

    • WhateverMan

      Obviously you have never heard of Maher nor are you familiar with his work.But still got

      • CHOI

        He has NO WORK,He has his prejudices written into his WRITERS HATE SCREEDS!

  • Swan Ganz

    "But when he suggests that the Elders of Zion run the American government.." – Correct me I am wrong, but I am assuming Bill did not actually do this, it's just an exaggerated comparison; a very poor one that diminishes the authors credibility and Bill's view on Israel. Just saying. It sort of takes the whole argument off the deep end and looks desperate.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      Do you know anyone who happens to be Jewish, that tried to get a job with the U.S. State Department?
      It can't be done. The U.S. State Department has quite a tradition of anti-Semitism.(John Foster Dulles comes immediately to mind) To state that the "Israel lobby controls the U.S. state department," is not only 100% false, its a pathological lie, and the mark of a sick mind. Yes. Bill actually did this.

      • WhateverMan

        just because the people that YOU know who happen to be jewish and dumb (because they are your acquaintances", and you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer) doesn't mean "It can't be done". There many jews there, including ambassadors to Israel (conflict of interest, in my opinion)

        • Zionista

          you should stick to taking bong hits – you're too ignorant to discuss politics.

          • WhateverMan

            And you should stick to servicing sailors.

          • Drakken

            Is your name Bob or Neal? Or is that what you do?

        • kasandra

          Gee, and last week the moderator censored a reply of mine to one of your ravings just because I said I would keep it simple since you are apparently a jerk.

          • kasandra

            Obviously, I was replying to WhateverMan, not you Zionista. The way they posted it looks like I had referred to you as a jerk, which is certainly not the case.

        • Drakken

          Fell off that shortbus after licking one too many windows again I see.

      • zthebear

        No Bill Maher did not say anything like that. He said that according to the Republicans, Israel controls the US government. He's actually one of the very few liberals who's consistently defended Israel.

        There are plenty of examples on YouTube of him defending Israel. There's also an interview he did with Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • WildJew

      Maybe, but the idea that Jews control world governments, economies, etc. comes from the Elders of Zion. Doesn't it? Why did Maher say it if he does't believe it? Why does he engage in this vicious conspiracy mongering? Why would he support this anti-Semite?

    • Matt UK

      No the comparison is pretty apt. America is a democracy and a lot of Americans like and value Israel as a democratic country and as a loyal ally. Such people rightly get upset when the future secretary of defence complains about the "Jewish lobby". When Maher interprets this as Israel "controlling" the US, he is talking about secret cabals and worldwide hidden Jewish power. He's a nut job.

    • DRoth

      Not really. His comment stems from the Protocols. It is only whitewashed. So it is important to clarify the root of the comment so the reader will know his underlying sentiments. I think you’re a little desperate.

    • CHOI

      You ARE Wrong and you are an A$$ for ASSUMING Maher didn't do it.
      Of course since you CHOOSE to "assume'" Maher didn't do, you TOO are a JEW-HATING P>O>S>

    • HoR_Emperor

      That is EXACTLY what he said, you cretin.

  • C.R.

    Bill Maher is one of many Marxist self hating, God hating Jews!

    • Neils60

      Maher's mother converted from Judaism to Catholicism well before his birth. He only learned of his mother's former religion, when he was a teenager. I don't believe he ever attended public school, as his father insisted that he attend private Catholic schools.

      • Mary Sue

        what is it with so many catholics turning into "recovering catholics"? They must be doing something wrong over there.

    • Questions

      He's not Jewish. Maher was raised a Catholic, but rejected it as a frame of reference when he was a young man.

      • Jake Tobias

        "I was raised half Jewish and half Catholic. When I'd go confession, I'd say "Bless me, father, for I have sinned– and you know my attorney, Mr. Cohen." -Bill Maher

        Like the article said, back when Bill Maher was actually funny.

    • CHOI

      Actually,Maher could be an Arabic/Islamic name.
      I know of a Pakistani woman whose first name is Maher.

    • ToivoS

      Bill Maher is one of many Marxist self hating, God hating Jews!

      Pardon me, but I do not believe God exists. Given that premise how could I (or Maher for that matter) hate something that does not exist.

  • Arlie

    I do not subscribe to cable or satellite. Do not feed the beast. Hit them where is hurts! It's all lies and propaganda.

    Also: The 0 Regime Pays for CNN Content….

    Amber Lyon talks about Bahrain coverage in above video and also at:

  • N Sullivan

    This is just bad Journalism. Maher is himself half Jewish and the quote is being taken completely out of context. He was insulting the way Republicans make Israel a litmus test. Mitt Romney was forced to change his position even because he was deemed "not supportive enough"

    • scott

      you can not be "half jewish". that's like saying i'm "half christian". there is no jewish people it's a religion.

      • Mary Sue

        Judaism is both a religion and an ethnicity.

        • traeh

          scott and Mary Sue, you are both partly right, I think.

          I consider myself half-Jewish, because I carry some Jewish traditions and cultural characteristics from my father. From my mother I carry some Christian traditions. Both of those traditions and cultures are part of who I am. So while from one or another point of view, it might be considered misconceived, nevertheless I consider myself half-Jewish, half Christian. Sometimes I consider myself all Jewish and all Christian simultaneously. I'm sort of a Jew for Jesus and a Christian for the Jews. My religion I suppose is Christianity. But I love Jewish people and feel proud I have some share in them, and I'm not about to give it up.

          When I was a child, my parents celebrated both Christmas and Channakuh (more Christmas). We celebrated Passover once in a while. (As a child, I used to think that Thanksgiving was a Jewish holiday, because my Jewish grandparents always made Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother was a great cook who always wanted me to eat more.)

    • HoR_Emperor

      Given Maher's track record and what he said, I don't see any "bad journalism" here.

  • pierce

    Thank god I don't know what channel this idiot is on. Maher is, without a doubt, one of the most disgusting people in the world, caustic and never funny. The world would be a better place without him.

    • WhateverMan

      Is that a threat, pierce?

      • Zionista

        besides being an ignorant slob, you're paranoid – now get lost

      • HoR_Emperor

        Grow up, pathetic child.

    • BS77

      Don't watch Maher on TV…he's an arrogant pile of garbage……Never funny, always snide, sarcastic and puffed up with his delusions of grandeur…..I ll bet he got punched out in high school.

  • Gene

    In Germany the Jews didn’t say much during the 1930’s, either.

  • WhateverMan

    Despite the assurance of the Amen Corner, the relationship with israel has not real advantage to the US. When it really matters, they did not deliver vital intelligence that could have saved American live:USS Cole, 911, WMD's in Iraq. They want to siphon money from the US and brand anyone that criticize them as antisemitic. Now, they even besmirched people who have shed blood for their country. No shame.

    • Neils60

      That Amen corner remark was used by Patrick J. Buchanan over 25 years ago. Too late, not al all original. However, when and where did you hear that Israel withheld intelligence on the USS Cole, 911, WMD's in Iraq? Please provide some backup, as I've yet to read that charge anywhere, except in your diatribe.

      • kasandra

        He just repeats his unsupported ravings and think if he says it enough someone out there will believe it.

    • Drakken

      It must really hurt a lot to be that effing stupid.

    • poetcomic1

      Yes, the Israelis had information. The Mossad point blank told Bush… do NOT invade Iraq, it will unleash endless sectarian warfare, anarchy and terror and empower your real enemy, Iran. The antisemitic canard is that 'neocons' went into Iraq at Israel's behest.

      • WhateverMan


    • JacksonPearson
      • WhateverMan

        You know, this might be a shock, but antisemitism is not the only valid form of bigotry. save a copy of this book for david horowitz and his shillman clowns.

        • JacksonPearson

          Okay, you didn't like that one, so how about this:
 You're ugly….

        • HoR_Emperor

          So you're confessing to being an anti-Semite. Thanks for utterly destroying yourself, you hateful clown.

    • CHOI

      Israel ONLY wants to LIVE IN PEACE.
      By the way,Buchanan Jr.,before you take necessary medication,,check if it is MADE in ISRAEL,and if so I DARE YOU TO STOP TAKING IT!
      Have the courage of your convictions,you POS.
      And if ever you find your life in the hands of a JEWISH DOCTOR,REFUSE HIS/HER CARE.
      DO IT! I DARE YOU!

    • HoR_Emperor

      Cut-and-paste Jew-hatred is still Jew-hatred. Get lost, cretin.

  • Loyal Achates

    So is AIPAC the world's most incompetent lobby to the point where they have no power or influence whatever? Because if they have no power, and 99% of the Senate does what Israel wants all the time anyway, then why have a lobby at all?

    • Gee

      So you have an issue with American Jews exercising their Constitutional rights to petition their own government. Do you have an issue with anybody else that you want to violate their Constitutional rights as well? Or are you just an anti-Semite?

      • Loyal Achates

        If you're going to argue with the imaginary leftist in your head please post on the imaginary internet in your head.

        • HoR_Emperor

          So you're just an anti-Semite. Got it.

    • Neils60

      Could it possibly be that the 99%'s, as you call them, are acting on behalf of American interests, when they support Israel's right to exist?

      • Loyal Achates

        No, it could not be possible.

    • HoR_Emperor

      More Jew-hatred from another cretin. Get lost.

  • tagalog

    Given the attitudes of Bill Maher and Donna Brazile, together with unknown numbers of the legions of Obama fanatics, perhaps when the United States finally falls Barack Obama will be the Man on Horseback who will become our Beloved Leader.

    • Jim_C

      Nah, I think we'll last out his term, and three years on, we won't be hearing too much from Barack.

      But I'll tell you what, thanks to many decades of putting off dealing with our health care system, when things finally change, and they will soon enough, things are going to get very, very interesting, and elections are going to take on a different cast for it.

      Stay healthy, people!

      • trickyblain

        I doubt things will really hit the fan because of Obama's gift to insurance companies. I think it will be more like Civil Rights — a bitterly contentious issue at the time, but 30-40 years later, everyone seems to claim credit.

  • Capt_Z1

    Does anyone think that Bill Hahar got that round mouth and flat knees from sucking on door knobs?

  • clarespark

    Cable TV and show business in general thrive on populist demagoguery. I have lots of blogs on this subject: find an appealing one here:…. How bizarre that Hollywood is deemed to be Jew-controlled when the original moguls adapted to populism/progressivism and the glorification of the common man, as either victim or gangster rebel. It was a very gentile thing to do at the time.

  • Combat WW2 Veteran

    Being against the Ashkenazim is not necessarily anti-Semitic.

    • Mary Sue

      Oh great, here we go, the fallacy of the "Ashkenazim aren't real Jews"…?

    • U.S. Army Vet

      I certainly hope ,IF you are what you claim,that the Army had the good sense to put YOU in the Pacific ,because you are a NAZI and certainly was than too.
      If you were in the ETO ,it wouldn't be surprising if you NEVER FIRED your weapon at a Nazi,or deliberately MISSED them.
      From one Vet to another: FK YOU!

    • HoR_Emperor

      Yes it is. And I am quite sure your userName is a lie.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ Bill Maher is a free-style IDIOT!

    Bill Maher is a Lenny Bruce wannabe.

    Bill Maher pictures himself as a modern critical form of comedy.

    Maher: ALL CRASS, NO BRAIN. NO CLASS……ZERO intellectual prowess.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Excellent observation………………William

  • Balder

    "Ben Shapiro is an attorney and writer and a Shillman Journalism Fellow"

    "Shillman Journalism", very appropriate indeed.

    • HoR_Emperor

      More Jew-hatred trolling. Go to Hell, scumbag.

  • marios

    Leftists are overfull with hatred all who does not share their commies view. They are thirsty for Power forever and socialism is as totalitarian regime is exactly what they need. What is underline for Maher and other leftist villain is money. Power and money but the mask it by care about poor, about destitute….They are always on side of barbarians who kill innocents but never on side of their victims. When I see Maher I think only that he belongs to psychiatric clinic. How people can see him normal, is puzzle for me. Israel is only democracy in ME and only one real ally in ME at least. One of high rank CIA general said that intelligence which Israel provide USA is 5 times worth financial aid our country provide that country. Israel is on the first line in battle with Islamo-Nazism which have goal to conquer all the world. Islamo-Nazis are proclaiming "Islam will dominate in the world". Israel destiny is our country destiny and all Western civilization destiny. World would be much better and cleaner without such villain as Maher.

  • Jim_C

    There could be something to this…Arabs are semitic, too, right? Ever hear Maher on Islam?

    • Questions

      I have. Indeed, he has made the point on his TV show that Islam merely exaggerates the more extreme elements of Judaism and Christianity.

  • obama guy

    Yes Ben Shapiro, some criticism of Israel is Anti-Semitic. But calling Obama a Muslim-loving, Kenyan born
    out of this country who hates "America," (i.e., White America) and who also wants to "weaken the welfare work requirement" and give people (i.e., black and brown people) "free stuff." Oh yes no racism there. Yep, all Republicans are color-blind. At least Mississippi finally ratified the 13th Amendment this week.

    • tagalog

      You raise an interesting question: is it racism if it's true?

    • HoR_Emperor

      Distract! Deflect! Lie!

    • CHOI

      And guess who controls the Southern Rural Counties:

  • obama guy

    Mississippi, one of the GOP's crown jewels. Pathetic.

    • HoR_Emperor

      More distraction! More deflection! Throw in some ad hominem!

      You're the one who's pathetic, troll.

  • Bill Vandow

    It's poopy time in the forme rUSA poopy brown people in charge everywhere through the miracle of affirmative poopy action

  • theleastthreat

    A series of questions. Which government stops another government when it gains an edge in combat operations?
    Which goverment wants the other government to remove defensive walls?
    Which government wants the other geovernment to relinquish land?
    Which government puts pressure on the other government to stop settlement building?
    And, which government is controlling the other government?
    The answers are clear enough.
    Iff you believe Israel is controlling the US, why are the Israelis so bad at it?

    • WhateverMan

      There is a difference between "want" and "make":
      A series of questions. Which government stops another government when it gains an edge in combat operations? What you call combat operations, the world calls war crimes and crimes against humanity.
      Which goverment wants the other government to remove defensive walls? The US, as the main benefactor, has not been able to make israel do anything that israel does not want, even if it is agains international law.
      Which government wants the other geovernment to relinquish land? Stolen land is not relinquished but restituted. The US has been able to stop any significant international sanction. It;s like a molestor not going to jail because he knows the sheriff.
      Which government puts pressure on the other government to stop settlement building?
      And, which government is controlling the other government?
      The answers are clear enough.
      Iff you believe Israel is controlling the US, why are the Israelis so bad at it? They are excellent at it. Hagel, a man who risked his life for his own country may not be able serve it once more, because someone in tel aviv doesn't like what he said…

      • traeh

        Whateverman says: "What you call combat operations, the world calls war crimes…"

        Liar. You appoint yourself and your opinions as "the world's" opinions? Immodest little tyrant. God forbid you should ever be in a position of responsibility. If you could get away with it you'd probably lord it over your subordinates like Saddam Hussein lorded it over his.

      • theleastthreat

        It's now cool to be anti-Israel so I guess you could say I aint cool. But I do read a lot. You should try. I promise, it doesn't hurt.

    • Billy Bosco

      The reason they're so bad at it, is because they can't receive military support on the one hand, and then bring about another 9-11 on the other hand – that would be a too incriminating.

  • jerome

    its always safe to criticize israel and jews or to say the most racist things about them because retaliation is non existent.
    were the tables turned and muslims/islam were criticized or made fun of there would be world wide riots and destruction and fatwas and calls for death to america……

    • WhateverMan

      have you been reading this website? they have been attacking Muslim, Latinos and Blacks like there is no tomorrow. And David Horowitz has been doing great, as far as I can see.

      • Obama Guy

        Yep, Horowitz’s latest book is titled “Black Skin Privilege.” No race-baiting there. Those 43 black Presidents we’ve had let you feel all of the privilege.

        • WhateverMan

          You leftist antisemite: how dare you criticize david horowitz? you must jews! and israel! and apple pies! and ponies and gumdrops!

        • HoR_Emperor

          Nope, no race-baiting, no matter how desperately you want to pretend otherwise, troll-scum.

  • Silverio Facundo

    It's irrelevant whether Maher is half Jewish or half Christian or half liberal or full liberal. He is first and foremost, an idiot. A Supreme idiot. He's also a mysoginistic moron who shouldn't have one single female in his audience. He's the kind of "anchor" that makes us want Peter Jennings back (although one shouldn't badmouth the departed ones, even if they were obnoxious biased self-important nobodies), or that makes appear lesbian Rachel Madcow not such a disgusting jerk after all. But if Jennings or Madcow could get their programs, why couldn't Maher get his? All three stooges are in the same league.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Those who promote people like Maher and Madcow believe disgust is a valuable trait
      that they can identify with…………………..William

  • WhateverMan

    Some people might be confusing me with someone who cares about being labelled an antisemite because he criticizes Israel. Well let me brush up my credentials as an antisemite:
    I don't believe that israel withheld information related to attacks against the US, not that they would be above doing such a thing (USS Liberty), BUT BECAUSE THEIR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES ARE OVERRATED. The billions that are syphoned by israel are wasted because the so called only reliable ally in the middle east is not capable to provide valuable data that the US needs. nations don;t have permanent friends, but permanent interests.
    The US is getting more bang for its buck from Arab and Muslim countries : use of bases to attack Irak and Afghanistan, sharing intelligence as concerning AL Quaeda, getting cheap cheap oil which is vital for its economy, client states that buy weapons by the billions from THEIR OWN POCKETs, not coming from US aid.
    Israel, to mask its uselessness to US interests, has the Jewish Lobby to buy elected officials and intimidate them by branding them antisemites. Sites like this one are basically a platform for attack on any critic of Israel by maskerading as a conservative group. They track to distract the gullible by daily demonizing other minorities: muslims, blacks, latinos. Give in to the worst stereotypes and unleash the anger of the hateful bigoted idiots (I am looking at you, Mary Sue and Drakken Balls)
    as they always do, in every nation where they were guest and allowed to prosper, they're arrogance will take over and they will overplay their hands: . Hagel and Brennan are a prime example. There will be a time when enough would be enough.

    • HoR_Emperor

      More pathetic Jew-hatred from a pathetic scumbag troll.

  • jerome

    The jews are the biggest target in the world and the bulls eye is Israel.
    Aiming your vitriol at jews is also a safe bet because you are guaranteed the
    blind support of every left wing jew hating racist and all the other closet jew haters with centuries of history behind them and this sickness imprinted on their genes for all of time, and as a bonus there will be NO REPURCUSSIONS!
    Dare to make taunts at muslims and face the possibility of fatwas or riots or both, with lots of diatribe
    about death to america etc etc.
    Bill was a closet hater who has come out and emancipated himself with a sure fire winning jew hate
    comment. it never fails, jew hatred is the best glue to unite any disparate factions and will always be!

  • Sergio

    Bill Maher and his beloved Chuck Hagel brought back the White Supremacists', KKK's and Arian Nation's "ZOG" [Zionist Occupied Government]

  • Todd Carpenter

    Why do we even give Bill Maher airtime? He has proven time and again that he is purely an out of touch with reality, idiot.

  • Joe Briggs

    I disagree completely with your arguments. Israel is by its Zionist definition a Jewish supremacist state, and as such its facade of democracy not only oppresses and limits its non-Jewish minorities, but Israeli support cheapens the sacrifices in civil rights that Americans have themselves struggled to achieve since the civil war. Israel will not have peace until the day they celebrate the birth of their own Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela. And that will be the only day that they are worth of once cent from an American taxpayer. Ethnically cleansing your population of Christians and Muslims at gun point to achieve a demographic majority just prior to declaring your independence as a ‘democracy’ might fool the masses of confused and media-controlled US religious zealots, but it didn’t buy peace; did it?

    • jack brown

      Arabs and Christians are well represented in the Israeli Knesset. And from what I’ve read, and seen in Israel, Christians and Jews get along just fine. Is there descrimination. Yes, there is. But there is descrimination in U.S and European countries as well. And there are many people in the Israeli Government that fight descrimination policies. But oppression, Give me a break!. Are there any Jews in Arab Parliaments or legislature? Oh, WAIT, I forgot, there are no Arab Parliaments! There are only dictatorships and outdated, religius fundamental monarchies. Authoritarianism goes hand in hand in the Muslim world. Look at Egypt, Syria amd Jordan. And how many ordinary Jews left in these countries. Please!! The Gaza Hamas government doesn’t even recognize Israel’s the right to exist. Talk about Supremacist ideology! I mean, really, what is there to talk about? Israel on the other hand, is not a supremacist state, it’s a Jewish state. Many Arab countries that surround Israel, spew Nazi ideology, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Jews to them are nothing but animals. Vile and racist anti-Jewish propoganda is all over their Television and Newspapers. Tell your fairytales somewhere else, ok. Thanks a million.

    • 1bestdog

      Um, please provide an accurate historic timeline of the complex history of Israeli/Palestinian relations.

      Or do you just want to repeat the hyperbole you’ve been fed?

  • Joe Briggs

    Jack Brown – seriously? “Israel on the other hand, is not a supremacist state, it’s a Jewish state.” Yes – if the KKK had their way we in GA would be living in a white Christian state. The little problem is when you send the army out, or in Israel’s case Gen. David ben Gurion and his Irgun terrorist thugs to depopulate the non-Jewish (Christian as well as Muslim) areas at gunpoint until a “jewish majority” was obtained and they could thus actually claim to be a democracy. It might fool you – it has clearly fooled you, but to anyone who is not bogged down in Zionist narrative lies its a facade. Control of your demographics originates the meaning of “token Knesset Arab”. Wake up to reality Jack –

    • jack brown

      Remind me again what happened to the great majority of jews living in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt after 1948? Oh, I remember now! They were expelled from their homes, and land that was their home for thousands of years (pre-Islam I mind you). And that wasn’t because of Arab nationalism or bigotry! No of course not! What was the objective of Arab countries in 1948,1967, and 1973 wars? The total obliteration of the small Jewish state, that’s what Joe. And remind me again what happened to the Palestinians in Jordan, where the majority of population is Palestinian? Oh, yes, King Hussein purged and killed thousands of them (not to mention expelling thousands more). And you’re comparing Israel with KKK? Seriously? You know Joe, Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion are very popular in the Arab world. This is what these radicals believe; Ravings and Rantings of a mad man whose objective was to destroy the Jewish people. And an obvious, not to mention disgusting, and long ago proven forgery concocted by the Tsarist secret police in the early 20th century

      • Joe Briggs

        @JackBrown – that’s right, _after_ 1948, _after_ Zionist Jews in Israel turned against their Arab hosts and raped, murdered, and expelled them at gunpoint in the Nakba, _then_ neighboring countries became paranoid of what could happen with their Jewish population. The Nakba made every Jew in the middle-east a potential traitor or insurgent. But, just like the Holocaust, that sacrifice ultimately served the interest of the Jewish state in Israel. Nothing happens in a vacuum @JackBrown.

        • jack brown

          It’s because of the Holocaust there is a Jewish state! Because never again! When will you guys get it already! No more Jewish scapegoats for you to push around and murder in Gas chambers and Babi Yar mass grave sites! That train sailed long ago (1947 to be exact!). A potential traitor, yeah sure, RIGHT! Hitler spewed the same slogans. But by 1947 things have changed. The Jews realized what they had to do in order to survive as people.

          • Joe Briggs

            That might be the narrative but its certainly not the history. Israel and Zionism caused the Holocaust. If no Israel; then no Holocaust. If no Balfour; then no Holocaust. The Zionist took a calculated risk in the middle of WWI that turned every German Jew into a traitor, and ultimately put a cross-hair on every Jew in Poland and Russia, in exchange for Palestine should Britain win the war with the help of Jewish-controlled media. A lot of people because Britain did not take Germany’s offer to end the war, and the vitriolic Polish landgrab at Versailles would not go unpunished. So, what goes around comes around.

          • 1bestdog

            Well, that’s a total lie. Israel CAUSED the holocaust? Because there was no anti semitism before then, right?

          • Joe Briggs

            Prior to WWI was the popularity and spread of Marxism – particularly in Russia, but also in Austria, Hungary, and Germany. Most of the Marxist activists happened to be Jewish. So much so they became synonymous. the 1917 Bolshevik revolution was in fact a Jewish revolution. Even though Jews were a small minority in Russia, they constituted a majority of the resulting government. The immediately began reforms that nationalized private land and industry. They began work camps of slave labor provided by anyone who questioned the revolution. The camp system and most of the camps were commanded by a Jewish Marxists. Tens of millions of people died working in these camps, the farms, and the collectives. Many starved because of the failures of productivity in the farms and the determination to see a 5-year plan. In 1918, Jewish Marxists in Germany organized strikes in the munitions plants that stalled supplies getting to the front. The 1918 German revolution ensued leading Germany to surrender to the terms of Versailles. Hitler, Goebbels, and others where not the only Germans to blame Jews on the Marxists movement that led to that humiliation and punishment. Up until WWI German Jews were fully emancipated and successful at the very highest level in government and the economy. But the Jewish embrace of Marxism, the Jewish role in the downfall of the government, and the perceived betrayal of the World Zionist Organization and German Jews as manifested in Balfour and the successful attracting of the US into the war, is what led to the Holocaust.

        • 1bestdog

          BS. The Arabs in Palestine and elsewhere had much hatred for the Jews long before WW2 and adored Hitler and his “philosophy.”

  • Silk

    How is saying “the Israelis are controlling our government.” Is anti-semitic!?! But it’s true! The Israelis are controlling our government! Jews are pure evil! Now that’s anti-semitic! But it’s also true too! You conservative Republikkkans are so ignorant and naive, to not see that Jews are controlling not just America but the entire world through finance, media, the entertainment industry and anything else those evil, dirty filthy jews can get their hands on! Say anything against them and you’re immediatley labelled anti-semitic. But it’s okay if they mock and say anything against another race or creed or religion or whatever your strange weird cult is. What is Jewish?!? Is it a race? Is it is a religion? so weird! It’s a cult is what it is! They even admit in the Torah or Talmud or whatever that thing is that non-Jews are not people but animals or lower. They want to kill everyone that’s non-Jewish, basically! Jews are controlling the world. I bet that you will erase this, because you know it’s true and you KON-servatives can’t handle the truth! Israeli’s and Jews are just pure evil!

    • Scott Goldman


    • Waffa Salfiti

      Silk: I couldn’t of said it better myself! Palestine will live forever much to Israel’s dismay.

    • 1bestdog

      What ignorant bigotry.

      Let me guess, you are Christian or Muslim? People in glass houses….

      t least you are honest in your antisemitic rant.

  • Keith Tyler

    What a fatuously disingenuous rant. Maher summarizes the rhetoric of his political opponents, and this article treats that as Maher’s own opinion. But what makes the article laughable is that it’s own quoting of Maher makes that blisteringly obvious.

  • 1bestdog

    What? You put words in Maher’s mouth that he never said, based on the quote provided.

  • Barbara

    The President has nominated a secretary of defense who “clearly is an anti-Semite”…”Because leftism is the true anti-Semitism..the number of self hating jews….That is why…at its root leftism must reject Judaism and the legitimacy of the State of Israel… Dear God. Does Mr. Shapiro or anyone believe this? Is he saying that an overwhelming majority of Jews hate themselves and their ancestors? The “left” rejects Judaism and the legitimacy of the State of Israel?!! This is paranoia of a most pernicious and difficult strain. I am sorry for Mr. Shapiro. How will the Jewish State ever exist if it must constantly battle this sort of paranoia by its own?

  • Carl Jacobson

    This OP-ED piece is garbage.
    Bill Maher’s mother is jewish so that makes him jewish too – albeit an atheistic one.
    Maher is strongly pro-Israel and based on his interview with Bibi Netanyahu, he’s a Netanyahu supporter also.
    Maher is generally left-ish in most of his opinions but on the Israeli-Palestinian question, he’s strongly pro-Israel.
    When describing the Gaza Wars, Maher firmly believes in Israel’s right to protect itself and this has gotten him into trouble with other lefists.
    Maher may not care for Judaism as a faith (or any other religion either), but he supports the jewish people.

  • Frank Lithium

    Intentionally conflating criticism of Israeli government policy with anti-Semitism is a sure way to signal any rational person to not take your arguments seriously.