Cannes Honors Statutory Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl

blue-is-the-warmest-colour-poster_gallery_image_300_300The Cannes Film Festival, which has in recent years become a parody of itself with its fascination with the pretentious and nihilistic, decided to double down on its emptiness this year, awarding the top prize of the festival to Blue is the Warmest Color, a French film featuring a twelve-minute sex scene between the two female leads. The film itself is reportedly about a 15-year-old high school student (Adele Exarchopoulos) who has a lesbian affair with an older woman (Lea Seydoux).

The affair apparently lasts as long as the film: three hours. Were it about a man and a woman, no doubt the crowd would have participated in a ritual self-slaughter (the same was true of the interminable Brokeback Mountain). But the film involves graphic sex, so the crowd sat through it, cheering.

The scene garnering all the buzz reportedly features every aspect of lesbian sex in pornographic detail. The sex was apparently non-simulated – Hollywood’s way of saying that the actresses involved, whether the stars or body doubles, are high-falutin’ porn stars (Melvin Van Peebles famously got a sexually transmitted disease after engaging in “non-simulated sex” in blaxploitation masterpiece Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song). And while the French congratulate themselves on their sophistication for enjoying the sight of two beautiful young women touching each other in special places, and while the critics justify their well-crafted raunch by citing the “bravery” involved in the production, the three-hour-long film will likely find small audience in the United States outside the perverse and the politically-motivated.

Of course, there is another name for what allegedly goes on in this movie, if indeed the young woman in the film is supposed to be 15 years old: statutory rape.

The sexualization of teenagers is the perverse byproduct of the left’s quest to destroy the sanctity of sexual behavior, reducing it to lowest common denominator in terms of age and meaning. The same left that wants to force the Boy Scouts to accept open homosexuality (after all, how do gay scouts express their gayness without reference to sexual orientation or preference?) wants to pretend that a 15-year-old girl involved in sexual activity for 12 minutes with an older woman is pure romance, not a violation of youth. Were this a 25-year-old man having sex with a 15-year-old girl, even the left might be forced to admit that this is a problem (although probably not). But because the relationship is gay, it’s merely an “awakening,” not a textbook case of lawbreaking.

And it’s celebrated. There’s a reason that those in Hollywood focus on hot young lesbians. As Sandy Grushow, former programming head of Fox, told me that Fox, along with other networks, routinely had lesbian storylines during sweeps week. Hot girls making out with each other gets ratings and attention. Plus, you get called a hero by the leftist press for featuring it. It’s a win-win-win!

Forget the issue of sexual orientation, though. Focus instead on the left’s sick focus on the sex act itself. Sex can be wonderful. It can be joyful and beautiful and meaningful, aside from being physically pleasurable. But the left seeks to reduce passion to the animal. Does it truly elevate relationships to focus the camera on physical pleasure that can be achieved from a myriad range of partners? Do we learn more about the love between two people because they have sex? Or do we actually learn less?

People like having sex. They do it all the time. But by elevating the sex act to the centerpiece of art, the left has reduced art to animalism, and reduced sensuality to flat pornography. There is a reason that pornography websites avidly cut the sex scenes from movies like this one and post them on their own: they require no context. Sex generally doesn’t. Relationships do, which is why they are important and good and worthwhile on film.

And by reducing the age of sexual awakening younger and younger, the left robs sex not only of its meaning, it robs childhood of its innocence. The “art” produced by the folks who think molestation of 15-year-olds is good film used to be criminal. At the very least, those who made it were relegated to the back rooms of dirty stores populated by men in trench coats. Now they’re celebrated with Palmes d’Or.

Presumably, that’s because these actresses are “heroes,” and so is their director. The left sees heroism as pursuit of the animal. They are still living in Rousseau’s dreamworld, where going animal makes you more human.

How far the film community has fallen. “Nature, Mr. Allnut,” says the prim and proper Rose Sayer (Katherine Hepburn) in a truly great romance, 1951’s The African Queen, “is what we are put in this world to rise above.” In today’s Hollywood, precisely the opposite is true. We are all supposed to descend to the level of the natural. Which should be easy enough. All we have to do is glorify the animalistic in us. Hollywood is leading that charge.

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  • jules feynman

    My goodness, this is such a stupid and lazy article…. There isn't an ounce of reasonnable thought in this trash. the author ought to get out and get a life…
    Appalling, really.

    • tickletik

      My goodness, you managed to make not one cogent argument against the article or the author, all you did was throw a number of unsupported adjectives. Much like an angry monkey flinging poo. I must tell you I regard such behavior as stupid and lazy, You ought to get in to your local library and read a few books on logic.

      Appalling, truly,

    • Mo_

      Funny, that's exactly what I was going to say about this comment!

      Now, anything to say about Hollywood glamorizing sexual acts between women and between an adult and a minor?

    • S.Smith

      So we gather then from your virtual non-comment, that you approve of such films featuring a child , and find any criticism of it " appalling" ?

    • Rifleman

      Stupid and lazy better describes your post

    • Boots

      You must be one of those liberals who actively support the normalization of pedophilia. Hollywood is part of the Democrat constituency actively seeking to get rid of age of consent laws. They do this by sexualizing children through "art". Roman Polanski drugs and molests a 13 year old and he's treated as the victim by the left. This film is just another part of the plan to desensitize the public to child exploitation. You look at the groups with an inordinate amount of pedophiles and they are all core Democrat support groups. Public education… rife with pedophiles because of target rich environment. Academia… I can give you numerous examples but if you need one… University of Minnesota has a group that has published books advocating normalization of "inter generational sex". Catholic clergy… I need not provide examples of exploitation as it appears you read the news… but they vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Do you need other examples of left supporting pedophiles? Since you're condemning Mr Shapiro instead of the pedophilia I can only assume you are either a pedophile or have no problem with pedophilia.

    • Jay

      Jules must work for NAMBLA

    • @veriphile

      My goodness, jules, you are obviously living in the animalistic, natural world of the flesh. (Romans 8:12-17) YOU should get a life; a new, eternal life in the Spirit! I assure you, it will be the best thing you will ever do.

    • Eva

      Brush up on English grammar before posting your nonsense.

    • Mary Sue

      so you think statutory rape is perfectly OK? Are you sure your name isn't Roman Polanski?

  • anor277

    As far as I know, the age of consent in France (where I assume the movie was filmed) is 15. As in Sweden and Germany, there may be age limits for the older partner (i.e. < 21), or when the "elder partner" holds a position of trust or authority (e.g. a teacher). To conclude, in Cannes this film cannot be described as a case of statutory rape.

    • Mo_

      So your view is that adults having sex with 15-year-olds is okay.


      • anor277

        Why don't you boycott the French? As a parent, obviously we want to delay the child's first sexual experience, but also as a parent we know that it is (the experience) is going to happen sometime. If you're going to make gratuitous remarks, please confine yourself to what I wrote, not what you 'think' I mean.

        • Boots

          So should we start applying French law to American art? Based on U.S. law "Blue is the Warmest Color" is child porn so it shouldn't be imported. Were it produced in the U.S. the producers would be arrested as would the adult actor having sex with the child. Either way… you're either for pedophilia or against it and your rationalization appears to support it.

          • anor277

            Yeah, I'm for being beating my wife mate. I think you have proposed a false dichotomy and you know it. Who suggested that we apply French law to American art? Do you suggest that we apply American mores to French law? It's their country and their law.

    • alessandrareflect

      And if a country stipulated the age of consent at 9, we should all watch 10 year olds having sex and consider it normal!

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    Were this a 25-year-old man having sex with a 15-year-old girl, even the left might be forced to admit that this is a problem (although probably not).

    Hollywood has been doing this kind of thing, in critically acclaimed films, for decades. THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE, anyone?

    What I'd like is for Hollywood to stop tiptoeing around Lesbians and gays. Hollywood should admit that decent, intelligent, fastidious gay men can be played for suckers. It's a known fact that W. Somerset Maughm was gay. I would LOVE to see a remake of OF HUMAN BONDAGE in which the sensitive, fastidious young medical student falls, not for a waitress, but for a bartender.

    • Guest

      Also, in Coal Miner's Daughter, a man marries a young teenage girl. The sex isn't explicit, but we know it happens between them.

      • Miranda Rose Smith

        COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER is set in the Kentucky (or is it West Virginia?) mountains, where girls did marry young. Also, the man doesn't use the girl for irresponsible fun and games. He MARRIES her.

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    Come to think of it, does anyone remember TEA AND SYMPATHY?

    • jakespoon


      • Miranda Rose Smith

        Lucky you!

    • Guest2

      This is more like T and A which I have no sympathy for.
      The purpose of porn is appealing to the lowest common denominator and making a few bucks. I've heard the "but it's art" argument too many times.

  • ElizabethMC

    So, basically, any pimple faced teenager with a camera can now vie for top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • @stanthedog

    I thought posession of child pornogrophy was a Federal offense? Don't see a lot of outrage from the respnders so far. I suppose they never had teen age daughters.

    • FritzIdler

      I made a similar point further down. As far as lack of outrage goes, I found thinking over the finer points of something like this, kind of depressing. Which I finally understand, unlike when I was younger and hornier, is the whole idea. The left really is diabolical.

    • tagalog

      If the French are OK with it as far as French kids are concerned, who are we to impose our moral standards on them? They think Americans are barely civilized. We think they're -what was it?- "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." After World War II, many a U.S. GI who served in the ETO returned to talk about how the French people would squat and urinate in the street. They have their fouled-up ways and we have ours.

      Personally, do I agree with them on their view of teenagers or their view of American civilization? No. But they have the right to live in their civilization as they choose as long as they aren't imposing their sick moral standards regarding teenage lesbian sex on the rest of us by force.

      If you don't agree with their moral views, boycott their f**king child lesbian sex movies. Get the UN to raise hell with them.

  • @paulvmarks

    It is often said that is not one France – there are two. The "bad France" is clearly in charge at the moment – with contempt for cultural tradition being shown not just with porn films being treated as "high art" but with the thefts of millions of Dollars worth of property from the Cannes event itself. The left has long (since the time of the Rosseau influenced Revolution) celebrated theft in France – just as it has celebrated moral collapse. The French left thought of these things (and linked them in its "liberation" tactics) long before the German Marxist "Frankfurt School" brought these ideas to American culture (both to the universities and to the entertainment media).

  • Guest

    When I read the headline, I thought this article was going to be about Roman Polanski.

  • Brigitte


    The age of consent in France is 15, as specified by Article 227-25.

    Article 227-27 prohibits sexual relations with minors over age 15 (aged 15, 16 or 17) " 1° where they are committed by a legitimate, natural or adoptive ascendant or by any other person having authority over the victim; 2° where they are committed by a person abusing the authority conferred by his functions."

    Haven't watched the movie, won't watch it, so don't know if prohibition applies. One thing I know, I choose consensual permissiveness over islamic holier-than-thou depravity any time of the day.

    • FritzIdler

      I assume you mean under 15, not over 15. But reading this made me realize, if the actresses were paid, then it is a filmed act of prostitution, at the very least, no matter what anyone's age might be. Making the director kind of like a dirty old man paying to watch someone to do it. And anyone else watching. Especially if they had to pay to attend Cannes. But as you were correct to point out, Islamics will lose their minds over this. Especially if one of the women turned out to be Muslim! So if filmmakers want a good way to push Islams buttons, there it is. But I just found, even thinking like this is kind of depressing.

      • Brigitte

        "I assume you mean under 15, not over 15. "
        I meant nothing, I copied and pasted French laws from Wikipedia. If they're not clear enough, the 1st one says no sex with UNDER 15. The 2nd one says no sex between an older relative or person in authority with someone aged OVER 15 but still a minor, eg, aged between 15 and 17.

        "But reading this made me realize, if the actresses were paid, then it is a filmed act of prostitution"
        What you said made me realise you may need to get a life. You can call this film "porn". Porn is LEGAL but NOT COMPULSORY so don't watch it. If you cannot tolerate living in a country where porn is legal, there are plenty of sharia-compliant countries for you to choose from.

        Sometimes, I wonder. Do you want a strong nation or do you want infantilised adults? Just forget it.

    • Jay

      We're still waiting for an explanation as to the artistic merit of a 12 minute sex scene with a teenager.

      • Brigitte

        you would have preferred a murder scene, perhaps?

        i hope the actresses enjoyed themselves. I wouldn't enjoy watching so i don't.

        come on people grow up.

  • meg

    Please….sex with minors is wrong. How many fifteen yearolds really want to be used…They want to be loved
    and if they are not protected we will continue to suffer as a society. How many kids can we support that end up in foster care. Moms at that age DO NOT HAVE A CLUE. Lets remind the morally lacking that sex leads to
    baby’s and unloved unprotected babies end up in foster care and some end up having sex way before 15 years of age. Gay sex no baby’s but how many dysfunctional people can we produce without leaving our kids
    toxic dump of a country to grow up in. As a person who was sexually abused at a young age…….well for God’s sake protect these kids from all predators…gay and straight.

  • meg

    Please….sex with minors is wrong. How many fifteen year olds really want to be used…They want to be loved and if they are not protected we will continue to suffer as a society. How many kids can we support that end up in foster care. Moms at that age DO NOT HAVE A CLUE. Lets remind the morally lacking that sex leads to baby’s and unloved unprotected babies end up in foster care and some end up having sex way before 15 years of age not of their choosing.. Gay sex no baby’s but how many dysfunctional people can we produce without leaving our kids a moral toxic dump of a country to grow up in. As a person who was sexually abused at a young age…….well for God’s sake protect these kids from all predators…gay and straight. One out of 4 woman 1 out of 6 men have been abused 15 years old is not sexy Hollywood. And if you can’t see that you don’t have kids and/or are really dealing with deep issues.

  • RebeccaJean

    There is a reason that parents protect and advise against any sexual conduct until their children reach adulthood. Our bodies mature faster than our mind and our emotions. It doesn't matter if the sexual contact is between a male and female or members of the same sex. It is an abdication of our responsibilities as adults to just say "they're going to do it anyway". Most won't if we are doing our job and keeping tabs on our kids. We seem to feel today that it is wrong to teach self control. It isn't. It is a kindness in the long run. I am extremely thankful for the stodgy old parents that I had. I wasn't always thrilled with them at the time, but in retrospect, I lost out on nothing by waiting til I was an adult to experience sex. Except perhaps being used by those who were older.

  • pagegl

    Ben, I'm going to take a phrase from one of your sentences to make a broader point. "…the perverse byproduct of the left’s quest to destroy the sanctity of sexual behavior, reducing it to lowest common denominator…" Everything the left does is an attempt to reduce all human behavior to the LCD. They care not one whit about excelling at anything. In fact, near as I can tell, the notion that one should excel is anathema to their world outlook. Better to have a bunch of mindless trolls than having to deal with anyone who displays independent thought.

  • tagalog

    The age of consent in France is 15, so if the character is depicted as aged 15, it's not statutory rape as the French film makers, undoubtedly working within a French social consciousness, could be expected to see it.

    By U.S. standards, of course it is. But the movie is French, not American.

    Like others who have posted here, I won't be seeing this movie. But A is indeed A.

  • aishasahibaa

    that's right, i am agree with stanthedog. Don't see a lot of outrage from the respnders so far. I suppose they never had teen age daughters.

  • UCSPanther

    It would have been a funny ending if Chris Hansen appeared and said "I'm Chris Hansen from NBC Dateline. Why don't you have a seat over there…"

  • Questions

    "Pretentious and nihilistic" — any film whose theme is too sophisticated for Ben Shapiro to figure out. Notice, by the way, how the author cherry-picks one film out of dozens in order to gin up the moral outrage — and how he works in the word "Hollywood" even when the subject is a foreign film festival.

    • Eva

      In case you haven't noticed, the term "Hollywood" as of lately came to symbolize politically-driven socialist propaganda, dumming down of America and more leftist platitudes. So, despite it being a French production, "Hollywood" is used in this particular context to illustrate the authors point.

  • PAthena

    Do not insult other animals. Animals, other than human beings, do not engage in homosexual activity.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Of course they do. You may not be an expert on animal husbandry but EVERYBODY has encountered leg humping dogs.

  • Eva

    Oh, the pretentious French who fuss over their chocolates, wines, and many other things, as though they were the ones who have invented it all. Any degenerate, half-literate art school dropout with a camera labels his perversions as "art" at Cannes. Some "artsy" camera manipulations, heavy breathing and graphic bedroom scenes – and… OMG… it's art!!!! The assorted euro trash in the audience gives it a standing ovation! Magnifique!!!!

  • guest

    I wonder: Has Mr. Shapiro actually SEEN the movie he is writing about?

    Or is he relying on published accounts and reviews?

    If the latter (which I suspect is the case because the film was shown in Cannes, not in the U.S.), then Mr. Shapiro should state that in the piece. And frontpage editors should have caught it and required him to state it.

  • jpct50

    How about a 25 year old Catholic priest and a 15 year old boy? Oh right, that one goes to jail, but these show business kids get a palme d'or.

  • alessandrareflect

    Despite their ridiculous protestations that they are not in the same boat as the NAMBLA folks, liberals who normalize homosexuality show us that, in practice, they want to largely achieve what NAMBLA failed to do. They want to have sex with minors and claim to be oppressed and misunderstood if they aren’t allowed to – the only difference is the cut-off age, since NAMBLA also included smaller kids. Furthermore, NAMBLA consistently pushed to lower consent age for sex.

  • Sarah Goodwich

    Let’s not forget Jack Nicholson in “Cuckoo’s Nest” who was committed to an asylum for sex with a 15-year old girl.
    But like The Vagina Monologues, here it’s “a good rape” if a woman does it.

  • Chuck Jones

    Somewhere, Roman Polanski is smiling.

  • Steeevyo

    “the left’s quest to destroy the sanctity of sexual behavior”

    To be honest, I would not want to see what Ben Shapiro does in his bedroom. I can only imagine it to be gross.

  • Valeria

    -This film has been disguised as a “Lesbian love story” and it is all about a pederast capturing his sexual fantasies with two women. Lea’s granduncle, Nicolas Seydoux, is the chairman of Gaumont Film Company; her other granduncle is a cinema producer; and Adèle, a tacky adolescent that comes from a poor family. Despite their different backgrounds they are two submissive women that have denigrated the integrity and artistry of actresses and women. Both of them have admited that they were abused during the shooting time by the director, and that Adèle even cut her hand with a broken glass in the “slap scene” and Kechiche forced her to repeat the scene until exhaustion. But of course, they are eventually more than happy dressed up in luxury, and covered up in jewelry. Everything they convey is what they are or have been playing during the time of the shooting: two apathetic whores. And apart from that, the film is cinematographically is an ineptitude. And the author of the novel, Julie Maroh, says “she is very dissappointed”, and that “it was a brutal display turned into male fantasies and porn, and made me feel very ill at ease” .

    This is an illegal sexually abusive film trying to make the Propaganda to legitimize Pederasty as a sexual drive -as Homosexuality- and not as what it actually is a psychological pathology and an act of perversity. This manipulator Tunisian guy that calls himself “film director” should get his brain examined.