Hollywood’s Nonsensical Hatred for Anthony Weiner

antLast Wednesday, Lena Dunham, supposed voice of her generation and creator of the unattractive-girls-have-sex-too version of Sex and the City known as Girls (HBO), sent out tweets criticizing perverse sexter and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. “In Weiner’s latest text exchange the girl in question says ‘I can’t believe someone like you would pay attention to someone like me…It’s literally a dream come true.’ This cuts to the heart of the abuse of power that is the substance of so many sex scandals.” She continued, “The problem isn’t adultery, or perversity. It’s wielding your position of authority to subjugate the women who dream of a piece of the pie.”

If we listen to Dunham, we’d expect all of Hollywood to be enraged by abuses of power in favor of soliciting even consensual sexual activity from young women. But Dunham, like her Hollywood colleagues, is a hypocrite. When she appeared during the Golden Globes onstage alongside career sexual harasser Bill Clinton, she swooned like an Elvis fan meeting the King. “The highlights of my evening (aside from the obvious),” she tweeted afterwards, “were Bill Clinton and Jodie Foster.”

The world in which Dunham would prefer to live is not only filled with double standards but victimless – women make the free choice to sext with Anthony Weiner, no matter how dumb that choice may be, and that’s fine. In fact, at least one woman made the decision to marry Weiner and then stay with him in order to achieve political power. That’s the feminist dream come to fruition.

Hollywood’s vision of femininity has become Bill Clinton’s dream – and Anthony Weiner’s dream, and the dream of every perverse politician seeking to leverage power for sex and vice versa. A new comedy, The To-Do List, stars Aubrey Plaza as a high school graduate, Brandy, who decides to explore her wild-girl side; she wants to fulfill her “to-do list,” which naturally includes sexual exploits. She wants to prepare for college by sleeping around – her sister has informed her that college is “like one big sexual pop quiz, and you need to do your homework.” So Brandy straps up and gets ready for action. “Let’s get to work, vagina!” she says cheerfully. She’s helped out in her quest by her friends and her mother. Appropriately enough, Plaza’s character worships Hillary Clinton as a paragon of feminism (one scene apparently shows her trying to masturbate while wearing a Pro-Choice/Pro-Clinton t-shirt). Sara Stewart of the New York Post cheers, “it’s unbelievably heartening (and, again, rare) to see a female protagonist so devoid of self-loathing.” Stewart thinks Plaza’s character should be “as far as I’m concerned, a new icon.”

Let’s assume that Brandy graduated college and decided to get involved as an Obama intern. Let’s say she met a man online after being put off by his sexism and obvious perversity – and then decided to pursue a relationship with that man. Let’s say that man was a former congressman considering running for mayor. Why would Brandy be a victim? Wouldn’t the mayoral candidate just be fulfilling the hopes and dreams of a young woman seeking love?

Absolutely. Which is why Hollywood is in love with Bill Clinton. He’s the fun guy who tells young women that love is just around the corner, if only they’ll get on their knees for him. And he’ll tell them that they’re fulfilling their feminist ideals if they do so. As Nina Burleigh once put it, “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

So enough of the Anthony Weiner hypocrisy. Hollywoodites like Lena Dunham like to pretend they still have a moral center, but they obviously don’t – they’ve bought into a version of feminism that happens to coincide with Anthony Weiner’s wildest fantasies. They ought to vote for Weiner because he “empowered” 23-year-old feminists by sending them pictures of his penis. After all, isn’t that the true meaning of principled leadership?

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  • OceanGram

    Oh to raise a girl in our times with the media and hollywoodites. Have mercy on the children to go thru adolescence with these perverts.

  • Patron

    I think there’s a connection between the vulgarity of modern feminists shown in this article, and the arrested development of modern men shown in your last article.

    Reading back to back, it’s hilarious and explains why men in their 20s go to the comic book store instead of raising kids. They’re running away from the gross behavior of women.

  • Johnnnyboy

    Unless you live in a society where men can compel women to comply with male sexual desires (Islam comes to mind), male sexual behavior will derive from female sexual behavior.

    As feminist doctrine gives a man zero reasons for wanting a stable relationship with a women, the male half of the population will always end up being footloose in a feminist derived society.

  • tagalog

    I think it would probably be a good idea for Ms. Dunham to make some inquiry as to why the women were contacting a man whose political career appeared to be over, and whose deviant sexual proclitivities were obvious, before she gets all worked up to rant in public.

    But that’s just me.

  • anolesboy

    Clinton and Weiner ?? Hummmm what is the difference ?? None, they are both Democrats.

    • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

      Weiner’s Jewish. Always good for a scapegoat.

  • The Dead Critic

    I’m surprised the liberals would be angry at all with Mr. Weiner. After all, his attitude toward sex is simply an extension of the EVOLUTIONARY process in this world. In others words…..”F” everything over in your own personal way to satisfy YOUR needs and wants. It’s just NATURAL…..isn’t it?! LOL

  • bfancher

    As creepy as Weiner’s behavior was, the women involved didn’t actually work for him. He didn’t even meet them in person, let alone have sex with them. How is that worse than what Clinton did?

  • Misfit

    Weiner obviously has a problem but he did it again not because he “can not control it” but because he found out (sometime ago) and is extremely upset that his Muslim wife “Huma” one is the lesbian lover of Hillary Clinton and that he has been used by both of them so that Huma would have access to power and become a “legitimate” player in American politics. Huma and her family (from Egypt) are part of the Muslilm brotherhood; her mother is one of the leaders for the Muslim Sisterhood. There is a lot to this story and much more than just a guy who has a sexual perversion. There is a serious battle between Weiner and Huma and the Clintons versus Weiner.

  • herb benty

    Holywood is a mouthpiece for Hell. Lets all stop going to their decadent shows and movies. Stop making spoiled brats super rich, so rich they drink and drug themselves to insanity or death. Stop the idol worship and America has a chance. The moguls in the background may get the hint and start producing entertainment with at least some values!

  • asa2222

    Yeah whatever happened to free love, maaaaan?