ObamaCare Propaganda —- Hollywood-Style

Obama-Gives-Hollywood-Director-Access-to-Classified-Documents-to-Make-Propaganda-FilmBack during World War II, Hollywood mobilized at the behest of the Roosevelt administration. The FDR administration even coordinated with Hollywood through the Bureau of Motion Pictures office of the Office of War Information, which worked alongside filmmakers to censor content and develop patriotic fare. Elmer Davis, who directed the OWI, summed up the concept nicely: “The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people’s minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize that they are being propagandized.” From John Wayne pictures to classics like Casablanca, war pictures were churned out portraying the Nazis and Japanese as the enemy, and the Russians as American friends.

Now, Hollywood has a new enemy: doctors.

That, at least, is the takeaway from the Obama administration’s latest coordination effort with its friends and supporters in Hollywood. The Obama Health and Human Services Department has already reached out to professional sports leagues like the NFL and NBA to promote Obamacare, with mixed success. But now they’re finding even more fertile fields, right in the heartland of Tinseltown. This week, Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett held a meeting at the White House with actors, musicians, writers and producers who “expressed a personal interest in educating young people about the Affordable Care Act.”

The White House is particularly interested in reaching out to young people because they will have to foot the bill of Obamacare. While the older generation gets to pay less for health insurance, group insurance programs will penalize the young and healthy, forcing them into more and more expensive premiums despite the fact that they need less healthcare. Who better to convince young people to endorse their financial destruction than the industry that asks them to fork over $30 for a 3D version of The Lone Ranger?

Attendees at the White House meeting reportedly included a lackey for Oprah Winfrey. Both Funny or Die and the YouTube comedy channel are interested in helping out as well. Funny or Die (die) has already begun “production on several web videos featuring well-known comedic celebrities and actors.” Because what could be more hilarious than cramming down socialized medicine that will bankrupt doctors all over the country and make it more difficult to achieve proper care? Funny or Die’s Mike Farah and YouTube’s Daniel Kellison both showed up.

Amy Poehler, the creative mind behind Parks and Recreation – a show that has taken a severe turn to the left over the last season – showed up. She hasn’t learned her lesson from Tina Fey, who has experienced both television and movie dropoff in the aftermath of her ubiquitous Sarah Palin mocking.

Singer Jennifer Hudson showed up as well, though warbling about the glories of healthcare exchanges will probably pale in comparison to Dreamgirls. So did an assistant to Alicia Keys, who performed a classic rendition of “Obama’s on Fire” at the inaugural ball, to the chagrin of music-lovers everywhere. Bon Jovi and his hair both showed up. And finally, so did former White House staffer Kal Penn, who will be informing young people not to go to White Castle, since the food is full of cholesterol.

The Grammys showed up as well. But that makes sense, since Obama has already won a Grammy for his audio books.

Hollywood is suffering financially. And it’s suffering from a lack of a moral cause, since the Supreme Court so rudely withdrew the liberal raison d’etre, gay marriage. Now Tinseltown can solve both problems at a stroke by pleasing the biggest consumer on the planet: the federal government. All it will take is a bit of wartime propaganda.

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  • http://www.westhillconsulting-career.com/blog/ Sandara Young
  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    I would rather put the blame on the progressive movement, that during WW2 promised a better world to its GIs after the war. I spelled it out here, in a document I found in the Bunche Papers, from the Office of War Information. See http://clarespark.com/2009/11/08/is-the-history-of-psychiatry-a-big-mess-2/. “Is the history of psychiatry a big mess?-2″. See the footnote.

  • Seek

    At least Ben Shapiro is admiting to it: He wants movies to function as propaganda. Never mind that maybe 2 percent of the films made back during WWII were in any way memorable. Most, in fact, were poorly-made rubbish. For him, film is mass political education and mobilization. A more totalitarian idea hardly can be imagined. I’ll stick with the new “Superman” or “The Great Gatsby.”

    • AbsolutelyRight

      You truly are an idiot, depending on how we define “during WWII” – there were 8 movies between 1940 and 1945 and 14 movies between 1939-1945 on the recent AFI all time 100 list. The golden age of Hollywood was 1939 though the early 60s..all movies were better then and better made, not “poorly made rubbish”…….”The Great Gatsby” (with Jay Z’s lousy music) – won’t make a future AFI list, loser.

      Also, Ben did not “admit” that he wants Hollywood to deal in and insert propaganda, but merely stated that they do, they did, and will try it again as long as they can do it and not lose too much money at their now leader Obama’s behest.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    Those devoid of the ability to sell their ideology on the basis of facts, delivered with moral and intellectual clarity, learned, a long time ago, that mass communication was the path leading to their ascendancy in the market place of ideas. Old, stale, historically demonstrable social and economic failures of the past can be scrubbed, groomed, polished and made to appear to be glorious
    truths that will come to pass in the manner portrayed in film, print media, sitcoms and the Internet delivered in all its forms, etc.

    A direct example of the power of disinformation now sits in the White House. Obama, a little known community organizer, was elected president in 2008. Even more remarkable, despite the broken promises, the increasingly apparent lawlessness practiced by he and key members of his administration and his
    anti-American, anti-free market, anti-American exceptionalism views, was reelected in 2012. Without doubt many will disagree with this assessment but this is the power of propaganda at work. In my view, it, the vulnerable gullibility of the general public and the continued popularity of the legacy media have been the major factors in Obama’s continued success with a personal popularity index hovering in the 46% range. The outrage and blatant stupidity of his “you didn’t build this” statement registered zero on the BS meter, as did many of his other blatant verbal mis-steps purposefully and intentionally ignored by his sycophants in the legacy media. But no one old enough to have had the experience will forget the media firestorm and derision that erupted when vice president Dan Quayle spelled potato, potatoe.

    As in any commonly practiced strategy there are at least two sides to the coin. During WWII the use of Hollywood as an instrument of propaganda was instrumental in energizing the domestic patriotic fervor that ultimately led to the
    allied victory and the emergence of America as an industrial, technological, economic and military power house, the undisputed leader of the free world, a status we’re clinging to with our fingernails today. Arguably, it was the WWII tragedy that lifted the U.S. out of the depression and recession that began with the stock market crash of 1929, not Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and
    socialist policies as many believed and still do; especially those wedded to the idea of big government.

    That was a time when America was in desperate need of a psychological boost and the agitprop from Hollywood served that purpose willingly and extremely well. Obama will now use the same psychological tactic to sell The Affordable Care Act. One major difference is that in WWII, Hollywood was as patriotic and pro American as the majority of the nation and many of the lead actors in the blatantly pro-American films produced in that era enlisted and served admirably in combat situations on and off the screen. This is a far cry from Hollywood, the entertainment media and the Washington DC establishment of today where patriotism is considered a career ending character flaw and, to be sure, this crop of media darlings have zero experience with any problems involving the availability or affordability of health care for themselves or their loved ones.

  • okokok

    stop all the lies!

    Lies And Distortions Of The Health Care Reform Debate


  • okokok

    Growing Number Of States Are Reporting Lower Than Expected Health Care Premiums
    Health premiums in Maryland’s exchanges will be “among the lowest of the 12 states that have available proposed or approved rates for comparison,” the state’s exchange —Maryland Health Connection — announced Friday. The news comes just as New York,Oregon, Montana,California, and Louisiana are also reporting lower than expected premiums.

    In Maryland, a 25-year-old will be able to purchase a plan that is more comprehensive than policies currently available on the individual market for $114 per month, while a middle aged adult will have to pay approximately $260 per month for insurance. A 21-year-old non-smoker can start as low as $93 a month. Officials say they used their authority to deny rate increases to reduce the proposed premiums by “more than 50 percent.” Thirty other states have have similar authority.

    The prices Marylanders will pay are lower than the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) anticipated, but do cost more than the bare-bones plans that are available today. Residents will have a choice of nine insurance carriers and three out of four people purchasing coverage through the exchange will qualify for tax credits, further reducing the cost of coverage. Nationally, 6 million out of the 7 million people who are expected to enroll in 2014 will receive subsidies.

    “Historically, insurance carriers have been allowed to turn down people with pre-existing conditions and allow only the healthiest individuals into their plans,” said Rebecca Pearce, Executive Director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. “In 2014, that will change, and 740,000 Marylanders will have new access to health coverage with more robust benefits.

    Earlier this week, the Connecticut exchange announced that since a new insurerlowered its projected premiums, “the average cost for an individual-market HealthyCT plan dropped by 36 percent, from $427 per month to $271.” In Nevada, preliminary costs find that strong competition between insurers in some areas of the state will lower individuals’ premiums.

    The news is on track with a report from the Department of Health and Human Services, which found that “the lowest cost silver plan in the individual market in 2014 is, on average, 18 percent less expensive” than past projections.

  • http://www.outsourcingtocostarica.com/ Richard Blank

    OBAMACARE, also known as the, “Affordable Care Act (ACA)”, was enacted in July 2010 with positive intentions. The end result will show North American companies deciding to send appointment setting, sales, lead generation and customer support jobs offshore to stay competitive or risk going out of business. Many business owners will hire a nearshore employee who is 100% qualified and dedicated for their project.

    Bilingual companies are claiming that their bottom line will increase since ESL call center employees in Costa Rica are as effective as transitional in-house staff for half of the cost. This proven strategy will give small to medium sized companies the option to scale up their BPO staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge next year.

    Will the delayed start date of OBAMACARE affect the unemployment rate in 2015? The U.S. healthcare reform is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation. Can it produce the desired results?