How Michael Jackson Got Away With It

michael jacksonAccording to new reports this week, pop icon Michael Jackson paid $35 million over the course of 15 years to cover up his pedophilia. Secret FBI files, the Daily Mirror (UK) reports, show that Jackson shelled out that cash to silence “at least two dozen young boys …. Agents have thousands of pages of evidence dating back to 1989 indicating Jacko groomed and molested children – sometimes right under the noses of their starstruck parents.”

Actually, the documents show more than that. They show that some of the parents were willing accomplices in the sexual exploitation of their own children. Jackson was apparently once caught by a member of his staff groping a child star; another time he was caught watching child pornography while touching another child; a third time, he was caught grasping at the genitals of a different child in his movie theater. The mother of one of these kids was in the theater at the time, supposedly unaware of all of this. Overall, at least 17 boys were abused, according to the files.

The files were gathered from Anthony Pellicano, former detective to the stars, who was often hired in order to cover up scandals. His files state that one mother “knew her son was being molested but turned a blind eye to it.” The witness to the molestation “confided because it didn’t bother her son, it didn’t bother her. Another email shows Jackson’s former lawyer negotiating a hush agreement with the family of an alleged victim, paying $600,000 to “refrain from any and all contact with media and communications, newspapers, television, radio, film, books.”

This week, former child friend Wade Robson also filed a lawsuit against Jackson’s estate alleging repeated molestation at the infamous Neverland ranch.

How did Jackson get away with this sort of activity for well over a decade? He was pampered by the media for his stardom, and treated with equanimity by parents who were happy to cash checks. Money and fame can go a long way in Hollywood.

Of course, in Hollywood, child molestation by the rich and famous is often overlooked. Roman Polanski received an Oscar for The Pianist in 2002, 24 years after fleeing the United States for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl at a party. Hollywoodites gave him a standing ovation. Only Jack Nicholson, who hosted the party at which the molestation took place, remained seated.

Former child star Corey Feldman now admits that he was abused while working in Hollywood, and says that he will write the names of his two abusers in a tell-all to be released. Feldman also says that his friend, Corey Haim, was abused. “I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia,” Feldman said. “That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry …. It’s the big secret.” He added, “I was surrounded by [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old …. Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted … till I went, Oh, my God. They were everywhere …. There was a circle of older men … around this group of kids. And they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.”

It is no coincidence that more movies now deal with the sexualization of younger and younger children and teenagers. Where romance used to be the province of adults, it has now become the province of teens and pre-teens, who often are “in love” and engage in sexual activity with legal adults. None of this is commented upon, of course. “Sexual awakening” films almost always involve a minor having sex with a person of majority age. That’s Hollywood at its worst, legitimizing sexual activity for youngsters in the name of broadmindedness.

Or, perhaps, it’s artistic justification for a town in which sexual activity directed at minors has always been a nagging problem. Across America, children aren’t expected to work, and they especially aren’t expected to work with adults. But in Hollywood, that juxtaposition happens all the time. Further, parents in Hollywood – as was the case with Jackson – are often willing to sell out their own children for fame or money or both. Polanski’s victim’s mom knew where her child was late into the night, but she wasn’t there to protect her. Jackson’s victims had parents too. But stage parents are all too often stage first and parents second.

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  • UCSPanther

    I guess we now have an idea of how “whacko” whacko Jacko truly was.

    Now to brace for the inevitable wailing of his fans…

    • amoreomerta

      Would be damning info if any of it was true, instead he’s relying on tapes made by admittedly sleazy tabloid brokers (“I’m only in it for the money” Paul Baressi said about these documents in 1994, and he added, “So were [the LeMarques]”) and a National Enquirer editor under the guise that they’re from one of MJ’s PI’s himself, and laughably, that they’re from the FBI files. Ben Shapiro has embarrassed himself, reporting on fictional letters and fictional family’s being paid off (Brandon P Richmond doesn’t exist, as Sneddon found out for himself in 1993 and 2005) and using that to write an entire article around. Perhaps next time he should leave the British tabloids to the gutter press where most grown ups do.

  • amoreomerta

    These aren’t FBI documents and they’re not from Pellicano, the only documents from Pellicano were the tapes of him speaking to Mitteager, the editor of the National Enquirer. That’s what almost all these tapes are from – the editor of the Enquirer speaking to people who he was buying stories off of, like the LeMarques, who wanted to say they’d seen MJ put his hand over Macaulay’s crotch for $100k and then for $500k MJ’s hand went inside Macaulay’s pants. Roger Friedman who spoke to their tabloid broker Barressi says even he admitted they’d been making up their story as they went along. And the document about a pay off? Was fictional, the letter was fraudulent, Bert Fields even sued about it in 1993. Roger Friedman discusses the source for that story in an article he had to repost from 8 years ago. At least fact check your story before you run off with glee about what a British tabloid has said, exploiting sexual abuse as a huge $$$$ bonanza without any care about who it affects, am disgusted by them and by you.

  • Nidhi Pawar

    This is a very misleading old “news” with new and false packaging by
    media.These claims against him WERE made back in the day,but they were
    actually sold to different media outlets by MJ’s disgruntled former
    employees fired by him for dishonest means,who later under oath agreed
    that they had lied.FBI DID investigate these claims and concluded that
    these were not credible.In 2009,journalist Charles Thomson,requested
    release of MJ’s FBI files under Freedom of Information Act.He writes
    ”The files reveal that it was not only LA Police force which pursued
    MJ for more than a decade and failed to produce one iota of information
    to connect him to any crime,it was FBI too.That MJ’s life was dissected
    and his behavior investigated for more than 10yrs by 2 major law
    enforcement agencies and not one piece of evidence was ever produced to
    indicate his guilt speaks volumes.” Two grand juries also heard these
    “evidence” in 1994 but still refused to indict MJ.Check your facts
    before trying to kill a dead man again.

  • Nidhi Pawar

    Don’t you know that even possession of child pornography is illegal and
    had any been found during the raid of MJ’s property,he would’ve been
    arrested immediately and registered as a sex offender,which never
    happened to MJ.FBI gave a detailed account of the “leagal,adult
    material” found at his property,and it was also discussed in its
    entirety in the molestation trial..did not have a trace of child porno.

  • Guest

    Don’t you know that even possession of child pornography is illegal and
    had any been found during the raid of MJ’s property, he would’ve been
    arrested immediately and registered as a sex offender,which never
    happened to MJ.FBI gave a detailed account of the “legal,adult
    material” found at his property, and it was also discussed in its
    entirety in the molestation trial…did not have a trace of child porno.

  • Nidhi Pawar

    a highly
    misleading story about some ‘FBI files’ which allegedly show Michael
    Jackson was witnessed molesting children by multiple Neverland

    employees. The ‘FBI files’ also detail a supposed settlement with a
    young accuser in 1992 – before the Jordy Chandler case.

    In reality, the story is a nonsense; a birds nest of mangled and
    misstated accusations which are neither ‘new’ nor ‘exclusive’, despite
    the People’s repeated claims that they are. In fact, the documents are

    not ‘FBI files’ at all. This is a flat-out lie. Moreover, the claims
    have all been in the public domain for a very long time, some having
    been discredited two decades ago.

    Of course, most readers won’t bother to fact-check the story. Why would
    they? The newspaper is supposed to do that before publishing it. Sadly,
    it seems other media outlets can’t be bothered either. Britain’s Mail

    newspaper has already rehashed the story, evidently making no attempt to
    investigate its veracity before doing so.

    I could go into a whole lot of detail about the claims made by the
    People – and the various lazy journalists who will copy and paste its
    story hundreds, or perhaps thousands of times onto their own websites

    and into their own newspapers in the coming days. But what is the point?
    The info is already in the public domain.

    Those who hate Jackson will adopt the People’s story as evidence for
    their case. Those with an interest in hearing both sides of Jackson’s
    case will already know that these claims were debunked a long time ago.

    Nobody else will even bother to research the story. The People’s readers
    buy the newspaper because they like and trust it. They, as intended,
    will believe this story and will not question it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Well, isn’t that rich. I have the opinion after reading your comments that you would protect pedophiles because you are (a) one yourself, (b) because you are a homosexual.

      • Mischa Pierce

        So, you have no rebuttal of the facts Nidhi laid out, so you resort to name-calling and homophobia. How original. The facts remain that there is no real evidence that MJ was a pedophile, but there is plenty of evidence he was a victim of a couple of shady families. After reading your comments I have the opinion that you are a sociopath and probably a secret molested yourself.

      • Arvy

        or just a paid shill who spammed the comments. I can’t believe anyone would defend MJ against the accusations even if some of the stuff coming down the grapevine has been distorted to some degree. There have been to many accusations for it to all be some sort of conspiracy against him. He was a homosexual pedophile. Everything he did was all about trying to make little children like him and be comfortable around him. Neverland, skin bleaching, trying to make his nose look smaller, all of it. If that wasn’t clue enough, then you are just blind to what is right in front of you.

  • Nidhi Pawar

    Briefly, however, for the record:

    1) The ‘FBI files’ – ARE NOT – FBI files. They are transcripts of interviews compiled by a tabloid journalist
    who paid his sources – including one who turned out not to exist.They
    were acquired by a PI who worked for Jackson’s defence team. A decade

    later, he was prosecuted for tapping phones. The FBI seized all of his
    files, of which these tabloid interviews formed a miniscule part.

    2) The allegations of Jackson being caught by multiple employees
    do not, as the People infers, come from a host of different documents.
    They all come from one document – a transcript of an interview with a

    couple called the LeMarques, who worked at Neverland in the late 80s and
    early 90s. The People intentionally does not state that all of these
    uncorroborated accusations come from just one of the documents, instead

    purposely misleading readers and suggesting that they’re taken from a
    cache of evidence.

    The LeMarques never contacted police about the abuse they claimed to
    have witnessed, instead opting to negotiate deals with tabloid
    newspapers – including the Mirror. Their claims were investigated by
    cops probing Jackson, who found the couple had agreed

    to add increasingly graphic details to their interviews for more and
    more money. Investigators concluded in the 90s that the pair had no
    credibility and possessed no evidence of any genuine abuse. They were

    called on out of desperation to testify in Jackson’s 2005 trial after

    watched their case begin to disintegrate, but were destroyed under
    cross-examination. Jurors rejected their testimony and acquitted
    Jackson, unanimously.

    3) The supposed ‘settlement’
    in 1992 was detailed to a tabloid reporter, for money, by a female
    source who claimed to work for Jordan Chandler’s legal firm. She never
    showed the reporter a document – she simply ‘read it out’ over the

    phone. A police investigation into the claim found that the boy named in
    the settlement did not exist, there was no record of any settlement
    ever being paid, and the female source had never worked for the legal

    firm and in fact did not exist. She was never heard of again.

    This leaves one element of the People’s story standing; that Jackson
    ‘allegedly’ – what a convenient little word that is – paid $35million to
    two-dozen young accusers. The newspaper presents no evidence to

    corroborate this claim. Just a note in the tabloid reporter’s documents,
    which the People intentionally misrepresents as an ‘FBI file’.

    Contrary to the People’s claim, investigators knew about
    and investigated these tapes as part of their probe into Jackson in
    2003/4, in which they were assisted by the FBI. Despite all of their
    resources, neither the Californian police nor the FBI was ever able to

    locate any evidence that any child besides Jordan Chandler or Jason
    Francia ever received a settlement.

    • Cdawgggg

      Guess what he molested kids. bottom line.

      • Mischa Pierce

        Except, all evidence seems to indicate that he never molested anyone. Bottom line.

        • George Costanza

          And OJ Simpson murdered no one either! Same with Robert Blake. All you MJ supporters need to get off defending the guy cause there are just too many allegations to indicate he was innocent!!

        • Andy

          No, the evidence is as clear as it could possibly be…to an unobsessed fan like you. Money buys freedom.
          R. Kelly was on video having sex with a 12 year old and got away with it. Jimmy Saville was knighted by the queen of England, and he was reported numerous times for the same crime as Jackson.

    • liberals_steal_your_money

      You are a pedophile too.

  • Nidhi Pawar

    Anthony Pellican is in jail since 2002. About two years ago a tabloid supposedly contacted
    in jail (was it the Daily Mail?) and they were the ones who quoted him
    saying that “MJ did worse to those kids than molest them”. No context
    was given and I actually have some doubts it
    was even said at all or
    that putting in context it would sound that bad as it seems to sound
    this way. My doubts stem from the fact that on the same day the same
    website published another article about
    Pellicano in which it was stated that Pellicano has incriminating evidence about MJ’s accusers!

    Pellicano was very much against the settlement. He was convinced of Michael’s innocence
    wanted the whole thing to go to court and beat the Chandlers there. He
    seemed to despise the Chandlers with passion. So I wonder if this
    sentence, if he said it at all, was said in some context where he
    expressed his disagreement about the settlement and said (with a bit of
    exaggeration) that it’s the worst MJ could do to those kids – ie.
    letting their parents get away with extortion. Really I always find it
    suspicious when there is no context given to something. Pellicano sure
    did not say that just out of the blue. And we all know how manipulative
    the media is.

  • OfficialPro

    whoa, whoa, wait, what? Didn’t there surface some documents a while back which exhonerated Jackson and proved that at least one allegation was false and trumped up?

    As for pedos in hollywood, OF COURSE. Roman Polanski isn’t a freak in Hollywood, he’s “normal” in their view.

    • Dennis X

      Pedos in Hollywood how bout the Catholic Church.

      • Chloe Blue

        Don’t forget the hoards of Rabbi’s being protected within their communities, even though they’ve raped and abused small children.

    • tickletik

      Hate to be the one to break it to you chief, but some girls are 13 going on 30. Law is the law, but you ought to be aware that its a very recent phenomena in history where a culture has decided that women under the age of 18 are taboo. As in, only in the past 70 years recent. Which is ironic given the hyper sexualization of the youth.

      Im in agreement that what he did was wrong, but lets not go into hysterics.

  • swemson

    Sexual activity directed at minors may in fact prove to be indirectly responsible for the demise of our great country…

    To elaborate….

    There’s been much speculation that the REAL father of our imposter in chief was the admitted pedophiliac & pornographer Frank Marshall Davis, who describes in vivid terms his sexual relations with an underage girl named Ann in his autobiography.

    Many believe that girl to have been Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother who was living with her grandparents at the time. Davis was a good friend of her grandparents.

    If so, If Obama, who was allegedly born on 8.04.61, was carried to a full term pregnancy, then his mother, who was born on 11.29.42, conceived prior to her 18th birthday.

    Crazy you say?…

    Anyone comparing the photo of Obama below to Obama Sr (lower left) and Frank Marshall Davis (upper right) will have to admit that it’s quite possible indeed.


    • OfficialPro

      heh, where’s Maury when you need him?

  • Bigbigmjfan Michael

    I doubt the FBI covered for Michael Jackson.

    These strories sound bad but where were all these porn tapes
    when the sheriffs office unexpectedly raided Neverland?

    He had 16 computers and none of that was on not one computer.

    I hear people talking but where was his stash?

    People need to think.

  • ET

    I feel so sorry for MJ. This is exactly what the world (press and money mongers) did to him when he was alive. Now he is gone, and still nothing changes. Re-hashing fact-less BS from almost 10 years ago? So, so, sad. The truth will prevail, one hopes. F U Wade Robson!

    • tickletik

      Where the hell did you come from? Are you one of those lunatic obsessive fans that heard there was an article against MJ and then popped over here to vent your spleen? Heres some info for you bro, the regular readers on this blog already knew the guy was guilty as sin, we’re only trying to figure out how exactly clowns like you helped him pull it off.

      • Mischa Pierce

        Yet the “obsessive fans” (people like you seem to accuse anyone who doesn’t think MJ is guilty of being an “obsessive fan”) can back up the courts’ (and investigative agencies’) decision to clear the man with facts. People like you who believe he is guilty never have any evidence other than screaming “He was a freak! Guilty” over and over again as if repeating it will eventually make it true.

        • tickletik

          Sounds good.

  • Kate Curry

    Aww, just look at that face. No way there could be anything perverted about the “man”.

    • ultravioletrae

      Here’s a really interesting talk by another vitiligo patient, who shares his thought about Jackson:

      • Kate Curry

        Vitiligo is vitiligo. Cosmetic surgery is cosmetic surgery.

        • ultravioletrae

          Agreed. Jackson’s autopsy reveals the extent of his cosmetic surgery, his rhinosplasty left scars on the alae nasi (nostrils), and another procedure left scars behind his ears. This conforms with industry standards – most everyone who works in front of a camera has had at least that much done. The “dimple” in his chin is a result of injectables (like botox) – as shown in court testimony during Murray trial. Other “cosmetic surgeries” were done to his scalp, to address hair loss.

        • Mischa Pierce

          Had you read the autopsy you would see it says that MJ did indeed have vitiligo. He underwent treatment for his vitiligo so he wouldn’t be splotchy.

          There is no cosmetic cream in the world that will make you that light permanently without burning your skin if you don’t have vitiligo.

    • peter Stevens

      And what exactly are you? A pretty ugly person yourself who is talking about something you know NOTHING about.

      His autopsy of 2009 Confirmed he had Vitiligo, he was diagnosed with it in 1986 Also.

      The only surgeries he ever had was two nose surgeries and a cleft in the chin, the first nose surgery was for breaking his nose while rehearsing in the early 80s and the second was from breathing issues on stage.

      Not all black people suffer the skin disease, so him having a cleft is because he had to have his skin there look normal.


      • Katherine McChesney

        Michael Jackson = FREAK/PEDOPHILE.

        • Deniz

          I’m just so sorry for you. you have never recognized his great efforts for poor and sick children. Michael is too much for people like you. what a shame and what a stupid way of thinking you have.

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘His efforts for poor and sick children’???

            You’ve got to be kidding. He was always attracted to children because of his perversion. He was super freak when it came to his pedophilia.

          • Deniz

            Some people are stupid enough to just believe in what media says. they can NOT analyze the realities by themselves.

  • ziggy zoggy

    “Knock knock.”

    “Who’s there?”

    “Little Boy Blue.”

    “Little Boy Blue who?”

    “Michael Jackson.”

    Did you know Michael Jackson loved K-mart? He heard it had a blue light special and all the boys’ clothes were half off.

    McDonald’s has come out with a McMichael burger. It’s made from a 50 year old piece of meat between 4 year old buns.

    “What’s the difference between zits and Michael Jackson?”
    ” Zits don’t come on your face until you reach puberty.”

    “What was Michael Jackson’s idea of a perfect ten?”
    “Two five year old boys.”

    • peter Stevens

      Using old and crappy jokes? How original and funny.

    • Chloe Blue


  • Jan7

    If this guy who wrote this is a lawyer and a journalist then my name is diane (too lazy to go to college to study journalism) dimond.
    go to roger friedman at showbiz 411 and charles thomson UK PROPER journalist website.
    Ben do some research in future and stop repeating tabloid lies. It lets you down!

    • BP

      TMZ hasn’t even posted
      this crap because they know the source of it. In fact Harvey Levin
      back in 2009 was one of the first to post the real FBI files from MJ
      and said that there were a lot of things ‘unfounded’. They even
      talked to Jermaine who said he wishes the FBI would’ve said this when
      Mike was still living. They investigated MJ for 15 years and found
      absolutely nothing, no evidence, no child porn nothing. Why can’t
      these reporters read those files?

  • BP

    the FBI deliberately
    covered for a child molester by not handing those incriminating
    evidence to the DA. Even though they were working together with the
    prosecutors on the case and they had no love lost for Michael.

    the claim was not that these were Michael’s FBI files. It was that
    these were Pellicano’s, the PI. But that’s not true either as proven
    by that documentary from 1994 where the same doc was shown by
    Barresi. These are his documents and transcripts of the Mitteager

    None of the documents they provided incriminated MJ. If
    the journalists of Sunday People saw thousands of pages of
    incriminating evidence against MJ why not post at least a couple of
    them? Instead of posting Mitteager tapes and Barresi’s stuff?
    Obviously nothing what they claim exists and they tried to pass these
    on as “FBI document”, hoping that most people won’t
    actually click on them and read them or if they do they won’t
    understand what they are. And their strategy worked because a lot of
    people only parrot what they read in the article without checking out
    or understanding the attached docs.

  • BP

    TMZ hasn’t even posted this crap because they know the source of it. In fact Harvey Levin back in 2009 was one of the first to post the real FBI files from MJ
    and said that there were a lot of things ‘unfounded’. They even talked to Jermaine who said he wishes the FBI would’ve said this when Mike was still living. They investigated MJ for 15 years and found absolutely nothing, no evidence, no child porn nothing. Why can’t these reporters read those files?

    The FBI would have taken over the investigation if they had the proof. Trust me it would have been more than Michael Jackson going down because it would have been a ring of higher powered people. There’s no way he could have gotten away with paying 24 boys without help from others. That should have made the story suspicious in the first place.

  • The Man from Shiloh

    He got away with it for two reasons: He was black and gay.

    • AttMore

      Maybe on this side,but he had to meet his MAKER just like we all have too,I’m pretty sure he got his just dessert….(no pun intended)

    • TheGeorgeCostanza

      And you forgot he had a ton of $$$$!!

  • bj affordable

    The wearer of the single black glove was a Muslim. Says it all, really.

  • onecornpone

    The one benefit of a total economic crash would be seeing that craphole dry up and blow away. It is way past time.

  • tickletik

    Good article. Do us all a favor and get yourself a concealed handgun permit

  • johnnywood

    He`s not “getting away with it” now.

  • GerriAttricks

    “It is no coincidence that more movies now deal with the sexualization of
    younger and younger children and teenagers. Where romance used to be
    the province of adults, it has now become the province of teens and

    Just wait..the slide down the slippery slope has begun. Following on the heels of the demise of DOMA there soon will be a movement to push forward pedophilia.

    • UCSPanther

      If and when that happens, then all of Hollywood will need to “have a seat over there”…

      • GerriAttricks

        Sorry UCSP, I must be extra dense this morning…
        No kapish….

        • UCSPanther

          That phrase comes from Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator” series.

  • oughut

    You are a lawyer and you wrote this without checking the facts? Do you work for the Mirror Group in the UK?! If not, you should for you would fit in well there. There are no FBI files – this was documented years ago and the fact that you are rehashing false information now from the Mirror and the People in the UK is shabby, copy and paste – well I won’t go as far as calling it journalism – mindless smearing is more like it . As for Robson, let’s see how far he gets with his ‘forgetting to remember, remembering to forget’ evidence against a dead man – on the eve of MJ’s estate closing the door on the billions in his coffers. Robson never had anything but praise and thanks for MJ when he was alive and on TWO occasions as a witness. Funny how the lure of cheque and eternal work from AEG – the Amnesiacs Entertainment Group can turn a boy ……

  • oughut

    tickletik – I can only assume that you are American – the kind without a passport.

    • Andy

      And I can only assume that you are a rabid supporter or paedophilia.

  • suparna

    The FBI files are accessible to all. I have had a look at them. There is not even an iota of evidence to say that MJ was guilty. All you can find in those FBI files are news paper and tabloid reports about the child molestation allegations. The FBI website even mentions it very clearly just above the MJ files that MJ was acquitted if every snigle charge against him(as there was no real evidence to prove them).There are hundreds of pages in those FBI files which show that these investigations were carried on meticulousy, leaving no stones unturned. I would like to ask Mr Ben Shapiro as to how he could write this article. On what grounds? Where did he get the matter from? The FBI files clearly don’t state what has been concluded in this article ! What is this agenda of bashing a dead man? It is not about sentiments, it is about real facts which are wholly missing in this article. Hollywood may be indulging in such practices, I cannot comment as I have not analysed the other cases, but to equate MJ with others who may be indulging in such practices is sheer fallacy. Mr Shapiro should understand the power of words. It is not just about writing something- what is written has far reaching consequences on people’s lives. Far too much than one can even imagine. So the writer needs to be socially responsible and think at least twice before penning down something.

  • suparna

    Infact to speculate and arrive at one’s own conclusions that MJ was guilty but simply got away with it is to disrespect the FBI and that the US Law, the jury and the judge who had given the verdict that MJ was innocent. Also since much of the body of this article deals with Hollywood generally, the heading should have been “Child Molestation A Common Practice in Hollywood’. But the writer knows too well that such a headline would not draw many readers to it. But by just mentioning MJ’s name would make every second individual read the article. Clever tactic for sure. The press should actually hold secret thanks giving meetings for MJ for generating revenue for them even after being dead. It is a serious suggestion. On grounds of civility. I will not say for the sake of the conscience which of course is long dead.

  • ultravioletrae

    Why would an attorney write a piece like this based on provably false tabloid news sources? CNN already debunked the fake “secret FBI files” story, as did Roger Friedman and British journalist Charles Thomson. Why are people interested in deliberately lying about Michael Jackson? Any attorney would know that if such evidence existed, it would have come into the 2005 trial as 1108 evidence (everything here predates the 2005 trial). Do you really think people believe the FBI and the mothers biggest priority is covering for Michael Jackson? Why would someone abandon their common sense to buy into this myth?

  • peter Stevens

    These stories are pathetic, the FBI investigated Michael Jackson very well in 2003 When they raided Neverland and found nothing.
    They looked through all computers, books, photos and so on..if they found anything questionable as even a picture, then it would of been the front line of all tabloids worldwide.
    The FBI themselves released his files and documents in December 2009 Even, sex months after Michael passed..they done it for people to stop asking questions, they done it for the simple truth, not even defending MJ since he was already gone.
    Pedophilia is taken very serious also, NO matter how big you’re..its impossible to get away with, especially with Michael Jackson! He was watched his entire life, without a doubt he is beyond innocent.
    And there is NO pedophiles that suddenly get accused in their late 30s or 40s, if Michael really was one then there would have been victims in the 70s and 80s You know, NEVER does someone become a pedo in their later life.
    Michael is proven innocent anyway, soon he will be proven innocent yet again.

  • lizzie

    michael jackson was a pedophile…and he abused them maybe didnt have sex but abused them…he was a gifted artist but he did this…

  • mmaohio33

    What I don’t understand if the parents confessed in knowing about Jackson abusing there child why werent they all doesn’t matter if the parents give consent or not if your sexually touching a minor in any way its still illegal..I mean there contributing to there kid and other kids getting abused..its mind blowing there are parents out there who allow it because they want much garbage in this world

  • rick

    This is soooo Fake michael did not do this things
    People are haters! ! And jealouse !! Back of him!!!

  • Enna☆Applehead~♥

    This is Sunday People invention.

    These articles say the truth about that:

    True FBI file that support Michael Jackson’s innocence. No evidence about his guilty was found, here’s

    Into your article there’s written Michael would 20 millions of dollars to Chandler family to avoid process.

    Truth is another:

    First of all, Evan Chandler, Jordan’s father, to ask money, promising

    to retire accusation.

    Then, it wasn’t Micgael to pay Chandler’s family but his company.

    It was media manipulated that new, saying it was him.

    There haven’t been any sexual abuse… it was a whole invention to steal moneys to MJ.

    there’s a call where Evan is conspiring against MJ:

    He says he paid some people to lie, plus he’ll ruin him etc.

    You can hear the call on this link:

    A true article about the fact:

    In your article there’s also written about the “recent” accusal of Wade Robson.

    This is fake at all!

    First he said he forgot everything, who remembered only recently… then he changed version saying he didn’t forget anything, but who decided to tell only now.

    Two versions??

    A psychologist of body language analyzed him during an interview where he told well about Jackso and, he said there wasn’t any sign of trauma.

    He also said during the process of 2005, MJ called him to make brainwash so he could defend MJ.

    But FBI checked every Michael Jackson’s call… if he really did that, he would be in prison.

    Regarding this, another interesting and true article by Charles Thomson

    Then you wrote about Corey Feldman… he declared to be abused by his productors.

    But he also declared Michael Jackson was that light in ther darkness, his safety, of how much he was happy with him and that there had never been nothing wrong with their friendship.

    So, viewing all this, I guess removing that article is the best thing you can do, overall about an innocent man that has help so many persons, particularly children, who loved so much.

    I’d be graceful if you’ll do this.

    Thanks for the attention

    Kind regards

  • Dehlia

    How Michael got away with what exactly? No one can really say this talented man was anything but the King of Pop, Dance, and creative music! Bring what you have to the forefront, and let e ask you why was he not thrown in jail since whoever wrote the article today wants to tarnish his image? Poor minority and white children he allowed in his home came out with lies about who he was, beasts in sheep’s clothing who went in intentionally to come out to frame he. Do I not think those parents of these tacky ignorant children did not coach their children on what to do or say? Parents in Hollywwird will sell out their own children, should I even name a few, the Lohan, Stewart, and Cyrus to name a few. You have a collection of stories manifested by others about Mr. Jackson, a man with such a serious problem and allowed to keep his own three children? Now that he is dead and unable to fight on his behalf you have slandered his name. If men can write out and off men like Dan Rather who we saw in our living rooms for 30 years, one of the top news reporters in history, why can’t you believe they would do as much to this man? A bunch of followers and no real leaders in this country. So very sad.

    • Enna☆Applehead~♥

      “You have a collection of stories manifested by others about Mr. Jackson, a man with such a serious problem and allowed to keep his own three children?”
      What do u mean?

  • Autumn Drinkwater

    he was proven NOT guilty under the court of law

    • TheGeorgeCostanza

      Yes and so was OJ Simpson and Robert Blake and many others! None of them paid millions in insurance settlement claims either!

      • Mischa Pierce

        1) Civil settlements are not evidence of criminal guilt as criminal allegations are not worked out in civil court. The civil settlement was a settlement requested by the accusing father for a separate civil case. The 1993 case against MJ was dismissed by 2 criminal grand juries because the accusation was extremely shaky at best:

        Learn something about the case and about US law.

        2) And the US legal system also executes innocent people all the time. What about it? Because 1 guilty guy (OJ Simpson) got off it means every person exonerated was actually guilty? Some genius (sarcasm) “logic” you got there….

        • George Costanza

          Whatever! Bottom line there are too many accusations coming out even now and back then! I’m sure you’d have let your kids go spend the night with Michael just so you could cash in on a big child abuse case later, no need to reply back cause I won’t read it! Guy’s GUILTY! Deal with it supporters!

    • Arvy

      He also paid out settlements. (I would also guess bribes) If you are absolutely framed, then why on earth would you pay shut up money to people.

    • Andy

      That would be because he paid millions, to various people, even though he was advised he could not afford it and that it would also make him appear even more guilty…you ass hole.

  • joy

    the real f b I was working with mikeal for 30 years too find lady joy middleton
    one of mikeals best friends she is also the aboped child of Queen Elizabeth that is why thay buged his phone

  • truth teller

    michae jackson was never a paedophile those saying he was were just out for money simple as that its just down to greed and they will even ruin someone to get it and you gullible fools believe it because the media says its true ? my god you really do have a lot to learn

  • Kyle

    I feel as if there was definitive, conclusive evidence that he had molested several children, his fans would still defend him. I don’t know if he actually committed these offenses (obviously), but I think people need to remember an innocent verdict does not necessarily mean he didn’t commit the crimes, it simply means there was a lack of evidence to convict him and it doesn’t mean he was exonerated. I’m really not the type to jump to conclusions, but I do find it rather suspicious that about ~24 children and their families have accused him of inappropriate behavior. Of course, there’s the possibility that the families were attempting to exploit him for financial reasons, I recognize that, but I still believe that’s still a relatively large number of accusations. Either way, I guess we’ll never know. I just find it odd how obsessed people are with his talent that they may ignore a very possible, disturbing side of him.

  • Deniz

    Please Read Carefully (PART ONE)

    ☛** GOD WAS HIS GUIDE. HE Was A Christian And Believed In Christ. HIS
    LIFE Went Through So Much That HIS FAITH Was What RESTORED HIM And KEPT
    HIM. MICHAEL Was VERY SPIRITUAL And Had Enormous FAITH. HE Studied All
    Religions And Was OPEN To A Lot Of Different Practices..
    …On my second trip To NEVERLAND..MICHAEL JACKSON Hosted A Private
    Lunch. HE Asked us all To CONNECT By HOLDING Hands And SAYING PRAISE.
    HE SAID A PRAYER..The Peeping Sun Rays Shot Through The House Setting In
    ‘the evil do-ers who LIED..CHEATED And BETRAYED HIM~~
    ~~Taymoor Marmarchi..Who WORKED On HUMANITARIAN Projects FOR MICHAEL JACKSON~~

  • eva oh

    Now we have 3 kids that say mj molested them! Look at his behavior! Very very suspect. Why do mj fans feel this passionate abt defending him. At best he was bi, at worst, a pedo. All arrows point towards wrong doing. WAKE UP MJ FANS. GET OUT OF DENIAL!

  • eva oh

    We are celebrity obsessed and its plain stupid! Tmz, perez, etc. Why do we put singers and actors on pedalstals to b worshiped? Worship God! Work hard, enjoy your family. Sum of these pro mj sites take hours and hours of time. Why r they wasting their days defending him. Its very silly.

  • nothingmusic42

    Ted Nugent thanks you for ignoring his pedophilia, and Phil Robertson is glad that you ignore his advocating for marrying 15 year olds.
    way to turn a disgusting crime into a liberal vs. conservative wedge-issue. the entire article consisted of “Hollywood wants to rape your children because they are all liberals.”
    you’re far more likely to be molested going to church. after all, how many priests have been accused of molesting kids? i guess that’s ok though, because they were molesting for Jesus!

  • Moviesforlife

    He was a pedophile. End of story.

  • dan

    This is what they all do in Hollywood to become a STAR. if you speak out against the industry they will bring forward this sickness that they all have. Wasn’t Michael and his brothers raped repeatedly before they would perform. This is part of the black Magik satanic rituals that are mandatory.

  • Guest

    A Brazilian pediatrician molested children for over 10 years and no one never suspected. How he did it? Children were drugged with tranquilizers, so they couldn’t remember it. I dont know if he was guilty or not, but I think it would be very easy to MJ drugging those kids specially knowing that they had sleepovers. Its a bit suspicious for me that he would not invite girls for his sleepovers.. very rare. As well, I blame the parents for allowing a totally strange to sleep with their kids just because he was a famous popstar.
    He is the article about the Dr. Molester, unfortunately its in portuguese.

  • Alaski MOHICAN

    A Brazilian pediatrician molested children for over 10 years and no one never suspected. How he did it? Children were drugged with tranquilizers, so they couldn’t remember it. I don’t know if MJ was guilty or not, but I think it would be very easy to him drugging those kids specially knowing that they would come for sleepovers and no supervision. Its a bit suspicious for me that he would not invite girls for his sleepovers, very rare. As well, I blame the parents for allowing a totally strange & grown man to sleep with their kids just because he was a famous pop star.
    He is the article about the Dr. Molester, unfortunately its in portuguese.

  • Alaski MOHICAN

    A Brazilian pediatrician molested children for over 10 years and no one never suspected. How he did it? Children were drugged with tranquilizers, so they couldn’t remember it. I dont know if MJ was guilty or not, but I think it would be very easy to him drugging kids to keep them quiet, specially knowing that they would come for sleepovers and no supervision.. Its a bit suspicious for me that he would not invite girls for his sleepovers.. very rare. As well, I blame the parents for allowing a totally strange & grown man to sleep with their kids just because he was a famous pop star.

    I think MJ drove the nail in the coffin. People in their right minds would never share a bed with teenager boys and think that it would be OK. Even if he did not do anything to those boys, his behavior will condemn him.

    Well, I guess we will never know.

    He is the article about the Dr. Molester, unfortunately its in Portuguese.

    • Mischa Pierce

      Half of what you said isn’t even true.

    • Tabloids_Suck

      No supervision? most of the kids parents were there.
      staff, bodyguards, friends etc.. the man was barely alone

  • John Trapp

    LOL! And look at the replies on this, people STILL support him LOL LOL! Hey, you guys know he ADMITTED he slept with boys on national Tv right? Said it was “The most loving thing in the world” A fifty year old black man who wears lipstick admitting in national TV he likes to sleep with 11 year old boys. HE SAID IT, this is not accusations, HE said it!

    • Tabloids_Suck

      He said he shares his bed. people with dirty minds make it sexual.
      there’s nothing sexual about it

  • Whatever.

    This society we live in hates to see a good person succeed for too long. Everyone has to have some downfall for some reason. I am an MJ fan but I am not obsessed with him. I defend him because right is right. Famous or not. If one of these cases actually proved anything, then Michael would be wrong. I just don’t understand how people can say he’s guilty and truly believe it and get upset with me because “i need to open my eyes and stop being one sided”? My eyes are wide open. Don’t just say you have documents, show me! There are no pictures or anything? Pedophiles are obsessed with children. So where are the pictures, where are the tapes? No DNA? No nothing? People saw him molesting kids. Why didn’t they call the police RIGHT THEN? Because you didn’t want to lose your job and Michael’s money? Pathetic! They harassed this man 17 years and never found one piece of evidence to say he was guilty? How is that even freaking possible!? How about you people who think he is guilty open your eyes, just for a second! Realize, you’ve let the media and tabloids brainwash you into thinking a man was a pedophile without seeing any evidence firsthand, just what you heard or read SOMEONE ELSE SAY! I for one don’t let ignorant people choose my thoughts for me. I use my heart and common sense. The law says: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. And no one has proven him guilty. They drove a man to his grave and why? Because he looked and acted different from the rest of us, he acted BETTER.

  • TimPhillips

    “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

    Should tell you all you need to know about this article, just mindless drivel from a biased right wing echo chamber.

  • Beanspeak

    He was fucking guilty, get over it you losers.

  • rwpjr84

    If he wasn’t guilty why do you fuckin idiots think he paid all that money to settle with the families? MJ was a disgusting ghoulish freak who saw himself as a child and therefore thought it was ok to share beds with them and fuck them. And this fucking freak got away with it for 2 reasons, 1) money 2) retarded fans like the ones on this comments section ignoring reality. The world is a better place with this twisted fuck dead. Just look at that picture and imagine what it must’ve been like for those innocent children to get raped by that fucking ghoul.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    I always thought, he was up to no good with those children. In fact in hindsight, his behaviour has all the hallmarks of grooming. Furthermore a grown man that sleeps with children that are not his is either an idiot, or a pervert.