Media Lambastes DC Comics for Hiring Traditional Values Writer

His name is Orson Scott Card, and he’s the author of one of the bestselling science fiction titles of all time: Ender’s Game. That book will become a movie this year, starring Asa Butterfield, Abigail Breslin, and Harrison Ford.

So far so good.  But then DC Comics, which creates superheroes like Superman and Batman, hired Card to do a digital comic of Superman. That created blowback for DC, since Card happens to be pro-traditional marriage – so much so that he’s a board member of the National Organization for Marriage. Card has written that judicial implementation of same-sex marriage represents “the end of democracy in America,” since the judiciary has no power to implement gay marriage from above. The media, however, has covered the story as if Card called same-sex marriage itself “the end of democracy.”

That’s false. Here’s the relevant portion from Card’s column in the Mormon Times:

The first and greatest threat from court decisions in California and Massachusetts, giving legal recognition to “gay marriage,” is that it marks the end of democracy in America. These judges are making new law without any democratic process; in fact, their decisions are striking down laws enacted by majority vote.

This position – which is not anti-gay, but pro-constitutional republicanism, and pro-traditional marriage – makes Card unfit to write Superman. Why? According to Jono Jarrett of Geeks Out, a gay comic book club, “Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. Orson Scott Card does not stand for any idea of truth, justice or the American way that I can subscribe to. It’s a deeply disappointing and frankly weird choice.”

Michael Hartney, a bit actor looking to make a name for himself, joined in the criticism of DC Comics, writing:

If this was a Holocaust denier or a white supremacist, there would be no question. Hiring that writer would be an embarrassment to your company. Well, Card is an embarrassment to your company, DC. And of all the characters Card could have been hired to write, you give him Superman? The character that taught me to lead by example? To do the right thing, even when it was hard? To keep going, even when it seemed hopeless? What an insult. Kids are killing themselves. They are killing themselves in a climate of intolerance and homophobia publicly fostered by people like Orson Scott Card. You don’t have to contribute to this. You shouldn’t. You mustn’t.

So being a Holocaust denier and being a traditional marriage proponent are now comparable in Hollywood?  Such logic is to be expected from a crowd that attempts to destroy the careers of those who voted in favor of Proposition 8.

The comic book world has long been a repository for increasingly leftist propaganda. In the past few years, DC Comics relaunched a version of the Green Lantern as a homosexual; they wrote up Batwoman as a lesbian. No problem.  But to have someone who stands up for traditional marriage write Superman is a no go, even though such an interpretation isn’t a break with Superman’s character but an acknowledgement that there are still a huge number of Americans who see traditional marriage as the preferable social standard.

The main takeaway here is the massive intolerance of the left. There are no indicators whatsoever that Card will be writing about homosexuality. None. In fact, the chances of DC Comics allowing Card to do so would be nil. But that’s not what bothers the militant gay left. They want to destroy the lives and careers of all who oppose them. And with a media hell-bent on helping them out, destroying the truth is the first step.

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  • Mary Sue

    I heard Orson Scott Card is a pretty decent writer. Are they afraid that he'll start putting Anti-Gay stuff into the comics? There's already a lesbian Batwoman!

  • Brujo Blanco

    Sounds like the left diiscriminating based on someone who exercises his rights. The leftist doctrine is that everyone is entitled to their rights under the first amendment as long as you agree with the left. If you do not you should be shut out and denied employment.

  • Demetrius M

    Call me narrow minded and all, but isn't it my right to hold the opinion that homosexuality is wrong? I mean, has it become a crime yet to hold on to my convictions?
    1984 sure has arrived to America, especially the mind control.

    • Deep Space

      If you lived in the UK you might, indeed, find yourself under scrutiny by law enforcement if you openly voiced anti-gay sentiments. We're not there yet but…?


        Are British Muslims, Islamists under scrutiny for anti-gay sentiments, threats and attacks???

        Or are British Muslims a special protected class – especially after the 7/7/05 London bombings?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Are British Muslims, Islamists under scrutiny for anti-gay sentiments, threats and attacks??? "

          Strangely no. Hmm. Oh well. At least we have 0'Bama to transform the nation before he transforms the world at the head of his new global government created by the IOC.

  • cxt

    I am often disppointed by seldom surprised by what passes for "thought" on the left.

    I also enjoy hearing the howls of outrage–OUTRAGE I SAY–when the "right-wing" judges do things they Left hates—THEN all of sudden they see what we have been tellign them for decade after decade of using the courts to advance their social programs instead of doing the hard work of winnning the hearts and minds of their fellow citizens.

    THEN they seem to suddenly "get" the dangers of unelected and largely unaccountable judges being allowed to circumvent the people.

  • clarespark

    I don't like censorship in any form. But "traditionalists" should take a look at their own censorious moves in a society that celebrates the First Amendment. I wrote about that here:…. "Culture wars and the secular progressives." I abhor political correctness in any form, especially as it is enforced by liberals who don't understand history and social movements or the Constitutional freedoms. A secular state does not mean wild self-indulgence, but freedom of speech and association, as opposed to a theocracy.

  • Chiggles

    Before anyone gets more overwrought about this, Card is hardly a "conservative". He is, like the late Jack Anderson, one of those sort-of-but-not-all-that-rare birds, a liberal Mormon. Vehemently anti-gun and anti-capitalism, he describes himself as a "Moynihan Democrat." About the only way he parts company from the Left is being pro-WOT and anti-po ofter.

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Card is anything BUT a leftist, and Moynihan would be considered an ultra conservative Klansman by current leftists.

      Please provide evidence for your claim that Card is "vehemently anti-gun and anti-capitalism."

      • Chiggles
        • Ziggy Zoggy

          I cant smoke an empty link but I found the article and read it anyway. The claim on the historyguy website that Orson Scott Card is pro "gun control/anti NRA" is followed by a quote from Card that does not mention his personal opinion about guns at all, and the only capitalism he decries is the big money and rapacious capitalism that harms average citizens. In fact, he criticizes the Democrat party for its idiotic and "utopian" social engineering programs. Except for the historyguy claim that he supports gun control (whatever that is supposed to mean,) all the biographical data on the page seems to have come straight from Card's own site.

          The article does quote Card's support for president Bush and his policies as well as an endorsement for Republicans over Democrats in every national election since 911, despite the fact that he considers himself an old style Democrat. He says he's a Moynihan Democrat but that means his views would also have a lot in common with those of JFK and Zell Miller, who were both more conservative than our current bunch of Republicans and more truly liberal than our current bunch of Democrats. No wonder he supports Republican candidates and policies.

          He has written extensively in his articles and novels about his support for American military action against our enemies and his opposition to the anti-intellectual left-wing hatred that predominates in our Universities. The guy rights a weekly column entitled "Uncle Orson Reviews EVERYTHING," for God's sake. (Capitals, mine.) It is available online for free. I suggest you read it before you misquote his opinions because he is not shy about expressing them.

          I have enjoyed several of his novels and for several months I've been reading "The Rhinoceros Times" newspaper he writes for so I'm a bit familiar with his work. The Times is a good read and mainly concerned with local government corruption and incompetence. It features two regular columns by Card, including the Uncle Orson one. He lives in Greensboro NC and that is also where I live right now, so as a temporary neighbor and all around great guy I feel like I have to stick up for him.

          He is NOT a lefty and regardless of his views he deserves to be defended from the attacks on his livelihood by fanatical left-wing hatemongers posing as human rights advocates.

          Lets not get overwrought.

  • Chiggles

    I wish super-hero comics would just die anyway. Comics were better when they were written for pre-teens by middle-aged men just out to make a paycheck. Came the Seventies, the fanboys took over and tried to make Serious Literature of the super-hero genre (Marvel paved the way in the Sixties by giving their characters, like that whiney-butt Spider-Man, personal problems). It would be hard to conceive a more ridiculous endeavor, for super-heroes are ridiculous. Supe powers, secret identities, kid sidekicks — enough already; there's just no taking any of that seriously yet a special kind of nitwit does, and has ever since Dennis O'Neil and his Green Lantern-Green Arrow (gag). I don't remember the name of the Senator or whatever he was in The X Men who wanted to exterminate the mutants but he's got my vote.


      I HATE marvel comics.

      I'm a classic DC guy.


      Interesting rant, but somewhat off-topic. I think the guy in X-Men was Bolivar Trask, by the way. I only disagree with you about Spider-Man, which was an excellent book during the Lee/Ditko/Romita period. Yes, the super-hero genre is pretty ridiculous – I've actually written a superhero parody that I won't plug here – and it did begin with O'Neil's Green Lantern/Green Arrow, who drove across American in a pickup truck trying solipsistically to "find themselves" while moaning about plastic Christmas trees. But it was really in the 80's when comics started to embrace outright nihilism.

      Anyway, the point here is the deterioration of our culture to the point that a man is considered unfit to write a Superman comic-book just because he believes in traditional marriage and the right of the people to make their own marriage laws. Such a culture has political ramifications also, for it is no exaggeration to say that we're stuck with Obama for a President largely because of the Left's previous victories in the Culture Wars.

      • Ziggy Zoggy


        Trask created the mutant hunting Sentinel robots. Senator Kelly was the character who introduced anti-mutant legislation. Both were idiotic attempts to equate the imaginary plight of mutants with the equally imaginary plight of American Blacks. If it had been done before Civil Rights were enacted, it would have made sense but leftism is a mental disorder so sense wasn't a factor. Kind of like movies that have to be set in the past to whine about bigotry against Blacks, homosexuals and women.

        You're right about the radicalization of comics. I vomited in my mouth when DC made Lex luthor the fictional US President because they were so upset that Bush was elected. When Marvel made Norman Osborn into Barack Obama nobody noticed, and except for being insane the character was a competent leader so it hardly made up for all the PC drivel that had rendered so many comics unreadable since the 80s.

        The extremists attacking Card's livelihood are utter hypocrites. In other words, typical moonbats. They style themselves as tolerant and progressive but they want to force their ideology on everybody else and destroy any who deviate from it in the slightest. And naturally, they claim Card and everybody else with differing opinions are Nazis. They want to co-opt the millennia old tradition of marriage and render it meaningless to anybody who practices it correctly, rather than create their own tradition of a union between two people, which a majority of Americans support (though Card may not be among them.) They are the real fascists and bigots.

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Admit it. You still read comics-and like them.

      • Chiggles

        I like OLD comics, the kind from back before the fanboys decided they had to save the world.

        • Ziggy Zoggy


          Try "Agents of Atlas." It was so good it got cancelled, just like the last incarnation of "The Invaders." The current "Fantastic Four" and "Avengers" by Jonathan Hickman are interesting. The entire run of "Power of Shazam" by Jerry Ordway was excellent and so were the politically correct but high quality "Starman" by James Robinson and "Justice Society of America/JSA" titles by Geoff Johns. The recent "Avengers/Invaders," "Human Torch," "Invaders," "Earth X," "Universe X" and Paradise X" that Alex Ross and Jim Krueger did for Marvel were good and so was the "Justice League" series they did for DC. Grant Morrison's "All Star Superman," "Batman" and "Justice League of America" were all great. Even the extremely PC stuff Alan Moore has done was mostly excellent.

          There is good stuff out there if you look. Yes, screw the fanboys but don't let it ruin your enjoyment. If I ignored everything PC I wouldn't be able to see hardly any movies or even listen to classic rock. I deplore all the outdated PC BS but I'm still a comics geek so I ignore the poorly made stuff and take what I can from the quality stuff. Card's "Ultimate Iron Man" series was PC in some respects but very good. I haven't read much since both companies changed their mythos so radically last year but that doesn't mean everything they put out sucks.

          Besides, not every geek looks like a geek and even the ones who do can have merit so I'm not embarrassed to shop for comics-just a bit put off by the PC stupidity..

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Chiggles. I don't but I wish they'd improve. Maybe some better writers would help.

  • PAthena

    "Gay-marriage" is dishonest. Any adults can live together, with or without sexual relations (except for incest), make any financial arrangements they want. So making such living arrangements between homosexuals "marriage" is crazy. Marriage is between members of the opposite sex, throughout the animal kingdom. Society has an interest in preserving marriage since the ultimate purpose is reproduction. It has no interest in preserving homosexual relations.
    Has the move for "gay marriage" come from James Hormel, a wealthy, politically active homosexual?

  • lazypadawan

    It's one thing to decide to skip a series because you don't like the author or his views. Heck, Card has annoyed me on many occasions. But it's quite another to demand he be "fired" or deprived of a gig just because of views that aren't at all pertinent to the comic. It's a frightening precedent I'm afraid to all of us being questioned on personal beliefs and possibly being deprived of employment, property, or even liberty if we are not "progressive" enough.

    I'll also let you know something about the comics scene. Last year I looked through the entire Comic Con schedule. There were LGBT etc. panels every single day, sometimes more than one panel. There was only maybe one or two about Christians the whole con. I wouldn't be at all surprised if D.C. deep-sixes Card.

  • Atlas_Collins

    About the only thing I agree with feral muslims about is that disgusting homosexuals should be beaten back into the dank closets and dirty alleys where perversion belongs.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I slopped reading comic books back in the early 70's, when Spider Man decided that he hated America, felt in solidarity with the oppressed people of Vietnam.

  • JacksonPearson

    Comic books are exactly that…COMIC! So take them with a laugh, and not seriously!

  • epaddon

    The gay Gestapo reveals what they are really comprised of at heart……again.

  • Infovoyeur

    Good condemnation of the far-left claim that homosexuals are no different from everyone else. (The multiculti notion I label "steamroller egalitarianism.") To say that this group should be able to marry just because they claim to "love" (not just sex) each other–is as naively-unrealistic as to say that people of different races should be allowed to marry. That Blacks would be happy and functional in an integrated military unit. That women could responsibly handle the vote–the franchise. That the lesser races could handle full freedom. And so forth, but the utopian idealism just keeps increasing. (Including now the latest, the hazy notion that women are fit for military combat despite upper-body weakness, male-female behavior issues, pregnancies vs. unit readiness, terrible treatment if captured, even hygiene issues!) —But wait just a minuet here, I've got to re-calculate all this…… TTFN

    • Ghostwriter

      I don't like this "lesser races" talk. It's nasty to me and reeks of racist bile. Stuff like this gives the left more ammo to use against conservatives. It's ridiculous and unnecessary.

  • Rank Amateur

    If one looks at the clearance section of a Walmart or Toys-R-Us, one can still find plenty of Green Lantern toys from three years ago. Maybe DC decided that gay superheroes don't sell.

  • Ghostwriter

    For me,when I bring up my dislike of yaoi or boy's love manga or yuri or girl's love manga on some anime website,I get attacked as being "homophobic." Those sorts of things aren't for me. I might not like them and I wouldn't touch them if I were paid a million dollars. Some of my comments are far less harsh than others. When I bring up stuff like how kids might wonder why one guy or girl is in love with another guy or girl and why I might have to explain something like that to them when I KNOW they're not ready for stuff like this,I get attacked for even bringing it up. It's ridiculous. Tolerance is a two-way street. It shouldn't be used as a club against others simply because they don't share your opinions.