Paula Deen Murders Trayvon Martin

LawOrder-SVU-logoAccording to Entertainment Weekly, the hit show “Law & Order: SVU” is scheduled to spend the third episode of its 15th season mashing up the case of celebrity chef Paula Deen and that of teenager Trayvon Martin. Deen, who lost a huge chunk of her career after admitting in a legal deposition that she had once used the n-word, will be portrayed by Cybill Shephard as a fearful white woman who turns to face a young black teenager – presumably a Trayvon lookalike – and shoots him dead. ABC News reports, “The episode will touch on racial profiling, self-defense and how the two mix, if ever.” Executive producer Warren Leight told Entertainment Weekly that the script split the cast. “It was really interesting to see people read that script and have different interpretations about who did what and whether or not they deserved prison for it,” he stated.

This is how Hollywood now works. The news half of entertainment conglomerates creates a story out of nothing; the entertainment half then makes money off of it.

The Trayvon Martin story was a fairly simple one until the leftist media got hold of it. It was the story of a Hispanic man concerned about crime in his neighborhood – particularly crime committed by young black men, who had disproportionately committed such crime in his community – following a young black man, getting into an altercation with that young black man, being beaten up by that young black man, and shooting that young black man in the chest. The mainstream media then turned the story into that of a white racist viciously following and shooting an innocent young black man. To do so, they lied repeatedly – NBC News edited the call in order make Zimmerman sound racist, CNN suggested that Zimmerman used a racial slur, and multiple outlets claimed Zimmerman had not been wounded. Then when the Department of Justice and FBI could find no evidence that Zimmerman was a racist, the left continued to promulgate that narrative.

The same was true of Paula Deen. Deen used a nasty slur several decades ago after being held up by a black man. She admitted it in a deposition in a lawsuit filed by one of her employees for racial discrimination. That lawsuit was dismissed in full. “While this has been a difficult time for both my family and myself, I am pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved,” Deen said in a statement. But the media had concluded that she was, at the very least, somewhat racist.

Now the networks will make money off these two largely manufactured stories. Weaving together a plotline about a famous white racist and an innocent black teenager victimized by profiling – and presumably ignoring the violent incident that preceded the shooting of Trayvon Martin – NBC will put forth the picture of a racist America. That’s good narrative, and it’s good business, as Oprah is showing with the tremendous success of The Butler.

Hollywood is now banking on the merger between news and entertainment. 20th Century Fox has now made a two-year first-look pact with Epic, an online platform looking to create “film-centric investigative longform journalism.” Create news stories, make them into film, create profit. Fact becomes fiction – or rather, fact gets twisted into quasi-fact which then becomes a “based on the true story.”

Americans should now take the stories pushed by the media with a large grain of salt. It isn’t enough for Hollywood to twist the truth. Hollywood’s other hand, the news media, will create its own truth for Hollywood to twist.

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  • truebearing

    We are living in a world where people have chosen sides. On one side are those who value truth, on the other are those who prefer the expedience of lies. That fissure in our culture cannot be mended because those who adhere to dishonesty and relativism will never accept enough truth to even begin a meaningful dialogue, much less own the consequences of their pernicious beliefs.
    How can they create a “true story?” Only by destroying the meaning of truth itself, by making it subjective. The protean nature of political correctness is the perfect example. Definitions change to suit the agenda. Everyone is kept off-guard, worrying that they will be ex-communicated should they step in PC quicksand by saying or doing the “wrong” thing. Morals become mutable and selective. Depravity, decay, and destruction are inevitable consequences.
    Hollywood is a sewer, pumping its effluent into our culture with no conscience whatsoever.

    • Mlm46

      Thank you! That was said so eloquently! Too bad the people that need to read it won’t or refuse to believe it!

    • marcy77

      It’s called delusional or reprobate. when people can’t tell right from wrong anymore.This is were America is at.

  • Trey Zimm

    The media murders the truth…..over and over again.
    Many Ameri-lemmings actually believe Trayvon Martin was this cute little 10 year old black kid who was mercilessly hunted down and executed by that white Hispanic bastard George Zimmerman.

  • adumbrate

    Will Chris Lake be hunted in the next series ? WWII vet beaten with flashlights?

  • Guest

    The left will push this narrative until they become the victims. That’s what it’s going to take.

    • iluvisrael

      very true – that’s the thing about useful idiots – they’re useful – until they’re not

  • Clare Spark

    Establishment liberals made it possible for “race” to be highlighted in college and K-12 curricula, ignoring progress and emphasizing “race,” class, and gender. I wrote about that dramatic transformation of the curriculum here: Mass media took up the cause that had been prepared for them by propaganda found throughout our school system, and ran with it. No surprise there. They had a prepared audience who would by turns be either enraged (blacks) or feel guilty (whites).

    • MarilynA

      The mandated curriculum in every subject taught in our public school empathizing “white guilt” is directly responsible for todays Black racist attacks against vulnerable whites. If these kids were not being taught that whites are responsible for all their failings and therefore they are entitled to take what Whites have as retribution for their ancestors being slaves, It’s doubtful the type hatred would exist today Note that most of these attacks are against people who are vulnerable and cannot fight back. Old people, females, a 13 month old baby, cripples, mentally defective, and obviously unarmed people who are minding their own business. When a gang of one race teams up and attacks someone of another race it is called lynching. What our Media is doing is turning it’s back on black lynch mobs who are attacking whites.

  • Phil McMorrow

    The Hitler lesson – repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it.

    • tokoloshiman

      goebbels said this , i think , but true nevertheless

  • Douglas Mayfield

    To condemn someone for using an unattractive word is the worst kind of intellectual blackmail and the Left revels in doing so. The goal of the Left is some kind of slave state a la Castro or Chavez and to that purpose, they use every trick to smear anyone who opposes them.
    The slow drift in this country toward authoritarianism accelerated under Obama and shows no sign of letting up. But the real problem is not so much the socialist Left as it is the complete lack of any principled opposition by the cowardly, ‘me too’, semi-Socialist Republicans. Keep in mind that the bailouts which Obama has continued began under George Bush and probably would not have passed Congress without Bush’s arm twisting.
    The Republicans must stand up and say to hell with negotiation with the Democrats, who are nothing more than philosophic and political con artists dealing in Socialist poison and financing their ‘generosity’ or ‘charity’ by grabbing other people’s hard earned money at gun point.
    Republicans should demand a return to freedom, individual rights, and their corollary, strictly limited government. If they don’t, the country will continue on our current path toward some kind of Socialist police state. If we don’t change our course soon, what Greece or Venezuela is now, we will be in the not too distant future.

  • tagalog

    What a dumb idea, conflating the Paula Deen story and the Trayvon Martin story.
    This particular concept is even dumber than usual in the visual entertainment biz, and that’s saying something.

    Is the plot going to involve a person saying a bad word about black people, and then, 27 years later, shooting a black person, and the moral contortions that must necessarily be gone through in preparing the case for trial?

  • lessthantolerant

    More liberal clap trap from the third leg of the liberal triad of propaganda. Education , Media and Entertainment have been pumping out this brain washing crap for decades.
    It s time to stop it. Publish liberals home addresses and let’s all see they get their homes burned to the ground.

  • lessthantolerant

    He is fertilizer now! Let’s male ,more there are thousands of Trayvon’s who need snuffed!

  • Carl Dubose

    i absoutely refuse to watch what the media calls news for most of is a frabercated or twisted competely out of context yet there are thousands of people who believe every thing that comes over as news that is what is scary

  • 8ball

    It will be interesting to see Cybill Shephard getting the snot beaten out of her.


    Law and Order has always been a rotten show dramatically and beneath contempt morally. I can’t imagine how it’s still on the air. But Ben, if you think about it, you’ll see that NBC today is coming to resemble the fictional UBS in Paddy Chayefsky’s Network. It’s taken 37 years, but it’s happened. If anything, UBS was actually better than NBC, because it merely trivialized the news as entertainment, whereas NBC has actually become the propaganda arm of the socialist Democrat Party.

  • jeffrey wheat

    Irf they do one about the black young AL Sharptons killing the baseball player and the ww2 vet,then I will watch

  • Long Ben

    Dear Hollywood
    Kiss my Grits