The Dangerous Stupidity of Oprah Winfrey

OWith all of Hollywood prepared to bow down to the First Lady of Daytime Talk for her role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Oprah is taking the opportunity to push forward her favorite narrative: America remains a deeply racist place. In an interview with The Grio, Oprah, who plays a butler’s wife in the White House in The Butler, says that Trayvon Martin, the black teenager shot by George Zimmerman, is just like 1955 murder victim Emmitt Till: “Let me just tell you, in my mind, same thing. But you can [get] stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come.” She said in another interview that the “shooting of Trayvon Martin” was an example of racism.

Well, how far have we come? Oprah says, “do we live in a land where Martin Luther King’s dream has been ultimately fulfilled? No….Are more people judged by the content of their character than by the color of their skin? Yes. Is everybody judged by the content of their character? Absolutely not.”

Ignorance plays a part in Oprah’s view of racism the United States. According to Oprah, in an interview with Parade Magazine, Americans don’t know “diddly-squat” about the racial history of the United States. She then added, “I always think of the millions of people who heard that as their last word as they were hanging from a tree.” According to the Tuskegee Institute, 3,446 black Americans were lynched from 1882-1968. With a skewed numerical perspective like that, it’s no wonder Oprah likely thinks that racist killings remain plentiful across the fruited plain.

In the joint interview she did with director Lee Daniels and actor Forest Whitaker, Daniels too held onto the idea of endemic racism: “I showed the film to my relatives…because I figured they’re the harshest of audiences. And my 30-year-old nephew said to me, ‘Did some of this stuff really happen?’ And I was very upset by that.” Ignorance of history is certainly upsetting, especially sensitive racial history. But doesn’t it say something about the United States when a 30-year-old black man can’t conceive of the racism of the 1950s? Shouldn’t  her nephew’s response say to Daniels, Whitaker, and Oprah that the United States has changed, thanks in large measure to the heroism of those who took part in the civil rights movement?

Instead, however, Oprah, Daniels and Whitaker continue to act as though the racial incidents portrayed in The Butler still lurk the corner in the United States. Whitaker said about Trayvon Martin, “If you can’t accept that these things are going on, you’re living an illusion.” Daniels said, “It’s a given. I can’t even get a taxi [in New York]. I send my [white] assistant out to get a taxi because I can’t.” And Oprah, who said that Daniels pitched her on the film while she was at her enormous property in Maui – in the most expensive area of the island, no less – added that “America” needs to see The Butler, presumably to remind the country of its racial bigotry.

The legacy of Oprah Winfrey could be an incredible one. She could stand up for the true dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Instead, she has chosen to continue to press forward a wildly exaggerated  narrative of racism, because that’s the liberal line. And so even as she says you “cannot be my friend and use [the n-word] around me,” she told Jay-Z that she understood his use of the n-word in his lyrics: “I’m proud to say, I get it now.” Just like she “gets” Trayvon Martin.

So long as communicators like Oprah continue to focus their ire on white racism – an evil but rare phenomenon that no longer lists as a  top ten problem for the black community in America – they will win Oscars. The moment Oprah starts telling the truth about race relations in America, she  won’t win awards but might begin to make a positive difference.

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  • Torpedoman

    Comparing Emmet Till to Trayvon shows the height of disrespect to Till’s memory. Totally different circumstances. As for the millions hanging from the trees comment, that is the height of ignorance and race-baiting.

  • AbsolutelyRight

    Oprah is a fat race baiting clown. I won’t be seeing “the butler” ever.

    • Joel Cairo

      I suggest a quiet evening with a quality film such as The Maltese Falcon

      • Seek

        I’ll settle for “Fight Club,” “Mystic River” or “The Bank Job.”

        • Buck Roeser

          Got something against Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart?

      • AbsolutelyRight

        That’s a very good choice, have seen it many times. But just about anything made between 1939-1964 is better than 90% of the caca Hollywood makes today

        .. In keeping with the racial motif, I think just to piss off the liberals, instead of going to see the PC race BS like “The Butler,” we should start a campaign to watch “Song Of The South” at home instead. Of course one has to find a bootleg VHS copy because those lefty idiots at Disney have taken it off the market.

  • American1969

    I’m tired of people like Jay-Z and Oprah and others crying their crocodile tears and going on about how racist the country is, and blah, blah, blah…
    If this country were as racist as these idiots claim it is, none of them would be in the position that they are in now. They wouldn’t have the wealth or fame they do. So they need to shut up with these ridiculous comments. It’s like Jay-Z hanging out with OWS and complaining about the 1% without the slightest hint of irony. HE IS THE 1%!
    If these people are so concerned about race relations and what’s happening to the black community in America, why don’t they take some of their wealth and spread it around the black community and help the black community and shut up?
    Hey Oprah—-how about spending some of your billions and donating it to Chicago schools to help them out? How about it Jay-Z? Put your money where your mouth is. You too, Forrest Whitaker. How about if you self-righteous morons go to your own community and talk to them about straightening up their behavior?

    • southernsue

      that would mean they would have to leave their estates and take their limos and body guards to the ghetto


    • Iamexpert

      Oprah’s done a ton in the U.S. She sent 500 black men through Morehouse college, built an entire neighborhood in New Orleans after Katrina, donated to Ron Clark’s inner-city school, given tons of donations to Tennessee state university in her father’s name. But some of her attempts to help in America have failed because of cultural problems such as her attempt to get a 100 Chicago families off welfare so she focuses a lot on Africa where she gets more bang for her buck. But overall she’s given $400 million of her own hard earned money to charity according to Forbes (more than any African American ever)

      • Joel Cairo

        It is good that she is charitable, but she seems less than evenhanded in her charity, and while she has the right to do what she wants with her money, she does not have the right to judge the rest of us, just because she has access to a camera and a fawning press.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Her need to “get more bang for her buck” shows what she values, i.e. publicity.

        Calling inner-city blacks out on their:

        *welfare/EBT card entitlement mentality

        *and being generally un-hireable due to their attitude & behaviour

        is what’s needed and she refuses to do that.
        She prefers to curry favor with the Jesse & JJ Jackson types, the Al Sharpton types, and the corrupt Democrat politicians in Chitcago and elsewhere.

        Blaming it on race is enabling the serious problems.

        Wake up Oprah, be strong, and SAY it.

        • Iamexpert

          Actually Oprah has called blacks out. She stated that one reason she built her school in Africa is because they VALUE education, unlike inner-city kids who value new sneakers. Conservatives are so ignorant about how open minded and fair this lady really is.

          • DJLugoff

            Really? She was so open minded she actually attended rev. Wrights church… Maybe that is where she met BO.

          • Campbell Dustin

            There is nothing wrong with Rev. Wright, other than the fact that he scares white people b/c he is able to tell them exactly what he thinks about the racism he and others have faced in this nation, despite playing a multi-generational key role in cultivating American society. No, he’s not a “good one”, he’s a veteran that placed his life on the line for his country, so he has nothing to prove to you nor anyone else. Trying to villianize him, and not disputing what he said only proves that you don’t think that what he said about racism is false, b/c it isn’t. Obama has disassociated with him, b/c he knew white people would blow a gasket without even taking time to listen to the speech, as opposed to skewed sound bites. The thing is, black people no longer really care too much about meeting the approval of white people. I applaud Oprah and Wright for not being afraid of losing white approval, and speaking the truth, as opposed to watered down crap, just to make the beneficiaries of slavery and 20th century black apartheid (white Americans) feel good about the other half of society they proudly ignore.

      • David

        $400 million isn’t even 1% of her net worth. It’s also a tax write off. So not impressed at all. She’s a bigot. The only reason she sits where she does is because of her race. I’m old enough to remember her start and she did not deserve what opportunities she was given because of her talent. RACE

        • Seek

          If $400 million isn’t even 1 percent of Oprah’s net worth, you’re saying that she’s worth over $40 billion. Get real. According to Forbes magazine, she’s in the neighborhood of a couple billion.

          • Buck Roeser

            He probably meant “gross.” Who cares. I will say one thing, she does donate a hell of a lot more to charity than BO and Biden.

    • RC

      thank you! that was easy you commented for me

      • American1969

        You’re welcome! It just gets so old, doesn’t it?

    • Fritz

      I thought that was Kanye West, also a narcissistic idiot rapper, that did that, well maybe they both did. As for their millions helping out the black community spreading the wealth around won’t help, especially if any of it winds up in public schools. The taxpayers have dumped hundreds of billions into the welfare state rathole and the blacks are worse off now economically then they were 50 years ago.

      • cerise3577

        But then…… so are the rest of us.

    • poptoy1949

      If it is so Racist…Please Leave. All of these Rich people have so much money..please go somewhere ans by a large piece of land and keep all of the Racist out and live a good life. In that way you ave everybody from all your complaining. Please go do it.

      • Campbell Dustin

        Why should black people leave, we helped to make this nation; besides whites took all of the resources from the rest of the world, so why would Americans move to another country, just b/c whites are hoarding resources and preserving all access to power for other affluent whites? That’s an idiotic suggestion. No, we are going to stay, just as you are, and we will take what belongs to us. Don’t like it, not our problem.

        • poptoy1949

          She is the one doing the complaining. If you don’t like what you have to face then change venues. I sure as hell would not stay where I am not wanted. I have faced racism myself….would I choose to live next to a I would not. And that is what i meant. But you took it upon yourself to try and say i was saying something else. No I was not. I am an American just like you are. Whites are hording resources? Preserving access to other whites? Take what belongs to “US”? Where are you trying to go with this conversation? You sound like you are playing the victim card. Don’t do that. I never inferred that black people have to leave America. YOU DID. Deep down what I was saying is that this woman has money she can never spend….a lot of money….that would provide her a way to live well and away from what she calls Racism. I was once told that my kind was not wanted in a certain place. I did not argue with these people. I left and returned to where I knew i could live a good life free from all of that. She should do the same. Yes i live in the U.S. Born here in fact just like you an Oprah. I don’t bitch about who does not want me around…..I leave that nonsense alone and go about my business. But some people can’t do that and continue this race hatred of people that never owned anybody. Get over it. Live your life looking forward.

    • Campbell Dustin

      Instead of making assumptions, why don’t you look up the projects Winfrey, Carter, and Whitaker were apart of. And why does every rich black person have to be Jesus Christ, and save black people, but not every wealthy white person is forced to save poor whites, which greatly outnumber poor blacks? Martha Stewart doesn’t have to give away a large portion of her wealth to poor white kids in trailer parks; Eminem and Kid Rock don’t have to return to the Midwest and save the poor white kids there. They enjoy the fruits of their hard work, and only donate when they want to, with no pressure from you or anyone else. Why don’t you place pressure on the government? The GOP whines so much about helping Americans find work, tell them to help poor Americans find a job. They want to take away residential welfare, but keep welfare for corporations, as they outsource jobs for cheap labor (just like slavery). Stop telling black people what to do, you don’t know what is already going on in their community, and outside of cable news, I doubt you have a clue what occurs in their neighborhood. Tell white kids in trailer parks to “straighten up”; tell privileged white kids in the suburbs to stop shooting up public places, just b/c they are pissed off at the world; tell white politicians in the GOP to get a plan, and stop blaming Obama for why they h=can’t win an election, and actually make an honest effort to win one. You’re self-righteous b/c your community is out of order, and you have the audacity to criticize another, holding them to standards that you don’t hold others to. Hypocrite.

    • 19battlehill

      Right on!!! If this country was as racist as Oprah and Jay Zee make it out to be Obama (the puppet of the 1%) would never have gotten elected.

  • poptoy1949

    The stupidity lies not with Oprah or her kind but with those that give these people audience.

    • Boerewitman1

      absolutly tru

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Much easier than working for a living.

    • Edward

      Nah. The stupidity lies with her audience.

      • DJLugoff

        Doesn’t she put FREEBIES under their seats? That probably is the only reason they show up.

    • EarlyBird

      Says the guy who chooses for his avatar an image of the general who led the fight for the Confederacy to hold on to its slaves. Oy.

      • mkat68

        Robert E. Lee did NOT believe in slavery. The only time he ever owned slaves was when he inherited some from one of his in-laws, and he let them go as soon as he got them. Lee fought for the best reason any soldier fights – to protect his home (Virginia). Conversely, the Union had its share of racists, most notably Sherman, who considered blacks lazy and would always have white officers overseeing those under his command. History is not as simple as you or Oprah and her kind would like to think.

        • EarlyBird

          “Robert E. Lee did NOT believe in slavery.”
          Regardless, he objectively fought to preserve slavery in the South. My comment is not so much against Lee (a very admirable character), as the guy who uses this symbol of the South as his avatar and then has the gall to complain that Oprah complains about racism.
          “Conversely, the Union had its share of racists, most notably Sherman, who considered blacks lazy and would always have white officers overseeing those under his command.”
          You’re absolutely right. The idea that the South is particularly more racist than the rest of the country is wrong. It’s just been more apparent there.
          “History is not as simple as you or Oprah and her kind would like to think.”
          I never suggested it was.

          • herb chef

            the war in the south was not totally about slavery it was about the fact that southern states were trying to break away from the union north and live peacefully through liberty and what the constitution gave them

          • TalkinHorse

            The South seceded in response to the election of an abolitionist president. I hesitate to oversimplify, but that makes it, at the core, a war about slavery.

          • fly on a wall

            you do know that ulysses s. grant (the guy on the fifty) who commanded the northern army was a slave owner before, during, and after don’t you? or that the south was actually abolishing slavery during the civil war? only 6 percent of southerners owned slaves, but free black men owned other black men in america at a higher rate then whites….check it out

          • TalkinHorse

            My general recollection — too lazy to go look up the details — is that Grant for a time had become a slave owner through some passive transaction, some business that had passed into his possession. To label him as a slave owner isn’t really relevant or meaningful in the context of his place in history.

            It’s true that slavery was already a dying institution, and would probably have gone out with a whimper rather than a bang if not for the War. Some of the Southerners saw the trend but felt slavery should vanish on God’s timetable rather than Man’s. Considering the carnage and destruction caused by the War, one can speculate whether the nation would have been better, and more lives saved, letting the thing peter out.

            But the question is academic; Lincoln was elected and the South seceded and Lincoln’s primary concern became, not the abolition of slavery but the preservation of the Union. Which leads to another point of speculation: If South Carolina hadn’t fired on Fort Sumter, and had merely starved it out (a couple more days) and gave the occupants safe passage back to wherever they wanted to go, would the North have found the political will to go to war? The idea of going South and shooting people wasn’t popular, but it became easier to accept once they’d shot at you. That’s human nature and politics. If the legality of secession had gone to the Supreme Court instead of the battlefield, the Southern states…or at least the original colonies that had voluntarily joined the Union…would likely have prevailed.

            Well, it’s all interesting theory, but I guess people like to fight.

          • fly on a wall

            umm, the Government instituted a draft in the North, that is where their soldiers came from…the Civil War was about subjugating the South, by destroying their economic freedom…

          • Drakken

            War is and always was a result of the human condition. Peace is always temporary.

          • poptoy1949

            YOU bring up interesting points. The battle of Charleston Harbor was indeed used by the north for invasion. Starve them out? Never was going to happen with northern supply boats. Fort Pickens, at the entrance of Pensacola Bay, was never evacuated of Northern troops and was always re-supplied. The North was going to invade the South to preserve the union for no more than an apple falling from a tree onto the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon. It was going to happen and it did. The big question that no one ever ask is this big one……Why is it that the United States is the only country that fought a Civil War to end Slavery? Why? so many slave countries in the western world and we were the only ones. Many answers to that question.

          • TalkinHorse

            The following paragraph is from the Wikipedia entry on the Battle of Fort Sumter. You can see the basis for the argument that the South could possibly have avoided this battle, and possibly the war, had it been a little more patient. Indeed, the Wiki article quotes the Confederate Secretary of State warning against the attack on Sumter for exactly this reason, that it “will lose us every friend at the North. You will only strike a hornet’s nest. … Legions now quiet will swarm out and sting us to death. It is unnecessary. It puts us in the wrong. It is fatal.” Here’s the Wiki report of negotiations prior to hostilities:

            Beauregard dispatched aides—Col. James Chesnut, Col. James A. Chisholm, and Capt. Stephen D. Lee—to Fort Sumter on April 11 to issue the ultimatum. Anderson refused, although he reportedly commented, “I shall await the first shot, and if you do not batter us to pieces, we shall be starved out in a few days.” The aides returned to Charleston and reported this comment to Beauregard. At 1 a.m. on April 12, the aides brought Anderson a message from Beauregard: “If you will state the time which you will evacuate Fort Sumter, and agree in the meantime that you will not use your guns against us unless ours shall be employed against Fort Sumter, we will abstain from opening fire upon you.” After consulting with his senior officers, Maj. Anderson replied that he would evacuate Sumter by noon, April 15, unless he received new orders from his government or additional supplies. Col. Chesnut considered this reply to be too conditional and wrote a reply, which he handed to Anderson at 3:20 a.m.: “Sir: by authority of Brigadier General Beauregard, commanding the Provisional Forces of the Confederate States, we have the honor to notify you that he will open fire of his batteries on Fort Sumter in one hour from this time.” Anderson escorted the officers back to their boat, shook hands with each one, and said “If we never meet in this world again, God grant that we may meet in the next.”

          • poptoy1949

            Well said.

          • poptoy1949

            Technically that is indeed true.

          • poptoy1949

            He never fought a War to preserve Slavery. He fought to Preserve Virginia. He was never a man of Politics…but a man of conviction. That is more than I can ever attribute to Oprah. I am trying hard to hold back and be nice at this moment. I bid you good day.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Sherman was right. Some things never change.

          • Sam197859

            Neither do your stupidity. Your comments are a joke. You truly hate people of color and the funny thing about this is the one that actually save your life will be a person of color.

        • Campbell Dustin

          If Lee owned slaves, than he “believed in slavery”, genius. You don’t speak against human trafficking, but own prostitutes, do you? Oprah never denied the racism of the North, her comment was specific to a particular incident.

        • poptoy1949

          YOU do your History. I thank you for saying what you said, General Lee was offered command of the Union Forces and turned it down. he fought for the South because he was from Virginia. Sherman was everything you said and more. Sherman was in charge of the 5th Reconstuction District which was Louisiana and Texas. New Orleans already had intergrated schools when he arrived and he stopped that cold. He was no friend of the Black man and he was pure dee YANKEE. While he lived in Louisiana (Pineville to be exact) he was catered to by Black Servants. He was no gentleman. Louisiana was the last state to complete reconstruction because of him.

      • poptoy1949

        Mr?Mrs./Miss EarlyBird, it seems you do not know your United States history very well. And on top of that you make inuindo to paint me as a Racist? Is that the very best you can do? Whomever you are go and read about one of the kindest, more brave, educated Gentleman that the United States has ever created and let me know if he ever stood for slavery. Go, read, learn. And please, if you are going to come after my thoughts again….know what you are talking about or I might not be so nice next time. And while you are at it….read what mkat68 wrote just below….it is a good start to learning about a good and honorable man.

        • EarlyBird

          As I’ve stated above, Lee was a very admirable character. That hardly does anything to correct my understanding of history. Whether he personally believed in slavery or not, Lee objectively fought a war against the United States which, if he had won, would have perpetuated slavery.

          Another individual does the standard “the civil war was not about slavery” stuff, which again is objectively incorrect. It was about a lot of things, but at its core was the issue of slavery.

          And I am not implying that you are racist. I’m pointing to the irony of using Lee as your avatar, and then calling Oprah racist. The image of Lee is an image of slavery and oppression of black human beings. That IS objectively what he stood for. The same thing as the Confederate flag.

          • poptoy1949

            NO. No it is not. That is the way YOU choose to interpret the picture of General Lee and the stars and bars of the Confederacy. It seems to fit your and many others people agenda to portray the Confederate Flag as Racist. It seems to fit the Agenda of those that believe in Islam that there be no more talk of Christmas. It seems to fit the Agenda of the Atheist that the word GOD betaken down everywhere it is written. I think you understand what I am saying as I will not take the time to say it again. And YES you have tried to paint me as a Racist and I have called you on it. At the time of the United Stated Civil War less than 10 % of Southerners were slave holders. That includes “Free people of Color that did indeed own slaves. You might want to check out the History of New Orleans where Free people of color owned slaves in a big way. As long as their are people like you that do what you attempt to do their will always be Flags of Confederacy there to protest what you are attempting to do. You don’t like it…..we don’t like it. Their will also be Christmas and their will always be the belief in GOD. Their is nothing that can take that away from all of us. Not Racist that play the Race Card. Not Atheist that play the “No GOD” we are offended card. None of it will ever makes us go away. I bid you good day.

          • EarlyBird

            What a strange reply.

            As for the Confederate flag, it was hardly ever seen in public after the Civil War until it was resurrected as a symbol of defiance in the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1960s. It was thereby intentionally and unequivocally identified as a racist symbol by unreconstructed Southern white bigots who did not want to give black Americans equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            Nobody is saying you should not have the legal right to celebrate a traitor to America who fought a war to continue slavery, or that you should be forbidden to wave a flag which is a symbol of human degradation, racism and murder. Just don’t be surprised that people take umbrage to it.

          • poptoy1949

            Dear Early Bird, GOD himself could come down and tell you the Truth and I really do not think you would listen but choose rather your belief system. I actually feel sorry for you. You seem bitter ! I will comment on longer on this topic as see you seething! Goodbye, Good Luck.

    • Mercansaremorons

      Oprah’s so rich and famous that you are talking about her. She could give a chit about you! Again, Oprah’s rich and powerful, and there is nothing you can do about it! Ha, ha, ha!!

      • poptoy1949

        Don’t want to do anything about it.

  • cheechakos

    Isn’t it funny Oprah never said a word about being racially profiled while she was collecting white viewers but now that she is selling a race based movie,everything is racist? And her example of being a recent victim of racism was in Italy ,not the US.
    She spends her money on girl’s schools in Africa but African American girls in the US? Naaa.

    Her comments on history are amusing though.
    Considering more whites came to N America as slaves,the 1st chattel slave owner was black,there were ten of thousands of black and Indian slave owners and democrats lynched over 1,000 white Republicans along with those blacks.
    The Republican party was started to end slavery and the NRA armed blacks so they could defend themselves against democrats.

    Oprah makes a perfect liberal ,they create issues to make money.

    • southernsue


    • BeautifulAmerica

      I sincerely hope you put this on a lot more websites. Including Ebony.

  • Bamaguje

    Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in ‘racist America.’
    Her wealth is largely due to fawning White audience. Yet this bigoted race hustler likens today’s America to Emmet Till’s America.

    • Iamexpert

      She likened ONE INCIDENT to the Emmet Till incident but concedes there’s been massive progress

      • Al Sabino

        that incident has only one thing that is remotely close to the Zimmerman incident, that he was black and that’s it

        • Fritz

          Exactly what I said to a troll under another article about Treyvon’s hooded sweatshirt possibly going to the Smithsonian

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Oh, well-said!

    • thirdarmy

      And let’s not forget her fawning and worship of Michael Jackson, knowing full well that he molested children.

    • Jade Veylupek

      They should fire Oraph and becomes very poor on the dirty street!

      • Diana

        I cannot stomach OPRAH the Great! What idiots people are to worship this smug, arrogant know it all, self- appointed QUEEN of TV.
        Her comment, “Minks were born to die”, was enough for me.
        Look at that over inflated EGO and the air-brushed , fantasy cover of her magazine. Ha! She wishes. Have you ever seen this unmade up phony, good god!
        How many more minks does she need to cover her big, fat bloated body? She’s everything that’s wrong with the RICH folk.

        • Jade Veylupek

          Wow!….Oprah sucks!

    • Campbell Dustin

      Oprah makes money from entertaining and pleasing white people, let’s not make it sound as though she’s a governor,she’s an entertainer. Even entertainer slaves were able to have privileges that even poor whites could not, b/c they were still controlled by the white establishment and less likely to rebel, as field hands were. So, yes, Oprah knows more than many others about the crookedness of American racism, and referencing Emmet Till is not “race hustling” it’s simply referencing a historic tragedy. Your issue is that you think you’re the center of the universe, and every time someone mentions racism, you automatically assume people are directly mad at you. Get over yourself, and educate yourself on something other than your own culture. That’s how you end your “suffering”, not bashing blacks for vocalizing their pain.

  • Butseriously

    Actually, America is the first country that prevailed over racism, a deeply entrenched practice for 1000’s of years and not an American invention. Black Americans are faking – they should hail America and focus on those countries that commit heinous & blatant racism of other blacks and on Jews and Israel, paying America back as an example.

    • Drakken

      If it hasn’t escaped your notice but race relations are going backwards, not forwards.

      • Butseriously

        Nope. Its black Americans who are going backwards, despite having the highest peaks they’ve had in America than throughout their history on this planet. Let’s not be shy, you guys are beginning to act & look like Jihadists, displaying unbelievable hatred tward America in speech, deeds and expressions when it should be the reverse – no country has battled & prevailed over racism as America: name one?
        Nor are blacks the ones effected most by racism today. Wake up – blacks are ingrained in America’s soul because America killed the black race card when it was a historical, global syndrome – you guys should be hailing America before the world.

        • Drakken

          Personally I think this country is headed for extremely tough times, and when that happens we are going to tribal up like never before.

          • Butseriously

            Yes, things could be worse: imagine if blacks & Jews were under Shariah instead of the Constitution. This applies when tested: ‘Honor the laws of the land that houses you.’

  • Chez

    OPRAH: “Is everybody judged by the content of their character? Absolutely not.”

    Certainly not in the admission’s office of any public university in the country, where a given, middle-class black is awarded favorable consideration due to skin color at the expense of a given, poor white.

  • panola60

    We need to have a discussion about the common use of the “cracka” racial slurs by folks like Charlie Rangle and Travon Martin. And even more important is the partnership that the Eric Holder DOJ has formed with the New Black Panther hate group.

    The hate group watchdog center Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes the New Black Panthers as:

    Ideology: Black Separatist

    The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers. Founded in Dallas, the group today is especially active on the East Coast, from Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The group portrays itself as a militant, modern-day expression of the black power movement (it frequently engages in armed protests of alleged police brutality and the like), but principals of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s— a militant, but non-racist, left-wing organization — have rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Still the same old communist tactics, though, of causing dissent and unhappiness in the minds of those whose society has been target to move “Forward” to tyranny. Divide and conquer.

  • JeffWRidge

    In a way she is right. There are a lot of people who are not being judge based on the content of their character, and instead are being judge based on their skin color. All to often these days white people are automatically condemned as racist until they prove themselves innocent.

    And how does anyone prove their innocence of racism? It’s not possible, because you cannot possibly prove to others that you don’t harbor racist thoughts and motives. You can’t show people your deepest held beliefs and thoughts.

    I don’t even bother. If someone wants to think I’m racist, even though there is no proof that I am, that’s on them. I know who I am, and I know the content of my own character. Who cares what other people think about you? For that matter, why care? You can’t change what they think.

    • Roywil

      You are right on! Thanks for your insight.

  • Paul Marks

    Chicago is a Hellhole – and it is going to get worse (a lot worse) as de facto bankruptcy (local, State – and Federal) arrives. Yet O.W. is obsessed with the Deep South of the past – which the lady seems to think represented all of the United States. Indeed it did not represent even all of the South – for example what does this lady know of Eastern Tennessee? An area, the First and Second Congressional Districts, that resisted the Confederates in the Civil War and the Democrats after the Civil War. Private firearms were not used in a place like Athens Tennessee to organise the mass lynching of blacks – they were used to resist corrupt and oppressive local government (white government).

    • Unimpressed

      So, everything was dandy in the North, too?

      • ziggy zoggy

        Not dandy. The Southern Black racists who moved to cities like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. ruined those cities for everybody.

        • Unimpressed

          Now you’re just attempting to rewrite history. “Southern Black Racists”? Just making this stuff up as you go along. Who were these so called Southern Black Rascists oppressing?

          • ziggy zoggy

            Spare me your lefty gobbledy gook about opptession. Black racists have ravaged every city I listed and then some. They all came from the South, you degenerate racist. You approve of what they’ve done.

          • Unimpressed

            What is a symptom of this racism. Where’s your proof and not your BS rhetoric? I asked a question about who Black were oppressing and you didn’t answer the question, so spare me your attempts at distracting from the question.

  • former Oprah fan

    three thoughts here.

    1. Oprah is a victim of her own largess as are white american housewives having made her show what it was. She follows the leftist leaders who use her to disseminate their swill because they pander to her and make her FEEL GOOD, just like OPRAH made her mostly white audience FEEL GOOD. And like any ranking leftist she despises those she profits from.

    2. Daniels puiled the old taxi comment out of the archives as if it has any relevance today. this 2004 nytimes article states that at that time and using 2000 census data that 84% of all taxi And livery drivers in new york are immmigrants with the majority at that time being from Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as Pakistan and Bangaladesh. since 2000 the increases in ethnicity of cab drivers will have increased substantially with African populations from Egypt Morocco Ghana Nigeria and others. So if you live in reality and actually take taxi’s rather than limosines you would know that your propaganda is hopelessly out of date. Another case of creating ones own reality and trying to sell it.

    3. These fake narratives are what the COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS are all about. perpetuating this sad and inflammitory misimformation is what critical thinking and all the other double meaning slogans of totalitarian education are slated to do from Sea to Shining Sea. Oprah is a classic example of Common Core in action…. creating her own reality. The Common Core Statist Standards advocate children doing assignments such as creating their own ending to the Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Story and designing a communist flag for an imaginary new nation. She is part of the new psychological lynch mob going after our children with COMMON CORE.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Again, well said. So glad to see that Americans exist who are aware of this BS and Treason.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    White Americans are the target of mass racial profiling now. It is automatically assumed that ALL white Americans have ties to slavery and Jim Crow era discrimination. Abolitionists and civil rights workers are a conveniently forgotten memory. But for some reason nobody is calling the black Americans out for their clear and unedited HATRED. Either the nation is going insane, or a larger agenda is at hand.

    Most white Americans are getting tired of this. Most of the white Americans alive today had nothing to do with the evils of the past but are still blamed for it as if it happened yesterday. It has become an industry unto itself.

    • Unimpressed

      And yet most whites don’t acknowledge how they benefit from it everyday.

      • ziggy zoggy

        You mean how they suffer from it every day. They built and maintain this country but are trying to throw it all away. As if anybody else could fill their boots.

        • Unimpressed

          @sheik “White Americans are the target of mass racial profiling now” put Black people are paranoid? Whites have numerous set asides for college. 70% of whites receive scholarships for college, so I’m not sure what you are griping about. Whites aren’t exactly hurting in that department. By the way, what HATRED?

          • ziggy zoggy


            70% of Whites recieve scholarships? Are you joking? They don’t even recieve 75% of the available scholarships, though they certainly deserve them based on their test scores.

            You know that Black on White crime is more rampant than ever but most Blacks actually believe Whitey is racist. They also recieve Affirmative Action and are held to a lower standard in evey edeavor but they think the White man is holding them down.

          • Unimpressed

            Again, where are your facts when we all know that Black crime is committed mostly against Blacks and the same goes for White except in the case of white collar crime. 15% of violent crime perpetrated by Blacks was against Whites. These are FBI stats. So I guess you need to try harder to get your facts together.

          • Unimpressed

            While people of color, individually and as groups, have been helped by affirmative action in the subsequent years, data and studies suggest women — white women in particular — have benefited disproportionately. According to one study, in 1995, 6 million women, the majority of whom were white, had jobs they wouldn’t have otherwise held but for affirmative action.

            Read more:

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        And you just did it again. You use color in a very racist manner. Please, do tell where this white lottery exists. It’s not in the lists of scholarships that say “Minority Only”. This little whine of yours has no basis in reality.

      • Drakken

        Well western civilization built this country and sorry if it offends your precious sensibilities that it is your job you bring yourselves up to our level, not for us to dumb ourselves down to yours.

  • mickeymat

    The more this preferred commentary continues on the part of prominent African Americans the more convincing it is that they truly long for the times when blacks were murdered and disparaged. How very sad.

    • kikorikid

      A very great number of Blacks like it as it is right NOW!
      Diversity ideology posits that the only persons who are
      racist are WHITE. As though racism is an inherent/genetic
      characteristic of being White. Multicultural political
      correctness has facilitated the entrenchment of this
      ignorant,intellectually garbage ideology. It is an
      ideology of oppression and that oppression is manifest
      in the constant accusing shrill voices of the RACE HUSSLERS.
      Racism is a learned behavior and it is being taught accross
      the land. We have become the “Animal Farm” wherein
      all are equal but some are more equal than others.
      A reckoning will become overdue.

      • Drakken

        The Balkanization continues unabated to its inevitable conclusion.

    • ziggy zoggy


  • mj01323

    Oprah and Jay-Z know they are successful because non-black people support them and made them rich. They also know they can denigrate white people and the whites will continue to buy what they are selling.

    Orpah is out of sight and out of mind, having made some bad decisions and investments. Fortunately for her she as millions to burn.

    • Iamexpert

      You don’t get to be the richest African American of all time and the most admired self-made woman on the planet by making bad decisions. Every MAJOR decision this woman has made has been brilliant.

      • Al Sabino

        And you know this how?

      • ziggy zoggy

        Tens of millions of Americans make the same sort of decisions without achieving the same level of success. I’ve seen her show and her book lists. Brilliant, my @$$. And only racists use an offensive tetm like African American. As if all Africans are Black and the continent belongs to them. What conectipn tp Africa do Blacks in America have – virtually all of whom are part White? Oprah is brilliant because she’s Black? You ate a racist.

  • anolesboy

    Some people are just ignorant. When they acquire money they also lose what little brains they have. It is unfortunate but they think with the money they also become scholars and worldly knowledge in all things. But we low life people know different because we live in the real world.

  • STLstudent

    Let’s not minimize the horrendous damage done to our culture by the self-loathing white liberals who dominate academia, government, and corporate America.

    • RC

      AMEN and Amen

  • former Oprah fan

    So I was working in Moscow and I went to a racial sensativity seminar at my office….. NOT !!!!! yeah no such thing.

    The mindbender is that the Soviet stylings of education being pushed as COMMON CORE in America include racial stuff that the Soviets/Russians must be cracking up over. Racism in Russia is epic. yet the reverse potamkin villages of the mind perpetuated by OPRAH and JAY Z continue.

    Be afraid, be very afraid this is COMMON CORE and it’s create your own reality doctrine. Check out BIG HISTORY and showtime’s Oliver Stone history series. laughable distortions of reality packaged and sold like global warming huckster Al Gore’s Catastrophic weather apocolypse coinciding with New age rebirther Barbara Marx Hubbard…..She said it herself at the Earth Rebirth Party 2012, ( see youtube vid) A NEW REALITY HAS BEEN BORN!

    Common Core will filter it all in to our children’s schools under cover with slogans of “EXCELLENCE!’ and methods of vygotsky and Pavlov.
    the lefts misinformation campaign is in hyperdrive and along with controlling the mass media they will control our children if we let COMMON CORE take hold.


    • Theodore Dalrymple

      Yup, political correctness = Cultural Marxism. Go to North Korea, Vietnam, see how many “women’s/gay/minority” studies programs there are in academia. Those “social engineering” curricula were meant to bring down the West, and they’ve done a good job.

      • kikorikid

        Yep Theo, The Frankfurt School has come a long
        way. I only wish everyone knew the source of their
        favorite way of thinking.

    • ReyR

      Howdy, formerOF, aka reader. You are a highly recognizable contributor to this forum, because:
      1. Your profile is unreadable because you hide it.
      2, Your spelling is terrible, and you can’t help repeating the same mistakes.
      3. You always lie.
      Tell your boss he needs to recruit someone literate. After all, web-trolling is serious business.

      • Drakken

        That’s what I love about you Russians Rey, straight to the point and no nonsense!

  • Iamexpert

    According to the Tuskegee Institute, 3,446 black Americans were lynched from 1882-1968.

    Dear Ben Shapiro. That figure is a colossal underestimate because the vast majority of racists didn’t register their daily lynchings in some mythical national lynching database you so absurdly imagine, and lynchings didn’t just begin 1882, nor were they limited to the United States, or even the Americas (there was a huge Arab slave trade of blacks). Add it all up and there were indeed millions of blacks lynched.

    • Mlm46

      There were also millions of other ethnic groups, white, brown, red and Asian that were murdered through the years for whatever reason, political, religious, ethnic cleansing so there is no one group that claim ownership to hatred against them. Life is not always fair, but we cannot keep accusing each other blindly. Nothing good will come by constantly branding each other as racists. We’ve got bigger problems in this country and you had better wake up before it’s too late!

    • Sally

      name the institute you would cite to have any kind of evidence to support your supposed claim that so many more blacks were lynched than what the Tuskegee Institute says. then describe why your institute is so much more reliable as a factual source.

      you can’t. didn’t think so.

      and by the way, lynchings were commonly done on horse and cattle thieves, murderers, rapists and other societal criminals. so now you have to prove how many blacks were lynched for the SOLE PURPOSE of the color of their skin. you would have to admit that some blacks might have committed crimes and been lynched precisely for those crimes. so how many were there?

      anyway you miss the point entirely. oprah saying there were millions was a laughable ridiculous ignorant assertion. yet you support that assertion. you remind me of piers morgan trying to defend that jeantel moron as being smart. lol

    • Al Sabino

      Study your history, blacks were sold into slavery by their own kind, which doesn’t excuse the lynchings, but that too happened to whites. and as far as millions of blacks lynched- you know this how? produce the facts not wild rhetoric.

    • Al Sabino

      (iamespert) + NOT!

    • kikorikid

      Dear lamexpert,
      Are you so lame that you do not recognize the
      facts of Arab/Muslim slave trade TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Your “millions of blacks lynched” are stats made up in your

    • ziggy zoggy

      Good luck proving your ridiculous claim, you racist nut-job.

  • Iamexpert

    What a biased dishonest article. Oprah has been VERY CONSISTENT in her opposition to the N word. Oprah may have understood the MESSAGE of Jay Z’s lyrics, but she NEVER condoned his use of the N word. Just the opposite:

  • jose`

    If America is so racist, how is it that we have a black President and Oprah is one of the richest, most successful women in America, if not the world? In a racist society, these things could not occur. Where’s her gratitude for being an American and receiving all the blessings thereof? She should be on her knees thanking God and our Founders that she had the good fortune to be born here.

    • Iamexpert

      Oprah may be a billionaire but she’s the ONLY one in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Blacks are 12% of America but less than 0.25% of American billionaires. Blacks still lag whites dramatically economically.

      Obama may be president, but he’s the ONLY non-white president America has ever had, and technically he’s not even black but Afro-multiracial.

      • Softly Bob

        So what? Maybe Blacks don’t try hard enough. You can’t use comparable statistics and then blame it on America. Maybe Whites spend more time earning money and less time spending other people’s.
        What are you going to say next?

        “Oh no, it’s not fair… there are more criminals in jail than non-criminals.”

      • ziggy zoggy

        I guess Blacks need to do a better job.

      • Fritz

        So tell us how many black billionaires there are in Africa, and corrupt dictators and politicians that looted their money do not count. At the same time look at how many multi millionaires who are black, that is simply something that cannot happen in very many places in the world.

        Interesting how you bring up Obama, you have confirmed exactly what I suspected was his role within the race hustling industry. When running for office he’s black, when his policies are criticized it’s because of racism. But when someone from the right cites this “Black” president as an example of how American society has moved forward to becoming more colour blind he is no longer black but of mixed race. So is that saying that the American electorate is only half racist, that they not elect a candidate if he is more then 50% black.

  • Joel Cairo

    If Trayvon Martin were judged by the content of his character he would have been locked up years ago. Zimmerman, on the other hand, would be considered a public spirited citizen. The conduct of people such is Winfrey is a disgrace.

  • optimist

    Good for Oprah’s nephew! Maybe there’s hope that this young man will help his aunt see that while things aren’t perfect, it’s time to stop living in the past. What will it take to compensate for what happened many years ago? Nothing! There will always be people who hang to bitterness whether it be abuse, neglect, or racism. If we would stop digging up that dead horse, see how far we’ve come, and work together on where we can go, we could accomplish so much. You can look at your physical and emotional scars and either remember the pain and hurt or let it be a reminder that you were strong enough to heal and move on. The reality is in our current generation and the generations before us never were slaves and we never owned any slaves. There are many who will never be satisfied until they are the masters and others are the slaves.

  • Larry Major

    Go to you tube and watch Pastor Mannings latest video where he calls out Oprah and Sharpton and Jackson on their racism ,Manning is a black pastor!

  • Clare Spark

    Many non-whites view “positive images” of their group as the remedy for racism. See “Who is a racist now?” The internal links are informative too.

  • Seek

    Debbie Schlussel calls Oprah Winfrey “Hoprah.” Why? Because she’s a ho for publicity and black supremacy.

  • PouponMarks

    Poor Black Oprah.
    “….on top of my mountain in Maui..” Private jet. Mansion in Santa
    Barbara. America has been so bad to you. I recall your show’s camera
    panning the audience as you stepped out on stage. 99% of the audience
    were White women. All of whom are racists and want to keep Blacks down.

    Disgusting piece of lost baggage.

  • Richard Fontaine

    Who is Oprah?

  • James Keir Baughman

    Very well said, Ben. Thank you for simple common sense. Been a Suthunah all my life, except for 3 years in the Nawth. Strange, though, I was born just 67 years after the end of America’s Civil War in Richmond, the old Confederate Capital city. On the farm where I grew up, our main house was inside a small Union Civil War fort. Our nearest neighboring farm was owned and farmed by a black family. The ONLY black family in our part of a rural suburb called Varina. In 14 growing years I NEVER heard one word against Tommy Holmes or his family. In fact I never heard them mentioned as ANYTHING but neighbors. In my old Virginia family (from Wales in 1695) I NEVER heard the “N” word. My Grandmother, who managed the cafeteria in a major high school for years, often spoke of the ladies who worked with her. It was only 2 years ago, looking through old newspaper clippings, that I discovered those ladies were all from the black community. In fact, in 78 Suthun years, I’ve NEVER heard anyone say they hated our black neighbors. I, like most people I know, have black friends and feel pride in others who have made wonderful contributions to our community. I spent 10 years on the board of directors of the Community Action Program and Headstart. My wife has donated her time as a reading teacher there. We are far from unusual. Yes, of course we know some development is still an ongoing perfection, but we have seen huge progress. We deeply wish, though, that their criminals were not so numerous or dangerous. Its just that, in all these years, we have never actually SEEN anything but peace, friendship, and working together where possible. When we hear accusations of “hatred” and “vicious racism” we scratch our heads and wonder exactly what that means.

  • EarlyBird

    “Let me just tell you, in my mind, same thing. But you can [get] stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come.” – Oprah Winfrey

    So, she recognizes two facts: we’ve come a long way, and there is still a lot of racism in the country. In FPM’s world this makes her “dangerously stupid,” and the poor put-upon white FPMers here all cheer and this idiot hack, Ben Shapiro.

    There can not be anyone here that would deny there are plenty of racists in America, both white and other every color. So why would anyone here be so defensive about this statement? It doesn’t describe any of you, right? Of course not.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Oprah thinks the racism comes from Whites rather than Blacks. She is a stupid racist just like you.

  • Al Sabino

    Money and notoriety does not equate to intelligence or being right

  • Robert Lande

    What we hear from progressives as “history” is usually propaganda. The KKK was associated with the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party. Democratic senators filibustered the civil rights acts signed by presidents Eisenhower (Republican) and Johnson. The KKK lynched both blacks and white Republicans. Booker T. Washington was a Republican. Mr. Washington wrote in 1911 that he was concerned about those who profit from racism and who have a vested interest in maintaining it instead of eliminating it. MLK was a Republican.
    The way to greater harmony in this country is to promote equality of opportunity, fix our broken public school system, and address the issues of unwed mothers and gang violence. People who promote the idea of victimhood (and thereby profit from it) and government dependence only enslave those dependent on government. It’s just an economic form of slavery. The beauty of it is that the victims buy into this slavery and actually think that those who promote it are actually trying to help them.

  • Roywil

    1. Daniels can’t get a cab in NY because he’s black? Well, I lived in NY for 22 years and saw a countless number of blacks catch cabs. Of course I believe Daniels rather than my lyin’ eyes.

    2. I have also seen many cabs bypass blacks…and whites, and asians, and East Indians, and Hasidic Jews, etc, etc. NY cabbies are notoriously tunnel visioned when it’s raining, when on a donut run or, especially, headed back to the barn. I certainly have been ignored while waving frantically at a cab with its light on. Guess I too am a victim of racism! The bastards.

    3. Which brings up another point: very few NY cabbies these days are white. Most are black or East Indian. So if Daniels is discriminated against in the way he describes it is most likely by someone of color, not a “cracker.” I am wondering if Daniels gets really, really upset when a black cabbie ignores a white. Kinda doubt it.

    4. However, I do not doubt that an occasional driver will turn a blind eye on a young black man with a hoodie over his head and pants hanging around his knees, especially if he is in or headed toward a high-crime area. I am equally sure a driver would do the same for a white (or green) man similarly dressed. I am sure they would do the same for someone obviously drunk or on drugs, or acting “strange.”

    There is a logical reason for that reaction, based on fact-based, rational self-preservation, not racism. Yes, it’s profiling. It’s also called “street smarts,” an important skill of staying alive in NYC.

  • Lorilu

    In another interview, Lee Daniels described showing his film to George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush. He happily described Mrs. Bush as crying over his film, and then said that the Bushes “hung their heads.” He was pleased as punch about that, as if they were responsible for the racial problems of the past, and were ashamed. The man should educate himself on history, that it was the Democrats of the south–the Dixiecrats–who fought civil rights. In addition, Sen. Prescott Bush, a Republican and GHWB’s father, voted for the civil rights bill the democrats fought so hard against. The very fact that the Bushes asked for the screening of Daniels’ film should tell him they are not racists.

  • DJLugoff

    As long as we are on the subject of history why aren’t our students taught the truth? So many people are ignorant of the fact of whom freed the slaves. Not only that how many white people fought and died to free blacks. If you listen to Oprah you may as well believe Sharpton and Jackson and the man she fought to put in office BHO. Whom by the way Oprah had a white mother and was raised by his white grandparents when she dumped him. Had it not been for those white grandparents where would he be today? Still living in Indonesia? After all his father was married to a woman in Kenya when he allegedly married his mother. His father was NEVER in his life.

  • mike

    this ignorant mutt really looks like she has suffered a lot of racism and by the size of her ass she does not pass up many buffets idiot

  • bob e

    wonda’ what ocra looks like in the morning..??

  • edgineer

    Racism. The belief that the races are not equal. Now Google “IQ by country”. Only a total fool would believe there is no difference in the races. Time for people to face reality.

    • Fritz

      That sounds like that book Robert Shockley came out with years ago, you know the man partnered with Brittain and Bardeen who developed the transistor at Bell Labs in the late 1940s. His assertion was that one so called race was intellectually inferior or superior to another based on genetics, rather a throw back to the eugenics theories of the 1920s and 30s. As I recall he was lambasted for his theories, and rightly so, it was based on cosmetic characteristics. Would you claim that a white cat is more intelligent then a black cat or an orange cat? No? Then why would that be the case with humans?
      In any event IQ scores are notoriously unreliable, especially when you can evaluate anything on a level playing field. Different countries have different educational systems, some good, some poor, some have no educational system at all. There is also the issue of upbringing, a child brought up in a home with a single parent, or with abusive parents is not going to be the same as one with two parents in a stable home. Then you have the prevailing culture in a given country, obviously a society that enforces strict sharia law that forbids women from obtaining an education is going to be far different then one like ours.

      • edgineer

        Short answer: BULLSHIT. The US government and every college and university use IQ tests to evaluate potential. They are proven tools. Only average and low IQ people and those with a sociopathic political agenda make the ludicrous claims you put forth. Get help.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Statisticly, one third of the population is stupid. Below average means stupid. This is true fo every population, though average in countries like Japan and America would be above average in countries like Syria and Zimbabwe.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Fritz. Races absolutely do exist and the problem many otherwise rational people have with admitting so is that differences imply inferiority and superiority. What constitutes a superior human being is a subjective decision. So called cosmetic differences are actually physical adaptions to climate and environment. These genetic differences are inherited among isolated populations. Blacks originated in the Congo basin where their genic population had been isolted for tens of thousands of years. White genetic populations and Mongoloid populations also developed in isolation. There is nothing racist or evil about population genetics. IQ differences also irrefutably exist. They differ from race to race and also between different populations of the same race. All this is why there can never be equality of result, only equality of opportunity.

  • george mack

    it seems Ben Shapiro and i penned our thoughts more or less simultaneously, and reached the same conclusions about this ‘loud-sounding nothing!’

    I’ve always been wary of people who flaunt their charitable works and having been obliged (by female guests!) to watch some of her ‘talk-shows’ have noticed how vacuous many of her outbursts are.
    If Hillary doesn’t get the Dem nomination, could Oprah be on the ticket somewhere, to cater to the widest possible malcontent eletorate?

  • Ellman48

    “Shouldn’t her nephew’s response say to Daniels, Whitaker, and Oprah
    that the United States has changed, thanks in large measure to the
    heroism of those who took part in the civil rights movement?”

    Therein lies the problem: they don’t want to forget! They want to keep reminding each black generation about the racism that blacks experienced. That’s why they keep making and remaking movies and documentaries about black injustices. If they let go of their anger and hatred of what was ONCE done to them, what will they turn their attention and energies toward? Sports? Winning the Lotto? WHAT?

    No, they will never forget or allow their race to forget. They will always be angry and demand special treatment, not just equality, but privileges and preferences over and above those offered to whites. That’s the way it is folks and with people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and countless others feeding the grievance mongering endlessly, nothing will ever change. Segregation was immoral; integration was impossible because forgiveness and reconciliation were never given a change by the hate mongers who are the so-called ‘black leaders’.

  • Kyra Nelson

    Daniels can’t get a taxi because of the violent behavior exhibited by his people. Plain & simple.

    • Jackryanvb

      Plus many of the cab drivers are a black Africans from Ghana and Nigeria, hard working immigrants who know too well who robs and kills taxi drivers in American cities.. It ain’t Swedes.

  • herb benty

    Oprah started down the wrong path long ago. She slyly denigrated true Christianity, “we are all god”, and her moral/spiritual descent accelerated as her paychecks fattened. Obama’s socialist nonsense is easy to support if you know it will never harm you! Her millions means she is untouchable as is all of UNholywood. Funny how the old left years ago, their mantra that “big business” or “big oil” was in bed with politicians. Obama is more “in bed” than any conservative ever was, shelling out billions to his donors is commonplace

  • lizwagner2

    Oprah misspoke when she said “millions” were lynched. And I was surprised to hear her compare the death of Trayvon Martin to the murder of Emmet Till. But Oprah has not shown herself to be a race-baiter. I understand the criticism, but I think it’s counterproductive for Shapiro, and others, to come down on Oprah so severely for these remarks. Oprah HAS made a positive difference in this country with respect to race and many other issues because she has always spoken honestly and fairly. She may have earned some criticism, but she doesn’t deserve to be hammered.

    • ziggy zoggy

      It seems to me that Oprah’s promotion of “critical race theory” does far more long term harm than any of her transient good deeds could make up for.

    • Jackryanvb

      Oprah’s another spoiled, Leftist Liberal -Left elitist. Despite all her $millions, she’s never really done anything for poor Black people. She prefers to hang out on her private mountain in Maui and complain endlessly about White racism.

      She’s right about one thing -the Trayvon Martin fake hate crime hoax was similar to the Emmit Till incident. Emmit Till was no innocent child, neither was Trayvon Martin. American Renaissance has accurate articles on both cases.

    • Russ

      Boy are you out of touch.

  • Tina Trenner

    Oprah was put on the air years ago to “tenderize” America. It was a plan….She was invited into the homes of all Americans. White American’s got to feel good about themselves, cause they watched her and it proved they were not racist.

    She brought the crazy, nutty, dishonest, and criminals to your living room. People you would never invite into your home, but were allowed in because your buddy Oprah brought them in.

    Each loon was given a forum to soften you up to their screwy and immoral behavior…She is a propagandist…get it straight. it took 30 years but suddenly we cannot find our moral backbone….. that’s because she took it and its wrapped up in her Relativism message….
    You and I and the whole country got sucked in… She is not your friend…She has been positive to liberalize your beliefs and teach you how to ” accept” all sorts of rotten behaviors.
    She backed Obama because?? oh yeah …She’s not racist… he’s just so special…
    Years ago my dad came in the house for lunch and my mom and I were watching her…I do not know what the show was about but my father looked at us and asked what the hell was wrong with us? He took his sandwich with him and left……..Boy was he right….

  • acidulous

    I watched her show once, years ago. The vibe I got was that she was a closet racialist who probably had a good laugh at all those stupid white women throwing themselves at her and making her a multimillionaire. Looks like I was right. Once was enough.

  • cerise3577

    I’m always interested in the thinking that is only concerned with the plight of their own color or locality… Is it only American slavery that should inspire concern? Why is no mention ever made of the plight of the historic Africans, Slavs and Armenians (etc.) who were captured to supply the slave markets of the middle east, where slavery was legal in some countries until 1932. And while “white” America is condemned for slavery and racism (though most did not own slaves and probably most are not racist beyond the common preference for their “own kind”, common to many race, religious and neighborhood definitions), those many who do not judge by race but by behavior, those who had no involvement with slavery, who arrived long after the business or whose families sacrificed and died to end slavery are… tarred with the same brush for being white. And that looks like racism to me.
    An African American woman of my acquaintance was expounding on her idea that racism is alive and well, her experience in a local store… a store where I, white, can also not get service from sales people who would rather chat with each other than answer a question. Another woman I know is treated with even more open contempt, for being over weight at 400 pounds. Should I cry racism every time someone who might be Hispanic or Asian shows preference to another customer?
    Keeping the wound bleeding provides a lot of attention and a lot of excuses, it seems to encourage the distortion of concepts explained in the article and a thoughtless sourness rather than having warmth and appreciation for those who appreciate and working to change the opinions of those who don’t.
    It is too late to arrest those who committed these crimes against mankind and punish them.
    I see violence, teen pregnancy, drug use, alcoholism, reckless driving….. greater and more current problems.

  • bigbiz2

    More proof that all races are different …but Blacks are real different.Real different worldwide.whether in Niarobi or Nashville their lack of self control , ambition ,honesty AND respect for others is appalling

  • Fuck this shit

    Yesterday Oprah was refused a bag in Switzerland she claims its racism, they claim it was her appearance
    They’re also asking why she would want a 38,000 dollar bag
    I just think her experiences with certain people turned her into the person she is

    Besides there is so much hate on this website from claiming eastern countries are racists and other stupid crap

    I just discovered it today and I’m done with it
    Not because of this article but all the sit on this website
    Oprah does seem stupid with all the things she’s saying but seriously?
    Saying muslim and eastern countries are the most racist in the world as the title and then not having evidence to back it up?
    Of course if you lived in a country with one race and someone from another race you’ve probably never seen in person, you’d think it was weird or interesting or scary or whatever

    Western countries are mostly multi racial while some countries in the world have one race

    This website is stupid and hateful

  • tokoloshiman

    i find it odd that liberals decry those who criticize islamic radicals because apparently they do not represent true islam, but when it comes to racism in the usa which is fort the most part a thing of the past and a definite minority, it is touted as the norm and the prevailing attitude in the usa.
    racism will never completely go away , but always pointing out the exceptions that it is not a majority view any longer , does nothing to help race relations at all.

  • Truck Furniture Maker

    My German Jewish family immigrated to the US to escape the nazis but, as a white person I am clearly responsible for the race history of the US. Thanks Oprah!

  • Campbell Dustin

    An ignorant white guy wrote this article, it’s apparent in the “get over racism” rhetoric, and the “it wasn’t as bad as you guys said it was” phrasing. SMH Let’s talk about the misinterpreted Tuskegee reference to lynchings. The 3,446 black Americans lynched only accounted for those reported, not for every single black lynched in America, since 1882. The records kept by the Tuskegee Institute were of poor quality, so the number is not close to an actual representation of the magnitude of hate crimes against blacks. Let’s also not forget the unethical and inhumane medical experimentation of blacks, going well into the 1980s.

    Several crimes have not been documented, although many have been reported to suggest the type of inhumane conditions blacks were forced to live under, and in some cases, still do.

    Next, to the selfish, whining, self-entitled American1969, it is important to note that there have always been wealthy token blacks, such as Oprah and Shawn Carter, who have been granted access to opportunities, while the remaining majority of blacks are still without access to basic necessities. The same applies to Obama, who in many cases is compared to Frederick Douglass, in terms of opportunity. Like Douglass, Obama has been treated with disrespect, and with less ability to make decisions, good or bad, than any president in American History. Why the Tea Party decided to make their debut in 2008, complaining about problems that have existed since Nixon, is very much proof of this.

    Lastly, it is important to note that just b/c black wealth exists, it does not negate nor dispute on any level the disproportion of affluence between blacks and whites. It has nothing to do with SAT scores, given that if it did, the highest demographic present at all universities would be Asian Americans, not whites. It’s obvious that whites are still gate-keeping opportunities of affluence and social advancement, and hoarding resources. None have any right to complain that some blacks know this, nor that blacks do not want any to forget the inhumane treatment of blacks and other underrepresented racial groups in this nation. If we are forced to remember the Holocaust, we will be forced to remember the Middle Passage. If we are forced to remember Pearl Harbor, we will be forced to remember the Tulsa “Black Wall Street” Massacre. If we are forced to remember 9/11, we must remember 9/15 (16 street Baptist Church Massacre).

    I do not apologize for seeing blacks as human beings, nor acknowledging the fact that blacks have suffered greatly in america, yet to be treated as fairly as their white counterparts. Blacks don’t want sympathy nor handouts, we want equal rights and justice, meaning a fair, untampered with opportunity at a quality education, quality health care, and quality occupation opportunity. Any whites that refuse to accept nor comprehend this are not only traitors to the Constitution of America, but are racists with no competence or ability to see past their own lives and experiences.

  • Campbell Dustin

    Change venues? Why would we help to cultivate a nation, and then leave it, just b/c one group of many refuses to equally share the fruits of labor? LOL Who said blacks are “not wanted”? White racists? The ones misbehaving? LOL This is my point. No one is fooled by your implied “go back to Africa” rhetoric, even if you attempt to fuse poor quality disguise, by claiming that you were only talking about “complainers” or more directly Oprah. We both know that Oprah is speaking up for blacks that have inherited poverty and various other forms of social oppression since the 19th century.

    It’s not hard to comprehend, all that is required is being forced into the same inhumane conditions each generation; poor quality education, high unemployment rate, inadequate to no access to resources, and unethical gerrymandering policies, to ensure little political restoration. Mix it all together, and you have several generations of poverty and social oppression. But, i’m sure by your “out-of-touch” logic, we can all just get over it together, and these people can forget out the inhumane conditions they live in, or the lack of Constitutional rights they are able to act on, and we can all enjoy America, at their expense. ; )

    • poptoy1949

      Trying to have a discussion with you is hopeless. You refuse any common ground. I will not respond again. Whitey seems to be the problem for everything from what I see. Good Luck with that. I wish you no ill will. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. End of Discussion.

      • Campbell Dustin

        LOL Common ground? There is no compromise to equal rights, you either have them or you don’t. Given that blacks do not, then until we have them, no we will not just “let it go” and pretend we do, that is ridiculous, and you’re only suggesting this b/c you don’t really care about the well-being of anyone but yourself; this is the problem, not Oprah. You don’t give me orders, this is not your discussion page. You can leave anytime you like, but you will not tell me be giving me any orders, chief.

        • DeeO

          “I got my start by giving myself a start. I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them. I am not satisfied in making money for myself. I endeavour to provide employment for hundreds of the women of my race. There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. And if there is, I have not found it for if I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard.” -Madam C.J. Walker (First woman in the US to become a Self made millionaire) (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919)

        • DeeO

          BTW all these excuses only reassure white people you will not amount to anything. We would rather hear solutions rather than whining.

  • Campbell Dustin

    “Yes i live in the U.S. Born here in fact just like you an Oprah. I don’t bitch about who does not want me around…..”
    1.) Oprah nor do many blacks care about who likes them or not. Their goal is not to be popular, but to simply to not have their equal rights and justice infringed upon. I’m missing how that is difficult to comprehend.
    2.) You have little to get over, if you’re apart of the oppressor class, unlike those who are apart of the oppressed classes of people in America. Only an “out-of-touch”, uneducated person would deem it probable or reasonable to force the oppressed classes to get over their continuing struggle. Congrats, you just became apart of their problem.
    “I leave that nonsense alone and go about my business.”

    Well, we blacks are finally treated equally to whites, it’s pretty obvious that they will. But if you expect them to just shut up, b/c their demand for equality is preventing you from enjoying the fruits of THEIR labor, then you have more to learn about them. It’s not all about you, chief. Stop being self-centered, and realize what’s really going on here.

  • Rozina Hughes

    While there

  • kongi99 .

    I dont think Oprah and Jay-z really care about black folks in the US.
    Oprah as a black-queen with her 300 million salary could just straight up donate 1 million to every African-american. That is just 10th of her yearly salary!!

    Oh no, she rather cries about racism and blacks being poor.
    Do something! You have the power to change things!

    Even i donate (salary / %) more than them of my pennies.


  • black woman in america!

    Until white people wake up and admit that they are still prejudice as a whole you guys will never change… no its not as bad as it used to be, but white people are still prejudice. It makes me sick that you guys will not admit it! Until you wake up one morning as a black man or women you will never ever understand some of the hell some of you guys put us throw you can never ever ever understand it. You guys wouldnt last 1 day as a black person trust me

  • Badari Pandarinath

    Black Americans talk about Slavery in America but don’t want to talk about Slavery in Africa. They praise the “mighty Pharaoh” while ignoring the fact that the Pharaoh was a slave master . Moses, as an ARCHETYPE, a precursor for modern Christianity/ Whites, left Africa BECAUSE OF SLAVERY AND RACISM. The children of Kemet -who became enslaved by the very Jews/ future Christians they enslaved themselves in Africa- now look at the dollar bill in America and see Pyramids. It’s all poetic in the end isn’t it. There’s a certain beauty in American Slavery. Well done, Jews. Well done.

  • Campbell Dustin

    I would rather all Americans have equal opportunities to a quality life, than have to remind white people that not everyone has that, due to their selfishness and lack of competence. You’re whining, i’m reporting the facts.

  • Campbell Dustin

    Ms. Walker died poor. And the government tried several times throughout her lifetime to unethically buy her company from her. Also, let’s not forget the accepts for blacks to establish their independent economic base (or Wall Street) in Kansas and Virginia…where BOTH attempts failed b/c the KKK rioted and destroyed the property. See it as the 9/11s for black people, thanks to the domestic terrorist of the KKK and Cointel Pro, who argued that black affluence would destroy American interests. Don’t give me that “by my own boot straps” bullshit, i’m far to versed in American history for that nonsense. Bottom line, inequality still exists, and unless you are doing something to eliminate it, then you’re bitching about me pointing out the facts does nothing but waste thread space.

  • 19battlehill

    Oprah uses racist propaganda to divide and conqueor poor blacks and whites from joining together. These two groups are kept down by powerful elites (of which idiot Oprah is a tool of) they see each other as the enemy instead of taking aim at the real enemy, the 1%. Divide and conqueor oldest trick in the book and it is still working, this is why we are endless shown movies in Hollywood that remind blacks that they were slaves and second class citizens. Enough already show some positive things black people have done that has nothing to do with race – we need to move on. Hate talk is used to tear people apart, as are scape goats FYI the immigrants entering this country are not destroying it, they are being used as a destraction – the BANKERS have destroyed this country.