The Tarnished Globes

When red state Americans get together, it’s typically to sing patriotic songs (Tea Party) or praise God (church) or exercise Second Amendment rights (gun shows).

When Hollywood gets together, it’s to congratulate itself.

The big kickoff event every year for Hollywood’s annual self-celebration is the Golden Globes. And each and every year, the Golden Globes ceremony features liberal moments that make the rest of the country cringe.

This year, those moments were plentiful. First, there was ex-President Bill Clinton, who showed up to deliver a painful speech about the film Lincoln:

A tough fight to push a bill through a bitterly divided House of Representatives. Winning it required the president to make a lot of unsavory deals that had nothing to do with the big issue. I wouldn’t know anything about that.

See, because Clinton is like Lincoln! An assertion that is less than surprising, since the media have already announced repeatedly that President Obama is just like Lincoln.

But Clinton’s was hardly the only vomit-inducing incident of the evening. Lena Dunham, creator of the unwatchable mess Girls (every episode is another traverse into the extraordinary world of awkward sex), won a Golden Globe; she made a nuisance of herself during the election cycle by claiming that voting for Barack Obama for the first time was like losing your virginity.

And the anti-Gov. Sarah Palin hit piece Game Change cleaned up, too. Julianne Moore, who played Palin as a quasi-psychotic wreck of a human being, then used her speech to smack Gov. Palin and flatter journalist/hack Katie Couric for savaging Palin. When the film itself won a Golden Globe, producer Jay Roach said about Moore, “now with you and Tina Fey, we have three of the most incredible impersonations of Sarah Palin … counting Sarah Palin.” In a Hollywood that won’t dare to tell a joke about Barack Obama – one of the most mockable presidents in American history – it’s never too late to single out a vice presidential candidate for criticism. Even five years later.

Jodie Foster added her bizarre imprint to the festivities, too. After winning the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, she gave a speech in which she sort of, but not quite, but kind of, but not really came out of the closet as a lesbian. She said she was going to announce something deep and dark … that she was single. Cue awkward laughter. Then she continued: “I already did my coming out in the stone age.” But she added, “Now, apparently, I’m told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference …. If you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler … then you too might value privacy above all else. Privacy.”

Surely, actors and actresses deserve privacy. But it’s certainly odd to make the case for privacy while making uncomfortable jokes about closeted sexuality.

But it’s not the liberal moments that drive Americans up a wall with regard to the Golden Globes. Overall, it’s the arrogance. The 1 percent who complain about maldistribution of wealth and show up to events like the Golden Globes flaunting their tony dresses and even more expensively acquired  body parts. They receive gift bags that would feed a small family for a week. They guzzle champagne, ogle each other, and then head off to after-parties that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But they say the real problem in America is the job creators who simply don’t pay enough taxes.

Americans know what top-level Hollywood is – a land of dreams and unreality, Tinseltown. But they object when those in Tinseltown try to invade the rest of America and place their imprint on it. Hollywood is like Glinda’s bubble in The Wizard of Oz – beautiful and pink, carrying its inhabitants away from the cruel realities of the social and economic policies they push..

Unfortunately, Hollywood and its values – or lack thereof – have infected the body politic.  Most Americans don’t notice when they’re in the movie theater, eating popcorn. But when the lights go up on the Hollywood behind the screen – when red state Americans see the true self-centeredness of the Sunset Blvd. Brigade – they’re alienated. They should be. Hollywood dislikes them even more than they dislike Hollywood.

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  • Mary Sue

    The after-party industry must be an industry unto itself! That's probably how they sleep at night; telling themselves they're helping the employment numbers with all that.

  • Rifleman

    Why hate? They'll keep me disgusted and I'll just despise them. I don't have to give them any more of my money than my share of their hypocritical entertainment industry specific tax loopholes, and I pretty much don't. When I do, it's usually a gift to someone else. They won't change until America does.

    • sllider 96

      yea , but you;ll continue to go to the movies , rent dvd's or watch them on your catv . Despising is just aniother word for hate , and America will never change to be the fascist state you want it to be .

  • rockman

    Finding out that Jodie Foster was a a lesbian all along
    might push John Hinckey over the edge…

    • Chiggles

      She's popped out two kids out of wedlock and refused to name the father. Now why do you think that is? Hint: conjugal visits at the nuthouse.


        Maybe the father is Hinkley.

      • liberal_hybrid

        I am disappointed by the posters on this thread. I am looking to exchange opinions with caring, thinking, mature people, who have original ideas and interesting views. You people sound the same as as the bar room rabble at Huffington Post. Same state of mind, just a different Tribe.

        • Mary Sue

          what, you can't take a joke?

  • kasandra

    Er, wasn't he already there?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Jodie Foster's rambling, self indulgent rant……..

    WHO….stands before millions of persons & announces to whom, with what…
    and with which witch they sleep?


    • liberal_hybrid


  • piperlord

    I don't "hate" really anyone. I HATE EVIL though and that is what the Leftists portray in this time of our life. My HP will not let me hate a "single" soul. It's what their SICKNESS is what I despise.

    • sllider 96

      yea , you dont hate , but you hate …….face it , hate is an integral part of your life , part of your psychlogical makeup …lol….hate the sin , not the sinner " …right ? LOL

      • piperlord

        you are sick, I will say a prayer for you today!

  • "gunner"

    the last movies i paid to see, in the theatre was the "lord of the rings" trilogy, and the "star wars" films before that. "john carter" and "avatar" were crap, i didn't bother, instead i re-read the original books by edgar rice burroughs. i've got somewhere north of 1,500 sci-fi titles, including some classics in my personal library, i don't need hollywood for entertainment as long as there are books to read and re-read

  • "gunner"

    add: by the way, i recommend the "lord of the rings" books to anyone who has not read them, the films were fairly good, but details like "the scouring of the shire" at the end of the third book were left out.

  • Ghostwriter

    The people in Hollywood act like such fools. Is it any wonder why they're so disliked by red state America?

  • Gabrielle

    What I think is totally cringe-worthy is when congress invites them up to the Hill to testify about a particular subject. LOL, as if reading words written by another person in front of a camera actually gives them expertise on any subject? Who is the dopey one, he who issues the invitation or he who accepts it knowing how absurd it is?

    I am sick and tired of their silly rants, and especially sick and tired of old sows such as Barbra Striesand. Her comments about Bush being dumb as he was only an average student at Yale while she barely made it out of high school were very silly? Really, Ms. Striesand, really?

    I am not the least bit interested in their opinions on any subject much less politics.

  • Questions

    Speak for yourself, Ben.

    "Red State America," like "Blue State America," is a mental construct, a way of simplyfing reality to identify certain salient traits. In this case, it's so oversimplified that it amounts to demagoguery. To take our country, the complex in human history, and boil everything down to two warring political camps, speaks of a certain arrogant projection.

    For the record, I've met all sorts of pure Red State types who happen to love today's films, and routinely rent them from Netflix or watch them on cable. They don't "hate Hollywood." You simply imagine them to. Why? My guess — and I only can guess — is that it fulfills some psychic need on your part to lead presumably oppressed people. You get a real kick out of it. Forget it, pal. You may get a few followers, but the majority of Americans will pay no attention to you.

    • Jake Tobias

      "Red State America," and "Blue State America" were made up by the liberal networks. And what about "fly over country"? John Edwards said there were two Americas. Only two. The left say it's all about race. Ie: blacks against whites. Forget everyone else. Unless a liberal feels expansive, and says it's all races against whites. And let's not forget, rich vs poor. And liberals said, "you're either with us, or against us," in their causes, but no one else can say that when it comes to national security. Or over anything else. It seems liberals want nuance only applied to themselves, but no one else can "simplify." That's demagoguery. And I like a lot of films conservatives don't, or are offended by. Like "The Departed." Ben Hates that one. I love it. But I can't watch those award shows, because they do make me wince. And I have to say, Ben's concluding sentence made me wince a little. Probably because I can't quite reconcile enjoying Hollywood's movies, knowing they hate their country. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and break the habit. Though out of a sense of nuance, I have to point out, most book publishers are liberals.

      • sllider 96

        LOL…..your so obvious Jake . No , Question's got it right . Red State in your vernacular are those sanctimonious , self-righteous hypocrites calling themslves the Tea Party a.k.a. "conservatives " . 3/4 's of the country think your screwballs and disapprove the Republican Party which made the mistake of pandering to people like you . And of the 26% o those who actually approve the Republican Party , there is only a small part that are actually Tea party . Throw out your flatscreen and stick to AM radio with Rush and Alex Jones . YOU are the people who hate America .

        • Mary Sue

          Please do not lump in listeners of Rush Limbaugh with that crackpot fake conservative Alex Jones, mkay?

        • Mary Sue

          They don't hate America. They just hate what the Liberals have done with the place.

        • Jake Tobias

          Don't listen to Rush, and have never heard of Alex Jones. I'm a semi-mystic libertarian more interested in Zen, who did once think religious conservatives were the problem, but now knows better, despite certain disagreements, and does know now, liberal/socialists/progressives/greens/Islamists are a dangerous threat to our way of life, and yours. Wake up Sllider, you fool. You assume way too much.

  • Jake Tobias

    Voting for Obama was like losing her virginity? You mean she was half drunk, did it in the back seat, didn't feel that much, had an abortion, and he never called again?

  • Arlie

    Ben Shapiro said it so well I have nothing to add. I look forward to reading your book,

  • liberal_hybrid

    No offense intended, but the more conservative a person is, the less creative.

    • Western Canadian

      Yeah, right. Newton was a real do nothing, no thinking nothing.. No, wait, that would be obama.

      • liberal_hybrid

        Who are you referring to? Which Newton?

        • Jim_C

          I imagine the one from 400 years ago who somehow qualifies as an analog to today's mutton-headed American conservative, God knows why–because he believed in the Creator?.

          Note how far back he had to go to find an example.

          • Mary Sue

            Conservatives tend to WORK, which means they will do jobs that put food on the table, while it's the liberals that will do the airy fairy artsy fartsy thing while being starving artists. Doesn't mean the conservatives are any less creative; it just means they're more pragmatic/practical.

          • Jim_C

            You mean "less imaginative?" You have an exceedingly narrow definition of what being creative means, which I guess just serves to prove the point.

    • Western Spirit

      That's a generalization, there are plenty of creative Conservatives. There just isn't as many perverted creative people among Conservatives and tormented souls.

    • Vicx

      'liberal_hybrid' is that pc for mutant?

      • liberal_hybrid

        do you really want to take this conversation to 6th grade level?
        why can't people look at the situation with humanity and wisdom?
        David Horowitz has a very important message to the Democrats and the left. I live in a leftist community in New England, where the cool people quote Chomsky. I could refer this website to them, but all they would see is bullies like yourself. How are you going to educate people to see the facts when you act like a moronic, schoolyard bully.
        you should apologize and grow up.
        I want to educate people about stealth jihad. this is what we all face. people debase the true message that needs to get out to the leftists with their immature, emotional, outbursts.
        People should lead by example. Use your voice to teach.

    • Gabrielle

      If the standard by which we measure creativity is a crucifix in a glass of "p" or elephant dung on the Virgin Mary, then yes I will agree, conservatives are not at all creative. If by creative we measure the ease with which the liberal is able to create fantasy and crisis to further a political agenda, then yes, conservatives are sorely lacking.

      • Jim_C

        How about we just say "creative" and leave it at that, rather than bringing up ONE art piece from 25 years ago? Who are the conservative artists? Who are the conservative innovators? Who is the conservative Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Who are the conservative economic drivers?

        Conservatives don't tend to be creative thinkers. They are decent system-implementers and rule-followers, though. Give a conservative and order, or a set of rules, and they'll cross all the T's and dot all the I's.

        • Ghostwriter

          Well,there are plenty of creative conservatives. They're not as well-known as they would like to be.

        • Mary Sue

          the truth is, conservatives "don't have time for that s***" That's all there is to it. If they had time, they would.

          • Jim_C

            As if the creatives aren't busy? As if Gates, Zuckerberg, Jobs (RIP) or Spielberg aren't busy?

        • Gabrielle

          If you would do your homework you would find that indeed there are many conservative artists, musicians and authors/writers. That they have made it to the top of their profession in the face of incredible leftist bias speaks to their conservative determination to succeed.

          We are doubly blessed that we are able to follow rules, implement the system AND be just as creative as any leftist who is unfortunately only capable of being "creative." In my opinion left-wing creativity usually depends on "shock" rather than merit.

          • Jim_C

            There may be a handful of creative conservatives, but many? I just don't think so. Creativity requires open-mindedness and fearlessness, and those are two characteristics that most conservatives don't possess. And the ones that do possess those characteristics? I would bet dollars to donuts they're libertarians.

            Again, I think you may have a very narrow definition of what creativity is.

    • Mary Sue

      absolutely false.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Aw! With a title like "Tarnished Globes", I thought this was going to be a story about Lady Gaga's "gun bra"!

  • Western Spirit

    The Left and its idiots annual back patting no longer interests me, if it ever did.

  • RUI

    Hooray for torrent downloads!

  • sllider 96

    Ben Shapiro does what he does best – tossing redmeat .

  • sllider 96

    Another misleading "editorial " by Mr. Shapiro . Truth is there is no such statistic as Red States " hating Hollywood " therefore "red state people" is a purposefull MISNOMER . What Ben is saying is" Tea Party "people SAY they hate Hollywood . Hollywood productions DO GET TAX BREAKS – by the states that woo them to make films in their states , thereby bringing in an average of 1 -2 billion spent in their states which brings additional revenue and jobs to those states . Movie attendance nation wide [ by actual ticket sales from 1995 to present have fluctuated between 1.26 to 1.44 billion per year , the highest so far 1.44 billion coming in 2002 . 2013 projections are 1.62 billion . This doesn't take into account the secondary markets nationwide like dvd salea /rentals / and broadcasts on Network and Catv .
    So where are all these Hollywood Haters Ben ? Aside from in your own mind and the followers here on Breitbart ?

  • AnnaLynn

    Interesting – so many commies ( they like when they are called "lefty's" – commies are not in fasion yet) read Breaibart news. They learn the enemy or on a brink of conversion.