AWOL: Golfer-in-Chief

Barack Benghazi Obama is always there when we don’t need him, and he’s never there when we do — as on the night of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi. When he’s not engaged in “fundamentally transforming The United States of America”, he always seems to be preparing for a post-presidential golf career. But outside of things going to hell, when we need a US president to do what only he can do — give orders to protect the lives of Americans — I wouldn’t mind Obama playing golf until he’s too tired to do anything else.

This is part of my #BarackBengazhiObama AWOL series. Here’s my first and second one.

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  • Mary Sue

    They said Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama golfs while Bo roams.

  • AdinaK

    Let's put it another way – it takes a whole 'nother sort, of Commander-in-Chief, to continually vacation when the economic house is burning down. And if the people didn't know any better, they could be forgiven for thinking that they are being led by a Pyromaniac-in-Chief –

    So golfing is the way forward, especially considering what lies ahead.

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • pierce

    Our CIC got to play golf with Tiger yesterday. Was he looking for a golf lesson, or advice on how to run the country!!!! Well, maybe, just maybe he is a better golfer than he is a president. After all, he spends more time on the golf course than he does in the OVAL OFFICE, oops, he is hardly ever there, like the night of September 11, 2012.


      Obama punches out at 5:00 sharp. After that he's free to smoke some choom and snort some blow. Don't even bother to make that 2:00AM phone call!

      Bill Richardson too was an alcoholic and he was toasted by 8pm every night.


    Obama: "Hey Tiger, you know when I became President, I started learning many secrets like who really shot JFK and RFK, and the secret recipe of KFC. I learned about Roswell and UFO's. I ordered other secrets be revealed like all the CPUSA members who are secretly Democrats and a few Republicans. But some secrets are never kept like the Jennifer Flowers and Bill Cllinton affairs and yes, that's affairs with a S. Herman Cain was brought down by his affairs, which really weren't but we accomplished our goal but I must ask, of all the women prostitutes and other adulterous relationships, you managed to keep those women quiet. (Whispers.) We all know every President has access to the Book of Secrets but there is one Book I have tried to get and so far it has been impossible. So, you actually think I'm here to play golf? Sorry, but the real reason is to ask you, I could order you you know, is there any way I can have a couple of phone numbers that are in your Little Black Book?"

  • kentek

    Let him play golf 24/7 and keep giving hm his paycheck. It is cheaper than having him at work!
    In fact, give all federal government employees an additional 300 paid days off per year. For the same reason: it's cheaper than having them work.

  • pinnie

    He makes me feel dirty!

  • @jhaze32

    Gotta love how Tiger left after 18 holes but Obama stuck around to play another 9.

  • Maxie

    Barack Benghazi is just a ceremonial front man for the men behind the curtain who make decisions by committee. That's why it takes so long and why Benghazi Barry can spend his time vacationing and on the golf course. He has nothing else of consequence to do.

  • Elliott

    Regarding JERAD
    I called JERAD to order for posting a similar comment on a different article, earlier.
    There, the amount was $18469 base on $85 per hour.
    So which is it JERAD, Both OR (drum rollll) NEITHER????

  • Elliott

    Sorry "based"
    I made a similar error, when I submitted my first question!!

  • John

    Rush Limbaugh gave the correct assessment of Obama's strategy.

    Obama has to be seen not governing.

    Therefore all bad news will not be attributable to him. Further he can rail against forces against him for electoral purposes. The Obama team with his blessing leaked the White House Illegal immigration strategy. There was already a Democrat proposal out there. The leak was meant to derail the negotiations. Therefore Obama can complain in the midterm election of 2014 that it is the Republican's fault & defeat them at the ballot box.

    Obama would rather defeat the Republican's than giove amnesty sooner.

    The golf trip was fun, mutual admiration, and most importantly gave Obama plausible deniability about the White House leak to the low information voter.

    After all how could Obama leaked the WhiteHouse proposal, he was golfing with Tiger Woods.

  • Jim_C

    Wow, this guy Fawstin is a real hoot! Yeah, "Benghazi" Barack! hilarious!

    This reminds me of all the insightful comments opponents made about both Bushes and Clinton golfing!

    Here, let me try: Where was President Bush on Sept. 11, 2001 when 3000 people died in the worst attack on American soil in history?

    Oh, man, that's a good one!

  • JacksonPearson

    Are you spamming???
    Because what exactly does your comment have to do with the thread's topic?