Banman Will Save Us! … From Ourselves?

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“Save lives”

That’s what NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg said was his reason for attempting to ban large sodas in New York City after a Judge overturned his would-be ban. “Save Lives.” As if he’s a hero, or a Superhero named Banman, one who wants to save us from ourselves. Save us from smoking, trans-fats, salt, etc. etc.

And Here’s radio host Mark Levin reacting to Bloomberg floating the idea of banning Styrofoam.

My last cartoon of Bloomberg depicted him as the poster boy for Front Page Magazine’s new motto, “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out”.

Bloomberg is so bad that even the rotten Bill Maher has had enough, to the point where he mocked him recently. I want to see more of that because I haven’t heard a peep out of Bloomberg since.

While Bloomberg’s looking to save us from ourselves, who’s going to save us from him? I don’t know, but mocking him seems to shut him up for a bit. I’ll be doing my part with my art…..

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  • Michael Copeland

    Excellent satire. Keep it flowing. Well done and thanks.

  • AdinaK

    Nanny Bloomberg is emblematic of a totalitarian's mind, even though, for political expediency, he ran as a Repub. In fact, he is about as over the top as any radical leftist, and he is also mired in Sharia Law finance. A double danger.

    Rest assured, even with him out of the way, the choices for Mayor are between one hard leftist over others who range in between the spectrum. Moreover, with the "koshering" of Weiner, via puff pieces with Humala at his side, rest assured the city will never recover – if they are placed in Gracie Mansion. Not only that, but with HIll & Bill as their (more than) helpmates, well, all bets are off –

    The above is leftist eschatology. They know everything, therefore, the proletariat must shut up and take their medicine.
    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • ssmith

    It won't happen again, not there, as it ironically served it's purpose.. .slow but effective Islamisation of the US.
    Who needs to use terror when they have the Bloomberg's of the world encouraging them to achieve their goals.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Who needs to use terror when they have the Bloomberg's of the world encouraging them to achieve their goals."

      There's more direct encouragement than you may realize.

    • Judenlieber

      I doubt that rational enemies, such as the Russians or the Chinese, would attack us in the near future because they can see us self-destructing every day. But Islam is INSANE and therefore can't be expected to sit around and wait for us to expire. Especially Iran, which believes that THEY will bring about the coming of the 12th Imam, through the one tool that they believe in. Annihilation.
      And then there's North Korea…

      • Mary Sue

        yeah, because the Islamists will see the deterioration as a bad influence on Muslims and destroy it themselves.

  • MeSoHornish

    Bloomberg is a dictorial little prick that needs put in his place. Six by ten with concrete walls and bars everywhere else.

  • Arlie

    Ban something worthy of a big ban…..BAN THE UN

    • Mrs.Pharaoh

      Right On!

  • Ar'nun

    If he were truly trying to save us from threats, history shows the biggest threat humans have ever faced is Big Totalitarian Governments. He should ban himself for all of our sakes.

  • Howard

    Because despite it all they are still Americans and we should not let a bunch of s***bags get away with killing Americans and breaking our stuff? I know its a primitive sort of moral reasoning but it's good enough for me.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Banman? Looks more like Bananaman to me…

  • Cat K

    Alger, people live there. Not all are Bloomberg fans or can simply move away to suit you. NYers are mostly salt of the earth, great people. Sheesh!

  • @BoschFawstin

    This punk asks why he should give a "sh*t if NYC gets hit again by terrorists" and gets 5 likes? Is this The Onion?

  • tarasbalderdash

    When is New York City going to start using its new name? The UN awarded it independent status with the name…Banistan.