Since Obama and his media want to wipe the word “Benghazi” out of existence, it’s the one word they need to hear again and again and again. Obama needs to answer for what he didn’t do. Four Americans -J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods- might be alive today if he did his actual job, which is to protect Americans. Instead, he did nothing and has been engaging in a cover up ever since.

We can’t let him get away with it.

We need to make Benghazi stick to him in a way that his media can’t control. I think one way to keep the issue of his dereliction of duty alive is to make Benghazi his middle name. Each of us can help start the ball rolling by simply tweeting #BarackBenghaziObama whenever we tweet about him. From now on, when I write out his full name, I’ll be using “Barack Benghazi Obama.” Consider using it yourselves.

This is the second in a series of my Obama/Benghazi/AWOL cartoons.

Here was the first one.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Adding to the "stickiness"…all the way from Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/13/is-the-republ

    Doing everything a patriot can possibly do, but others must pitch in too!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • thomas_h


    Barack Benghazi Obama may be a commie, but you are either a certified idiot, or an agent provocateur who comments here to make the site appear extremely violent and hateful,discrediting it in the eyes of an average civilized person.

    • kafir4life

      I think he's just a muslim, possibly one of the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting hamas linked terrorist supporting organization, cair.

      • thomas_h

        A moslem, or a commie. Or just an idiot – which, of course, doesn't exclude any of the first two possibilities.

    • Capt_Z1

      Donny, How much of your time do you spend on your knees in front of Barak Banghazi Obama?

      • slider 96

        LOLOL…..looks like the dogs are biting each other . HE'S ONE OF YOU MAN ! You people incite and incite with your hate , soner or later a jerk is gonna pop up . Have fun .

    • slider 96

      The fact that the administrators have already seen this , says two things , they find it appropriate to leave it up for 24 hrs. / and the policy for deleting inaapropriate posts is highly questionable .
      At this point it makes no difference if it's a false flag [quite possible ] or not . The IP address of this moron is already recorded and traceable ,and Front Page leaves it up . Hmmmm

  • kafir4life

    donny – You will probably get a visit from the US Secret Service, you moron. They're the fellows paid to protect Barack Benghazi Obama, and they take their jobs VERY seriously. I suspect that once the moderators see your post, it will be deleted, and a call to the Secret Service will be made. Sure he's a vile piece of dirt, but in a civil society, we don't make threats on ANYONES life. What are you, a muslim?

    • slider 96

      Hmmmm, post was up 19 hrs . Yea Donny , better get dressed .

  • Pam Dale

    I'm gonna make it his first name.

  • Asher

    This is the issue that sticks in America's craw. There was 7 hours to get relief to our American seals, and I won't let go of it till Hell freezes over….If its the last thing we do, they should pay for this failure to stand by Americans in time of distress…Even a dog cares for their own and defends their lives!

  • logdon

    How about Barry of Benghazi?

    Has the memorable ring of Lawrence of Arabia about it. And it grinds his pre-out moniker into his face.

    • thomas_h

      Barry of Benghazi!!!
      Perfect! Thanks, logdon

    • kafir4life

      Some of us just refer to him as "stinky". You know…..because of the "bo". By definition, bo IS stinky.

      ooo ooo that smell….Can't you smell that smell…

  • WhateverMan

    hundred of thousands of civilians and thousands of American troops die based on a lie in Irak. Not a peep, not a sound. This contributors of this site know which side their bread is buttered. A Jew will not criticize a wasp as they are too powerful…for now.
    4 people die in Libya…O Rage…O Despair…what is the world coming too? What about the children? some think about the children!!!

    • jp4

      There were no lies.

    • Gabrielle

      You truly do not understand do you why Benghazi is so important?. It has nothing to do with 4 men dying or 400 men dying, it has everything to do with how they died and how our government at the very highest levels abandoned them and ignored their pleas for help?

      Benghazi has everything to do with the incompetence of the Commander in Chief and his willingness to lie and obfuscate and the media's assitence in allowing him to do so. No one will keep this president's fee to the fire or examinie what he is doing. Benghazi has everything to do with the fatc that Obama allowed 41 other people to their fate and now keeps them away from the general public. Benghazi is but a symtom of a a much larger disease called the the Obama administration. This disease of cover-up, dismissal and immorality is the real issue here.

      And yes we who care do mourn the deaths of those four and do believe that they need to honored and their deaths investigated. In my opinion their deaths were unnecessary.

    • Miguel

      What exactly is your role at MSNBC? Or is it CNN?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When Barak Benghazi Obama realized his malfeasance and on his way to fund raise and party
    he knew he needed a cover up,so a crazy film that no one saw and it sparks demonstrations
    in Muslim Cities, how? The answer is his pals in the Muislim Brotherhood sent thier stooges
    out into the streets, (common passtime) denouncing America. Clinton denounces the film
    and other administration goons push the idea enmasse overnight. How is it this obscure
    film had thier attention but not the murder of four Americans and that they saved over twenty
    American lives with no help whatsoever from the Administration. Frauds or traitors, maybe
    something nastier……………Barak Benghazi Obama friend of Islam, anti-American liar…….William

  • Cassandra

    Barack BENGHAZI Obama is a good name for him . I will now refer to him as that.

  • Cry and Howl

    I'll post this on the old blog!

  • Willy Rho

    I like Barack "ILLEGAL ALIEN" Obama more than Benghazi. His BC is a forgery and a laughable one at that and his Selective Service Registration is an obvious forgery with a two digit date code. Never in History has there been a SSR with a 2 digit date code. And his SSN is from Connecticut and also belongs to Harrison J Bounel whose name appears in a Connecitcut Census in 1940. And Bopunel was born in 1890, so I think the had that number before the Illegal Alien President. His Literary Bios, written by Himself says, "Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The US Code at the time Required his mother to be at least 19 to impute citizenship to him. Anyway he is not an American Citizen, but is a British Subject, an Indonesian Citizen and he was born in Kenya and is also a Kenyan Citizen. All of that makes him NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by the US Constitution to be the President. So he is also Unlawfully the President and is an Illegal Alien. First Illegal Alien, Kenyan Born, Indonesian Citizen and Kenyan Citizen and British Citizen in History. It is so over the top, I am Amazed the Main Stream Propaganda Ministry can keep a lid on all of that Information. But it has been leaking out. Only the people who get their news from watching "Dancing with the Idols" don't know he is a total fraud, Liar and Son of Sat Tan.

  • Willy Rho

    I sent this to my Senators and Rep, but they are complicit in the Illegal Aliens Muslim Communist's Coup d'etat. So, I don't expect anything to come of this except more Cool Aid Drinking by the Masses and Leaders.

    Quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “[T]he attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… was the result of a bungled abduction attempt….the first stage of an international prisoner exchange… [that] would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…”


    The Mob Action, introduced in Egypt and other embassies and its claimed cause was to be an Anti Muslim movie trailer. That was the planned cover for the Kidnapping in Benghazi. The action at Benghazi was supposed to be blamed on the same mob action as in Egypt.

    Question: Does anything done by "Any Actor" make any sense, except in the context of "The Secret Plans"?

    A few questions, 34, that can be completely explained by the "Secret Plans".

    1. Why did Amb Stevens have dinner with the Turkish General Council?

    2. Why did the terrorist attack on the Consulate begin immediately after the Turkish General Council left?

    3. What happened to the 15,000 SA-7 Grail/Strela-2 missiles that Muammar Qaddafi had acquired and the USA Stinger missiles provided by Barack Obama to overthrow Qaddafi?

    4. Was Amb Stevens running guns and missiles to the Al Qaeda in Syria through Turkey?

    5. Because Al Qaeda has been at war with the USA, openly attacking the USA for about 20 years, since 1993; would Running Guns and Missiles and other War Material to Al Qaeda be Treason?

    6. Did Obama want to release the Blind Sheik, but had no justifiable reason to do so?

    7. Why were 3 MST and 1 SST security details removed from Libya?

    8. Why did Hillary request/demand more security, but Obama denied more security, several times?

    9. Why were ex-Seals, Doherty and Woods, told to stand down 3 times?

    10. Why did Obama tell the CIA to NOT help defend the Consulate?

    11. Why did Obama and his minions watch live video of the attack and not act?

    12. Why was an American Drone flying over the consulate recording video BEFORE the attack began?

    13. Predator Drones carry Hell Fire Missiles, why were none fired?

    14. Why were the Seals Lazing a Target, giving away their position and no Hell Fire missiles were fired?

    15. Why did Obama blame it on a video that no one (only 17 views on YouTube) had ever seen?

    16. Why did Obama fire General Ham for moving to assist the Consulate?

    17. Why was an AC-130 Gunship, 90 minutes away, not sent to aid the Consulate?

    18. Why were the F-16's only 20 minutes away not sent to help the consulate?

    19. Was the reason that the Aircraft were not sent, because Obama was afraid that USA A/C would be shot down with the anti-Aircraft missiles (Stingers) that Obama supplied to the Terrorists?

  • Willy Rho

    20. Why did the plan stick with the plan's excuse of the Sham "Mohammed is an Idiot" Movie Trailer?

    21. Why did the Ansar al-Sharia try to save Ambassador Stevens by taking him to a Hospital/Emergency Room?

    22. Why did Ansar al-Sharia surround the Hospital where Ambassador Steven's body was taken and not let anyone in or out?

    23. Why was a Libyan Military person photographing the Consulate before the Attack?

    24. Why could the President not get an interview with a participating Terrorist for weeks when Senator Lindsey Graham got Tunisia to permit the FBI interview him within 24 hours of the request?

    25. Why was the Terrorist that was held by Tunisia never interviewed by the FBI or the CIA.

    26. Why was the Terrorist in Tunisia released and got totally Free without the USA stopping his release or questioning him?

    27. Why were Senior counter terrorism personnel cut out of the Loop, the Foreign Emergency Security Team was not called?

    28. The Embassy in Egypt was attacked by a Mob Action and the motive was the Film Trailer. This was part of the Plan and does not make sense, except if it was a part of the Kidnapping Plan with the joint actions in Egypt and Benghazi?

    29. Why did the Idiots in the White House stick with the Planned Motive of the Film Trailer, claiming that it started the attack?

    30. What are the Names of the 25 people saved by the Navy Seals?

    31. Where are the Sworn Statements, describing the details of the attack, made by the 25 witnesses who were saved by the Seals?

    32. The President seems to have not been around, physically or mentally, not even knowing what happened at Benghazi, or he was stoned on his favorite candy, Crack Cocaine.

    33. Larry Sinclair says Barack Obama is a Crack Addict. Check out Sinclair's You Tube Video in which he claims he has hard evidence of his two Homosexual Trysts with Obama and Drugs. Or just buy Larry Sinclair's book he wrote about Obama and his sexual Trysts and Murders.
    It is named: "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & murder". The Amazon online book store has it: use this web URL: http://www.amazon.com/Barack-Obama-Larry-Sinclair

    34. The Fly in Obama's Treasonous Plans; Two Brave American Heroes, Navy Seals. They should both receive, posthumously, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, after Obama's Conviction for: High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Murders and High Treason.

    BOTH OR EITHER OF THESE PLANS AND ACTIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY TREASON. Barack Obama is guilty of High Treason and Murder and should be IMPEACHED NOW.

  • Gus Owens

    High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Murder and High Treason: sounds about right. I've been following politics since 1948 and this is, without a smidgin of doubt, the most sordid and depraved thing I have ever seen. Hillary's "What difference does it make?" only adds to the total immorality of the whole thing.
    We have to back Lindsey Graham, The New York Post and the great reporters like Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin of FOXNews so this no good sob doesn't get off the hook.
    At some point how about taking up a collection for a memorial to those guys?

  • jerome

    impeachment ?

    • Maxie

      Benghazi Obummer is, by intent, design, and rigged voting our first AfAm POTUS. As such his tenure is insured by a fawning, complicit Media, the MarxiCrat Party and a whimpering, impotent GOP. You are more likely to fly to the moon and back by flapping your arms than Obungle is to be impeached.

  • JacksonPearson

    So WHO exactly is the man that's occupying the white house???
    Barack Hussein Obama II need to answer to more than Benghazi. Among other things, Obama needs to come 100% clean and answer to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Posse investigators that have found his white house posted birth certificate to be a blatant forgery, as is his Selective Service Registration. Also, Obama's social security number failed E-Verify.

    All of Congress have been given sworn affidavits and Arpaio's investigative reports of Obama's transgressions. The silence coming from Washington is deafening. But WHY???

    • Bonnie Z

      The White House is occupied with a VERY DANGEROUS group of miscreants. There is a trail of mysterious deaths leading up to this group and I suspect that this is the answer to your WHY???

      • JacksonPearson

        Congress have all the tools necessary, however, are failing their duties. They're either patriots, or cowards.

    • Len_Powder

      The Washington Establishment, despite what it tries to make us believe with dissent and rancor in the public arena, is complicit with Obama's agenda and crimes or are the most cowardly and inept group of miscreants that ever occupied that city.

      • JacksonPearson

        Agree. If they weren't complicit, they'd called him out by now. They probably know way more than the public know about his majesty, however, remain deaf, dumb, and blind.

    • Maxie

      "The silence coming from Washington is deafening. But WHY??? "
      Barack Benghazi is our first AfAm Potus. You figure it out.

      • JacksonPearson

        Race shouldn't enter into the Constitutional requirements for president. Dissecting Obama, he's way more white than he is black, so being called the first Afro-American president is a misnomer. Perhaps Hermann Cain, but not Obama.

  • lynda

    I recall reading about all the death and chaos that ensued when obama went to Kenya as a state senator. Our State dept advised against his going. But, he went and campaigned for the pro Sharia candidate. Lots of Americans feel very vulnerable with a man of this caliber in the WH.

  • Gabrielle

    Donny, please remove your comment or request it be removed. We wish to defeat Barack Benghazi Obama's ideas and political philosophies not harm the man or his family.

    Your comment only hurts this forum and it probably will not do much for you either.

    • slider 96

      Oh dont worry , I'm sure someone has reported it or saw it already . This is where your hatred leads , good luck to you loons . And you people accuse others of TREASON ?

      • Gabrielle

        Donny is more than likely one of yours attempting to silence this forum. It is the left who revels in violence, so please take Donny home when you leave, thank you.

        • slider 96

          If that's so , why haven't administrators deleted it ? I 've had post deleted for much much less . Besides if it wasn't AGAINST THE LAW to threaten the POTUS , you'd all be cheering him on and doing it yourselves . Go peddle your line on Breitbart where the minds are like yours ….weak .

  • Len_Powder

    I've been calling him Barack Insane Obama for a long time but will gladly refer to him as Barack Benghazi Obama because we have to make Benghazi stick to him with Gorilla Glue, even more than Watergate was permanently connected with Richard Nixon. His dereliction of duty is more than that. He is an accomplice to murder, of Americans no less. Benghazi needs to become part of his legacy for all time. I bring it up every opportunity I can and will continue doing so to his last day in office – if not beyond. I hope that someone will soon write a book about this sordid and despicable incident in American history to brand this coward with his crime for eternity.

  • truebearing

    I like the idea, but maybe we should stylize it a little. How about Benbama? or Bamaghazi? Maybe Benrack Oghazi would stick.
    I like to call him " Imambama" myself, but anything that exposes him, punishes him, and reminds people of his evil is fine by me.
    As long as we're tagging Obama with appropriate names, I would like to propose that heretofore we refer to his economic agenda as "Greekonomics." He's taking us down the same sewer hole that Greece is pioneering, and when Greece finally collapses, maybe people will realize that they voted for a president who purposely copied the failed policies of the original democracy so he could destroy the world's greatest democracy.