Content of Character, Content of Character, Content of Character

Yesterday, the first black president was inaugurated for his second term, and he chose to do so on the birthday of a man who, unlike him, truly fought for a world where men would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Today’s black leaders have betrayed what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for, but they still invoke him in order to give their poisonous race-hustling a veneer of legitimacy. I thought about King’s most famous words on the night of the inauguration and, being an artist, turned them into an illustration:

  • rabdau

    I would like to share this image but not 23 pages of content, which is what comes up when I try.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      What kind of content?

  • Mary Sue

    In post-modern Identity Politics, "color-blindness" = racism or some garbage like that.

    Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.

    Let's break it down into simple terms: Color-Blind = "People of color — we don't see you (at least not that bad ‘colored' part)." As a person of color, I like who I am, and I don't want any aspect of that to be unseen or invisible. The need for colorblindness implies there is something shameful about the way God made me and the culture I was born into that we shouldn't talk about. Thus, colorblindness has helped make race into a taboo topic that polite people cannot openly discuss. And if you can't talk about it, you can't understand it, much less fix the racial problems that plague our society. – from

    Now there's psychobabble when I see it, and no surprise because it's written by a PhD of Psychology and published in Psychology Today! I read that tripe on that thing over at Psychology Today and go "Oh for ***k off!"

    • Western Spirit

      Very good Mary Sue I agree.

      • Mary Sue

        Indeed, because the Identity Politics crowd has corrupted the language and redefined terms unilaterally to wrest control of the debate. They've redefined "color-blindness" in order to make people without a racist bone in their body into racists somehow, because their psychologically screwy ideology demands it.

        I'd suggest a new term, because of this. Maybe "color-neutral" or something like that. Because they just can't accept that rather than "I don't see the black" as they say, it's more "Your color doesn't make me hate you just for being that color." They're throwing crap into their redefinitions that don't even make any sense!

        • Zam

          Understand blacks are attacking whites at epidemic levels. The media and police do their best to cover it up (for political-correctness), but still, these attacks are not all that good of an incentive for whites to love their black brothers even if it would be for political-correctness to do so–

          If the facts are not politically-correct for current day society, I say offended people just pretend they never saw this entry so that the principles of political-correctness will not be violated when it comes to their politically-correct lives. Will I pretend I never posted this entry for the sake of political-correctness, though, if the political-correct-police come after me? Well, only if Obama holds a press-conference and points me out and says I'm a R…..R…….R……R……..RA………..RA…….RA………..RA……RA………RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST and he looks into the television cameras and gives me the "EVIL EYE". Then, I would know for sure I really really really violated the principles of political-correctness………..and I would be really really really ashamed.

          • Mary Sue

            All I ever hear from the Ethnic Studies crowd is how since minorities (Persons of Colour™) are "oppressed", that they have the right to lash out at their "oppressors". That is the main reason why they cover it up, and ignore it in the media, because they know the average Joe Sixpack would get upset about it, and they don't want him to.

  • Deep Space

    King's basic ideas are fine but I'm not sure we can legitimately invoke content of character when talking about him especially in the face of his prolific extra-marital affairs and his his alleged plagiarism. I realize anymore that some of these ethical and moral transgressions are not important to the post-modernist generations that have been spawned by our educational system and the media but there you have it anyway.

    • Mary Sue

      Well, I guess we can judge MLK on the content of his character, rather than the color of his skin. After all one doesn't need to be black to be unfaithful. Just ask Bill Clinton.

  • Demetrius M

    Personally, if I was being inaugurated, I'd choose NOT to have it on a day set to honor a man who truly made a difference like MLK, just out of respect.

    • Mary Sue

      and that's the difference between you, and that narcissistic douche Occupying Your White House.

  • clarespark

    MLK Jr. moved to the left toward the end of his life, possibly under communist influence by his adviser Stanley Levison. I wrote about the attempt of black supremacists to annex him to their project here:…. My best effort on race relations, but not as ambitious as David Horowitz's Hating Whitey, is very upsetting to a supporter of the civil rights movement as we both were. "The Offing of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Bunche."

    • Questions

      Correction: Martin Luther King was a man of the Left from the very beginning. His "movement" in that direction began even before he became a public figure. J. Edgar Hoover's FBI files clearly show King to have worked with Communists, and indeed, may have been a Communist himself.

      • clarespark

        What is most salient is the civil rights movement as a whole, not only MLK Jr. (who I know was taunted by some red contemporaries as “De Lawd”). The youngsters who went down South, risking their lives, were probably mostly liberals, many of them Jewish. Ralph Bunche (who supported King) was a man of the Left in the 1930s, but by the 1960s was a social democrat with a strong libertarian streak. Moreover, Bunche distanced himself from Marcus Garvey and all other black nationalist/Pan African movements.

  • William Lannon

    You don't choose when to be inaugurated!

    • Grace

      The day decreed ed is Jan 20 not Jan 21. He had to officially be sworn in on Sunday the 20th. Read the news. He is all about staging events because he is nothing and has to ride the coattails of greater men.
      Why is the state of the union speech scheduled for Abraham Lincoln's birthday ?

      Wise up.

    • @BoschFawstin

      M'hm, and having his State of the Union speech take place on Lincoln's birthday, weeks after it usually takes place, is also just a coincidence.

  • Western Spirit

    To ML King character

  • TexRanger

    Absolute hogwash and more lies piled upon lies. Martin Luther Koon was nothing but a typical lying hypocrite. He talked about not judging a person on his or her skin color, but out the other side of his lying mouth, he shouted "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!" Of course, only persons with black skin color are entitled to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION treatment.

    Just no way you can rely upon these liberal, left-wing communists to tell the truth.

    Didn't even notice that author talking about how many prostitutes MLC had.

    • Ghostwriter

      That was uncalled for and unnecessary,TexRanger. Why don't you go back to Stormfront or a KKK website because that's where you belong.

  • Western Spirit

    To ML King character was the means to properly judge someone because through character we meet people as they are not as they are reputed to be through superficial judgments.

    Of course both the Left and Christianity teach us to be nonjudgmental but have entirely different motives. The nonjudgmental Christian doesn't judge because he lives in a glass house so doesn't throw stones.

    The Left doesn't want to be condemned by people's judgment because they want to do as they please without consequences of any kind.

    But considering we could be murdered, raped,or robbed if we are forbidden to judge people's character the Left's motive for being nonjudgmental would leave us defenseless like taking our guns away.

  • bryce armstrong

    Happy Marxest Revolutionary Day everybody!

  • Arlie

    Anyone can write something and read it and in the right emotional point in time use the speech to infect ideas onto others. But, show me how they live and treat others that is character.

    I lived in the North, a teen when all the riots and marches happened. It was ugly to watch both sides of it. I do not believe in civil rights or anything that came out of all the turmoil. It has just made a legal mess of everything. The people who were unjust to blacks were not prosecuted and the blacks that rioted and destroyed are still filled with hate and revenge. Nothing was solved and now we have unequal rights. Everything we needed as a country was given in our founding documents. WE were to be a moral and just society with true equality. Now everything is worse. Everything has been corrupted. The Documents and morals that made Americans great have been mocked and all but destroyed.

    • Mary Sue

      Sounds like Caledonia in Canada, only that was with Natives.

  • JCS

    Obama tries to tie himself to great men like Lincoln and Rev. King hoping their greatness will rub off on him since he has none of his own. With this year being the anniversary of JFK's death watch for him to compare himself to Kennedy. Of course he often tried to compare himself to FDR. Slick Willie claimed his hero was Theodore Roosevelt who he resemble not at all.

  • surfcitysocal

    For a man, Obama, who has made his skin color front and center as his argument for being judged as to who he is, as opposed to his content of character, it seems odious that Obama celebrated his second inauguration on the birthday of the man who spoke those soaring, inspiring words.

  • Mitch Berger

    When reading the intro, It is difficult to escape the feeling that the only reason any of you even pretend to admire Martin Luther King jr. is because he is a safe, comfortable an DEAD black man. Shame on all of you.

    • bryce armstrong

      Im not going to pretend I like Obama after he gets his brains blown out either.

    • Mary Sue

      Racism is illogical.

      • Questions

        Recognition of differences by race is realism.

  • guest

    Obama and MLK Jr are true comrades. The Communist Party heavily infiltrated black churches beginning in the 1930's. Black preachers were already gifted orators like MLK Jr and their gift of gab was a perfect vehicle to spread Marxism.

    MLK 's close associate was a communist. The 'dream' speech was a triumph of propaganda. MLK' followed the Leninist playbook to perfection.

    It's sad America has cult 'heroes' like JFK Jr, FDR and MLK Jr–I find more truth in the black power rants of Carmichael than in all of the profiles in deception fed to the masses out to destroy the U.S. What's worse? The evil guy who tells you he's out to destroy the whole system or the ones who co-opt the New Testament acting as if they are the saviors of the marginalized and downtrodden?

    When will Americans wake up? Haven't the lies of the past 150 years given us Barack Hussein Obama?

    Can't we just tell the truth about people like MLK Jr, and other fakes like Ghandi and Mandela? What we needed was a cross between Joan of Arc and Winston Churchill and what did we get? A communist adulterer with his own 'feast' day. No wonder we're screwed.

  • drew

    Thanks for words of truth and reason.
    I wrote a poem about this very topic – and I wish I had put the excellent graphic above with it:

  • Ghostwriter

    People like guest and TexRanger are just plain wrong. We honor Dr. King because he wanted racial equality and that's a good thing. These two idiots sound like dolts or worse Ku Klux Klan members who never liked King anyway. I doubt that Dr. King would have little in common with Obama or the Black Panthers. He probably wouldn't have liked them. Both guest and TexRanger would bring back segregation if they had their way. They're a pair of bigoted jerks who don't know what they talking about.
    As for the Communist Party,they may have sang the song of racial equality,but they exploited blacks for their own benefit. They would have made sure that ALL Americans were impoverished and this nation hurt. Black America would gain nothing from Communism,if it came to power here. In fact,they would have been returned to slavery,along with the rest of America.