From #MeinKampf to #MyJihad

You may have noticed the #MyJihad ad campaign that the jihadist front group CAIR has been pushing down our throats recently. For years, we’ve been hearing the Big Lie that “Islam means peace.” Now comes the Big Lie that jihad means whatever you personally want it to mean. Here are some examples from the enemy’s latest plot to keep us in the dark about what they’re up to:

“#MyJihad is to build friendships across the aisle. What’s yours?”

#MyJihad is to be united in our diversity. What’s yours?”

#MyJihad is to break stereotypes with humor. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule. What’s yours?”

With that in mind, here’s the jihad of Islam’s Favorite Infidel






As I often say, my name is Bosch and I’m a    ̶r̶e̶c̶o̶v̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g-̶ recovered Muslim.

I will be speaking at The University of Baltimore on Islam, Pigman & Free Speech.

Come join me on March 26 at my talk for The Federalist Society at The University of Baltimore School of Law. I’ll be talking about my Muslim background and how, after 9/11, it had a lot to do with the creation of my anti-jihad superhero, Pigman. The main thrust of my talk will be about the The First Amendment and how crucially important it is to America and to me personally. See the below poster for more info and check out the Facebook page of the event for further details.

Hope to see some of you there.

  • defcon 4

    I have nothing but admiration for your bravery Mr. Fawstin.

  • Smote

    Me also.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Pigman should be as well known an iconic hero as Captain America.

      • Bosch_Fawstin

        Thanks, and funny you should say that. Right after 9/11, my mind shot directly to the Perfect superhero to take on the jihadists, but not long after, it hit me that Marvel would Never allow Captain America to take on Jihad, at least in a direct, ruthless way without apology. That's when I started thinking about this enemy, what they hate, their Pigotry, and from that came Pigman. By the way, as per this post, here's Pigman's Jihad….

        • defcon 4

          Mr. Fawstin, you didn't have anything to do w/the on-line comic: Muhammad's Believe It or Else, did you? On second thought it's probably better than no one know if you were involved or not.

          • Bosch_Fawstin

            I didn't, but I did read it and liked it.

          • US Muslim

            I wonder…have you ever smelled raw pigskin? It gives off a most disgusting stink. I've known apartment complexes in Arlington County, VA where the hallways smell of it…most are occupied by Indochinese types.

            I don't believe that having contact with pork will damn anyone to hell. Followers of Muhammad were known to have coated the bases of their boats with lard to keep them waterproof.

            If Pigman knew any better, he'd shed his pigskin and put something else on…unless he just wants to drive off everyone with the stink that emanates from his costume. And besides, he could come down with trichinosis or something…but hey, that's his thing.

  • mike

    The truth concerning the false religion of islam needs desperately to be understood by the americans starting with the catholic church. I hope this new pope will stand up to the false teaching of this islamic cult. Their god is not our god but their koran says to conquer all the world for allah. No wonder we want to have the thing burnt. "My people parish for lack of wisdom". Islam is a serious threat and must be taken seriously. We cannot do this on our own but with the power of Jesus it can be done. Whose side are you on? Thank you Mr. Fawstin for your courage.

    • US Muslim

      Dream on, mike…I happen to be an American Muslim who loves the USA and would fight and die for its Constitution. The main difference between people in the Left, some (but not all, thankfully) people who call themselves conservatives, and the mullahs, of course, is that they ALL see a problem with the US Constitution.

      The mullahs want to shred the US COnstitution and replace it with "Sharia".

      The lefties want to do away with the Constitution, starting with the 2nd Amendment, which would leave the remainder of that great document at the mercy of rabble-rousers and agitators.

      And people like you on the right (then again, not all) want to re-write the 1st Amendment by denying it to people like myself.

      As far as I'm concerned, I'm of a 4th group, a group that truly understands what the US Constitution is really all about and would fight for it. I'm the true patriot here…you obviously are not.

      • reader

        Unless you're engaging in takiyya, you're confused. You cannot be a muslim and the US Constitution champion just because Koran is completely incompatible with the US Constitution based on Judeo-Christian values. The same way commies cannot be Jews, because Marxism is not only completely incompatible to Judaism, it's openly declared to be hostile to it.

        • US Muslim

          reader, you are a moron. I have known and studied the Qur'an for DECADES, and have also studied American and world history for DECADES. Amateurs, neophytes, johnny-come-latlys and pseudo-religious types like you have no business telling people like myself that we're confused…you couldn't pay me enough to leave Islam, not could you pay me enough to change my views on the US Constitution. People like you would feel more at home in a Klan gathering than in a place of worship.

          Hell, you don't even know what takiyya is nor what its true purpose is.

          • Drakken

            Soon it is not going to matter how much of a muslim you are or not, Islam is diametricly opposite of western freedom period, no matter what you think, your religious leaders are of the east and side with islam over our Constitution. So leave the religion and be welcome here, or leave the west and live with your muslim brethren, there is no longer any middle ground.

          • US Muslim

            I have no religious leaders. I am my own person. No one comes between me and God. The Qur'an is my guide and I don't need some fool living on the other side of the ocean or even here to interpret it for me.

            At the same time, I am an American who has sworn to protect and defend its Constitution. And no matter what you want, I will leave neither America nor Islam. And if you don't like it, then perhaps it's YOU who has a problem with the US Constitution, in particular, the 1st Amendment. As far as I'm concerned, you have 2 choices: Embrace the US Constitution for what it truly is…the greatest man-made political document of all time…or get the hell out of MY country.

      • defcon 4

        LOL, yeah right. Why aren't you out protesting the actions of CAIR then? Too shy?

        • US Muslim

          Protesting is a waste of time. I would be for Congress to put CAIR in the same category as the JDL…a terrorist organization. And no one I know is a member of CAIR…and whenever the subject of CAIR comes up in discussion, I never fail to express my views on them.

          • defcon 4

            Oh yeah, I believe you too. It's not like muslimes are known for lying or anything… I've noticed your brethren have a similar aversion to protesting for the rights of non-muslims in all your various islamofascist pigsties as well. Ditto for women's rights. Do you denounce the actions of your holey prophet in slaughtering, deporting or enslaving the entire Jewish population of Soddy Barbaria? Of course you don't…

          • US Muslim

            I've never been in a demonstration in my life…like I said, they achieve little. Legislative action and enforcement of laws are a better way to go.

            What do you know about Islamofascists? The country of my parents were fighting against them at a time when the US govt was ARMING them. Over a million of my parents' generation died for the cause of freedom and against Islamofascist tyranny. Moreover, I refused to support the Ayatollahs of Iran and the Afghan Mujahideen because of their perceived love of Islamofascism. And I've always opposed Hamas, ever since I first heard of them in 1987, because I knew that they wanted to destroy Israel. In 2006, after a transition period that lasted over 20 years, I finally threw my support behind Israel and abandoned the Palestinian cause for an independent state. So please spare me your retarded accusations against me.

            You don't know jack squat about what happened at Quraiza. The extinction of that particular Jewish tribe was a direct result of their treachery against Muhammad which he took pains to confirm and even gave them a chance to come back to it, which they refused. And besides, the punishment meted out to them was very similar to one of God's commands that was spelled out in the Book of Deuteronomy. And as far as women's rights are concerned, the mullahs have it all wrong. I happen to be a married father of 2 girls, and they are everything to me.

          • Drakken

            You can always get a muslim to say what is really on his/her mind when you bring up jews.

          • US Muslim

            Sure…some of my best friends happen to be Jewish. The biggest problem that I have with them is not that they're Jewish, but that they're big-time liberal Democrats. They know I'm a Muslim but can't figure out why I support conservatives, liberarians and Republicans.

          • defcon 4

            You don't support the return of the Temple Mount to the Jewish people though do you? What about reparations to the Jews for what Muhammad (PASBUH) did to the Jews of Medina/Yathrib?

            I'm sure you express your great love for the Jewish people every time you chant: "Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya'ud"

          • US Muslim

            The 2nd Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Romans at around 70 A.D. Byzantine Christians later used that place as a rubbish dump and forbade Jews from living in Jerusalem.

            When Arab Muslims conquered Jerusalem, Jews were allowed back into Jerusalem and reopen numerous Synagogues that had been closed down before. The Al 'Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock were built over the site of the old Jewish Temple by JEWS during the time of the caliph Omar. It has been and will remain a Muslim site, whether you like it or not.

            However, since it does hold significance for Jews, I am not opposed to allowing Jews to have free access to that area and to conduct religious ceremonies there. The Dome of the Rock can be considered to be the 3rd Temple.

            As for the Jews of Medina during Muhammad's time, they broke their treaties and were kicked out, defeated in battle, enslaved, or executed. Had they done no wrong, God would not have allowed Muhammad to have complete victory over them. Historically, Jews were punished en masse only when they disobeyed God and His messengers. Look it up in the Bible.

  • kafir4life

    islam is nothing more than a disgusting gutter cult, and the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting cair, and its terrorist supporters are also gutter cultists. I suspect they think that the pedophile mohamat, aka the false prophet of the gutter cult, was something "special" because he shat the koran into the sands from his anal orfice, which helps explain why islam (and by extension, muslims) stinks.

    allahu snackbar!

    • US Muslim

      Unlike you, who smells so wonderful? Perhaps you ought to stop spraying Eau de P!ss all over yourself…

  • pierce

    Let us not forget we have a Muslim in the White House, and he is being supportive of Islam.

    • US Muslim

      He's not a Muslim…or a very poor excuse for a Muslim at best. He hasn't attended a mosque service for decades. He eats pork and drinks alcohol. And he lies through his teeth.

      • defcon 4

        LOL, a muslime complaining about lying is kinda like a nazi complaining about antisemitism.

        • US Muslim

          No, expecting someone like you to make any sense whatsoever is like expecting to see Hitler repenting for his sins in a Synagogue before a rabbi.

  • Billy

    Peace? Define peace when you muslims kill your own brothers. Define peace when you Islamic terrorists stand behind your women and children. Define peace when no so-called peaceful muslims don't stand up and speak against your own people that kill,, stone to death, cut off parts of a body, and perform female circumcisions on young girls. Shameful

    • US Muslim

      Perhaps you don't know what's going on in Bangladesh? People there have risen up against the extremists, but fools like yourself are not interested. You only know what you want to know and see that you want to agree with and disregard anything that you don't wish to see…shows how weak your entire foundation is.

  • JacksonPearson

    Islam is ugly and must be continuously exposed. No better way to do it other than with your artwork Bosch. Because a picture's always better than a thousand words.

    • US Muslim

      Wanna see ugly and stupid? Look in the mirror.

      • defcon 4

        Aw gee, did a djinn get your panties in a bunch? BTW, what would happen in any of your islamofascist pigsties to anyone who were to criticise islam or its holey prophet publicly?

        • US Muslim

          First of all, I don't wear panties. I happen to be a straight guy…sounds like you've got some strange fantasies buried in your head there that I would rather not speculate on.

  • AdinaK

    My personal jihad is against the political doctrine of Islam, and the audacity – for centuries – to sell it as a "religion". The biggest hoax and scourge on humanity. Sold as "peaceful" too. And CAIR can dress it up six ways to Sunday, but one still cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

    Therefore, here is all the ammunition one needs, proving how the Nazi "struggle" is of piece with Islamic "struggle", and there is no order of preference:

    Due to all of the above, and so much more, the west's struggle against Islamic submission is indeed a clash between civilizations. Darkness vs light.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Rianna Richards

    Interesting reading….

  • Rianna Ricahrds

    I thought Jihad means, "Holy War." Is it though or am I wrong?

    • Bosch_Fawstin

      Jihad literally means struggle, but it's mainly defined as "Holy War", specifically Muslim Hoy War.

      • US Muslim

        Only by fools who don't want to do the heavy lifting of actually living.

        • Bosch_Fawstin

          So you're calling your prophet a fool. Not very Muslim of you.

          • defcon 4

            LOL, great comeback.

          • US Muslim

            "We come home from a lesser Jihad to a greater Jihad" – Muhammad.

            He was talking about the war in the battlefield being over. It was then time to go home and try to be a better person.

            Perhaps you're not as educated on Islam and Muhammad as you pretend to be, kid…

          • Bosch_Fawstin

            Took you long enough to unearth that one, but it's from a weak hadith. And he spent ten years initiating violence in the "lesser jihad". He meant peace the way your religion means peace.


          • US Muslim

            I've known that for years. And it's a weak hadith to you because that's what you want to believe.

          • US Muslim

            You speak as he was the cause of all the wars between the Muslims of Medina and the pagan Meccans. Well, can you ignore the following facts?

            Many of Muhammad's followers had been hounded, persecuted, driven out and murdered during the 13 years that he preached Islam in Mecca.

            An attempt was made on his life on the night he finally left Mecca with Abu Bakr.

            After Muhammad and his followers had migrated to Medina, the Meccans looted whatever they left behind.

            And you mean to tell me that Muhammad was responsible for war? Let's go a bit further:

            The Battle of Badr could have been avoided altogether had the Meccan army turned back and gone home. But they chose to march against the Muslim army and were defeated.

          • US Muslim

            After the Battle of Uhud (which was really a revenge war declared by the Meccans for their defeat at Badr), where the Muslims were defeated, Abu Sufiyan, the leader of the Meccans, challenged Muhammad to another battle in a year. Muhammad took up the challenge and marched with his army at the appointed time and place. When the Meccan army didn't show up, the Muslim army simply engaged in some exchange of goods with the locals in the area and went home.

            Let us not also forget who broke the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. The tribe of Bakr, which was allied with the Meccans and partner to the treaty, carried out a night raid in violation of the treaty on a group that was allied with the Muslims. And when Muhammad finally conquered Mecca, he didn't do what most conquerors used to do up to that time. Instead of putting the city to the sword, he ended up declaring a general amnesty for all of his former enemies, including those who had hurt him personally!

          • US Muslim

            So you left Islam, and happily. Found something better? Let's hear what it is…I'm curious.

          • US Muslim

            And don't worry about being an apostate…I don't bite. One of my good friends from college was an apostate in the true sense and converted to Christianity. I remained friends with him and am still so after 20 years. He ended up being an apostate from Christianity as well, which came as no surprise to me. He was something of an anti-Israel/pro-Palestine guy until I presented him with a historical fact that made him reconsider his support for te Palestinian cause and his opposition to Israel.

  • Bosch_Fawstin

    Check out what Pigman's jihad is


    Mein JIhad = Mein Kampf.

    Funny that none of the pro Jihad ad are about eliminating the minority Islamists who bring so much hate and death the word – like al qada

    • defcon 4

      I'll bet the minority of muslimes who support Sharia approaches the 98th percentile.

      • US Muslim

        If that's the case please explain why Bangladesh and Indonesia, both of whose populations are over 85% Muslim and are among the most populous countries in the world, refuse to implement Sharia law? Both are also run by representative governments, not dictatorships.

  • Glennd1

    And you folks wonder why people call you bigots? Lol, really, it's just too much. Geller and Fawstin now consider a-okay but supposed intellectuals like David Horowitz and Robert Spencer. You guys used to be serious, careful thinkers but this is now just agit prop. This is my last post here – forever. To actively promote this kind bigotry-porn is a disgrace and not fairminded person should have a thing to do with it. Enjoy your cesspool of rage and hatred.

    • defcon 4

      Aw poor little Jihad Joe, taking his toys and going home. I wonder what would happen to Mr. Fawstin, Geller, or Spencer if they were to step foot in any one of your tolerant, fun loving islamofascist states? LOL, A free and open forum for criticism of islam? Of course the rabid Jew hatred found in ALL the holey books of Islam doesn't get your knickers in a twist does it?

      • US Muslim

        Ever read the Bible?

        • defcon 4

          Ever heard of argument by red herring?

          • US Muslim

            No I haven't. Please enlighten me.

  • Drakken

    There ya go again Glenn, using that race and bigot card like so much confetti, here is a usefull bit of truth for you, it has zero meaning anymore, because you leftist/progressives have abused it to the point it has zero impact anymore. So quit being a little puzzy and man up and see the world for what it is and not what you wish it to be.

    • US Muslim

      He's right, you know. I've seen the same sort of crap in other websites that cater to hatred of "the other", including supposedly "Islamic" website forums, and on Democrat websites, Hindu websites, etc. Even Rush Limbaugh recently talked about the ugliness that he had seen in some of these forums…wonder what he was referring to?

      • defcon 4

        Hatred of the "other" is what your religion is allah about hypocrite — especially Jews…

        • US Muslim

          You teaching me about Islam makes as much sense as a preschooler attempting to teach nuclear physics to Albert Einstein.