Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out

“Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out.

 This is one of those truths that has become so self-evident today that has adopted it as a motto on its masthead. At the same time, it is one of those truths, which is so politically incorrect that people are reluctant to express it….The totalitarians screaming to get out of liberals like Bloomberg are very ready to break eggs in order to make their social omelet….”

The above text is from Front Page Magazine’s announcement of its new motto, of which there’s a contest for readers:

“$1,000 Essay and Video Contest: Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out”

Below is my drawing of the poster boy for this new motto:

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  • AdinaK

    Indeed, leftism is akin to totalitarian constructs, hence, their allegiance to Islamism, a wholly totalitarian political paradigm.
    Yes, Nanny Bloomberg is emblematic of the above, as are so many others who feign caring for the disenfranchised…in a pig's eye –

    Their aggregating of power is the beginning and end of it.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Whiny Liberal.

    I've never read some much utter nonsense in my left. – But then what do I know am a whiny liberal.

    • clarespark

      Read Plato, whiny liberal.

    • Ar'nun

      And apparently illiterate too.

      • ragusa


    • jay

      It's over your head, Whiny Liberal

    • Mary Sue

      You don't know what you're talking about. I know MANY leftists. And their ideas are creepily totalitarian. Like the one that wanted USA to get Single Payer Government Health Care, so that they COULD tell people how to live and what to eat etc, because it would then be their "job" (to save people from Type II diabetes and morbid obesity).

    • DebbieOhio912

      Well, at least you know yourself.

  • BS77

    Leave it to a liberal to be more concerned about 32 ounce sodas and French fries than illegal immigration, gang violence, terrorist organizations, rampant unemployment, staggering deficits and debts. This is why our nation is in decline….severe decline. Leave it to the liberal hack journalists in the news media to keep feeding the public the idiotic pap as usual.

  • clarespark

    Advocates of the organic society, ruled by Platonic Guardians, are nothing new in US history. See…. "Populism, progressivism, and corporatist liberalism in The Nation, 1919."

  • oldschooltwentysix

    I think the statement is quite dumb, frankly, because it demonizes all liberals, when it does not apply to significant numbers who are democrats and understand that extremists and activists on both sides often take the masses where they would not otherwise go.

    • Paul Blase

      Which makes no sense whatsoever.
      For "liberal" (which, after all, has an original meaning quite different from its current one) substitute "Progressive". You try to place the blame on "extremists and activists" when it is the fundamental Progressive philosophy which is to blame.

      • oldschooltwentysix

        Actually, for your comment to make sense, you have to insert a different word. It does not say progressive, but liberal, which was why I objected. But it does not even apply to every progressive, either.

        Perhaps when people are less prepared to overstate, then others will have less problem to hear.

        • Paul Blase

          How are you defining "Progressive"?
          I (and the author, I believe) are using the definition as per… and
          as implemented by current leftists.

          Modern progressives (or liberals, although "liberal" is related to "liberty") desire large government, redistribution of income, the destruction of small business and the middle class, and the overall dependence of the citizenry upon the government for their well-being.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            Who cares how I define it? The fact that there are different definitions evidences the point I am making.

            I do not expect most here would agree with me, but I think it is ridiculous to paint EVERY liberal as a latent totalitarian.

            I understand the symbolic meaning, and I agree that many liberals can be authoritarian when it comes to ideology and behavior. I just believe that not all are or will be.

          • Maxie

            Liberal. Def. 1:: Those who always know what's best for everyone
            Def. 2: Those who are happy to give you the shirt off someone elses back
            Def. 3: Those who have a desperate need to feel good about themselves
            Def. 4: Those who project all their many deficiencies onto conservatives
            Def. 5: Those who think Communism faded away a long time ago
            Def. 6 Those who think history started the day they were born.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            This is just more stereotyping, which achieves nothing in my view. Many liberals do the same with regard to conservatives, demonizing them beyond reality.

            There are many liberals who are not at all as some people believe here, however, inside what is essentially an echo chamber. It is the Mutz Paradox in action.

          • Paul Blase

            Those aren't definitions, they're characteristics. A definition would be on the order of: "one who believes that centralized control of the economy and means of production is best; who wants the government to regulate every aspect of society; and who believes that a Utopian society can be achieved in reality."

          • Paul Blase

            You're correct, of course – after a fashion. Two problems, however. First, the basic "Progressive" philosophy is fundamentally flawed and inherently biased towards totalitarianism.

            BTW, take a moment and read "The Pournelle Axis" at – noting that Jerry reverses the conventional "right v left" orientation.

            "Conservative" refers not to the far-right, but to an appropriate level of government: large enough to provide the necessary functions, not so large that it steps on individual freedoms. Those on the far right – the libertarians (IMHO) go too far and assume an excessively optimistic, Pelagian view of human nature.

            The second problem is that every self-proclaimed "liberal" that I know is quite willing to submit to a totalitarian government. None of them question Omama's actions; none of them question the Affordable Health Care Act and it side-effects; every one of them is willing to sacrifice the Second Amendment (and every other part of the Bill of Rights for that matter) "for the children".

            By definition Progressives/liberals/leftists prefer totalitarian government. It's what the self-professed definition means. Show me one that doesn't, and I'll show you a conservative in hiding.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            With respect, you appear not to know that many liberals then. I don't need to read anything because I find most of this stuff to be self-serving and trying to prove a particular point right while the rest is wrong.

          • Paul Blase

            Please post your definition of "liberal".
            BTW, you've already met part of my definition of one by refusing to do any research and assuming that you know it all.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            I have better things to do, quite frankly, despite your definition.

            I said at the start that the statement was a dumb one because it included ALL liberals, and I am not required to research an opinion. The fact that not ALL liberals are latent totalitarians is self evident.

          • Paul Blase

            So you can't, or won't, prove the basic thesis wrong. As a matter of fact you have no argument whatsoever except kicking and screaming. Typical liberal tactics.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            You can argue with yourself. I will note that you appear to be the one "kicking and screaming."

          • goemon

            agreed. liberals aren't totalitarians necessarily. why can't we just call people like bloomberg leftist radicals or something?

          • oldschooltwentysix

            It doesn't sell newspapers, so to speak, unless you give the readers some red meat!

    • jp4

      The phrase "live and let live" is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard to a libersl. And it's obvious their first and second cousins are Marxists and Islamasts.

  • John Alexander

    This is the biggest threat in the modern world.

    The crazies are no longer way out there. They are comfortably bedded in to our foundation institutions.
    There was a great example from of all places Ireland last week. Their teachers voted unanimously to boycott "apartheid" Israel last Thursday!

    Incidentally, There's a great take on that with a picture of the numpties in action in: "Sick Irish Joke" at:

  • jithran

    How about changing "Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out" to "Inside Every Leftist is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out."

    Leftists are some of the most illiberal people in the world, and we shouldn't be party to promoting the myth that they are liberal. Nor should we call them "progressives" — if they get their way, we'll all be living in the seventh century.

    • Paul Blase

      That's why I use the term "Progressive". Originally, of course, the term "Liberal" referred to conservatives, who were concerned about "Liberty".

      • josey corbin

        You might reconsider that term as well, as they shouldn't be called Progressive but Regressive! The ideas of leftism, despite lofty claims, have always regressed society to greater poverty, stifled innovation, diminished quality of life, and dare I say it, less life itself, if one counts the 20th century.

  • Jorge_Banner

    Collectivists try to make their BS a moving target so they nobody can’t shoot at their unicorn laden horrendous excuses for ideas.

    From communism to socialism to American liberalism to progressivism and a million and one other coumouflaging words trying to move their moral and political filth away from the sights of the righteous who want to defend their invididual inalienable rights.

    Collectivism is only one and whatever you call it the end goal is the same and that’s power over others to force them to abandon their brains and have them replaced by the will of the collectivist.

    Let’s see how many of these words I can compile in a little while, whithout going into too great an effort:

    liberalism (American)
    National socialism (nazism)

    And with a little effort I could go on and on.

    Those words, all of them, mean exactly the same: “me, emperor, I command, you obey, you don’t obey, you die, I own you, you own nothing, my will and my whim are all, you are nothing, you don’t even have a brain, long live the unicorns, the flying pigs and the pink fairies”

    From the SS guard at Buchenwald to a short Pol Pot executioner to a pisslim Mullah to a Castroite political prison guard, from Soros to obama (hussein-barry-soetoro) to Hitler to Ahmadinejad, they are always the same animal. Their stink is the same. Their ideas as if rubber stamped one after another. Their social outlook the very same. Their methods a copy of one another.

    And mind that part of their effort is hijacking the opposite of what their goal really is.

    Take “liberal” It used to mean those concerned with liberty. The collectivists, who hate liberty and want nothing short abolishing it appropriated the term.

    Take “progressive” Who would be against “progress”, right? But for a collectivist that’s just another hijacking. All the “progress” they seek is taking away your freedom and making you their slave. That’s “progress”? “Progress” for a collectivist means the opposite of what you would expect. For them it’s about going back to the rule of force. THEIR force upon YOU.

  • Jim

    The criticisms the Left throws at people they think are conservatives are actually projections of their own internal feelings which they do not see in them selves but think they see in others.

    They however practice the very evils they project to others.
    Censorship,blacklisting,dirty tricks,stereotyping and sympathy for any one who hates the American people.