Muslim Roulette

Can anyone tell which Muslim will go jihad before he or she does?

Non-Muslim Muslims, or as some call them “Moderate Muslims,” give the Jihadist enemy cover. They’re pointed to as “proof” that violence has nothing to do with Islam when, in fact, non-violent Muslims are reluctant Muslims. And they’re the reason we’re playing a game of Muslim Roulette in the middle of the Muslim world’s jihad on us. While we’d like to discriminate between “moderate Muslims,” “extremist Muslims,” etc., Muslims see us as Infidels, period. Not moderate Infidels, extremist infidels, etc., but simply Infidels.

Since 9/11 – a day that FAR too many Muslims celebrated – we’ve been expected to treat Muslims as if they’re not only above reproach, but as if it’s racist or “Islamophobic” to consider for an instant that any Muslim might be up to no good; that they’re All innocent no matter how many of them have been proven guilty of engaging in or supporting jihad.

When our government bureaucrats tell us “If you see something, say something,” they rely on us to be the ones to decide what that means, in order to protect themselves from accusations of “Islamophobia.” Islam is an ideology, not a race, so what we’re supposed to be looking for gets very complicated, since, in addition to Arab Muslims, there are white, black, Hispanic, female, blond-haired, red-haired, and blue-eyed Muslims as well. This is not a call to condemn all those who call themselves Muslims, it’s just a reminder that we need to be better able to detect killer Muslims before they kill. And that’s the job our government should be engaged in — not protecting Muslim feelings, but protecting American lives.

For more on this, see the most popular piece I’ve written on Islam, Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against The West.

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  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, this is pretty vital, given that "non-muslim muslims" are something of a major target for the Jihadis, too.

  • Juniper

    Something that I’ve always said.

  • AdinaK

    Ahhh….. "moderate" Islam…sort of like being half pregnant. Never gonna happen.

    There is NO "moderate" Islam, though there can be Muslims who are not Islamists and they too are targeted. However, the caveat is, when someone proclaims to be a religious Muslim, all bets are off –

    Case closed.
    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

    • ziontruth

      "…there can be Muslims who are not Islamists…"

      Jihad, the implementation of the Islam's imperialist program, is an integral part of Islam, much as missionary work is an integral part of Christianity and keeping the Sabbath is an integral part of Judaism. There are Jews who don't keep the Sabbath; there are Christians who think no missionaries should be sent to the non-Christian world; and there are Muslims who don't support the jihad. All three are cases of religious laxity on the part of the individual rather than any kind of moderation on the part of the religion itself.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah but the more "apostate-ish" Muslims will interpret it as taking their kids to school or getting on the stairmaster, lol.

  • Chanameel

    Islam is Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "About Abubakari II and Mansa Musa(Moses in Arabic),famous Muslim Kings of the Mali Empire"

    "Skanderbeg,Albanian Prince,pretended to be Muslim for more than 20 years,Retracted and fought the Turks"

    • JacksonPearson

      Thanks for posting those links.

  • VLParker

    When Pamela Geller held her anti-honor killing rally in Dearborn all of the muslims I saw were protesting the protest. In other words, they were having a pro-honor killing rally. I didn't see any people in muslim garb among the anti-honor killing crowd. So much for moderate muslims.

    • warren raymond

      While media, politicians and Islam representatives want to make us believe the fable of 99.99% peaceful Moslems in our society, we have had totally different experiences in our weekly rallies in Munich. Insightful Moslems who also want to sign against a mosque financed by terror and an imam under suspicion by Constitutional Defense are an absolute exception. Among the more than 22,000 signatures only around 40 Moslem signatures can be found. All others refuse, become aggressive in the debate and even find Al Qaeda, Taliban and Hamas good, since after all they are also Moslems.

  • Jaladhi

    All Muslims are jihadista and all Muslims are Islamists. without practising jihad a muslim won't be a Muslim. Period. Therefore no Muslim can ever be trusted because he goes terrorist in a nanosecond with the call of jihad in his heart. This is the plain truth about muslims and Islam. Also, this what the so called "moderate" Muslims and their apologist friends in the west don't want to come out and brand anyone who tells it as bigots and other horrible words.

    • gopi

      Very true. Muslims world over have not progressed to modern civil cultural society because they carried the cult of Jihad on their shoulders. Muslim world did nothing to promote or give any kind of benefit to humanity in the shape of inventions of science, medicine, arts, Music etc, but for Jihad, though they don't hesitate take them from Kafirs( Infidels). They have to do away with the words Jihad & Kafir to progress and integrate in today world.

  • JasonPappas

    Moderate Muslims are simply lax. As Bosch notes they have nothing to do with Islam because they just don't have much to do with Islam.

    However, moderates are still part of the problem. They express respect for Islam and demand that other show respect. They sanction this evil imperialist creed even if they don't heed the call to put this ideology in practice. In short, they pave the way for those who seek to put Islam in practice. The moderate keeps Islam alive for some future jihadi to practice.

    It's the moderate that is the problem. Another point that Ayn Rand makes (that goes back to Edmund Burke) is that it is the failure of good men, either through their ignorance, laxity, or negligence, that make evil possible. Evil is impotent without the sanction of the good. Moderates keep Islam alive.

  • JacksonPearson

    There's no such thing, or person as a so-called moderate-Muslim. Why?:
    Because you're either 100% Muhammadanism, or you're an infidel. You can't be both.
    Allah, aka Muhammad wrote the Qur'an's rules to make sure everyone was locked in or else:

    Another explanation:
    “These descriptions are very ugly. It is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that’s it.” — Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
    Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

    –Pamela Geller

  • pinnie


  • Ziggy Zoggy


    "Ahhh….. "moderate" Islam…sort of like being half pregnant. Never gonna happen. "


  • rob

    Taqiyya will forever keep us guessing and losing. Fear of offending (PC), and naively trusting sill be our undoing:

  • Ghostwriter

    The majority of Muslims scream for our deaths all the time. It's no surprise to me.