In learning about Margaret Thatcher’s death Monday morning, I couldn’t help but think about how different she and Ronald Reagan were to today’s leaders, especially as compared to Barack Benghazi Obama.

After news of her death broke, the outpouring of support for Thatcher was so great that even the anti-Thatcher Obama – America’s Iron maLady – wanted to get it on it, in a way that would be self-serving if he had a self.

And then there were the grave-dancers. When great people die, those who don’t matter are reminded about how much they don’t matter, and they prove it by dancing on the graves of the great.

But enough about the scum who had a good day yesterday, here’s my salute to the Great Margaret Thatcher….

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  • Mary Sue

    Very fitting tribute! :D

  • Toph Stewart

    The Lady who saved a nation

    • warren raymond

      She tried and she failed. So did Churchill.

      • Gilles Pembroke

        Umm, at the time, they were both in victory. It was the left who squandered it.

    • Lady_Dr

      The current Prime Minister, David Cameron said exactly that. She saved her country.

  • Felix A Quero

    Most men speak when they do not know how to be silent. He is wise who knows how to hold his peace. Tie your tongue lest it be wanton and luxuriate; keep it within the banks; a rapidly flowing river soon collects mud.
    – Ambrose.

    In answer to a disgraceful article I read in the Independent [UK periodical] yesterday – 09/04/13.

    Can anyone take this little weight serious? Owen Jones writes as much nonsense as he talks. Jones was a mere twinkle in his father’s eye when Thatcher’s legacy was being written. Margaret Thatcher saved Britain. Thatcher gave Britain direction, dignity and identity. At a time when the nation was on its knees, the unions held the country to ransom and the governments of the time were impotent to act or react. I should know, I lived through it – and certainly not Jones. I remember three-day weeks and strikes at a whim. Industry was going bust because of mismanagement, trade unions and inflated pay rises. Just five years earlier, Edward Heath’s government had challenged the miners. Heath lost the 1974 general election amid power cuts and industrial anarchy. When a neutered Heath was asked how a future Tory government might hope to beat the unions, he answered ruefully: ‘We shan’t make that mistake again.’ But not Thatcher! Not one to balk at an opportunity or back down, Thatcher took the bull by proverbial and beat the unions. She took on an aggressive Argentinian junta and beat them too. She brought about the fall of Communist Russia and the Cold War – no mean feat. Margaret set Great Britain on a path to affluence and prosperity. I was there as it happened.

    • Rifleman

      I have to laugh when the left calls people who work three days a week, "working class people."

      • Lady_Dr

        True. I especially laugh though when union members are called middle class. Middle class people usually are more education, have more ambition, and more individuality than union members (except members of the teachers unions – teachers were once middle class, still make middle class salaries, but are rarely education, rarely have ambition, and are usually like sheep).

    • Mary Sue

      Guys like Owen Jones are Yobs. Indoctrinated in their parents' or schools' or Unions' propaganda of socialism.

  • Asher

    So much for the garbage rejoicing at Lady Thatchers death..She was a true leader of Democracy, not this fake pretend democracy that comes with regulations, hardship, and violence in the streets! People need to be bold in their thinking and knowledge like she was…These commies are a minority, and they intimidate and bully people to get their way..Thatcher would never be bullied, she made her points well, and even shut the men down in Parliament!

    • Fritz

      You may also note that many of those celebrating are the occupy type idiots, ones that if they were alive when she was in power they were certainly not old enough to vote at that time.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The warrior goddess Britannia incarnate (the British Athena): wise, brave, strong, good and true. One of the greatest transfomative women in all of world history. Deadly foe of Socialism. Part of the triumvirate that ended the Cold War and brought down the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan's inspiration and political soul mate. I weep for her and will miss her.

    BTW why is the Global Warming Left cheering her death? Didn't she close down Britain's CO2 belching coal industry?

  • Rostislav

    I used to think about Mrs. Sarah Palin as about Margareth Thatcher of tomorrow – and I'm glad to see that Mr. Fawstin's work is supporting my vision: in fact, not a single quotation there contradicts your brilliant Mama Grizzly's own views. God is still so generous in His blessing the Earth with the great, righteous and honest politicians, no doubts about this, but the question is: can we fight our usual tendency to miss the Blessed ones, to be comfortably blind again, to run for the Accursed ones instead? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Rifleman

    "You don't win by just being against things, you only win by being for things, and making your message perfectly clear." – Margaret Thatcher. I didn't realize that came from her, but the GOP really needs to hear it every day.

  • clarespark

    She faced down the Labour Party and the hard left because she understood that capitalism was a good system. See…. "Capitalism is on the line." It would be wonderful if we had a party relalignment along Thatcher lines.

  • Doug Mayfield

    Republicans here in America need a big dose of Margaret.

    For example, 'You don't win by just being against things: You only win by being for things and
    making your message perfectly clear'

    This summarizes exactly what's wrong with today's cowardly 'me too' semi-Socialist Republicans who timidly criticize Obama and then fall over themselves to help create the big government give away.

    Witness George Bush starting the bail-outs which Obama is now using to cripple or destroy
    this country's financial future.

    Republicans have to have a clear, principled, anti-statist, anti socialist message or they will continue
    to lose in national elections.

  • Silver Gonzalez

    Madame Thatcher was too good for the Brits. They deserve Red Ken and George Galloway. Not that I laugh at them because I do believe that Canadians deserve Justin Trudeau, our next PM. But Madame Thatcher was definitely too good for the Brits. They deserve all that is coming their way.

    • Mary Sue

      Currently I don't think Justin Beiber Trudeau is yet to be the next PM.

  • dottedsun

    I really liked that woman. I wish most men had half her —-.

    I just regret her last act given her support to "green energies". So good and in the end so bad.

    • anor277

      Interestingly, she was one of the 1st (perhaps the 1st) world leaders to realize or be persuaded of the likely consequences of carbon dioxide emissions (her early training in the sciences gave her an insight into these issues). I say nohing here to poison her memory.

  • john

    Margaret Thatcher: I always liked her. As PM she did more good to her country than any other PM that came after her.

  • PamM

    "If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve nothing"

    David Cameron would do well to note that as he has been trying to prove how nice he is ever since he became Conservative party leader in 2005.

  • Gilles Pembroke

    Now there's a poster for my man cave!

  • Fritz

    I don't agree with everything she did, more so with that which she did not do, but then again she had a full plate when she got into office and was ousted by the Red Tories in here party (so called moderates to you Yanks) before she could finish the job. This was mostly because of her attitude towards the E.U and her stance towards Iraq, she was proven correct on both counts.
    There were two major things that she should have done but did not do to free Great Britain. One was to privatize the BBC and get government completely out of the broadcasting business. The other would have been to reform the National Health Service which has given Britain one of the worst health systems in the Western world.

  • Lady_Dr


    Having lived in your great country from 1972-1976 I totally agree with what you have to say, and I too wish she had privatized the BBC and gotten rid of National Heath (it doesn't need reform, it needs total privatization) I remember when there were rolling blackouts in London due to the coal miners strikes. She was indeed a great leader who put the "Great" back in "Great Britain."

  • Levothred

    Under threat of nuclear war, I remember hiding under our desks during drills at our grade school, the malls being fallout shelters and the doomsday clock showing 11:59 pm. Thank you Ronald Reagan thank you Pope John Paul II and THANK YOU Iron Lady

  • Danny

    Can you imagine Obama ever even using the words "good" and "evil". I don't imagine he has ever in his life said those words. Thatcher used those words, and so did Ronald Reagan and both were ridiculed for using such "manichean" ideas. Even more depressing, now that I think of it, when was the last time you heard a Republican politician use those words?

  • SSmith

    Now , see , there is massive graffiti on the walls of London underground " burn in hell Maggie" people associating her with Hitler !!! . Spolied nasty kids raised in the good times under the Tories in the 90's.
    Can we imagine what would happen if a similar huge graffiti" burn in hell Mohammad" was painted? Immediate arrest of the perpetrators . I am betting MT is glad to be out of this crazy world.RIP great lady

  • Jimmy

    I really like this picture.