The 2nd Incoming of oBOMBa

Newsweek once again portrays Obama as a God on its “Second Coming” cover in this week’s online story written by Evan “Obama is Sort of God” Thomas (grandson of Norman Thomas, six-time Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party in America.) Let me illustrate what I think Obama is up to in his second term…


  • AdinaK

    His second term plans were addressed here too –

    Clear as a bell.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "The 2nd Incoming of oBOMBa"

    The gift that keeps on taking.

    • Thomas H.

      The gift that keeps on taking.

      The gift that keeps on talking

  • pierce

    What is it with the American people? Do they enjoy seeing our President take away our freedoms, take our hard earned money and give it to people who are too lazy to find a job. What ever happened to PRIDE.
    He, Obomba, talks too much, and now he is trying to take too much. He is doing his best to intimidate every one, not just the Republicans, into thinking he knows best. Not every one agrees with this, but he will end up being the ruination of what has been known as the United States of America.
    He takes from, and gives back nothing, to the people who made this country what it was.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Americans are STILL asleep. We are preoccupied with entertainment and various forms of media, none of which presents us the truth about anything important. The overwhelming majority of Americans are not merely 'low-information voters,' they are disinterested (even hostile!) in any of the deeper social and political issues that's guaranteed to effect them! Americans will wake up when it's much too late, and when they find themselves completely enslaved. Have you heard the story about the Frog in the Kettle?

  • sllider 96

    please name one freedom you have lost thusfar .

    • Ar'nun

      The Freedom to earn a decent living.

    • ImNoDhimmi

      The freedom to express one's thoughts without being labelled a racist.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      The freedom to go about our daily tasks without being spied on and recorded everywhere we go. And we're close to losing our freedom to defend ourselves.

    • Poppakap

      The freedom to choose one's own health care provider without interference from Aunt Sam aka Santa.

      Granted, the policy abortion called ObummerCare isn't fully implemented yet, but when it is, the intention of leftists and lemmings like you is to impose a single payer system; socialized medicine. When that happens, the quality of healthcare in the US will drop to that of the developing world.

    • Spider

      Freedom to make a movie that criticises Is-lam

    • Spider

      Freedom to practice Christianity in Egypt

    • goemon

      the freedom to survive a botched abortion and not be killed
      or is that freedom to be lost later on? not sure

    • Jim_C

      The freedom from fact-based reasoning is still obviously intact!

    • Ben Jabo

      Religion – He's doing his damndest to make the First Amendment useless
      Right to Keep & Bear Arms – He's working in dismanting that now

      He's repeatedly by-passed congress with his Presidential orders

    • Adolf Hitler

      The freedom to buy or not to buy health insurance. Are you just stupid?

    • Flash287

      He has destroyed the freedom to AFFORDABLE travel by car. Continual demonetization and restrictive policies on pipelines and Anwar had limited offshore drilling etc. he middle class can no longer take long road rips due to the high gas prices. Watch teh flick American Graffiti. Those kids and their hot roads fueled an expanding economy. The Left since 1970 had forced the oil companies to develop the fields in Arabia instead of here. We have exported trillions of dollars to Qatar and Dubai as a result. The cheap gas of the fifties and sixties and created McDonald’s and the Holiday INN. The Middle class traveled the roads of America and spending along the way. This created roadside industries like Disney.

      The LEFT policies have destroyed the American economy!

  • john Stone

    I am going to respond here to the blog by Adina Kutnicki that was referred to earlier, because I have become reluctant to scatter my email address around on radical websites.

    On a temporary basis forget about political explanations because they are unnecessary. We are headed for an economic collapse of some type. It could be triggered by a failed Federal Reserve auction, or a falling dollar, or perhaps something else. Once it starts it will produce a credit collapse followed by a slowing economy along with a government that can do nothing about it because the power to borrow and spend will be gone.

    If you want to own a gun to prepare, perhaps that is a good plan, but the bigger problem will be the necessities of life; food, shelter and clothing. We are an advanced industrial society with a population that is almost entirely dependent on the economic system. Even prepared people have only a limited capacity for self subsistence. And what you should fear from the left is not so much venality as incompetence. They think they can run everything and in fact they can run nothing well, and they get a lot of people killed during the learning process.

    If it is a leftist revolution and you look at other countries where such things have occurred, a twenty five million body count would not actually be a large number. And what is far and away most likely, is that most casualties will be caused by incompetence, not bullet wounds.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    How could there be a second coming of the Socialist Christ, as Newsweek proclaims, when there wasn't a true first coming to begin with? When Obama performed no earthshaking domestic or foreign policy miracles his first four years? When he broke a hundred promises after taking his oath on the Lincoln Bible? When he believes that he underspent by trillions what was needed to revive the economy, and was too soft on Israel to forge peace between America and Islam? What first coming was there when Obama's first term was so bad that he had to cover himself in mud and manure to beat Mitt Romney and coverup Benghazi?


    • Jim_C

      Obama did underspend; that was a mistake.

      Obama got health care reform passed–something Truman, Ike, Johnson, Nixon and Clinton could not.

      Obama is bringing our troops home from the most poorly-conceived and duplicitously-sold military operation in American history.

      Obama had public enemy number 1 killed, and has slaughtered more terrorists than any other president.

      Obama continues to provide strong support to Israel despite blather to the contrary.

      Benghazi–yep, can't wait for the "real truth" to come out, I'm sure dozens of Republican congress-critters are working on it, now.

      Obama beat Romney quite handily, it's true–margins matched only by FDR, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Thanks for reminding us! (No doubt due to never-to-be-investigated-much-less-proven "voter fraud," right?)

      • reader

        "Obama continues to provide strong support to Israel"

        I suspect that you keep repeating this mantra hoping to make yourself feel better. Anyone with IQ above the floor trim can see the logical impossibility. The obvious fact is that Obama continues to provide strong support to muslim brotherhood bent on destroying Israel.

        • Jim_C

          Maybe it's just a matter of taste. I have a taste for verifiable facts, you have a taste for paranoid fantasies.

          • reader

            The list of muslim brotherhood contacts of this administration is just as verifiable as the list of self-proclaimed communists. Your IQ is also verifiable, by the way.

      • Extradition

        "Obama is bringing our troops home from the most poorly-conceived and duplicitously-sold military operation in American history."

        Are you that stupid?

        Usama planned & carried out an act of war while a guest of the Taliban. As such they said they could not extradite him.

        What were we suppose to do after they refused to extradite Usama. say "excuse us" or say "Thank you sir may I have another".

        • Jim_C

          I was referring to our little do-gooder trip to Iraq. I don't blame you if you don't want to remember that.

          I am perfectly fine with Afghanistan being a training ground for our special forces to play whack a mole.

      • Ghostwriter

        By what possible standard do you think that President Obama supports Israel? He doesn't really care a whole lot about it,Jim_C.

        • Jim_C

          It's true he has a chilly relationship with Netanyahu, but in terms of material assistance and in terms of public stances he has taken, he has been very supportive, indeed.

          This site tries to sell a version of Obama as an enemy of Israel and a lover of Islamic regimes, but it's made of fluff and sore feelings.

          • reader

            In terms of material assistance, he is the first one to offer plenty to muslim brotherhood. He's also the first one – at least since Jimmy Carter – to denigrate the entire country of Israel by calling her small and isolated. If Israel is isolated, it means that his stance is exactly to isolate her.

          • Jim_C

            Keep saying "Muslim Brotherhood," maybe I'll get a-scared of them, like you.

          • reader

            Chances are you won't understand anything except rudimentary marxist propaganda mixed with the feel-good-about-yourself nonsense you've been conditioned to like a pavlovian dog.

          • Jim_C

            Pavlov, eh?


            Just kidding. You can come out from under your bed, now.

          • reader

            You are a real idiot, Jim. David Horowitz said it a few times – and it's a verifiable fact – that the difference between the nazis and the muslim brotherhood is that the nazis were hiding "the final solution", whereas the muslim brotherhood – including the current "persident" of Egypt – are screaming from roof-tops about their intent to conduct mass extermination of the Jews. They've already started on the copts in Egypt – and that's a verifiable fact too. Go verify your mental capacity.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Get out of debt, sell unnecessary assets while you can and pay off all you can to keep foreclosures
    and reposessions from happening. Stabalize your personal economic picture, join local food
    cooperatives, buy up necessities that may or will disappear as markets contract. The people that
    put Obamallah into Office will see that the party is over and as base individuals they will be looking
    to take more of what is not thiers, spoil thier day………it's a start………..

  • BLJ

    Obama will overreach big time and I have a feeling it will result in blowback. He is (by far) the worst thing that has ever happened to this republic. I wish the simpleton's who voted for him would be held responsible as well.

  • slider 96

    Colin Powell TOLD IT LIKE IT IS TODAY . And he's DEAD ON TARGET . Talk about "simpletons " good name for you Tea Party phony conservative imbeciles .

    • JacksonPearson

      Colin Powell is RAT sh*t, and so are you.

    • BLJ

      You just proved my point moron.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,slider 96,you sound like an imbecile yourself. By what evidence do you say that the Republican party is racist? I'd like you and BLJ to give me some proof. If not,than go away.

    • reader

      Well, Colin Powell revealed his small, petty, envious and revengeful character during Valerie Plame phony scandal, when he silently watched Scooter Libby's life destroyed for a leak that he knew for a fact had been coming from his aid dick Armitage.

  • Jim_C

    I hope Obama's "hope bomb" explodes all over this great nation!

    • reader

      This is a Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! character. We have voters who have to be medicated – in fact, Im afraid they are over medicated.

    • Carbondioxide

      To "right wingers" like me, Obama's words are destructive like bombs.
      There is a pre-Obama book review in Amazon discussing the Democrat Party strategy. "Understanding the Left"July 9, 2004 _By A Customer This review is from: Egalitarian Envy: The Political Foundations of Social Justice (Paperback) _"The underpinnings of the political left seem to mystify the typical right winger. To them, the left simply defies logic. _Perhaps that's because those on the right are typically religiously motivated by seeking the carrot/pleasure (heaven) and avoiding the stick/pain (hell). __But the left doesn't believe in heaven or hell. They seek an idealistic world of equals, i.e. egalitarianism, and the substitute motivating factor employed by the leaders of the left is envy.