The Difference Between the Soviet Media And the Obamedia

I was thinking about the Obamedia – the vast leftist media that treats Obama as if he were a king or a special needs child – and comparing them to the Soviet media and what the main difference is between them. The Obamedia sells out the truth as if their lives depend on it, but the Soviet media sold out the truth because their lives depended on it. The worst thing that can happen to a member of the Obamedia if he or she slips up and tells the truth is that they’d be frowned upon by Obama and other leftists. (Actually, the worst thing that could happen is that they would receive praise from Rush Limbaugh.)

The leftist media are lap dogs when their party is in power, attack dogs when it’s not, and never watchdogs, which is their actual job. Just because we’re used to it by now doesn’t make it any less disgraceful. [To see an enlarged version of this illustration, click here.]

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  • AdinaK

    The difference between both medias – there is none!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • Rostislav

      I may be mistaken, but I do think that there IS one difference between them, and quite a huge one at that. Our Soviet press had not a single ad within – its only source of existence was the Communist Party money (as Ann Coulter rightly jokes, PRAVDA was honest enough to print "Organ of the Central Committee of CP" under its name, while the NYT wasn't). But the main source of your MSM existence is advertizing – and that's what was always astonishing for us in the USSR, when we were clandestinely reading in English the same gibberish our Moscow propaganda was daily feeding us in Russian: just how these strange advertisers could support with their capitalist money so clearly anti-capitalist content?! Some say: ah, this damned Soros and his subversive Leftist network – OK, I know that Comrade Soros is extremely wealthy, but still I suspect that he is not some Atlas, bearing all the colossal universe of the US MSM on his mighty shoulders, isn't he? This Atlas is non-Communist and non-maniacal Americans (mainly advertisers and partly – subscribers). Why, why, why are they doing it, bringing to their henchmen the proverbial rope? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • pierce

    Ah, the media, the adoring media, what a waste of time and $$$$$$$$$. They think of themselves as the intellectual giants of our world, choosing to tell us how and what little we know. I really am sick and tired of them. They are on an ego trip, and I keep wondering why they won't trip and fall flat on their face.

  • JohnGalt Iamoura

    (to *pierce's* comment above)

    Ego Trip?!* – what Mr.Fawstin identifies here is precisely a case of non-, or anti-ego. Although it is a case of ego, its the lack of it, or pretense of it (ie. for popularity). So, its more of an egoless trip or selfless trip.

    Ayn Rand makes the use of the term clear in *The Fountainhead* when Wynand misuses it also:

    (The scene is Wynand stating that it should have been Roark's image as the statue in the temple.)
    Roark: "No, I'm too egotistical for that."
    Wynand: "Too egotistcal? An egotist would love of that. You use words in the strangest way."
    Roark: "No, in the exact way – I'm only myself."

    Roark has completely integrated his mind/image/being/self/ego/spirit/soul into an indivisible, central whole. Which should be the task of everyone in our modern time — possible since its now properly identified in the Ayn Rand oeuvre.

    Whether the world accepts reason or goes over into the abyss – those who understand that -"the looter/moocher code must run, for once, its undiguised course" – now have an Atlantis Refuge option – you don't have to go òver the falls paddling in the looter lifeboat' or 'forced to drown in the cesspool enabling the moocher's sinking ship'.
    The John Galt Motor now exists, Galt's Gulch is established. Come and see it for yourself, in June – yes, just like in the novel.

    And I mean it.

    A $ A

    • Roy Dzigli

      You're missing the usage of "Ego Trip" . I believe the poster is using the term in the 60's way. I believe she's saying that the media is self important,self centered and ego centric. The term wasn't used or understood the way that Ayn Rand understood it. "Anthem" is a great book about the ego btw. I find that a better way to refer to certain behaviours is "Negative Ego" and "Positive Ego". The Ego is what we use to deal with the outer world, whether we use it in a positive way or negative way is a possible personal choice. "Ego Trip" in the 60's vernacular refers too the "Negative Ego". I personallyhave many better ways to describe the modern media.

  • kasandra

    The column is right on point. It was understandable that Soviet era "journalists" toed the party line. If they didn't, it was on their knees in the basement of Lubiyanka prison with a Tokarev pistol to their neck or, at best, Perm 36 for them. Our "journalists" do it willingly and gladly and their punishment is lavish book contracts, television shows, and "journalism" prizes. It's all very strange.

    • spartacus !!!!!!!

      it's not strange kassandra ! satan is very good at what he does ! , humans for the most part are ignorant fools being led by bigger ignorant fools !

  • Chris_Shugart

    I sometimes wonder why the American media establishment is so compliant to all things liberal. Theories abound, yet I remain puzzled. I think there's ample evidence that journalists aren't the most intelligent people in the professional world, especially in the area of critical thinking. And by its very nature, the media is much about image and presentation. I know and have met liberals who seem to wear their ideology more as a fashion statement than a philosophy. It's as if looking and feeling good determines the agenda, rather than rational judgement.

    • figment

      I sometimes wonder why the American media establishment is so compliant to all things liberal.

      Click on discover the networks and youll see who funds lame stream media

      • cathy


        Do you have links. Thanks.

        • Larry

          Cathy, the link to Discover the Networks is over there -> and down a bit.

  • cathy

    The Indoctrination of America

    Considering the daily committments of life imply that most Americans tune into one of the "controlled" major networks (CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN) with a left-wing agenda to "catch up" on the news prior to turning in for the night.

    John Dickerson
    September 19, 2012
    John Dickerson was named CBS News’ political director in November 2011.….

    Go for the Throat!
    By John Dickerson
    Jan. 18, 2013

    The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.

    • Maxie

      "If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat."
      It's all part of 'Fundamentally transforming America' and Dickerson is an immature lefty numb$kull.

  • JacksonPearson

    Other than America's MSM self imposed Progressivism upon themselves, I don't rationally see how America's media can be compared with the Soviet Union. American news papers, radio, TV, and magazines are Constitutionally protected. Not so in foreign countries.

    Why? Because of the First Amendment to the Constitution. U.S. courts have stood behind the 1st Amendment for the press in almost every lawsuit both criminal or civil. Whereas, in other countries and especially the Soviet Union that don't protect freedom of speech, or the press, they usually have to bend to the ruling dictator. Anti Constitution pundits can scoff or decry our Constitution as being old and outdated, but answering and ruling on Constitutional questioned lawsuits are what our courts are suppose to be about.

  • Bosch_Fawstin

    "Other than America's MSM" ?! as in, Other than my Main argument? – The MSM is who I'm writing about. The "Obamedia", the "Leftist Media", etc. They're Government Media, shilling for Obama, similar to how media in dictatorships shill for dictators, but worse, because they HAVE Freedom of the Press, they CAN report the truth, despite their ideology, but choose to hide the truth that counters their dishonest agenda. They're agenda-driven hacks who've made it their job to cover up for Obama. They've betrayed themselves, their profession and their country. The non-leftist media doesn't do that. Whatever their flaws, they try to give the truth a chance.

    • JacksonPearson

      I didn't stutter in the first part, of my first paragraph:
      "Other than America's MSM self imposed Progressivism upon themselves" Perhaps I could have given a more lengthy comment, anyway:

      Of course the MSM are Obama hacks, and are covering up for him. But in accordance with our Constitution's, First Amendment of being a free press, they don't have to do that for him. Yes, the MSM have to be hard core, leftist agenda driven news organizations to ignore and not report or skew the facts for him.

      e.g., The MSM are purposely ignoring the huge fact, that's his recently posted white house birth certificate has been examined by Adobe software experts, and found to be a poorly done forgery. I followed and confirmed their investigative steps in Adobe Illustrator cs3, and Adobe Acrobat Pro X, and yeppers, it's a forgery.

      Add, Obama's using a stolen Connecticut social security number (SSN) that failed E-Verify. The same private investigators have Barack H. Obama II tied to over thirty-six (36) other social security numbers.

      Investigators have also found his "Selective Service Registration" to be a forgery.

      But we can't lay all of the blame on the main stream media. Because ALL of Congress (house and senate) and U.S. Department of Justice have been given sworn affidavits and investigative evidence including a detailed report from Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Posse Investigation of the above alleged felonies by Barack Obama, and are also being purposely ignored.

      Oh, and let's not let us not forget ALL of the law suits that have been filed with the above mentioned evidence and neatly dismissed by state and federal courts based on their newly discovered cop-out of "lack of standing," or some other legalese gimmick.

      My complaint on all of this is, if a person like Barack Obama is being legally ignored, and given a free pass to transgress, than WHY is any other person charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned in this country???

      Summed up with: From evil seeds grow evil weeds

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame the media's like this. They hurt themselves by not going after President Obama more aggressively.

    • Maxie

      "More aggressively"!!! Are you kidding? The Media 'JournOlists' have been aggressively complicit in getting Obungle elected by studiously avoiding any proper vetting of this MT suit who is in no way qualified to do the job he's been given. The "Media" is Obungle's PR firm. His fraud-laced re-election was just more of the same derelect 'journalism'. Chalk it up to cynical reverse ra$ci$m social engineering and using that to preclude any criticism of his radical Left Agenda.

  • Western Canadian

    That placard/postcard/poster/bumpersticker (and it should be ALL of them and more), is amazing. Incredible in its accuracy, breath-taking in how so few words describe a corrupt situation so perfectly. It should be duplicated, and used to plaster the walls of the homes of every media whore in america….

  • Tamika

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