The Islam Bomb

Bosch Fawstin is an Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist currently working on a graphic novel, The Infidel, featuring the anti-jihad superhero, Pigman. The first two chapters are now available in digital comic book form. Bosch’s first graphic novel is Table for One. He is also the author of ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad, a print companion to The Infidel.

The Islam Bomb exploded in Boston this week, as it’s exploded in countless cities across the world. The Islam bomb is always there, waiting for a Muslim to set it off, a Muslim with the will to kill, a Muslim who takes Islam seriously. As Daniel Greenfield puts it in The Point on Front Page Magazine, Islam is the Ultimate Sleeper Cell.


Here are a number of my tweets this past week about the Boston Jihad attack:

“We don’t know what the motive is(lam)” – scumedia

Wise a$$ writes me that some expert said OBL himself used ‘a version of Islam’ as trap for recruits.” I reply: “Yes, Mohammad’s “version”

Human Being: “News reports terrorist act.”

Leftist: “Yeah, but who did it?”

HB: “White guy”

L: “YES!”

HB: “Named Mohammad”

L: “NO!”


FoxNews. u read same social media profile of killer I did, yet u only mention he was “wrestler”, not that he lists his worldview as Islam

FOX News: the terrorists r MUSLIM. Their religion, ISLAM. They’re waging JIHAD against us. We KNOW their motive, STOP pretending otherwise.

“IIIIIIII’mmmm dreeeaming of a whiiiiiiiite terrorist.” – Salon writer. Somehow, I don’t think this scum has a problem with scum Bill Ayers

While Muslims celebrate the atrocity in Boston, “moderate” Muslims pray Muslims aren’t behind this. Where are the human Muslims?

Muslims who Aren’t celebrating the atrocity in Boston: That Muslims might b behind this ISN’T the worst thing about it. Do u understand?

“Please don’t let it be a Muslim”, tweets a Muslim. Always running to the rescue of Islam, Never giving a DAMN about its victims.

“What’s worse, the terrorist attack or the fact that Muslims might be behind it?”……*Well?* ” — “I’m Thinking!” – PCist, left & right

U.S. GOV, post-9/11: Protecting America, Optional. Protecting Islam, Absolute.

The Shock would be if it’s Not Muslims & Everyone knows it, Even Muslims & Leftists.

Muslims who keep telling me to read the Koran in order to better understand Islam: Reading it twice is 1 of the reasons I can’t Stand Islam

The (Isla)media

The “news” media is reporting everything that’s going on ……. in their heads.

Notice silence from Biggest Mouths in Washington? Terrorist attack reminds all of us that our gov has been doing EVERYTHING but their job.

All Muslims have Islam, Jihadists have Full Blown Islam

WW2: “Not all Germans r Nazis” – Now: “Not all Muslims r terrorists.” –And? We should do nothing about those who r b/c of those who aren’t?

Insignificant fact: “Not all Muslims are terrorists.” – Significant fact: ALL Muslims who model themselves after Mohammad are terrorists.

Here are Muslims protesting jihad….


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  • Michael Copeland

    A fine informative image. Thank you.
    The places where The Islam Bomb has been willfully detonated, New York, Moscow, Madrid, London, Beslan and so on are our teachers.

    To the dedicated Jihadis these names are battle honours: therein lie the conflict and the incompatibility.

  • Michael Copeland

    Are you sure you are the originator of the second picture? I have seen it elsewhere but with different titles, Mecca’s Concert Hall … The Saudi Arabia Sculpture Gallery … The Riyadh Symphony Orchestra … The Yemen Boys Choir.

    • @BoschFawstin


    • Georgina

      There is one identical in the Viennese Gallery, titled "white".

  • dev

    also hyderabad, bangalore,delhi,jaipur,varanasi,ahmedabad,pune in india…real scums

  • Asher

    Recruiting Muslims right here in the US is so easy!

  • historyscoper
  • Dannykid

    you cannot wake up someone who is pretending to sleep.

  • Lan Astaslem

    GREAT piece Fawstin!

    • defcon 4

      Ditto, kudos to you Mr. Fawstin. I particularly like your quote: '“Please don’t let it be a Muslim”, tweets a Muslim. Always running to the rescue of Islam, Never giving a DAMN about its victims.' That really sums up the mendacious hypocrisy of islam.

  • scopes

    Just to be fair lets start compiling a list the cities in which the American Bomb has exploded, should we start chronologically, or go across the map and do it more by regions?

    –> this is going to take a while :/

    • Todd

      The American Bomb? U mean liberty, peace, prosperity, human rights, should we start chronologically, or go across the map and do it more by region?

  • Georgina

    “Not all Germans r Nazis” but those wearing the SS uniform were. Just as those wearing the islamic jihad uniform are proponants of the new califate "world order" and islamic supremism. Sympathisers with the nazi movement were considered equally guity, why not proponants of the islamic takeover?

  • Rory

    Islam is incompatible with Western ideals. Europe, America, and Australia need to stand against the spread of this backward ideology.