In his Inauguration speech, aka his Attack on American Individualism, Obama invoked our founding in order to undercut it by suggesting that our Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate important facts about today’s world. In reality, they founded our nation upon principles true for all time, and The Constitution was written so as to defend against its enemies.

Obama plans to “bridge” the meaning of our founding documents with the “realities” of today’s world, and thereby finally deliver the country to those he claims have never had a shot at the American Dream. He suggests that he only wants to finish what The Founders began, but his actions in the last four years show us that he wants to finally finish off what they began.

Just as our foreign enemy wanted to change the face of America on 9/11, so our domestic enemies want to change the face of our founding and remake it in their own image, with Obama as their icon. Unlike former U.S. Presidents who overreached, Obama doesn’t just want to leave his mark on the nation; he wants to leave a permanent scar.


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  • κατεργάζομαι

    America's "UNFOUNDER" ….is a real ENCOUNTER of the THIRD WHIRLED.

    ….whatta downer.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Obama is a truly evil man, supported and augmented by his America hating, Israel hating and Jew hating first lady. We should all support Orly Taitz and Steve Stockman, in their efforts to expose Obama's crimes and bring him to justice; aka getting him out of the White House.

    • maria

      Yes, Orly Teitz and Steve Stockman are fantastic. Obama is worst possible antisemite and so is his wife, a daughter of a petty gangster
      He wants to destroy USA with helpf o his thugs like Hagel, Brennan, Kerry, Holder, Farakhan etc.
      Impeach obama

      • Rostislav

        I'm reading these noble emotional "Impeach Obama", "It is high time to" etc in the US conservatives' commentaries since at least the mid-2009. At first I was reading them with hope, then with disappointment, and now with – well, I'd better shut my mouth, because my mom has taught me "never be rude in a good company". The conservative company is undoubtedly good, but my negative reaction is produced by total uselessness of its hollow battle cries during all these long years: Obama seems to be less and less impeachable, and after his November reelection his chances to be thrown out lawfully are equal to those of my own Soviet leaders, Mao or any other dictators. Zero, that is. I'd be only happy to be wrong, but I think that time of noble emotional words is over. There is an urgent necessity to ACT in your country, nevertheless there are no actors at sight. Except Obama & Co, naturally. And I know from the sad experience of my own country, that in any battles between armies of words and armies of actions it's always actions who win. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

      • Mary Sue

        Heh, Obama painted Michelle's family as the Typical Middle Class Black Family in his rag of lies and halftruths, The Audacity of Stupidity. Her old man is a gangster? That explains A LOT.

    • Mary Sue

      while I don't doubt it, I have yet to see specifically where Michelle My Belle trashed on Jews.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Google "Michelle Obama and Jews," or "MIchelle Obama and Israel." See what you come up with.
        Do similar searches on this web site, or at http://www.townhall.com.

      • beez

        She doesn't have to, having once been a notable and faithful disciple of the United Church of Christ Senior Pastor, "the Reverend" Jeremiah Wright. That proud Jew-baiting, Christ-slandering, God-damning, gay blade who not only served his flock as chief propagandist for Karl Marx–the 21st century version–but who also organized the Down Low Club–(cleverly shortened to the "DLC"). A subsidiary ministry to the gay male parishioners of his church, which the Reverend personally founded in order to find eligible wives for DLC members like Steve Young, the choirmaster at UCC, Chicago, and Barack Obama. That's how Moochelle and Barry Soetoro Obama Davis Junior came to meet. That ol' Reverend Wright, he's just brimming with great ideas. Just think, the whole world would otherwise know that Barack was gay. Instead, the Reverend provided him a beard, a woman to point to and say, there's my wife and kids, a veritable black version of the Kennedy family, centrist, sane, and completely fraudulent. But then, who'll ever know, and if no one ever knows, who is going to care? Not Barack, not Moochelle, and not the Reverend Wright.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    In reality, the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief is the "deconstruct" POTUS, one who will leave, as his legacy, the disassembling of the U.S. as a super power. In tandem, he must chip away at the Constitution, leaving it as little more than a relic from the past. A shattered instrument. This is a reverse legacy, but a legacy no less.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Daphne

    I like metaphors, and to me that for the First Obama Administration would be The Wiemar Republic, while the Second Obama Administration would be "The Chancellorship" , now ensuing as indicated by his Presidential privilege of issuing 23 Presidential Orders regarding gun control, and other such orders for other topics. It is also of interest that any would-be dictator starts by disarming (removing weapons) of potential opponents – the non-believers.
    I do not seriously believe that Obama wants to be a dictator, but that he is so enmeshed by his ideology of improvements for the people of the USA, that he is willing to sacrifice all else to implement what he believes are the necessary measures to take. But I, and many others, disagree with him.

    • beez

      I agree with you: Obama is so brainwashed, immersed in Marxist ideology, and so void of any capacity for self-criticism or self-examination that he actually believes in his own fairytales: he's a genius, the greatest humanitarian who ever lived, and infallible in all matters. Therefore, anyone who opposes him or questions him in any way must be cast aside, swept away or eliminated by any means available.

  • BLJ

    Obama is an evil and despicable person no doubt. I think his arrogance and hubris will end up being his undoing. This isn't the Soviet Union.

    There are far too many Americans who will end up standing up to the Muslim Brotherhood loving Marxist and I think "blowback" will happen. I also believe that eventually the military will step in and stop this piece of feces.

    • White Hunter

      I wish I could share your optimism, but I'm afraid I can't. Hitler needed just a few years (from 1933 to about 1936) to transform Germany from a civilized nation into his monstrous vision of utopia. It started with demonizing the Jews in snarling speeches, and blaming them for every imaginable evil (substitute "Republicans" for Jews here today). Like Stalin (and Obama now) journalists in the rest of Europe, and in America, idolized him.__Then the Jews had to "register"–and no one objected. They were stripped of all their rights, property, and citizenship, and most Germans either agreed, or averted their eyes. He had no trouble recruiting millions of Germans to inform on their neighbors, and children against parents. Soon the cattle cars were rumbling. __Given the foaming-at-the-mouth fanaticism of Obama's worshippers, I'm not confident we can count on the basic decency of our fellow citizens

      • White Hunter

        [continued from above]
        I don't think it's likely to start with a dramatic, widespread round-up or armed attack in the middle of the night, as Hitler did to the S.A. once they were no longer "useful." That might bring people to their senses, and alert them. But keep in mind that Obama's friend, Ayers, coolly estimated that 10 million or so wrong-thinking Americans might have to be "liquidated" so they wouldn't get in the way. And neither Obama nor his accomplices objected. It'll most likely start bureaucratically…something to do with the tax code, or insurance requirements that can't be met. Violations result in imprisonment, and then worse. As Beria sneered, "Just give us the man; we'll find the crime."

        • Drakken

          As much as I agree with much of what you have to say and agree with the parallels, the American public are very different from Germans, where Germans are meticulus and go with the program types, Americans especially in fly over country still adhere to rugged individualism and most folks in flyover country are ardent patriots and filled with vets who won't go with the program because Comrade Obummer demands it, there will be a fight, that much is certain, it will depend on the political establishment and whether they go with the program and perish or fight with the people? At this point, it doesn't look good for our pols of any party.

  • Bob Gard

    I wish you would read my eBook available at Amazon. "On Gard, Obama, You are an Unconstitutional President because You are not a Natural-born Citizen, which I shall Prove beyond a Reasonable Doubt." At least visit The-Constitutionist.com. To impeach Obama, the electorate has to stop gripping onto willful ignorance and invest some time in self-education. Even Orly Taitz has not read my eBook because she, like most conservatives, doesn't think Obama's unconstitutionality really can be proven. I sent out a press release to 20,000 recipients last August. Only four carried it. That is the degree of willful ignorance in the U.S.

  • Kevin Stroup

    He WON the vote. Evidently more people approve of what he is doing, than those that do not. How else can you explain the vote? Please, provide proof to support yourself.

    • BLJ

      Voter fraud was rampant. There were people in my voting place voting that I know do not live there. Team Obama has the morals of a jackal. Anyone who voted for this clown is an idiot and I consider them my enemy.

    • Knucklehead

      He won the vote partly due to rampant, epidemic democrat voter fraud, partly due to the democrat's/illegal's motto of "vote early, vote often', but also because so many in this country are low-information single-issue voters who bought into the lies of Obama's campaign staff (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, the NEA, labor unions, et al.).

      I am sorely afraid the Republican party is all but dead, due in part to their naivety, and also to their cowardice at not being able to stand up to the lies of this filthy scumbag president-in-fraud.

    • Mary Sue

      When a president is starting to violate the very Constitution, you have yourself a SERIOUS problem. It doesn't matter whether he was elected legitimately or fraudulently at that point.

      Ask Woodwards and Bernstein whether the fact that Nixon won the vote held any weight during the Watergate scandal.

    • beez

      Low information voters is how I explain the vote. How many people know who Frank Marshall Davis is? How many people have even heard the allegation that FMD is his real father? How many people believe that FMD is Obama's real father. I've read extensively in this, and I've concluded that the chances that Barack Obama Senior was his real father are almost nil. Just take the time to look at and compare three photos: Obama Senior and Obama Junior, and FM Davis. The lack of resemblance between Obama Sr. and Jr. is striking. They look NOTHING alike, but FM Davis is almost a dead ringer. This is NOT about WHERE he was born. That was the great straw man argument the Left kept shoving down the mouths of conservatives. This is about who his real father was–IMO, the communist, Frank Marshall Davis. THAT was what the Obama people covered up. Moreover, it is known and conceded by everyone that it was Davis who raised Obama from the age of 10 until he was 18. It was Davis that brainwashed him in racist and Marxist ideology.

  • Johnconrad

    Explain the vote?

    Pretty easy.

    A combination of the left-wing march through the institutions of the nation. Schools have been dumbed down to where students believe that gay rights and free contraception are more important than national security.

    Also, Democrats saw they'd never convince native born Americans to follow them, so they added a new dependent minority constituency that is now determinative in national elections.

    We sat by and deluded ourselves and watched them do it.

    Shame on us.

  • Mach1Duck

    I once met a high raking Secretary of the United States Government, and when I ask him the differences between the two parties, his reply was, "The all feed from the same trough." So, do you really expect any action against a president when all those sitting in the chambers that could do something are looking out for their own interest (FIRST).

  • fanlad

    Until the American people are willing to believe and see the true reality and true state of affairs, and stop believing in the false narrative, and false reality as painted and scripted by the leftist, and complicit media, America will continue on the freeway to serfdom. The leftist and media know they can play on the pure emotions of safety and security to sway the American people away from their God given rights of Freedom and Liberty. God help us.

  • Arlie
  • tanstaafl


  • Ghostwriter

    Oh boy. This is going to be difficult.