Acid Attack in Zanzibar

Acid-attack-main-2143899“In Zanzibar, as in most idyllic, exotic tourist destinations, it’s difficult to imagine anything bad ever happening.” So began an article at the Daily Beast about the recent acid attack on two 18-year-old British girls in Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania.

Yes, Tanzania – that idyllic, exotic land where hundreds die every year from mob violence and lynchings, where spousal battery is permitted, where 30% of teenage girls experience sexual violence, where women are murdered because they are suspected of being witches (a “growing trend,” according to one human-rights report, with the number of such killings increasing “from 579 in 2010 to 642 in 2011”), and where the arms and legs of albino children are chopped off by people who think they will bring power and wealth. (In 2011, a 16-year-old girl was “attacked by three masked assailants who invaded her bedroom. The daughter’s father tried to rescue her but the gangs disappeared with his daughter’s arm.”)

It should be added that Tanzania proper, where Christianity is the dominant religion, is a bastion of liberalism compared to the island of Zanzibar, which is mostly Muslim: on the mainland, the maximum penalty for committing a homosexual act is five years in prison, while in Zanzibar it can land you behind bars for up to 25 years.

This is the idyllic, exotic place to which Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, both from affluent London neighborhoods, traveled earlier this summer to spend three weeks teaching at a Catholic school as volunteers for something called Art in Tanzania. How much, one wonders, did they – or their parents – know about what they were getting into? One thing’s clear: the organization’s website, which is plainly designed to lure volunteers, contains absolutely nothing that might wise up a clueless reader about the less felicitous aspects of life in Tanzania. The site describes its volunteer locations as follows: Bahari Beach is “an idyllic coastal location” where volunteers live in a house that’s “a 10 minute walk from the beach”; Karatu, near the N’gorongoro conservation area, is “the ideal place for volunteers and interns who love wildlife”; Butti is a Masai village where volunteers “stay in traditional Masai huts and observe Masai cultural practices”; Moshi, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, offers “one of the most stunning backdrops in the whole of Africa” and a “vibrant town centre”; in Serengeti, which offers the opportunity to go on safari, “you will be surrounded by wildlife in your front yard.” Finally, there’s Zanzibar, where volunteers can “chill out in the world famous beach resorts” and enjoy “Stone Town’s atmospheric labyrinth of streets.” Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were walking down one of those streets when two young men on a moped rode past them and threw acid in their faces.

The website of I-to-I, the volunteer-abroad outfit through which the girls apparently discovered this opportunity, doesn’t mention the dodgy sides of Zanzibar, either. It, too, gushes over the island, calling it a “sun drenched,” “wonderful” place with “amazing beaches,” “winding alleyways, bustling bazaars, mosques,” “excitingly exotic island dishes,” and a “rich cultural heritage.”

Apparently the girls did get some warnings about “appropriate behavior” in Zanzibar. Both Gee and Trup, who are Jewish, had reportedly “been careful not to reveal jewelry emblematic of their faith. They had also been given the usual Art in Tanzania orientation “advising them to cover up, not take photos of Zanzibaris without first asking, and when out during Ramadan…not eat in front of locals who are fasting.” But it seems unlikely that, amid all the tripe they were fed about Zanzibar’s “rich cultural heritage,” Gee and Trup were informed that among the elements of that culture are, for example, the murder of suspected witches (usually old women with red eyes) and an exceedingly tolerant attitude toward wife-beating. Nor, one suspects, were they told about the seething hostility of Muslims in Zanzibar toward the Christians next door and on the mainland. And how much did they really know, going in, about Islamic attitudes toward Jews? I would bet not much at all. The Daily Beast quoted a British anthropologist familiar with Zanzibar as saying that when locals there “start interacting with foreigners, especially young and from the U.K., it is nearly always nasty, sexually charged, and never straightforward.” And the Daily Mail provided this charming detail about Zanzibar’s culture: “Threats of acid attacks are not uncommon on the island. Tourists rebuffing touts offering cheap goods are often told: ‘For 500 shillings I can destroy your face.’” You’d certainly never know any of this from the glowing promotional copy at the Art in Tanzania and I-to-I websites.

The girls’ parents don’t appear to have been terribly well informed about Zanzibar’s culture, either. Yes, they knew enough to realize that there’s a Muslim dress code; parents of both girls made sure to inform the media that their daughters had respected it. “The girls weren’t doing anything wrong,” Trup’s father assured reporters. “They were fully covered and had long sleeves on.” Gee’s mother agreed: “They were dressed appropriately.” These parents seem utterly innocent of the fact that Muslim social codes encompass a lot more than rules about attire. “This whole thing is unexplained,” Gee’s mother said. “It’s difficult to think of someone doing something so evil.” Well, not so difficult if you spend a few minutes skimming through a Tanzanian human-rights report or reading about the latest jihadist barbarities in sun-drenched Zanzibar. Did even these girls’ parents know how much irrational anti-Jewish bile is poured out daily in the media and mosques of the Islamic world?

This is certainly not to criticize the girls. Or even their parents. It’s not even to single out Art in Tanzania and I-to-I for their shameless whitewashing of Zanzibar. After all, they’re selling a product. Caveat emptor. What we’re looking at here is a systematic educational failure. Western teachers and journalists, among others, haven’t done their jobs. They’ve soft-pedaled the truth about Islam and they’ve rebranded primitive, dangerous Third World countries as “exotic” and culturally rich lands where the only social problems are the consequences of Western colonialism. As a result, 18-year-old Jewish girls from England who’ve presumably received good educations and who are about to attend university can head off to a place like Zanzibar with stars in their eyes.

So starry-eyed was Gee about Zanzibar, in fact, that she’d stayed on even after an incident that a more clued-in foreigner might have taken as a warning to get out while the getting was good: a couple of weeks before the acid attack, she and Trup had been walking through Stone Town singing when a Muslim lady came over to them, shouting, and hit Gee in the face – a punishment, the woman made clear, for the offense of singing during Ramadan. That wasn’t all: a friend of the girls said that “they felt uneasy being in public” in Zanzibar because “people would stare or say things to them.” Also, there had been some kind of unpleasantness with a shopkeeper.

Yet even the girls’ friend calls the singing-during-Ramadan assault an “isolated incident.” That curious phrase keeps recurring in reports about the girls’ experiences. Zanzibar police insisted that the acid attack was an “isolated incident.” A BBC story (which painted such a sunny picture of the island’s crime situation, of interactions between locals and tourists, and of Muslim-infidel relations that one wondered if it was dictated by the Zimbabwe tourist office) led with the claim that the acid attack had “shocked many on the Tanzanian island who believe it is an isolated incident.” But it seems absurd to conclude at this point that there was anything “isolated” about it. At last word Zimbabwean police had taken into custody a Muslim preacher, Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa, who has ties to an jihadist group called Uamsho, which “wants Zanzibar’s independence from Tanzania and Sharia law on the island,” and which specializes in – guess what? – acid attacks. Not long before the attack on the girls, Uamsho dropped “crudely-printed anti-Christian leaflets…around Zanzibar” and warned that it was planning some act of unspeakable mischief. An insufficiently radical Muslim cleric who was the victim of a recent acid attack by Uamsho had no doubt that the group was behind the attack on the girls; nor did a local Catholic priest whose predecessor was murdered earlier this year, probably also by Uamsho. “They want to make the islands only Muslim,” said the priest, “and first they wanted to scare Tanzanian Christians, and now they want to scare tourists, who they see as all Christians as well.” Far from being the victims of some random act of cruelty, then, it would seem likely that Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were targets of jihad. They thought they were in a tranquil island paradise, when in reality they were on a jihadist battlefield.

Teach your children well.

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  • Chezwick

    Reminds me a bit of the young, white, aspiring film-maker who rented an apt. in a poor, black neighborhood in Minneapolis. He figured since he accepted everyone for who they are, that everyone else felt and thought the same way. One night around midnight, he took a walk, impervious to the potential danger that others in the neighborhood were all keenly aware of. There happened to be a fracas going on at a house party down the street. Groups of young black people were fighting with one-another. Our young protagonist stood there like other bystanders to watch it unfold. But he wasn’t like the other bystanders. He was white. Soon enough, he was noticed and set upon by the others. The mob beat him senseless, took his wallet, his ring, his clothes, everything he had, and left him for dead. I believe he’s still in a coma today.

    His ignorance and naivety possibly cost him his life….just like the ignorance of these two young girls almost cost them theirs. This is not really about socio-economics. Poor people aren’t automatically brutes. This is about culture. Different cultures have different pathologies. Certain pathologies are very specific to certain culture. Islamic culture is theologically driven to be misogynist. The culture afflicting our inner cities is rampant with thuggery, violence, drug-abuse, crime, and flight from personal responsibility. Our aspiring film-maker was apparently oblivious to that culture. The institutions he was schooled in and, ultimately, his parents, failed him miserably.

  • antioli

    If they were well educated some one for got to give them a more complete education. Makes me think of American media information when I think of the word incomplete.

  • LoneRangler

    Everywhere in the world where there is a large enough group of Muslims living next to ANY other culture, there is blood and violence and terror. Moderate Muslims my aunt Emma.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The existence of so-called “moderate Muslims” is a demonstrable myth. Indeed, the first and foremost prerequisite of Islam is the total, complete, and unconditional submission to the will of Allah under the pain of death for blasphemy and apostasy. Not to mention that the “will of Allah” that all Muslims totally, completely, and unconditionally submit to under the pain of death for blasphemy and apostasy in essence is Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law. Hence, for any person of Islamic persuasion to be considered a “moderate” in the true Western sense of the word, that person would necessarily have to disavow Sharia. However, that action at the same time would also make that person a blasphemous apostate, who according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed, as in effect that person would cease being a Muslim the instant he or she disavowed Sharia. Thus, the existence of so-called “moderate Muslims” is a leftwing political correct myth, and never mind the fact that we fought a very unhinged war in support of such an idiotic myth in Afghanistan that inevitably turned into one of the biggest strategic blunders ever in American history.

      By the way, besides Islam, what Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions also compel faith via the pain of death for blasphemy and apostasy? The answer, of course, is none of them, which also reveals that Islam is not a religion, but a cult instead, and because Sharia, i.e., the will of Allah, is also Islamic totalitarian law, Islam in reality is a very totalitarian cult posing as being a religion to dupe its intended victims. Indeed, the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism through jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which one more time is Islamic totalitarian law.

    • Aizino Smith

      Christianity. The Albigensian Crusade. But even during the time Pope Gregory the 9th had misgivings about the crusade and the Inquisition. Some of the Inquisitors came to bad ends and no one asked questions.

      Digging a little deeper and you’ll read where various authors and historians claim and show that some of the accusation of witchcraft were ways of siccing the authorities on rivals and to acquire their land. so that case it is not so much about Christians (because these people were not), but about people being back stabbing B____es. I am reminded of one instance I read where are woman in Berlin (under its old name) was accused of being a witch. Her family stuck with her and the reader could plainly see it was about a family feud.

      Still by 1648 European Christians sorted things out. They had enough of that crap.

      Still what people would I want to be around? Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bahais, Sikhs or Christians. Preferably Christians but it is all pretty good. I would not want to be around Muslims. The way many cosmopolitan Muslims were in the 1950s and 1960s was good but it did not last. The could still pray 5 times a day, observe Ramadan and all that. In short they could be good Muslims. but then the veil came back and all the rest until women are regarded as chattel again.

      • defcon 4

        “good Muslims” carries as much weight as the concept of good nazis.

        • Aizino Smith

          That is pretty close to the truth.

          and yet there is the sole survivor of a seal team that was saved by a Muslim. And that Muslim’s family have paid the price.

          Still I would have wished and back in 2000 expected more Muslims who are safe in the West to decry Islamic extremism. they have not in any great numbers. I think percentage wise more blacks vote Republican than Muslims do anything effective against Salafi terrorists.

      • LoneRangler

        Let’s bring the discussion back to the 21st century, shall we? Ooops. Muslims are still living in the 7th century.

  • logdon

    There are two stories involving British girls doing the rounds right now. And both have a similar moral.

    This is one, the other is of two lower middle class teens caught in Peru with one and a half kilos of cocaine in their baggage.

    First off they denied, then when it became apparent that they were bang to rights, they told a tale of being forced at gunpoint to do the smuggling deed.

    They believed that just like home, they could merely blag their way out of trouble.

    That their implausible lies would be believed as if in a politically correct Britain where a female lawyer could convince that they were gullible victims and that the real crime was a woman hating society.

    Only after two weeks are these girls understanding the seriousness as if what they did was a mere harmless prank.

    They’re now looking at twenty years apiece in a Peruvian hell hole.

    Whilst the two Jewish girls in Zanzibar were of a vastly superior order to these two smuggler idiot chavs, there’s one thing in common.

    British girls due in part to feminist educationalists and a girl power zeitgeist have been imbued with a strange kind of inviolability.

    It may not be Colgate but they are lead to believe that there’s a protective ring of confidence around them.

    That they are as tough as males, that foreign climes are just like home only populated by people of a different colour and as such what could possibly go wrong in their fantasy world?

    We see them in Britain every weekend, comatose and strewn across vomit splattered pavements like putrid rag dolls and with zero regard to consequenses.

    That’s one lot. The others are educationally up a notch but just the same in attitude as they attend their demos, spitting at police, defacing monuments, breaking windows, wreaking chaos and behaving like utter morons.

    Whilst the latter will claim moral superiority and that their behaviour is mere protest, underneath this facade of moral righteousness they’re just the same.

    Ostensibly the Jewish girls weren’t like either and it may not have been their fault, but they were infected with the same kind of hubris.

    A walk on water mentality which whilst assuring an effortless glide through the environs and echelons of Hampstead society and commerce, obviously fails to grease the path out there in a polarised and tribal third world.

    A third link and then I’m done, and that’s the recent Muslim rape epidemic of white teenagers.

    You’ve probably heard of this spate and how for a decade our police and social services ignored the pleas whilst Pakistanis not only raped, but sold on for further rape by maybe a dozen in a night, gullible kuffar girls.

    The awful part is the abandonment but also how the girls were so indoctrinated by race law and social attitude which pushed them into the initial consensual relationships with predatory Pakistani males.

    They were told, they’re just the same as us so many times that to them rejection of the advances was either socially unacceptable or the mark of bigotry.

    Once in the grip and plied with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine the spiral descended and they ended as sexual products to be humiliated and virtually destroyed.

    Awareness and sometimes fear of the other is a natural instinct which in the distant past placed a hesitancy into engagement with the unknown.

    Whether its a shark infested ocean or another culture you either just did not go there or if you did made sure of protection or a swift exit.

    All that is gone and these three entirely varied episodes indicate that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

  • defcon 4

    My favorite comment to the amoral leftards who tell me Christianity is just as bad as Islam? Send your daughters to any muslime state, or, alternatively, move there yourselves.

  • m4253y

    so, why would these two girls go there? naivety?

    maybe they have a better understanding now of the jihadi haji way? one can hope so for their own good.

  • 1proactive2

    That amazingly naïve people will willfully go into dangerous areas is nothing new. This happens in America on seemingly a daily basis where whites go into black neighborhoods to end up being beaten senseless, maimed, or even murdered. Read Colin Flaherty’s book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, and you’ll get the drift of the problem. Lesson: Stay out of areas, to include countries, where savages live and prey.

  • JVR

    It is without question so that Westerners are completely naive about conditions and risk in Africa.

    Westerners are people who do know (and do not want to know) the true nature of conditions there. There are people who have a better understanding after 100s of years of exposure, but they have been villified and condemned and generally disbelieved whenever they explain the situation.

    At the beginning of mass migration to the West, in 1977, a group of these people sat in London and opined that the West will be in for a rude awakening in about 50 years. In the following decades the West worked hard installing regimes in Rhodesia, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa — generaly with bromides of “democracy”, “democratic leaders”, democratic-minded when referring to the ANC, the MPLA, Frelimo, ZANU and ZAPU — and in some cases giving outright material support (Sweden was the most prominent in this respect).

    These days Westerners send their children to places like Zanzibar, alone, without protection, and they expect things will not go wrong.

    Ps. The article fails pointing out the reality of life and death for people born as albinos in Tanzania. Perhaps you lot should take a look, and something can be done to help those people.

  • tickletik

    “This is certainly not to criticize the girls.”

    Why not? Why don’t we criticize them?

    Answer: Because we are gutless. We are selfish. We want everyone to love us so we don’t speak the truth.

    And here is the truth: Their parents are half wits. They are halfwits as well, but they have an excuse, they are 18 year old girls. But they are lucky they still have faces. Their parents on the other hand are as dumb as rocks and will likely remain so even after this incident. And why do I say that? Because we in the West are gripped with an arrogance that borders on total insanity. We will never accept when we are wrong. Even when reality throws acid into our faces.

    • Philo Vaihinger

      So why do we let them vote? Good canon-fodder, bad voters.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Caveat emptor? So much for product liability and consumer protection. And making excuses for these people seems a little to much like making excuses for the lures of people who kidnap the young for international sex slavery.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    No question. At this date, Islam is the most dangerous and cruel religion in the world.

    • defcon 4

      I hate to say it, but islam always was. Some say 250 million people have been slaughtered in the name of islam. What the muslimes did, and are doing, in the Indian sub-continent makes me believe the body count is more likely true than not.

      • Philo Vaihinger

        Maybe not. Remember Apocalypto? Mel Gibson’s great movie about pre-Columbian religion in Central America? From the descriptions left by the conquistadors, things were spectacularly horrifying.

  • herb benty

    Britain’s left wing has done a bang up job, denying the evil of Islam. Canadian and American lefties are also paving the road for Islam, and when muslims get the right numbers, WAR. Why the hell are we waiting?

  • VivienneM

    Ummmmmm do you even know where Zanzibar is chap? You seem to have it confused with Zimbabwe. Two separate countries – here is a map so you can get yourself more acknowledged to the outlay of a continent and its countries you seem to “know” so much about ! On that note, have you ever even been to Tanzania? And no, staying in a fancy hotel sipping on cocktails does not make you knowledgeable on the ins and outs of a country and its people. Now onto the 2 girls, I know for a fact that the girls who had acid thrown in their faces were acting very disrespectfully. I do not condone that they deserved what happened to them but my goodness, if they were to do any of the things that they did here in say, Dubai, or Qatar, their punishment would be extreme. Women in these countries have literally been STONED in the streets or burnt alive because they were raped. Would you walk around in Saudi Arabia in your bikini? Would you take pictures of men praying in mosques during Ramadan or openly flirt with local men? Would you smoke in public and hold hands? NO! I dont walk into someones house in my underwear and jump on their couch and draw all over their walls in big red crayon. I WISH you people who apparently live on SUCH a moral high ground actually knew what you were talking about. I dont blame you as a Christian for extremists of your religion just as I dont blame my colleagues and friends for Muslim extremists. How dare I do that? How dare YOU do that? It infuriates me to NO extent that people like YOU are writing these articles and painting a country in a light that doesnt even exist. Do some research. Get your facts straight. Stop putting people into a Mother Theresa shade of lovely when, just FYI, going to an island to get drunk, sleep with every second Masai warrior and catch a tan is as far from the truth of charity then anything I have ever heard. F*CK IT MAN!

    • A Z

      Never been to Saudi Arabia. But there is one helluva a lot of illicit sex there. That is sex outside of marriage.

      In the Gulf states in general there is a lot of prostitution. I was shocked when I learned that. I said, “but I thought this was a Muslim country”. No different than anywhere else. Say one thing, do another. They just talk a pious game.

    • defcon 4

      Christian extremists aren’t murdering and raping people all over the world in the name of their religion islamic fool.

      Your arguments of false equivalence (or should that be equivocation) are amazingly stupid.

    • DeadWhiteMan

      Viv, how do you KNOW that the girls were doing these things? I’m asking seriously.

      And, anyway, there are no Christians doing the kind of horrible things you Muslims regularly do.

  • VivienneM

    And she wasnt “assaulted” – she had had a henna tattoo of which she had an allergic reaction. She was walking and dropped her bandage and just left it lying in the street (“classy”). A KIND lady picked it up and ran after her and grabbed her arm to get her attention. The lady speaking in Swahili and wearing traditional Muslim dress (because by the way, it was Ramadan) suddenly now means you are being attacked? F*CK IT man!

    • Aizino Smith

      You asserted that she dropped her bandage. We have no proof.

      Purposefully a bandage would be littering. A proportional response would going to the police, having them arrested and fining them enough money (but not more) to deter them littering.

      Either you were there, heard from a friend who heard from a friend … (ya information is always 100% correct then) or read it in some newspapers (which vary from good to polemic rags).

      She had a henna tattoo. Really? So why did you not link a newspaper article?

      I have never seen a cross dressing poster before. But your screen name and the way you write do not match. I wonder what else is twisted.

  • dartson

    I blame their moronic parents. What kind of parents let their daughters go to a Third world sh*thole, populated with Muslim savages? If Jewish girls from Britain feel such an urge to go abroad to volunteer, they can go to Israel and help the children of Sderot, traumatized by years of rocket strikes from Gaza.

  • Wifman

    Ah, yes, these ‘isolated incidents’… Here in Germany, muslims group together in fours or fives and kick young Germans to death. In the last 20 years, they managed to kill a whopping 7500 young men. One of the ones that got a little more attention was the murder of the German-Thai Johnny in Berlin last year (his sister ‘made a fuss’).

    Ingenious comment from the public relations officer Police Berlin: It was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, we have a lot of them.

    War is peace, people!

  • Troll With No Name

    Do guns kill people, or do people kill people? Does Islam kill/decapitate/acid attack/dismember people, or do people kill/decapitate/acid attack/dismember people? These backwards savages were hacking limbs, murdering “witches,” de-limbing Albino’s LONNNNG before Islam arrived…

    • Aizino Smith

      Over time, a good religion should have made headway in stopping such a bad practice.