Anti-Semitism in Copenhagen

anti_semiticAnother day, another newspaper story about anti-Semitism in Europe. The good news, I suppose, is that there are at least some newspapers in Europe that are willing to acknowledge the phenomenon. The bad news is that there’s more than enough material to keep the stories coming.

The latest report, in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, is about seventeen-year-old Moran Jacob, a Jewish boy who until recently lived in Nørrebro, a heavily Muslim neighborhood of Copenhagen. Back in January, Jacob agreed to testify at a hearing about anti-Semitism at Copenhagen’s City Hall, where he told about the harassment he’s been subjected to since childhood. At the time, several newspapers provided accounts of his testimony. (Representatives of Islamic organizations were invited to attend the hearing, but chose not to.)

The son of a Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother, Jacob began his education at a private Muslim school, where he was bullied because of his Jewish background and had to keep his distance from the other kids during recess. When he was transferred to a regular school, the abuse grew even worse; it wasn’t even safe for him to walk home alone. In eighth grade, his teacher told him to say that he was Palestinian and that his mother was Russian. “I had to lie about who I was,” he recalls. But it didn’t work. They knew. Eventually, a group of his classmates ganged up on him and stabbed him in the leg. “You can’t go here anymore,” his teacher said. “I have scars,” he told the hearing. “Not on my body, but on my soul.”

Jacob, of course, isn’t alone. He was the youngest of seven Jews who told their stories at the January hearing. There was obviously a reluctance to go public. Many gave only their first names. When TV cameras swung around to show the members of the audience, a number of them covered their faces.

“Jews have learned to keep a low profile,” Max Mayer, president of the Danish Zionist Federation, told the hearing. “To not exist in the city.” When they come out of the synagogue, they remove their yarmulkes. And they teach their sons to do the same: wear the skullcap at school, but take it off when you leave. This, Mayer said, has become standard practice for Danish Jews: “Don’t see us, don’t notice us.”

It certainly wasn’t easy for Jacob, a shy kid, to testify. But he decided to do so after reading a comment made by Lise Egholm, a school principal in Nørrebro. Apparently, Egholm had privately warned Jewish parents not to send their kids to school in Nørrebro. When the news of her advice made headlines, she was irritated, insisting that the problem really wasn’t all that big a deal. The particular expression she used to make this point was one I’ve never heard before: she said that the issue of anti-Semitism in Danish schools was “en fis i en hornlygte.

It’s a rather goofy-sounding term: literally, it translates (roughly) into “a candle in a lamp made of an animal’s horn,” fis being a now outdated term for candle. In contemporary usage, however, fis is one of many words in Danish (and Norwegian) for fart, so it sounds as if it means “a fart in a lamp.” In any event, it’s an expression used to describe (according to Wikipedia) “something that isn’t really anything” or (according to a website about the Danish language) “something that looks like much, but isn’t really anything special.” It was when he read Egholm’s blithe use of this term to dismiss the challenges faced by him and other Jewish schoolkids in Denmark, Jacob told Politiken, that he decided to take the risky step of going public about his experiences.

(By the way, Egholm isn’t the only educator in Copenhagen who, while clearly recognizing the dire reality of anti-Semitic harassment in the city’s schools, is possessed of a curious disinclination to draw attention to it: Linda Herzberg, who works at a school in another part of town, acknowledged in an interview with Politiken that she, too, had witnessed assaults on Jewish kids, but shared Egholm’s concern that the problem not be “blown up too much.”)

Anyhow, Jacob’s testimony was featured in the media – and, as Jyllands-Posten now reports, the hubbub just made his life even tougher. Some time after the hearing, two Middle Eastern men passed him in the street. “That’s him,” one of them said. “Jew pig!” shouted the other. On Facebook, strangers called him a “Jew pig” and “Nazi pig” and “Jew dog.” (Plainly, the imagination of these people is severely limited.)

In the wake of his moment in the media spotlight, Jacob’s mother was advised by several school officials to transfer him to a school outside of Nørrebro. She was stunned by the suggestion: Jacob had lived in the neighborhood almost his entire life; neither of them wanted to flee. But in August, he finally gave up, packed up, and moved out. He now resides in what he considers a safer part of town. Not that it’s made his life a bed of roses: a couple of weeks ago, he was on Strøget, the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen – Tourist Central, basically – when a couple of “Arabic kids” grabbed hold of him and made a serious effort to drag him away with them. Who knows what they had in mind. Fortunately, two companions of Jacob’s managed to come to his aid. (As someone familiar with Strøget, which is almost always quite a busy, bustling thoroughfare, I can’t help but notice that no passersby appear to have tried to help.)

Now, Jacob says, he’s considering leaving Denmark altogether. He’s quick to add that he’s determined not to allow the continual harassment to scare him into silence, and insists that Denmark has to remain a country where people have the right to express themselves and to be who they are. Still, he admits that he’s not sure the Copenhagen of the future will be such a city. “If I have children, I hope they can walk around Nørrebro without hiding the fact that they have a Jewish father and without being spat upon and assaulted. But I am beginning to doubt it.”


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  • Jason

    My heart goes out to the Jews. Never have a group of people suffered so much in history. Despite what may have happened between Christians and Jews in the past, know this: Today, Christians stand with you Israel, and the Jewish people. You are an inspiration, your stand against Islamism is commendable!

    Alas, Anti Semitism is still rampant. The Leftist elite choose to ignore it, and the muslims only do what their book tells them to do.

    • Flicker

      All I can guess is that people who like to spit and kill know that the Jews really are God’s people, and can’t stand that.

      • defcon 4

        The evil always hate the good, because it serves to remind them of their evil.

    • Nanook8

      I believe it starts with envy, and jealousy. Jews are perceived to be more successful.

      • defcon 4

        They are. Just look at Israel, it’s not successful because of muslimes, but in spite of them.

    • Thomasson

      Dear Jason.
      You write my heart goes out to the Jews. Never have a group of people suffered so much in history. Well this was true until 1945. Afterwards the Jews had learned, the hard way, that our world is based on Darwinistic rules. Sustainability means FIGHT. Weapons and brains are the only means to stay alive.

      There is a famous adage: in Rome you have to live like a Roman. Alas, the mother of Moran Jacob does not have that basic wisdom. She and her son are living in a No-Go Zone in Copenhagen; named Nørrebro.
      She can’t do anything about it, as for her financial means are not affording her to move to a better neighbourhood. However, she could choose a school for her son where the majority of children is Danish indigenous. It could help Jacob to integrate in Danish society. Sending the bot to school in Nørrebro can be compared to sending a white middle class boy to a black school in Haarlem or Watts.

    • J Simson

      Thanks for you support :)


    • Jill

      SOME Christians stand with the Jews. The rest are organising boycotts of Israel and fuelling/aiding anti Semitism in their own countries.
      Your sentiments are appreciated – we all need courage these days and anyone ready to speak frankly and act is still a little rare.

      • defcon 4

        Some Christians are interested in muslime outreach programs while other muslimes slaughter, rape and persecute other Christians throughout the islamic world.

  • Aizino Smith

    What is multiculturalism?

    If Jacob leaves, would that not be multi -1?

    If the Christians leaver would that not be multi -2?

    and so forth

    Multiculturalism is a tenet of liberalism. It is an article of their faith. They do not seem to practice it.

    • Tziona

      Why do you have to suffer all this? There is a flourishing Jewish country welcoming all Jews. Go to Israel and be a part of rebuilding Jewish nation instead of wasting your life wining and complaining.

      • Aizino Smith

        I am not Jewish.

        The problem is not only the facts that one community is being wiped out but that is is part of a pattern.

        “First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

        Then they came for the socialists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

        Then they came for me,
        and there was no one left to speak for me.”


        After the Salfis run out the Jews they will run out secular and Christian Danes from Nørrebro and then other neighborhoods.

        You know it, I know it, quit your lying.

        Opposing people like you in debate is not a waste. It is necessary for a good life.

      • defcon 4

        If the world becomes an islam0nazi cesspool, do you really think Israel will still be safe?

        • Tziona

          Israel is not “safe” now. We are 6 millions Jews surrounded by 600 millions Arabs. We chose sending our sons to the Army rather than crying and complaining. There is more dignity to that.


            Thankfully Israel is not the unarmed Jew of WW2 or Khybar.

            The retaliatory annihilation of Mecca would be a start.

      • Race_Dissident

        Better still, why not bar inimical populations–Moslems spring to mind–from immigrating to Europe? Can we honestly say that the Islamic presence enriches Europe?

  • Aizino Smith

    May the people who think the treatment of the Jews on Europe is “a fart in a lamp” and the Muslims, who say “Jew pig, suffer as the Jews do.

    All the sudden they would see a problem and say “Can’t we all get along.”

  • Sheva

    When I read that Jacob was called “Jew Pig”, I can add my own story. I am Jewish, American, and unfortunately, I did act like a pig for 3 years. As a result, I was called “Hebe”, “Swine”, “Jew” etc. — all by non-Moslem Americans. In fact, it escalated to physical and sexual attack. Thus proving that some of the folks who use the name “pig” are themselves “pigs”. There is another article in today’s frontpage on the mutilation and rapes by the jihadists in that Kenyan mall – and it explains these acts as motivated by their desire to be manly and pure. So “rape” is “pure”?
    I also have nothing but contempt for the Danes mentioned who say this anti-Semitism is no big deal. They don’t live in the real world, and maybe they never will.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Those who say anti-semitism is “no big deal,” say the same about Him.
      Hashem, Elohim—is difficult to perceive to limited humans; to some degree even to those who believe. But He is there; thus the Jews will teach the jihadists the meaning of NEVER AGAIN; perhaps sooner than you think.

      • Meggles

        We can only hope and pray so.

    • Thomasson

      @c4de5f6059eb94478ffb76de39c81c5a:disqus The Danish teacher who had said that anti-Jewish sentiments are no big deal, has done it for one reason: she is afraid to loose her job. Don’t forget one thing: despite of the rise of anti Islam parties (like the Danish Folk Party) the morbid Cultural Marxists and brainwashed Quislings are still in key position in media and policy. It should take Europe as much time to purify the countries of hazardeous multicultualism as it took with the ‘Denazification’ of pre war Nazi Germany. Till than every one who oppose political correct attitude is living a risky life.

  • Karen

    Give him asylum in US. Let the Danes rot.

    • Alvaro

      The Danes have little do do with this. They are very nice people. Antisemitism in Scandinavia in all essence comes from the (political) Left and from the (geographical) South-East. I have yet to meet a native conservative in Scandinavia who hates jews.

      • emptorpreempted

        And left-wing Danes are not Danes?

        • Alvaro

          I wrote no such thing, but if you ask the left-wingers they probably identify themselves with the “proletariat”, “mankind”, or “Islam”, and not with “outdated petty bourgeois” constructs such as the nation.

      • Race_Dissident

        I have yet to meet a conservative Scandinavian. I doubt they exist.

        • Alvaro

          You have now. I can assure you I am real.

        • Drakken

          There are a lot of them, they just keep a very low profile.

    • Flicker

      And I’m not sure either Jews or Christians will be tolerated much longer in the US either. Look at the German Christian homeschoolers who are being denied refugee status.

      • defcon 4

        I agree. Christians are regularly demonized by morally vacuous lieberals who defend islam0nazism. The propaganda campaign against Israel has an end game and it’s not a good one.

    • Thomasson


      I am sorry
      but you are wrong in your judgement on the Danes. If the Danes were so rotten (many of them wish now they had been!!) , they had not let the whole tsunami of Muslim and African immigrants into the country. They fall victim to the brainwashed morbid Cultural Marxists (the Generation of ’68) like so many European countries had. The left wingers tried to wipe out the nation state (of poor 4,5 million Danes) and create a multi cultural society. What they had created is Jurassic Park. This is not what
      the average Dane wanted. Moran Jacob fall victim to the stupidity of his mother. She had sent him into a primitive retard lions den instead of a Danish school. Why are the Danes to be blamed for?

  • jewdog

    As Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, has observed, the Muslims he has worked with are proud of their bigotry, in contrast to the non-Muslims, who tend to hide it and find it embarrassing.

    This is one way Islam is destroying civilization. Everything our forefathers have fought and sweated to build, it is tearing down.

  • Paul Marks

    The Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” Marxists are fools – they thought they could use the Muslims as a battering ram against “capitalism”, yet the force they have brought into Europe (Islam) is not some controllable tool. It is a deadly threat to all Westerners – including the Marxists themselves.

    • defcon 4

      One of the first groups to be disappeared in the Islamic “republic” of Iran?


      The socialists think that they can control the Islamofascist scorpion, but the scorpion will sting them last because it is the nature of the scorpion.DV

  • Kumbayah

    Goodbye Western Europe. No balls, no soul. You get what you tolerate. Sux to be you. If you don’t fight back, you can’t win.


      Except for the Czech Republic, SCREW SOCIALIST EURABIA.

      • Drakken

        Hey NOW! What happens to them will happen to us, so it is in our best interest to help them wherever we can.

        • defcon 4

          Is it the Domino theory all over again?

          • Drakken

            No, national survival.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    A sympathetic as I am to young Jacob, I have to wonder about that “Israeli Jewish mother” who married a Muslim man and sent her son to a private Muslim school. Exactly how did she imagine that would work out?

    • defcon 4

      She was probably scared of the evil Christians and thought he would be safer amongst the tolerant islam0fascists.

    • John Eagle

      I guess a naive person, who “gave peace a chance”.

      • Meggles

        Maybe she actually believed the ‘religion of Peace’ crap. Now, no doubt, she sees it for the vile, murderous, sick cult it actually is.

  • Marty

    european Jews are on borrowed time. They should migrate to Israel at the first opportunity. europe is gradually and more obviously seeking into an islamic hellhole that will usher in a new and perhaps permanent dark age of sharia brutality, economic stagnation, and overall institutionalized misery.

    • Drakken

      The fires of nationalism are being stoked by the muslims in their midst, every brutality given to the Europeans makes more Europeans seethe with righteous anger and resentment, soon this is going to blow up into full scale Balkans on steroids, the natives will be pushed, shoved, brutalized and raped for only so long before the inevitable backlash begins.

      • Jill

        Backlash?? Yeah. I keep hearing this, but apart from the EDL noone does anything…

        • Drakken

          It will start as a local matter and snowball from there, all it it going to take is someone to light the match and throw it into the lake of gasoline which Europe currently is.

          • defcon 4

            WE can only hope.

  • Keroppi23

    As a pacifist, I denounce any violence perpetrated on innocent people. Still, it is important to understand why such violence is occurring if you wish to curb it. Young Muslims are being raised in a Europe that treat them like second-class citizens. We Europeans have to make a better effort to integrate our Muslim brothers, to help quash the Islamophobia that runs rampant through our culture and to embrace the rich heritage they bring with them to Europe. Please understand too that Muslims everywhere feel deeply powerless and humiliated by the inhumane treatment that their Palestinian brothers suffer under the Israeli Occupation Forces. Unfortunately, a minority take out their frustrations on innocent European Jews. This could be diffused if more Jews around the world took a stand in condemning the oppressive apartheid regime in Tel Aviv. It is long past time that we all embrace our common humanity and common dreams. Cheers from Stockholm.

    • defcon 4

      Delusional idiot? Or dripping sarcasm?

    • Race_Dissident

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A for why Western Europe has no future. Imbeciles such as this are the rule rather than the exception.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Give specific examples of the “Islamophobia that runs rampant through our culture;” of the “rich heritage” that Muslims bring to Europe; and the “inhumane treatment that their Palestinian brothers suffer under the Israeli Occupation Forces.” One example of each, please.

    • Daniel Rubio

      It’s good you are a pacifist. Thus you will go meet allah pacifically while those poor young muslims you care for so much beat and club you to death.
      And while you are at the blame-the-Jews-for-everything ritual, maybe you should also blame the Jews for your receding hair-line, your bulging belly and your stupid brain. And also for infesting you with the pacifist ideals. These Jews, the things they are capable of! Look where have they brought you. You, who could have been the grandest of the grand, limited to a lousy loser who can only blame the Jews for an answer.

    • Daniel Rubio

      It’s come to my attention taht you are the proud winner of an airplane ticket, one-way, plus living expenses for 3 years in Baghdad, Teheran or Riyadh, your choice. You will have the lifetime opportunity to live in a fantastic city, world-wide renowned for its night-life, cafes, theaters, art, museums and friendly people. You will live in a city full of the “rich heritage” muslims are trying to bring by the truck-loads to Europe. You will live elbow-to-elbow with muslims who live as first-class citizens in a muslim city. You will not see any trace of the horrible Islamophobia that “runs rampant” throughout the bigoted European cities. You will enjoy the multiculturalism in their streets, as you’ll be able to interact with Sunni muslims, Shiite muslims, Saffi muslims or Alawite musims. You will integrate yourself with the beautiful life that these highly succesful, happy and productive muslims lead. You will cherish the 5-times-a-day you’ll spend at the local mosque, praising allah, whether you are a religious person or not. You will enjoy the freedom you’ll breathe in its streets, you’ll marvel yourslef at the democracy they enjoy and you’ll ask yourself: How come I did’t come here 10 years ago? And how come they all want to leave this paradise by the tens-of-thousands and go to live in the racist, uni-cultural European and American cities?

      • defcon 4

        Why not Mogadishu? Or Islamabad? Where tolerance for other religious faiths and freedom is the motto!

        • Aizino Smith

          “Swedish women of various faiths have posted photos on the Internet wearing an Islamic headdress (hijab) to express solidarity with a Muslim woman assaulted in the country for having a hijab.”

          I suppose Keroppi would point to this. Maybe it happened maybe it was a false flag attack. If it happened, I would point out that the ration of attacks of Muslim versus European Swede vastly out number the other way. Keroppi would not acknowledge this. If he did then it would be late at night before he admitted it. The next day he would be back to the same old talking points.

          But what is the point? Keroppi has a better handle on Japanese anime than who did what to who 1st on a historical time line.

      • Meggles

        Let’s hope this islam loving pacifist doesn’t take his sister (if he has one) to a muslim country,they just ‘love’ western girls.

    • 3rdjerseyman

      Muslims are murdering Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and atheists all over the world. All this because Israel exists? Muslims are treated like second class citizens due to their behavior. If the acted like Japanese or Swiss they’d be treated that way.

      • defcon 4

        Don’t forget the Sikhs, Bahai and Zoroastrians. I wonder how many Zoroastrians are left in Iran these days? I’m sure it’s declining.

        • 3rdjerseyman

          You’re right. They murder the Baha’i regularly- for some reason they always accuse them of being Israeli spies. Our prez is being gulled. This will not end well.

          • defcon 4

            They use to murder Iranian Jews for being Israeli “spies” as well. After closed courtroom trials, with no public transcript available for scrutiny and no appeals process. Islam0fascist “Justice” in action.

        • rangerider

          I have read there is about 100,000 worldwide. A couple years ago 2 got married in England. It made the news for a couple of days.

          • defcon 4

            I have a magazine published by the Parsee community. They’re basically experiencing their own diaspora at the hands of the islam0nazis who run Iran.

          • rangerider

            Well, it is rather sad to see a people with so much history in this situation. Darius was a great King and created a great religion, helped by a Great man, Just an interesting history :-)


        It’s wrong to treat Islamists as second class citizens.

        They should not be citizens.

        Let ‘em go back to Mecca. You too Crappi23.

    • Hallgard Vormann

      “Young Muslims are being raised in a Europe that treat them like second-class citizens.”

      Nonsense. They become second-class citizens because they show no civic spirit, don’t get proper educations, don’t work, can’t be trusted, disrespect our values and traditions and still demand *us* to respect *them*! The ones who care to be part of society, learn the language, get an education and work hard – all doors are open to them! The problem is cretins like you telling them that working hard won’t help them.

      “We Europeans have to make a better effort to integrate our Muslim brothers,”

      Sorry, Mr. Muslim. You are no Swede. No European would call Muslims their “brothers”. Only Muslims call Muslims theer brothers, so you have no more right to speak on behalf of Europe as I have to speak on behalf of Arabia.

      “to help quash the Islamophobia that runs rampant through our culture and to embrace the rich heritage they bring with them to Europe.”

      Europe has obviously not been invaded, colonized, plundered and occupied enough, and not enough Europeans have been enslaved by Muslim pirates thougout centuries for your liking.

      Rich heritage? Wife-beating heritage? Child-marriage heritage? Rape-heritage? Bomb-making heritage? Welfare recipient-heritage? Laziness-heritage? Just what Europe needs…

      “Please understand too that Muslims everywhere feel deeply powerless and humiliated by the inhumane treatment that their Palestinian brothers suffer under the Israeli Occupation Forces.”

      And please understand that Christians and Jews in the entire Middle-East feel deeply powerless and humiliated by the inhumane treatment that they suffer from by the imperialist Arab occupation forces.

      Please also understand that Arabs in Israel have more civic rights than in the “Nazi” republic of “Hamastan” or similar hell holes where you can be summarily executed on the street and dragged behind a motorbike.

      “Unfortunately, a minority take out their frustrations on innocent European Jews.”

      Yes, this minority is called Muslims.

      “This could be diffused if more Jews around the world took a stand in condemning the oppressive apartheid regime in Tel Aviv.”

      Muslim hatred towards Jews was introduced by Muhammad in the 7th century, and can not have been *caused* by Israel in the 20th century, unless the Israelis invented a time machine. Even if you repeat that same lie about Israel a thousand times, it will still not become true.

      “It is long past time that we all embrace our common humanity and common dreams.”

      Yes, why don’t you start by embracing Jews and Israel?

    • Softly Bob

      There is no oppressive apartheid regime in Tel-Aviv and guess what? There are no brain cells in your head!

    • Aizino Smith

      Cheers from Stockholm, the rape capital of Europe?

      Who is doing the raping?

      It has been estimated that 25% of women in Sweden will be raped. Are you proud of it?

      Malmo is a happening city … Lots of car-beques. You bring the marshmellows and I’ll bring the security. We can’t rely on you for the latter.

    • A Z

      “Riots in Sweden: Cars Burn in Fourth Night of Youth Violence”

      Cheers – Keroppi23

      “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty –
      Come and join the Na zi Party.”
      – Mel Brooks, “Springtime for Hitler”

      I mean Stockholm and Malmö – was on her way home when she was stopped by three young men of foreign origin. “Are you Swedish?” they asked her. When she said yes, they hit her so hard that she fell to the ground. Then, looking down at her, lying there at their feet, they said: “Welcome to Sweden. It’s our country now, not yours.””

      CHEEEEEEEERS! – Keroppi23 :)

      I suspect Keroppi is Muslim or a Swede willing to become Muslim because it is easier.

    • Drakken

      I for one am utterly disgusted at your servile and cowardly behavior, you deserve your fate. Your kind are beyond despicable for you openly side with, sympathize and support the enemy, islam and all it’s forms. History is full of you Quislings, they are called mass graves, and I say good bloody riddance! A day of reckoning is coming traitor. As for the pali savages? May the Israeli’s give them what they so richly deserve, Carthage!

    • Aizino Smith

      Rich heritage?

      English say peace, Russians say Mir, Jews say Shalom and Arabs say Salaam.

      So how much did adding Salaam really add to our overall heritage?

      We can go over this point by point pacifist.



      If only the Eurotrash of Eurabia would stand up to fascist Islam instead of bowing and scraping to Jihadi savages. But I don’t expect that to happen because Eurotrash are poisoned with socialism and estrogen.

      Isalmofascists rape Swedish women and you do nothing.

      Eurabia is being overrun and occupied by Islamist savages.

      This time the USA will not come to your aid. May you and your culture of appeasement sink below the waves.

      P.S. May the prophet of Satan, Muhammed, continue to BURN IN H E L L.

    • Aizino Smith

      Some reading for Keroppi23 the practitioner of Taqiyya or a rationalizing delusional person.

      ‘It Never Occurred to Us that Muslim Neighbors Would Betray Us…’
      The call to jihad can override all existing loyalties.

    • Aizino Smith


      List of Sanrio characters

      “Keroppi loves adventure, and his bubbly personality makes him popular around Donut Pond”

      Is not the name Keroppi apropos?

      Does it not track with a delusional person are on practicing taqiyya?

      • defcon 4

        LOL. How about, Muhammad liked cutting off heads and torturing the unbeliever.

    • Meggles

      I can only imagine you are either a Troll or just like stirring up angry emotion in others. What you say, truly, is crap. Go try spouting this rubbish in a moslem country and see how far you get.

    • rangerider

      You deserve whatever you get for being so stupid :-)

  • Boots

    Why is it that people who are less evolved than pigs and dogs use pigs and dogs as insults and expletives?

    • Veracious_one

      it’s called projection…

  • Steve Winston

    Time for the Jews to leave much or Europe. Anti semitism never died or was expunged even by the Nazi atrocities.

    • defcon 4

      Spain never betrayed its Sephardic Jews to the nazi pigs.

  • Steve Winston

    Do not feel so secure here in America. Obama and the radical leftist Democrat party are taking us the way of Europe in every manner possible!

  • 3rdjerseyman

    I hope the USA recognizes Christians and Jews subjected to Islamic violence as legitimate refugees. We need to cut back on Somalis and other Mohammadens.

    • Edward

      And cut back on chechens like the animals who bombed the Boston Marathon.

      • 3rdjerseyman

        Or, at a minimum, stop taxing me to pay for importing more people who hate me, my family, my religion and everything I cherish.
        Why isn’t the death of just one American at the hands of one of our “new Americans” enough for us to tighten up?

    • Meggles

      That wont happen – Obama is a muslim; his brother raises funds for the MBH – which Obama has donated to (well, by that I mean, he has sent Americans’ money to)

  • poetcomic1

    These ‘progressives’ literally have NO SHAME.

    • Guest

      The one who lives in an environment that is full of dangerous vermins, should not be surprised, that he is bitten or stung. Nørrebro is such a
      place. Living there is more like living on a garbage can. The bad guys are not the native Danes. The danger arose at the time when governments of multicultural Red-Green ‘Gutmenschen’ had decided to pollute the country, they got a mandate on, by importing a tsunami of ‘Dreck’ from all regions of the world. Like everywhere in Europe, the brainwashed multiculturalist, fifth column wanted to build a new society and the local people to submit to ‘pure traditions of the Third World. Leftist still do not think the ‘Beard Baboons’ and their veiled females, do not want to live in the same habitat with others They want to take over the whole lot. Their bloody god made ​​them think they are masters of the world. Stupid friendliness of the premises leaves them cold.

  • Drakken

    One way or another, the spirit of Holgar Danske will finally awaken, and the retribution will be swift, brutal and end Islamic presence in Denmark. Let that day come soon.

  • defcon 4

    Anyone remember Danny Kaye singing: “Beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen”?

  • John Eagle

    There’s absolutely nothing EU countries can do to cause Muslims to assimilate that wouldn’t constitute a breach of what they see as their core beliefs (in the modern era).

    It would take a tough fight on a global level to give Islamic ideology the same status we now give Nazism, i.e. so that a person expressing it would be legally punished, but more importantly, shunned from society.

  • Nils Henriksen

    Oh, as the retarded multicultural people and Muslims will say – this has nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace.

  • Nils Henriksen
  • J Simson

    So why not relocate to Israel?

  • Rolly

    Good article, true of Islam around the world. The good news is found in the Bible, Ezekiel 38 where the God of the Bible describes how He will destroy the Islamic nations surrounding Israel. It will be a day of joy for Jews and Christians. Pity the liberal left can not be in that pile.

  • defcon 4

    I’m not sure if it’s bringing out latent antisemitism in all of Europe, or inculcating antisemitism in Eurabia through the auspices of islam0nazism.

  • Georgina

    “en fis i en hornlygte.”
    Storm in a teacup?