Boston and the Infantilism of Jihad Denial

msc_6115b_boston-marathon_apr15-13First of all, I don’t care about the psychology of the Boston jihadists – whether the older one put pressure on the younger one, etc. All we need to know is that they were jihadists, and therefore our enemy. Period.

What I do find myself preoccupied by is the psychology of those Americans who, even before the perpetrators were identified, hoped against hope that they weren’t Muslims – and who, after the perpetrators were identified, were quick to assure us that Islam had nothing to do with it. Or who argued that, even if the brothers were motivated by Islam, that little detail doesn’t matter, and we shouldn’t focus on it.

I’m fascinated by the mindset of those who sought to obscure the vital moral distinctions in this case by waxing philosophical about such matters as the complexity of human character and the power of history. For example, David Remnick, in the New Yorker, described the Tsarnaev family as “battered by history…by empire and the strife of displacement, by exile and emigration.” Many commentators strove mightily to make the case that, in the final analysis, we’re all equally guilty and all equally victims.

Then there’s the repulsive U.N. hack Richard Falk, for whom the lesson of the Boston bombings is that “self-scrutiny and mid-course reflections on America’s global role is long overdue.” There’s been a lot of that going around. And what about those who have preferred to see the brothers not as jihadists but as Chechen separatists, who were driven by an understandable, even noble, antagonism to Russian tyranny (and who had, apparently, somehow mistaken Boston for Moscow)?

And let’s not forget Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir, who insisted on Saturday, the day after the younger Tsarnaev was taken into custody, that “we still have no idea what role their religion and national background may or may not have played in motivating the crime.” These sentences from O’Hehir deserve to be quoted in full:

…it’s not entirely fair to suggest that Americans think one kid killed by a bomb in Boston is worth more than 12 kids killed in Afghanistan. It’s more that we live in a profoundly asymmetrical world, and the dead child in Boston is surprising in a way any number of dead children in Afghanistan, horrifyingly enough, are not. He lived in a protected zone, after all, a place that was supposed to be sealed off from history, isolated from the blood and turmoil of the world. But of course that was a lie.

What, exactly, is O’Hehir doing, or trying to do, here? He’s trying to shift our attention away from the jihadist murder of eight-year-old Martin Richard to children killed in Afghanistan – not the innumerable children killed by jihadists, of course, but those who die as the result of the actions of American soldiers at war. In short, O’Hehir wants to draw our attention away from a jihadist act on U.S. soil to American military actions abroad, the implied idea being that they are more or less comparable – although America’s crimes are, presumably, more extensive and thus more deplorable and more deserving of our attention than those committed by the Tsarnaevs.

O’Hehir doesn’t dare to suggest explicitly that the American military strike was twelve times morally worse than the jihadist act – but he doesn’t have to. The implication is there. Also present is the implication that the act of jihad was perhaps not in fact an act of jihad at all, but rather a (legitimate?) reaction to American acts abroad.

The subject of this passage from O’Hehir isn’t the malice of the jihadists – it’s the mendacity of American officialdom, lying to American citizens about their security. Lost is the fact that until 9/11 America was, in a very real sense, a “protected zone,” sealed off from the bloody, turmoil-filled history of the Old World. And that was a good thing: it was the reason why generations of immigrants left behind their own cultures and languages and centuries of family history in order to make a new start in the New World – to learn English, work hard, and contribute to America, all the while enjoying American freedom and security and an unprecedented opportunity to prosper. That was the American compact. And it’s this compact that these two jihadist immigrants betrayed. But instead of faulting them for this, O’Hehir condemns the compact itself as a damnable lie.

If I’m curious about the psychology of O’Hehir and his ilk, it’s because their brand of twisted thinking isn’t marginal. In a large and, I think, ever-growing segment of American society, it’s reflexive. It’s mainstream. Among urban types who view themselves as liberal-minded and sophisticated, it’s considered de rigueur to think this way about things like this. Certainly you’re obliged to think this way if you want to count on getting published in major establishment newspapers and at websites like Salon.

It’s necessary to fight jihad. But it’s equally necessary to fight this weed that has grown up among us – this decadent, despicable readiness to deny the reality of jihad, to relativize it, to make excuses for it, to blame it on us, on America.

These decadent characters take these positions, of course, because they’ve been marinated in multiculturalism and, in particular, have absorbed the all-important lesson that the great danger of our time is not Islam but the criticism thereof. Yet what made multiculturalism attractive to these people in the first place is that it’s tailor-made for spoiled, narcissistic grown children who don’t want to have adult enemies – that is, the kind of enemies who represent a real danger to them or that they might ever really have to fight. It’s tailor-made for people who cherish the notion of themselves as sensitive and understanding toward “The Other,” and whose enemies of choice are, basically, parental substitutes – people who draw clear moral distinctions, who talk about the need for security, and who make unequivocal assertions about the superiority of American freedom to Islamic tyranny.

Fighting the mental affliction – the terminal puerility –  of the O’Hehirs may be even harder than fighting jihad itself. How do you repair a culture in which mature moral judgment and adult civic responsibility have systematically been replaced by childish, self-aggrandizing displays of “sensitivity”?  How do you install a moral compass in a fully grown adult?

For that’s the problem, in essence: these people are missing certain working parts that are essential components of the civilized adult. First of all, they lack the imaginative capacity, and the sense of identification with their own country, to understand that the bombing in Boston wasn’t just an attack on the three people who died and the dozens others who were wounded, but was, in fact, an attack on them – and on their families and friends, their very lives, their children’s future. For all their mockery of America’s idea of itself as a “protected zone,” their supposed empathy for the jihadists is a luxury in which they’re able to indulge precisely because they think of themselves, consciously or not, as living in a “protected zone.” Like any baby in a crib, they feel safe, cocooned, impregnable – yet they don’t realize that the reason for this feeling of safety is that they’ve spent their lives in a country where the cops and the military have protected them from, well, people like the Tsarnaev brothers.

Like any child, they accept this protection as their due, their right. They take it for granted. But they don’t think of themselves as having any responsibility that accompanies this right – for example, a responsibility as citizens to the safety and well-being of the American people as a whole. No, as far as they can see, their only responsibility is to themselves. Indeed, if they can’t wrap their minds around the reality of the murderers’ dedication to the idea of jihad, and thus (in many cases) reject the possibility that it was indeed jihad that drove the Tsarnaevs to commit their heinous acts, it’s because they themselves don’t know what it means to be dedicated to anything outside of themselves – and to the preservation of their own self-image as sensitive, caring people who are too evolved to hate.

Yes, evolved.  Yet of course, in reality, they’re the ones who are unevolved. Their relationship to adult moral responsibility is, again, that of small children. The case is hardly ambiguous: two “refugees” from horror and havoc were welcomed into a free country and given splendid educations and opportunities – and showed their gratitude by murdering and maiming innocents, including children, in service to a movement that seeks to crush freedom. In such a situation, any adult citizen of that free country should see very clearly where his obligations lie. To instead take this assault on one’s country as an opportunity to engage in self-indulgent moral preening and to defend and even glorify that freedom-crushing movement is, quite simply, the act of a moral infant.

There’s no question – as Robert Spencer, among others, has pointed out – that many of those who have so eager to exculpate the Tsarnaevs would have reacted very differently if they’d been, say, Christian extremists. Also worth noting is that, careful as they are to avoid saying anything potentially hurtful about the brothers or their religion, these purportedly sensitive souls haven’t hesitated to lash out viciously at those among us who insist on recognizing jihad as jihad. How to characterize this behavior, except as that of pampered, cosseted children who are terrified of the new bully at school but know they can backtalk their parents with impunity?

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  • rivkah f.

    Thanks for the valuable insight. While Bruce Bawer gets the mentality of the apologists for Jihad and the blind self-critics who are protected by the police and military whom they vilify, we must always remember the Marxist and p. c. elements who encourage and teach these "useful idiots." They set the stage for all of this. It will take years of constant work to change the discourse and, forgive me for writing this, probably more attacks of terror. Some, however, will be never outgrow this infantile world view.

    • defcon 4

      Only the dead have seen the end of islamofascist terrorism. The genocides committed by islamofascists in the 20th century won't be the last committed by muslimes.

  • Frank Wilson

    Thank you for such an insightful article. I've thought the same thing but you have expressed it so well.
    The enemy to modern freedom we can fight and defeat, no matter how powerful (Nazis, Communists, etc.).
    But it is these infantile members of our own society, by constantly restricting us from taking the necessary measures (however unpleasant) who pose the real problem.

  • Chris

    "marinated in multiculturalism", yes, pickled by political correctness, yes,………… America we have a problem! Not only America, unfortunately. Large parts of Euroland are infected with the same juvenile mindset. I know people in their 60's who 'think' like this. But my parents' generation who were active in the Second World War were not so daft. So we have have to ask ourselves what happened to the West from about the early 60's on? This was Cold War time and it looks as if the commie propaganda has had its affect a long term detrimental affect on the health of the West Mind.

    Nice article Mr Bawer, as usual.

  • Chezwick

    The Islamo-Left….common hatred (Western civilization) sometimes creates strange bedfellows.

  • donny

    Islam is evil. A reality lost on the Left.

    • H.Gotte

      Exactly right. I'm from the south Louisiana and there are even liberal, "enlightened" people down here that actually sympathize with these Islamic extremists and always want to slander Christian people any time Islam is mentioned as being dangerous.

  • F.K. Juliano

    "Fighting the mental affliction – the terminal puerility – of the O’Hehirs may be even harder than fighting jihad itself. How do you repair a culture in which mature moral judgment and adult civic responsibility have systematically been replaced by childish, self-aggrandizing displays of 'sensitivity'? How do you install a moral compass in a fully grown adult?"

    As in the 1860s, the situation at hand requires Americans to confront–and thoroughly defeat–the nation's enemies through a mechanism external to the constitutional framework. As was done with the secessionists and the proponents of ever-lasting and ever-expanding slavery, a paradigm entirely contrary to their preferences must be imposed upon today's leftists. Their destruction as a political class, whether partial or whole, will be both a means and an end in this endeavor.

    In other words, let's fight it out with the liberals and crush them.

    • Mario

      Please, don't fight the liberals. Fight the Left Wing.

  • AdinaK

    Leftist delusions is the handmaiden for Islamic jihadists. Their obsessive multi-culti fantasies provides the cover required to wage jihad, both outright warfare and stealth. How so? –

    Adding to the explosive mix is the outgrowth of (im)moral relativism, a plague of western culture –

    All their explanations, obfuscations and blah blah is background noise. Tune it out.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • P. David Hornik

    This is wonderfully insightful, in a way that's quite rare.

  • Michael

    Your insight is absolutely correct. Your point: it will be harder to keep the country with these children in power – than fighting jihad itself. I am so pleased you call them children: "it’s tailor-made for spoiled, narcissistic grown children who don’t want to have adult enemies" – this is very real and your words and gift for articulating this cancer is well done. Thank you.

  • Michael Copeland

    What happened to the West from about the early 60s on? (Chris, above)
    Socialism. Socialism that decouples simple minds from reality.
    This is its harvest.

  • Rostislav

    It was our sheer luck that the great mathematician O'Hehir wasn't present at the Nurnberg trial! His righteous equations of dead kids burned in Auschwitz with kids burned alive in Dresden and Hamburg would surely make all the jurors weep, so probably even Stalin himself would tearfully exclaim: "Oh, my dear comrade O'Hehir, how right you are! How not entirely fair it was from my side not to surrender at once to these poor burned alive Dresden kids' fathers!" Well, I know that irony is always soothing a bit, but the more comrades O'Hehirs appear around us, the more often I think that maybe they are just entirely inhuman? Thus, maybe they deserve our irony no more than it is deserved by bedbugs, fleas or lice? That kind of creatures deserves another kind of attitude, I think. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Cassandra

    “battered by history…by empire and the strife of displacement, by exile and emigration.”This exactly what is been taught in the universities. This is the excuse the left finds for jihad. Multiculturalism and moral equivalence are the tools of the left used to indoctrinate our children. You are right right on Mr. bower. The left has a child mentality and a dangerous child mentality.Thank you for a very insightful article.

    • White Hunter

      These moslem terrorists are exactly like someone who's pulled from the water as he swims away from a sinking ship, and then proceeds to cut the throats of his rescuers and punch holes through the bottom of the lifeboat. I say: Throw 'em to the sharks!

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    A wonderful piece that reminds one of Winston Churchill’s insight when he stated in 1948 in THE GATHERING STORM:.”MEIN KAMPF was the new KORAN”…

    • Spider

      Yes and now KORAN is the new MEIN KAMPF !!

      • defcon 4

        The intolerant, violent, supremacist, Jew hating ideology of islam predates the existence of even the German language.

    • garysvent

      Then we should do to Koran believers what we did to Mein Kampf believers, and wipe them out.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Due to the misperception that America is at war with Islam (born from Iraq, Afghanistan, drone attacks, Spencer & Geller, and the killing of the revered Moslem leader Osama bin Ladin) there are thousands of embittered young Moslems in the this country who like the Tsarnaev boys are ticking time bombs that could explode at any time causing dozens of Boston Marathons or lesser crimes. What must we do to prevent this?


    Every adult American should make it their business to find a poorly assimilated Moslem youth like a Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and befriend him. And to ensure that he won't turn jihadist this is what you must do: Hug him tightly and don't let go until you squeeze all the hatred and violence out of him. But a word of caution: when hugging and squeezing him you need to be careful not to suffocate him to death. You don't want to kill the kid you're trying to help-though that too would prevent him from turning jihadist.

    • Mac Gregor

      Sounds good and all warm and fuzzy but you can't negotiate with terrorists or they'll squeeze the life out of you!!!

    • Drakken

      I prefer the good ole fashioned way of dealing with traitors and jihadist in our midst, we eliminate them, period.

    • Richie H

      What this lovely sentiment and indeed the political Left, Democrats, Obama, Holder, utterly fail to grasp is that most of the people in the developing world, and especially the Middle East, are NOT "just like us". To put it in a bit of a dramatic but not less true scenario–why don't you try to befriend and hug tightly a Komodo Dragon, and squeeze all the violence and bestial emotions right out of him? Islam is a profoundly problematic religion. Imagine that the Book of Revelations was mixed into the entire New Testament, and doctrine made all the horrific verses supersede the loving teachings of Jesus. That's in a sense what's going on with the Q'uran. I've read it. Your sentiments can get us all in a lot of trouble.

      • JoJoJams

        I could be wrong, but I think he was being sarcastic – ;-)

        • objectivefactsmatter

          I have a commission for Bosch Fawstin: a liberal hugging a jihadi as the timer is ticking down. Maybe have a second frame with the explosion.

          "Hug at your own risk."

  • thomas_h

    ”It’s necessary to fight jihad. But it’s equally necessary to fight this weed that has grown up among us – this decadent, despicable readiness to deny the reality of jihad, to relativize it, to make excuses for it, to blame it on us, on America.”

    Well, jihad doesn’t wage a war against us. Islam does by unleashing the Jihad. So it is not so much “necessary to fight jihad” as necessary to fight Islam. Why beating about the bush?

    Before we are able to effectively stop and repulse Islam’s war against us we need to fully grasp that the foundation of Islam’s strategy rests mainly on denial that there is a war – a war that started 1400 years ago, the true World War One.

    Those in the West who, for whatever reason, deny that Islam is at war with us are contributing to the deadly effectiveness of the strategy of our enemy. In fact their contribution to islam’s war effect is crucial to its success and without it Islam would have never gained so much power in the West. Therefore the act of denial should be seen as the act of treason; and deniers, God willing, may one day be charged for and punished for high treason.
    In the meantime let’s not only keep exposing the monstrous nature of Islam, but also increase our efforts exposing the traitors and their evil work. Let them not rest contentedly trusting they are safe and safer with each day. On the contrary, let them worry they may already be on the list of Quislings.

    • garyvent

      "Those in the West who, for whatever reason, deny that Islam is at war with us … "

      They do this because they are afraid of a religious war, and they are afraid of a religious war because it would be incumbent upon them to acknowledge that America is Christian, and the Left can't stand that idea, since 'Christian', to them, means they have to follow God's rules, which means they can't kill their babies any more, or sodomize their neighbor, and, like babies themselves, they can't stand the thought of having to follow ANY rules.

  • jdk

    The ironic thing is these very people are the ones who obsess the most about motive when any so-called "right-wing" person is charged with a "hate-crime". And they are completely oblivious to it. And throw in CNN contributor Juliette Kayyam in with the others. She's been shilling for people to ignore the obvious since this story broke.

  • WatcheOntheWall

    "Political correctness and political pandering are the handmaidens of terrorism."
    ~Michelle Maulkin~

  • Looking4Sanity

    "How do you install a moral compass in a fully grown adult?"

    The answer is obvious to the average liberal…surgically. Possibly chemically.

    • HiPainzDribbler

      Bend over and grit your teeth.

      I'll show you.

      • Looking4Sanity

        You have obviously mistaken me for one of your own kind…and that does sound like a liberal "solution" to me.

  • dotherightthing4

    Excellent article. I have never seen it put so succinctly. We are having a problem with our educational system in this country now because this type of multiculturalism is being taught to our kids with the Common Core and CSCOPE curriculum. Such as: Women in the Middle East have a "better way of life"; middle school girls dressing in burqas; total whitewashing about the culture. These infantile educators are bending the minds of our kids and too many parents are unaware.

    • Mario

      No, what's sad is, too many parents are completely aware. They are too lazy to take on even their local school boards. If CSCOPE can take over 80% of Texas public schools with little complaint, it can happen anywhere.

  • @historyscoper

    View the viral Youtube video "Understanding the Islamic Bombing of the Boston Marathon" by
    Acts17Apologetics to see how just one verse in the Quran justifies all jihadists, and how the verse before it is regularly used by Muslim disinfo. artists including Pres. Obama to make us into fools.

  • EthanP

    Since Islam is a religion of peace (excuse me while I gag) the root cause must be something else. And to the PC moral equivilence crowd, all problems are do to US society, the root cause MUST therefore by our falt. We cannot defend ourselves until we boot out ALL of these lefty hate America first types. King Mike Bloomberg the 1 is even calling for suspension of the Bill of Rights. He believes that in order to protect the public (thats US, boys and girls) there need to be more government control. So help me he said this in a public speach!

  • Walter Sieruk

    What the Tsarnaev brothers were doing was engaging in the deadly violence of the militant jihadism of Islam. For example, the Quran teaches in Sura 47 "Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike of their heads, untill you make a great slaughter among them…" A bomb can make a greater "slaughter among them" then a sword can.

  • jerome

    "Truth is the new hate speech"-Pam Geller

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Ever wonder why the Russians don't just let Chechnya go, anyway? Awful lot of trouble, trying to keep it in the Russian Federation.

    • Rostislav

      Ah, that was exactly what we were tying to tell Yeltsin! The Kremlin's mail was full of indignant letters then – but the short answer was: "No! To release Chechens as an independent state would be a very bad example for the rest of the country's autonomous regions!" The more lengthy answer (never uttered aloud though) was that both Yeltsin and his protégé Putin badly needed some short and easy victorious war before the elections. The war was neither short nor easy, but the blasted pair has won their election. It was Russia who was defeated with her own falsified votes. Just between ourselves: I'd rather be some lowest pickpocket than a politician! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Chris_Shugart

    As a general rule, leftist have a blind spot when it comes to religion. They don't understand it. Their distortions and mischaracterizations of American Christians provides ample and endless evidence. It should be no surprise then, that they don't get Islam either.

    • Looking4Sanity

      You may be on to something there. If so, that puts them squarely in that deadly ground known as no man's land.

  • BLJ

    Most of the non-Islamic world has no clue about even the basics of Islam. They are like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Ignorance and political correctness are the jihadists best friends.

    • 1389AD

      That's why I blog.

      Kudos to frontpagemag for fighting the good fight for such a long time.

  • geoffreybritain

    "How do you repair a culture in which mature moral judgment and adult civic responsibility have systematically been replaced by childish, self-aggrandizing displays of “sensitivity”? How do you install a moral compass in a fully grown adult?"

    You don't because you can't. In a representative democracy like ours, a slim majority rules and ours is following the left into self-destruction. By the time they realize that in their denial and infantile refusal to act as responsible adults, that they've traded imagined security for tyranny, it will be far too late.

    You cannot save people from themselves. You cannot awaken those who will not see.

    They are abetting the destruction of America, which was mankind's last, best hope and will be culpable in the enslavement of those who resisted and tried to warn them.

  • Sari Friedman

    I get the feeling that these tender apologists in their safe little cocoons are trying to identify with their idea of "the tough guy" — which is certainly infantile and reflexive. They're so insulated and removed from what's known as "the real world" and the ravages of psychopaths that they've never personally suffered at some violent and insane rage-filled psychopath's hands. I've met people like these apologists. They seem to have no compassion or understanding of what real suffering is like. And even less common sense.

  • MC1215

    This is one of those needed to be said articles and said well.

    Denial, Stupidity, Wishful Thinking, Stockholm Syndrome, Examples of
    Public Schools and MSM Listeners part of why many to most Americans
    don't have a clue we are at war and is not your great grandfathers war of a front and a rear.
    No wonder Obama was reelected.

    I spoke with a Democrat with a degree this morning who said, Boston was not as bad because more were killed in the Texas explosion. Had to remind him many had legs blown off and many with heavy shrapnel
    and head trauma.
    No comprehension of who and what Radical Islam is and that this is the war brought to American soil again.

  • Donald DaCosta

    These people revel in the self imposed notion that they number among the most erudite, enlightened, civilized individuals on the planet, a notion likely reinforced by their peers, those they relate to, associate with, listen to and study in an effort to validate and confirm their beliefs, gain approval and acceptance. It's a relatively small, exclusive and mostly well off club but one that has tremendous clout when it comes to controlling what constitutes public discourse, a fact that must be appreciated if not grudgingly admired.

    It also prides itself on what it believes is its fair and open mindedness despite its infuriating, infantile pronouncements made with profound disdain and smug dismissal of any opinions to the contrary and its been going on since the sixties that was the genesis of many of their radical heroes and heroines. Folks like Jane Fonda, Oliver Stone, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, etc. who confidently and smugly pronounce and defend their anti Americanism as if it were a badge of honor. They are different you see and for them that is a great source of self satisfaction and confirms their membership and acceptance amongst the radicals they admire most.

    It should inform all that many of these radicals, some with a violent anti-American past, now teach as tenured professors in our institutions of higher learning. Who would hire these people? Ignoramuses, or like minded folk. And so the cancer grows, as these institutions spew out more of the same, unchecked by any semblance of common sense or traditional patriotic impulses.

    The WWII Greatest Generation? A bunch of ignorant, bigoted white guys who died for the benefit of the "military industrial complex" that promoted war in order to profit from it. The true patriots? The ones who took the more “intellectually honest, noble and courageous” path of dodging the draft or deserting rather than be responsible for shedding a single drop of human blood. So they excuse their lack of patriotism or love of country by expressing and justifying their reasons for hating it. They see America as their greatest threat, align themselves with any individual, group or country that feels the same and views themselves and their ilk as the great hope for the future of mankind.

    They do not like the common, beer drinking, gun toting, church going, hard working, family men & women that are the true, unheralded, backbone of America. The vast majority of these folks cannot be reached by verbal arguments, no matter their cogency or relevance and those amongst them that dare to question or differ with their rigid, leftist line are excoriated, cast out and tagged with some derogatory label, like, “Rabid, Right Wing, Conservative, bigot.” There can be no “gray” there. In the La La land of the tolerant, broad minded, egalitarian, progressive left there is only rigidly imposed expressions of intolerance and exclusion. Love America? Why, for Pete's sake?

    The only solution to this is to systematically marginalize them by the only peaceful means available. Stop sticking a microphone and a camera in their face or reading what they write as if they have something of importance to say about subjects they know little to nothing about. Their massive media support, presence and carefully groomed facade and demeanor gives them far more credence than they deserve. Public criticism is futile, ridicule is their game, open debate is a platform they vigorously reject and they will remain a dominant force until they are as marginalized as they've succeeded in marginalizing the voices of reason.

    Very hard to do while they control the most effective means.

    • Christian West

      Excellent comment, Donald.
      Thank you!

  • Anamah

    Your article hits the mark. This is the invincible barrier to confront and defeat or die. Is too hard to witness the suicidal of America. In deep dismayed and isolation at least let me tell you how appreciative I am of your writing. Thank you Bruce.

  • nickly999

    Indeed, dealing with this mindset is probably the biggest problem of our time. Spot on by Bruce in describing this kind of behaviour as infantile. I've been trying to fathom this mindset for years now. It's the same mindset that believes America is the enemy and should be criticised at every opportunity.

  • nickly999

    I'm an Atheist, but given the choice of whether I would I want to live in a Christian country or an Islamic one which would I choose? Given that I'm an adult with more than 2 brain cells to rub together I think everybody knows the answer to that question. I suspect that O’Hehir and his ilk would also not choose an Islamic country.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The Americans that Bawer talks about are NOT too "evolved" to hate since they hate all those who have the courage to say, "Yes, we are at war with Islam and its Jihad perpetrators and its "moderate Muslim" apologists and "Do Nothings". These Americans are afraid to fight and indeed have never had to fight for ANYTHING. They are unaware of just how close they are to living in a world where even mere survival is uncertain. They don't know that if you don't value what you have, it will disappear. And they are not willing to look at the fact that if children in Afghanistan die, it is most likely at the hands of their families or other fellow Afghans. Aid workers (American and others) have been murdered by Afghans simply because they came to help.

  • popseal

    At the core of every DHIMMI that buys the CNN/CAIR product, there beats a COWARD's heart. It's really that simple!

  • nickly999

    Popseal, Do you really believe that? Maybe you have a point. In my experience cowards do indeed side with the bully or they accept the bullying. CAIR is an obvious bully but I don't see CNN being either a bully or accepting being bullied. Must be another reason.

  • nickly999

    The worst thing is that they condemn the people who would protect them and they defend the ideology that would have them subjugated or killed. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

  • gailanne

    The moral compass has been set early in life….by elmo, cookie monster and big bird.
    every person in america has been taught the "sesame street" philosophy that we are "the same, but different"; taught to love and not hate; to accept and not reject; to respect and not fear differences.
    for many, this is the beginning, middle and end of moral instruction. happily, once we graduate from the sesame street school of ethics, we do not need to grapple with any issues as the choices are black and white. We are on AUTOLOVE for the rest of our lives. so even when something as obviously dangerous and horrifying as jihadism comes along we have to deny its truth because to allow it undermines our OWN truths. if we are not to FEAR difference, how do we process the fact that thousands of our citizens, not to mention people from around the globe have been the victims of this very REAL "other"? jihadists exist. hatred exists. and it is not over and nor are the possible attacks. they should be feared and they should be pursued. the irony is, we have been paralyzed by a completely different fear which is that by honestly confronting jihadism that we would be damning an entire religion and every single person in it. and that is not the point at all–which is why mr. bawer is so RIGHT. it is infantile to lash out haphazardly–to rail against all things equally. it is responsible to recognize, identify, understand and ACT on solving this world problem. not all muslims are jihadists. but many are. and their reign of terror needs to end. in order to grasp that distinction requires critical thinking along with an ability to "discrimate"…a very bad word on sesame street.

  • doron
  • James Victoria

    Don't forget Australia ! Our government radio station ABC has a Muslim apologist in prime time by the name of Waleed Alee – ex head of a Muslim community organisation. A local comedy show actually used him (consensually) as a prop in a skit. Cartoonists live in fear of their lives because of his 7th century religion but he appears on a comedy show as is to say – "look, we're not antithetical to your very existence – we're hip and modern too !" Every time I see him and know he is spinning his "everybody's relatively beautiful" BS to the masses I feel literally sick to my stomach.

  • judy

    they do the same thing with Israel…they twist the facts to make it seem that an innocent child who was killed by a vicious bomb is the same as Israel soldier preventing terror and killing someone in the process.
    I'm used to it…..

  • ganymede

    I read this stuff and I have to use the word 'fascist' to describe the mentality of rightwing extremists. Everything boils down to identifying the enemy, the scapegost, Muslims, and, presto, you have all the answers to our problems. Jihad, they're going to get us, all Muslims are bad, the Muslim Obama, is going to take away our guns, guns are good, even though we'll soon have half a billion of them floating around America, more guns equals more violence, but then you authoritarian types like violence and guns. You 'fascists' are a pathetic lot, fortunately, you white geezers will die out, your anger will get more hollow, history will be your dustbin, as you have not made one positive contribution to our society…

  • 1389AD

    “battered by history…by empire and the strife of displacement, by exile and emigration.”…

    Oh, fercryinoutloud. I'm in the process of emigrating from the US at the age of nearly sixty because I can't make a living here any longer. I'm going to one of the countries where jobs that have been outsourced from the US are available. Once I get settled in my new home, unlike the Tsarnaev brothers, I will consider it my duty to contribute to the well being of my new country and its people.