Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror

Soldier-Killed-in-London-624x351Ever since 9/11, every time some place or another on the planet has been struck by a major jihadist act, the mainstream media have reliably come out with stories about “backlash” against Muslims. Not accounts of actual backlash, mind you, but pieces in which various academics, public officials, Muslim leaders, and other sensitive souls have been described as wringing their hands over the dreaded possibility that some of us boorish infidels might respond to this latest action by going on the warpath against innocent Muslims. If these “backlash” articles have been such a staple of post-9/11 journalism, it’s obviously because they’ve offered the media an opportunity to focus not on the innumerable Muslim-on-infidel atrocities that have actually taken place but, rather, on hypothetical, and violent, infidel-on-Muslim responses – and thus to persist in casting Muslims in the role of victim, even while the bodies of those they have slaughtered in Islam’s name have yet to go cold.

Yet the fabled “backlash” has never really materialized –  not, at least, on anything remotely resembling the scale that the media have repeatedly predicted. On the contrary, with a very small number of minor, isolated exceptions, people in the non-Muslim world have routinely responded to Muslim violence with civilized restraint. Indeed, it’s hard to think of anything that more dramatically reflects the difference between the Islamic and Western cultures than the contrast between the brutality and scale of the jihadist attacks on the West in recent years and the extraordinarily low level and modest scale of actions taken against Muslim targets in revenge. This refusal of non-Muslims to take an eye-for-an-eye approach in response to jihadist acts is a remarkable testament to the native tolerance of Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims – and, indeed, to the black-and-white distinction between pretty much every other religion in the world and Islam, which, alone among major faiths, instructs its adherents to see offense everywhere and to respond even to the merest cartoon with murderous violence on a global scale.

Yet now, it seems, things have changed. In the aftermath of the the brutal slaughter of Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street, the British media have finally had a few cases of real “backlash” to report on. Or so, at least, that country’s newspapers would have us believe. “Woolwich attack provokes anti-Muslim backlash across UK,” blared a Telegraph headline. “The murder of soldier Lee Rigby has provoked a backlash of anger across the UK,” the Daily Mail reported. “Woolwich murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash,” a headline at the BBC website proclaimed.

For all these references to a nationwide “backlash,” however, details were scarce. Newspapers provided particulars on only one genuinely serious-sounding offense. On Sunday, two men “hurled petrol bombs” at a mosque in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. (The police, taking the crime seriously, apprehended the perpetrators without delay.) Although the Independent maintained on Tuesday that there had been no fewer than ten “Islamophobic attacks” on mosques since the Rigby killing, one searched in vain for specifics – which led one to wonder just what “attacks” meant in this context. (Bombs? Or slices of bacon tossed on the sidewalk?) “Fears that Muslim communities across the country are facing a sustained wave of attacks and intimidation,” began a Guardian article, “have intensified after it emerged that almost 200 Islamophobic incidents had been reported since the murder of British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby.” What were all these “incidents”? The article didn’t say.

The Mail mentioned another “incident,” one in which two men had been charged with “religiously aggravated threatening behaviour” at a London fast-food joint. But, again, no details. (Had they pulled a knife on somebody? Or gotten a drop of mustard on a Koran?)

Stateside, the New York Times, which gave the Stockholm riots short shrift, found space to report the claim by Fiyaz Mughal, head of a group called Faith Matters, “that graffiti had been scrawled on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses and that women’s head scarves had been yanked off.” Assuming these charges were true (and there’s good reason not to immediately accept their veracity, given the inflationary accusations leveled on such occasions by the likes of CAIR), the conduct in question is most assuredly inappropriate – but, needless to say, hardly in a league with decapitation. (Curiously, while the Times article was headlined “Call for Calm after 3 New Arrests in British Soldier’s Death,” and was devoted mostly to those arrests, its URL, as if to reflect the Times‘s real preoccupations, was about “anti-muslim-threats.”)

As it turned out, when the Telegraph, Mail, and innumerable smaller papers referred to a nationwide “backlash,” what they meant was not a wave of beatings, bombings, or anything like that. What they were talking about was, mostly, this: people around the United Kingdom had been exercising what they thought was their right to free speech by posting on Facebook and other social media comments that were critical of Islam. Period. And the British government – this is by far the most important part – was treating these speech acts as crimes. Why wasn’t that the headline – that British authorities were using the Rigby murder as an excuse not to finally take action against the countless Muslim “refugees,” “asylum seekers,” and so forth within its borders whom it has long known to be threats to public safety, but, rather, to clamp down on those few solid citizens who, in the wake of the murder, had dared to tweet the truth about the Religion of Peace?

But no: the British media were going along with the whole chilling business – reporting on criticism of Islam as if it was indeed a high crime, and reporting on the arrests of those who had engaged in such criticism as if arresting people for such acts were perfectly justifiable.

As of last Friday, according to the Mail, eleven persons had been picked up for anti-Muslim speech crimes. Among them were two Bristol men, aged 22 and 23, who had posted tweets “of an allegedly racist or anti-religious nature” and who had been taken into custody “under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred.” The Mail quoted a detective inspector as saying that the men’s tweets, which had been “directed against a section of our community,” were “completely unacceptable,” as they “cause…harm to our community.” The cop warned: “People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.”

He wasn’t alone in issuing such warnings. In connection with a similar arrest in Surrey, a police superintendent said: “Surrey Police will not tolerate language used in a public place, including on social media websites, which causes harassment, alarm or distress.” Another arrest, for posting an “offensive, indecent or menacing message” on Facebook, took place in Sussex. And another in Hampshire. And in what seemed to be related developments, the websites of several British newspapers, departing from their usual practice, blocked comments on articles related to the Rigby murder. Meanwhile, the English Defence League held a big march in London to protest both the murder and the Islamization of Britain that had made it possible. But where was the huge London rally of “moderate Muslims” condemning the murder? (Isn’t it interesting that almost nobody even bothers to ask that question anymore?)

On Monday, as if to remind everybody of the difference between “offensive”  statements and actual physical violence, three Muslim inmates in Full Sutton Prison responded to an ill-advised suggestion that they pray for Rigby by beating a guard within an inch of his life. The beating lasted five hours. One of the attackers called for his fellow inmates to join in a holy war. On the same day came the news that two war memorials in London had been defaced by unidentified vandals. And on Saturday, a Muslim convert, apparently inspired by the Rigby murder, stabbed a French soldier on the street of a Paris suburb.

It also emerged that at least one of the perpetrators of the Rigby killing, Michael Adebolajo, had been known to the British police for years – had, in fact, been arrested in Kenya in 2010 for joining a terrorist group, only to be freed on the recommendation of the British High Commissioner. Although that intervention by the Brits was not surprising, given the disinclination of U.K. authorities to round up even its most egregious Muslim enemies, it was hard not to notice the stark contrast between those authorities’ tolerance of bloodthirsty Islamic rhetoric within their borders (or sphere of influence) and the alacrity with which they’ve apprehended apparently peaceable citizens simply for telling the truth about Islam on Facebook or Twitter.

As the days went by, and the stories in the British papers about the Rigby murder and its aftermath gradually diminished in number and prominence, one thing lingered: the sad, newly intensified awareness that dhimmitude in Britain is growing apace and has become well-nigh reflexive. In other words, jihad (both hard and soft) is working like a charm. Are you old enough to remember the world before, say, the Satanic Verses fatwa? If so, can you imagine British police officials, way back then, ever making statements of the kind made in the past few days by those cops in Bristol and Surrey – statements warning that individuals making comments that cause “harm” or “distress” to Muslims will be subject to arrest and punishment? Such a thing would have been inconceivable in Churchill’s Britain, or Thatcher’s. The grim fact, alas, is that if the Rigby murder and its aftermath demonstrate anything, it’s that Islam is still very much on the march in Britain – and free speech increasingly in retreat.

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  • buddy

    Could the msm fear of a backlash be psychological projection?

    Could it be what they really dread is a backlash against them?

    Do they secretly fear a backlash against the filthy leftist?

    They know they are the enemy. Do they fear that everyone else
    will realize it too?

    Some day there will be a reckoning for the traitors.

    • Asher

      I think Islam should be very concerned…they may be pushing the wrong people!

      • Looking4Sanity

        You forget: These people worship death. They welcome it. Never underestimate what a bankrupt belief system Islam really is!

        • kafir4life

          I see a win-win here. muslims love death as much as us infidels love life. There are ways of making both sides happy. It's a "jack sprat" kind of thing.

        • Looking4Sanity

          Who is really being harmed more in that sort of thing? Think about it.

          • Mary Sue

            Aw man I missed what the dude said.

          • Looking4Sanity

            He just suggested a more barbaric form of execution for the perps. I'm of the opinion that that sort of thing harms us more than them.

            As the British say, "When you have to kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite."

          • immune-to-indoct

            Someone once explained to me, that the Anglo-Saxon people, in particular, are very mild and tolerant and liberal and polite (and so perceived as soft by some other ehtnic groups)…but, when they finally feel they have been pushed to the wall, they are capable of the most thorough and brutal violence.

  • J_sh

    One hopes that the British will rediscover some spine before it is too late and that means while Cameron and Johnson are tried for treason

  • Mary Sue

    Punish the thoughtcrime! It's far worse than a guy getting stabbed! [/sarc]

    • KarshiKhanabad

      So…the thing to do now that`thoughtcrime' is being punished is to (Orwell's phrase) keep rebellion locked up inside your own skull. Maybe not in disarmed UK but here in rebellious America, let your thoughtcriminal thoughts turn to something else. Don't tell anyone what you are thinking, but quietly gather to yourself what the Koran calls the steeds of war, and wait for the right moment.

      You can go to jail for what you are thinking only if the Ministry of Love knows.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Outrageous beyond any sane man's ability to accept. Imagine a ruling class if puny bureaucrats and liberal-socialist elites persecuting their own people on behalf of shameless, useless, unwanted followers of a religion that hates them to Hell, and into them to say nothing at all about it.

    Where is the Queen of Britain? Surely she should have an opinion about this cultural genocide and war on the white race within her own country.

    But Queen Elizabeth and her doofy son Prince Charles say absolutely nothing of the horrible tyranny that has destroyed England forever.

    Where will it end? It looks like Islam will conquer the cultural and religious landscape of the "dead Isle" within our lifetimes.

    • AlphaPolitical

      That was my response. Where is the Queen? I can't believe for two seconds she condones any of this.

      • Mary Sue

        unfortunately she has no power.

  • Robin

    Part of this comes from the "new humanism" push that makes cultural diversity an unquestionable tenet of a very aggressive push to change the West using education. It has been a hallmark of Irina Bokova's tenure as head of UNESCO and sees the economy, society, and culture as interrelated and in need of transformation and administration by the political class.

    The Davos crowd from each country thinks this is a swell idea and fully intends to be part of the reigning nomenklatura. But the power dynamics of the UN where countries with a majority Islamic population are the largest voting bloc make this an untouchable subject. Reality that must not be covered in the media.

    As we shift to the UNESCO inspired Information Age through the education systems globally that it actually controls (through accreditation) knowledge will be shaped by perceptions. And perceptions are shaped by the concepts allowed through. And criticism of the Religion of Peace does not get through. Apparently even in the case of beheadings. Just think of the message this and not trying to rescue our diplomats in Benghazi send to those who want to kill us for what we believe.

    • Doug

      Robin, you are 100% correct. And it is on my radar as well. The world, America in particular, has been kept in the dark while academic elites in or connected to International groups are systematically changing history and educational systems to indoctrinate societies for their control. And Islamic countries are heavily involved with planning and funding these groups. The goal of many seems to be to reverse all traces of European and American influence and colonization, and revert the world back to the time before nation states. They do this by dividing everyone on racial, ethnic and "cultural" lines, promoting the worst of Western culture and only the best of other cultures. Academics at universities around the world have moved from teaching for knowledge to indoctrinating for social and political change. And its working, at least in America. They also promote extreme environmentalism to further this goal by trying to cut off cheap energy from the West to break the economies and promote a new world without many modern conveniences. Its so deeply spread and incidious but all in International documents and transcripts of their conferences. And the media will not cover it.

  • Chezwick

    BRUCE: "Indeed, it’s hard to think of anything that more dramatically reflects the difference between the Islamic and Western cultures than the contrast between the brutality and scale of the jihadist attacks on the West in recent years and the extraordinarily low level and modest scale of actions taken against Muslim targets in revenge."

    RESPONSE: There is something else here to contrast….which is the muted reaction of non-Muslims in the West to their mass murder at the hands of Jihadis,….with the pogroms, riots, church-burnings and mass murders perpetrated by Muslims in Darul Islam whenever a single Muslim has his sensibilities offended by the behavior of a non-Muslim (e.g., the Copts of Egypt). The mayhem often begins with exhortations to retaliatory violence during the Friday sermons at the neighborhood mosque.

  • Asher

    Once there is a takeover of any government by Islam, the rest of the so called moderates will go along. That is the stupidity of the west.

    • PJG

      Don't forget: the "moderates" will get to share in the jizya the "radicals" win for them. Well, they're benefitting from it already.

  • onecornpone

    … people around the United Kingdom had been exercising what they thought was their right to free speech.

    Their "right to free speech"? If Brits had free speech rights, would there be a USA?

    UK law enforcement reaction, using media to make exaggerated general blanket statements accusing their own populace of unprovable reactions reminds me of the fear in GWB's eyes as he pronounced Islam a "religion of peace", immediately after 9.11.01.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      The British people can criticize Queen Elizabeth and the royal family any time they want. Witness the success of the tabloids in England. But when they criticize Islam….

  • Robin


    I think a lot of the reticence comes from the power of the UN's Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. This is the link to their 5th conference in Austria

    Since Bokova and UNESCO intend to work hand in hand with AOC per her own statements this troubling agenda needs more coverage than just being on my radar.

    • PJG

      Yes, very sinister stuff. A "new narrative for migration" probably says all we need to know.


    THE VOLCANO IS ABOUT TO BLOW! The magma is brewing underground occasionally finding its way to the top. The pressure continues to build.

    At a Boston Redsoxs game, one of the survivors, with legs blown off at the Boston bombing, and the man who aided him, threw out the FIRST PITCH and got a continued STANDING OVATION. Thousands attended a mile long run to cross the Marathon finish line. OBAMA TRIED TO EQUATE THIS ATTACK WITH HOMEGROWN TERRORISM and mentioned Oklahoma's Tim McVeigh. THIS SICK SOB can't dare "denigrate" the Muslim religion but he goes after Christians, JEWS, and Mormons!

    In England, groups are starting to protest against Muslim extremism and immigration.


    • kasandra

      As England's own Sir Issac Newton discovered, it is a physical law that, for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    The British people are sacrificial lambs, offered up to Allah, on the altar of Islam, by the Quisling British press, and the callous, cowardly elitists that run the government and academia. They've undermined freedom of speech, freedom of peaceable assembly, and of religion, and the freedom of personal safety, in the name of PC. What's the next step? Mass forced conversions to Islam, and Dhimmi detention camps?
    Not unthinkable in today's Britain. Great(but terrible story) article, Mr. Bawer.

    • Drakken

      Whats the next step you ask? The govt is doing whatever it can at its disposal to quell the growing unrest of the natives,in the end it is a useless endeavor because sooner or later it won't be a backlash, it will be a full scale open warfare on all muslims and their Quisling leftist allies. There will be blood and lots of it.

      • MarkAbbott

        From the sounds of it, it may be time to refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots once again. America has been locked in mortal struggle with the muslims since the time of President Jefferson. Recall the words of the Marine Hymn: "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli …" We whipped their asses then, and several times since.

        This is a war to determine which civilization will survive – one based on a medieval blood cult or one based on Judeo-Christian values – a degenerate, atavistic philosophy versus the western democratic system of tolerant self-governance that has been the glory of the world since the time of Greece and Rome.

        Make no mistake about it – only one will survive, and it's my great hope and prayer that it will be Western Civilization. Every day brings fresh evidence that, although it is capable of conquest by the sword, Islam is incapable of rationally and peacefully organizing societies. Islam has not shown itself to be peaceful: events have proven that it is violent and intolerant. Western societies like Britain and the United States (under our former President George W. Bush, for whom I have the greatest respect and affection, and the current occupant of the White House, who is, if not himself a Muslim, is certainly a Muslim supporter) have completely misunderstood this fact.

      • immune-to-indoct

        That is pretty much what i was going to say. (Then i read your reply.)
        Maybe the situation would have to be extremely serious, "backs against the wall," *then* the backlash will happen and yes, it will be *very* messy. Not least because the traitor governments are very well-equipped and there is NATO.

        (Please note what happened to the Serb nationalists – and if you are not well-informed about it, please find out.)

  • Philip Smeeton

    Mirror- "A number of people have been arrested after alleged offensive comments on social media websites and four people have been charged by police".

    Does anyone know what these offences are and what the comments were?

    I want to know why people have not been arrested for carrying placards in demonstrations that say: "BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM"

    • kafir4life

      Because that would be a violation of their religious rights.

    • Anonymous

      The basis for (most) of the arrests is the Public Order Act of 1986. The text of this act is available at Wikipedia. Notice Section 5 — which deals with "harassment, alarm or distress" (the police are quoting from the Public Order Act). Free Speech (or lack thereof) in England and Wales was actually (somewhat) worse off prior to January, 2013 — prior to January 2013, one could be arrested for "insults" (there is the case of a student telling a policeman that his horse was gay, and the student was arrested or in another instance, someone who said "woof" to a police dog, and, again was arrested). The actor Rowan Atikinson (who plays Mr. Bean) petitioned to get the term "insult" removed from Section 5. In January 2013 "insults" were removed from the act. However, critics still say the Public Order Act continues to stifle speech — particularly those sections dealing with racial or religious "harassment, alarm or distress." I think sections 4 and 5 require a radical re-write or a jettison.

      • V_O

        Yet another reason to love Mr. Bean!

  • Tom Billesley

    inmates in Full Sutton Prison responded to an ill-advised suggestion that they pray for Rigby >/i?
    To clarify, the suggestion was made by the prison imam.

  • Jennifer Ashcroft

    Excellent article. It has been quite incredible to see how the main stream media and politicians have used the Woolwich attack both to claim that Muslims are 'the real victims' and to somehow shift their fury onto the EDL. Have a look also at how a supposedly 'conservative' newsppaper like the Sun has contributed to this:

  • CarruthersCamp

    We must be careful not to generalize about Muslims, most of whom are decent, peace-loving people. There are extremists of every creed, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, etc. It is worth mentioning though that Muslim rage against the West would be reduced if we weren't meddling in their countries and killing their civilians. We should also think about taking a more balanced approach regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Always condemn violence, yes, but don't condemn entire religions. Pretty simple, logical message.

    • kafir4life

      You should read the koran, pay attention to muslims. muslims that appear peace-loving mostly agree with the goals and tactics of the pious muslims, but would never say so, as they are cowards, and not terribly religious. They will never turn in one of their own (how many mosque dwellers recognized the Boston Marathon bombers but said nothing).

      • CarruthersCamp

        Thank you for your reply. Actually, it seems like most mainstream Muslims, particularly in the US, very vocally condemn terrorism perpetrated by radical elements in their religious community. I don't think that you can say that the moderates actually agree with the extremists but "would never say so"; what evidence do you have for that?

    • Beth

      "We should also think about taking a more balanced approach…."

      005.041 MUSLIMS – are men who will listen to any lie

      009.005 Fight and slay the MUSLIMS wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.

      033.061 They [the MUSLIMS] shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy.

      047.004 Therefore, when ye meet the MUSLIMS in fight, smite at their necks.

      How's that for a "balanced approach" ?

      Is that fair? – and if not – why not?

      /sarc off (sort of)

      • CarruthersCamp

        If you are trying to make the point that the Koran contains violent passages, well, yes, obviously it does. But so do the Jewish and Christian scriptures. But only a small minority of Muslims take these passages literally enough to actually commit barbaric acts. Most of them, like those of any other religion, live righteous lives.

        • Georgina

          Not being Jewish or Christian, I don't have to accept your "they started it" attitude, or feel guilty about condemning the inciting to violence in the koran.
          How small is a "a small minority of Muslims" 1% (10 million)? or 5% or closer to 10 percent (>100 million)?

        • Mary Sue

          The difference between Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the Koran, is that the "violent passages" in the Judeo-christian scriptures describe a particular action of a place and time. They are clearly meant for the time they described, and were not and are not ever taken to mean that the actions described therein should be carried on beyond their explicitly stated and contemporary purpose. They are for the most part depictions of historical actions, not exhortations to do such in the future. There are penalties but some of these have gone by the wayside as times have changed, and people fail to realize the extent of jurisprudence among Judaism and Christianity that meant these punishments had leeway for mercy, and the times changed sufficiently (particularly with the invention of prisons) that some of the more lethal punishments were rendered obsolete.

          The Koran passages are on the other hand upheld as an example for all Muslims to follow. Whether they choose to or not is another thing entirely. And true, many do not, but when there's enough of a quorum that do, they'll either bully those who do not, or kill them as apostates.

    • Drakken

      It appears that your appeasement message of peace at any price has you on the wrong side of history. It is not a matter if there will be war with the muslims, but when. Once that nationalistic fever of Pandoras Box is opened, there will be nothing to shut it.

      • CarruthersCamp

        I don't think I'm trying to appease anyone. I simply deny that we in the West are at war with an entire religion or vice versa. I don't think there's any evidence for that. Yes, certainly al-Qaeda and related groups are at war with us. and we may want to think about taking a different approach in our foreign policy to as to further marginalize them.

        • halamerdenvrac

          Sorry but it is time to change your medication you are obviously refuting reality…

        • kaz

          you are absolutely right. we in the west are not at war with an entire religion. it is incontestible, however, that a religion is at war with us, and has been since our nation was founded. to even attempt to deny that obvious fact identifies you as either a clueless moron, or a muslim. personally, i dont think anyone is that stupid. that leaves muslim.

        • Drakken

          Open your god**n eyes! It is in the bloody news everyday, your denial of reality is breathtaking, islam wherever it goes or rears its ugly head, violence always follows. The only way your going to defeat jihadist islam is by the bloody nasty mailed fist, end of story, anything else is defeat and appeasement.

        • Mary Sue

          We're at war with Islamic Fundamentalism (if you take Fundamentalism to mean "Takes their scriptures literally")

    • pagegl

      Muslims kill more of their brethren in their countries than do our military. Their rage for meddling in their countries is, for the most part, a reaction to our response for them meddling in our country. Perhaps if they didn't kill thousands of our citizens we wouldn't be messing around in their countries. They like to piss and moan when we respond in kind to their aggression. Tough, when the members of Islam start to treat members of other religions the way they demand to be treated there might be some progress. Don't hold your breath though; they will continue to act like the school yard bully who picked on the wrong kid and had his butt handed to him.

      Regarding Israel and the Palestinians, perhaps when the Palestinian leadership actually starts to honor the treaties it has signed there might be progress there. Once again, don't hold your breath. The current leadership will continue to act just like Arafat did after signing the Oslo Accords, he went before his followers and told them the treaty meant nothing, that the Palestinians would continue to press for the destruction of Israel.

      • CarruthersCamp

        Thank you for your reply. It is true that there is internal violence in some Muslim countries, but the same can be said of many non-Muslim countries as well. What's more, the violence in some of those countries is greatly aggravated by Western intervention. I would object to the statement that "they" killed thousands of our citizens. Extremists did that…not Islam or Muslims as a whole. You can't paint 1.6 billion people with a single brush.

        As for Israel-Palestine, I know that there are two sides to the story. The problem is that the United States only sees one of those sides. I think the Israelis are putting up a serious obstacle to peace by continuing to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land and keeping Gaza blockaded. The Palestinians put up serious obstacles too, but it's important to acknowledge the errors of both sides to be an honest broker.

        • Western Spirit

          Carruthers Camp, you should talk to my neighbors, who are Hindu's from India, and attribute many of their country's problems to Islam from its overpopulation to its conflicts.

          You're defending the indefensible with distortions and lies too shallow to cover an evil as great as Islam.

        • Mary Sue

          The "illegal settlements" are a red herring. The Palestinians are overwhelmingly genocidally anti-semitic. There was a Jewish doctor who thought as you do, that being nice to Palestinian muslims would cause them not to hate him. He was wrong, dead wrong. His Muslim patients that he'd treated FOR FREE, showed their gratitude by murdering him.

          If Delaware had missiles getting fired at it from Rhode Island would you be as complacent about it?

    • Lionel Mandrake

      You're stupid.

    • kasandra

      Why not condemn an entire religion when that religion's doctrine divides the world into, say, the abode of Islam (Dar al Islam) and the abode of war (Dar al Harb) and directs its adherents to bring those in Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam through conversion or to kill them, allowing some to live as third class citizens if they pay the jizya? Personally, I don't care if a religion mandates its adherents to worship a gourd or pray to a sandal. That's fine with me. But when a religion tells its followers that they must convert me or kill me if I refuse, well, call me old fashioned but I think that's a religion that deserves condemnation.

      • CarruthersCamp

        If that were really true, then why don't you see all or even a majority of devout Muslims looking to kill non-believers? Why did Christians and Jews live peaceably in Muslim lands for centuries during the Middle Ages? Are we also supposed to condemn Judaism and Christianity for the many proclamations in Leviticus, for example, that are surely barbaric in the modern context?

        • kasandra

          Look. You keep talking about individual Moslems. Everyone else here is talking about Islam as a "religion." Yes, there are good Moslems and bad Jews and Christians. So what? The precepts of the religion of Islam have been since 620 A.D. and are, today, in 2013, as I stated. You find me one sect or division of Islam that does not, right now, have this as a fundamental precept. Go to Islamic websites. Listen to what their imams preach. See how they act. The religion of Islam is certainly worthy of condemnation. BTW, Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages largely lived as dhimmis and had sever restrictions on their rights. And, unlike Moslems, Christians and Jews no longer practice the more odious instructions in Leviticus. Tell you what, try to take a Bible into Saudi Arabia or practice Christianity in Egypt and let us all know how you make out.

        • Mary Sue

          You don't understand the proclamations in Leviticus at all. Let alone why they don't apply at all to Christians, and why many of them don't even apply to Jews nowadays. (Last I heard, I never heard of a Jew refusing to wear polyester-cotton fabric).

    • Lan Astaslem

      you're either a lying moslum or a very naive infidel

    • Mary Sue

      Please tell me the Jews that rise up in anger and violence at anti-semitism in other countries, and attacks on Israel, or the Christians that riot and throw rocks at police because Christians are being attacked in other countries? Buddhists in Tibet might set themselves on fire but usually Buddhists in America, and Hindus in America, do not commit violence IN AMERICA due to military actions overseas on "their" countries. (Yes, there are Hindus in Pakistan. Not many, but they're there.)

      I'm sorry but that nonsense doesn't fly. Why would a Nigerian give any more of a DAMN about civilians in Iraq than any given Englishman? It's got nothing to do with him. The ONLY thing the Nigerian has in common with any given Iraqi civilian…is Islam! Iraq is NOT the Nigerian's "country"! (And why isn't the Nigerian upset with Boko Haram killing innocent civilians in NIGERIA? HMMMM?!)

      I'm sorry but your approach is not logical. There cannot be a balanced approach when one side is genocidal (the Palestinians).

      We have a name for muslims who are decent, peace-loving people. Apostates.

    • F.K. Juliano

      "Always condemn violence, yes, but don't condemn entire religions. Pretty simple, logical message. "

      What if violence and hatred are at the core of a given religion? They demonstrably are in the case of Islam. Here's some good advice: let others decide if your message is "pretty simple" or "logical". Your asserting that it is won't persuade anyone and will only show that you are either naive or arrogant. As it were, your argument, while it may be simple–indeed simple-minded–is false because it's based on a highly distorted view of history, one you have in common with al-Qaeda and other Islamic fundamentalists. You talk of our "meddling" in their countries, but what about their meddling in our countries? What right did Muslims have to invade Christian Jerusalem in 637 or Egypt in 639 or Hindu Sindh in 664 or Spain in 711 or Constantinople in 1453 or Hungary in 1526 or Austria in 1683? What right did they have to enslave millions of Christians living along the Mediterranean until America took a stand against Libya and France conquered Algiers, the main base of the Barbary pirates? What right did they have to perpetrate genocide against Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians during WWI? What right do they have to settle and Islamize Europe, America, Australia, and other non-Muslim lands? What right do they have to fly planes into buildings, blow up subway cars, and murder and maim spectators at a foot race? Again, isn't that interference in our countries and killing our civilians? Or do Muslims get a pass because… Well, because they are Muslims?

      You, sir, are one of the millions who have nothing to contribute.

      • Colin

        They had the same rights as Europeans did to take North America from its native inhabitants. That is, none.

  • clarespark

    Rules against hate speech are among the staple weapons of the progressive movement since the 1960s. See…. "Index to blogs on hate speech." Hate speech and multiculturalism are joined at the hip, and we dare not separate them. This explains the "video" that was said to explain Benghazi.

    • moamarde

      if you wanna stop hate speach you got to stop islam and burn the conran

  • jojofobo

    In answer to Bill Whittle's( question of "Why can't people in a democracy just be told the truth?"(by politicians/media), Steve Green says, "People have a way–and this is a terrible thing–people have a way of making up their own minds. Now, progressives know that war is obsolete, and Islam is a religion of peace, and that we probably deserve to get blown up or butchered anyway. But if people are given the facts–are given data that might contradict what progressives already know, then they might make up their minds the wrong way. Like someone who wants to buy a 100-watt light bulb: If we take that bad choice away from them, then they can't even make it. Well, the same thing goes with war. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SURRENDER WHEN THE FACTS MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO FIGHT?" Whittle responds: "Western citizens, in their millions, possess the greatest reservoir of wisdom and common sense in the history of the world. And when a few terrified, pea-brained morons feel they know what's better for the country than the country does, then we have been, we are, and we will be in mortal danger."

    • Fearless Fosdick

      God, I love Bill Whittle! Thanks for your post …

  • CarterBrooks

    All of you people should be arrested! You are in violation of Thought Code 1005 – Offending Followers of the Religion of Peace. I suggest making it easy on yourselves and turning yourself in to your local Police.

    • pagegl

      Darn, my brain just won't stop trying to be independent of the social programming shoved on us.

    • nogodsallowd

      What religion of peace? The religion of a peace of you here and a peace of you there?

    • Paranoia

      Except that isn't happening anywhere other than in your head.

  • kafir4life

    Check out the terrorist supporting forum at They have a discussion about "backlash"", but not word one about the possible reason for any perceived backlash. The soldier was killed in accordance with the tenants of the gutter cult of islam, and they certainly stand by their man, so the concern is what to do about the dislike of their gutter cult, and its pedophilic inventor, mohamat the pig faced dog.

    THAT'S why we don't hire muslims. THAT's why we don't shop in their stores. THAT's why when you see a muslim, you should watch a muslim.

    allahu's snackbar!!

  • Roy Dzigli

    Is the potential here (A reality in the UK and Canada) for me to be prosecuted for posting a comment about ….well lets say anyone?
    Frontpage is available in the UK and Canada now that I think of it.
    Maybe I should be careful.
    I'm guessing that many of these third world cultures didn't grow up with the concept of "Sticks and stones"……etc.
    Long live the first amendment!
    Long live the Constitution!
    Warmest regards,Roy

  • ima baluga

    the mainstream media have reliably come out with stories about “backlash” against Muslims. Not accounts of actual backlash, mind you, but pieces in which various academics, public officials, Muslim leaders, and other sensitive souls have been described as wringing their hands over the dreaded possibility that some of us boorish infidels might respond to this latest action by going on the warpath against innocent Muslims., the same thing can be said of black on white crimes, which are not treated the same as the occasional white on black. we sit and watch our kids rapped and bullied in school watch black on white crimes while we remain silent all out of fear of being called racist or that somehow it will cause whites to go on the war path. unlike blacks that will burn down a neighborhood in a hertbeat

  • Jim Taylor

    all you gotta do is look at the United States for what you do not want to become. because of slave trade and multicultureism and diversity programs the United States now has millions of black thugs hating on whties and running wild flash mobs in places like the beaches and wal mart .… do youwant Briton to look like that all the US cities are a crime he!! hole and for the most part its the war on whites by black leaders. and look at their borders they are the ones giving away the country city by city and the violence is getting worse because of the immigrants and haitians and overpopulation of the same

    • pgk

      true, but at least no one here gets arrested for pointing it out

  • Drakken

    The more that the leftist Quislings try to silence peoples voices, the next thing they will hear the sound of rifles. The leftist who whine and cry about backlash make open warfare against these savages inevitable.

    • pagegl

      Unfortunately Drakken, I have to agree with you. I would like to think that these issues can be solved using reason. But, too many of our elites in the media and government are not reasonable people. They are going to force the general populace into what you predict.

    • immune-to-indoct

      Just a little note:
      The British people do not have rifles. (Except for a very few small calibre hunting rifles and shotguns.) You know that. You know that that is also part of the same business against the people.
      They would have to be acquired, because otherwise it would not be possible to overcome the opposing forces.

      • Drakken

        Ask around for your ole IRA and UDF folks, they will get you what you need, plus the Russians are a very good source as well, or so I have heard.

      • Arm Bears

        Against the people? Nope, justified reaction to massacres of children (Google 'Dunblaine').

        I'll stick with our murder rate thank you very much. You enjoy your constitution.

    • Wonky Prism

      Leftards or Rightards, still 'tards just the same.

  • rob

    My concern is that the elites in Britan (and across Europe), will crack down hard on the native people once they start fighting back and will utterly crush them. The native Europeans will be fighting against the muslims and their own governments.

    • Drakken

      Once open warfare starts, nothing the govts do will stop it.

    • PamM

      How are the governments going to do that? We already know that the police have gone over to the enemy, but they couldn't even control a few rioters so how will they stop a rampaging mob out for revenge? The army won't turn on its own people, especially not to defend the same Muslims who have been killing their comrades in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      The traitors in government will side with the Muslims, if just for self preservation. They know they will get rough justice from us, probably involving the use of some rope. The Muslims might still see them as being useful although once that is no longer the case they will slit their throats, or behead them, without further ado. For once I would support their actions in that scenario.

      • PJG

        Some of the police will change sides. I have already seen how some are not happy with being told to crush the freedom of their own people.

      • Right Angle

        The Police sat on their hands when Blacks rampaged through London, burning and looting two years ago. When they responded, it was very late in the day. The media took umbrage at the EDL's efforts to guard certain areas and you would have thought from their reportage that the EDL were the looters.

        The media choke on the word "England" and "English" as we aren't supposed to exist and our country is scheduled to be only regions of the UK. Yet these Black riots they quickly named as "English" riots. The media keenly sought out images of the few Whites who joined in the looting.

        Police, media, politicians, civil service, they all sing the same nasty song.

    • Cuckoo

      How's that gonna work then?

  • tagalog

    I agree that the response of the non-Muslim Western world against Muslim terrorism and murder has been restrained, but I disagree on the characterization of that restraint as "civilized restraint."

    In my view it's UNCIVILIZED restraint that the West is showing, in that the restraint is essentially suicidal, cowardly, unprincipled, and a deadly threat to our civilization. We are permitting these Muslims to kill our people knowingly, intentionally, and in the most outrageous ways, with nearly no response except to mouth excuses for such conduct. If we aren't careful, the Muslims will destroy Western civilization as they say they wish to do.

    Do liberals think that once shari'a law is established when the West becomes part of the ummah, that they will be allowed to make excuses for rebellion against the theocracy, that they will continue to have the rights, freedoms, and equality before the law that the West has so painfully developed since the rise of Christianity?

    • Western Spirit

      The Longer people are stifled the greater the explosion when the tipping point is reached. Let the Left beware because they are the ones doing the stifling and it's true that where there is an action there is an opposite and equal reaction that in this case will be an even greater reaction due to the ill advised stifling.

      At least I think this will be the case but everything is so upside-down in today's world totalitarianism will probably prevail once again and clothe the world in darkness because the human race is so very very flawed.

  • metatron2

    Why do reporters love the terrorist savage Muslims? Is money being spread around? Or are their lives being threatened?

    • Drakken

      Both and they sure aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them, but they will let the very same hand butcher them.

  • LindaRivera

    Please join and support Liberty GB in Britain!

    Paul Weston: It's Not Racist to Defend Your Country. Paul Weston will make a wonderful Prime Minister! In Britain, send this youtube video to your email list! We are fighting for our survival!

    Paul Weston on the Woolwich Killing, Islam and the State of Modern Britain

  • LindaRivera

    BARENAKEDISLAM: UK: Machete-wielding Muslim thugs leave two men with ‘serious injuries’ after attacking them in an Accrington barber’s shop

    The two victims had been inside the
    shop in Ormerod Street when four masked men carrying machetes and knives
    forced their way inside. Apparently, Britons are no longer safe anywhere in England.

    The victims both suffered deep wounds…

    bain commented on BNI and stated:
    "No mention on BBC or ITN or SKY news
    TV.To my knowledge no other newspaper apart from the local Lancashire
    newspaper and anti-jihad sites are reporting this.

    Most of England has no idea this has happened.The total circulation of
    the Lancashire Telegraph is 26,503 out of a population of 1.45 million in Lancashire.

    The story has been kept local.Most people in the UK get their news from TV news.

    No one else outside Lancashire county will know!" End of quote.

    The media, ruling elites, police and other authorities are united in their deadly treason of always covering up for, and DECEIVING for the most MURDEROUS cult on earth. Treasonous elites are dedicated in making sure Brits don’t know that they and their future progeny are in terrible danger.

    Devout Muslims are greatly encouraged and inspired to increase jihad by UK rulers’ words and actions that show that UK leaders are on the side of jihad and Muslim conquest. Because of ruling elites contempt and hate for their own British people and Muslim gang-raped-sexually
    enslaved British children, violence against infidels is going to increase exponentially.


    Paul Weston for Prime Minister! Join political party, Liberty GB!

    • PamM

      Police said they were looking for four Asian men. Could they be Gurkhas, members of a Chinese tong, or perhaps Buddhist monks?

      Why are the police so frightened to say Muslim? Why don't they say that fout masked Muslim thugs attacked people in a barber's shop in Accrington. Perhaps they hadn't paid their jizya and had to be taught to be good dhimmis.

  • gergneslo

    If I didn't know better, I might think that the left media constantly preaching not to backlash at Muslims over Jihadist attacks might be a concerted effort to force people to hold in their animosity until it finally reaches a breaking point and all hell breaks loose requiring dictatorial government intervention!

    • PJG

      You could be right. Sounds plausible to me.

    • immune-to-indoct

      No. (Like you said, "if i didn't know better.) The reasons for the media behaving the way they do is understood well enough. (It becomes somewhat clearer when you get examples such as them deleting comments pages and closing comments.)
      The media are controlled, one way or another. They are supposed to avoid contributing to a mood that could lead to public disorder.

    • Mary Sue

      I think the media has this phobia that random rednecks will start tying random muslims to their back bumper and dragging them behind their truck like a few did to a black guy a while back.

  • ratonis

    Islamic mosques are in much more danger of being attacked or blown up from other Muslims than from any infidel sources.

  • Horace

    Learn the names of the news editors and reporters that censor the truth about the murder Jihad and its goal of intimidation and mohammedan takeover of our governments. Publish their names. Demand accountability. Who is your sherriff or chief of police, what do they think about Jihad? Remember the names of the politicians who enable and give aid and comfort to the enemy-Islam. Vote them out. Maybe the elections arent fully rigged yet. Join or support anti Sharia and anti Islam community groups. EDUCATE YOUR CO-WORKERS AND FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. Name the names of the political leftists that support Islam, from Obama, Kerry, Hillary, McCain, to your local politicians, beaureaucrats, school boards, university tenure abusers and islam promoters, newspaper editorialists. Write letters to the editor. Esablish a muslim watch and report on welfare muslims and stealth Jihadis. Learn self defense. Do something peaceful but effective, move public opinion. use your voice in the marketplace. Islam is a political totalitarian murder cult pretending to be a religion.

  • guest

    Mr. Bawer writes:

    "On the contrary, with a very small number of minor, isolated exceptions, people in the non-Muslim world have routinely responded to Muslim violence with civilized restraint."

    I take exception to the word "minor". Several days after 9/11, a Sikh owner of a gas station in Mesa, Arizona was shot dead by a yahoo who shot him, mistaking him for a Muslim for the sole reason that he wore a turban.


    Now, that's an isolated incident but it's not "minor".

    • logdon

      And since then? Dredging history a tad?

      Have you considered the reaction if kuffar hijacked Emirates planes and flew them into the Kaaba, al-Azhar university and Saudi royal palaces?

      That's a fair equivalent of 9/11.

      It wouldn't be a gas station in Arizona, it would be the World.

      And they'd still be at it.

  • Ellman

    The behavior of the British police and newspapers makes me want to vomit. The UK is going insane and so are France and the US. When you defend the animal that beheads an innocent person for no reason than irrational anger at Westerners and condemn your own citizens for expressing their outrage how can you not be insane?

    • immune-to-indoct

      They are controlled. Need i explain it? Fear of various things, including losing their jobs, their means of maintaining themselves. That has been a critical factor all along.

      The police, in particular (which "side" they would be on, that has been mentioned already)…they would be on the side of the system, the government. They have an ingrained dislike of public disorder and they are trained so that stopping it is part of their duty. There would be specific, isolated exceptions.

  • logdon

    Imagine if the 'backlash' was of this nature?

    Machete attack horror at Accrington barber's shop (From Lancashire ……/10446384.Machet...
    3 days ago – MACHETE wielding thugs have left two men with 'serious injuries' after attacking them in an Accrington barber's shop.

    This in effect is the real Muslim backlash against the purported kuffar 'backlash'.

    Spot the difference. A few unruly's tug a hijab, aggravated citizens post a number of tweets, a strip of bacon is left on a mosque threshold.

    Meanwhile Muslims enter a barber shop and assault two complete innocents with machete's and obvious intent to kill or severely disable.

    Now lets be honest, which is the real crime and who are the savages and racists here?

    I live in Britain and see these people all the time. They are not the be-robed bearded ones but flash young Pakistanis imbued with a toxic mix of street thug and Islam.

    They lie, rob, sell drugs, run prostitutes, molest our girls, commit fraud and on Friday attend the mosque.

    They dress in Armani jeans, wear the most ornate trainers, deck themselves in highly expensive and ostentatiously labelled CP Company and Stone Island hooded jackets, drive Subaru Imprezia's with spinning wheel hubs or top end black BM’s emblazoned with ridiculous acronym number plates.

    The hair is jet black and gelled, shaved back and side and more often than not a coiffed strip of carefully trimmed demonic beard accompanies this look.

    An overpowering and eye-watering stench of drenched aftershave follows wherever they venture.

    They swagger, barge into others, drive like utter maniacs and never, ever offer an inch of courtesy.

    This is Britain's Pakistani youth. Feral, unbeholden to authority (because they can), despising of police and social services alike and more often than not, claiming every welfare dodge as is humanly possible.

    If they were white, plod would have a field day and they would have both the Mail and Telegraph boiling with indignant wrath about what is to be done.

    As it stands they are Pakistanis, cocooned in the loving arms of one way hate crime and speech, a police service obsessed by promotion inducing diversity ruling and a cynical press so scared of either retaliation or the appearance of taking sides that the truth comes second place to grovelling appeasement.

    We have entered a world, unimaginable a mere decade ago. It is built upon a raft of lies and disinformation. We're long past Orwellian and into the realms of a Marquis De Sade asylum where nothing counts but the unaccountable.

    Those Dadaists who performed nightly at Zurich's Cabaret Voltaire would be simultaneously overjoyed and appalled.

    First overjoyed at the chaos descending upon us. Second appalled at the brute violence so apparently obvious within that chaos.

    We are screwed. This situation is unsustainable and the level of anger boiling away within a British psyche is reaching a point of no return.

    It may not have reached the beginning of the end but one things for sure, we are certainly approaching the end of the beginning.

    • immune-to-indoct

      logdon, that is a really great post, and i hope you will not mind my sharing it on facebook – where i have many Hindu nationalist friends who are generally very sympathetic with regard to this situation in Europe.
      For most of them, Pakistan and Pakistanis are seen as irreconcilable enemies. And they have a very similar problem with the India govt and media to what we see expressed here (and on similar forums.) A similar situation is developing there too, in that they see themselves being forced to war.

      I see a good side to all these barbaric attacks by muslims. They are such a serious problem for our internal enemies, they have such potential for undoing some of the indoctrination.

      • logdon

        Thankyou for the compliment, immune-to-indoct.

        Of course you can spread my post, in fact the more the merrier if I can apply such levity to our truly perilous situation.

        As to your last point I completely agree. Out of this bloody tragedy there's one thing modern technology has provided and that's the camera phone.

        All on record. No ifs, buts, he said, he didn't say – it's all there and Cameron's idiotic assertion that this was nothing to do with Islam has made him a complete laughing stock.

        It may sound odd but Anjem Choudary, bete noir of both our establishment and the stealth Islamists has done us an immense favour. Big mouth strikes again, he's 'fessed up and again it's all on record.

        Now Cameron and co may insist that he is not representative of British Muslims but where are they? Where are the counter demonstrations? Chirp, chirp went the crickets.

        People are twigging, it may be at a snails pace but it's happening.

        As to the future? If we are to trust our leaders we are doomed. There has to be a counter to all of this and they're not providing it.

        Obama''s administration is stuffed with MB. We ennoble our taqiyya spewing dissidents. Europe embraces Eurabia. And on and on.

        Muslims on the face of it are undoubtedly winning but my opinion is that it will be short lived.

        It could well get messy but at least the phony war will be over.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Well said by Bruce Bawer.
    Thought police.
    What I regret is the lack of backlash. I find that these vile creatures are not worth spending long terms in prison for, and it should not even be neccesary for me to even think about retaliating because there are authorities entrusted with the task of protecting me and my fellow citizens from abuse.
    There is a justice system, but if I exercise my right to free expression; do not resort to violence or incite to violence; and say what I consider to be true I will be arrested, charged and imprisoned.
    I and those that dare are branded loathsome creatures for being patriotic and for mourning the death of our culture.
    While the vilest of creatures can roam our streets, exercise violence, praise terrorist attacks and make all sorts of threats and still be protected and portrayed as some sort of victims.
    It is we that are the victims of Islam.
    Islam is exactly what is put forth in the pages of the Al-Qaeda publication- «Inspire».
    Muslims be inspired!
    =Islam is a vicious evil ideology posing as a religion and anyone that calls themselves a Muslim is an accomplice in its insane activities=
    =Muslims are not my fellow citizens as they are members of a hostile murder cult that plots to overthrow our government and to instate an Islamic regime=
    By any definition Islam is treason and its apologists co-conspirators.
    Obviously I am judged a lunatic, for my statements, that should be confined to an asylum while the real loonies roam freely amongst us protected by a police that like Muslims practice self-indoctrination, sincerely believing in their own self-righteousness.

    • immune-to-indoct

      Do not mourn the death of our culture.
      Do not accept the role of victim.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Political correctness is deadly. When evil the pc crowd warns.against Islamopbbia and tell us about the moderate.Muslims. There are too many Muslims that have declared war on us to not pay attention. Our government is working against us when they fail to fully descride the We identify the enemy and neutralize that enemy.

  • saleem

    Very good spread more hate that should make things better

  • sal

    I am a muslim and the amount of hate that I read against us terrible muslim , terrorist, child molesting, wife beating, infadel and jew haters. Etc etc on and on bla bla bla and its really well written lies that l almost believed it until I asked my mad mullah down at the mosque well I often give charity to Christian and other religions I dont know which qaran you read but we can help any one in need their is thousands of books and so called islamic run websites by non muslim to spread hate and fear bo ho . So check your facts before you write it check out peace tv , if you are serious which I doubt . Evil prevails when good men fail to act . If a fellow muslim is doing wrong stop him physically if you cant then stop him with your voice you still cant then say in your heart he is a wrong doer this is what Mohummed s.a.w teaches us terrible angry gun wielding muslims .