Campus Jihad, British Style

Ah, college. The memories! Sitting under a shady tree on the quad reading Twelfth Night. Studying in your dorm room for the big test while “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” plays on a stereo down the hall. Going to a Muslim Student Union event at which the guest lecturer urges you and your fellow students “not to be wimps but to be Mojahedeen” who “terrorize the Kaffars” and “look to die in the path of Allah.”

A couple of days ago, Arnold Ahlert wrote here about “Islam Awareness Week 2013,” coming up next week at the University of California, Irvine, thanks to that institution’s Muslim Student Union. Now, while Irvine, a frequent site of high-profile pro-jihadist and anti-Semitic activity, has almost certainly earned the coveted title of America’s MSU Mecca, its MSU is, in fact, as Ahlert quite properly points out, only one of 600 or so North American chapters of the Muslim Student Association, most of which are no pikers either, holding similar events year in and year out, if on a less headline-grabbing scale. Almost universally, these hundreds of MSUs are viewed by university administrators and other observers as harmless, wholesome, benign – no different from any other student group. Indeed, the fact that so many young Muslims in the West, some of them the children or grandchildren of illiterate peasants, are enrolled at universities is routinely held up by starry-eyed left-wing naifs as proof positive of the triumph of Islamic integration.

Yet the evidence, of course, is overwhelming that the MSUs represent the very opposite of real integration – which requires, first and foremost, the total and unapologetic adoption of secular, democratic Western values, even this means openly rejecting sharia, jihad, and sundry Islamic fundamentals. The MSA, as Ahlert makes clear, is a “terror factory” and a Muslim Brotherhood spinoff-cum-subsidiary, and next week’s Irvine event, purportedly dedicated to dialogue and mutual understanding and featuring speeches supposedly about such innocuous topics as “freedom of speech” and “women’s rights in Islam” will, like countless other such campus gatherings, be a veritable parade of poisonous Kaffar haters, jihad enthusiasts, and would-be crushers of Israel. (As it happens, the University of California at Santa Barbara, not to be outdone by its sister campus in Orange County, will be hosting the annual MSA West conference in February, with speakers like Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who calls white people “devils.”)

The unfortunate truth is that all too many Muslim college students in the West are essentially majoring in Mujahideen Studies –  poring over the Koran instead of the Constitution, their dorms, in effect, serving as terrorist cells. Nor, of course, is this just happening in the U.S. and Canada. The jihad-happy student group Islam Net, based at Oslo University College, is probably Norway’s largest Islamic organization, and is unarguably its fastest-growing. In fact, the more closely you look into all of these groups, the harder it is to deny that Muslim collegians, far from being rendered immune by Western higher education to a primitive, bloodthirsty ideology that should, in a more logical world, only appeal to unlettered barbarians, are all too often, if anything, more susceptible to it than their unschooled cousins back in camel country.

That this spreading crisis of campus jihadism is no less acute in the U.K. than in the New World is the urgent message of Challenging Extremists: Practical Frameworks for Our Universities, a new report compiled by Rupert Sutton and Hannah Stuart for the Henry Jackson Society, a think tank, and Student Rights, a group dedicated to exposing extremism at British universities. In large part, Sutton’s and Stuart’s report amounts to a rogues’ gallery of speakers (most of whose names are routinely prefaced by the honorific “Dr.”) who are in demand among the budding red-brick jihadist jet set. Among them: Azzam Tamimi, who has boasted of his closeness to Hamas leaders; Zahir Mahmoud, who insists that Hamas is not a terrorist group; Murtaza Khan, who labels Jews and Christian “filthy”; and Daud Abdullah, who signed a 2009 statement saying that “the Islamic nation” is obliged to regard the Royal Navy’s monitoring of the smuggling of weapons into Gaza as “a declaration of war.”

Then there are folks like Abdullah El-Faisal, whose stirring call to “terrorize the Kaffars,” etc., I quoted from up top, but who’s unavailable for speaking engagements at present because his insufficiently veiled appeals to liquidate non-believers resulted in his becoming that rarest of creatures – a foaming-at-the-mouth jihadist who has actually been expelled from the U.K. Which, by the way, explains the high wink-wink quotient in many of these creeps’ stump speeches – in other words, the plenitude of statements that, if less carefully worded, would be considered incitements to violence, but that have been formulated in lawyerly fashion in a patent effort to skirt prosecution, even though audiences, needless to say, get the message. For example, Abu Salahudeen, while telling his fans that the West has committed “capital crimes” against Islam and reminding them that “in all capital crimes you execute the criminal,” is careful to add that “[i]t’s not for me to tell you how to undertake it, or even to undertake it…I am merely giving you the verdict.”

Still, U.K. law appears to allow a hell of a lot of leeway, given that one Abu Usamah at-Thahabi, who spoke recently at King’s College, London, has gotten away so far with prodding the faithful to actively resist “the oppression of the kuffar” and “go out and perfom the jihad.” Also, in what can only be understood as a deliberate display of the offbeat British sense of humor, U.K. law allows many of the groups behind these shifty shenanigans – such as the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (check out its online magazine) and the Islamic Education and Research Academy, both explicitly pro-sharia – to register as charities. But the highest-profile Islamic group to be involved in all this mischief is the notorious Hizb ut-Tahrir, whose U.K. branch has been careful not to say anything in violation of the 2006 Terrorism Act, even as its affiliates elsewhere have, among other things, called on Muslims to “eradicate Israel and purify the earth of Jewish filth.”

Even more unsettling, however, than the bloodthirsty rhetoric churned out by these vipers – which is, at least, out in the open – is what’s going on behind the scenes. On British campuses that might not necessarily roll out the red carpet for Hizb ut-Tahrir, for example, the organization covertly infiltrates student governments and student clubs and uses front groups to get its speakers booked. Now and then while reading Challenging Extremists, one is reminded of the way Communists operated in the U.S., Britain, and other Western countries in the 1930s. Then, too, students were a target group – one that famously ended up providing the Soviet Union with the exceeedingly useful services of a circle of Cambridge grads employed at the highest levels of the Foreign Service, MI6, and the BBC. All of which causes one to reflect that some of the students who are today inspired by the fire-breathing preachers of jihad to do their part in bringing down the West – on whichever side of the Atlantic – may well find more effective ways of accomplishing that end than joining the mujahideen in Afghanistan or blowing themselves up on a bus.

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  • AdinaK

    Campus jihad…let's count the ways…. –

    Parent beware….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Michael Copeland

    The resistance has started. See courageous Vincent Bruno Otera at Hunter College, New York.

    NY College Student Steps up to the Plate and Takes on Islam! 14 Jan 2013

    • aspacia


      A good link. Poor guy is really taking the heat and death threats.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    Jihad is meant to bring awareness to Infidels about the struggle of Muslims in the world and the eventual sucess will be through Jihad

    • Raymond

      It is now time that you Muslims went back home to the Cesspit country you came from; if you do not like it in our country, why have come here?

      • JoJoJams

        Because they're like the Borg – Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated! (and as mindlessly sick/perverse as the Borg and it's collective mentality of submission)



      You are invited to join all people of Good Will to curse the false prophet muhammed, prophet of statan, and pray that the false prophet muhammed continues to burn in Hell for all Eternity.

    • Lan Astaslem

      you are a putz

    • AnnaK

      What struggles ? Muslims are just jealous of the success of the West, plain and simple. All that oil and still most Muslim countries in poverty and uneducated masses. Their only struggle is emulating their master Muhammad and his road to power and domination of "infidel lands".

    • Drakken

      Heh he heh he heh heh heh Go sell your dawa somewhere else mudslime, that backlash you fear is coming, and when it does, we infidels are going to pay you in your own bloody coin. Deo Volente!

    • Mary Sue

      how do Muslims manage to get ANYTHING done in a day when having to bow to Mecca 5 times?

      • KarshiKhanabad

        They don't. Foreign infidel quasi-slave laborers do all the scut work.

  • Tomyris

    The link in the article to the report does not appear to work.

    This link works:

  • Edward Cline

    The poison ivy – or is it Islamic kudzu? – growing on the walls of Academe, in the U.K. and in the U.S. But, "the kids are all right," they're just confused Koranic groupies feeling their way through the world. Right? Not to worry.

  • KEGS59

    I went head to head with Azzam Tamimi when he was invited to speak at Helsinki University…he blew a gasket when I alluded to his being in the payroll of the Iranians.

  • KEGS59
  • clarespark

    The late communist historian Eric Hobsbawm was energetic in defending jihadists, for such cultural nationalism was instrumental in defeating the West and Israel, both of which he hated with a vengeance. I wrote about his major ideas in several blogs: here is one of several:… My oppositional defiant disorder and Eric Hobsbawm."

  • Linda Rivera

    UK leaders know exactly what the devout Muslim adherents to the Quran are doing: encouraging jihad against innocent non-Muslims. UK leaders are ALLOWING it.


      Nothing will deter the Dhimmmification of the UK.

      Until the people take back their country…

      SCREW the UK.

      BOYCOTT the UK (Banking, Film, Music, Oil (bp)) as we boycott Venezuela.

    • I'm Having a…

      They're allowing it, because they have no balls. UK politicians are like most politicians in the West: weak and spineless. It is only the starch in their shirts that prevents them from falling over.

      There is one fault running through democracy: giving power to the frightful, the ignorant and… Islam. The West will always be at risk as long as it gives shelters to primitive cretins with cow eyes.

  • JacksonPearson

    Understanding the enemy and how to fight them
    (in part)
    Jihad is the greatest deed in Islam and the salvation of the ummah is in practicing it. In times like these, when Muslim lands are occupied by the kuffar, when the jails of tyrants are full of Muslim POWs, when the rule of the law of Allah is absent from this world and when Islam is being attacked in order to uproot it, Jihad becomes obligatory on every Muslim. Jihad must be practiced by the child even if the parents refuse, by the wife even if the husband objects and by the one indebt even if the lender disagrees.

    Dear brothers and sisters the issue is urgent since today our enemy is neither a nation nor a race. It is a system of kufr with global reach. The kuffar today are conspiring against us like never before. So could we be heading towards the great battle between the Romans and the Muslims – Al Malhamah – which the Prophet (saaws) spoke about? Again, the point needs to be stressed: Jihad today is obligatory on every capable Muslim. So as a Muslim who wants to please Allah it is your duty to find ways to practice it and support it. Following are 43 ways for the brothers and sisters to support Jihad fi sabeelillah:

    1. Having the right intention You must make the intentions of joining the ranks of the mujahideen. The Messenger of Allah says: “Whoever dies and has not fought or intended to fight has died on a branch of hypocrisy” (Related by Muslim) A sign that an intention of a person is true is whether they are preparing for Jihad or not. Allah says: “And if they had intended to go forth, they would have prepared for it” (9:46). The conditions for Jihad al Dafi’ (the defensive Jihad) are five as stated by scholars such as Abu Qudamah: Islam, puberty, sanity, financial ability, and to be free of physical disabilities. If a person lacks the financial ability and doesn’t find anyone to finance him or suffers from an illness or a disability that excuses him from Jihad then a sign of the true intention of such a person is that he is sad that he is exempted from Jihad. Allah says about the ones who could not afford the expenses of joining in the battle of Tabuk: “Nor [is there blame] upon the those who, when they came to you that you might give them mounts, you said, “I can find nothing for you to ride upon.” They turned back while there eyes overflowed with tears out of grief that they could not find something to spend [for the cause of Allah]” (9-92)

    2. Praying to Allah to award you with martyrdom The Messenger (saaws) says: “Whoever sincerely asks Allah to award him with martyrdom would be given the rewards of martyrs even if he dies on his bed” (Related by Muslim) Asking Allah to die as a shaheed pleases Allah because it shows him that you are willing to give your life for him. But you need to be careful not to be merely paying lip service. A person who truly asks for shahadah would respond to the call of Jihad whenever he hears it and would eagerly search for death in the path of Allah. The reason why the enemies of Allah succeeded in defeating some Muslims and taking over their land is because they have lost their love for martyrdom. The Messenger of Allah (saaws) says: Nations will attack you like a group of people eating from a plate. The sahabah said: “Is that because we will be few in numbers?” He said: “No, you will be numerous but you will be like the foam of the sea, and Allah will take away from the hearts of your enemies the fear from you and Allah will cast in your hearts “wahan”” They said: “What is “wahan” O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “The love of this world and the hatred of death” (Related by Abu Dawud). Our culture of martyrdom needs to be revived because the enemy of Allah fears nothing more than our love of death.

    3. Jihad with your wealth The financial Jihad has preceded the physical Jihad in every verse except one. This is to point out to us the importance of the Jihad of wealth because Jihad depends on it. In other words, no money no Jihad, and Jihad needs lots of it. That is why according to Al Qurtubi in his tafseer he states that the reward for money given as Sadaqah is multiplied by ten, but the reward for money spent in Jihad is multiplied by 700! Allah says: “The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills” (2:261) Probably the most important contribution the Muslims of the West could do for Jihad is making Jihad with their wealth since in many cases the mujahideen are in need of money more than they are in need of men. As Sheikh Abdullah Azzam puts it: “Men are in need of Jihad and Jihad is in need of money”

    4. Fundraising for the mujahideen In addition to paying from your own money you should also encourage others to do the same. Rasulullah says: “The one who guides others towards a good deed would receive rewards equal to those who practice it.” By fundraising for the mujahideen you are also fulfilling a sunnah of Rasulullah (saaws) which he would often practice before going out for a battle.

    • ChristianJew

      Jihad will be defeated, God is greater and more powerful, killiing and suicide bombs and beheadings are not from God, love, peace, co-existiing with others and loving and serving God and your fellow man is the truth and the truth always wins. God Bless, prayers for all Muslims to see that harming themselves and others is not enlightment.

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes on everything you say. It's written, that all evil will be defeated.
        In the end, in accordance with Biblical Scripture, Jesus Christ will judge and rule all of earth from Jerusalem…and NOT with an anti-Christ al Mahdi copilot.

        On Muslims, the only thing I can say is, if they don't eventually change their ways, hell's going to really be overcrowded.

    • Chris

      Islam sure is a wonderful, peaceful religion, isn't it?

      • JacksonPearson

        ISLAM: The Religion of Peace (and a big stack of dead bodies)
        Islamic Terrorists Have Carried Out More Than 20,268 Deadly Terror
        Attacks Since 9/11. Source:

  • patriothere

    "which requires, first and foremost, the total and unapologetic adoption of secular, democratic Western values, even this means openly rejecting sharia, jihad, and sundry Islamic fundamentals"

    That is completely untrue. The same thing could be said for jews or christians. You have the right to practice you religion. By their nature christianity Islam and judaism are not secular, democratic, or western. They are theocratic, religious and asiatic.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      That is completely untrue. The same thing could be said for jews or christians. You have the right to practice you religion. By their nature christianity Islam and judaism are not secular, democratic, or western. They are theocratic, religious and asiatic.

      People who morally equate Judaism and Christianity with Islam don't have the first clue what Islam actually is. While Islam may be considered a religion in an Islamic sense, it is not a religion in a Western sense. For instance, the first and foremost requirement of Islam is that all Muslims submit to the will of Allah, i.e., Sharia, without condition, as there is no freedom of conscience allowed in Islam under the penalty of death. Thus, all Muslims are in fact jihadists fighting violently and astronomically by far more non-violently against all non-Muslims in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme. Otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed. Does that sound like a legit religion in the Western sense to you? It doesn't to me. Indeed, are Jews and Christians who become secular executed? Hardly! It sounds much more like Islam is a cult to me. Indeed, in the Western sense Islam is a very draconian totalitarian ideology and also a death cult more than it is anything else as it seeks total control of its adherents, but not only its own adherents, indeed, all non-Muslim infidels as well. Thus, how can you morally equate Judaism and Christianity with Islam? Of course, you can't unless you are extremely ignorant of what Islam really is, which is very obvious since you've made some very idiotic assumptions with respect to Islam.

    • JacksonPearson

      You're full of sh*t. There is virtually no comparison whatsoever between Islam and Christianity, nor between Muhammad or Jesus Christ….NONE. There never has been, and never will be PERIOD

  • Ghostwriter

    Personally,I rather listen to that long song by Iron Butterfly than anything by an Islamist.

  • Gabrielle

    Not when that religion is subversive. Not when that religion plans to overthrow Western governments and force all people into their "religion" or die. Then it is not a religion wishing to worship in peace, it is an active force to change what is already here.

    Immigration without assimilation is invasion. Islam is not compatible with Western democracies and freedoms.

    • Tomyris

      Amen…."It sounds much more like Islam is a cult to me".

      And how did we handle "cults"? Waco anyone….

      • JacksonPearson

        As far I know, until the U.S. government attacked the Branch Davidan's for allegedly having illegal weapons, David Koresh's cult didn't harm anyone.

        As bad as Waco's stain is on American history, it's no comparison to Islam's world wide transgressions. Because ever since Islam's inception in 620AD, Muslims have slaughtered an estimated 270 million of earth's inhabitants, and haven't quit.

        • Tomyris

          My point exactly….


          Jackson, Paul Newman was no patriot. He was a leftie, a limousine liberal.

  • g_jochnowitz
    • I'm Having a…

      Well said! The Left not only licks Islamic arse, but also Islam has a hard dick thrust down the throat of the very same Left. And the Left gag on it with glee!!!!

  • Mary Sue

    is this a distinction without a difference?

  • Badwrench

    Hmmm, I remember reading something worth thinking about concerning Islam..Capitulate to Islam, and you are a Muslim..Capitulate to a Muslim, and you are a slave…Does it get any clearer??

  • garyfouse

    If you come to UCI next week to see the awareness week, drop in at the Doheny Room C-D in the Student Center to view the Arab-American Museum of Dearborn exhibit. It features a map of the ME-absent Israel.


      I'd like to see West absent islamofascists and fascist socialists.

  • Mr. Polly

    The author speaks of "a primitive, bloodthirsty ideology which should, in a more logical world, appeal only to unlettered barbarians." I assume he is referring to Zionism.

    • Tomyris

      Very droll….but Zionism is defined as "an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel". It is not an ideology.


      Poily want a Nakba?

      • Mr. Polly

        Proving my point?

        • KarshiKhanabad

          When six million beleagured Arab Muslims are surrounded by three hundred million screaming fanatical JEWS, then I'll consider the Arab viewpoint.

    • Drakken

      Still supporting and defending muslim savages I see? Why is it that you leftist/communists support our very enemies?

      • Mr. Polly

        They're only our enemies because we support the Jews.

  • garyfouse

    Mr Polly,

    I have not heard about anything barbaric coming from Jews lately. I have heard about Mali and Algeria. I have heard about 9-11, Mumbai, London (5-5-07), Madrid, constant massacres in Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, church bombings in Egypt, beheadings, stonings, honor-killings, (where should I stop?)

    Help me out, here, Polly. What ideology is driving the above barbaric acts?

  • AnnJ

    The article and some of the comments hint towards a situation like the Crusades…. Here we go all over again. History repeating itself.
    Religion is the end of the world.

  • Noel

    Very disturbing stuff.What is even more worrying is that some of the comments actually support a psychopathic , violent ,bloodthirsty cult that has the chutzpah to call itself a religion of peace.