Crime and Non-Punishment in Sweden

Title-442x3501If you’re the type who needs to believe that every cloud has a silver living, try this one on for size: maybe, just maybe, the incidence of rape in Sweden will turn out to have been a bit lower than usual in recent weeks because many “youths” who’d otherwise be committing violent acts of physical molestation have instead been busy rioting in the streets, burning cars, and generally vandalizing other people’s property – behavior which, heinous though it may be, is nonetheless preferable to sexual assault.

Cheerful thought, no?

It’s no secret that while rape has been on the upswing in recent years across Europe, the figures are higher in Sweden – which, not coincidentally, has Europe’s second highest percentage of Muslim inhabitants – than in an other country on the continent. Yet even as the incidence of rape has soared, Sweden has continued to treat rapists more leniently than pretty much every other country in the Western world.

Case in point: earlier this month six young men were convicted of taking part last January in the gang rape of a fifteen-year-old girl in a Stockholm suburb. The punishment? Well, if the perpetrators had been over eighteen, they’d have been looking at up to four years in prison – a tame enough sentence, although you’ve got to keep in mind that (1) Swedish judges, as a rule, aren’t even that stringent and (2) even if the maximum sentence had been handed down, the actual time served would almost certainly have ended up being considerably less.

But that’s neither here nor there – because in this case, as it happened, the perpetrators were minors, all of them either fifteen or sixteen years old. Consequently, their sentences were mild indeed. Each was sentenced to pay 55,000 kroner ($8,500) to the victim. In addition, all but one were required to perform a few days’ worth of community service.

Although the six teenagers’ crimes and convictions were widely reported in Sweden, most mainstream news media chose (as is par for the course) not to mention their ethnic or religious backgrounds, let alone give their names. I had to poke around a bit online before finding one marginal publication, Exponerat, which not only acknowledged that the perps were all Muslims (three of them Swedish citizens, one Finnish, and another Turkish) but also listed their names and sentencing details.

Here they are. Amer Akrem Abdu, found guilty of attempted aggravated rape, will do 150 hours of “youth service,” plus Ungdomsvård, which, according to Wikipedia, is a “penalty” (though it hardly sounds like one; we’re not talking about juvenile detention here) that’s specifically designed “for young people, particularly 15-17 years old, who need special support or help from social services.”

Three of the other perps – Jibril Adam Aden, Bashir Ibrahim Hussein, and Mohammed Yassin Ben Lofti – were convicted of aggravated rape, and a fifth, Allaeddin Ben Othman, of both aggravated rape and receiving stolen goods; all four were sentenced to Ungdomsvård “with special provisions” (which is apparently more or less like being on probation), plus (respectively) 130, 130, 150, and 150 hours of “youth service.”

What about the sixth perp, Mehmet Acaralp (who, by the way, describes himself on his Facebook page as “a proud Muslim”)? Like his buddies, he was found guilty of aggravated rape – but while he, too, was sentenced to Ungdomsvård “with special provisions,” he won’t have to do any “youth service” at all. Why? Two reasons were given. First, his family is homeless (or, at least, has no official place of residence, which may simply mean that they’re living in Sweden illegally); second, the court felt (and I’m not making this up) that poor Mehmet had already been punished sufficiently because somebody had posted his photo online – which, you see, will make it uncomfortable for him to attend school or go out at night.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the court that it just might be in the larger interest of Swedish society for Mehmet not to go out at night for a while. A long while.

No, Scandinavian judges don’t think that way. A while back, in a piece about the cushy prison “cell” (which is more like a hotel suite) in which mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is serving his time, I observed that the guiding philosophy of Norway’s justice system is “that society is ultimately to blame for every crime, and that to put people away for a very long time is itself a terrible crime.” The same goes for Sweden. Judges in both countries seem to be less scared by bestial crimes than by the idea that someone, somewhere, might ever suspect them for an instant of harboring anything so vulgar as a thirst for vengeance. To them, proper justice means striving magnanimously to heal felons’ wounded souls – period. Forget the wounds visited by these felons upon the souls (and bodies) of their victims; never mind the additional suffering inflicted upon these victims by a system so perverse in its motives and sympathies that it’s desperately eager to demonstrate its own generosity of spirit by releasing back onto the streets the savages who brutalized them.

I’ve mentioned that Swedish rape statistics are the highest in Europe. The claim is frequently made, to be sure, that since Sweden defines rape more broadly than most other countries, the actual incidence of rape there is probably not significantly higher than elsewhere in Europe. But Swedish authorities’ cagey approach to the collection and dissemination of rape statistics has led some informed observers to wonder whether the situation isn’t even worse than the official numbers suggest. Indeed, a reputable Swedish journalist told me the other day that the actual number of rapes may be several times higher than the government lets on.

His logic is as follows: yes, Sweden does define rape quite broadly. But what about violence? Noting that definitions of violence vary little from one European country to another, he pointed out that the annual number of reported acts of violence in Sweden (about 110,000 offenses out of a population of 9.5 million) dramatically exceeds the comparable figure for neighboring Denmark (about 17,000 offenses out of a population of 5.5 million). This being the case, he concluded, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the number of rapes in Sweden is higher than that in Denmark by a comparable margin.

For further insight, the journalist pointed me to an item that appeared on a Swedish blog last August. Years ago, the blog noted, Sweden’s National Crime Prevention Council issued a report on rapes committed in Sweden between 1985 and 1989. It categorized the perpetrators by country of origin; even then – a quarter of a century ago, when the number of Muslims in Sweden was a fraction of what it is today – only 39% of rapists were ethnically Swedish.

Since then, both the immigrant population and the incidence of rape have skyrocketed in Sweden. But when a follow-up report on rape statistics was issued in 2005, it included a note explaining that this time around, the National Crime Prevention Council had decided that a “detailed analysis” of perpetrators’ ethnic backgrounds was “not meaningful.” What was missing from the report, however, wasn’t just “analysis”; it was the information itself – the raw data on rapists’ ethnicity – which had, in fact, been collected, but which officials chose to suppress.

You’d expect that decent, self-respecting people who’ve held public office in Sweden in recent decades would be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to countless girls and women on their watch –  ashamed to be part of a system that’s pampered rapists and covered up the scale of their transgressions. But such is the mentality of Swedish elites that they’re genuinely proud of what they’ve done. In their view, their lenient treatment of the Bashirs, Mohammeds, and Mehmets marks them as civilized, noble, humane. And, for them, that’s what counts.

Yet for people in positions of responsibility to refuse to take responsibility for the welfare of the innocent – and for the appropriate punishment of the guilty – is, of course, a mark not of civilization but of the utmost decadence. By treating rape as an offense barely more serious than littering or jaywalking, Swedish legislators and judges think they’re modeling virtue, healing souls, giving a helping hand to misguided “youths”; in fact the proper term for what’s going on here isn’t “helping” – it’s “aiding and abetting.”

So the next time you read about young Muslims in Sweden torching cars, homes, shops, schools, police stations, and so forth, feel free to comfort yourself by thinking: “Well, at least they’re not committing rape.” Such, alas, are the feeble consolations offered up by these twisted times.

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  • Chez

    As disgusting as this sentence (and for that matter, Sweden’s entire political culture) is, I was thinking about the following….

    “Each was sentenced to pay 55,000 kroner ($8,500) to the victim.”

    Why do I suspect that an Islamic charity (probably funded by the House of Saud) will end up paying the fines? Just another facet of Jihad.

    • OfficialPro

      Well in that case I guess it’s better than nothing, that’s 85 grand x6 that won’t be going to recruiting Jihadis.

      Seriously though, political correctness has so paralyzed Sweden, which is why they can on no account admit to themselves what’s causing the problem. Because that would be “racist” (not actually racist, but that’s what they’d CALL it).

      • The March Hare

        Slight correction. That’s not 85 grand, but 85 hundred. 85 grand would be $85,000. But, I like your points and agree with them.

        • defcon 4

          I’ll bet dollars to donuts the money will never be paid.

          • PhillipGaley

            That’s r-r-i-i-i-i-ght, . . .

    • Bamaguje

      In effect, the victim was turned into a prostitute being paid for forced non-consensual sex.

    • Zanno

      Actually, here in Sweden there’s a fund that pays the fee if you can’t afford to pay for it yourself. You will ofcourse be in debt to this fund, and are expected to pay back eventually. However, if you have no income but living on welfare you are not required to make any payment. Not until you have a real income, something that few of these young criminals will ever have.

  • Michael Copeland

    Ethnic background? It is now “not meaningful”. Take note, CAIR.

  • UCSPanther

    Some day, the Swedish elite will be forced to chose: Support the “diversity” of lawless and violent cultures that view women as prized possessions at best, or make a stand for feminist dogma. Either way, they are screwed…

    Feminism and sharia ideology are on a collision course and when they finally collide, it will be a train wreck: The result will NOT be pretty.

    The only thing of such a scenario that would be slightly satisfying to watch is the radical feminists being put in their places. It will be an ugly sight otherwise…

    • glpage

      If the actions by American feminists are any indication, I think the ideological differences are going to be more of a derailment when the feminists find they have been ignoring, if not supporting, the reality of Islam’s treatment of women. They won’t be in any position to reverse course, nor will they be allowed to do anything to fight the brutality because they will have become chattel without realizing that’s what their naivete was going to give them.

  • Paul Marks

    This is where “social justice” (telling people that they have a RIGHT to things taken, without consent, from others – if one has a right to the money of others, why not their bodies also?) , moral relativism (“all cultures are of equal value”) and the doctrine that human are not beings (can not make a real choice between good and evil – crime being “the fault of society”) leads.

    • Kris Johnson

      Who is John Galt?

  • quillerm

    The Rape of an Ifidel teenager or child is of no consequence to Muslims. When will people realize how dangerous this new breed of terrorist is to modern societies? Their extremist attitudes mirror the old KKK Wing of the Democrat Party, with beheadings replacing lynchings.

    • saris1

      The Islamic system is a racist system, I didn’t call it a religion because religion is only a part of Islam. It’s a total system, a system that belongs in the 5th-8th centuries.

      • PhillipGaley

        Maybe, . . . could it be, Islam is not a religion? “If it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, . . . it’s probably a duck.”

        Isn’t verything about Islam is more pert to a criminal organization, created by bad men, and as a tool of bad men? It’s teaching and conversion method is simple force; it’s so-called doctrines can’t be inquired into and challenged, nor do they yield to individual application; and, the world round, it’s subjects are left in poverty of mind and existence as though ravaged by a criminal ideology, . . .: while it operates under an ostensible appearance of religiosity, it fulfills each aspect of the definition for a criminal ideology: not in any way is Islam faith-based—each Moslem accepts that, he is to die and at that instant, beg the allah persona for forgiveness and acceptance, but not to know what Allah’s whim of that moment might be; not in the slightest is Islam constituted in doctrines which can be inquired into, nor does it suffer individual interpretation or application, but it is perpetuated by constraint through patterns of conduct which are forced upon the neophyte; then, exactly as paganism interprets all things to resolve upon corporeal conclusions, as the ancients did in using phallic representations for gate handles for example, with the 42 virgins as reward for martyrdom, and upon the fact that, the Allah character is attracted to the sound of the Moslem’s voice in prayer chants, Islam also, is of pagan delight—it is but one of many pagan ideologies.

        As an aside, the Mormon doctrine which says: “As you are, G0D once was; and as G0D is, so you will be.” is but one of their teachings which show The Latter Day Saint group as constituted in a return to pagan ideology for source material and instruction

        And to sum in a word, pagan ideology cannot undergo reformation because, the constituent element being eliminated, the actualizing entirety of the thing itself would be dissolved, . . . it would be no more.

        In the silent atrocity of child-brides, in the foolish and weak-minded nonsense proffered concerning why they must cover the women from head-to-toe, in lack of protection for women, and in lack of punishment upon a woman being forced because, “satisfaction of a man, is a woman’s duty”; or, in the Islam involves and maintains itself in institutionalized sensuality.

        But for all this and more, my question is: “In it’s cruelty, the more mature among them teaching mayhem and suicide to their own children, in chopping and hacking heads and hands off, burying alive, stoning, throwing acid—and, done under the rubric of a so-called sense of honor—appearing most clearly described as self-actualizing invention by bad men and for the use and caprice of bad men; in Moslem nations’ inbreeding from the practice of 1st cousin marriage—as one study from Denmark shows—producing triple the rate of birth defects, and low IQ conjoint with emotional instability so that, Islam can exist only as parasitic upon larger and whole societies, that or else, immediately descend into grinding poverty, . . . just when there shall have been sufficient record of anti-social and criminal activity and mayhem—the world round—to have the nasty thing recognized in law as criminal / terrorist—assets seized, wiretaps, etc., the damnable thing stomped out, every mosque an ash pit no less than five feet deep, and as the prophecy goes, the False Prophet being cast into The Lake of Fire—you know, do our part to make the world safe for freedom of choice, and for women and children—but when?”.

  • jzsnake

    I think deep down the Swedes know they are racists so they over compensate.

  • edlancey

    The more I read this type of story I more I grow to despise Sweden – especially since, when you meet Swedish men in particular, they tend to be extremely arrogant.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Sweden , sold out to Insanity masquerading as “Political Correctness” decades ago . Approaching planes at Sweden’s airports announce ,”Set your clocks back to the 8th century we are now landing in Swedenistan’ .

  • Drakken

    Where the heck is the fathers or relatives of these girls? I foresee soon that one of these savages is going to rape the wrong mans daughter and you will find the savage in a ditch or hanging from a rope with his parts stuffed in his mouth with a message that simple states, rape ours, we eliminate yours.

  • tokoloshiman

    sounds as if sharia is not needed in sweden, their laws are similar to those of sharia already.
    mind you, canada is not much better.

  • elkoz

    You may find this interestng.

  • Popeye55

    I think all the girls raped by these animals should bring a class action against the government for their trauma and loss of self esteem. The Government should be forced to wake up to this violation of womens freedoms and respect. They show NO empathy for the victims.

  • William Miller

    As usual, this article is very informative. This is why I am always surprised to see the “Male Gamers Only” ads you provide? Such immoral trash further exploits women and girls and encourages rape. Could those in charge at Front Page Mag please muster up the moral courage to discontinue this disservice? Thank you.

  • William Miller

    As usual, this article is very informative. This is why I am always surprised to see the “Male Gamers Only” ads you provide? Such immoral trash further exploits women and girls and encourages rape. Could those in charge at Front Page Mag please muster up the moral courage to discontinue this disservice? Thank you.

    • demonkoryu

      Oh my god. Are these your biggest problems? I envy you.

  • BretEastonWaugh

    But to be honest the majority of women are left leaning and progressives whilst the majority of men are slightly conservative. They are the ones who vote for Obama who would love (if unchecked) to transform the United States into something resembling Sweden. In Europe the majority of women are left leaning as well. So my sympathy for them is rather restrained.

  • MrSteuma .

    The biggest absurdity is that meanwhile in Sweden a john, a costumer of a prostitute, will de facto be punished more severely than a rapist.

  • darkrose

    Those brainless rapist should be sent to jail.. for even ruining the image of islam.. these people are making us look bad they dont deserve being a musilms. And i dont find any respect for them at all. Go and die u crimnals

  • MrsKaos

    This IS Sweden

    He was charged with 52 offenses against a total of 47 children who today are between 4 and 14 years old.

    Now he is convicted of all charges to 2 !! years !! in prison. Calculate how many DAYS it will be as a punishment for each child= 15.5 DAYS!

    The penalties for sexual offenses against children in Sweden is a mockery!

    More of Sweden…

    Raped step-daughters for nine years. Penalty: 4.5 years

    Brutal assault of a 50-year-old woman he punched and kicked her in the face and head. He also performed two completed rape attacks on two other women. Penalty: 1.6 years

  • MrsKaos

    As long as Sweden treats pedophiles with hugs and cotton, have penalties for sexual offenses that are so low that it barely even worth judging them out … people should boycott all goods from Sweden, you can for example start with IKEA!

  • Rory

    The worst article I have ever read. As if healing felons’ souls is a bad thing.

  • Sweet

    I didn’t see a single reference to actual statistics in this article…Are your numbers accurate? Did you make them up? Please back up your facts , or your article has little or no meaning in the real world.
    Sweden and rape.
    I have been raped in Sweden, he was from Yugoslavia, Muslim or Christian I don’t know, but I know he was cruel, and if I had a do-over, I would rather die fighting than be raped while still alive.
    A friend of mine was once gang raped, they were all Swedish.
    One man raped several girls, and probably was never reported by any of the girls. He was Swedish.
    My own personal statistics tell me that Swedish men rape too.
    The Swedes take rape too lightly, and the men who rape needs to be locked up, and according to Swedish beliefs , rehabilitated, and then of course castrated before let out into society. It is not just Sharia laws and Swedish law that are at odds. It is men who need to be taken down a notch regardless of nationality. Women, as always need to demand their own rights, nothing has changed, and nothing will change until women take that right.
    Reading the comments below, I can see that it is all the same, men think they know everything, and have no problem spewing a bunch of garbage, talking smack to anyone who has a woman friendly view, and alternate political view, or what have you. Do you really think you have the right to violate a woman because she has a socialist view point? (re: comment written by “Guest”)
    The fact is, Men rape.
    Not Muslims, or Christians, or cult freaks.
    Men rape.