Destroying Norway’s Socialist Paradise?

voteIt’s hard to believe now, but there actually was a time when I viewed journalism as a noble profession.

(I was very young.)

On Monday, Norwegian voters, by a convincing margin, turned out the socialists and opted for a new, non-socialist government. This was how the British daily the Independent – which is regarded in some circles as a serious paper – headlined the news:

“Norway election results: Anti-immigrant party with links to mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik set to enter government under Conservative leader Erna Solberg.”

Just below the headline, to underscore the most important part of the message – namely, that the Progress Party has “links” to Breivik – were two equally large pictures of Breivik, the murderer, and Siv Jensen, the head of the Progress Party, which won 16.3 percent of the vote in Monday’s parliamentary ballot. The Independent‘s reporter, Tony Paterson, devoted a considerable chunk of his text to a recap of the Breivik murders, and only several paragraphs into the piece did he make it clear that the nature of Breivik’s “links” to the party was that he’d supported it “in his youth,” but later turned away from it because it wasn’t “militant enough.”

That’s it.

Paterson also claimed that after the Breivik atrocities the Progress Party had “toned down its radical anti-Islamic rhetoric” (as if radicalism consisted in opposing, rather than imposing, things like forced marriage and honor killing) and “tried to present itself as a party of government” (as opposed to a party of what?).

“Polls,” Paterson wrote, “have shown that Progress appeals to one in seven of Norway’s voters.” Quick question: why cite polls when there was an election on Monday that tells you exactly how many Norwegian voters support the Progress Party!?

(And those voters did so, note well, in defiance of years of vicious, concentrated effort by the Norwegian media and political establishment to isolate the Progress Party and to brand its supporters as racists, bigots, and – since 2011 – associates of a mass murderer.)

The Independent wasn’t the only international media outlet that seemed determined to make Breivik the face of the Progress Party. The New York Times worked him into the second sentence of its article on the election results. So did Le Monde. Ditto the Toronto Globe and Mail, which perpetrated this disgusting affirmation: “The Progress party, which once had among its members Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011 in a gun and bomb attack targeting Labour, came third in Monday’s poll, giving it a kingmaker role in coalition building.”

An NBC report did those newspapers one better, incorporating Breivik in its very first sentence. El Pais waited till its second paragraph to mention Breivik, but ran its story under a scare headline warning that the “ultra-right” Progress Party held the key to Norway’s next government (a statement that seemed to wildly contradict the claim, strenuously underscored throughout the story’s opening paragraph, that the Progress Party was the day’s “big loser”). Italy’s big paper, Corriere della Sera, went with the headline: “Vote shock in Norway: Breivik’s Party enters government.”

Meanwhile, next door in Sweden, Aftonbladet columnist Katrine Kielos went easy on the Breivik angle, but could barely contain her shock and disgust at the decision of the Norwegian electorate: “Who ever said that politics was fair?” Apparently implying that Siv Jensen was the second coming of Hitler, Kielos fulminated that it was “as if World War II never happened. This in the country that hands out the Nobel Peace Prize.”

And Britain’s Guardian, not to be outdone by its rival the Independent, hired a Norwegian sociology professor to pen a whole article – illustrated with a huge picture of Breivik – the only aim of which was to yoke the Progress Party to the insane killer.

The theme running through most of this coverage was clear: as a survivor of Breivik’s shooting spree told Paterson, the Progress Party’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric…will create a more hostile environment.”

Yes, hostile. We don’t want any hostility, do we? For, you see, under socialist rule, Norway is one big lovefest. Take these examples:

* Earlier this month, Oslo imams and police officials went on a buddy-buddy “team-building” exercise to strengthen their (supposedly) already powerful bonds of mutual respect and trust. Aftenposten depicted the whole thing as just plain adorable. (“Did you remember your sneakers?” one imam was quoted as asking another.) Only a wet blanket – a truly hostile type – would point out that this gaggle of clerics included the likes of Mehtab Afsar, who has argued aggressively that Islam should be exempt from criticism, and Ghulam Sarwar, who in an interview earlier this year expanded at length on his theory that negative images of Islam in the Western media can be traced to the nefarious influence of “the Jews.”

* Just before the election, the Norwegian government announced its plan to cover the salaries of 380 Somalian government officials. How magnanimous – and how typical of the loving spirit of the Stoltenberg regime! Who but a (yes) hostile observer would draw attention to the fact that Somalia is governed according to sharia law?

* Then there’s the story of Ola Thune, head of the homicide division at Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service, who – as TV2 reported the other day – converted to Islam at “a beautiful ceremony in an Oslo mosque” where Thune (now known as Ola Amir) “pledged his allegiance to Allah in ringing Arabic.” Who but the most unbearably hostile individual would question the wisdom of having a Muslim convert at the highest level of Norway’s version of the FBI?

Community! Solidarity! These are Labor Party’s very slogans; anybody who’s paid the slightest bit of attention to the election campaign has heard Stoltenberg repeat them dozens of times – and has seen them echoed endlessly in the almost exclusively left-wing Norwegian media.

To be sure, when the subject shifts to Jews…well, consider the following.

In May, the proudly socialist Dagbladet ran a cartoon that showed a baby lying on a table, screaming in pain and bleeding profusely. While a rabbi sticks a giant fork in the infant’s head, the hand of another person, presumably a mohel, holds something that looks like a pair of hedge clippers, with which he’s just circumcised the newborn. A woman holding what is apparently meant to be a copy of the Hebrew Bible tells a cop: “Abuse? No, this is tradition! An important part of our faith!” The cop, smiling, replies: “Faith? Oh, well then it’s OK!” And another cop, also smiling and already halfway out the door, says: “Sorry for the interruption.”

It was far from the first anti-Semitic cartoon to appear in a major Norwegian newspaper. (Cartoons equating Jews with Nazis are a beloved staple of the Norwegian press.) But this particular cartoon happened to gain a degree of international attention, so much so that Dagbladet felt obliged to publish on its website an incredibly lame statement, composed in English, in which it defended its decision to run the cartoon, claimed to have “a long and consistent history of fighting antisemitism” (ha!), and insisted that “religious sentiments, dogmas or rituals cannot be exempt from criticism” – an argument that the same newspaper has rejected time and time in regard to Islam, notably in the case of the Danish Muhammed cartoons.

Indeed, Dagbladet, like other major Norwegian dailies, has consistently maintained that freedom of speech doesn’t give one the right to offend the most cherished religious beliefs of others. But by “others,” it means Muslims – not Jews. Among the latest examples of the paper’s valiant struggle against anti-Semitism was an August 26 editorial headlined “The cancerous tumor that is spreading.” The message was straightforward: all the troubles in the Middle East – Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, you name it – can be attributed to “the mother of all conflicts,” namely the one between Israel and Palestine. In other words, it’s all Israel’s fault.

Such is the beautiful, hostility-free social harmony that’s being threatened by the ascent of the Progress Party and Siv Jensen – a woman who, over the years, has gotten into hot water for such insufferably hostile activities as defending Israel’s right to exist, challenging the Labor Party’s chummy contacts with Hamas, and giving the keynote speech at a 2009 pro-Israel rally.

Then again, Stoltenberg and his socialist cronies will probably be back in power soon enough. Consider this: a new report shows that about 50% of the country’s Third World immigrants support Labor, while another 25% vote for the two parties on the far side of Labor – the Socialist Left and the Reds (i.e., Communists). After the new government takes control, any effort at significant immigration reform by the Progress Party is likely to be heavily watered down (if not killed outright) by other parties. Meaning that non-Westerners will continue to flow into Norway – and that the socialists will stand a better chance every day of being returned to power, so they can crush the “hostile environment” created by the Progress Party and reboot the left-wing, Islamophilic, anti-Semitic lovefest.

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    Good stuff, Mr Bawer. I have two thoughts about the direction the entire West is heading – one is to fight it, to try to stop the coming inevitable carnage the anti-European racist left is so successfully propagating; the other is to let it all happen, let the carnage come just in order to ask the left-liberals how much they like their new dhimmi lives as a second class culture and race. Much as I would enjoy watching the future shocked suffering of these imbecilic leftists, I think I will stick to fighting for the time being, and thus suffer the persecution of the left-liberals who object to those who wish to continue living in liberal democracies.

    • Stacy

      Don’t assume these imbecilic leftists will remain dhimmis, not when there’s an easy way out through conversion. They have no intention of being “second class.” They fully plan on remaining in charge.

      • minaka2

        What leftists intend is not necessarily what will happen. They are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and have apparently not noticed that in the Muslim world, all 57 countries and additional regions that are controlled by Muslims NO CONVERT is allowed in a leading decision making position. The converts are just useful idiots for the real Muslims.

    • achantus

      The leftist elites will simply convert to Islam. Many of them have done so already. I know about several here in Norway.The real catastrophe will begin to unfold once all ambitious weasels realise that converting to Islam is good for their careers. Then common people will follow. That’s exactly what happened in The Roman Empire: Once the important people on the top converted to Christianity, that was the end of the old ways.


        achantus and Stacy – I think you are probably right. It will provide endless amusement to watch them demonise women and homosexuals having purported to care greatly about them for decades……I remember Mark Steyn saying something about conversion a few years ago, along the lines of having a beard, 4 wives, and living along right-wing lines would be no great sacrifice for him, but that left-liberals would not find it so easy….ahhh, the wonderful future those caring lefties have almost (but not yet) ensured for us all!

        • achantus

          It’s like having a terrible nightmare. I keep hoping that I’ll wake up soon. But It’s not a dream, is It? Commies have actually won the cultural wars, and conservatives did’t even know there was a war going on! Many believed the commies hade disappeared for ever. How incredibly wrong that was! I have have spent the last four years of my life like a sleepwalker or zombie, after I finally understood what was going on. I feel confused, sad, scared, dazed, shocked.

          • WarriorClass III

            Eventually, Americans will realize that we haven’t had a representative government since 1860, when big business got Lincoln into office and then declared war on the States. Free market capitalism died at the same time, we just didn’t realize it until 1913 when the Bankster cartel formally took over the Federal monopoly on power and money. We’ve had a fascist dictatorship since then and your vote has meant exactly squat. The only way to return to a Jeffersonian Representative Republic is the way our Founders did it in 1775.

            Eventually, when Americans find that every person in the world is entitled to a job in the USA, except for them – all in the name of diversity. When they find themselves a dirt poor minority in the country their fathers founded. When they find out that diversity is not THEIR strength, but the strength of their enemies.

            Eventually, but not today. Today many Americans will go to work at their corporate jobs chanting the mantra, “Diversity is our strength;” until is isn’t.

            And it’s too late.


          • Aizino Smith

            Alrighty then

          • bluffcreek1967

            Outstanding comments!

          • minaka2

            You got the “diversity is strength” part right. It’s like Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984, chanting a mantra that is the opposite of the truth.

          • WarriorClass III

            Feel again, there’s a lot more to it:


        • NAHALKIDES

          Actually, I think it more likely there would be an eventual civil war between the Progressive Left and the Islamists. Which side would win is an interesting question, but one I hope will not be answered, because this civil war would take place only after they have destroyed their common enemy – us.

          I’m curious as to whether Jamie Glazov pursued this question in his book on the unholy alliance between the Left and the Islamists – I’ll have to read it, which I must admit I haven’t gotten around to yet.

          • minaka2

            When the two scorpions have at each other, the Left and Muslims, that will be quite the cage match. As you say, we wouldn’t be around to see the outcome. Both Progressives (the Left) and Regressives (Muslims) are brutal about killing for their cause. The Left probably will have an edge due to more of the technology that can kill millions in short order instead of an office tower, a train, or a marketplace a suicide bomber at a time.

          • Huck Folder

            Isn’t that what happened in Iran? The communist Tudeh Party welcomed the Khomeinist regime, thinking they would control it, but they had a tiger by the tail, and they were mostly consumed.

            Canada unfortunately got some of the cowardly fake ‘refugee’ communist/islamist scheiss, like Ali Yerevani aka Ali Izzadi-Kharrazi, a union thug who supports Hamas and Hezbollah while denigrating Canada, the US and Israel.

            The short term for that union created in hell is SINISLAM,
            from sinister = leftard/hate your country, and islam = kill/enslave/leech off.

          • Jill

            Have a look at what happened in Iran. Commies and Islamists united to get rid of the Shah and then the Islamists murdered the Commies. Thta’s all I know. The Islamists despise secularists. They use them to get to power but will kill them when they do.
            I wonder how many lefties were affected physically by the Boston bombing…??Don’t think they were warned by their precious Islamofascist murderers….

      • therealpm

        Conversion to Islam is an easy enough get out for the men, but what about the women? All those marxist lesbian feminists wouldn’t find it quite so easy. Islam regards them as mere chattels, mentally deficient sub-humans who are just the property of their owners. Being lesbians they would probably be dangled from the nearest crane anyway.

        • achantus

          It’s a bizarre fact that many of these converts are women! And, of cource, most converts come from the far left. The commie traitors are willing to embrace pretty much anything that can be used to destroy The Western World and eradicate the white race. It’s really incredible that so many gay rights activists and feminists support the islamization. O the stupidity of It all! Monthy Phyton could’nt have created a more insane story.

        • iluvisrael

          They’ll all be screaming that they can’t have abortions.

        • UIO

          They’ll probably enjoy being hanged as long as it’s “anti-Western”.

        • minaka2

          And don’t forget that if women are raped, they are be charged as the criminals with stoning the penalty.

        • Edohiguma

          That will be interesting. In Germany there are gay celebrities openly supporting islam…

          I wonder what kind of mental health issues they have, because if you’re gay and you support islam you gotta have a death wish.

        • Pensionsrederiet al-Estoniyya

          Most Islamic converts are women.

      • Aizino Smith

        As you say that is exactly what happened in Roman/Byzantine North Africa. The elite were losing too much business. The only way they could keep their prerogatives and engage in commerce without harassment was to convert.

        So is Islam about the spiritual or is it a fiscal/social calculation?

      • Aizino Smith

        I think some gays (not all) would be happy to convert to Islam. They’ll just be on the down low.

        They”’ join the Pashtun, Iranians and others in their favorite pastime.

        The sneaky and rich will continue. The others will provide fodder for the regime to say see we take homosexuality seriously.


    I took a look at the Guardian article penned by the Norwegian Sociology professor, who turns out to be a certain Alf Gunvald Nilsen. I also googled his name along with the addition of “Communist” and unsurprisingly good old Alf turns out to be just that. He has written any number of articles praising the wonders of a system that killed 100 million and left economic, cultural, social and environmental devastation in its wake. I also looked at his twitter account @Commiegoblin and noted the usual attacks on racists and extremists, none of whom were anything but white and Christian. When the far-left is so mind-bogglingly evil, how on earth do they still attract genuine liberals (who are either very young, very ill-informed or just both) and still think they hold claim to the moral high ground?

    We will never rid ourselves of this genuine leftist evil without a real revolution, I’m afraid.

    Paul Weston. Liberty GB.

    • Drakken

      You know very well that this is not going to end peacefully but start the great Balkans 2 on steroids. We have become weak, decadent and lethargic under the diversity/multicultural crowd, that our slow rise out of our slumber will be a sight to behold and horrific at the same time as it gains speed and momentum. The left/communist/muslims will have brought this upon themselves and after all is said and done, I doubt very much that anyone with any sense will ever have identified as left. War is coming and the left/muslims know it to their core and fear it.

    • Hill


      The worst and most obnoxious advocates of Communism in the last 50 years have been the safe and protected armchair Communists of the West.

      A loathsome bunch of hypocrites.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The only reason the left is able to do any of this is because they have no fear of the right. They know the right will play by the rules for the most part because they want to be able to maintain their moral high ground. It’s a weakness of magnitude when your opponent is not inclined to live by the same rules.

    Unless the right in Norway plans some strategic assassinations, this “victory” will be a short-lived flash in the pan. Like it or not, that is the choice. Loyal patriots are being replaced by people who have NO interest in adopting or preserving any aspect of Norwegian culture OR people. Fight or die.

    • achantus

      You are absolutely right. This election will change NOTHING. Lefties control all the institutions, so It matters little wich party is in goverment.I fear our so-called Western Civilization will drift slowly towards destruction. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

      • Aizino Smith

        They are entrenched in institutions. One election by itself will not change things.

        But take state controlled media. The “box on your TV” know what channel you are watching. So the satellite or cable company know what is popular and what is not. If a member of parliament held a hearing and it was “found” that only a small minority were actually watching state controlled TV but all were paying, they could get some outrage and some momentum and defund it. Defund it at least with the money of people who dislike it, the majority. that would kick one of the leg out.

        That way the left has less free propaganda and weaker.

      • Drakken

        Make no mistake, there will not be a whimper to be had soon enough, there will be full blown civil war that will make a Serb blush, it will start as a small incident, and snowball down the hill from there gaining speed and momentum as it goes, the 3rd world in our midst and leftist Quislings who support and defend them will become targets and flee for their very lives because at that point, the natives won’t be in a forgiving mood.

    • Aizino Smith


      The left can only win so much. So many Chinese Americans in the Bay area send their kids to 2 schools. the kids go to public schools but afterwards they go to an ethnic Chinese school.

      My point is that homeschooling does not have to be an either or thing with public schools. you can have your kids go to a public school and still homeschool them to an extent in history, economics and the sciences.

      Would it be easy? No.

      Would teachers claim credit for your kid being smart? You know it.

      But the d/mn left would always be scratching their head about why they have not fooled all the people.

      Sooner or later corrupt institutions fall apart. the USSR did.

    • Jil

      Why on earth should they fear the right? In the Us, 8 or 9 million Republican voters stayed home to sulk instead of going to vote out Obama!! If you can’t even be othered to get to the polling booth, the easiest way in the world of getting rid of yr enemy, why on earth would you be taken seriously?

  • rbla

    I thought I would make the list of conflicts that the left likes to blame on Israel and the Jews more complete. “The cancerous tumor that is spreading.” The message was straightforward: all the troubles in the Middle East – Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, … Mindanao, Kosovo, Chechnya, Kashmir, India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Sinkiang, London, Dearborn, Downtown New York, Sudan, Nigeria, Moscow, Cyprus etc.

    • minaka2

      In most of the West, Jews are among the leftists who blame the world’s ills on Israel or America. So it’s diaspora Jews blaming Israeli Jews. Even a powerhouse (Jews) will fall when divided this way.

  • Aizino Smith

    ‘Norwegian voters go conservative – and the media go ballistic.’

    Then the media has to go.

    I was shocked when I visited relatives in Wester Europe decades ago and found out they were forced by penalty of law to pay a subscription to State TV.

    There were some benefits. We could watch an episode Bonanza in 2 sittings. All the commercials were at the top and bottom of the hour and you could “set your watch by them”. We realized how short half hour and 1 hour serials really were.

    But these benefits are so minor, they are not worth the loss of freedom.

    Anyway, the media has to go but since it is a state funded and funded by force it will be harder. But it can due on the vine. It will take longer.

    if we can bring viewership under 20% and point out that anything shown on state controlled media can be found elsewhere, maybe we can put stake thru its’ steely heart.

    Same goes for state funded media (PBS) here. We have investigative journalists, natgeo, TLC, Discovery, History channel, etc We don’t need PBS.

    • John Magne Trane

      I wish we could get Nrk, the national broadcaster of Norway, down to 20%. But they get around the prohibition against advertising, are controlled by the left, are run by the left, and have only leftist journalists. And those are very extremist to boot.

      Even when they made a boo-hoo programme about the poor gypsy mother who was sent to jail, and which ought to be immediately released, and all racist restriction against unlimited gypsy immigration abandon, it didn’t ruffle the feathers of The Power a bit. When it was revealed that the poor mother had been whoring out her preteen daughter, and that was the reason she was in jail.

      And that the whole redaction, from the leader, through the “investigating” journalists, to the news presenter knew that they were presenting a LIE.

      Their excuse? They “didn’t want to complicate matters.”

      The punishment? They exonerated themselves after moving one of the journalists to another programme. The leader of the network was retiring anyway, and defended showing the programme, because it was important to show that she was convicted for selling jewellery, an age old gypsy tradition. No she wasn’t. [in Norwegian].

      • Aizino Smith

        Just you commentary here is news, newsworthy news not the tripe the left puts out..

  • ReyR

    Mr. Bawer, this story is sad , but every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, I hope it can be a sobering experience for you as a Westerner to find yourself in the shoes of a Russian, at least this once. I understand that I sound conceited, but slanderous and biased reports in the Western media is something we here have grown accustomed to. “Nothing good comes from Russia”, you know. The more Norwegians will try to save and protect their culture and lifestyle against the creeping sharia, the blacker you’ll be painted.
    Another good thing is that now all Norway is cursed in the eyes of the media, so Fjordman is no longer the only nail to hammer. So welcome to the pariah club. It’s decent company, as you may soon find out.

  • Jillian Becker

    Thanks for an – as always – great article, excellent reporting, insightful comment. But as for a Muslim convert being at the highest level of Norway’s equivalent of the FBI, don’t we have a Muslim convert – John Brennan – heading the CIA?

    • minaka2

      Is Brennan a Muslim convert?

      But then, there’s a born Muslim mentored by marxists recently re-inserted in the Oval Office whose so-called “Christianity” was attending a misnamed “church” that preached black racism. The trifecta of America hatred in its President: Muslim or Muslimophile marxist black bigot. What could go wrong?

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Remember Pym Fortyn. Leftists kill anti-immigration pols who get elected. Let everyone be on guard.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Is Zimmerman a registered Democrat? Just asking.

    • minaka2

      Yes. And Obama voter.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    I hadn’t realized WWII was about Muslim immigration, or that the allied victory had made immigration to Sweden a universal human right the Swedish voters cannot dispute.

  • UCSPanther

    You know the Progressive dream is in trouble when the people of the Scandinavian states are actively turning against their now decrepit socialist systems.

    Sweden I fear, may require more than just a Conservative electoral victory to fix. The Socialists have been running that place like a softer version of the Soviet Union (One party left wing state) for decades…

  • herb benty

    The lefts ruining of Western culture hits a snag!

  • UIO

    “Consider this: a new report shows that about 50% of the country’s Third World immigrants support Labor, while another 25% vote for the two parties on the far side of Labor – the Socialist Left and the Reds (i.e., Communists).”

    Correct. They want as many poor Third World immigrants as possible, voting to get anything they need on the backs of Norwegian tax payers, with the blessing of the Labor Party.

    Anyone with an education or half a brain will move to the US or other places where education and hard work is rewarded. We tend to get the uneducated and lazy ones.

    If the current government can’t stop the flood of immigrants, nothing will.

    • achantus

      I don’t think the process can be stopped. The numbers are clear: some european countries will have a white, etnic minority perhaps as early as 2030. Time to think about leaving the sinking ship. But where to? Antarctica? Even USA is going down the drain faster than I thought possible.

      • John Magne Trane

        The current rate of diminishing numbers of Norwegians in Norway is -1% a year. We have more yearly immigration per capita than USA has ever had, the largest in Europe.

        It’s the same story as in the US. Importing voters.

  • Edohiguma

    I remember, a few years ago, a Norwegian politician essentially told the Norwegian women that, if they don’t want to get assaulted and violated, they should adapt to the customs of the immigrants. We all know that the immigrants in this case are not the Chinese or Indians, but rather the usual suspects from certain countries with certain cultures where women are oppressed, non-believers are third class humans and gays are murdered.

    Earlier this year one of Stoltenberg’s cronies was whining about death penalty in Japan. She was quick to point out how wonderful the Norwegians are for not having sentenced Breivik to death (in Japan he would be on the death row and could play cards with Aum leader Asahara Shoko (mastermind behind the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway)).

    Japan has a significantly lower crime rate than Norway and that crime rate is decreasing, too. There are four reasons for this:

    1) actual punishments, not love fests for monsters, no leave from prison (as it exists in some EU countries)

    2) a court system that doesn’t buy the sob stories by cunning lawyers (the fairy tale of how a criminal “had such a terrible childhood, so he murdered 15 people” doesn’t fly there)

    3) police actually policing the streets and cracking down on bad guys

    and most importantly: 4) no uncontrolled immigration.

    The Japanese are very strict in regards to immigration and even stricter on nationalization. You can do both, just be prepared to 100% integrate yourself into society when you want to do it (and this will be checked, you will even go through background checks by the police if you want citizenship). It’s basically sink or swim in Japan and guess what: it’s working.

    • John Magne Trane

      One of the more horrible quotes, this time from the AP foreign minister Støre (the one who called for dismantling the Israeli “wall” that stopped suicide bombing in Israel on Utøya the day before Breivik murdered 77 people): “We have to learn to live with this.” This in reference to the new religion in Norway whose extreme leaders refuse to shake hands with a woman.

      Because they are filthy beasts.

      In a mosque, which the press lauds as moderate and whose extreme vies regarding infidels in general and Jews in particular rarely get mentioned, one of the mad beards was welcoming a delegation with the Queen of Norway, Sonja. When she stretched out her arm to shake hand with the barbarian, he didn’t know what to do, but managed finally to grab a boy and push him forward to shake hand with the dirty queen.

      These actions got no comment from the Royal Palace.

      The mosque still get fawning reports from the idiots that for some reason manage to call themselves journalists.

      We have to learn to live with this.

      Or not.

  • Pensionsrederiet al-Estoniyya

    Racist serial killer Peter Mangs in Malmo, was a member of the left party Vansterpartiet in Sweden. When the socialists win the elections next year here, who thinks you’ll see these kinds of headlines then?

  • John Magne Trane

    Just a little comment re: In May, “the proudly socialist Dagbladet ran a cartoon”.

    The cartoonist, Drefvelin had the first muslim-critical cartoon I’ve ever seen in any Oslo-paper with his previous strip Rex Rudi. One of the “New Norwegians” tried to bully the protagonist (a rock musician like Drefvelin himself) with verbal abuse: I effed yo momma. Whereupon Rex Rudi jumps up in the arms of the surprised supremacist exclaiming happily: Daddy!

    He also have some other strips with a religous theme: “Finally! An alternative to burka: Look away!” A good advice to the followers of the stoning age religion, whether they’re from Afghanistan or the democratic hotbed that is Pakistan…

    All three abrahamic religions are represented here: Which might be an illustration of how the artist think a Jew ought to look like.

    Also, a mind map:

    • John Magne Trane

      Then came the cartoon that many think immediately is about Jews and the Jewish religion.

      My first thought when seeing the woman, was of a typical Christian “Inner Missionary” one, but if Jews claim she is Jewish, then maybe she is. The monk on the other hand didn’t make me think about Jews at all. So in that respect the artist may be truthful in his assertion that he tried to harrass all religious people, and not just single out Jews… But then we see the Stürmer cartoons on the web page or the Jan Simonsen frie ytringer, and then it appears he stumbled into a pit.

      But you really ought to think about what was in the news before that cartoon came. One of our new doctors, those bright light bulbs that Norway presumably can’t do without, performed a circumcision which led to the death of the baby suffering the amputation.

      And he was Muslim.

      So when I saw the cartoon, I immediately saw it as a dig against the perverted custom and the barbarians perpetrating it… But the Jewish view is of course also valid. An artist can’t decide what people see in his artwork.

      His fb site:

      With Israel for peace website’s take on it: (in Norwegian)

      Times of Israel’s article, with extensive commentary, from both sides, also from both sides in Norway:

      • John Magne Trane

        I must say I love the “proudly socialist” line about the presumably liberal newspaper Dagbladet. There ought to be references to the house cartoonist (Drefvelin only had a week long guest appearance.), Finn Graff, to show how low that sorry excuse for fish wrapping paper really can go. That cartoonist’s excuse for showing Jews, and Jews only as Nazis is that “He doesn’t dare insult the Muslims”…

        The Left-wing media in Norway is sadly very anti-semitic, but Drefvelin wasn’t an intended slight on the Mosaic religion (Or rather, *only* on that one.). But they’re all brain-washed. They sincerely think they are the good guys, when they collect money to terrorist on Utøya (yes, that island), or when the Prime Minister for the last 8 years call for the release of the convicted terrorist Hussam Shaheen (27 years in Israeli jail for planning a suicide bombing of an Israeli bus.):

        Yes, the Norwegian Government’s official pages have his speech, again from the Youth Party’s annual summer even on Utøya. The relevant paragraph, “Akkurat nå…” reads: Just now you are especially preoccupied with the Palestinian political prisoners – and have your own campaign on Utøya to get them released. This is an important thing to do. You are especially concerned about Hussam Shaheen – International Secretary of Fatah Youth – who has been here many times on Utøya and have several friends in AUF [the youth org] and AP [Labour]. We are following his situation closely. [My limited ability to translate shines thru here, but you get the meaning.]

        So there are a lot of things to critizise the left wing terrorist supporters for in Norway, but the cartoon of Drefvelin is just a little wave compared with the continuous tsunami of much worse things. The election may be only a small breaker against the storm, both because the parties on the right have to get support from the naive parties in the center, and because the left is the Establishment still.