No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

I wrote about it here recently: Israel’s ambassador to Denmark and the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community have both warned Jews in that city that if they don’t want to be roughed up on the street by anti-Semites, they’d better not wear anything that would identify them as Jews – and, for good measure, they should also lower their voices when speaking Hebrew. The other day, in a supremely depressing article for Israel National News, Giulio Meotti provided a round-up of similar developments from around Europe.

For instance: a Jewish theological seminary in Potsdam has asked its rabbis not to wear yarmulkes in public. Pupils at a Jewish school in Berlin have been warned to speak German, not Hebrew, on school trips – and to wear baseball caps over their yarmulkes “so you don’t give stupid people something to get annoyed about.” Jews at Rome’s main synagogue now remove their yarmulkes when leaving services; so do Jews in Malmö, Sweden. A Jewish teacher at an adult education center in Kristiansand, Norway, has been told “that wearing the star could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school.” And so on.

The reason for all this cautious behavior, of course, is to avoid the fate of people like the Paris Metro passenger who, Meotti noted, was recently beaten unconscious by a mob who pegged him as Jewish because he was reading a book by Paris’s chief rabbi.

Even Meotti’s laundry list didn’t come close to covering the full range of despicable anti-Semitic outrages, and reactions thereto, that have occurred in Western Europe of late. One example: in early December, it was reported that in the wake of episodes at Edinburgh University in which an Israeli diplomat was “mobbed” and a speech by Israel’s ambassador was “disrupted by chanting students waving Palestinian flags,” many Jewish students, fed up with the “toxic atmosphere” (and, in some cases, scared to publicly identify as Jewish) had left for other colleges – and other countries.

Meotti is among the few journalists who have been sounding the warning for some time about the rise of Jew-hatred in Europe. The last few weeks, however, have seen a flurry of articles on the topic in relatively high-profile places. Can it be that the see-no-evil approach to this international catastrophe is finally giving way under the increasingly heavy weight of reality?

For example, Haaretz, which in late December ran an article entitled “France’s Jews on High Alert,” followed it up on New Year’s Eve with a piece by one Joel Braunold, who – after recalling that as a Jewish kid in London he found Americans’ and Israelis’ comments about anti-Semitism in Europe “hyperbolic,” ignorant, and almost racist – admitted that Europe does indeed have “a serious anti-Semitism problem” now, and that “the number of safe European capital cities has shrunk to a tiny number.” To make matters worse, Europe’s governments “are not taking the issue seriously”: either they dismiss anti-Semitism as a far-right pathology, or they blame it on Israel. This, Braunold says, won’t do:

As Europe’s demography changes, governments have to start systemically educating their citizens that hating Jews is not ok, and that it is unjustifiable. This means going beyond Holocaust education and getting into touchy, hard topics such as Israel and Palestine. If the hate, fear and loathing come from today’s political situation, states have the obligation to make sure their citizens are not being brought up on a diet of racism. That starts with educating each and every child.

Nowhere in Braunold’s piece, incidentally, does he mention Islam or Muslims. There’s nothing unusual about this, of course: this is the New Reticence, to which millions around the world now devoutly subscribe. Yet I would submit that this reticence – this readiness to acknowledge the offense but not name the offenders – is an essential part of the problem that Braunold claims to be determined to help overcome.

Also on New Year’s Eve, the website of Public Radio International ran a piece headlined “Anti-Semitism a growing problem in France.” Noting that France has Western Europe’s largest Jewish and its largest Muslim populations, and that the Toulouse school shootings last March were only the most widely reported of “an alarming number of anti-Semitic attacks across France this year,” PRI quoted anti-Semitism expert Sammy Ghozlan as saying that French Jews now “avoid going out late, going to certain neighborhoods, wearing yarmulkes.”

PRI also interviewed a rabbi who travels around France with an imam, meeting young Muslims and trying to talk them out of their Jew-hatred. The rabbi explained that many Muslims justify their prejudice by citing Israel’s purportedly brutal treatment of Palestinians. Curiously – but, alas, not very surprisingly – the rabbi, instead of informing his Muslim interlocutors that they’ve been fed lies about Israel, said that he tells them not to think about Israel, but to focus rather on France. Sigh.

To its credit, PRI didn’t try to hide the fact that the problem at hand is, indeed, anti-Semitic prejudice and violence by Muslims. On the other hand, it did what it could – in familiar mass-media fashion – to spread the guilt around, as it were, making references to intercultural “tensions” and suggesting that the answer lies in “mutual understanding.” Needless to say, anyone who understands Islam understands that those whose mantra is “mutual understanding” just don’t understand at all.

Another article, on December 18, sought to sum up recent developments in Western Europe that have negatively affected people of faith. The authors referred in passing to bans on kosher and halal slaughter and to efforts to outlaw circumcision – matters, in short, of concern to both Jews and Muslims. But anti-Semitic violence? Not a word. Not even the Toulouse massacre rated a mention. On the contrary: the article’s main thrust was that a certain religious group – not Jews – is currently the object of cruel, widespread, and systematic attack:

• “France and Belgium now ban people from publicly wearing full-face veils while Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other European states have debated similar prohibitions. Islamic dress restrictions for teachers exist in some Swiss and German states.”

• “The distinctive dress of conservative Muslims has fueled a fear of ‘the other’ …The increasing restrictions on religious practice and expression in Western Europe both arise from and encourage a climate of intolerance against religious groups, especially those with strong truth claims and vigorous demands on their members. Muslims, in some instances, clearly are being targeted. This increasingly hostile atmosphere in turn triggers private discrimination, and sometimes even violence, against members of these groups.”

The authors’ conclusion: “If the lamp of liberty is to remain lit, Western Europeans must accept that the age of conformity to an official monoculture – secular or religious – is at an end. In the coming year, their countries should embrace their religiously diverse future and accord religious freedom to all.”

Where did this mischievous, duplicitous piece of nonsense appear? In the National Interest, no less. And who wrote it? Two members of an “independent, bipartisan, federal body” called the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF): Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard law professor and former American ambassador to the Holy See who was appointed to the commission by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Azizah al-Hibri, a lawyer and philosopher who writes about “women’s issues, democracy, and human rights from an Islamic perspective” and who was named to the commission by President Obama.

In other words, the very arm of the federal government that should be joining Meotti and others in raising the alarm about the crisis of Muslim anti-Semitism in Western Europe would seem to be making a very explicit point of pretending that the crisis doesn’t exist at all – and of pretending, moreover, that the perpetrators of faith-based violence are, in fact, its victims. The grim truth about the plight of Jews in Europe, then, is starting to be articulated here and there – but U.S. authorities are doing their best, apparently, to turn that truth on its head.

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  • Anamah

    Man is the only animal who can be beat twice for the same branch.

    • mlcblog

      ?? breach ???

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "…but U.S. authorities are doing their best, apparently, to turn that truth on its head."

    The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      That camel piss drinker's very name is a slander.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "That camel piss drinker's very name is a slander."

        That's flattery he doesn't deserve. The whole thing about 0'Bama at the UN, I just can't think of more notorious words ever spoken by any POTUS. It was clear in that moment that he'd go down in history as an evil man with very little if any chance to redeem himself. The fact that he got reelected after that speech proves just how un-American the American voters have become.

        Not that it's any mystery why, since we talk about it all the time.

        But back to the appeasement…I just can't take it lying down. I'm still just as outraged at 0'Bama as ever, and each time when I recall those words from his appearance at the UN rostrum, my moral outrage only increases. I am just waiting to see justice served in some measure here. That means he's got to get out of the Whitehouse ASAP and if not jailed, at least publicly rebuked and defamed so that we don't have another ex-president mettler to join Carter and Clinton on the ex-president terrorist appeasement tours.

    • Drakken

      The problem is , when you do everything to suppres truth and prosecute people for pointing out the obvious, the sound of guns will be the narritive of the day, and the lamposts and the noose the result, the progressive/commis will rue the day they sided with our enemies.


      I CURSE the false prophet muhammed.

      May the false prophet muhammed continue to burn in HELL for eternity.


    • Noel

      Jesus warned, "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." (Matthew 24:11) Mohammed was a false prophet.

  • AdinaK

    The rise of Nazi-Europe has reared its head, just a few decades after their near complete genocide of the Jewish people. And the fact that the left controls Europe's power levers, in tandem with far right organs, only adds to the fuel –

    Another Holocaust is brewing…forewarned is forearmed.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • Drakken

      I hate to disagree with you my friend, but it is not the right that is after the jews, it is the leftist/socialist and their embracing/appeasment of the muslims that is the problem. You are about to see a serious backlash against the muslim colonizers of Europe by the native Europeans and the the left/communist/progressives that will pay the price for their treachery.

      • Mary Sue

        Well, considering that Nazis were in fact left wingers (who were painted as right wingers by History)…

        • trickyblain

          Yes, a ranked social hierarchy based on race, income and heredity, combined with militant nationalism, are totally left wing constructs.

          • Western Canadian

            Your usual snide and dishonest quality of comment, thicky. There was no debate over nazism being left wing prior to the end of the second world war. A single paragragh in ‘omnipotent government’ (1943) by von mises, blows your ignorance out of the water. Not that you’d notice or care.

  • Chezwick

    Two thoughts come to mind…

    1) A couple of years ago, a young, French Jew was lured into an empty Paris apartment by a French Muslim girl, where he was bound, gagged, and tortured to death over a period of days by her male Muslim friends. Their subsequent trial was held in secret. Why? All anti-semitic and religious motivations of the atrocity were expunged from the official record. Why? Instead of a profound "teaching moment" about such an abomination of hatred and intolerance, a whitewash occurred, all in the name of maintaining inter-communal "harmony".

    2) A few years ago, the German government commissioned a panel to investigate the rising number of antisemitic incidences in Germany. When the panel's findings implicated Germany's growing Muslim population, the government resisted, insisting the trouble emanated from far-right, white-power groups in Germany. Reality didn't fit the multicultural narrative, so it had to be contorted.

    Both incidences are prime examples of willful ignorance. And such ignorance shows no signs of abating, The preference of a pretty lie over the ugly truth seems to have become official policy in the Western world….and the repercussions will only grow more pronounced….and more profound….as time goes by.

    • Denis

      "A couple of years ago, a young, French Jew was lured into an empty Paris apartment by a French Muslim girl, where he was bound, gagged, and tortured to death over a period of days by her male Muslim friends. Their subsequent trial was held in secret. Why? All anti-semitic and religious motivations of the atrocity were expunged from the official record. Why? Instead of a profound "teaching moment" about such an abomination of hatred and intolerance, a whitewash occurred, all in the name of maintaining inter-communal "harmony". "…

      … 1° The leader of the group (nicknamed "The gang of barbarians" was indeed a male Muslim, but the group involved many non-Muslims. 2° The trial was technically held "in secret" – to the understandable frustration of the victim's family – because several of the perpetrators and/or accomplices were minors. Such is the French law. In fact, media coverage was huge and public debate intense. The so-called secret in no way limited access of lawyers and families to the media. 3° The anti-semitic motivations were in no way expunged from the official record (police reports were quite clear about them, as well as the declarations of the Minister of Justice, Madame Alliot-Marie who, by the way, appealed the first judgment in order to obtain harsher sentences). It was indeed a profound teaching moment, and no whitewash occured. Only marginal leftist or muslim groups or individuals tried to ignore or deny the anti-semitic motivations for the barbarous killing.

      I don't know where "Chezwick" resides, but he/she should worry about the quality of the information he/she gets about France.

      • Chezwick

        Thanks for the input, Denis. Perhaps I was un-necessarily hard on the French over this issue. I based much of my opinion on memory of the initial protestations of the victim's family that the authorities were down-playing the antisemitic motivations. Upon subsequent reading after your post, you were absolutely right…the motives were not whitewashed.

        Question: Are you French and if so, how do you feel about Muslim immigrants?

        • Denis

          Thanks for your gracious reply, Chezwick.

          Yes, I'm French. Though not quite archetypal. Protestant, born & raised in Alsace, many Swiss ancestors, colonial family (elder siblings + 3 previous generations born in French Algeria or French-controlled Morocco) : combine these factors and you'll understand why I often feel close to US Wasps. And a staunch supporter of Israel.

          Now how do I feel about Muslim immigrants ? Let's just say that a candid answer, on a French-based website, could make me the target of prosecution under French laws :-)

          Incidentally, the people who inspired the "anti-hate" laws which stifle freedom of speech, as well as those who founded (and still control) the "anti-hate" groups which expose the sinners, advocate always harsher legislation against them, and try to bankrupt them by claiming compensation for "moral damages" on top of heavy fines (and sometimes prison sentences)… are overwhelmingly Jewish. Sad but true.

          • Chezwick

            For one thing your English is excellent, especially considering it's not your native language.

            For another, we too in America have many left-wing Jews who run interference for Muslims. I personally feel it's a phenomenon related to the uniqueness of the Jewish historical experience…living as perennial minorities in the lands of others and the survival psychology the has developed over the centuries.

            Finally, how grotesque and frightening that France and the rest of Europe have criminalized political speech to the extent they have. The Continent seems to be devolving into a soft totalitarianism.

            Question #1: When the media reports on the chronic riots and car-burnings in France, do they EVER mention the ethno-religious identity of the rioters?

            Question #2: Do many of your relatives, friends, and co-workers share the antipathy that you obviously feel but can't express towards the Muslim immigrants inundating your country?

            Question #3: How do you feel about Hollande and his tax policies? Do you think they're helpful or detrimental to France's well-being?

            Thanks for your time.

          • Denis

            "For one thing your English is excellent, especially considering it's not your native language."…

            You should rather congratulate the BBC for that. When I was a kid, my mother, who was home-schooling me, used one of their language methods to teach me English. I apologize for digressing to the point of being irrelevant, but I couldn't miss an opportunity to praise, perhaps for the first (and last) time in FPM history, this poor Auntie Beeb, who is so often (rightly) reviled here for its (should I write : "her"?) unashamedly pro-Arab coverage of the Middle Eastern conflict :-)

            " we too in America have many left-wing Jews who run interference for Muslims. I personally feel it's a phenomenon related to the uniqueness of the Jewish historical experience…living as perennial minorities in the lands of others and the survival psychology the has developed over the centuries"…

            … I agree with that. Put in blunter terms : subverting the majority, notably by propelling other minorities. That's the substance of "The Culture of Critique" (minus the debatable parts and the downright unacceptable ones). But I gather Pr K. McDonald's not too popular in the area, so let's change the subject :-)

            "how grotesque and frightening that France and the rest of Europe have criminalized political speech to the extent they have. The Continent seems to be devolving into a soft totalitarianism"…

            … Quite. "A soft totalitarianism" sums it up. Though freedom of speech was never as absolute anywhere in Europe (UK included) as it used to be the case in the US. Add this to the fact that freedom of speech should be particularly sacro-sanct in an academic context, and one reaches the conclusion that the places where the situation is at its most "grotesque and frightening" are US campuses. (one of the reasons I read FPM is because of David Horowitz's crusade for free speech on campuses) How American elites tolerate that their offspring are subjected to bizarre speech codes & other "diversity" nonsense, is beyond me.

            Q # 1 : No, they never do. The universalist ethos of the French republic demands "colour-blindedness" as well as "religion-blindedness". All these lively young people are French citizens, aren't they ? (Alas, they are, technically) At best the media use indirect language ("disadvantaged youth" coming from "difficult areas"), which is easily decoded by even the dumbest TV audience. At worst they resort to brazen manipulation (during the 2005 riots, a TV channel beloved by the progressive bourgeoisie resorted to fake subtitles : a (mostly Muslim) rioting crowd was thus supposed to be chanting "Sarkozy, fasciste !" when attentive listeners realized the actual shouts were "Sarkozy, sale Juif !" – "Sarkozy, dirty Jew !") But it's usually the former option, not the latter.

            Q # 2 : Yes, many do. But such feelings are only expressed in private, among trusted friends and colleagues. Or on Websites based out of France.

            Q # 3 : Detrimental, of course. Close to suicidal, in fact. The French Supreme Court recently rejected the worst of these measures, but the respite will probably be temporary. If only such demagoguery could help the egalitarian-minded French accept deep cuts in public/social spending… But the cuts are nowhere to be seen. They are not even programmed. For the moment.

          • Chezwick

            Thank you, Denis. Your replies have been very insightful, confirming some of our worst fears over here about the direction Europe is going.

            If you could indulge me, I have one more question…

            I want to make clear that I despise racism in ALL its forms. I believing in evaluating each individual on the merits of his/her intellect, character and value system.

            Yet, it's becoming increasingly apparent that the mainstream conservative parties of Europe (and America, for that matter) are not up to the task of defending our cherished civilization from both the impending financial insolvency brought on by profligate spending….and creeping Islamization. My question is, would you ever consider voting for the French National Front, particularly given the evolving moderation in that party's rhetoric and program?

    • Roger Cole

      A lesser case, but the same mode of operation in England. This case was reported in Front Page, but I do not believe the point was made that the public have not been allowed to see the evidence for sending a man to prison for a year for displaying posters on his own windows.

    • Drakken

      I'll tell you why, the Govts of Europe are afraid of massive muslim riots if things don't go their way, that is why appeasement of these savages is going to lead to a Balkans on steroids against the muslim colonizers and their leftist enablers.

  • Ron

    "Curiously – but, alas, not very surprisingly – the rabbi, instead of informing his Muslim interlocutors that they’ve been fed lies about Israel, said that he tells them not to think about Israel, but to focus rather on France. Sigh"

    That sentence right there is a perfect example of the very root of the problem that is being addressed in the article. Look at the word he uses at the head of the sentence – "curiously". Why did you use that word? To be clever, snarky, cute? Because there is nothing curious about the situation, being that all is very clear. It is frightened writing, feminine. Almost as if you are afraid to directly point out the truth and need permission to do so,

    Similarly your use of the word "sigh". Instead of directly healing contempt upon the head of that cowardly p***y, you express a resignation to the enui of the world.

    Every time I see an author make use of the "sigh" I realize I am dealing with someone who has been figuratively castrated.

    • Chezwick

      Talk about shooting the messenger!

      Bawer has the courage to write what few others dare….and yet you castigate him over a couple of minor words used for effect. What about the overall content of the piece?

      • Bruce Bawer

        Ron, why don't you share your full name with us?

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    About 32 years ago our family had it figured out. We settled in Eretz Israel.
    Since then and due to my various work and professional demands I visited Europe many times.
    Many Jews not only remained in Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, etc, but were joined by returnees or new families settling there. I could not fathom why would any normal human being return to the bed of horrors that Europe has been for the Jewish people since the Roman Empire. Inquisition, Crusaders, Pogroms, discrimination, Holocaust…
    I still cannot discern what would make perennial victims of those monsters return for more. Even enhanced by the massive addition of millions of Islamic savages.
    I am prepared to have others explain that to me.

    • Drakken

      It is not the native Europeans that are persecuting the jews, it is the muslim colonizers that are.

      • Parenthetical Phrase

        But it's the native Europeans that allow it to happen. And yes, there are some native Europeans, including government officials that are either participating in the scapegoating of Jews or encouraging others to do so. Europe as it was known in the 1960s, '70s and '80s is effectively gone. It actually has more in common with the Europe of the years 1000 through the 1800s. And definitely the 1930s through the Nazi regime. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the periods of time when Europe was a free, open and safe place for Jews (or anyone else for that matter) are few are far between.

      • Mary Sue

        plus the muslim colonizers are joined by the leftist anti-semites endemic to Europe.

    • xcvxvc

      you followed the muhammedan savages when they raped Spain, southern France, Sicily, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Asia Minor, you opened the doors of Jerusalem to the animals.

      • SHmuelHaLevi

        Nice name there. Bottom line… of the keyboard to the left… :))))
        Again trying to blame the victims for getting murdered by the ghastly fellowship.
        We are not talking about some that followed them into innocent… Europe, lets talk about whole European Nations that willingly adopted the Islamic cultists of death to replace themselves, shall we?
        Europe never ceased to invade, slaughter, enslave us. Remember the Greek and Roman Empires? How about Brutish, Belgian, and others African slave trade?
        On the other hand is hard to deny that my people has endured for thousands of years an infestation of what we call Erev Rav. Enemies that were planted to harm since the Exodus. And it is true that the said unJews remain active to this day. Just as other peoples have their internal enemies, Mr. Obama for example, we the Jews endure ours and those joined the Moslems of old and do so today. They are their "partners". Mr. Peres for example.
        Bottom line is plain to see. Most if not all European tribes have totally joined as one with the Islamic hordes and fully endorse again plans for another Holocaust.

        • Drakken

          With all due respect, as much as the bloody leftist/progressives go along with the muslim pograms against the jews in Europe, there are much more of us that defend and side with the jews. So don't throw me and mine under the bus in the blame game, history is there to teach us, and most of us have learned from it, the leftist/progressives haven't and think they can do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We either stand together or we hang seperately.

  • ze-ev ben jehuda

    I have seen,and felt it lively,all before, nearly eighty. Me and my brother survived,by a miracle
    (if you would call it a miracle) the nazi's. 28 country's attended in 1936 the olympic games in
    facist Germany.They had a lot of fun with mister Hitler's dark regime.They knew what was
    happening to the German jews.The knew what Hitler had in mind for the Jewish people as a
    whole and still they all looked the other way. ??Today it is the moslim's who want to carry out
    what in 1940 – 1945 did not succeed and the world is looking the other way.????
    What we need today are dozen Churchills.

    • chris gleason

      Sir, you are correct. This insidious growth of hatred is being ignored or excused. More and more of the people I know are seeing clearly the comparison to Hitler's rise and the subsequent loss of life and freedom. Where are are leaders? Churchill has been my idol for many years. I fear there are none to be found in this world today.


        Winston Churchill was the greatest man of the 20th century.

    • Mary Sue

      I ain't looking the other way, that's for sure.

    • John Schuh

      The sad fact is that Hitler was trying to expel the Jews in the German Reich. but so few countries were willing to take them, and certainly not the British in Palestine. Once Anschlusz and the annexation of Poland came, of course, then the knives came out.

  • Margarita

    it is sad to see the rise of the anti-Semitism and frustrating to see how easily it is justified…….just one quick point, I think I understand the problem with Islamic hate towards us, but places like France were always not good to us (we know the history).

    this is time to face the music and articles like this make it easy to spread the word on social media (even if often we are preaching among believers). thank you for that.

  • Fred

    And Jews in America voted for a Jew hating President (even though he is an illegal one).

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      As did Christians. American Jews also voted for Romney (such as myself), as did Christians.

      • Headed4TheHills

        Red – ya missed the point entirely, didn't ya? Why would ANY Jew vote for such an obvious pro-Muslim as the Liberal Messiah, Fearless Leader Hussein Obama? The man makes no bones about his anti-Israel stance and yet many Jews voted to put the Usurper in Chief back in office. Why?

        • Roger Cole

          Headed4TheHills: you are entirely underestimating this president's one great ability, lying plausibly! Sure, anyone who is really paying attention can see through him, but most people are busy living their lives and a surprising number of them actually have too much (naive) respect for the office to be able to believe that its occupant could be a liar to anything like the extent of Obama.


            Obama can and does lie. As did the Clintons.

            It's not the lie. It is why some can't see the lie.

            Everyone who opposed Obama saw the lie.

            Many but not all who voted for Obama saw the lie, yet voted for him anyhow.

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          No, I don't think I did. Hussein is pro-abortion, yet I expect without a majority of Christians voting for Hussein, he would have lost soundly.

          And speaking of muslims, they have nearly as much of the stink eye for Christians as they do for Jews.

          • Parenthetical Phrase

            I agree with you completely. Jews voted for Obama to the tune of 69%. In some districts in New York (no less) 75% went for ROMNEY. Christians voted for him in far greater numbers. Christians who criticize Jews for voting for Obama refuse to look at the fact that more Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims than Jews, and that our dear President has thoroughly joined forces with the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization behind most of the attacks against Christians. I guess they still think this thing is just a Jew vs. Muslim fight. They don't want to look at what is happening in Africa and Asia.

        • Parenthetical Phrase

          Headed: First off, this article is about what is happening in EUROPE, not the US and not in Israel. Second, Obama got 69% of the Jewish vote; Christians voted in far greater numbers for him (blacks: 92-93%, Asians: 75%, Hispanics: 75% and single women across the board overwhelmingly. Third: More Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims than Jews. Fourth: Jews voted for Obama because they are liberals/leftists and not because of their Jewishness (which is negligible). So get off the 'blame the Jews' tirade and stick to the topic of the article — which is the growing anti-Semistism in EUROPE by Muslims which is ignored, enabled and even encouraged by Christians and secularists.

    • Ghostwriter

      I didn't vote for Obama. And I'm neither Christian or Jewish.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Fred, get off the 'blame the Jews' bandwagon. Christians voted in far greater percentages for him than Jews. Jews did not put him in office. They are 1.2% of the general population and out of the voters, they are probably less than 1%. Jews have as much right to be stupid as non-Jews. A great many Jews identify more as liberals and even leftists than as Jews. Either way, we're going to be hated: if we care about Israel then we're "Israel-firsters" and anti-American; if we vote for Obama, then we're leftists and anti-American. Enough already! Millions of Christians are being slaughtered around the globe but nobody blames the Christians for voting for Obama — which they have done in great numbers.

  • Asher

    This has been the plan of Islam since the feud with Isaac and Ishmael, to persecute the Jews, and yet many voted for this usurper. No Palestinian state has been created. The UN does not have the authority to establish states. The Palestinian upgrade resolution is nothing more than another nonbinding General Assembly resolution on the Middle East. The Palestinians are not in a position to declare statehood. Internationally accepted criteria for statehood include unified territory, capability of responsible governance and readiness to abide by internation obligations. Israel was not a partner in the negotiations, that makes all this bogus and unlawful.

  • Ben Cohen

    With the necessity of a Jewish state more obvious then ever before, why is frontpagemag publishing articles lauding people who want to destroy Israel?

    • mlcblog

      I don't see praise for anti-Israeli ideas here, rather, I see exposure of the evils of existing anti-Semitism in Europe. Am I missing something?

      • stern

        I believe you're missing the machinations of "Ben Cohen" – and I think he's referring to the article on Naftali Bennett. At the same time, I find it extremely difficult to believe that "Ben Cohen" is anything more than a nom de plume chosen to make this poster appear Jewish.

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          I find it extremely difficult to believe that "Ben Cohen" is anything more than a nom de plume chosen to make this poster appear Jewish.

          Ditto. "Moishe Pupick" (Pupick means belly button) is another, and a particularly annoying one, at that. It dates its messages with specific mention of "Common Era," no doubt in an attempt to irritate Christian readers.

        • Ben Cohen

          Believe what you want, I use my real name. And if I lived in Israel I would support Netanyahu.

          • mlcblog

            Maybe you are one of those really mixed-up Jews. God can help you. He said in His word (OT and NT) that if we ask for wisdom he will give it to us liberally and without condemnation.

          • Ben Cohen

            -1, for saying I think Netanyahu is doing the best job in a difficult situation. Watch how fast your boy Bennett caves to Obama if he ever becomes the prime minister, he'll do a 180 so fast your head will spin.

        • mlcblog

          Thank you, Stern.

  • LibertyMan

    In France they have made it illegal to have symbols of faith such as Crosses and Stars of David to be on Houses of Worship with no such inforcement against Isalm.

    Has the Secular Religionist joined forces with Radical Isalm…. or are they just biding their time when Islam can not be stopped without the bloodshed of the masses poued over their streets? Meanwhile they persecute the ones who have the answers.

    • Denis

      "In France they have made it illegal to have symbols of faith such as Crosses and Stars of David to be on Houses of Worship"…

      … This statement is one hundred percent false. Perhaps "LibertyMan" could enlighten us about the "source" of this appalling nonsense ?

  • Marty

    europeans have learned nothing from their ghastly experience with communism and fascism. islam will destroy any remaining vestiges of human freedom in europe European anti-semitism and alacrity to appease evil are cornerstones of a diseased culture. The writing isn't simply on the walls for europe's remaining million Jews; it is screaming at them. In another generation or less Jews will no longer be allowed to live anywhere on the european continent. Why any of them would want to is a mystery. They should leave for Israel, Canada, or the United States while they are still able to do so.

    • john spielman

      I remember the warning written at the entrance to one of Europes death camps after WW2; "Those who do not remember history are condemned to relive it".
      Wake up Europe before it's too late. You must stand up to fascist Islam now, before it desroys you and two thousand years of European culture.

      • Steve

        That was the first thing that came to my mind,John.

    • Cassandra

      They should go to Israel and join the fight there. Canad and the USA are going slowly the way of Europe. The Jewish lobby is very strong here but will it last? Obama is has surrounded himself with antisemitic people. Kerry and Hagel are now been nominated and are a cause of great concern for Israel.

    • Drakken

      The natives of Europe are waking from their socialistic slumber and see what is happening around them. The muslims are a hostile group that is anti-western to their core. The backlash the muslims fear is comming and when it does the left will rue the day they sided with the savages.


      Except for the Czech Republic and possibly Denmark and Italy,

  • LindaRivera

    The Greatest Betrayal by Nations' Leaders in all of History.

    European and UK ruling elites have colonized their countries with many millions of Muslims. Ethnic cleansing-replacing the indigenous people with Muslims. Forcing Europeans and Brits to financially provide for Muslim males, their multiple wives and huge number of children.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    • atthebeach

      Haow much longer; before our 'next' Dark Ages is upon us? Can we shed 'enough light'; share enough; even have enough, citizens left; appreciating. . recognizing; or remembering, the value of the 'moral rationale' or just the 'virtuous', so as to avoid it? But then; these judgments would require; an 'uneven' playing field; rather than the 'large, flat and egalitarian'.. amoral and .Leftist-fashioned field, we are now educated – and confined – to. Where 'good' plays alongside evil. . .and no one is challenged as to the differences; or the consequences..

      Do not believe the 'good' outnumbered; though there does seem; a 'closing in'. . .and that stylized, 'egalitarian playing field; is still 'flat out'; and getting bigger.

  • Alex Kovnat

    In reading about anti-Semitism in Europe, we cannot separate that aspect of Europe from another: That in England in Europe, people (including Jews!) cannot legally purchase or own any but the least capable firearms. Now, Obama and Co. are using the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy as leverage to restrict Americans to progressively less capable firearms.

    We can't separate anti-Semitism from the issue of firearms (i.e. "assault rifles", etc) because if persecution of Jews in Europe (or anywhere, including, although I hope not, America too) becomes worse, how are they going to defend themselves against ever more aggressive Jew-haters if more and more kinds of guns are banned?

  • Guest

    How can these Muslims be anti-semites? Most of them are semites in the true sense of the word, rather than Khazar-come-lately converts.

    • @IsraelThrives

      This is pure anti-Jewish racism.

      First of all, the term "anti-Semite" specifically means racism toward Jews. That's the meaning of the term.

      Second, of course, this notion that the Jews are not really Jews but Khazars is an exceedingly well-known anti-Jewish racist meme used to delegitimize the Jewish state by delegitimizing the Jewish people.

      Essentially you're a Nazi. Congratulations you must be very proud.

      Nevertheless, Israel Thrives

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Usually, hit-and-run anti-Semites incorporate a little extra antisemitism into their nom de pukes.

    • Indus Valley

      I still don't understand how people like you claim that all the current Jews are converted Khazars? Jews never converted others like the followers of the religions of Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, etc do. If there were any conversions by the Jews, it was very little. Of late this lie is spewed mostly by the Muslims who occupy others land in the Middles-East & also Turkey. This Khazar lie has been refuted long back. Where you sleeping all these time? Go and learn the etymology of the word antisemitism, that will help you to find out what that word exactly mean. The funny thing is, the antisemities in Europe before the second world war said, "Jews you belong to Palestine not Europe" now antisemites like you say 'Jews don't belong to the modern day Israel'. All you antisemites have to be admitted in a mental asylum period.

      • Mary Sue

        Not to mention, I do believe about a dozen or so years back, I recall a genetic study of the Y chromosome among Jews was done, and it had changed very little, and the various alleles among the Jews in that chromosome were pretty much the same, even among those that the anti-semitic crowd would call the "Khazars". So obviously, even the European Jews have sprung from original Jewish stock. They proved it with genetics. That should shut the critics up.

        • Indus Valley

          Yeah true. Genetic study of Y chromosomes have shown that there is no difference between the Sephardi, Mizrahi & the Ashkenazi Jews. These anti-semitic liars need proper education. Most of their claims are illogical & not scholarly. Keeping in mind that the Jews never believed so much in converting the non-Jews except in some rare cases where the non-Jews converted to Judaism, antisemites claims can be thrown into trash. Thats why many antisemites these days are Muslims who don't believe in scientific & archaeological evidences but they are getting sound thrashing from the Christian apologists. Am Yisrael Chai….

      • Denis

        "Hard science" (in this case, genetics) easily disproves the Ashkenazis = Khazars myth. Yes, some small groups, long ago, near the Caucasus, probably were converted to Judaism. And yes, on the Sephardic side, some Berber tribes in Morocco were also converted. But this phenomenon remained marginal. Truth is, Jewish communities, separated by thousands of miles during many centuries, have remained fascinatingly homogeneous both genetically and religiously.

        The Khazar myth was originally propagated (with good intentions) by a Jew, Arthur Koestler, and recently revived (with evil intentions) by another Jew, Shlomo Sand. And acclaimed by both the anti-Christian (neo-)Nazis (who were delighted to see some Jews admitting to be a "mongrel people" as opposed to a "pure race"), and the anti-semitic wing of Christianity (which felt more comfortable defaming people who weren't descended from the original Chosen People). But now, as you've correctly stated, the myth mostly serves Muslim/Arab purposes, as it's used to delegitimize the state of Israel.

        The domination of the academic Left, which tends to hate hard science in general and genetics in particular, is so extreme that even right-thinking people tend to avoid the topic. This is sad. Shlomo Sand should have been silenced with a massive counter-attack by specialists of population genetics.


      Guest, All humans are from Africa. So White people are Africans too.

  • Indio Viejo

    In my opinion, western civilization is on a down hill roll with little chance to brake its ultimate crash. The state of these countries is an accumulation of small steps taken over time to extend western influence on people incapable of tolerance or coexistence. Every one will pay for the stupidity of our leaders. There will be no 'detente' with Islam.

  • bronx boychik

    farrakhan, king samir shabazz, jamie foxx, and 95% of american blacks are not alone

    the vast majority of american jews also idolize the messiah, lord, and saviour, obama

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Idolize? Do tell. Can you elaborate?

      • mlcblog

        Jamie Foxx at the awards ceremony on TV for one!! did you miss it? I am sure it is widely available on the internet. He said those very exact words. The audience was going wild, loving it.


      Louie Garbagekan.

      • Mary Sue

        LOL that's a good one, XD

  • LindaRivera

    Tommy is persecuted, punished and jailed for protesting Islamization of Britain and protesting the many thousands of gang rapes of non-Muslim British children by Muslim monsters. If only EDL leader, POLITICAL PRISONER, patriotic, caring human rights activist, Tommy, could be home with his family! PLEASE SIGN!

    Petition: Free Tommy Robinson!

  • Questions

    Can someone explain to me the role of Prof. Mary Ann Glendon in this sorry episode? She's generally regarded as one of America's leading Catholic conservatives, right along with people such as Robert George, Christopher Wolfe and George Weigel.

    • mlcblog

      Thank you for this question. I had no idea who she was, but after a quick perusal on the internet and then coming back here and re-reading her contribution, it seems she is in favor of the wave of thinking that we all become one, abandoning our identities for the "greater good," which I for one think always looks lovely on paper or in pipe dreams, but never brings happiness to people in real life. Very disappointing to see her in on this. She has been such an advocate of babies' rights of survival. She apparently belongs to the very liberal wing of the Catholics and is considered a conservative because her admirable and strong stance against abortion.

  • Mark

    Islam’s spread in Europe is indeed a threat to the Jews of Europe. Christians too should be concerned, not just for their Jewish neighbors but for themselves as well. As many Muslims say “After Saturday comes Sunday.” Islam’s aim is to wipe out Judaism first and then destroy Christianity and liberal democracy in all of Europe.


      Except for the Czech Republic,


  • tagalog

    Has anybody noticed how that white "H" superimposed on the black diamond in the picture resembles, at first glance, a swastika-like symbol?

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,Jews are relatively free to speak Hebrew in America and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

    • lynn

      sure hope you're right …

  • Jozy

    Although I had very much liked to see otherwise, Jew-hatred is rife in Europe.
    Only the noble Czechs supported Israel in the UN. The rest, including the Netherlands, were cowards.
    Here in the Netherlands, 'Jews' is used in a defamatory fashion to refer to police by lower class disenfranchised youths. Chants calling to gas the Jews in soccer stadiums are not a one-off occurence.
    After WW2, everyone in Europe said 'never again'. However, it's the Muslims who are reaping all the fruits of Holocaust guilt, not the Jews. Many Muslims even claim that they are they 'new Jews' in Europe in terms of being victims of discrimination. It's sickening.
    Whenever the Jews become victim of Islamic terror, it is blamed on 'sociey' or perhaps 'religion', but the dogma that Islam cannot in itself cause a problem is an unquestioned dogma among the politically correct establishment.
    This continent needs to relearn the value of having a large and thriving Jewish minority. In fact, Europe needs to learn or relearn many values, such as individual liberty and capitalism.

    • Indus Valley

      The problem is most of the Europeans don't know that the core theology of Islam is terror, misogyny, anti-Semitism, anti- Christian, racism(Muslims still practice slavery), lying , etc…..Until the Europeans know the truth about Islam & Mohamed, Jews & Christians will suffer due to Muslim tyranny with the help of the loony leftists…So sad…

  • HammerDoc

    With the rise in Muslim population in Europe–both by immigration and because native Europeans prevent and destroy pregnancies at UNGODLY rates while the Muslims do not–it is FOOLISH and NAIVE to be surprised by this.

    It IS wrong–I fully admit that, but expect more of this.

  • Infovoyeur

    Oh, I don't agree with the article's quote that in Europe, "the age of official religious monoculturalism is over." Oh no,only temporarily; it's all just in a Stage of Transition. Multicultural now, but soon in several decades to achieve a true "age of official religious monoculturalism" which will probably hold all humanity in the grip of a zombie-like anaesthetic "world as cemetery" for eons. [But those who read here, know that…]

    • Jozy

      The stealth Jihad's plan is multiculturalism as a transition religion to Islam. First, naive native European multiculturalists will play out their role as useful idiots, and once Islam feels strong enough it will butcher them all in the final Jihad for Europe.

  • watsa46

    It is very dark in Europe, not so much different from the Muslim world when it comes to the notion of humanity. Jealousy is pervasive, everywhere in Europe and the Muslim world. It is primal and almost genetic from environmental induced mutation.
    Yet Jews believe that they can bring some light in these 2 worlds of moral darkness.

  • tarasbalderdash

    Where is the JDL? Why aren't Europe's Jews forming a 'Never Again' organization and standing up to these thugs? Yes, I know jihadists are cowardly and their culture calls for using women and children as targets and shields; but ultimately, they have to show themselves. And when they do….SWAT!

  • @comraderasputin

    Israel and Jews, the chosen people are essential to our democracies. Have we not learned from Germany's cruelty?

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