Media Try to Report Lars Hedegaard’s New Address

Cynical as I am about the media’s stance toward critics of Islam, even I was taken aback by an article that was posted Thursday evening on the website of the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, and that I assume appeared in Friday’s print edition.

Headlined “Lars Hedegaard moves” and written by Bo Poulsen, the article began by informing readers that on the previous day the possessions of the Islam critic, who survived an assassination attempt last month at his apartment in the Copenhagen suburb of Frederiksberg, had been loaded into a moving van and driven off. The article is accompanied by a picture of the moving van outside Hedegaard’s former residence.

Here’s the kicker. Two Ekstra Bladet staffers, presumably Poulsen and a photographer, were in a car watching the moving men load the van, after which they followed it. And Poulson – here it is – actually describes the route taken by the van. If you plot the course of the van on Google Maps, to be sure, it looks rather meandering, as if the moving men were aware of the two reporters on their tail and were trying to shake them off.

Fortunately, the police intervened. Perhaps the moving men alerted them to the problem. In any event, a motorcycle cop pulled over the reporters’ car. Poulsen is snide about it, describing the intervention sarcastically as belejligt – meaning “timely” or “convenient.” Poulsen is obviously indignant about the injustice of it all. “Without any justification, the driver was asked to show his driver’s license, even as they could see the moving van disappear over the horizon. After a few minutes the officer returned and said that everything was in order and that they could drive on.”

The reporters did so – but the cop followed close behind. After a short while he pulled them over a second time and “said in a not particularly convincing manner that he would like to see the driver’s license again, because ‘We can see that it’s been used in some connection or other, so we should double-check it.’”  Another five minutes or so went by. Then the cop came back with the license, pronounced again that everything was in order, and told the reporters that they were free to continue on their way.

“The two stops,” Poulsen writes with what certainly reads like righteous indignation, “had now detained Ekstra Bladet‘s reporters for over ten minutes, and the distinctively green moving van was now far over the hills.”


It’s plain as day that Poulsen and his colleague were fully prepared to follow that van all the way to its destination, take a picture, and print the address – which would, of course, have been exceedingly helpful to anyone planning to make a second attempt on Hedegaard’s life, and would utterly have defeated the entire purpose of his move.

The very idea of following that van with the intention of revealing Hedegaard’s new address is beyond vile. It is a profoundly mischievous and potentially deadly act. Yet Poulsen seems incapable of imagining that he is doing anything remotely inappropriate. The tone of his article is that of a citizen – and member of the fourth estate – who has been deeply wronged by the law-enforcement establishment, in league with, and doing the bidding of, a racist, Islamophobic Enemy of the People. The clear implication of Poulsen’s article is that the police officer’s conduct was thoroughly unacceptable – that he had far exceeded his legitimate duties – and that any reasonable newspaper reader will feel the same way.

I was, as I say, thrown by Poulsen’s article. I shouldn’t have been. The unblushing zeal with which Norwegian journalists, in the wake of the Breivik atrocities, sought to link honest critics of Islam with a mass murderer provided a definitive demonstration of just how hostile many members of their profession are toward those of us who strive to tell the not-so-pacific truth about the Religion of Peace. Given what happened post-Breivik, it shouldn’t be surprising that a member of the mainstream media, whether in Norway or Denmark or anywhere else in Europe or North America, would be ready, willing, and eager to report in detail the movements of a van bearing the household goods of a septuagenarian fleeing his home because jihadists are out to murder him. Out to murder him, note well, because he – unlike the cowardly so-called journalists trailing the van – has the courage to speak the truth.

Poulson’s article closes with a simple statement: “Lars Hedegaard did not wish to speak to Ekstra about his change of address.” No kidding! All I can say is, good for the Danish police, and shame on Poulsen and Ekstra Bladet.

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  • Chezwick

    Hell of a shock!…the Danish police – presumably acting on behalf of the political establishment, went out of their way to protect a hated Islamophobe. In this small little event, one might dare ponder the hope that perhaps, just perhaps, our buddy Drak is right….maybe there's hope for Europe yet.

    • defcon 4

      You just know the Dearbornistan police dept. wouldn't be lending a hand to assisting an established islamophobe escape. Actually, I seem to remember a Dearbornistan cop fingering David Wood for islamofascist death threats when the officer handed the drivers licenses of him and his fellow protestors to the local imam.

    • Madge Hirsch

      There is more hope here than in USA. Opinion polls show that most native Europeans are heartily sick of the Religion of Peace and there are (as yet small) political parties in many European countries that wish to address the problems it causes. But in US both the Republican and Democrat parties are widely infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Georgina

        Europe had a more "hands-on" experience of fascism during WWII. Lots of us have parents and grandparents who lived through the build up and aftermath and are able to recognize the same signs of twisting everything around to make the bullies into misunderstood victims.

        While Americans came in close to the end and helped turn it all around; it may be harder for them to recognize the symptoms in their early stages.

  • Bosch_Fawstin

    Just when you think you're all out of outrage….

  • AdinaK

    Ahh.. the leftist media and their fealty to Islam, as they seek to destroy the west. In fact, America's media gov't complex entered the same dangerous waters, just a short while ago –

    Next go around, those who speak out against Islam will also have their bonafides duly exposes. Guaranteed, if not stopped! And the embattled cartoonist is mentioned within –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • warren raymond

    Name them and shame them. A-soles of the Month!

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    Don’t worry. The New York Times will send an “investigative” reporter to reveal his address with the hope that their beloved Muslims will murder him.

  • N. T. Riisgaard

    Cowards and traitors. Most of Media fits into one or both of the categories. Cowards dare not tell the truth about Islam and its bloody history or the impact of mass immigration on 5 mio. Danes and their country. Traitors betray the truth and their fellow countrymen by telling fairytales and omitting controversial news. I am glad to know that many newspapers are running out of readers. State subsidies for distribution, however, will keep the Lyingmachine running for a while. But the force-fed license fee to DR (Danmarks Radio) is a never ending fueling of Political Correctness which is just another word for cowardness and treason. Still, the Danes generally seem happy with the DDR- like system. We are again again called the happiest people in the world. Believe it who gets it.

  • DemetriusMinneapolis

    The media are another intelligence gathering arm of the islamic-loving, jew-hating regimes of Europe and America. Once again, Mr.Orwell, you were a genius.

  • Guest

    Then perhaps Mr Bo Paulsen's details should also be released in line with the requirements of a truly free society.

  • Mary Sue

    You know, if that was America, and Lars Hedegaard was a Mafia Stoolpigeon instead of a voice in the wilderness about Islamization and going into the Witness Protection Program, reporters would know better than to follow his moving van!

  • Reperio

    We are aware that Breivik claims most members of the European Fourth Estate are category one traitors, precisely because of their reflexive defence of Islam and Muslim rights. He derides this politically correct impulse as part of a greater Cultural Marxism. We may not agree with that assessment, myself included, though it would be helpful if the mainstream media did behave less predictably than has been described, in order to at least mitigate against such a perception. To be sure, perhaps others can weigh in on this perception…

  • cheese_burger

    Someone should follow Poulsen home to get his address, and spread the word around in Islamic circles that the address of Poulsen's residence is where Lars Hedegaard lives. Then the Muslims can come and murder Poulson, thinking he is Lars Hedegaard.

    • guest

      You should've been working for spooks

    • Infidels-R- Us

      Now that's a great idea…..We should do this to all those apologists who suck up to the murderers of Islam……Let's see how they like a taste of their own medicine :-D

  • LindaRivera

    The utterly EVIL mainstream media are so opposed to anyone telling the truth about Islam, they will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about Islam being told – including deliberately placing an innocent man’s life in great danger. They are complicit in attempted murder.

  • LindaRivera

    Is the media paid off by Saudi Arabia? Most likely. The dirty TRAITORS.

  • Aaron

    Support Hedegaard !!
    A couragous man.
    Poulsen : a dirty islamist donkey.

  • Tony

    We in the UK have a Pakistani born Muslim "Lord Ahmed", who just so we could say we had Muslims in our parliament was made a Lord by Tony Blair (no vote by the people involved) and he was sent to jail for texting whilst driving at high speed on the motorway – he killed a man shortly after stopping texting. He recently claimed it was a Jewish conspiracy that got he put in jail! After it was revealed what he had claimed he was supended from the Labour Party and many people are demanding that this racist should be expelled from the party!

    • Aaron

      Do you remember Sir Enoch Powell and his prophey in April 1968 ?