Europe: A Continent in Flight

Different parts of Europe, same story.

Let’s start with France, where a new report by a Jewish community group, Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive (SPCJ), says that anti-Semitism in that country has gotten so much worse in the wake of last year’s Toulouse school massacre that the number of Jews who are “crossing the Channel to find safe haven in the U.K.” is skyrocketing. One sign of the trend: “St John’s Wood Synagogue in London has set up a separate French minyan, attended regularly by 120 people on Shabbat,” with new faces showing up every week. A February 21 piece in the Jewish Chronicle about the SPCJ report noted that while anti-Semitic “incidents” in Britain and France are roughly comparable in number, those in France “are far more likely to involve violence.” It also quoted Britain’s Chief Rabbi as warning that “the position of Jews in Europe today is very difficult….Jews in Europe have begun to ask, is there a place for us here?” Perhaps the most telling detail in the Jewish Chronicle article was this: while the SPCJ report “originally stated that in over three-quarters of the antisemitic incidents the perpetrators were reported as being of North African origin,” this fact was later deleted from the text.

While French Jews flee to London, Londoners are scurrying elsewhere. On February 19, the BBC reported that over 600, 000 ethnic Brits have moved out of the capital in the last decade. Predictably, BBC editor Mark Easton spun this on the Beeb’s website as a positive development, arguing that all this relocation is a sign of “working class aspiration and economic success.” In other words, “in the first decade of the 21st Century, the dream of escaping to the country became a reality for tens of thousands of urban white Britons,” who “prospered from the housing boom and the capital’s economic growth” and “bought themselves that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea.”

Easton’s piece garnered over two thousand reader reactions before the BBC shut down comments. A large percentage of them were removed for violating the “house rules.” Of those that were permitted to remain, the following expressed what was by far the majority view:

• “Native Londoners are being driven out because their neighbourhoods are being overrun by cultures that are very different to, and sometimes openly hostile to their own….Politicians continue to sell this country’s future to advance their own political careers.”

• “Labour mis-sold multiculturalism as a pipe dream of diverse, thriving communities enriching each other’s cultures, when in reality it is much, much different.”

• “I challenge any MP (preferably Labour or Lib Dem) to go live in Peckham for a week, without your drivers or bodyguards, and then come back and tell me that multiculturalism is a good thing.”

• “Only this type of BBC/Guardian liberal could put the gloss of ‘success’ and ‘aspiration’ on this story….People are sick of this social experiment. They are voting with their feet.”

A considerable minority of commenters, to be sure, reliably dismissed such attitudes and concerns as “racist.” Yet when the Daily Mail asked Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank, what he made of the situation, he averred that the BBC was making “a very serious mistake in addressing an issue of such importance to the British public in such a trivial and superficial manner,” adding that it was “surely obvious that…people are not willing to live in an environment which has changed beyond recognition and against their own wishes.”

(One quick note before I move on: how frustrating it is that so many British critics of Islam have been brainwashed by their media into using the terms “white” and “Asian” when discussing subjects that have nothing whatsoever to do with skin color or continent of origin!)

All this fleeing, of course, is nothing new in Europe. Norwegians have been saying ta-ta to certain east Oslo neighborhoods for years. A couple of years ago the Danish newspaper Politiken ran an article headlined “Christians and Jews are fleeing from Danish ghettos,” noting that in Vollsmose, a suburb of Odense, Jews and Christians were clearing out because they were being threatened with beatings, while in Muslim-heavy areas of Copenhagen, Jewish kids were being advised to apply to schools in other parts of town. The only surprise was the article’s appearance in the ordinarily PC Politiken – that, and the willingness of a political scientist at Aarhus University to finger Islam as “a major part of the problem.” Jews, he worried, might well start emigrating from Denmark. A young Jewish man told Politiken that on several occasions Muslim neighbors in Vollsmose had offered him the explicit choice: leave town or get beaten up. He left.

The situation in Denmark has only gotten more and more rotten. Yesterday, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ran an article headlined “Why you can’t be a Jew in Copenhagen,” in which Martin Henriksen, immigration and integration spokesman for the Danish People’s Party, bluntly noted that owing to Muslim anti-Semitism, schools in Copenhagen “encourage Jewish parents to find other pastures” for their children. “We haven’t witnessed anything like this since the Occupation,” he wrote.

As I said at the outset: different places, same story. Danish Christians and Jews are being bullied by Muslim thugs into checking out of their neighborhoods and moving to safer locales. French Jews are taking it on the lam from Paris to settle in marginally less dangerous parts of London. Londoners are leaving their increasingly dodgy city and, literally, heading for the hills. East Oslo is being drained of ethnic Norwegians. And all of them are running scared for one reason, and one reason only: they’re terrified of getting beaten up by primitive thugs with a primitive religion who, at these European taxpayers’ expense, have been imported from some of the most primitive parts of the world. Years and years ago these cultural hooligans, these religious autocrats, these would-be enforcers of sharia, were welcomed to Europe by clueless, spineless political leaders, and – although the reality of “creeping jihad” has long since set in – they continue to be celebrated by most of those leaders (as well as by craven mainstream-media cheerleaders such as Mark Easton) for purportedly enriching European culture. And all the while, as a result, European culture is quickly going down the tubes.

When you’re discussing such large-scale phenomena such as this one – hundreds of thousands of Muslims occupying this or that part of this or that city, hundreds of thousands of native Londoners relocating hither and thither in consequence – it can be hard to grasp it all, to reduce the big picture to a comprehensible, human scale. As Stalin put it, one death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic. Yesterday Daniel Greenfield told the terrible story of how relentless harassment by Muslim schoolmates drove a nine-year-old English boy not to flight but to suicide. The other day the Norwegian newspaper Aftonbladet reported on another European boy who found himself in the jihadist crosshairs and was forced to flee.

Here goes. On the evening of February 16, a boy – whose named has been withheld, whether because of his age, or to protect him from reprisals, or both – got on a bus in the town of Egersund in western Norway. He was headed back home to Stavanger, fifty or so miles away, and was carrying his puppy. Upon boarding the bus, he checked with the driver to make sure it was OK to take the dog onboard. The driver said yes: he had no problem with it. Unfortunately, three other passengers, whom Aftonbladet identifies as being “of foreign origin” (another source actually dares to use the word “Muslim”), did have a problem. One of the men walked up to the driver and expressed his strong objection to the presence of the pet; another approached the boy and informed him that if he did not get off the bus with his dog at once, they would beat him up.

What happened next is in dispute. According to the boy, the driver, afraid not to cave in to the men’s demands, pulled the bus over and ordered the boy and his dog off the bus. The driver, for his part, claims that he knew nothing of the tensions between the boy and the Muslims, and insists that the boy left the bus of his own accord. In any event, the undisputed fact is that the boy exited the bus at a spot on the highway that was smack dab in the middle of nowhere. The temperature was below freezing; the time, just before midnight. Fortunately he had a cell phone, and was able to phone a friend to pick him up. When she finally got there, some time later, she said, “he was cold and still and it was plain that the incident had had a powerful impact on him.” The national railway system, which operates the bus, has chosen to accept the driver’s account and will not investigate the boy’s complaint.

Whatever the specific details of the story, the narrative’s main point is clear – as is its larger import. The story of that boy and his dog, simply put, is the story of today’s Europe in miniature –  the story of a continent whose natives are increasingly being tormented by Koran-wielding tyrants, and increasingly in flight.

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  • AdinaK

    Europe is gone. Eurabia conquered it. Bat Ye'or and Oriana Fallaci were the first to raise the clarion calls. Alas, the left's marriage with Arab oil doomed a continent. The left, the ones truly pulling the strings in Europe, brought along the far right, and they didn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Drakken

      It ain't over until the fat lady sings,the Europeans backs are now against the walll, for they have nowhere to run to now, so they will fight, and once you open pandoras box of nationalism, the muslims and their leftist allies will be an endangered species.


    Which will be the first european country that will fall to the islamofascist?

    France? UK? Sweden? Norway?

    • James

      France, obviously.

      30,000 car-b-ques in one year alone. So many cars are set on fire, that the media in France are now forbidden from reporting them.… In war, the first casualty is the truth.

      For sure, the truth has been a casualty in Britain (witness the 30 years that the authorities have covered up the muslim grooming young white girls and turning them into prostitutes and addicts.

      But at least in Britain muslims are only 0.03% of the armed forces. In France, they are 15%, and muslim sailors aboard a French aircraft carrier already mutinied, and commandeered the vessel.… Once again, the French media were pressured into not reporting the incident.

      • Spider

        It is happening right here un the U.S. as well but also with Blacks and Illegal aliens. Black mobs attacking whites, heinous crimes by illegals, mu-slim attacks like Fort Hood are routinely coverd up by law enforcement our government and the media. Unless those of us on the alternative media don't fight this and speak out about this we are doomed just like France

      • Gee

        I think Germany – they had a 20 year head start on the rest

    • Cassandra

      Belgium. I am from there .I know.

      • JacksonPearson

        Yep…you beat me to it. Thumbs down on Belgium.

      • A 23 Year Old Man

        But that's because Belgium is small. Once the larger countries hit the tipping point, Europe will be at critical mass. There will be war, one way or the other.

    • santababy

      The jihaadists want the Ottoman Empire again and they shall have it soon in Europe. Now during the Ottoman Empire America was not yet a country known to Muslims, and they are filling this country up fast ad we've got one in the White House so I think we are creeping pretty close to Europe. Is there a safe haven any where? I have a friend who ex-patriated already to the Dominican Republic. Lock, stock and barrel and the entire family of three generations went with him.

    • Philipp Richardt

      Germany – no doubt. Everywhere else movements are forming against these fascists, not so in Germany. The few ones standing up against this fascism are called Nazis – curious, right?

  • Chezwick

    The roots of this folly are myriad….

    1) First and foremost, look to the hedonistic/materialistic life-style where marriage and child-bearing/rearing became obsolete (so help me folks, i grew up in the 70s in the thick of the sex/drugs/rock'n roll culture….I never thought I would ever write words such as these). Falling birth-rates and an aging population necessitated large-scale immigration for economic reasons; Europe's folly was not distinguishing between groups of immigrants and their respective compatibility with pluralism and human liberty.

    2) Cultural repudiation. Europeans developed and cultivated a post-WWII ethos of societal self-hatred, where the sins of colonialism and hyper-nationalism were magnified to an extent that in the midst of such a societal-wide culture of self-recrimination, all the remarkable accomplishments of Western civilization through the ages were de-legitimized in the process.

    It's a tragedy…and it's irreversible.

    • santababy

      Was it a portion of our generation that did all the damage?

  • MikeWood

    The reference to the Nazi Occupation is apposite: Europe is once again under occupation. This time the brutalizing thugs wear a different uniform but they think in very similar ways; though at least the Nazis had some reverence for Western art and music. This new brand of occupier is philistine to the core.

    • Edward Cline

      Quite the opposite, Mr. Wood. "This new brand of occupier" is nihilistic to the core. Islam destroys for the sake of destruction. Muslims kill Jews and Christians for the sake of destroying them. Muslims rape non-Muslim women for the sake of destroying them. Muslims fire-bomb non-Muslim businesses for the sake of destroying them. Allah commands Muslims to destroy, because everything that contradicts Allah is an abomination, including Western notions of government. That is the nihilistic formula of Islam.

      • EthanP

        Never foget that in a Muslims eyes, a raped woman is forever unclean.


        Ed, Don't forget that Muslims also kill Hindus in India.

  • davarino

    Unfortunately, these people are not fighting for their culture. They just move away. What up with that?

    • Cassandra

      Same in the USA but with the blacks

    • pagegl

      They don't have a Second Amendment.

      • LibertarianToo


      • Indioviejo

        What good is our 2nd Amendment to the people of Murfreesboro? Or to the people of Dearborn, Michigan?I think we are going down just like the rest of the world because we bought the multiculturalism, tolerance, coexistence B.S. they have indoctrinated our people with. Take Hollywood for instance, every action movie stretches to find a bad guy scenario when Muslims control the headlines all over the world in murder, terrorism, and criminal activity. In Miami Muslims own the convenience stores in the black ghettos and have killed blacks with impunity, but the outrage exists only for the Hispanic cops. There is no reaction from any community because people are intimidated by the label of racism.

    • Gabrielle

      It is easier to move than to fight. When a white Westerner tries to fight back they are faced with not only the minority, but the media, the government, pc and assorted do-gooders who view the immigrant as some kind of "pet" which needs to be taken care of and protected.

      How does one person fight when the deck is stacked against them? Those who would choose to fight know damn well that they will be fighting a very lonely battle because all of us internet warriors would be hiding under the bed when the going gets tough. We are all show and no go, how I wish it wasn't so, but it is.

      • Gabrielle

        When a minority complains about any preceived slight, real or imagined, perpetrated by a white who is the first to take up the cause of the minority? Other whites! WE are our own worst enemy. We have forgotten how to act like a tribe. Our pride in our individuality is misplaced and will be the end of us.

        We never stand with our brothers to fight for our culture. i don't know what it is? Our opposition is completely united in their attack and yet we can't even stand up to defend ourselves much less our culture. When the going gets tough we abandon our cause so easily. We are to blame for our own plight, and yes, it is irreversible.

        • rob

          Both of your comments, Gabrielle, are very astute and right on! There is a suicidal psychoses running throughout white, western culture, their people and their countries, and there are plenty of others (muslims, blacks, hispanics), who are more than happy to assist in this process!

          • Indioviejo

            Why do you generalize and trow in blacks and Hispanics with Muslims? Do you forget Rep. Allen West? Plenty of Hispanics abhor Islam because of what it is. Your attitude is one of despair and defeatism.

      • Ben

        ‘How does one person fight when the deck is stacked against them? Those who would choose to fight know damn well that they will be fighting a very lonely battle’ – and it still shocks me that the majority of the West can’t empathise with Israel, and indeed the Jews in general. They’re either missing the point, or are just stupidly obnoxious.

        We are our own worst enemy, and Islam is a plague, and as such, when this plague starts to spread, our own negligence and stupidity means that there is no antidote.

        A revolution is looking more and more appealing every day that passes.


      What's up with it is that there are no political leaders willing to fight. Without leaders, there can be no resistance to Islamization.

  • Rostislav

    If someone heartily invites to his home all the rabid dogs in vicinity on the grounds that he is so fond of any cultures, rabid dogs' one including, then he must be prepared to very high expenses on frequent funerals in his family. Happily, during my European business-trips I see some pleasant exceptions to the sad crazy rule. Mainly these are our close fiercely-independent neighbors, like Finland, Poland, Baltic states of the former USSR, – they wisely do prefer their own ancient cultures to the multicultural poison. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • ziontruth

      "Mainly these are our close fiercely-independent neighbors, like Finland, Poland, Baltic states of the former USSR, – they wisely do prefer their own ancient cultures to the multicultural poison."

      They know from experience where cultural capitulation to Marxism leads: To physical serfdom in the end. It's horrifying to think that Western Europe, and the United States of America itself, will only know the truth about Marxism after they have learned it the hard way, from experience.

      • Rostislav

        I agree with all my heart, but it doesn't help me to understand the present behavior of countries like France, Norway or Belgium: they had quite a tragic experience of Nazi "culture" domination over their national traditions, Spain had the bitter taste of the Islam aggression, but it seems that their Governments (unlike Lithuanian or, say, Finnish ones) have no memory at all about the heavy price of submission! To judge from the Finnish and Lithuanian laws their politicians are always under very strict control of voters – maybe the Dutch, the Spanish, the French, while being also no less patriotic than Finns, have just slackened such an important control, out of too much credulity or too much distaste for politics? Rostislav.

        • ziontruth

          "…countries like France, Norway or Belgium: they had quite a tragic experience of Nazi 'culture' domination over their national traditions…"

          Ah, but Marxist propaganda has succeeded in convincing the populace—all over the world—that Marxism and Nazism were polar opposites rather than rival monstrosities. Not enough counter-propaganda effort has been made by conservatives in that department yet; the job needed is to show how similar those two movements were (and the similarity of both to the political doctrines of mainstream Islam, come to think of it).

  • Western Spirit

    The Biblical story of Adam and Eve repeats itself as the siren song of multiculturalism hums its merry tune of equivalency between cultures that is demonstratively false.

    Because the human race is gullible to such utter nonsense as multiculturalism humanity has seldom been free since Satan first seduced us with a lie, lies have ruled the day.

    How does that old line go? "Good is always on the scaffold, evil always on the throne, yet standing in the shadows God stands watching ore' His own.

    Every since the Europeans regaled themselves with Yankee Doodle they have displayed a superiority complex over Americans especially when America saved their tired b#tts. This time around we can't save them from their folly because we're enmeshed in our own folly as Satan's whisper has become a roar over all the earth.

    Or perhaps you can come up with a better conclusion to what is unfolding than the Biblical account of the mess humanity has always made of things.


      Western Spirit AKBAR!

    • A 23 Year Old Man

      Well, the Fall had nothing to do with multiculturalism. It had to do with pride and not trusting God — "yea, hath God really said…?"

      It is ultimately godlessness that is our biggest threat, because only a godless culture is defenseless against Islam. A culture with strong values, black-and-white morality, and a moral imperative to defend what is good from what is evil (often termed "patriotism" when referring to America) is the only defense against the onslaught of the corruptive force of Islam.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        One result of the multicultural mandate in our public schools is the white-washing of Islam. Our public school system has 7th and 8th graders reading the Koran, and believing that Jihad is actually about being strong and avoiding temptation. They are horrified when they learn otherwise. Think about that when you say, "…the Fall had nothing to do with multiculturalism." Of course it does.

  • antisharia

    They let them in. Now they're paying the price for it. Muslims are a venomnous breed and the Europeans didn't bother to notice or care. God willing an anti Muslim coalition might arise in Europe and drive the barbarians back to the holes they crawled out of. But, honestly, I doubt it. They're too weak, too stupid, too content with things in a materialistic sense, to really care about something like the future of their civilization. Adieu Europe.

  • A Colossal Irony

    Die Juden sind unser Ungluck ("The Jews are our Misfortune")

    That was the Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer's motto.

    The big lie won the sick hearts and minds of depraved Europe.

    A sick Europe still blames Jews for all its troubles.

    It looks like it's the Muslims who are Europe's misfortune now.

    It's not so bad. The two of 'em deserve each other.

    • Dan

      Sir, you said it. What you said is truth. What Europe did to the Jews before is now going to be done to them. I believe the Jews should go to Israel instead of being where they are…

      • Guest

        Or we could invite them to settle in the US. I would much rather have them than the millions of illegal aliens from Mexico that are planning on trying to take over the US. I think almost everyone forgets that the US has one of the most heavily armed civilian population in the world and it will stay that way. Nobody is going to disarm us, this is what ticks off Obama and his cronies because what they want is for us to be like Europe disarmed and helpless.

        • Jozy

          I'm a conservative European, and right now, I am busy fighting the good fight (defending Jews and Israel, promoting free market capitalism, arguing Judaeo-Christian values, arguing for assimilation rather than "integration" policies, evangelism, the value of labour and raising families etc.) in the hope that other Europeans will wake up; I know some of them are, and one thing I know for sure: many Europeans (non-elites) are sick to the teeth of the Islamic invasion. However, many do not speak up because they know they will have to face the unrelenting media torment and resentment from 'friends'. The propaganda machine set up here in Europe is a nightmare.
          However, as I have said before here on FPM, if Europe shows no sign of changing for the better within 10 to 15 years, I think I will move to the US. I should have a degree in electrical engineering and some good job experience by then, so I'm sure you won't mind having me around.

  • Marc

    Sad to admid, but this was one of the reasons i left holland !
    It,srealy a lost cause

    • BS77

      The misguided idealists and politicians of Europe and the UK, went ahead with their PC open border's multicultural "enrichment" agenda. Huge mistake. They have let the Trojan Horse into their gates.


    Except for the Czech Republic…


  • Spider

    The same thing is happening right here un the U.S. as well but also with Blacks and Illegal aliens. Black mobs attacking whites, heinous crimes by illegals, mu-slim attacks like Fort Hood are routinely coverd up by law enforcement our government and the media. Unless those of us on the alternative media fight this and speak out against this we are at great peril just like France

  • lynn

    America is not very far behind…we are having multiculturism and diversity literally rammed down our throats by Obama and his Progressive minions….what I can't understand is why no one with power, an elected Republican, will stand up and scream the truth…if nothing else it would get some folks attention…

    • Gabrielle

      It will never happen, because anyone with the courage to do that knows they will stand alone. We are not very good at supporting people who will take a bold stand. Look at republicans caving on Hagel and the will cave on Brennan too.

      We have no backbone and the likeihood of growing one in time, is zero.

      • Drakken

        Quite untrue my friend, Comrade Obummers push for gun control is the proverbial line in the sand, once they cross it, relatives and neighbors will stick together, especially in so called fly over country.

    • Maria

      Nobody from the gov can talk, they will be killed.

  • LindaRivera

    Some comment that 'Europe is gone'. NO! Never give up! NEVER! I was born and raised in England and I REFUSE to accept cruel Muslim conquest over Europe and Britain!

    Churchill on October 29, 1941, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

    European and British ruling elites have DELIBERATELY colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims in order for the soldiers of Allah to OBEY the commands in the Koran and mosques to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    It is population exchange forbidden by international law. It is designed by sheer numbers of millions upon millions of Muslim to bring about the soon Islamic conquest of our nations. It is the greatest betrayal by nations' leaders in all of human history.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    It must be stopped!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Right on Linda! We can no longer appease Muslims. We can no longer tolerate them on our soil. They must be stopped and we must oppose all efforts to legitimize and assimilate Muslims among white, Western nations.

  • Anthony B

    deport all Muslims now

    • Drakken

      We are beyond that point, the Balkans on steroids awaits now.

  • LindaRivera

    We must fight for our human rights! We must fight for our freedom! The alternative is to horrifying to contemplate!

    It is Muslim paradise in Britain! 75% of all Muslim women don’t work and 50% of all Muslim men don’t work! Britain’s government provides Muslims with FREE money, houses, food, health care, lawyers, and whatever else Muslims might need! ALL paid for by British infidels who have been made slaves of Muslims and are FORCED by Britain’s government to work for Muslims!

    Infidels have to obey laws. Muslims don’t have to! Muslims are ALLOWED to break the law and have four wives! The British government pays for all the wives and GLADLY financially provides for each Muslim male’s 20-30 children or more! Some Muslim males have so many children they can’t remember all of their names!

    If Muslims have children with significant disabilities from first cousin marriages, no problem! The British government will provide high cost special schooling and special services for Muslim disabled children of which there are many!

    In the new Britanistan, British infidels have no rights! The infidels are FORCED to eat halal meat which is served in schools, restaurants and all places!

    Muslims are allowed to beat up the infidels and leave them almost dying and walk free from court! The Somali Muslim woman gang who beat and viciously kicked the British infidel woman almost to death walked free!

    ALL of this must be stopped!

    The British government now exist for one reason: to please, satisfy, and OBEY every desire of the ummah – the global Islamic community.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    The British government bow low to the god of Islam. The British government must serve British taxpayers!


  • socpolity

    Australia – large cities like Sydney and its western suburbs are in deep strife with the imported people of the sand..earlier residents move out…like everywhere else….what else??

  • LindaRivera

    By wickedly colonizing Britain with millions of Muslims-ethnically cleansing Brits and supporting Muslim terrorists, UK leaders have deliberately placed the British people in terrible danger.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Muslims wage rape jihad on hated infidel females throughout Europe and other countries. UK ruling elites stomp on our children who are offered up as a sacrifice to Islam.
    Ruling elites ALLOW and are COMPLICIT in the cruel massive Muslim rape jihad against many thousands of Britain’s defenseless children.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    Our leaders bow low to Islam’s death god and cooperate fully with the Islamic goal to wreak havoc, misery, despair and the total destruction of safety and freedom.

  • john

    I have said years ago, when 2 Dutch people were killed by muslims the borders should have been closed for muslims. America should have done the same, they let them kill 3000 people and the muslims still are flooding the country in droves.

  • bluffcreek1967

    What has occurred in Europe will surely occur in the U.S. and, indeed, it's taking place now. Whites will be driven from their own lands – all in the name of 'diversity' and 'tolerance'! We have utterly lost our minds in the West!

    "Ways to resist the Muslim plague in Western nations,"

  • TexRanger

    Islam is filthy cult and will take over America as it is doing in Europe or any other place it is allowed to fester. The U.S. is only a few years behind Europe in every respect that is harmful to conservative, freedom loving people. We see a homosexual/Muslim/Communist/Anti-American in the White House but not one thing being done to remedy the situation.

  • pinnie

    there is no common ground with Islam…They either assimilate,or should be politely led to the borders….This is a personal opinion…I find them most disgusting.The whole ideology is *crusty=old, & barbaric, in thought and deed.It never advanced from the original barbarian.An unnecessary blight on civilization.For the USA…shape up or get out!

  • pinnie

    9/11 taught me…to trust no one.Since then, Islam..and whats in the WH today….. has proven me right.

  • Drakken

    We have reached the tipping point and that now the natives cannot run away anymore, so turn and fight they will, the muslim will awake that nationalistic dragon and the dragon will consume them all.

  • j1mmyZ

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone.

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and "assimilating" with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to "assimilate" with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?
    How long would it take anyone to realize I'm not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn't object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives will agree that I am a naziwhowantstoclonehitler.

    They say they are anti-racist.
    What they are is anti-White.
    "Anti-racist" is a codeword for anti-White.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Good point! It's always white, Western nations that must allow unlimited third-world immigration. None of this is expected or demanded of any other nations, but somehow if whites speak out or resist their own displacement, they are seen as 'racist' and 'bigots.' This insanity will stop once whites rise up and fight back to preserve their nations, their culture and yes, their own race!

  • A 23 Year Old Man

    They can't do what's necessary re: Islam because they are haters of God. Nothing Europe's and America's leadership is doing makes any sense unless you realize they are doing it because they hate God and seek to rebel against Him in any way possible. They reject the Bible and they persecute Christians. They do not do this because it's politically or economically wise. They do it because they are evil at the core, and apart from saving faith in Jesus Christ, they are unrepentantly devoted to an unrelenting assault on God, the Bible, Christianity and Christians — and also Jews, because as the Bible explains, God's not done with them yet; Israel will one day be restored and God Himself will rule from Jerusalem. The forces of evil can't take it. They are of the darkness and they hate all that is light.

    This is why the only thing that will stop the muslim onslaught is the spread of Christianity. We can't make them be logical because as long as they are not saved, they will illogically hate God and seek to destroy His People. We must preach the Gospel and let God's Holy Spirit accomplish the change that's necessary.

    If we do not do what it is our duty to do, then we should not be surprised when the whole world devolves into chaos and we find ourselves being killed by those who hate God.

    • Softly Bob


    • Jill

      They made a bargain with the Arabs to take over Europe because of cheap oil and Jew hatred.
      It's a shame those who did the deal do not suffer, only the innocent.

  • Barakus abomidas

    The future belongs to the muslims. Your sons will be ravaged in every way possible. The transition to islamic culture has allready begun. Dont make things messey, just do what you are told. IF you resist it will only hurt more. Learn from the liberals, its best to obey quickly and give in to commands with no resistence.

    • Drakken

      The muslims are sowing the seeds of their own destruction,once this war kicks off and make no doubt it will, it will be open season on every muslim with no bag limit, leftist who chose to interfere will be met with the same fate. You can take that to the bank.

      • Abdul Rahman

        Couldn't agree more. As an ex-Muslim who found new home and freedom from this primitive, bronze age death cult, I can't wait for anyone to finally do something. Send those animals back to their caves and primitive practices.

        • LindaRivera

          Thank God you are free! To God be the glory, great things He has done!

  • LindaRivera

    To Barakus abomidas:

    The violent will NOT inherit the earth. Islam will NOT rule! God will rule! The God Who dwells in unapproachable Light!

    Obey the commands of Muslims? NO! We will obey the commands of the HOLY ONE! Our Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent Creator! The Awesome God of ALL life. The God who LOVINGLY created humanity!

    The God Who gave His Laws to His Jewish, Hebrew servant, Moses: Bible, Exodus 20
    You shall not steal
    You shall not bear false witness

    Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    The Bible declares, It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

    God, the Just Judge, warns in the Bible that cruel people will receive back what they did to others. On the Day of Judgment, God will show NO mercy to those who have shown no mercy!

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man's hands will return to him.

    Our trust is in our Wonderful God Who foretold the future thousands of years ago!

  • Drakken

    I hate to rain on everyones parade here, but Europe is not lost by a long shot, now that the natives can no longer run away from the muslim encroachment and their children are being assualted, the enevitable fight is coming, you can smell it in the air around Europe and the people are angry, there will be blood and lots of it, the Balkans on steroids is just about to begin, all it is going to take to kick it off is an angry parent or a gang of muslims assaulting the wrong person, then all hell is going to break lose.

    • Jossi

      You are very correct, lots of blood will flow, particularly in Europe. The Muslims have misunderstood the enormous and long patience of the Europeans for weakness. Once the vase is full, then the reaction will be extremely violent, and the Muslims will be kicked out of Europe, or be killed. In all that Europe will be devastated nonetheless. By the way Europe will start the next big war…again, it is not visible yet to the majority. I left Europe (a triple A country) for Israel and I'm quite happy.

  • Marc

    What has happened to the so called "free world"? Since when are we so afraid to retaliate against these terrorists? What do they have over us that we allow them to take over and fell that they are free to impose sharia law? Send them all back. Mr. Obama if you want islam to flourish so badly, go live is a muslim country.

  • migs@6

    Two+ generations ago, at 10 or 11, my Dad would tell you will be fighting commies in SEA one day soon. My mother would yell at him "Joe shut up, don't tell the kid that-he's not going to fight in any war". A mere
    12 years later I was up to my arse in SAM, AAA and MiG's, 20mm cannon, 500-2000#er's over SEA. No I tell the same to my sons, "you two will be fighting muslims in Europe before you;re 25". People tell me I am nuts and crazy, never happen. Mark my words, Americans will be fighting for the very survival of Europeans in 20 years and my sons are comin for yews

    • Drakken

      It won't be 10 or 2 years from now, it is on our doorstep as we speak, we are but one icident away from the Balkans redux.

  • Boston Poverty Law

    I just don’t see it coming down to American Blacks siding with uptight Muslims. The whole reason so many Black men are in prison is they throw off anyone telling them what to do and their whole rebellion spun out of control so they don’t have any practical society anymore. The black community is always at low level war with itself. The whole Leftist welfare state has no use for these Black men other than jail. You guys are always being grumpy toward the Black Man this or the Black Man that and going on about how they need jailing that you lose sight of the fact that it is the Left that is behind the turning of these men into a waste product of socialism. I saw at Occupy Boston the Left has nothing for the Black Man and they don’t even like each other.

    I live in the inner city. I have two front teeth knocked out from a Black gang. I understand the issues. I just don’t see these guys turning into a bunch of Malcolm Xes or Farakans on a mass scale. Here in Boston we probably have more angry uptight repressed gay puritan Black guys than anyone else but still is not enough to even dream of putting an Islamic lockdown on the Black community.

    I think the jails are the key. If Islam takes over that industry, and I mean the prison administration and probation industry, then maybe they could pull something off. But they would be beating these guys into submission.

    I think it is important for you all on the Right or whatever to stay flexible in your political position so if it was the right move in the future to ease up on the jailing of the Black Man to save our streets from Islam you would have social ideological flexibility to do so.

    • John Stone

      Blacks collectively are nothing but easy to get votes for the welfare state. Otherwise they are too disorganized or too corrupt when they do get organized to accomplish much of anything. Plus I suspect they are only allies of convenience for mainstream Islam. The whole black Islamic movement thing is non-orthodox, and Arabs have a long history of not treating blacks well despite Islamic doctrine being near neutral on race. The most likely outcome in any social upheaval is for the blacks to be the major victim group.

      Also, there is no way the Right is going to start picking up black votes, not in the current social circumstance. The Left can always bend over a little further than the Right and the Left controls the media. They have the 'low information voter' sewed up tight.

  • LindaRivera

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together."

    You can have NO peace and CANNOT LIVE IN SAFETY with a people and entire totalitarian political-religious system who want to kill you!

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  • Clare

    Great article, very blunt.
    Would that every ethnic person from France, Denmark, UK, and Italy and every Jew from those countries, immigrate to the US. Would that every one of them take the place of every phoney “refugee” from any Islamic country. Would that Europeans overwhelm the numbers of the forced “multicultural” influx of these outsiders who are barbarians. I’ll sponsor you. So would thousands of other patriots who want to sustain our civilization. Now barbaric behavior is promoted in the US; the Obamination has made it so.

  • ratonis


  • Indioviejo

    If we are serious about fighting back we need to boycott their businesses and ostracise them everywhere in the US. This is an individual effort which requires no organization nor leadership. It comes from the heart. If we can't do the easy thing, will we be able to do the harder when the time comes? I don't think so.

  • LindaRivera


  • Andrew Whitehead

    It always amazes me just how weak Islam really is. It's the only faith that I am aware of that demands respect and largely does nothing positive to garner respect. Really pathetic if you think about it.

    This explains why many Muslims feel they must behave like thugs; they know their religion is weak and they try and make up for it by acting like "big men" when they are in the majority. The story would have been very different if the bus had been occupied by a larger group of non-Muslims. Political Muslims are brave in a group, cowards otherwise. This is a weakness that can be used against them and should be.

    Should I ever visit Norway, I will "rent" a dog and take it where I please. I will not be bothered because I refuse to be bothered.

  • Len

    White people actually are the dumbest humans who have ever existed on this planet! They are the only people who have ever committed themselves to their own destruction

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