The Rise of European Islamo-Fascist Police

whitechapelgayfreezoneHere’s another Arabic word that both you and I would prefer not to have to know but probably should: mutaween. It means “religious police” or “morality police.” In Saudi Arabia it’s an officially constituted entity whose officers are fully empowered to arrest and punish anyone who violates sharia law – which, of course, can mean anything from committing various sexual acts to being caught taking a sip of water during Ramadan. The Saudi morality police made international headlines in March 2002 when they physically prevented dozens of girls from escaping a burning school in Mecca because they weren’t properly covered.

After that horrific incident, which resulted in fifteen deaths, people around the world congratulated themselves on not living in such a backward culture. And yet the Islamic morality police, far from being confined to Saudi Arabia – or even to the Muslim world – are an increasing presence in Europe and elsewhere.

To be sure, Islam’s moral cops in the Western world aren’t officially sanctioned. They aren’t even necessarily an organized force; many, if not most, of them are self-appointed monitors of public morality. And compared to their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and the Gaza Strip, they’re amateurs. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. Given time, and given enough leash by the real police and others in positions of public trust who prefer to look away from this deplorable state of affairs, these amateurs will increasingly resemble their Saudi models. In the meantime, they already wield real power. Authentic refugees from the Muslim world – non-Muslims or secular Muslims who fled to the West precisely to avoid such surveillance and control – are very aware of that power. So are an increasing number of natives of Western countries who live in largely Muslim neighborhoods – and who are increasingly being reminded that their ways of life conspicuously violate sharia strictures.

Consider the situation in Oslo, where things are bad, though not quite as severe (yet) as in many other European cities. Zahid Ali, an actor and stand-up comic, recalled in a 2010 interview that he’d been living with Oslo’s morality police for twenty years, ever since his early teens. “If he smoked on the street in Oslo,” reported NRK, “his mother, father, uncles, and aunts know about it before he got home” – because the news had been passed to them via Pakistani cab, bus, and tram drivers, a class of people whom Ali described as the “largest intelligence service” in Norway. Ali, now a familiar face on Norwegian television, said that members of the morality police in the heavily Muslim neighborhood of Grønland now routinely stopped him on the street to tell him: “I don’t like what you’re doing! I hate you! I’m going to kill you!” The threats, which he said had grown steadily worse over the previous five or six years, were usually delivered in Punjabi, and when Ali replied in Norwegian, his tormentors grew even angrier. (“If I answer in their language,” he explained, it means that “I’ve accepted their culture, accepted that they’re right.”) Ali said he took the threats seriously enough to avoid Grønland whenever possible.

It was also in 2010 that thirty gays held a group walk across Grønland in defiance of the burgeoning presence of morality police there. One of the participants told a reporter that several of his gay friends who lived in Grønland had been “knocked down right outside their homes” by the enforcers of sharia. The point of the walk was to demonstrate that “many different people with various religions and sexual orientations can live together.” Alas, it takes more than a single stroll through Muslim streets to crush the morality cops’ power. In a June 2012 article, Somali-Norwegian writer Amal Aden reported that the cops had in fact spread beyond the capital to other Norwegian cities, including Kristiansand. And last October, Erik Torset, a gay man, and Jean Jacobsen, a transsexual, both of whom live in the heavily Islamic Oslo neighborhood of Tøyen, complained that Muslims who used to just taunt them and their friends were now attacking them physically. Muslims had thrown stones at Jacobsen; Torset, for his part, had ended up on crutches after a shop sign was torn loose and flung at his legs. Everyone in Oslo knows that the city’s Muslim neighborhoods are dicey territory for infidels, especially gays, but the head of Norway’s gay-rights organization told Aftenposten that (surprise!) he had no reason to believe that gay-bashings occur more frequently in Muslim areas than in other parts of town. Jacobsen, however, can’t afford to stick her head in the sand: she said she was considering moving out of Tøyen. This is how a neighborhood becomes a Muslim enclave, a no-go zone, a sharia realm – one assault, and one move, at a time.

In last Friday’s Aftenposten, the subject of the morality police surfaced yet again. This time we were introduced to Erfan Tarin and Bahar Shekari, a non-religious Kurdish couple from Iran who endure daily harassment at the hands of their Muslim neighbors. One day, Shekari was out shopping when an elderly woman in hijab spit on her, saying: “What kind of clothes are those? We’re Muslims. You can’t go around dressed like that!” Another day Shekari was at a playground with her daughters, aged two and three, who were in summer dresses, when another old bat came over and explained that the girls should be covered. “Every time I go to the mall I just look down at the ground and walk very fast,” Shekari told Aftenposten. “I don’t feel safe there.” The couple moved recently from Tøyen to another Oslo neighborhood, Furuset, hoping things would get better, but instead they just got worse. Now they’re considering leaving the city entirely.

Norwegian newspaper articles on this topic are, needless to say, never complete without a comment or two from folks in authority eager to make light of the problem. Anne Myhrvold, principal of one of Oslo’s growing number of majority-Muslim schools (fewer than 4% of the kids have Norwegian as a mother tongue), said she’d heard about students being criticized for not wearing hijab, but she took the line that this is no different than being called fat or whatever. Lena Larsen, a convert to Islam who used to head the Islamic Council of Norway and is now at the University of Oslo (where else?), also dismissed the situation, insisting that it goes both ways – non-Muslims, after all, often cast suspicious looks at veiled women. (The difference, naturally, is that I have yet to hear of non-Muslims throwing rocks or shop signs at captives of hijab.)

Larsen isn’t alone in drawing a moral equivalence between Muslim morality police and non-Muslims who chafe at the sight of garments that betoken subservience. A couple of years back, Norwegian anthropologist Lorenz Khazaleh responded on his blog to some of the above-cited news stories. Contending that “it’s wrong to link social control and harassment to ‘foreign cultures’ or ‘Muslims’” – and especially wrong to paint a picture in which white Norwegians (Allah forbid) occupy the moral high ground – Khazaleh underscored the fact that “social control exists in every society.” In Norway’s small towns, for instance, “networks of old women” keep an eye on how local girls dress and behave. Then there’s the “white feminists who criticize Muslim girls’ dress code.” (Hmm…which feminists would those be?) Khazaleh seconded an inane observation by writer Erling Lae, who complained that since Norwegian pastors aren’t held responsible for their parishioners’ foolishness, why should imams be? And Khazaleh congratulated a noted sociologist for “remind[ing] us that the morality police have their good side” – for example, Christie argued, it’s good for an adult to stop a child he doesn’t know from crossing at a red light. (As if this be compared to threatening a comedian with death!)

The other day, noting Aftenposten‘s renewed attention to the morality police, Hege Storhaug of Human Rights Service pointed out that that newspaper’s editors have consistently rejected, and even mocked, her own organization’s efforts to persuade the government to address this grim challenge in a constructive, assertive way. There’s no surprise in that contradiction. The fact is that morality-police stories make such good copy that your average Norwegian newspaper editor can’t bring himself not to run them – but, at the same time, his own cultural-elite politics, his reflexive need to stand with Islam against the odious “Islam-haters,” compels him to oppose any serious attempt to put a stop to this supreme example of creeping sharia.

And so the problem worsens by the year, and the media continue to exploit it to sell papers – even as they routinely ridicule and demonize those who actually want to do something about it. It doesn’t take a genius to see where all this will lead in the long run; on the contrary, it takes a fool to not see it – or to refuse to. Unfortunately, the fate of Norway – and of most of its Western European neighbors – is, at present, to a dispiriting extent, in the hands of fools of the first water.

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  • OfficialPro

    it’s the same phenomenon as “white flight” from US cities, though not exactly for the same reason.

  • ReyR

    Things in the Western world will only begin to change when the qoranimals turn on libscum. Today they behead British soldiers; tomorrow they’ll start stripping feminists naked, massacring gay parades and torching anti-Israel Jews. Sooner or later, this is inevitable. In Russia and in China, we have other means to deal with them, but only total cleansing can save the West.

    • mary952

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    • defcon 4

      When Muhammad Merah killed the rabbi, his two sons and that little Jewish girl in France, he didn’t stop to ask if they were zionist Jews. When the other muslime tortured a Jew to death in France after kidnapping him, I’m certain the issue was never whether he supported the state of Israel or not. Ditto for Daniel Pearl.

    • JJ

      Things will start to change when people who don’t like their countries given away will actively run for office, band together and campaign against and defeat the Leftist enablers of Islamic aggression. Til then you can whistle in the wind, that won’t change anything.

  • Chez

    “…..Pakistani cab, bus, and tram drivers, a class of people whom Ali described as the “largest intelligence service” in Norway.”

    “….the [morality police] had in fact spread beyond the capital to other Norwegian cities.”

    Get the picture folks? These are the fruits of Muslim immigration. There will come a day when Muslim apostates and independent-,minded Norwegian natives will have no place left to seek refuge from the oppression. There will be no place left to hide….except perhaps in the frozen tundra above the Arctic circle. Should they decide to take their chances among the immigrants (and in so doing, capitulate to the dominant culture), the frozen tundra will still exist, only metaphorically, represented by an intellectual/artistic polar night that will become permanent.

    • defcon 4

      But the ultra-rich elites will always have their enclaves. Of course the morally challenged journalists who spread islam0fascist propaganda won’t be allowed in.

    • Drakken

      When the natives have no place to run to, they will fight back because their very survival will depend upon it. Mark my words, there will be war and it is coming soon.

    • Infovoyeur

      Well, yes. Your climatological analogy reminds me of something said elsewhere: if this totalitarianism succeeds, “the world will become a cemetery.” And see David Horowitz’s comment on last Dec. 25…

  • southwood

    “Gays” can be very intolerant too. In next door Sweden they got Pastor Ake Green jailed a few years ago for calling sodomy a sin. The homosexuals wanted him to be given a heavy sentence, just to for expressing the views the Bible teaches. Also, recently they attacked a protest demonstration by Christians in America. They regularly persecute Christian pastors and have even tried to get guests who were critical of them on radio discussion programs, prosecuted. Yet they whine when the shoe is on the other foot. Boohoo ! They are part of the problem.

    • Infovoyeur

      Utter overgeneralization from the tiny lunatic fringe present in most all movements. But, this “you too” fallacious reasoning, nicely evades the issue. Which will please most readers of this sight…

      • southwood

        Sounds like ye be disgruntled. If you could explain what you mean then I might be able to respond.

  • bj affordable

    Like the dinosaurs, Mankind is one of God’s mistakes. Time for a comet or an asteroid to slam into the earth and reset the clock. Then maybe next time God can get it right, though I doubt He will.

    • Watcher

      Man who uses his God given free will to shun the Almighty is the problem. Man who inadvertently serves Satan by shunning God is the problem.

      • bj affordable

        You miss the point. Mankind is a mistake of God. Mankind is transitory. The earth will move on. In the grand scheme of things, we will barely rate a mention.

        Human ego is the most expendable.

        • Watcher

          The point is God created man for His pleasure and we are not fulfilling that. Misery ensues when we shun God. Earth is but another creation of God, an inanimate object, a place for His creation to live. We are created in the image of God. We have standards to live up to and as a whole we are not. I am not a pagan, I am a Christian.

          • Kaser

            Watcher, you certainly are a Christian!!

            “God created man for his pleasure…”

            Unbelievable what can be written by a purposefully blind person.

            As long as religions exist, there will be problems. Islam, while being FAR worse, is based on the same absence of logic and willfull ignorance of facts.

            “Man who bases his action on the religion he was born into, and not based on logic, is not serving the good of the whole”.

            Never mind Satan. Like god, a construct, thousands of years old…

          • Watcher

            The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. You capitalize Satan’s name, yet your Creator’s name is lower case. That is very revealing. Serving the Creator of all is the ultimate logic and peace. Man left to his own logic has certainly made a mess of things.

          • Kaser

            Which creator Watcher? Creator according to Christians? Or according to Muslims? Or Jews? Or hindus? OR maybe Shintoists? OR maybe Native Americans? Need I go on? God is absent. Nowhere to be seen. Not a peep from him – never did, doesn’t now, will not in the future.

            God, it represented by millions that speak on his behalf, all in their feverish delusions of what they have been told he is, and they gobbled it like children fed candy.

            I hope you wake up from your religious stupor Watcher. Men have been controlled by religions for ages – look where it has left us.

          • haah

            Actually it has inspired this great country you live unlike other countries that have sharia law. You can actually achieve justice here for Christians, Athiest, etc….when it’s quite contrary in a nation that follows a 60year old war mongering pedophillic rapist.

      • southwood

        Absolutely spot on.

    • Painted Horse

      Oh did you think that up all by yourself? Of course not. It was ignorant the first time it was
      ever stated and is still. You have no real knowledge of God, the Bible
      or the future of mankind. You have quite a surprise coming youngster.

    • Kaser

      Actually, god is one of mankind’s mistakes. The mistake was made thousands of years ago, and, sadly, it still goes on to this day. We are not yet out of the dark ages. Your bible does not account for dinosaurs, not earth 65,000,000 years ago. Bible is wrong. bj, could it be wrong elsewhere?

      • Watcher

        There is a vast amount of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. God created it, the attempted overthrow happened when Satan tried to take over and God destroyed it and He began again with flesh man. See 2Peter 3: 5-6. Also google The Companion Bible by Bullinger, appendix #146. Note in Genesis 1:28 God said to REplenish the earth. Someone people must have been here before the “katabolé” or overthrow. This earth is millions of years old and careful study of the Bible and certain Hebrew words confirm that. Church doctrine isn’t necessarily God’s Word and much of it makes no sense when compared to scientific fact, man has screwed up and distorted the Word of God.

        • Kaser

          Ok – then why does God not clarify everything. Why does he not manifest himself and guide us all in a clear, non-interpretable way?

          He works in mysterious way you say? Maybe – but all the while, your benevolent/loving God leave misery all over his supposed creation.

          Watcher, your delusion stems from your ignorance of facts. As long as your beliefs stand between you and reality, you will remain in the dark, and assist humanity on it’s road to doom – an environmental/overpopulation doom of our own making.

          You choose to believe Watcher, even when you are faced with facts contradicting your scriptures, you clutch your fists, close your eyes, refute, and praise the lord.

          Some others chant Allahu Akbar. Same devotion.

          I am a man of science and logic. An atheist. And humanity. And the good of the masses. Scritpures do nothing because Watcher, with education, millions are joining my ranks.

          • southwood

            If millions join your ranks then the earth is finished. Between atheists and Muslims (false religion) the earth will be destroyed. Only Christianity can restore our world.

          • Kaser

            You see southwood – Muslims believe they are right as you do. With the same fervor. Now don’t get me wrong, Islam is way worse and backwards than Christianity… Islam needs to be eradicated.

            Christianity restore our world? We are destroying our world, and most of humans in the west are Christians. Why? Christianity has nothing to save us. It got us in trouble, and shines by it’s absence.

            Atheism, southwood, is rooted in the unshakable understanding that the earth is it. That’s it. That’s all we have. Atheism removes the veil of religion, and it’s false promise of a hereafter.

            Live life well. Respect others. Die leaving the earth a better place then when you were born.

            Religion? Give me a break – religions are too busy, through their hordes of proselytizers, makeing sure they are better than the hundreds of other religions. Monotheist religions are the worst for this – Islam, way on top.

            Take care.

          • southwood

            Here’s the problem with atheism, K. While you obviously have high moral standards there is no need for atheists to have such. In fact it is illogical. Why have morals when life is just a machine and one is determined by environment etc. Existentialism has it well defined; one authenticates oneself, no matter the moral outcome. Atheism has cause untold suffering in the world. Atheistical dictatorships like those of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot have been inhuman and genocidal.

            The fact is that atheists do not want to face the reality of sin and its consequences. One’s conscience informs one when one does something, whether it is good or bad. By holding stubbornly of agnosticism or atheism one can smother one’s conscience. God and evil are realities not social constructs. As for evolution, it is a discredited theory. Atheism is a philosophy of despair

            You are correct in discriminating between religions. There is, in fact, ONE true religion, Christianity. The Bible speaks of antichrists and false prophets (like Mohammed). The quran teaches its followers to hate those who do not subscribe to its teachings. Christianity, however, teaches one to love even one’s enemies. The two religions, Islam and Christianity, are polar opposites.


          • madge hirsch

            If one looks at the history of Christianity one finds many so called Christians with abysmal moral standards. Very little loving of enemies either. More like torturing and burning at the stake for small differences of opinion. The Bible is just a book as is the Koran and pretty poor stuff. Altruism need have nothing to do with religion nor ethics. Besides both Christian and Islamic morality seem to be obsessed with sexual behaviour and how to control women. Religions especially monotheisms are just a lot of made up fairy tales to enable social control.

          • knowshistory

            Christians are doing a good job of destroying their own world.

          • southwood

            How ?

        • southwood

          Oh, come on you don’t believe that gap theory stuff ? That’s what weakens Christian arguments. The days of Genesis are literal days. What’s wrong ? Don’t you believe God who upholds the universe can create the earth and all therein in six days ?

          • Watcher

            Gap Theory? No, just physical evidence that the earth suffered a cataclysmic event that killed the dinosaurs and knocked the earth off it’s perfect axis as God Almighty originally created it in Genesis 1:1. How about places like Ash Falls Nebraska, where there are skeletons of African animals who died from volcanic ash filling their lungs created by a catastrophic event? Who do you think has the power to do such a thing and why would He?

          • southwood

            Noah’s flood explains the fossil record. There may have been volcanic eruptions during a world wide flood. There is a lot of evidence for the co-existence of men and dinosaurs in the historical past as shown by the carvings and paintings of several cultures. I believe dinosaurs were hunted to extinction in many regions of the earth but that they still exist in remote inhospitable regions such as the Congo swamps or Papua NG.

          • Watcher

            There is compelling evidence the flood of Noah was not world wide. After 150 days, how did a dove find for Noah an olive branch, which takes a very long time to mature, not to mention carbon dating, animals being found where they are not found now. Even humans date back further than 6,000 years.

          • southwood

            The Bible states that God said he wouldn’t bring another flood on the earth. If the flood was localized then why have there been 1000s of localized floods since then, including tsunamis ? Are you suggesting God could not create an olive branch in a moment. Jesus ordered a fig tree to wither and it did.

            Carbon dating has limitations. You are swallowing the old earth poison. Do you believe in evolution ?

          • Watcher

            No, I believe in the Word of God, not the traditions of men. God doesn’t do cheap parlor tricks. Good day.

          • southwood

            No, you don’t believe in the Word of God or you wouldn’t question what God’s word says.

          • knowshistory

            why expound on the obvious? if the earth was flooded to the mountaintops, it would stay flooded to the mountain tops. where is the water to go? and where did it come from. if you want to swallow the creation fantasy, then, of course, that god that is all good and so powerful that he can do anything except cure cancer, save us from islam, get rid of the ticks and mosquitoes that he created, and create peace and goodwill on earth, must have created all that water, then uncreated it. I wonder why the holy scriptures don’t mention uncreation? recreation and procreation are ok, but where is uncreation mentioned? I hope god doesn’t slip up soon and uncreate the sun, but it would be ok if he uncreated stupid liberals.

          • knowshistory

            lol. hunted to extinction by what? if there was a non-saurian critter that hunted dinosaurs, I would like to know more about it. there is a reason that man never inhabited the world with dinosaurs. the reason is that dinosaurs would have hunted man to extinction. whats that in your mouth, bubba? its one of those new humans, mom. look. no claws, no poison, no feathers, no scales. just nice tasty meat. quit playing with your food, bubba. just eat it and go find another one.

          • southwood

            Can’t you read. THEY STILL EXIST, exactly the same as they were 65,000,000 years ago. Talk about slow evolution ! LOL.

          • knowshistory

            the knocking off its axis occurred a very long time before there was any life on earth. regarding “who had the power to do such a thing?” question. remember Occam. take the simpler explanation. did all those events “just happen”? or did some supreme being, always there, knows all, all powerful, carefully arrange everything to look like it just happened? the supreme being model is definitely the more complex explanation, and doesn’t make any more sense than it “just happened”. after all, there is no explanation even proposed for that supreme being that is more rational than he “just is”. after all, if everything must be “created” by a higher order of being, who the hell “created” the supreme being? that is the one I want to worship. the one who created “god”. soon as I devise such a “religion”, create some very old (therefore authoritative) holy scriptures, and get some idiots to firmly believe that my new most supremest being not only exists, but simply must have our worship, and the worship of all people. with a little luck, i, the new prophet, peace be upon me, can get a following of criminals and villains who will kill anyone that does not believe in the new “mostest supremest being”, and revere the final prophet, me. hey, look here, no don’t look, its sacred. i just discovered some PLATINUM tablets in my back yard. looks like holy scripture to me. stand by for a new religion. note to stupid liberals. this is satire. i am not really the inventor of a new religion, but if i did, it would not be any more unbelievable than the ones we have.

      • southwood

        Wrong on all counts, K. The earth is only 6000 years old. Dinosaurs still exist in Africa (ornithosaurs, mkele mbembe etc.), in the sea (plesiosaurs) and in PNG (pterosaurs). All witnessed, verified, even filmed. Recently a plesiosaur washed up on a beach in New Zealand. Darwin bay in Australia is known as dinosaur bay on account of the many plesiosaur sightings there. Anyway, crocodiles and komodo dragons are dinosaurs.

        • Kaser

          I’m wrong on all counts? Now southwood, you know the earth is not 6,000 years old like your scriptures tell you.

          Look at the 65,000,000 year old “iridium anonaly”. Iridium, a relatively rare metal on earth, is commonly found in asteroids. When one impacted the Yucatan peninsula, many a years ago, it exploded violently and dust settled everywhere on earth. Dust rich in iridium.

          Now that iridium layer is deeply embedded in 65,000,000 year old rock layers. 65,000,000 years old through repeated scientific proof. Now you may decide to refute science when it does not match the bible, such as creationists. But this is doomed to fail.

          Science has been know to be wrong in the past. Some hypothesis are wrong today and some will be srong in the future. But, and that’s the beauty of science, it gets less and less wrong as time goes on.

          Whereas religions are stuck in their millenia old scriptures. Open your eyes and your mind southwood.

          Crocodiles, and many others are indeed very close to their dinosaur ancesors. As we humans are close to primitive humans, millions of years ago.

          Take care.

  • Shamanata

    Classic ENABLERS -Caucasians and Western Liberal Thinkers. . They only Enable because they THINK they are still in CONTROL. They unknowingly or knowingly contribute to destructive behavior because they think they are more intelligent and can Control destructive behavior by being more understanding of it without realizing they are indirectly supporting the destructive behavior and multiplying it to the point of THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. ENABLERS ARE CONTROLLERS WHO LIVE IN AN ILLUSION. The Christians, Jews, Bhuddists and basic western thinkers have brought this all on themselves because they have lost the abilities to help others to be responsible. Western thinkers are overly responsible and guilt ridden to the point of their own destruction. Hey they used to be able to control others this way but that was only because they did have control for so long, but not anymore.
    Natural Law will teach us all the hard way. We reap what we sow. Will we EVOLVE? Will we be able to wake up and learn again to love responsibly and teach others responsibility for Enabling? We will have to learn this lesson anyway. . Stop giving to get Control.

    • Joseph

      and you are in a whole world of reality? Is your ‘race’ doing anything?

      • Shamanata

        I am just of the human race like everyone else.

  • LarrySingleton

    First our jobs, then “press 1 for english”, the purging of conservatives in our universities, next……?

  • Drakken

    Time for organizing the natives to fight fire with fire. Confront and deal with them in the language the savages understand, once they fear you, they will respect you.

  • UCSPanther

    Mutaween, or as I like to call them, the moral Gestapo.

    A pack of bearded pigs (They don’t deserve to be called “police”) whose main task is to terrorize and harass people who don’t conform to their view of religious law…

  • Deutscher Afridi

    I don’t know what you islamophobes are whining about. When you are in a Muslim part of town, you should obey Muslim laws and customs. We do not tolerate the sin and decadence that the res tof the west does, and we will not bow to your flawed manmade laws. We follow the One Law of the Almighty, and we are growing in numbers.

    • iluvisrael

      What’s also growing worldwide is DISGUST at the savage, bloodthirsty cult that is islam

    • UCSPanther

      Be warned: You keep pushing, and people will begin pushing back with greater force.

      When that happens, not even Allah can save you…

      • knowshistory

        if we don’t start pushing back real fast, there will not be anyone left to push back. the infidel world is crashing and burning, and our fools are only concerned about “islamophobia”.

        • Drakken

          Push is coming to shove and when it comes and it will, the muslims in our western lands will be fleeing for their lives. Soon there will be no quarter nor mercy.

    • glpage

      There’s a joke with a punch line that has a cowboy saying, “We haven’t played cowboys and Muslims yet.” You might want to check it out and keep it in mind.

    • defcon 4

      Nuclear weapons have a way of leveling the playing field islam0nazi.

    • southwood

      You Muslims are such hypocrites. You point the finger at us westerners for our sins (and they are there, and they are dreadful) but you fail to see your own sins. You oppress women, you impose wicked laws on people against their will, you treat non-Muslims as 2nd class citizens, and you savagely murder those you call infidels, even those Muslims who are not of your sect, for example, in Syria, where Sunnis are murdering Shias. Then you most hypocritically whine about discrimination against your absurd Islamic practices by western governments. Quite unbelievable.

    • Drakken

      Yeah but you muslims don’t have more bullets than we do, and soon you will push us to use them liberally. Deo Volente muzzy!

    • JoJoJams

      Deuscher, if that “muslim town” is in America – we will follow the laws of America – not some sick azz “religion” made up by a perverted psychopath.

    • Kaser

      Funny post Deutscher.
      So, when Muslims walk in Christian areas, they should unveil themselves to respect Christian laws and customs?

      You don’t tolerate our sins? Who asked you to comment on our way of life? If you don’t like our way of life, go live in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan or other Islamic paradises!

      You follow the man-made laws of Mohammed – the warmongering rapist pediphile murdering thief. The Quran is man-made, Sharia is man-made.
      You QUran is full of mistakes. Oh? You have not read it?? I did. Allah will really burn my skin off, and then replace it with new skin to torture me again? What a joke!!!

      Growing in numbers, but as stupid, deluded and ignorant as ever. Grow up and open your eyes Deutscher, the world is getting to know your religions, and that is also a growing mass…

    • OfficialPro

      Um you came to our Western Countries. It is YOU who must recognize OUR laws, not the other way around. >:(

      I spit upon your flawed laws and customs that give women ZERO rights and make them wear cloth garbage bags. We do NOT Tolerate Totalitarianism in ANY form, let alone that coming from Satan, errr, Allah.

  • Joseph

    America is screwed and you know it….Not a mention of this on the country western station I’m listening to….nothing on TV…yep..doesn’t look like anybody but you knows what’s going on? You talk to Toby Keith?…I bet none of the ‘patriotic’ singers even want to know……….

  • CDH

    The free West fought two world wars against totalitarian regimes and belief systems in Europe to stave off fascism. Great sacrifices were made to assure that their friends, neighbors, and families could live free from tyranny. How cheap do we now sell these freedoms? Why are we so insistent that the feelings of an intolerant minority are worth the cost we are now paying? If these people came in peace with the goal of joining their host countries all would be well. That they have not done so is readily apparent to everyone but our own politicians.

    Sharia law is not part of any Western nation’s constitution. constitution. Sharia is not conducive to freedom. Women, whether or not they are residents or immigrants, face the greatest harm from Islamic law. If a woman doesn’t have four witnesses to her rape, the guilty go free. Beyond belief, one such Norwegian girl was raped in Dubai. Not only did the guilty go free, she was convicted for having sex outside of marriage, earning 18 months of imprisonment. This is but a small glimpse of the ravenous wolf that our governments are inviting into the fold.

    If they insist on replacing these guarantees of our freedom with the violence and intolerance of Sharia, they must be removed to their countries of origin. We must protect our freedom and our safety from tyranny in all its forms. Deport those who seek to set up laws contrary to our constitutions, and remove those in office who so glibly trade our freedom to avoid hurting Islamist feelings.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    But who can blame the Muslims? They only go as far with their extremism as the weak Norwegians allow them to do in their own country. The Norwegians could still control their own fate, but they choose differently.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      But who can blame the Muslims? They only go as far with their extremism as the weak Norwegians allow them to do in their own country.

      Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, isn’t extreme throughout the Islamic world. It’s mainstream and also the fundamental reason why every totalitarian hellhole in the Islamic world is a failed state.

      The Norwegians could still control their own fate, but they choose differently.

      And so it goes here in the USA as well. Indeed, mass Muslim immigration to the West is really stealth and deceptive jihad for the purpose of eventual demographic conquest, as Muslims never ever migrate to assimilate and integrate, but instead to one day dominate and subjugate via the eventual imposition of Sharia, which again is Islamic totalitarian law.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    secular Muslims who fled to the West

    A secular Muslim isn’t really a Muslim. He or she is an ex-Muslim and also a blasphemous apostate that per the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed, which no doubt is the reason why they fled to the West.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    So are an increasing number of natives of Western countries who live in largely Muslim neighborhoods – and who are increasingly being reminded that their ways of life conspicuously violate sharia strictures.

    The word “Sharia” should never be mentioned without also mentioning the fact that Sharia is also Islamic totalitarian law at the same time. The word “totalitarian” should always be associated with the word “Sharia”. In fact, Sharia is what stealth non-violent jihadists, i.e., Muslim immigrants to the West, intend to impose on us all one of these days to subjugate us into Islamic totalitarianism at the same time. As a matter of fact, the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism is the sole fundamental purpose of Islam. Indeed, it’s Islam’s raison d’être.

    Ever wonder what life will be like if that eventuality ever reaches fruition? Don’t wonder; investigate what has been happening to the Christians in Iraq and the Copts in Egypt.

    • defcon 4

      Or the Jews of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt and Iran. Or the Bahais of Iran. Or the Hindus and Sikhs of Bangladesh. Or the Buddhists of Afghanistan, Thailand and Myanmar. Etc., etc. etc.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Unfortunately, the fate of Norway – and of most of its Western European neighbors – is, at present, to a dispiriting extent, in the hands of fools of the first water.

    Not only Western Europe, but also the USA is suffering from moronic fools as well. Indeed, both major political parties are trying to out dumb each other with respect to Islam, and it’s an extremely tight race.

  • defcon 4

    “18 months of imprisonment” for committing adultery? How liberal of Dubai. Because in some islamofascist states death by stoning would have been her sentence.

  • toryu88

    This harkens back to the early 1930’s when members of the SA (Sturm Abteilung) the strong arm of the nascent Nazi Party roamed the streets of Munich bullying and intimidatiing others. Islamo-Nazis is the correct term.
    This demostrates what the Muslim appologists have sown and we are now reaping. Those European countries without a back bone to protect their own interests will be the center of the coming cultural war. Islam is a cancer that can only be cut out, and we are seeing it matastisize at an alarming rate. This is exactly how the Muslims were able to drive out and Islamify the non-muslims from all of predominately Christian North Africa, Middle East, and the Levant. We are seeing what took hundreds of years to do, now occuring at a much faster rate due to political correctness.

  • Nils Henriksen

    Thanks, Bruce. Please also write an article about Dubai and the rapes there.