Feminist ‘Hijab Solidarity’?

hijabinstagram2Europe is awash in dhimmitude, but Sweden is a case unto itself. There’s something desperate and demented about the levels of dhimmitude on display in Ikea-land. In no other European country, moreover, is there so little pushback in the media.

As I wrote just yesterday, Sweden has the highest percentage of rapes in the Western world. And the problem is getting steadily worse. Given the progressive Swedish establishment’s fondness for earnest rhetoric about women’s rights, you might think this rape crisis would be a subject of deep concern in the nation’s media. But no – it’s a non-topic. It’s unmentionable. And for one reason: because everyone understands that the ever-increasing incidence of Swedish rapes is directly related to the ever-increasing number of Swedish Muslims. And in Sweden, you can’t talk critically about Islam. You just can’t – not publicly, anyway. When the subject is Islam, nothing is permitted other than the usual mindless multicultural mantras.

I’m deeply aware of all this. Even so, I was taken aback by one of the big news stories out of Sweden this week.

It started when a pregnant Muslim woman (one report put her age at 20; another identified her as a mother of three) claimed that she’d been attacked late Friday night. She was alone in a parking structure in the Stockholm suburb of Farsta, she said, when a man walked over to her, ripped off her hijab, and banged her head into a parked car, making her dizzy. He also growled something to the effect that people like her “don’t belong here.”

Now, if this actually happened, it’s repugnant. But there’s no evidence that it did happen – no eyewitnesses, no surveillance video – and it’s been suggested (although not, of course, in the Swedish media) that the woman’s story could be entirely bogus. In any case, it’s a man-bites-dog tale if there ever was one: Sweden is overrun with Muslim men who rape infidel women, not with infidels who pull headscarves off Muslim women.

Yet when the woman went public with her account, Swedish derangement syndrome kicked in – big time. On Sunday, Aftonbladet ran an op-ed signed by five persons: Bilan Osman, identified as an “anti-racist commentator”; Fatima Doubakil of the Muslim Human Rights Committee; Foujan Rouzbeh,  an “asylum rights activist”; Nabila Abdul Fattah, “commentator”; and Nachla Libre, “poet.”

The five authors asserted that “the woman in Farsta isn’t the only one who has been attacked in this way.” Many Muslim women, they maintained, have been subjected to similar mistreatment by “white Swedish men…on buses, in stores, and at restaurants.” The authors painted a picture of a country filled with white people who “harass, degrade, intimidate, and abuse others in public places because of their religious attire.” And they argued that such offenses have become increasingly common because – and, yes, they actually wrote the following – “Islam and Muslims are described in the media and by political parties as a problem and a threat to Swedish democracy.”

Yes, Islam is a threat to Swedish democracy; but no, the Swedish media virtually never dare to admit this fact, or to say anything that might remotely hint at it. And the only political party that addresses this issue is the Swedish Democratic Party, whose members are not only routinely condemned in the media, in the harshest of terms, but have been repeatedly harassed, degraded, intimidated, and abused by the Swedish government itself.

The op-ed authors went on to demand – and that’s the word they used, “demand” – that Justice Minister Beatrice Ask “appoint a commission to investigate, map, and come up with specific action plans to combat the widespread hate crimes against Muslims.” They called on the government “to stop the march of fascism” (as represented, apparently, by that lone man in the parking structure who allegedly pulled off the woman’s headscarf). And they proclaimed what they called a “hijabupprop” – a hijab action. “We encourage all of our sisters in Sweden – religious and non-religious – to veil themselves on the morning of August 19 to show solidarity with all Muslim women who, all too often, suffer harassment and violence.”

The five authors tweeted their call to action on Twitter. The tweet was shared over 65,000 times. The idea was brilliant, providing politically correct Swedes with an excellent opportunity to posture. And it proved a magnificent success. In “solidarity” with the purported victim, countless Swedish women – including a number of well-known actors, writers, journalists, artists, and politicians – wore headscarves on Monday. And took pictures of themselves doing so. Their photos flooded Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

One of the women who proudly donned traditional Muslim headgear was Gudrun Schyman of the Feminist Initiative, a leading women’s rights group. Another was Social Democratic politician Veronica Palm, who announced on Facebook that she supported the hijab action “because nobody should feel threatened or harassed because of the way they choose to dress.” Sweden’s Humanist organization issued a statement in support of the campaign, declaring that all men and women have a right to dress as they wish.

Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, for her part, invited the hijab campaign’s organizers to meet with her on Tuesday. “I would love to hear what they have to say,” she told the media, “because I believe they have more to say than what they can write in an op-ed.” She underscored that the hijab-yanking incident “should be taken very seriously,” as should the views of the campaign organizers. As for the organizers, while they agreed to meet Ask, they didn’t hide the fact that they were sore at her for turning down a joint TV interview with them. “We’ll meet her, of course, but we won’t be satisfied with that,” one of them griped. “We want her to take action.”

The Swedish news media, notorious for the decorous silence they have long maintained about the country’s rape crisis, were all over this story. The newspapers were awash in stories about the hijab campaign and full of pictures of the famous Swedish women in Muslim headscarves. The hijab campaigners were interviewed repeatedly on TV and radio. One of them, Nabila Abdul Fattah, admitted that their goal was “to normalize the hijab.”

There were very few dissenting voices –  at least not in the public square. Muslim feminist Hanna Gadban was furious about the campaign, and tried to remind everyone that the hijab is a symbol of patriarchal oppression. But she was a voice crying in the wilderness. Like a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon to a dipsomaniac, the hijab action was just too irresistible to the Swedish mind.

Sitting at my computer and looking over all the pictures of Swedish women in headscarves, I pondered, more bemused than ever, the eternal question: what is it in the Swedish character that makes such foolishness possible? The zillions of photos of stupid, self-satisfied infidel women in veils symbolizing female subordination were ridiculous, deserving of mockery, of derisive laughter. But they were also scary. Seeing brainwashed people is always scary. “What’s wrong with these people?” I said aloud as I pored over the screwy selfies. “Whatever it is,” my partner said, “it should be in the DSM.”

Even as all this nonsense was underway, Sweden, which has the world’s second highest rape statistics – thanks to nothing more or less than the army of savage Muslim men within its borders who have no respect or mercy whatsoever for unveiled infidel women – was inexorably moving up toward the title of world’s #1 rape nation. And there was no sign of anyone doing anything whatsoever about it.

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  • http://oldschooltwentysix.blogspot.com/ oldschooltwentysix

    The Swedish “humanists” and “feminists” somehow have lost even the ability to comprehend that the women raped, and many others, have no equal right to “dress as they wish.”

    And to think that they do it for a symbol of oppression against women.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      In collectivism, individual people and events don’t matter and must be managed in ways that serve the larger agenda.

      They’re convinced that they’re right without realizing that their lack of integrity in terms of documenting facts means that none of their theories are actually based on meaningful amounts of factual information.

      These people don’t even care whether the trigger event happened because they believe Muslims are victims because they believe Muslims are inferior underdogs who were oppressed for centuries by the West. This is why they don’t care about the rapes. All of this is trivial and inconvenient to examine because it would distract from the larger collective need to re-engineer society.

      They don’t care about facts because their “truths” were planted at an early age. And of course leftist hegemony means that there is very little chance anyone will be able to wake them up.

      • yerfackingmammy

        collectivism IS the new world order.

  • Kolobok42

    It is Stockholm Syndrome writ large.
    As for what it is that makes them do this, makes them accept the idea that the Europeans must be the bad guys and the Muslim immigrants the voice of virtue is the same sort of Marxist critical-race theory we’ve seen in the US for generations. The key factor in why it’s worked so thoroughly there is the smaller size of the country and the homogeneity of the host population.

    • zanzamander

      “Stockholm Syndrome”

      Now I know why the syndrome was named after the capital city of Sweden. Very apt.

  • antioli

    Look like the feminists of Sweden are servile to the will Muslim men. Good the Swedish feminists should be kept in the house made to bear many children,wash the dishes and the clothes , clean the house and bake chocolate chip cookies then die old and worn and wrinkled. Deep in side that is what the feminists really
    want but the Swedish men aren’t to it.

  • chan chan

    I keep posting the same thing whenever I read these stories about Sweden. I spent a lot of time going back and forth to Sweden on business, and I’ve never encountered a more lefty, multi-culti, determined-to-commit-cultural-suicide-at-any-cost people than the swedes. And coming from Europe, that’s saying something.

    They genuinely believe that the more they appease Islam and Muslims, the more they trash their own culture to accommodate them, the better things will be for them in the long run. Brain dead. They would rather sweden became an Islamic emirate than criticise or stand up to Islam in any way.

    • Necrophagi


    • nomoretraitors

      Don’t look now, but it’s coming our way

      • Bert

        Perhaps Muslims in the U.S. might consider this action in liberal Jewish neighborhoods. If two thirds of all Jews voted to re-elect Obama it suggests that liberal Jews must have supported him about 90 percent. These liberal Jews should have the chance to enjoy the ‘educational experience’ of the Swedes.

        • Raymond_in_DC

          One “progressive” synagogue in the DC area recently hosted an “Iftar” dinner -at the synagogue – with an imam and his congregants during Ramadan. Maimonides, who centuries ago wrote of how the Jews suffered under Islam, would not have approved.

        • Arf

          Bert, I think you need to take a course in basic arithmetic. Two thirds is 66.66% not 90%. Liberal white Christians, Asians and blacks supported and voted for Obama in much higher percentages. Let the rapes start in THEIR neighborhoods and in yours too Bert! You sound like you really need to bend over for a muslim ASAP!

          • andrew707

            Arf, it is you who needs to take a course in basic reading comprehension. Bert never said two thirds is 90%.
            What he does say is that if two thirds of all jews (all as in conservative and liberal jews combined) voted to re-elect Obama, depending on the liberal or conservative breakdown of the US jewish population, you could assume that 90% of _liberal_ jews (not all jews) supported Obama.

    • Gee

      No wonder why the Swedes hate Israel.

    • Abe

      It is the same in the Netherlands. The Dutch are ready to accept anything from muslims including rape,sexual abuse,murder ( remember when Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a muslim extremist there was no public anger in the country. To the contrary a group of so-called intellectuals advised the government to work towards helping muslims integrate in the Dutch society.) and conversions of vulnerable females. The day that parts of the Netherlands or the whole country turn into Nederstan is not very far away. Just few years ago a former minister ( of justice and Economic affairs) reminded the Dutch that they should be prepared to accept Sharia, in the near future, if the people took such decision through democratic means ( …as a result of massive demographic changes).

    • Charles Sutter

      Chan Chan, do you think from your experience that Dr. Rossiter, in his book, “Liberalism is a Mental Illness,” is onto something?

    • Ellman48

      Perhaps Sweden to the Muslim mind lies somewhere between mortality and eternal life, between earthly gratification and heavenly orgasms in what they imagine as heaven. Not only can they rape any woman they fancy but they get subsidized housing, free healthcare and a healthy breakfast for free. Those who came to Sweden will stay in Sweden until it becomes Swedenstan.

  • Rita

    Sorry, those disgusting “feminists” literally BEG muslims to rape Swedish women. They should be indicted for incitement to rape and violence against the “normal” women of Sweden, if there are any left. But I understand, Sweden already collaborated with the Nazis…what is WRONG with them. Shame Sweden, Shame!

    • mcbee555

      Yes, they allowed Nazi troops safe passage through Sweden on the Nazi path to invade Norway. However, this article may as well not be about Sweden alone, Sweden’s neighbor, Norway, has similar problems with Muslims that have been let in to that country.
      It’s really hard to believe that Norse people have the legacy of the Vikings, people who others feared trifling with.

      • Hasse

        That’s a lie. Sweden newer gave nazi troops safe passage Tobbe invade Norway.

        • mcbee555

          I’ll contradict you regarding Swedish government cooperation with Nazi Germany, re” Nazi invasion of Norway.” German troops crossed from occupied Denmark via Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden. A short water crossing,thence a train ride across Sweden to the Norwegian border where they were unloaded. Sweden, observing their “strict” neutrality in WW2, did cooperate with Germany, as a matter of fact, most of the fine ball-bearings manufactured for the German war-machine came out of Swedish factories. Norway was invaded from both the east and west, the western approach being from German transport ships after naval bombardment from German ships. If you’re a Norwegian, you can be proud of the fight the Norwegian forces put up against heavy odds. As a Swede, consider your country fortunate that it was able to keep the NAZI steamroller at bay by doing it an “occasional favor.”

    • MathiasBlom

      Economically and socially, keeping out of the war, keeping “neutral” was probably a big contributing factor to why Sweden developed as it did. When the rest of Europe lay in ruins, Sweden was intact, and had a huge advantage in the rebuilding process. With over 200 years of peace, Sweden does not understand the concept of what it means to take a stand for true freedom and fight for that. The whole country carry this as guilt, feeding the notion of “we are so good, so tolerant”. Main stream media and politicians are fighting over who can be the most tolerant, accept the most immigrants, be the most feminist etc…

      If you care to try and understand whats going on, Sweden is truly a scary place now. And no, it’s not because we have hordes of raging, intolerant racists on the streets attacking every niqab-clad woman they see…


        I guess you’re happier with hordes of raging, intolerant racists on the streets attacking every NON-niqab-clad woman they see…

        Hence the Islamofascist rape gangs.

        • MathiasBlom

          If you so much as hint something like that, you would directly be called fascist/racist/in-tolerant/nazi/whatever.. You would be placed on the far right on the political spectrum, no one would take you seriously (except the real far right). The debate, if there even is one, is extremely polarised, there’s no middle ground. Since I think most swedes really have a balanced view on this, the distance between the real opinion and the political/media official stance is truly amazing.

  • Necrophagi

    Yeah, this was pretty nuts.

  • Chezwick

    Mr Bawer,

    • MathiasBlom

      In that analogy, the common man on the street is the victim, the establishment the perpetrator. Unfortunately, it’s not that far off.

  • Chezwick

    Mr Bawer,

    I was wondering if you could share with us some aspects of your personal experiences in Norway, specifically, how you are received and treated by those neighbors, acquaintances, and other members of the intelligentsia who are actually aware of your views? Are their many who agree with you? And those who disagree, do they treat you with basic courtesy?

    Thank you.

  • nomoretraitors


  • E.Homesteader

    Stockholm Syndrome??

  • Jakareh

    Swedes no longer deserve to have a country. They deserve to live under the thumb of someone as an oppressed class. I just wish it wouldn’t be Muslims.

  • UCSPanther

    Swedish feminists want to ban criticism of their dogma, but yet here they are embracing a culture that can safely be called a “patriarchy that has OD’ed on steroids”…

    One day, they will be forced to chose, and it won’t be pretty…

  • ConservativeNYC

    Where are the Vikings when you need them? Swedish men should hang their heads in shame.

    • De Doc

      I stated the same thing in another blog commenting on the rape epidemic in Sweden. Cripes these people used to be Vikings, the scourge of lands from Europe to Central Asia to North Africa. And now? A nation of submissive wimps who won’t even defend themselves!

    • MathiasBlom

      We do. There’s light at the end of the tunnel tho. There’s a fast growing resistance against the whole PC-feminist-left wing-Islamist establishment. But since mainstream media is mostly super-PC, you won’t hear about it.

      • John P.

        I hope you’re right.

      • defcon 4

        The enemedia lies for islam, they publish islam0nazi propaganda as truth.

    • Carol

      I thought the Vikings were Norwegian?

      • De Doc

        Viking is a generic term to describe any of the Nordic people from early Medieval era who expanded out of Scandinavia. Thus they included various Germanic folk from the lands now known as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and areas of Finland. They made a huge impact on Europe in their expansions into the British Isles, France, and Russia. Indeed the very name of the last nation derives from the ethnonymn, Rus, given to the Scandinavian adventurers who made there way through those Eastern European lands from the 8th c. CE and on.

        • Carol

          Interesting. I didn’t realize it was such an expansive term. I thought it was only the Norwegians who were Vikings. Thanks for the history lesson.

  • disqus_OSFYmQd4fg

    Will they subject themselves to a clitorectomy, to further align themselves with Muslim women, will they hand over their daughters at the sweet age of 13 to a man of 40 as a bride. This scarf on the head business is all show and no substance, read about the practices which make women into nothing but baby machines. They have no rights — when these uninformed Swedes get the full picture, I believe they will gladly give up the scarf –

    • tokoloshiman

      no , they will never be more informed than they are now. it is inexplicable that fear of fatwas overrides fear of rape. submission is almost complete
      and europe is on the way out to be replaced with the caliphate.
      the ongoing rape and high birth rates among muslims ensures that the
      majority wil soon be muslim.

      • Drakken

        They will get the message once open warfare hits the streets.

  • De Doc

    What’s next for the feminists of Sweden? Clitorectomies to show support for their Muslimah sisters?

    • hellomynameis

      er, someone didn’t read the comments already submitted.

      • De Doc

        OMG!!! I lack prescient powers to know about a similar post made near simultaneous to mine! *face palm*

  • hellomynameis

    er, if you care to read the article the people ‘dissenting’ to this action – were also feminists. Women who voice their support for something are not more feminist than those against. You just want to believe that because it suits your prejudice…

    • nightspore

      ??? (They need you over there; you’ll fit in perfectly.)


      Women fighting Women!


      Maybe they’ll get naked at some point.

  • bjedwards

    Ha Ha. The DSM, yes indeed, “progressivism” is a mental disorder. But the cause is environmental (indoctrination) and not biological.

  • doruss03

    Is this why muslims come to sweden to rape Swedish girls? This is what they call the islam religion. Sweden could be next to be taken by muslims. They should have never allowed muslims into the country wearing stupid attire. Islam is weird, that could be the end of Sweden and losing their indentity. I would call open season on all the hijabs, they belong in any Western nation.

  • doruss03

    Yes, that’s right they don’t belong in any Western nation. Take them off.

  • JVR

    Sweden funded the ANC when that organisation was waging a bombing campaign in the 1980s. Therefore I believe that what Mr. Bawer writes about is in some way inevitable. The character of Swedish politics and the nature of Swedish politicians and their admiration for violence was already set in stone in the 1980s. As they say, what goes around comes around, also in Sweden. You should keep in mind that Swedes vote for their politicians, and they have the government and leaders they want to have.

  • onecornpone

    Although I have yet to see the hijab donned to cover the hair very often, I have noticed quite an American fashion trend developing for long, draping bulky “rags” around the neck. Every time I see a woman decked out to the nines, displaying one of these long scarves, I want to whisper, “Someone could easily strangle you with that thing”. Once we are trained to habitually wear the POS around the neck, how far is the leap to raise it to cover our hair in public? Fashion trends of this sort usually last a season or two, however this one has been hanging on tenaciously for a few years.

    Creeping Sharia, or fashion trend?!?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • TexasStomp

      Pelosi tried it once. When things got too hot for even the media to handle, she claimed she’d just come from Mass.

      However, since the Church showed no evidence of a lightening strike, not many folks bought that one either, LOL!

  • Free Man in Virginia

    Maybe it’s a part of the Stockholm Syndrome- the Swedes are beginning to identify with their invaders. They have always seen themselves as “neutral”. They’ll pay for it this time – Islam is not a force to respect neutrality. Maybe they need to find their Viking roots.

  • Marisa Martin

    Hope they follow through and sell themselves into slavery in Saudi Arabia or migrate to Somalia. They could prove their laudable tolerance their as long as they can last. Insane, demented, thankless and dangerous to younger women across the world.

  • Grouchy Old Man

    Hopefully, Sweden will do everything for the Islamic minority, and even more. Let validate Sharia “Law”. Give them their own enclaves where Islamic law and practice will rule supreme. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

    That way the rest of Europe and America will see exactly what they are getting into if they follow the same path.

    Too bad the Swedes are the guinea pigs, they are really nice folks on the whole but then, sometimes the few must sacrifice to save the many. Let the Jihadists have their way.


    PS: my spellchecker did not recognize Jihadists and suggested “Sadists”. How interesting.

    • Seek

      The problem with your “canary in a coalmine” proposal is that most of the West, including Sweden, will not draw the obvious conclusion. They haven’t learned it yet in spite of 9/11 and all that has come after. Why assume they will change course if and when the heat gets turned up?

      The only alternative for Sweden, I’m afraid, is to fight — the sooner, the better.

  • Henry

    Coming from a country that still has some semblance of free speech, it is our duty to tell the full truth to the people of Sweden. Get the word out to them on the internet and everywhere else that their media and government will never tell them. This pertains to all of Europe, Sweden just being the most in danger currently. This has become truly life or death.
    P.S.-I wonder what would happen if some anti-PC American comedian would go on a stage in Sweden and talk about the racist rape epidemic against native Swedish women. Sadly, he would probably be put in jail. This may not be such a bad thing as it would bring global attention to the problem. Liberals used to do this type of thing to get the word out, maybe we could too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

    The Swede’s metrosexual culture is just preparing for dhimmitude. Once you’ve accepted that submission is preferable to fighting, it’s a perfectly reasonable stance to take. May they answer in the afterlife for what they have imposed upon their children’s children.

    must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we
    become a minority, they will be so towards us.” – Jens Orback,
    Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender
    Equality, Government of Sweden


      britain is also a metrosexual, deviant culture that hates its own history and goes belly up for Islamists.
      Islamists kill British soldiers IN the UK, British Islamists openly threaten the UK and Europe with 9/11 scale massacres.

      The UK is a dying society. To the good Brits, I urge you to leave the UK and relocate to the US, Canada or Australia.

    • moneekwa

      they are doomed. and what is this guy smoking????

  • Berceuse

    Just curious: Where’s the empirical data proving that Muslim men are singularly responsible for the spike in rape crime in Sweden? That data — if it even exists– should have been included in this article. Otherwise the author’s claims are a flea fart in the wind.

    • Berceuse

      Ah, got I: I just read Mr. Bawer’s previous article citing, and I quote: “overwhelming anecdotal evidence.” Busted, Mr. Bawer. Such lack of journalistic integrity is beneath Mr. Horowitz’s standards. I think I’ve about had it with this site.

      • 8ball

        Good. Leave. The incidence of rapes carried out by Muslims in Scandinavia is well known.

        • Berceuse

          Prove it.

          • 8ball

            Educate yourself, moron. Google:”frequency of muslim rapes in Scandinavia”

          • Berceuse

            Google? THAT’s your source? Sir, you are illiterate, insulting and remarkably ill-informed. People like you make it difficult to be associated with the conservative cause. Please present the data confirming this article’s assertion that Muslim religiosity is at the root of Sweden’s rise in rapes.

        • Berceuse

          …and you meant “incidents” not “incidence.”

          • 8ball
          • Berceuse

            Apologies. I mistook illiteracy for a typo.






            1. the occurrence, rate, or frequency of a disease, crime, or something else undesirable.

            “an increased incidence of cancer”

            substitue rape for “cancer” then you might understand – you arrogant dolt.

          • Berceuse

            You cannot have an “incidence” (singular) of “rapes” (plural), unless you’re talking about a bunch of rapes at the same place and time. If you notice, “cancer” is singular, so the example you gave is not equivalent. This is basic grammar, SS. Jesus. This is one reason I am all for a literacy test as a prerequisite to vote.

          • defcon 4

            Dear dolt, you’ve been pwnd.

      • http://www.madmagazine.com/ Alfred E. Neuman

        You have a rather impressive capacity for selective reading. The story linked contains official statistics, reports from leading Swedish newspapers, and other authorities.

        You either can’t read, or are a pathological liar.

        • Berceuse

          A) Why the insults? All I asked for was the data — some know them as “facts” — to substantiate the claim. That shouldn’t be so offensive.

          B) I actually did read every link — something you obviously did not do. Every one of them deals with general rape statistics, NOT whether Muslims are to blame…except one, a link to a study supposedly confirming the Muslim connection. Except that link leads to nothing. Check for yourself.

      • De Doc

        Based on older stats, but they are telling. With their disastrous immigration policy continuing and refusal to report statistics about ethnicity of perps, who knows how startling it really is: http://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/the-living-hell-for-swedish-women-5-muslims-commit-nearly-77-6-of-all-rape-crimes/

        • Berceuse

          Thanks for the link. Yes, it is older data, much of which has been twisted and misrepresented. I have a problem pinning rape stats on “Muslim” perpetrators in Sweden, just as I would an attempt to link rape crime in the United States to “Christians.” You are correct about Sweden’s disastrous immigration policies.

        • Berceuse

          It inevitably comes down to a 20-year-old Swedish study showing that the majority of rapes were perpetrated by non-native residents. Twisting that data into an assertion that “Muslim” religiosity is solely responsible for the present spike in rape crime is dishonest and irresponsible. The primary reason for the recent rise in the number of rapes , by the way, is a change in the way the Swedish government categorizes rape.

          • De Doc

            Admiitedly its not good to use old data to infer current trends. As for Sweden’s legal redefinition of rape, I can’t quite get my head around the motive behind it nor do I know enough about the intracacies to make an indepth opinion on how it skews the numbers.

            The issue of why Sweden’s criminal justice system now deliberately refuses to record ethnic origins of perps raises many questions though. This not only obscures the true picture, but also prevents any efforts at targeted intervention. Its a classic head-in-sand mentality and ultimately destructive to the aims of any society embraces rule of law.

          • Berceuse

            No question the Swedish government is attempting social engineering by withholding the information from the public. That practice is ingrained in the Swedish psyche. It is also classic leftist tactics to ignore reality when it doesn’t conform to the ideology. I guess that’s why this article upset me, because Mr. Bawer is guilty of the same logical fallacy. I expect more from those on the right.

          • C. Gee

            No. There has been no twisting of data into an assertion that Muslim “religiosity” (do you mean piety, or religious belief and practice, or adherence to religious dogma?) is solely responsible for the present spike in rape crime. Responsibility lies with men from a culture – call it Islam – which is dogmatically misogynist – refusing to assimilate to new cultural norms, and Swedish leftism which refuses to impose those norms and so colludes in (“enables”, perhaps) the barbarism.
            No one is suggesting that the rapes are committed in the name of Islam, but a disproportionate number are committed by Muslims who do not regard it as a sin, and therefore not a crime, to rape kufar women.
            Your prissy exculpation of religion is part of the enabling ethos which is moving to accept that unveiled – non Muslim – women deserve rape. The statistics of brutality by Muslim men against Muslim women are also not flattering to their culture, even when called “domestic violence”.

          • Berceuse

            You don’t think that’s the claim being made? Go back and read the article again. The author states unequivocally that Islam is “no more and no less” the cause. In fact, you claim no one is suggesting that rapes are being committed in the name of Islam…and the IN THE VERY NEXT SENTENCE that’s precisely what you claim. The data show ONLY that non-native Swedes committed the largest percentage of rapes in the year the study was done. The study says NOTHING about Islam.

            If you are going to blame rapes in Sweden on “Islamic culture,” then you have to be prepared to blame the rape crime rate in the United States on “Christian culture.”

    • Solo712

      You are being disingenuous. Since Sweden does not publish criminal statistics by ethnic groups, the profile of the incidents of rapes and sexual assaults (which are 4 times those of Denmark and Finland) had to be compiled by a special study by Sweden’s Democratic Party. Based on court convictions 48% of sex crimes were committed by males of “overseas origin”. (About 15% of adult male population) http://www.thelocal.se/28580/20100825/

  • Veracious_one

    wearing a hijab will save you from nothing…especially pious Muslims…

  • beketaten

    What the hell is happening to my people? When will they realize their superiority and kick the militant, third-world trash out of their nation? They undermine their own desire for humanism.

  • Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar

    “…They (muslim group) called on the government “to stop the march of fascism”…”

    But that would mean stopping muslim immigration.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Was the press orgy associated with Martin and Zimmerman American dhimmitude?

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Why the hell do you live in Sweden?

    America is nuts, but not that nuts.

  • Hans

    This is so true. There is no way that media would do anything but accept this story despite the little or no evidence concerning the case. You have to try foreign media and smaller non-official media to find any deviation from the politically correct mainstream view. It has gone so far that you cannot even speak about it anywhere without facing being ostracized by the general public. Everybody knows about the elephant in the room but noone says a word. I am ashamed of this and my facebookpage is regulary flooded by these calls to action against racism/fascism/sexism etc. NOBODY dares to question this, even try to discuss, because if you do, you are branded as a nazi. Literally. About the opposing party SD (Sverigedemokraterna), they are very much slandered by media and social media. They are however not the answer in the long run and often behave like assholes, not knowing that they will be flogged in media for the slightest mistake, as opposed to other politicians. The election 2014 will be hilarious, since they will gain more support than ever and politicians and the PC-crowd will go nuts and “feel ashamed that people are so racist”. I will do my best to mess with these people. I will end with a quote from my facebookwall three years ago “It is time to remove the free right to vote when people use to vote for SD”. True story.

  • Sture Franz

    Where are the VIKINGS? We are building defencegroups but it is too late..? The left wings radical idios (AFA) and the political correct scumbags destroying our country…the political agenda and the “ugly” old media is not helping us ordinary people against EVIL ISLAM. I live in a segregated area and I know how it is…I can see and hear things almost everyday that makes me sad or angry. This is not SWEDEN…the country I used to know…to be proud of. We must do something NOW…the sooner the better. We must go together…No more MALMOE, HUSBY, SODERTALJE…cars are burning…they throw stones on Firedepartment, The Police…even the postmen will not go in this segregated areas…I am so sad and frustrated…and my Viking blood flows over….



      With any luck we’ll see in Eurabia what we see in Syria.

      • Sture Franz

        ISLAM is EVIL and SATANIC. Period. OUT of EUROPE.

  • John P.

    I would like to thank my father, who way back in the late 60’s and 70’s taught me and my brothers the horrors of Islamic theology. Because of that we were way ahead of the curve on knowing about this scourge. It does take a little effort to study, but every American should take time to do this. Eventually these violent mUslims will be met with physical resistance/violence from more and more in our country; it is only a matter of time. The problem will be at that time, is if we will be living in a country where our elected officials are supportive of our actions.

  • Mariam Molavi

    I am not agreed, I am a moslem born, Athiest Iranian living in Italy, and having passed half of my life under a Islamic regime, I HATE hejab, I hate aby imposition of Isalm, and I will gladly support or organize a campagn AGAINST hejab BUT if a woman is attached and beaten because of wering a hejab I will try to defend her rights and I think what Swedish woman are doing is just this. Frankly, I think your words hide deep down inside racism toward Islam and Moslems. I dont like Islam as i dont like any religion cause i am liberal athiest, but some people just dont like moslems out of racism.

    • Berceuse

      I noticed the author of this article cast doubt on whether the Muslim woman really was attacked as she claimed…yet seem to accept wholesale every claim by Swedish victims. It should be every person’s inalienable right to express his or her religious views as long as they do not interfere with the liberties of others. Where the problem comes in is when Islamists attempt to substitute the democratic rule of law for Sharia law.

    • defcon 4

      “Atheist Iranian living in Italy”. Gee if islam is so great and admirable why are you living in Italy?

    • American Patriot in Texas

      First off lady, RACISM is about RACE, not religion. (As the word itself tends to suggest.) But I am happy to admit that I AM biased against and discriminatory towards Islam. I have taken the time to learn quite a bit about it, and my belief is that it is NOT a true religion, but a sick cult, started by an animalistic, misogynistic, pedophile war monger.

      • Berceuse

        Should Islam be included in the religious rights and freedoms protected under our Constitution, in your opinion?


          Only the Islam that teaches tolerance and justice.

          The Islam that hates Infidels (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais) and urges Muslims to kill non-Muslims (or the wrong kind of Muslim), hates apostates, that encourages children to aspire to kill and die for Islam/mohammed

          is not welcome.

          Those Muslims are welcome to go to Eurabia – progressive places like KGB Putins Russia.

          • defcon 4

            Try imposing your false dichotomy of a good and bad islam in any islamic state.


      But your Muslims hate EVERYBODY for all reasons they are spoonfed in their mosques.

      P.S. DEATH to the Islamist Regime of iran and its supporters!


      • defcon 4

        You realize the Persian Zoroastrians have all but ceased to exist in Iran right?

  • M.T. Aziz

    Ignorant people. The hijab is a sign of liberation, that women are not mere objects for men to covet. That more native Swedish women are dawning this beautiful and sacred garb is proof that Islam is on the march in Europe. Rational people recognize the Truth of the Divine when they see it. Inshallah all of Europe will soon prey to Mecca and be cleansed of its imperialist legacy.

    • defcon 4

      Yeah islam is all about liberating people from their civil rights and liberties in deference to the insane psychopathy called Sharia law.

    • De Doc

      Another ignorant Muslim! Nowhere in the Quran does it claim that clothes are liberating, I tire of having to educate Muslims about their most venerated text:

      Q24:31 “And tell the believing women to subdue their eyes, and maintain their chastity. They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary. They shall cover their chests, and shall not relax this code in the presence of other than their husbands, their fathers, the fathers of their husbands, their sons, the sons of their husbands, their brothers, the sons of their brothers, the sons of their sisters, other women, the male servants or employees whose sexual drive has been nullified, or the children who have not reached puberty. They shall not strike their feet when they walk in order to shake and reveal certain details of their bodies. All of you shall repent to GOD, O you believers, that you may succeed.”

      No where does it say to clothe yourself in a black bag and even wear a head covering. The ridiculous ultra-pious dress found in much of the Islamic world is NOT scriptural, but based on a culture of mysogyny encouraged by other aspects of Islam. Many women in KSA dress as they do to avoid trouble with the religious police and/or to prevent their husbands from beating the crap out of them.

      Rational people recognize the rights of others to dress themselves as they see fit. Does any Nordic country advocate women running amok while bare breasted? I don’t think so. If any woman in Sweden wants to wear a shawl to cover her head from the inclement elements or perhaps in certain social situations (church, funeral, or even because it looks ‘ethnic chic’), no one prevents her. If she wears it to avert punishment from an insanely jealous, minisculed-schlong, Muslim husband, then she is not exercising any liberation, but in fact embracing servitude and denigration.

      • Berceuse

        Aziz is just a troll.


          “prophet” mohammed is a troll too. An EVIL troll.


      M.T. Azzhole,

      If the hijab is a sign of liberation, then why don’t men wear it too?

      And if the niqba, the black sack women are FORCED to wear in Islamofascist iran is “liberating”, why don’t men wear it too?

      P.S. muhammed burns in purgatory.

      • defcon 4

        LOL, what an excellent question. Too bad it will go unanswered by the benighted troglodyte who can’t think outside of his islamofascist box.

    • momolala

      A shroud fit for a brain-dead culture whose unique social evolution has now transformed the once super-safe, super-evolved Sweden into world’s number 2 for rapes and gang-rapes! Rational people recognize the Religion of Slavery, Raping, Barbarism and Endless Killing when it ejaculates on their bloodied face, and will not soon forget it, believe you me.

    • Lisa W.

      Hey Aziz,
      When all of Europe is fucked over by Islam where are those muslims wanting a “better life” going to go to then? For the past 50 years they have fled islamic countries by coming to Europe. When islam takes over there won’t be any countries to run too or willing to take them in. Then of course the muslims in Europe will start fighting among themselves as is the case throughout the middle east. When brainwashing with inane and violent dogma replaces science and progress society degrades pretty quickly. Good luck to you.

  • will

    Ah, I see … the Swedes were against mistreatment of women before they were for it. What is in their drinking water ? Kool Aid ?

  • gary fouse

    Sweden has succeeded Holland as the most screwed up country in Europe. Malmo is the worst city in Europe when it comes to anti-Semitic attacks on the streets and nobody seems to care. Now feminists don the hijab. What’s next for Swedish feminists, the burka? Sounds like a good plot for an Ingmar Bergman movie.

  • Berceuse

    With respect, sir, I am not the one being disingenuous. My point all along has been that the central assertion of this article — that “Muslims” (NOT “overseas males,” as you call them) singularly account for the rise in Swedish rape crime — is not supported by the data. It is therefore dishonest and irresponsible.

    Look again at your own source. Where is the evidence that Islamic religiosity played any role at all? Your own source, as unreliable as it is, refutes your central assertion.

    • Solo712

      If you do not understand monikers like “oversea males” (in Sweden) or “Asians” (in Britain) then the most charitable way to describe you is “disingenuous”.

      • Berceuse

        The surest way to know when one’s interlocutor has hit intellectual bankruptcy is when he resorts to empty ad hominem. Insult away, sir. It’s obviously all you have.

        • Solo712

          You were complaining of lack of “empirical data” for the claims in the article. I supplied it. You don’t like the stats and complain that “overseas males” does not mean “Muslim”. You feel insulted by being called “disingenuous”. You provided no facts of your own to refute the claim that Muslim men in Sweden (and Europe generally) are several times as likely to be involved in sexual assaults on women (as well domestic assaults) as the locals.

          • Berceuse

            You are very confused. Are you kidding? I LOVE your “stats.” They totally undermined your own argument. And by the way, “overseas” does not mean Muslim. The report specifically points out that non-Swedish born perpetrators of crimes come from all over the world, including elsewhere in Europe.

            And I am not “complaining” about anything. I am not the one making the assertions here. You are. And I am telling you, prove it. If what you are asserting is true, you ought to be able to back it up. You can’t. It’s that simple, podna.



            Immigrants behind 25% of Swedish crime

            Published: 14 Dec 2005 16:07 CET | Print version

            Immigrants in Sweden are four times more likely to be investigated for lethal violence and robbery than persons born in Sweden to Swedish parents, the National Council for Crime Prevention said on Wednesday.

            In a report studying 4.4 million Swedes between the ages of 15 and 51 during the period 1997-2001, the council found that immigrants were overrepresented in Sweden’s crime statistics.

            Immigrants were also three times more likely to be investigated for assault and five times more likely to be investigated for sex crimes.

            The report is based on statistics for those “suspected” of offences for reasons of comparison, but Stina Holmberg of the Council for Crime Prevention said that there was “little difference” in the statistics for those suspected of crimes and those actually convicted.

            The study underlined that the majority of crimes in Sweden were committed by ethnic Swedes. “Slightly under 60 percent of the almost 1,520,000 offences …
            registered during the period covered by the study can be attributed to persons who were born in Sweden to two Swedish-born parents,” it said.

            One quarter were committed by people born overseas, while almost 20 percent were committed by those born in Sweden to one or two parents born abroad.

            Among foreigners suspected of offences, those from North Africa and Western Asia were overrepresented.

            “The factor that distinguishes the areas whose immigrants are suspected of offences in Sweden to a particularly large extent is that the living conditions in these areas are unlike those in the western world,” the
            authors wrote.

            Compared with the council’s previous major study on immigrants and crime covering the years 1985-1989, “the picture that emerges is relatively unchanged”, a fact that it said was “remarkable given the changes that have occurred in Swedish society during the 1990s”.

            More than 300,000 immigrants, mostly refugees, have moved to Sweden since the late 1980s, and the situation on the labour market worsened and segregation in the housing sector has increased, the effects of which “have been particularly negative for immigrants”.

          • Solo712

            Lord knows why you are trolling here. But whatever, the complaints about the rising levels of violence against women by muslim immigrants in Europe is a well-documented fact. That the likes of you want to deny it and use as arguments the woeful lack of relevant statistical profiling by timid, politically correct or intimidated government agencies is part of the problem, definitely not the solution

          • Berceuse

            …and yet you can provide zero documentation of those facts.

          • Solo712

            I thought you didn’t like debates which rely on ‘ad hominem’ attacks. Liar !

          • Berceuse

            Hey, Solo? You find that documentation yet? I’m waiting.

  • revrobertwaters

    Radical Islam is a threat to democracy. The failure to make a distinction between it and Islam itself is also a threat to democracy. Religious intolerance always is.
    To fight the abuses radical Islam is guilty of is not the same thing as fighting Islam.

    • Berceuse

      I don’t think the problem is limited to radical Islam. Even in its most liberal forms, Islamism is inimical to the U.S. style of democratic Constitutional rule of law. This result is an inevitable clash of cultures.

  • Berceuse

    If you look at the actual data and think it through for a minute, you’ll see that the argument falls apart pretty quickly. How can the soaring rape numbers in Sweden be ascribed to “nothing more or less,” as Mr. Bawer so dishonestly claims, to Muslim religiosity when Sweden’s Islamic population numbers are consistent with, and in many cases far below, other European countries? On its face the argument is absurd. If France has twice the Muslim population by percentage, it ought to have twice the rape numbers.

  • sweandr

    The day will come when the muslims AND the traitors in Europe will answer for their crimes, with blood. For they are responsible for thousands of murders, rapes, assaults, cases of discrimination and racism, cultural and ethnic genocide.

  • Swedish Resistance

    As a Swede I agree to this article 100%!!! Our country is run by marxist-islamist traitors who constantly pull of crap like this to brainwash all people who can´t think for themselves, “the sheep population”.

    It´s true what this article says, you can´t openly speak ill or the cold hard truth about Islam in Sweden, then youre suddenly an evil nazi -_-

    It brings me hope to see foreign people taking notice to the situation over here, please help us TRUE SWEDES reveal the truth about Islam, before it´s too late.

    I´d rather die in a civil war than let the muslim fucks take over my country!

  • Hank Rearden

    Only because the Germans didn’t need to go through Sweden. If they had, the Swedes would have laid down for them.

  • DogmaelJones1

    This is precious: Veronica Palm…who announced on Facebook that she supported the hijab action “because nobody should feel threatened or harassed because of the way they choose to dress.” But infidel Swedish women who don’t choose to wear Muslim garb, and thus risk rape, aren’t in that “humanist” calculation? Brainless twaddle.

  • Anto de Chav

    Sweden is an embarrassment …. they deserve everything they are getting…

  • Irfan

    The writer’s arrogant bigotry is hilarious.

    • sirernestbarker

      Perhaps, if one can maintain the haughty, superior, supercilious, head-in-the-sand self-contradictory bearing which seems to characterize self-styled “progressives” of late. But I fail to understand how compassionate tender people can stand by in the face of the Islam-virus – the toxic entity responsible for infecting tens of millions with the virulent form of Islamism extant today – and the savagery unleashed by this mind-withering mental poison. At least the Muslim victims of this thought control hive-mind have an excuse – the infection itself – what is the left’s excuse?

  • DogmaelJones1

    What I’d like to know is: Where are all the Swedish (and Norwegian and Danish) men while all these rapes are occurring? Have they been so wussified that they dare not lift a finger or a voice in protest? Have they been so absorbed by the Muslim Borg that the very thought of revolt against the rampaging invaders earns them an electric shock?

  • C. Gee

    Surely they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

  • Seek

    They don’t call it the “Stockholm Syndrome” for nothing.

  • Ellman48

    So what matters to Swedes is that the hijab be accepted as normal and reasonable attire, not that something be done to protect Swedish women from being raped by Muslim thugs and criminals. What is so deplorable about offending a Muslims sensibilities but so acceptable to have a Swedish woman raped? It seems that to slight someone in any way related to their personage or beliefs has become a worse offense, crime even, than rape, murder, mutilation, fratricide, honor killings, etc. So the penalty for telling a joke about Muslims should be what? Incarceration, castration, starvation, immolation, expulsion or extinction? What ever became of growing a tougher skin? It produced character and leadership, as opposed to whiners and complainers.

  • Berceuse

    This article proves my point, thank you. Two-thirds of all crime is perpetrated by native Swedes. More to the point, the religion of Islam as “no more or less” the root cause of rape is nowhere to be found here. Islam doesn’t factor into this study in any form.

  • ATM

    Quite frankly a conservative should not care much about what folks put on their boddies so long as it is not sexually reveling. Just reading the article I detect a all religions hater not just a mulsem hater. I cannot see how a all religions hater can be a conservative.

  • Jim Twotoes

    The Islamification
    of Europe is a continuation of the biblical narrative. In ancient times the Jews were overcome by
    their enemies when they turned their backs on God. And so it is today, Europe
    has abandoned its Christian foundations and in so doing turned its back on God.
    Now, into the void comes the enemy of Christ, Islam. People ask what the hell
    is going on when they see white Swedish women wearing the Hijab as in this
    campaign. The answer is: they do it because their eyes are blind and their
    hearts are hard, they are godless, walking willingly on a path to subjugation
    and misery. The symbolism of Swedish women in the hijab is potent enough, but
    how much more so the images of the Swedish men who choose to wear it? This is
    the symbolism: the western man, soft, weak and feminized, willingly assumes the
    appearance of the Muslim woman and thereby signals to the Muslim man his
    surrender, his humiliation and his chosen status, that of a subjugated woman. One
    can only imagine the derision and contempt these pictures must excite in the Islamist.
    Today we see Western Europe laying down and inviting degradation and abuse from
    her enemies. She deserves her fate.

  • Lisa W.

    What fools these women are. Just wait in 40-50 years time when they are old women and they are watching their Swedish culture/society being degraded by muslims (by then a majority which certainly won’t show the tolerance demonstrated by native swedes to their minorities), women and girls have lost their rights, feminism is replaced by FGM, honor killings and child brides, humanism and science are thwarted, freedom of speech is outlawed, THEN they will regret wearing those silly pieces of material on their heads when they were younger. What fucking idiots.

    • Piran

      Bit late to this thread, but you won’t have to wait 40-50 years. In Malmö, 50% of under 15’s are already Muslim. Demographics are key here. Malmo is already notorious for anti-semitic attacks by Muslims and massively increased rates of rape and violence; fast-forward 20 years and think of how those under 15’s are going to impact Malmo then.


  • Matt R

    Disclosures: I’m an atheist; I’m a passionate (male) feminist; I am horrified by growing Islamic influence; I am highly suspicious of the mainstream media. I consider ‘Islamophobia’ a piece of spontaneous PR genius that has little basis in fact, and that the hijab is an appalling symbol of sexism. But still, but still… This article is deeply and dangerously misleading.
    “Sweden, which has the world’s second highest rape statistics – thanks to nothing more or less than the army of savage Muslim men within its borders who have no respect or mercy whatsoever for unveiled infidel women – was inexorably moving up toward the title of world’s #1 rape nation.”
    This ignores the facts that Sweden has a reporting methodology that highly exaggerates the incidence of rape relative to most other countries and that the reported growth rate is due at least partly to changes in police methodology and social attitudes. Sweden will never (viz the next 100 years) overtake, say, South Africa or Colombia in terms of violence against women – to suggest otherwise makes you look like disgusting agent provocateurs or at best moronic.
    I don’t doubt that lots of muslims consider infidels to be below them. But the sexual violence data in Sweden does not support that. Give me some real evidence for how dangerous Islam is and I will be delighted. Present this sort of screaching racist nonsence and I will be appalled.