Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm

k-bigpicHusby is a neighborhood in western Stockholm which in 2007 had just over 11,000 inhabitants, fully 81.9% of whom were immigrants or the children of immigrants. The other interesting fact in the brief Wikipedia entry on Husby is that the area contains “many runestones…remnants from when Vikings used to live here.”

There are, alas, few other signs of the area’s Viking heritage.

The story begins on May 14, when Stockholm police were forced to shoot a man who was wielding a machete at them. He died. The cops were immediately accused of police brutality. A “community group” called Megafonen urged locals to demonstrate “for social justice and again st police violence.”

Last Sunday evening, apparently acting upon this suggestion, Husby erupted in the kind of wide-scale “youth” violence that has plagued suburbs in France and elsewhere for years. A school, a garage, and almost 100 cars were set on fire. And a gang attacked a cop.

On Monday evening, in further accordance with the Gallic precedent, things got even worse. Chaos reigned. Different reports provided different details, some of them sketchy. There were explosions. As of 9:36 PM Monday, Stockholm time, it was being reported that police officers were “running for their lives from youth gangs.” Twenty or so masked “youths” threw rocks at police officers and firefighters.  A reporter for the newspaper Expressen narrowly missed being hit by a metal pipe. One report mentioned “youths” stealing fire hoses. When “youths” set fire to a parking garage, police had to evacuate fifty people from a nearby apartment house. Four or five “youths” beat up a cop on a bridge before he managed to flee. As he ran off, a girl could be heard laughing and shouting “Allah akbar!”

In Husby, at least three police cars were reported to have been vandalized. Meanwhile reports began to come in of cars on fire in other parts of western Stockholm. “The situation is escalating constantly,”  a police spokesperson said on Monday evening. Late that night, The Local reported that over 100 cars had been set on fire in Husby and that a local shopping center had been vandalized, causing injury to three police officers.

Although Megafonen had itself urged its readers to demonstrate against police violence, it “explained” the rioting, in one statement, as an expression of frustration over high unemployment. “There is a great deal of hopelessness and powerlessness among the young people here,” read a comment by the organization, which added that it was important to “understand” the root causes of the rioting “and to find out what we can do” to make things better. In what seemed to be a contradiction, Megafonen spokesperson Rami Al-Kamisi called the rioting a “reaction to police brutality against citizens, our neighbors,” and said: “We understand that people react like this.”

In Norway, Ragnhild Bjørnebekk, who works at the Oslo Police College as a “violence researcher” (in the otherwise stagnant European economy, there’s a growth field if I ever heard of one) said that the rioting in Husby is only the latest of several “youth disturbances” in Europe sparked by “suspicions of police violence.” (Yes, you know those trigger-happy Scandinavian police.) Mentioning riots that had taken place in recent years in Greece, Gothenberg, Malmö, Copenhagen, and various French cities, Bjørnebekk attributed them all to anger over police conduct. (“Allah akbar,” of course, is Arabic for “Down with police brutality.”) Still, Bjørnebekk found it important to mention that this kind of rioting is a relatively new phenomenon in northern Europe. “Setting fire to cars and trash containers during riots is typical of countries like France and Greece, but unusual in the Nordic countries,” Bjørnebekk said. (As if differences between Scandinavian and Mediterranean cultures had the slightest thing to do with any of this!)

To be sure, Bjørnebekk was right in suggesting that nightly car-burnings and the like are still not a fixed part of the cultural landscape in the Nordic countries as they are on the outskirts of Paris, Marseilles, and so on. Yes, there are stabbings, rapes, gay-bashings, Jew-bashings, acts of vandalism, and other gang activity aplenty; non-Muslims who live in certain parts of Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, and (increasingly) Oslo are systematically tormented in schools and on the streets by “youths” who seem to grow bolder and more aggressive by the year. And yes, there have been “youth” riots in Scandinavia: on a couple of nights in January 2009, a violent mob of “youths” descended on downtown Oslo and smashed in the front windows of businesses in an area of several square blocks, effectively paralyzing the very heart of the city. The rioting, which was supposedly a response to Israeli actions in Gaza (and which has pretty much been dropped down the memory hole), stretched police resources to the limit. But no, I guess it’s fair to say, as Bjørnebekk does, that so far regular car-burnings haven’t been a major element of the Nordic mix.

As is usual, of course, in such cases, Swedish media reports on Monday night were almost uniformly careful to avoid using any word other than “youths” (or some equally innocuous term) to characterize the perpetrators of the violence. Although here and there between the lines it was clear enough what was going on, there was nothing you could really put your finger on until Dagbladet – the Norwegian one, note, not the Swedish one – dared to mention that girl shouting “Allah akbar!” By Tuesday morning, the Swedish media, while providing reasonably extensive coverage of the night’s events, seemed to be making an effort to suggest that it hadn’t really been all that bad and to emphasize that,  in any event, things had now quieted down. I did a pretty thorough online search of the major Swedish media, but couldn’t find any report on the rioting that included the word Islam or Muslim or any reference to the girl who shouted “Allah akbar!”

The emphasis was, shall we say, on other matters. One article in Expressen, for example, focused on the fact that a policeman had actually – gasp – dared to draw his weapon during the hubbub. (The paper actually had a video of this horrible act.) The cop put his gun back after being informed that the rioter he was aiming at was only thirteen years old. (Police later told VG that several of the participants in the evening’s festivities were as young as twelve.) On Tuesday morning, Megafon held a “well-attended” press conference the obvious intention of which was to turn the criminals into victims and the police into villains. The organization accused the police of deploying “excessive force” against the rioters; one speaker added the charge that cops, during the rampage, had used offensive language to describe immigrant-group members. Another speaker asked: “Who should you call when it’s the police who attack? I have no idea.” The meme that it had all been the fault of police overreach quickly established itself, with Norway’s Aftenposten stressing laments by Stockholm “youth” that the police are never punished for their abuse of power, while the “youth” are always blamed.

Meanwhile, a police officer who has worked for many years in western Stockholm (and who apparently preferred not to be identified) told Aftonbladet that the rioting, though horrible, amounted to “a typical day on the job.” He added: “People generally have no idea how serious it is, but there have been so many incidents in the past year that I’m sure it’ll end up with a police officer being killed.”

The latest reports, at this writing, confirm that all this is plainly only the beginnning. The early hours of Wednesday morning saw a new round of stories in the Scandinavian papers announcing that Stockholm was being beset by riots for the third night in a row. Among much else, stones had been thrown at a police station and a school had been set on fire. The rioting, moreover, had spread even further, to several other parts of the city that had been previously unaffected. Brief video here. Stay tuned. There will certainly be more developments on this front in the days to come.

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  • F.K. Juliano

    I'm thinking: I'll get together 50 mercs—or contractors, if you prefer—and fly to Stockholm with G-36s hidden in the luggage. Then I'll go to the royal palace and announce I'm the new king—old-style, whose word is the law. Who in that country of wusses would object?

    • Spider

      Of course I assume you would also "dispatch" the "Youths" ASAP – Sounds like a Good plan!

    • Drakken

      The way things are going now, I think you would be successfull, just remember to take a few 249's and M-3's, great crowd pleasers. I would just need about 25-30 fellow contractors to take and pacify the city the muslim youths are rioting in, frankly it would be a pleasure.

  • Chezwick

    Welcome to Europe's collective future….rioting, mayhem, and a willful reluctance on the part of the elite to identify the who and the why. But worry not, folks….such a future is only temporary. 30 or 40 years from now, the riots won't be started by "disaffected" Muslim youth egged on by leftists. They'll be started by the Friday mosque sermons of the local Imam. And they won't be directed at police, but at those native European Christians who haven't yet converted…..with the police watching passively from a distance. Stockholm will resemble Cairo, Paris will resemble Algiers, London will resemble Karachi, and Berlin will resemble Istanbul. The "myth" of Eurabia will be realized in all its un-acknowledged infamy.

    • Cassandra

      yes I agree it will happen:Eurabia.

    • normand dubé

      Totally right if we don't react.

  • johnb

    Nothing new. Just Muslim youths doing what Muslim youths do: destroy and wreck things. These idiots are too stupid to contribute to civilization, so they do what all stupid and violent people do: wreck what they do not understand.

    • kasandra

      And what they are trying to wreck is Western (i.e., non-Islamic) Civilization. And the morons of Dar al Harb simply invite them in while under the influence of the multiculturalism myth.

  • SHmuelHalevi

    It is a tragedy to observe the extent of the moral collapse of the European tribes. Then again, they bargained for it by destroying oither minorities and incorporating nothing else but adherents of Islam, a cult of death and mayhem.
    Having been in Germany and France a few years back, we observed the consolidation of exclusion areas in Berlin, Paris, etc. There, police dared not enter.
    Terrible setting it is.

  • David

    Why is it that “multiculturalism” always seems to include lowering our Judeo-Christian moral standards? If these “youths” were Jews, Christians, or Baha’is, would the media be so circumspect? My only hope is people of good conscience come to their senses before Western civilization is destroyed by the savages… I mean… Youths.

    • Leilani

      It's rather ironic, isn't it, that the only people who seem to have no expectations that mulims should live up to the same standards of civilized conduct they demand Christians, Jews, Baha 's, atheists et al live up to, are the multiculturalists. In fact it's the multicultis who demonstrate daily that it is THEY who believe these muslim youths are subhumans whose savage behavior must simply be tolerated without ever holding them to account as members of any other racial, ethnic or religious group would be. But of course no immigrant peoples can ever be assimilated -by definition- into a foreign culture WITHOUT holding them to the same cultural standards as everyone else in that culture is.The multicultis are in fact promoting extraculturalism, and guaranteeing that muslim immigrants will remain unassimilated.

  • d tyler

    if the swedes are this stupid they deserve to loose their country and their culture

    • Guest

      Then the same goes for every Western country, because we're all facing the same thing, only we're on different lines of the continuum — some further along than others, some on a slightly different route or detour — but all headed to the same place. Perhaps we should act together?

  • metatron2

    Muslims do not seem to be able to act civilized. Send them back to the desert where they can spend quality time with camels.

    • TheHammer

      But their goats and "women" might get jealous of the camels.

  • kaz

    whats the problem? the "youth" are just doing what their scriptures tell them to do: rob, rape, kill infidels. the infidels are doing what their government and media elites tell them to do: meekly surrender. the known islamic package of course includes violence, forced conversion, rape, murder, robbery, and finally, genocide. this was well known when the swedish elite decided to invite their new muslim nobility to enslave them. it is known now, when the meek swedes continue to allow their government to terrorize them with muslims. will the swedes overthrow their evil government that invited an enemy to enslave them? doesnt look likely, but overthrowing their government is the only way to avoid genocide. clearly their government will continue to betray sweden.

  • Brujo Blanco

    If one.cannot identify an.aggressor one.can do nothing about that aggressor. Now.we.have situations in which cops will allowed to describe law breakers.

  • hikerdude

    The Swedes brought this upon themselves for adopting wimp liberal policies to protect non citizens by
    punishing citizens . This same mind set is taking place in America . The planet is doomed to experience
    non ending Marathon Bombing attacks . They are still bombing one another in Iraq . They hate one another .They bomb their own places of worship ? Is it any wonder they hate "Infidels" ? Logic and truth are no longer practiced . Hypocricy , Denial and Insanity Rule !

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Don't worry, in 20 years, the Islamic rats now running around destroying European cities, will have out-breed the myopic socialist white Euros…..leaving only the Islamic rats.. ( The movie Doomsday comes to mind..)
    only wholesale deportation of violent criminals and a new attitude toward Muslim immigration ( like leave them in the desert ), can save Europe at this point…

    • Drakken

      We are way past the point of deporting the savages, they will have to be dealt with the old fasioned way. The Serbs only gave us a little taste of what is to come.

      • HiPlainsDrifter

        Yup….I always felt "NATO" was bombing the wrong people in that one…
        Europe's history….they just don't know it yet…
        When you're out-breed 8-1, the end is just a riot away…

        • Drakken

          Let them riot, it just makes it a target rich environment.

    • Guest

      And what of America? Canada? Australia? When the most powerful man in the world joins the richest man in the world and the two of them work in promoting the caliphate, under cover of darkness provided by the press….We are all in danger.

  • xkn

    Wow! There are no jobs in the socialist paradise. Imagine THAT!

  • HermitLion

    Any Swede who wishes to apply for an asylum in Israel is welcome to do so.
    At this rate, you're going to be much safer here.
    Don't worry, we won't hold a grudge for the decades you've supported wiping our country off the map.

    However, we do require many young Swedish blondes as compensation.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      I disagree. Swedes who supported wiping Israel off the map (99% of them) should have to stay in Sweden. As far as Swedish "blondes" are concerned, they are too busy dying their hair black in the hopes that they won't be attacked and raped in Sweden. Let them stay there.

      • Drakken

        Remember this very clearly, we of European extraction are all in this together, period.

      • HermitLion

        Well, I was joking, really :)

        I hope Sweden and Norway will be the warning sign for the more… resilient European nations.

  • LindaRivera

    The media can only be described as completely satanic. The media is truly EVIL. They are TRAITORS. They cooperate fully with Islam's goal of Muslim conquest of our countries. Is the media paid by Saudi Arabia or does the media volunteer their services for free?

    Violent Muslims are waging WAR in our countries against our non-Muslim people. The moral, ethical manner to deal with this was to call up the military and deport all the violent Muslim jihadists.

    Triumphant Muslim "refugees" and immigrants are confident in the knowledge that they are ALLOWED to break our laws; wage jihad; violently attack infidels; burn cars and buildings… Allowed to terrorize and terrify infidels. Islam adoring Western authorities will NOT deport. Will not punish. The TRAITORS continue with Muslim colonization and REWARD their top favorites-Muslims, with welfare benefits.

    Husby Stockholm no go zone May 20 2013

    Rioting muslim refugees in Husby Stockholm. About 200 muslims planned the riots, got City funding

  • Drakken

    Everybody here thinks that Sweden and Europe are lost and nothing can be done about it, well I am here to tell everybody that this is only the beginning, once reality hits socialist utopia in the face, reality will invite a backlash of epic proportions. I say let the little muslims savages riot, burn and create more mayhem, it will only invite their own destruction on a massive scale that much sooner and the leftist/communist enablers will rue the day they let in these savages. As the old legend of past battles of the Vikings, the coming battles will be sung around a thousand fires for a thousand years.

    • Alvaro

      Yes, this is just the beginning. The rioting is a good thing because it opens people's eyes, and better now than in 50 years.

    • Guest

      Again…but what of we in America, Canada, Australia? It is not socialism, bad as it is, but cultural Marxism that is very purposefully destroying the West. We are all in the pot together, and it is beyond simmering and on to boiling.

  • Jim_C

    There, there–odds are it is merely a marauding group of tow-headed Norwegian ne'er-do-wells out on a springtime lark. Ah, to be a "youth," again…

  • Drakken

    I say let the muslims riot,burn and create more mayhem, reality versus the narrative being told by the leftist traitors will make one hell of a interesting well deserved backlash.

  • Alvaro

    Ragnhild Bjørnebekk is typical of the researchers quoted in the Norwegian media: On a government paycheck. How could she ever go against the government's multiculturalism and still have a career?

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    while gangs of muslim youths overrun Stockholm, I just read that muslims have just beheaded a British soldier in….LONDON.

    • Drakken

      I love watching the Brits tying themselves into knots trying to get the regular Brits from giving the muslims a well deserved backlash.

  • damir

    Multiculturalism and cultural relativism is a product of freemasonry, to get rid of that and the muslims we (all of europe and US) need get get rid of freemasonry first. Outlawing freemasonry and arresting everyone involved in it (political elite) would be a great step of getting rid of muslims too!

    • aspacia

      What has the bricklaying trade to do with rioting Muslims? Get Real, and read some facts regarding this group as well as the Illuminati.

  • BillyBoy

    EURABIA … the great social experiment gone bad

  • TorJohn

    How can there be "root causes" in a socialist paradise? I thought they took care of all of those.

  • Max Entropy

    It must be those damned Tea Partiers again.
    I blame Bush.

  • Max Entropy

    Summon Techno-Viking, he's our only hope!

    • Donald Battaglini

      The Israelis have the answer to these rioters; a foul smelling liquid called "Skunk". It reportedly smells like sewage or rotting garbage, and is easily applied by a pumper truck or even a firefighting helicopter. Rioting Palestinians may face up to bullets but "Skunk" takes the fight out of them and the odour stays around for a long time.

  • Gregg Allman

    Somehow millions of AK-47's and ammo need to be dropped into all muzlim countries. They would soon eliminate the problem on their own by killing off each other.

    • Drakken

      We need to drop them into western countries so the natives can fight back and defend themselves!

  • holygoat

    At some point, there will be a European push-back, and white people will be castigated for attempting to take back their countries from the “youths” who have, thus far, been allowed to to rape, murder, and destroy these countries with impunity. Allowing these “youths of unknown origin” to simply flout the laws of these lands will eventually foment racial and religious based acrimony amongst the natives, and who will be able to blame them? Their governments have basically established that “youths of unknown origin” are a protected class, not to be harassed for wreaking havoc and breaking laws. I fear that a world-wide race/religious war awaits us.

  • Lilac Templar

    You let them in, be prepared.

  • Nelson Stanley

    Looks like the Third world war will be between MOSLEMS and The Civilized World !!

  • vanzorge

    sweden is getting what is deserves …… there is a price to pay for willful PC stupidity. i have not one drop of sympathy for the stupid swedes

  • Shane

    Allah akbar,” of course, is Arabic for “Down with police brutality.”

    Did I read this right??

    • chrmenn

      Yes, that's what it means. It also means 'Human rights for all'…

  • chrmenn

    I think that referral to these muslim rioters as 'youths' is deeply discriminating.
    Youths are not like this, most European youths wouldn't even dream of misbehaving like this

  • Hans

    Inbreeding makes you violent.Ask a dog breeder what will happen with dogs of inbreeding.