Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

APTOPIX Romania France GypsiesYears ago, I lived in a small walk-up apartment on East 47th Street in New York. One of the nice things about it was that in good weather I could go around the corner and read in the U.N. gardens while, a few yards away, camera-toting saps from around the world lined up to be escorted around the place and be fed total B.S. about its glorious history by their tour guides. Also, I was delighted to discover that one of the residents on the next block over was none other than Katharine Hepburn, whom I saw from time to time taking out her garbage as I walked past her townhouse lugging books home from the Mid-Manhattan Library. Not too shabby.

There were, however, not-so-nice things about my little flat. The worst, by far, was the building super – a hotheaded foreigner who occupied the apartment directly below me. Living with him was a constantly rotating assortment of relatives – women, men, and a veritable army of unkempt, visibly neglected children. It was never clear who was who and what their relationships were to one another, or to the super. All I knew was that there was plenty of drama down there. Every evening I heard yelling, pieces of furniture being thrown against walls, and other sounds which suggested that domestic violence might well be taking place. I came close several times to calling the cops. Then one day I came home to find a police officer heading out of the lobby. When I asked him what had happened, he told me that there had been a minor incident involving the super. Following him out to his car, I told the cop about the super’s household – the ever-changing faces, the bedraggled children, and above all the nightly noises which led me to be concerned that women and children were being physically harmed. By the time I finished my spiel, the cop, who had listened throughout with utter indifference, had climbed into his car. Looking up at me from the driver’s seat, the expression on his face indicating that he considered me to be an absolute fool, he spat out two words: “They’re gypsies!”

Honestly, I hadn’t realized that. As far as I knew, I’d never run across gypsies before. Since then, living in Europe, I’ve encountered more than my share. It all began on January 1, 2007, when Romania and Bulgaria became members of the European Union – thus setting loose a torrent of gypsies that flooded from those two countries into every one of the richer EU lands to the West. Some of them resettled permanently; others began traveling back and forth, begging and stealing for a few weeks or months before heading back home.

Although this massive new wave of gypsies – like the Muslims who have been immigrating into Western Europe for several decades now – represents a serious threat to the region’s social order, there are significant differences between the two cultures. One of them stands for the severest authoritarianism on the face of the earth today; the other stands for the closest thing around to pure chaos. Education, in Islam, means memorizing a single book that its adherents believe to contain all the answers; in gypsy culture, it means teaching kids to beg and burgle – and shunning any members of the community who might actually want to send their children to school. Islam despises freedom; gypsy culture exploits freedom to the hilt. While jihadists seek ultimately to supplant the democratic rule of law with sharia law, gypsies are content just to be lawbreakers.

Yes, Islam is the greater threat. Yet a subculture that defines itself by sheer anarchy, too, can help bring down a civilization. Islam is responsible for innumerable acts of terror; but there is also something terrifying about a people who are compelled by generations of cultural conditioning to trash the homes given them by generous governments – ripping up carpets, tearing down wallpaper, filling the backyard with garbage even if there are rubbish bins available, and defecating on the floor of the very room in which they sleep even if there’s a bathroom right down the hall. (And who, if they aren’t handed the keys to their own place, may well move into yours while you’re away for the weekend and trash that.) No, a Western Europe struggling against both Islam and gypsies is without question an even more frightening and fragile entity than a Western Europe threatened by Islam alone.

As with Muslims, the largest number of gypsies in Western Europe is apparently to be found in France. In addition to six or seven million Muslims (out of a total population of 65 million), France now plays host to some half a million gypsies from Romania and Bulgaria. Many of them reside in illegal camps outside Paris, from which they journey every morning into the city to (as the Daily Mail recently put it) “exploit, harass and steal from tourists.” Some beg at ATMs; some pick pockets; some “tour the streets pretending to be deaf, dumb or otherwise disabled, and seeking donations for fictitious charities.” Then there are the so-called “swarmers,” a group of whom, on the morning of July 26, descended on two male American tourists in the heart of Paris, surrounding them, creating a brief flurry of confusion, and running off with their bags, wallets, cell phones, and camera. A reporter, who quoted a local as saying that the gypsies are “everywhere,” noted that on a recent morning he’d seen “more than a hundred gipsy gang members at work within a couple of square miles,” including at “every tourist spot.”

In Germany, too, the number of gypsies in cities like Berlin, Dortmund, Duisburg, Mannheim, Munich, and Hanover has risen dramatically in just a few years. Of those gypsy children in Germany whose parents do enroll them in school, many, according to Die Welt, can’t read or write – or even figure out how to hold a pencil. While the media throughout Western Europe euphemize heavily about the gypsies’ depredations and do their best to paint them as suffering victims, it’s especially difficult to find honest reporting on the subject in the German media (which isn’t surprising, given the intense and uneasy awareness in that country that the Nazis murdered hundreds of thousands of gypsies in the death camps). Hence Die Welt refers to the garbage, crime, and loitering in gypsy-rich neighborhoods as “signs of poverty” (!) and describes Germans who are appalled to see their streets turned into trash heaps and crime scenes as “xenophobes.” Meanwhile Hermann Genz, head of the Department of Labour and Social Affairs in the city of Mannheim, actually says that the very presence of so many gypsies in Germany “shows that they have drive and want to improve their lives,” adding: “We can always use such people.”

If the situation in Britain is rather less dire than in France and Germany, it’s because immigrants to that nation from Romania and Bulgaria are technically required to demonstrate that they can support themselves. Still, Britain isn’t without its gypsy problems. Last year the city spent a lot of money, and went to a great deal of effort, to clear a sizable encampment of gypsies out of Park Lane, in one of the poshest parts of London, and send many of the campers back home. This spring, however, many of the same gypsies returned, like migrating birds, to the exact same spot, leading a member of Westminster’s local council to express concern that the whole neighborhood “will become a giant campsite.” Given that all restrictions on immigration to the U.K. from Romania and Bulgaria will be dropped this coming January, the councilor’s concern seems amply justified.

Here in Norway, too, as I wrote just over a year ago, many gypsies are seasonal visitors. “Another spring, another gypsy debate,” began an Aftenposten article in early May. Last year, the municipality of Oslo spent about $700,000 to clean up gypsy camps after their residents had departed; this spring, hoping to prevent a rerun, the City Council voted to restrict outdoor sleeping – but to no avail. The gypsies came back, and basically took over a forested area around an Oslo lake, Sognsvann, that is a popular spot for summer barbecues. They sued to be allowed to stay, and won. When police removed them from the site anyway, they filed a complaint that very day and reclaimed the area before nightfall. A Romanian newspaper, which sneered at Norwegian journalists’ sob-sister stories about the gypsies, quoted a non-gypsy Romanian who lives and works in Oslo as saying that every morning, while heading to the office, he overhears “conversations between gypsies in which they brag about how they’ve stolen from the pockets of naïve Norwegians.” (A gypsy spokesman condemned this anecdote as “racist.”) The media in Norway have been full of handwringing about how best to deal with the gypsies; while socialist and Christian People’s Party leaders argue that the Norwegian government should provide these temporary guests from Romania and Bulgaria with places to sleep and shower, the “populist” Progress Party has called for their expulsion from the country and for a ban on begging. (Denmark has such a ban – and, consequently, far fewer gypsies, although, as of May 2011, a single gypsy family called Levakovic had reportedly cost the Danish government at least $13 million in social benefits and imprisonment expenses.)

For all the European debates about the impact of gypsy culture on society at large, there’s been astonishingly little discussion of that culture itself and its effect on its most innocent members. If you’re going to deport the gypsies (which, as Nicolas Sarkozy discovered in France a few years ago, isn’t really a solution anyway, given the EU’s fluid borders), by all means give it a try; but if they’re going to be allowed to stay, then it seems to me that it’s necessary to face up to the reality of what’s going on at those campsites. Is there any doubt, for example, that if a native Norwegian family parented in the way that gypsy families do, the child-protection authorities would take their kids away from them so fast that their heads would spin? The big question – or one of them, anyway – is this: are the Western European authorities who are prepared to put a roof over the gypsies’ head also prepared to take on the dispiriting realities of gypsy family life in a responsible way? Or are they just going to shrug the problem off, throwing money at the gypsies and essentially saying – as that phlegmatic New York cop did to me all those years ago – “They’re gypsies!”

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  • magpie5

    In a broader sense the Gypsies are the last nomadic tribe of Europe ; they are infact what we humans were like before the agricultural revolution that turned hunter gatherers into farmers and eventual town dwellers
    They are shameless and like pack dwelling animals such as wolves and chimps have a social conscience that is tightly restricted to their immediate tribe and give not a hoot about society at large ; infact they see the human community in a opportunistic and feral way fit only to be victimized …they are a kinda ”lord of the flies ”

    • UCSPanther

      A lot of nomadic peoples have a very similar culture: Anyone outside of the tribe or even immediate kin are generally considered possible (a) trading opportunities, (b) possible enemies or (c) possible victims to take advantage of, especially if the culture is predatory in nature…

      The Bedouins often fall into this category too. Many Egyptian soldiers who were fleeing the IDF during the Six Day War were said to have fallen victim to Bedouin nomads who murdered them for their equipment…

      • BagLady

        In the Thar desert of India, I advised an American tourist not to stoop down when talking to the children. She ignored me and, sure enough, they were on her like pack of hyenas, laughing as they ripped off her jewellery and watch. A man kindly beat them off with a stick.

    • ReyR

      Right. But this mirror from the past ages is a serious headache, even a menace, when they come and settle in your community. They should stay put in the past, but they insist on living next door, and claim a share in all that we have. Just like Muslims, this anachronism should be banned from communities that hope to remain civilized.

    • Drakken

      At least the wolves don’t eat their own.

  • BagLady

    The white Australian invaders didn’t like the way Aborigines raised their children either(they still don’t), so they took them away. They have recently apologised though with no compensation to those traumatised by the experience.

    • Bill

      The majority of Australians still don’t like the way that lawlessness, rampant violence and sexual abuse is still endemic in many Australian Aboriginal communities, especially that perpetrated on young children. Unfortunately it is not politically correct to suggest that Aboriginal children at risk be removed from their families in the same way that other Australian children in similar circumstances would be moved to safer foster homes.

      Children of all races used to be taken away from parents to try to save them from a life of degradation, not just Aboriginal children. BagLady ignores the billions of dollars spent to try to improve the lot of Aborigines, but I’d like to hear how much compensation she thinks is needed to address wrongs of any Australians alleged to have been damaged by their experiences. For those unfamiliar with some of the issues, Google “Andrew Bolt stolen generation” for discussions from all sides of the arguments.

      • Lerojist

        I know a woman from Australia, and says alot of muslim come into their land. There was a gang rape of a white Aussie woman. They said she invited the rape because she wore a revealing dress. When the male Aussies heard of this rape, at least 100 of them walked through town after the muslim rapists. The police intervened.

        I blame the enemy within the white Judeo/Christian nations for allowing heathen into the nations.

        I went to a town meeting once, and there were many mid-east people, muslims here. One of the women stood and said there is no such thing as border, they felt they could go anywhere.

        I learned that the world is envious of the white man’s contributions to the world. I went to a meeting that many think why is the white man privileged. The white people created/founded this U.S. The U.S. is a white man’s country, rooted in the Judeo/Christian faith.

        We must STOP the immigration of those that we have nothing in common.

        • m4253y

          “We must STOP the immigration of those that we have nothing in common”.

          Brilliantly expressed, salient, to the point, thank you.

        • rainyday469 .

          There’s no such thing as “White” Judeo/Christian. It’s a Jew Lie.

      • Solo712

        Much like the native Indians in Canada. The PM officially apologized to Canada’s “First Nations” for forcible attempts to assimilate their kids. Problem is, since the residential schools were shut down teenage substance abuse, pregnancies and teenage suicides skyrocketed. Yes, it is sad truth that some of the native kids were sexually abused in the schools. On the other hand, whatever the virtues of the original native lifestyle, I do not see how teaching their kids the skills and standards of modern civilized society can be called ‘cultural genocide’.

    • Drakken

      Why should they apologize? The white Australians conquered the abo’s fair and square.

    • Guest

      Off subject BagLady.

  • ReyR

    The Gypsies share much of the muslim mentality, and tend to regard non-tribesmen as non-human.
    According to a friend of mine (a policeman) drug-pushing is one of the Gypsy specialties in our country, because a woman cannot be indicted as long as she is pregnant under Russian law. Gypsies treat women like cattle, and a designated woman will be kept pregnant as long as the proceeds of drug trafficking pay back.

    • Aizino Smith

      Points to consider

      Multi-culturalists consider all cultures of equal value.

      My old man told my siblings, my spouse and I that children should be spaced apart with about a 2 year age difference. The reason was that pregnancy takes a lot out of women in terms of minerals and what not. Sure a woman could out out several to a couple dozen kids, but out a higher number you run the risk of shortening a womens life not from a acute complication of pregnancy or the kids running you ragged but from chronic nutrient/mineral depletion. I guess you can learn a lot from growing up on a farm.

      Anyway I googled nutrient depletion pregnancy and Jackpot! So my old man was not dumb after all.

      So here is my point. All these multiculturalists, who assert other cultures are equally valid, have to be okay with these poor life outcomes for women.

      I have not heard much from liberal women’s groups or other groups from the left. They use to criticize the Taliban. Now it is all about abortion and how much swag they can extract using the auspices of the state.

      I assert these multi-culturalists are stupid, hate women or just use the multi-cutural “All cultures are equally good” argument as a weapon in policy debates.

      If we would not have the multiculturalists we would already be done. Social services would be provided to those who need them among the gypsies. Those that continue to engage in illegal activity would be in prison and we would not have all this”what can we get away with” mentality from the gypsy community.

      • ReyR

        I wholeheartedly agree. To say that ‘all cultures are good’ is the same as equating a cave and a comfortable modern home, or the meager diet of a gatherer’s and the hearty and delicious meal of a civilized man, equating fear, disease and hostility with security, comfort and reasonable company. If all of the above is equal, why do migrants sneak into our societies and claim our comforts and achievements? Why are they not happy with what they have?
        Multiculturalism, just like feminism and other similar “movements”, is a racket scam to claim special privileges and have a free ride at the expense of people who really create and contribute. This scam will exist as long as there is a class of social bureaucrats who “distribute” what we the people create and earn, and steal in the process. That’s how career multi-culti minions, professional rape victims, and life-long fembot fighters rise and prosper.
        As long as our societies humbly suffer and support parasites, they will grow fatter every day with our blood.

    • Drakken

      I heard and understand that you native Russians don’t put up with it much on a personal level and have a tendency to deal with the problem on a personal and private level?

  • stillallthesame

    The same was said about the Jewish masses that flooded Europe at the beginning of the last century fleeing persecution in Russia and the East.

    • ColinPowis

      Jews were never like gypsies …YOU HALFWIT !

      • Bobby Pataki


        Gypsies dont take over the hosts nations Banks and Media.

        Jews DO.

        • Lillith

          Sweetie if the Jews ran the world it wouldn’t be in the financial mess that it’s in!

          • lisa

            Excellent point! And no doubt we wouldn’t be stuck with that piece of incompetent crap called Obama.

      • 1389AD

        Jews don’t trash hospitals – Jews BUILD hospitals.

    • Lillith

      Do you mean like these Jews, yep just like Gypsies!

      • Toa

        LOL…Hear, hear!!!!
        Comparing the contributions of the Jews to society at large with those of unregenerate Gypsies is laughable, at very best.

  • Romanian

    this is the result of indisciminately leting people being taught to write

  • mtnhikerdude

    Gypsies , we elected one as our President.

  • Federale

    They’d call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves…and quite accurately.

  • Federale

    They are also here in the U.S. Recently they have made an appearance on the local public transportation. I saw one group, dark skinned man with an accordian, almost Indian looking, lighter skinned woman in a shawl with child begging on the BART train. I notificied the train operator, but the whining liberals who refused by the way to give them any money, complained snidely under their breath when I called the operater and asked them to send the police.

  • Ruckus_Tom

    All Cultures Are Equal !!! Repeat. All Cultures Are Equal !!! Repeat.

    And if that doesn’t work, try “La La La La La” while covering your ears.

  • DuRight

    Goes to show that Hitler wasn’t 100% wrong.

  • LindaRivera

    European and British leaders have an intense HATE for their own people and own nations. UK and European ruling elites have colonized their countries with many millions of Muslims whose Quran and mosques command Muslims to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries.

    In addition to Muslim colonization, ALLOWING in huge numbers of gypsies who look upon non-gypsies as prey to be beaten and robbed shows how EAGER European and British ruling elites are to DESTROY their own people and countries. Britain will be overcome with hundreds of thousands of gypsies just months from now. There are already many in Britain.

    Join Paul Weston’s heroic, Liberty GB !

    Listen to Paul Weston’s outstanding speech!
    Paul Weston in Croydon: It’s Not Racist to Defend Your Country

    Join the heroic EDL !

  • LightningJack

    A simple solution…Resign EU membership, reestablish sovereign borders and security, then round up all Gypsies, Gypsy gangs deport them.

    Establish a positive individual photo and biometric I.D. data base to catch, identify and prosecute any re-offenders who may try to slip across your border….as criminal law breakers.

    Either a civilized nation state deals effectively through its laws and criminal justice system with these opportunistic parasites, or its people will continue to suffer the consequences.

    • m4253y

      all very excellent ideas LJ. sounds like an equally great idea for the USA, does it not?

      Amazing how secure borders are sneered at by the left and those wanting illegal entry unabated, isn’t it?

    • Drakken

      Or the people will take matters into their own hands.

  • thao

    Nếu là người yêu thích thể thao cùng phong cách trẻ trung, năng động,
    bạn sẽ không thể bỏ qua cơ hội lần này để sở hữu cho mình chiếc ao khoac the thao nam. Áo có thiết kế đơn giản với kiểu dáng tay dài, khóa
    kéo, ôm gọn cơ thể giúp bạn nam khoe vẻ nam tính, mạnh mẽ. Với chất liệu
    vải dù phối thun mềm mại, thông thoáng, bạn sẽ luôn có cảm giác thoải
    mái và dễ chịu khi mặc chiếc áo này.

    • rainyday469 .

      Thank Yahweh for the English language! :)

  • Romanian

    with such a nonsensical and uneducated baloney this author doesn’t even qualify as a candidate spin doctor

  • Drakken

    Boy does that bring up a bad memory of when I was a child in a European city which will remain unnamed. I was playing in the street at a friends of my Grandparents when a couple of gypsies began to accost me and my native friend, as circumstance would have it my Grandmother just happened to walk out of the house in time to watch one of the gypsies pull a very long knife out and slashed my little friend, my normally unflappable, very prim and proper Prussian aristocratic grandmother became unglued and pulled out a Walther PPK and shot both of them without blinking an eye and walked over and spit on them and called them very unmentionable names. I certainly remember when the polizei got there and they put them in body bags and the laughter as one of the polizei higher ups said to my Grandmother that he could certainly use her to deal with the gypsy problem and that she should come and teach the rest of his force her shooting skills. I certainly saw my Grandmother in a whole new light and I never did lip off to her when she said something after that. The whole affair was hushed up of course and not a word was mentioned for years. I still have that very PPK to this day
    Europe is at its breaking point and denial of reality by those in power, sooner or later that is going to come to a very

    • Drakken

      unpleasant conclusion, Note to self, proofread before posting, sheeeesh!

    • Van Grungy

      Your anecdote is what I see for the future when it comes to how the general public will have to deal with muslims, cold and unflinching.

    • lisa

      Your grandmother would fit right into the social circles of many grannies in Texas. I applaud her!

  • flybynight12

    Having lived in a semi-large West Coast city for a time, I routinely watched “Gypsies”, now called “Travelers” by the PC establishment, routinely trash any restaurant they entered. Usually a number of them would arrive in a long white stretch limo and the limo would be followed by an entourage of private automobiles. The gypsies would invade the restaurant in large numbers (around 50 at a time) and within minutes there were no napkins, condiments, toilet paper, paper towels, straws or anything else left inside the restaurant that had not been nailed down. After they left, the restaurant would be filthy, food smeared on booths and tables, trash everywhere, leaving an exhausted, frazzled staff tired of dealing with multiple complaints about food quality, translation: free food for the complainers. Staff would also become frustrated when dealing with rowdy, loud, disruptive behavior and then be called bigots and racists for trying to deal with the disruptive behavior .
    I also worked as a critical care RN in this same city and that same process would be repeated if any member of the gypsy community entered the hospital. Suddenly our kitchen/nourishment room was emptied of all food, toasters, dishes, plates and utensils, medical supplies disappeared and staff backpacks, coats and purses were stolen. Nurses were warned to lock every and any door capable of being locked while any “Traveler” was in the hospital.
    The gypsies still remain a closed community to this day, unwilling to assimilate and associating only with other gypsies.

    • Philo Vaihinger

      Perhaps you are confusing the gypsies (now called “Roma”) with the Irish Travelers, equally bad but a different ethnos.

    • lisa

      We own a restaurant in Texas and what you described is exactly the same experience we had in dealing with them. I could write pages on the scams they pull to avoid paying the bill.

  • Dave

    Wow, this article and many of the comments read much like what the Nazis said about Gypsies.

    • Drakken

      Why don’t you do us a favor in your self loathing and self hating regressive self, let the gypsies live with you so you can feel better about yourself.

    • Philo Vaihinger

      Yeah. And the Nazis built the first autobahns, too. And Hitler was personally responsible for creation of the VW. So much evil!

  • Philo Vaihinger

    You are so often on the right side, rejecting PC restrictions on thought and speech, that I feel I have to ask.

    Back in the day, it was the law in many states that people who contracted at least the more dangerous STDs had to report their sex partners, to whom they might have spread or from whom they might have caught their disease, to the health authorities.

    Then came AIDS, and that requirement got blown right out the window FOR AIDS PATIENTS as a cruel and homophobic intrusion on privacy.

    And then came a huge wave of PC mandated government spending on medical care for people with AIDS, and earmarked research, all of it demanded and got as benefits of being official victims of our society.

    Where did you stand on all that, back then?

    And where do you stand now?

    Just asking.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Left wing politics used to be about defense of the rights and interests of working people. Post WW2, race-based commie propaganda against the West changed all that. What sticks in the heads of the fans of Zinn’s People’s History is his endless damning of white people.

  • Lisa

    I live in Texas. Every encounter I’ve had with gypsies was absolutely awful. Never have I seen a group of people more rude, selfish, intolerant, destructive, and threatening. When they entered our restaurant there were loud, rude, and refused to pay the check and made a huge scene. We had to call the cops. Every single group of gypsies we have encountered in our restaurant exhibit the same loud, rude, and belligerent behavior and will steal whatever they want to. I have a friend who owns a small funeral home on some property. He said he made the mistake of providing services to a gypsy family not fulling understanding what could happen. They took over his small funeral home for 2 full days and camped out. They destroyed his property and trashed the place before they left and didn’t pay the bill. He was just glad to be rid of them and counted himself lucky they didn’t stay longer. One of the weirdest things if they filled the coffin with cash thinking their relative could bribe their way into heaven. These experiences have left me with the opinion that gypsies care for nothing but themselves and what they can steal. They seem to take pleasure in destroying other people’s property and taking every advantage they can of another person. They have no morals or manners. They are disgusting people who are a blight on civilized society.

  • Brutus

    Basically everyone agrees on these comment boards, that no one wants the gypsies or the Mexicans. Yet, law after law is passed allowing them to stay and profit by their illegal actions. Talking, writing and typing get us nowhere. There needs to be action taken, not against the illegals, it does no good, but against our leaders that support and encourage it. Another vote, another resolution, more education, and more social programs haven’t changed anything for 50 years. Executive action is necessary.

  • rainyday469 .

    Please donate to the Gypsy fund. Send them to their homeland in Israel.