Lying About Immigration in Norway

NRK has done it again. I’ve written before about Norway’s state broadcasting service, which magically converts Norwegians’ compulsory “license fees” into – as I put it last October – “outright, shameless, and (not infrequently) downright vile propaganda.” Propaganda, for example, against the critics of Islam. Propaganda, a few weeks back, about a gypsy lady whose involvement in child rape NRK omitted from a report early this year in a plain effort to burnish the image of gypsies. Propaganda about the niqab, which NRK depicted last month as “liberating.”

NRK’s flagrant disregard for journalistic ethics in the gypsy and niqab stories was widely criticized. But you can’t keep a good propaganda machine down. This week NRK teamed up with the government’s official statistical bureau to try, not for the first time, to extinguish concerns about the long-term impact of Muslim immigration on Norwegian society and culture.

As I’ve noted previously, Statistics Norway (SSB), like NRK, is an old hand at the propaganda game. Instead of just collecting and publishing data, it’s made a habit of quietly suppressing some findings while distorting others, always with the manifest goal of deep-sixing uncomfortable truths while reinforcing left-wing truisms. In January, for example, Lars Østby, the agency’s public face (and “head ideologue,” as Hege Storhaug of Human Rights Service puts it), cheerily declared that immigrants to Norway were successfully integrating, getting college educations, and so on – a series of claims that were quickly and efficiently shot down by those who know better. Now, in a shamelessly obvious attempt to damage the Progress Party, which now seems likely to emerge from next September’s elections as part of a non-socialist coalition government, NRK and SSB, both essentially pawns of the ruling Labour Party, have collaborated to shoot down the argument – central to the Progress Party platform – that if current immigration policies aren’t radically altered, Norwegians face becoming a minority in their own country.

The headline at NRK’s website was itself a marvel of chutzpah (as they say along the fjords): “Experts dispel Progress Party myth: ‘We will not become a minority in our own country.’” Well, that settles that! Thanks for coming! (Note that the first verb in the headline, avliver, which is most commonly used in connection with the euthanizing of cats or dogs, can also be translated as kill:“Experts kill Progress Party myth.”) “This week,” the article helpfully explained, “NRK is focusing on myths about immigration. There has been no lack of Progress Party politicians who have fronted for the myth that Norwegians will become a minority in their own country within a couple of generations.” NRK usually at least pretends to be politically neutral; not here. The honesty was refreshing. The whole piece, in fact, read like an op-ed, taking on a January 3 opinion piece in which Progress Party politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde argued that the Labor Party “has for several decades permitted an immigration that within a few generations will make Norwegians a minority in their own country.”

To NRK’s credit (I guess), the article quoted Progress Party leader Siv Jensen at length, giving her a chance to defend her stance. She did a fine job, pointing out that whatever the numbers, Norway is plainly moving in a certain direction vis-à-vis immigration, and tightening the rules can only help. Confronted with the claim that Norwegians won’t become a minority in Norway “either in our or our children’s lifetime,” she replied: “So we should close our eyes to it and let it happen to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then?” NRK asked her if she focuses too intently on refugees, as opposed to other immigrants; she pointed out, quite rightly, that the crime statistics make it “wrong to sweep this problem under the rug.”

Jensen made a lot of sense. But NRK’s “reporters”  (the article is credited to no fewer than five writers) were undaunted, following her common-sense observations with what they represented as expert refutations by Østby. Yet those refutations weren’t really refutations at all. Asked whether Norwegians will become a minority in Norway, Østby replied: “If we look at people without immigrant backgrounds and compare them with immigrants and Norwegian-born individuals with foreign-born parents, the answer is no.” Note the sleight-of-hand here: Østby neatly massages the numbers by defining “people with immigrant backgrounds” as immigrants and their children, period, and omitting grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. This is familiar SSB practice, based on the assumption – which, in the case of Muslims in Europe, has long since been recognized as a pie-in-the-sky fantasy – that the grandchildren of immigrants will be so thoroughly integrated into Western society that it’s justifiable to remove them from the category of  “people with immigrant backgrounds.” Strikingly, Østby follows this statement with an uncharacteristic disclaimer: “That being said, we’ve been wrong before, and I won’t live long enough to be confronted with this in 2100.” The NRK team dutifully prints this statement but has nothing to say about it.

Instead they point out cheerily that in recent years “immigration from so-called Muslim countries [yes, ‘so-called!’] has constituted a steadily smaller percentage [of total immigration to Norway], despite the fact that net immigration has risen.” In other words, largely because of the massive rise in labor immigration from Poland and other Eastern European countries, Muslim immigration has – duh! – dropped as a percentage of the total. Which proves what? This is called grasping at straws. Or, maybe, sheer innumeracy.

The NRK hacks also quote Kristian Rose Trondstad of the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, who tells them that according to SSB’s “main alternative,” the number of Norwegians with immigrant backgrounds “will be around 1.3 million in the year 2050.” Trondstad is referring to a SSB population forecast, made many years ago, that was founded on the premise of declining immigration levels. NRK, by quoting Trondstad uncritically on this matter, is thus using a forecast premised on far lower immigration levels to discredit the Progress Party’s call for far lower immigration levels.

But it’s even more dishonest than that. SSB’s “main alternative” is one of three distinct SSB population prognoses, each premised on a different level of future immigration. As Hege Storhaug of Norway’s Human Rights Service noted on Wednesday, actual immigration levels in the years since these three prognoses were promulgated have regularly been higher than those assumed even in SSB’s “high alternative” – and according to that “high alternative,” she pointed out, Norwegians will become a minority in Norway during the decade after 2050 (and that’s even if you don’t count the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of immigrants as “people with immigrant backgrounds”). Moreover, according to SSB’s “main” or “middle alternative,” Norwegians will become a minority in Oslo some time around 2040; but since actual immigration levels are as high as they are, this transformation will almost certainly take place much sooner. Of course, if NRK’s lies have the intended effect, it’ll happen much, much sooner.

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  • Chezwick

    The idea that the children of Muslim immigrants in Europe are more integrated than their parents is quite often fallacious. When the parents came a couple of decades ago, the absence of a large immigrant community necessitated integration just for survival purposes alone. Nowadays, the immigrant communities are so large, they're becoming more and more self-contained. Contact with the native Europeans is far less essential in conducting daily activities.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Europe is a goner.

    • John

      You 1st paragraph is quotable. It is a truism. If it is not in a sociology text it should be.

      You could replace the names & it is still a true statement. The large numbers as you have stated give the new immigrants capability to not integrate virtually at all. It all depends on their intent and we know what that is.

      • Chezwick

        Amen, John. We certainly DO know what their intent is….to live off of and eventually usurp the accomplishments of infidels.

    • Jessica

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      Yes, but what of the responsibility of the native Norwegian's themselves? eg: The bane of the "civilized" west is that NONE of us are having enough children (2.3 per couple) to perpetuate ourselves and our culture!

      • Chezwick

        RJR makes the same point below….and it's absolutely true. But figure this: Japan's fertility rate is more anemic than Europe's….and Japan's population is falling precipitously. But their immigration policy is sensible….and therefore, their culture may just survive the demographic decline.

    • Drakken

      Unfortunately my friend Cheswick I have to disagree with your statement " Europe is a goner" Europe hasn't woken from it's slumber of socialism, but it is beginning to awake to it's horrors and soon the nationalistic tendency of its inhabitants will come out with a very nasty backlash. Let me assure you that day is coming sooner than anyone realizes. Ok don't take my word for it, if you have the chance this spring and summer, go to Europe and spend a month there, you will hear the natives are extremely restless and violence is beneath the surface. We are but one incident away from the Balkans, no matter what the leftist govts say.

      • Chezwick

        Well friend, I'm not a proponent of communal violence in any way, but I do hope you're right that Europeans are awakening. Instituting a sensible immigration policy would be the tell-tale sign. I just don't see it happening. But as I've written to you before, I hope that you are right and I am wrong.

    • Drakken

      Those very same muslim enclaves can easily be surounded and dealt with in a proper military fasion, Europe is far from gone, it is only the beginning of the end of muslims in Europe.

      • Chezwick

        Sorry Drak, I just don't see it happening.

  • AdinaK

    Paradoxically – or not – in the heretofore bastion of the free world, Obama's Media also covers for The One, and for all the left's maledictions. Need proof?

    And even though they were duly chagrined over the following, there has yet to be a peep about "Dear Leader's" golf outing –

    As such, the US is not far behind Norway (and other dhimmi nations). Not at all.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Norway is doomed to Islamist fascism soon enough but what ever became of Norwegan
    men, somehow there is a disconnect between homeland and hearth, is life so changed
    by mass media that they do not know of thier deterioration as a people? What will the
    phone books look like, ie; Olaf Hussein O'Brien and Mazie Huerta Abdullah. How far
    will this crazyness get before the people erupt in paroxysms of violent outrage over
    the deculturalization of thier Nation into a society of totally insane social disruption.
    Norway is now No-way on my visit list…………………………William

    • John

      What happened to Norwegian men?

      Did Breivik's father care about him? The answer is not Boolean, 0 or 1. The question is did he care enough? Breivik's father provided the seed. He provided some money for living expenses but was he a father? Or was he more like New York governor Spitzer (client #9 ) or Jesse Jackson or Bill Clinton?

      Part of what is wrong in? Norway is what is wrong across all cultures. People just looking out for themselves.

      The socialists came up with the whole us versus them meme. Everything about old Europe was bad. They condemned colonialism. They said Europe was imperialistic I am not defending colonialism. I would like to point out that Islam is imperialistic. Anything pre-Islamic is beneath consideration. Consider Persia. the Persian language almost died out during the Islamic Conquest. Look it up. Check the enthography of Iran. A Persian heart still beats. Yet ethnically the southwest in is Arab. More Iran looks more Turkish than Iranian. Scratch the surface of Ahmadinajad. He is Turkish. His family changed his name. Much of Iran could become part of Greater Turkey or a Turkish Empire reaching to central Asia.

      Again look it up the Persian language almost died out some time between the 8 & 15th century.

      How come? The Arabs came. They conquered. They used Arabic as the language of ruling. without a language who would be Persian? The Persians were the neighbors of the Arabs. Europeans are more distant cousins.

      Colonialism did not end after the last successful independence movement in the 1970s.

      • John

        " our language has been completely inept at fighting against the encroachment of Arabic hot on the heels of the advent of Islam. In fact, an estimated 45-50% of today's Persian Language in daily use is comprised of Arabic Words. This tendency of incorporating Arabic Words into one's speech and writing has notably gained momentum after the outbreak of the revolution, as a result of which, the regime, with an outright policy, has been encouraging the further Arabisation of the Persian Language."

        This is not the specific instance I was writing about. But it will do.

        I have read that after the Islamic conquest, Persian fell out of favor & the use of it much decreased.

        There are some thing I like about Islam. One was where Mohammed said he wanted to hear all the languages of the world. That is until he abrogates that thought. If Arabic supplants everything how can you hear all the languages of the world?

        I am consistent. I disliked how the Catholic church insisted that mass must said in Latin. If one wants to know the truth & that the doctrine has not been altered, one will learn the original language of the scriptures be it Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Arabic. Still one should not erase the languages of the world via cultural imperialism.

  • RJR

    I am a Mother and Grandmother. I have been warning people about this for 20 years. Due to birth control and legal abortions, we have murdered our future.

    • John

      It was the left, people like Paul Erlich, that warned of a population bomb. It is the left that worries about too few workers to support their socialist policies and cry out for immigration to save their socialist Ponzi Schemes.

      Plus they hate the culture of their forebears.

    • Lan Astaslem

      sad and true, while some of the worst multiply like cockroaches

  • Anthony

    Both those who have allowed this, and those who are managing Islamification in Norway, are guilty of great crimes against the normal people of Norway,

    They should be tried for the great crime they profit from, and executed.

    • JoJoJams

      Yes, but what of the responsibility of the native Norwegian's themselves? eg: The bane of the "civilized" west is that NONE of us are having enough children (2.3 per couple) to perpetuate ourselves and our culture!

  • No way Norway

    Thank you so much Bruce Bawer for exposing the sheer madness and brainwashing happening in Norway.

    The Norwegians in general have no idea that 3. generation Pakistanis in Norway, who hate our culture and barely can speak our language, are counted as full fledged "Norwegians" by our state run statistical bureau (SSB). And anyone pointing this out is of course a "racist" and will have his professional career permanently terminated.

  • jacob

    It sure as hell couldn't happen to better people…


    Now let them enjoy it…!!!!!

    • Gee

      Am not a huge fan of Norway and their racist policies, but I do not wish Islam on any intelligent being. For Islam is a true crime against humanity

      • beez

        Racist policies? You mean racialist policies involving racial, cultural, and national identity suicide?

    • IRL

      I don't think the people of Norway was ever consulted on mass immigration.

      The problem in Norway and everywhere else – is socialists.

  • Larry

    Couldn't happen to a nicer country. Norway can kiss Christianity goodbye and start converting to Muslim. In Norway is is happening now.

    • beez

      I'm a graduate student at a university in Florida. I have, on occasion, observed American women, i.e., Caucasian Americans wearing a hijab. I assume they do this because of their marriage or betrothal to Muslim men, presumably foreign Muslim students. I know one American woman who married a Moroccan, and, as soon as he got his "green card," i.e., permanent residency status, was long gone. In fact, he announced to her that he was filing for divorce, and he left the same day he got his green card in the mail. I tell you, at least half of the world's troubles can be attributed to our own naivety, the naivety of liberalism and cultural egalitarianism, and frankly, I am sickened by it.

  • Michael Copeland

    Integration and assimilation ? Oh yeah.
    "We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you” say muslims in Norway. Dec 4, 2012

    • John

      Muslims are integrating into Norway. The ethnic Norwegians are assimilating to Islam.

      The Socialist elite are privy to this & condone it

    • beez

      Dirty beasts? My goodness. Pot, kettle, black?

  • Spider

    Just like a generation ago Norwegians will eventually have to go to war against their facist invaders – with or without their complicit government that is collaberating with the invaders. This is the only way now to save themselves from the takeover of their that is well under way.

  • patenglish1

    An excellent article by Bruce Bawer and a clear indication that the predictions in his book "While Europe Slept" are coming true. There are several books with the Islamization of Europe theme. Another, I would highly recommend is"The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon." But we have to do more than read books! We have to stop electing these molly coddlers of Islam.

  • I.Freilich

    Norwegians drowning in the Muslim tide: Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

    • beez

      Do you know something I don't about Norwegians? I haven't known too many, but they do seem a little bit cynical a people, but then, it seems like most all Europeans are cynical by nature.

      • Mary Sue

        The reputation is that Norwegians aren't too bright, but the Swedish are even stupider, if you go by the jokes.

    • G.J.

      Folks! Here you have it… a very short, sweet example of TWWJPM (The World Wide Jewish Propaganda Machine) in action…

      Only one problem; practically every nation around the globe admire, respect and appreciate the good things and help that the NICE people of Norway extend to everyone.

      Of course; there are people at the other end of the spectrum that quite efficiently extends bullets, bombs and suffering to others…

  • beez

    Can anyone tell me why these European countries allowed these levels of immigration in the first place? Why did Norway or Britain or any other European country start down this road? Who benefitted from these policies, other than some politicians who, I assume, accepted bribes in one form or another, or in those countries where the foreigners are given the right to vote in elections, where the politicians enacted these policies to keep themselves in power? Can anyone offer alternative answers or expand on these factors I've mentioned?

    • BS77

      Oil has a hand in it.

    • IRL

      I believe it was started by Pakistanis coming to Norway on tourist visas looking for work. Norwegian authorities did not know what to do. (Few or none had any expertise to work in oil.)

      The industrial growth had outgrown the supply of labor, so liberals and moneybag industrialists who wanted cheap labor in the late 60s welcomed them.

      The left initially opposed immigration because they saw it as a threat towards Norwegian workers. Shortly after they welcomed it for either "humanitarian" or deconstructionist reasons.

  • Davidka

    It is certainly difficult to believe that the Norwegians are descended from Vikings.

    Many of the Norwegian people are disgusted and fed up. But the liberal elite, in government, media, universitiies, are selling out their own country. Letting it be taken over street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, and financing the takeover as well. The most physically beautiful country in Europe— perhaps in the world— will be controlled by Islam in a few decades at most. Among the first sips of the bitter cup of self-destruction: 1. The destruction of the Jewish community in Norway; and 2. The epidemic of Muslim gang rapes of Norwegian women and girls.There is an absolute explosion of rapes, and virtually 100% of them are by Muslims of Norwegians, often gang rapes. The Norwegians would rather sacrifice their girls and women than say anything that might be seen as politically incorrect.

  • marios

    One of the most vicious scoundrel Edward Kennedy in 1960th enforced the rule that priorities in immigration policy was supposed to be not people from Europe but people from Africa, Asia or from Spanish speaking poor South America continent countries. Yes, only for one reason to have Dem's party mostly uneducated, ignorant voters forever. He repeated Europe's politician's way in this issue.
    As for Europe, after WWII the most of countries there needed cheep labor force. At the first, for instance, in Germany turkey immigrant were very quiet but with time when their % of Germany population reached more than 3% all was changed. They started demand and show that they are power there. It is pattern of Islamic invasion. We watch it here as well. Obama do utmost to transform this country into shariah law one. Horrible that the most people pay no attention to that one.

  • Drakken

    The Balkanization continues in the western world, what these Quislings leftist don't realize is that there will be backlash and there will be blood, bet on it, so to all of you folks that say Europe is finished, I say this, you ain't see nothing yet, but you will and it won't be decades away, but an incident away from folks taking back their birthright. Once these muslims and their leftist Quislings awaken that nationalistic dragon, there will be no stopping it. That day is upon on us now, not the future.

  • Herb Benty

    TO WESTERN COUNTRIES: Allow Christian Arabs, Christian muslims? into our countries as they are the ones that are the true refuges. NO MORE ISLAMISTS as they are the persecuters and the ones who hate us.

    • Maria

      There is no such thing as Christian muslims. A muslim is a practionioner of Islam.

  • louisbknockel

    Civil war in 20 or 30 years is not a certainty, neither in Norway or any other West European country, but immediate action must be taken to prevent it.

  • amspirnational

    Acc to wiki, Pakis are 0.7 % of the total population, Somalis and Iraqis tacked on come to 2.1% of the total.
    Are people here maintaining the total non-white percentage of residents in Norway is significantly more than 2.1% of the population at this time? I find no actual percentage cited which refutes wiki's claim.
    Germanic and Slavic blood combined appear about 90.2. By American standards, Norway is still a homogenous country.

    • Gus. Johnson

      I wouldn't think that there would be any Norwegian that would aspire their country to become even remotely like America (USA).

      65 out of 66 (if I remember correctly) cases of rape committed in Oslo during a fairly recent period of time were attributed to either; a dark skin person, a non-Norwegian speaking person, a person with a foreign accent to his Norwegian, even a few that uttered "Allah is great"…

      What a great way to "integrate" and maintain the country as a "homogeneous country"…

  • Gus. Johnson

    When the cane industry in Fiji required labour; the solution was to bring in indenture workers, predominantly from India.
    From 1879 to 1916, when this practise was stopped, more than 61,000 workers had arrived.
    From the turn of the Century, other Indians immigrated to Fiji to set up business or work in all sorts of trades.
    As at the 2007 census, the “fijian indian” population numbered 313,798 (37.6%) out of a total population of 827,900.

    (The percentage of “Fijian indians”, prior to the military coups in 1987 by indigenous Fijians who wanted to take back control of their own country, was far higher than the 2007 sensus.
    A huge number of “Fijian Indians” left the country after those coups.)

    The “Fijian indians” progressively got into business and eventually was in control of the majority of Fijian businesses.
    Along with that, they eventually got control of the Government, as well, leading up to the coups of 1987.

    Today; the country is politically divided as if it was two nations; “indian fijians” and indigenous Fijians.

    How many Fijians would have ever thought that within just 50 years they would be a minority in their own country, which is what they became by 1987!!!

    Integration…? Yes, some married… eat each other’s foods… do business with each other…
    But; if integration was successful, then why the coups… why end up with two political parties basically supported and acting on behalf of each of these two groups’ of people???
    Quite simply; the answer is “partial integration” which is nothing like “integration”!
    In fact; it’s more like “segregation”!!!

    We have seen “partial integration” and its’ results after 500 YEARS… in the ruins of Jugoslavia!!!

    If we are not prepared to learn from history… then we surely deserve whatever is coming our way in the future!

    And let us not forget the CURSE bestowed onto mankind; RELIGION!
    You can “integrate” a true Catholic believer with a Jew, you can “integrate” a strong Buddhist believer with a Christian etc., but how do you “integrate” a strong Muslim believer with, what’s in effect, an infidel???

    Good luck, you are going to need plenty of it!!!

    On second thought; “Good Luck” is not going to help you in any way, shape or form with what you will be confronted with in the future… so just ignore my “Good Luck” wish…


  • tanstaafl

    C'mon Vikings! Time to cleanse the fjords!

  • guest

    Once they reach 20% Obamites, its acid in the face for the citizens and sharia gangs. They better do something while they still can.

  • Marc


    A fat, bald, and gay American immigrant to Norway is complaining about immigration to Norway.

    • Western Canadian

      So marc, you immigrated to norway, did you??

      • Marc

        No, I am referring to the Bruce Bawer himself.

  • Dave

    Here's an honest report on the rapid decline of ethnic Norwegians and out of control third-world immigration.

  • john

    A surprise attack that's about my best way to explain what is happening in Norway. Why did they let the country be flooded with mulims they did not need? The same trick is used in all Western nations until they have manipulated them all, but before it gets that far we will fight WW3 and we kick their asses out of our countries.

  • hallelujah

    As a norwegean i know that watching Tv is NOT a good way to get correct news . I LOVE ISRAEL . NRK HATES ISRAEL … maybe not for real but the way they report from the middle east,it s seems that they forget who s throwing stones . who blows themselfs up and so on. Since most people like others to think for them. What better than watching tv ???

    Everyone knows that Media and politicians lies

  • Tanja Bekkelund

    I have seen this a long time but it is not easy to talk about her in norway because you will be told you are a rasist.
    I am not a rasist but against that everybody is welcome to norway and i am against islam.
    I see long time ago what way it takes and i hope a change of goverment can stop it.
    Look at finnland they understud this and did something. England will do something now after the man was killied.
    What must happen to norway before peopel wake up