Muslim Days of Rage

969259_490381994363159_1817867293_nOne night back in the summer of 1990, I traveled by train from Munich to Berlin. The Wall had come down, in the sense that the borders between East and West could now be crossed at will, even though the two Germanys had yet to become one and the actual physical Wall itself was still largely intact. (In Berlin, I would find natives and tourists alike busily chopping away at it.) When, in the dead of night, the train stopped at a dilapidated, seemingly deserted station somewhere in the East, there appeared on the platform an aging, grim-faced woman, dressed in an extremely shabby military (or military-style) uniform and holding a clipboard, who, making her way along the length of the train, meticulously copied down the numbers on the sides of the carriages, performing a task that, I suspected, she had been carrying out for years, most likely decades, as a compliant tool of the totalitarian state. Her efforts were now utterly pointless, but she had plainly not been issued new orders, and so here she was, at the dawn of a new era, still robotically going through her Soviet-era motions.

I was reminded of that woman the other day when I saw the photograph (which by now, I gather, has been pretty widely distributed) of another woman, this one calmly writing up parking tickets for the skeletal remains of cars destroyed by the jihadist arsonists in Stockholm. Although this woman, unlike that German frau all those years ago, appeared to be young and slim, and wore a well-fitting, immaculate uniform, she, too, looked every bit the relic of a dying order – a functionary confronted with a new reality, but unprepared to do anything other than mindlessly copy down numbers, just as she had been trained to do. The image seemed to me instantly iconic – succinctly capturing the utter inability of official Europe to confront, and act upon, the horrific reality right before its eyes.

Then, the other day, I read the closest thing I’ve yet seen to a textual counterpart to that picture. Mind you, I thought I’d already read the most foolish, self-deluding possible responses to the chaos in Stockholm. But then the website of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) ran a long article by respected (as they say) social psychologist Arnulf Kolstad. “If one wishes to understand a riot,” Kolstad began, “one should listen to the rioters.” And if we’d only listened to the Stockholm rioters, he continued, we’d perhaps have grasped “that the riots in Stockholm have a cause. And that they were perhaps even necessary.”

Kolstad went on to echo the official line that the rioters are “marginalized,” that “nobody listens to them or takes them seriously,” and so on. Even if you accept (as I most certainly do not) the proposition that the disturbances in Stockholm have been a cry of desperation by marginalized and ignored youth, this argument makes no sense. What teenager or twenty-something (except maybe Justin Bieber or that whizkid who just had a billion-dollar-plus payday selling Tumblr) doesn’t feel marginalized and ignored? What happened to the idea that one should earn one’s right to be noticed? Besides, isn’t it infinitely better to feel marginalized and ignored in Stockholm, enjoying endless supplies of free welfare goodies, than in some Pakistani hellhole?

These are my questions, naturally, not Kolstad’s. He was too busy wondering aloud why many Scandinavians who, after all, “have viewed the rebellion against dictatorial regimes in North Africa and in the Middle East as legitimate and necessary, and defended the throwing of stones at police and the setting of cars on fire,” are now unsettled because Muslims who “aren’t being heard and are without hope” are throwing stones and burning cars in Stockholm. Far from feeling uneasy about the riots, Kolstad suggested, we should “welcome an insurgency against injustice, differential treatment, and the lack of influence many experience in our parliamentary democracies.” In short: “it’s high tide” for this insurgency.

If I’ve quoted Kolstad at length, it’s because he, like that parking warden in Stockholm, seems an emblematic figure of our time – the very model of the respected, credentialed dhimmi who, not unlike his ethical and ideological counterparts in the days of Robespierre and Stalin, will be cheering on his country’s conquerors right up to the moment they drag his clueless, quivering carcass to the guillotine or firing squad or, in this case, stone him to death in a public square.

I would submit that a people who respond as Kolstad does to a massive show of force by a savage immigrant cohort (which, far from feeling powerless, has become increasingly aware of its own brutal power relative to that of its morally enervated hosts and benefactors) fully deserve to lose their country. But I don’t believe – I can’t believe – that Kolstad speaks for the people of Western Europe. Both Stockholm and London, after all, have now experienced well-nigh unprecedented public displays of enraged reaction against jihadist barbarity. In Stockholm, after days of Muslim tumult, no small number of Swedes – a people, note well, who (unlike the French, say, who will start a revolution over a stale baguette) are disinclined to take dramatic, decisive action of any kind (see: World War I, World War II, the Cold War, etc.) – angrily took to the streets, determined to take back the streets. In London, similarly, ordinary citizens publicly demonstrated their fury over the slaughter of Lee Rigby.

Yes, all this activity was relatively limited in scale. Still, it felt like a watershed moment. Could it be that – even as the likes of Kolstad persist in modeling the art of denial, and even as the picture of that parking warden so unforgettably captures the official refusal to face up to reality – there’s reason to hope that a significant number of Europeans have, as a result of the recent international confluence of major jihadist atrocities – Boston, Stockholm, London, plus a failed murder attempt in Paris – moved significantly closer to the moment when they’ll decisively throw over dhimmitude, hand the elite, pusillanimous Kolstads their hats, and set about undoing the ruinous work of multiculturalism before it’s too late?

Or, alternatively, has Europe simply taken a small but fateful step closer to the grim future that Lars Hedegaard, the Danish writer and free-speech champion, predicted many years ago, when, in answer to a question of mine over dinner about where he thought the Islamization of Europe was leading, he dourly described a continent ever more neatly divided into mutually hostile Muslim and non-Muslim areas – kind of like medieval Germany, with its patchwork of duchies, principalities, and so forth? At the time, intensely aware though I was of the inroads Islam had already made in Europe, Lars’s dystopic vision strained my imagination. It doesn’t now.

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  • Chezwick

    Arnulf Kolstad and his ilk won't be satisfied until Muslims are running the roost. Well, he might not be around to see it, but the day will surely come.

    As for Lars Hedegaard's futuristic dystopia, it's actually a bit too optimistic for me. It implies a divided Europe where non-Muslims eventually take a latent stand and at least maintain control over their own truncated enclaves.

    I tend to see it differently. I see the flight of the natives going abroad morphing from today's trickle to tomorrow's flood….which will just accelerate Islam's demographic conquest. Europeans have been so thoroughly emasculated by their own cultural gate-keepers that they're not likely to go down swinging.

    • Drakken

      Let me ask you Chezwick,where are the natives going to flee too when it is as bad as where they are trying to flee from? The natives backs are now against the wall, will they fight, or will they submit to a very hostile entity? I submit to you that they will fight and once that ball starts to roll there will be no stopping it. It is coming, mark my words.

      • Chezwick

        Well Drak, right now many natives are heading for Australia and America. But you're right, eventually, there will be no place left to go.

        You and I run into the same impasse every time the future of Europe is broached. You think they'll fight, I'll think they'll lay down.

        The current disposition of forces tend to support my view. If Europe is as appeasing and acquiescent as they are now, when they're still a large majority on the Continent, how we can expect that they'll suddenly grow a backbone 10 or 20 years down the road when their majority is that much smaller and their over-all position is that much weaker?

        But I'll reiterate what I've written before: Nothing would make me happier than if you turn out to be right and i'm wrong.

        • Drakken

          Chez, those fleeing have the means to do so, the ones that have to stay are now faced with fight or flight, it won't be 10-20 years from now, it is less than 5 that all hell will break lose. All it is going to take to send that ball rolling down hill is a muslim or muslims to pick on the wrong person to send everything over the edge, where it will start? Hard to say at this point, but start it will and spread like wildfire.

    • Passer by

      Europeans will fight in Eastern Europe. A division like in the times of the Roman Empire is possible. The East could become the new Byzantium. Although it will be under siege. I see a possiblility for huge wars between the Muslim World and Eastern Europe.

      • Chezwick

        You might be right. The ravages of communism might have tempered the East in a way that could have prepared them psychologically and spiritually for the struggle to come. I see no such redeeming potential in the West.

      • Drakken

        You are completely correct about Eastern Europe, when the muslims get a little uppity there, those folks simply make them disappear.

  • UCSPanther

    Fun fact: Sweden outlawed home schooling in 2010.

    Speculated reason: To ensure that parents cannot counter the state's propaganda and indoctrination of children, much like the reason the Nazis banned the practice back in 1938…

    I consider Sweden a totalitarian country, but where the totalitarian ideology is political correctness, rather than fascism or communism…

  • AdinaK

    Well, it will tragically take a WMD attack to garner the leadership's attention, and that may not do the trick. I have been beating this same drum for some time, and each year it gets closer to the day of reckoning –

    But when a world without borders is the goal, then the price they are willing to pay will be millions dead. And this is not hyperbole. Not at all.

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • Drakken

      No it won't take a WMD attack, it will take a muslim who attacks the wrong person to kick off the well deserved western retribution.

  • SHmuelHalevi

    It is beyond the wildest nightmares what is happening with the Western civilization.
    Whales beach themselves but I never imagined that humans would do the equivalent. Whole nations that is.
    Islamic rage. A standard condition for those infested by the cult of death.
    And that is the only languge Islam will understand in return.
    That infestation will have to be destroyed or they will destroy us. All of us.

  • heapologia

    Europe ought not to even be worried about Islamists. If they fall to them, it'll be because of their own ineptitude against an ideology that champions barbarism, illiteracy, slavery, and subjugation. People in the West just need to wake up and clean house. It won't even be hard.

    • tagalog

      We had a bit of trouble cleaning the European house when Hitler and Mussolini tried to import systems based on barbarism, illiteracy, slavery, and subjugation about 75 years ago.

      • Drakken

        Not to defend those two but, nationalism is about to make a very huge comeback, much to the horror of the leftist/muslim. Once that Pandoras Box is opened, there will be no amount of dead bodies that will be able to close it. War is coming.

        • EarlyBird

          I was listening to NPR and the announcers sounded just…horrified!…that Englishmen were in the streets demanding blood from the beheaders, and saying things like Islamists need to go home if they don't like England, etc. I say good for them.

          • tagalog

            Well, I'm glad to finally hear that SOMEBODY has learned to appreciate the true meaning of "Love It or Leave It." That phrase was so thoroughly mocked as the code words of the xenophobe for so long that I was afraid that it would never be allowed to express its true sense.

          • UCSPanther

            " The guys who beheaded that poor English soldier in London could not have been more explicit, that they wanted Great Britain to get out of "their" territories.""

            Then explain this comment of yours'…

          • Drakken

            You know what he means, he means if we just roll over for the sand apes, that they will like and love us and won't hurt us anymore. You know, appeasement.

  • rbla

    The picture perfectly captures the late Sam Francis' "anarcho-tyranny".

  • Smote

    Bolsheviks of all hues are all the same. The truth does not dawn on them until the sword comes slashing down on their miserable necks. And it is the rest of us who pay for it and have to pick up the pieces.That Kolstad is just another cog in 'the machine'. Illuminati, yes?

    Humanity is like a wheel; turning round and round, making the same old mistakes, over and over. We will never learn. More's the pity.

  • tagalog

    I humbly submit that Lars Hedegaard's answer showed a (undoubtedly momentary) failure of imagination: he might have offered you the contemporary example of the Balkans as a vision of the Islamization of Europe.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: I traveled by train from Munich to Berlin. The Wall had come down, .

    – The East German St-asi was founded on 8 February 1950. Obama's acts are chillingly similar.

    The Ministry for State Security also included the following entities:

    Main Administration for Struggle Against Suspicious Persons was charged with the surveillance of foreigners — particularly from the West — legally traveling or residing within the country. This included the diplomatic community, tourists, and official guests.

    Division of Garbage Analysis: was responsible for analyzing garbage for any suspect western foods and/or materials.

    Administration 12 was responsible for the surveillance of mail and telephone communications.

    Administration 2000 operated a secret, unofficial network of informants.

    Penal System: to facilitate its mission of enforcing the political security of East Germany, the St-si operated its own penal system, distinct from that of the Ministry of the Interior. This system comprised prison camps for political, as opposed to criminal, offenders. . ~ wiki

    Obama's IRS-tasi.

  • nojihad

    Actually, parts of Europe ARE beginning to awaken and take notice of what is happening. There is a lot of restlessness about, in which general society is beginning to display unease at the displacement of our own cultures. This should result in two avenues. One is that politicians – who never plan for the longer term, only until the next election – will begin to move to gain voter support by doing something to placate society. The other avenue is that of civil defence of our cultures by general society. The amount of force that has to be utilised in that civil defence will be defined to a large degree by the strength or weakness of the actions by the politicians. Either way, Islamism is not far from discovering that Western society is getting fed up with their threats. I can smell it in the air. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • guest

    How many near-simultaneous jihadist acts does it take to awaken the West?

    Should we really use the term. " the West" any longer without qualifiers ?
    There is no West as long as it's rife with leftists and various other infiltrators.

    Those who love western civilization are already fully awake. It's really what will
    awaken the leftists and the others. And I say nothing will awaken them. They're
    asleep by choice, because the hate western civilization. They hate everything
    that doesn't promote their leftist super-realm. They really don't see anything
    beyond their dream. They must be ignored for any kind of western national security.

    I don't really think leftists should be included in western civilization. They no longer
    deserve to be. And, yeah, it offends me.

  • kafir4life

    If you see a muslim, watch that muslim. You may save a life.

  • Ellman

    "At the time, intensely aware though I was of the inroads Islam had already made in Europe, Lars’s dystopic vision strained my imagination. It doesn’t now."

    Perhaps the next form of cultural insanity will involve issuing tickets to dismembered bodies for 'loitering' on the streets? The world is drifting into forms of delusion and insanity which we cannot yet imagine but we'll recognize them once they make their first appearance because they will be too bizarre and shocking not to notice.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Know Your Enemy.
    Reply to:
    Mohamed El-Gomati, York mosque, «How to tackle the EDL.» From The Guardian 31.05.2013.
    «The murder of Lee Rigby has unleashed a lot of anger, fear and frustration and generated great tension. People are focusing on their differences. We felt that another response was needed, one that might provide a calm space in which we could listen to, and hear, one another. We realised that we did not fully understand the EDL stance in York and, from what we could make out, that they did not fully understand us either».
    The killing of Lee Rigby was not a murder in the usual sense. It was a terrorist act, an execution in the name of Islam. And no Muslim is innocent of this particular killing because Islam expects all Muslims to fight for Islam's cause and terrorism is sanctioned as a legitimate means of expanding its territory. Calling yourself a Muslim, being a Muslim is an obligation to fight for the aims of Islam by all and any means.

    «And I remembered a quote from George Bernard Shaw: "If the world's problems were brought to the Prophet Muhammad, he would solve them over a cup of tea." Tea was something unexpected and welcoming.»
    -Martyrdom: The only way a man can become famous without ability-.
    George Bernard Shaw.
    Shaw lived in a time when England was English, and not inhabited by millions of Muslims determined to turn England into an Islamic State.
    It was up to us to provide an atmosphere that was representative of our culture. When I say "our culture", I mean all of us, including the EDL and the members of the mosque.
    English culture has nothing in common with Muslim culture. Your culture is your bloodline, what your ancestors have been doing for the last hundred, five hundred, thousand years. If these Muslims come from Pakistan then that is their culture, not ours. We have no common culture. Muslim culture, Islam, that which all Muslims have in common has nothing to do with British English culture.
    Why hasn't Mohamed El-Gomati renounced Islam? A religion that instructs its followers to murder and maim is not worth following. He is lying and he knows it when he portrays his religion as tolerant and humane. Muslims do not deserve respect.
    We pointed out that we condemned both (Islamic terror) in the strongest terms.
    consider instead sitting down with these groups to try to understand what has driven them (the EDL) to organise such events.
    What a liar. If there is any condemnation by Muslims of Islamic terror it is insignificant and insincere.
    Now what could possibly have driven the EDL and other groups to demonstrate against Islamist terror attacks in England and the undisguised Islamification of Britain?
    He goes on to portray the EDL as the villians in the situation. As if he could not understand what could possibly have made them so angry.
    Murder in the streets in the name of Allah?
    Many people have understandable preconceptions about the nature of these protesters. They may think them violent and racist, and sitting down with them may be an intimidating prospect. But I refer you to Voltaire: "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
    To hear this man quoting Voltaire is simply nauseous, when Islam, his religion, tolerates no criticism and pronounces death sentences on any that do dare to voice disapproval. Mohamed El-Gomati then goes on to describe himself and his like as English something they patently are not, they just live in England. This English language and culture that he so glibly advocates is not the same culture and language that binds him to his nearest and dearest.

  • MJ

    “British Muslims Express Horror Over Lee Rigby’s Murder” French Muslims express Horror, American Muslims Express Horror, … Horror number?

    Humanity would prefer the lack of need for the Muslim community to be so horrified each and everyday along with the rest of Humanity and actually change the Islamic cultural foundation codex genetic and textual authorisation which continues to inform a Muslim consistent behavioral variance (Tony Blair refers to as spectrum) which includes terror – despite or because of the existence of liberal moderates.

    Where do you think these bodies come from and the ethics which drive such actions?

    One or two insane acts say every two years or so but everyday across the globe – Muslims cannot claim rationally Islamic terror is anti-Islamic it is clearly a part ot the cultural behavioral variance which each and every Muslim is included in.

    It is the same as saying Nazi Terrorists are perverting the doctrine in Mein Kampf – simply insane. Other are qualified, they have to be otherwise THERE WOULD BE NO TERROR. Gad how many more bodies do you need?

    Such a tragic waste in so many ways as we see everyday. Class necessarily informs a homogeneous state.

  • PorkChop

    Oh, I get it. Like other religions have a Day of Peace, these folks have their Day of Rage. Interesting, but let’s keep it away from here.